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No joke. By publishing your family tree research and stories online, your fellow family researchers who are searching the Internet every day for the same names can find you.

You've heard of blogging, right?

FamilyTreeCircles provides a quick and easy way to get started with publishing your research, just like a blog. But there's no blog software to setup. Just create an account on FamilyTreeCircles and write your first post in a matter of minutes.

It's easy.

After signing up and looking around a bit, you can post your family stories, research queries, and other genealogy information.

Posting your information is as simple as typing an email. The more you post, the more you'll help others, and others can help you.

I am struggling in trying to pull together my own family tree and know that having the help of people in the actual areas where my family came from would be an enormous blessing. Your thoughtfulness in putting that together is just huge. Thank you so much!!!!! -- Sally D.

Your posts will be seen immediately by our active and helpful community of genealogy researchers. You'll be notified whenever someone responds to one of your posts, whether that happens today, tomorrow, or months from now.

I can't thank your website enough. I have been put in touch with a person who is distantly related and able to fill in may blanks. This family have settled all over the world. What a great find. -- Victoria D.

Months, even years, after you publish information about what you're researching and who you're looking for, that one person who has the answers may come across your post while doing their own research.

Long after you have posted them, your journals are working for you.

And it's free.

FamilyTreeCircles is free. There are no hidden charges.

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