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57th Regiment of Foot leave New Zealand 1867

Journal by ngairedith

prompted by the posting: COLGAN marriages
... Rosa/Rose Anna Colgan
- married Michael PHELAN in 1865
- Michael was in the 57th West Middlesex Regiment of Foot (the Diehards), which landed in New Zealand from India on 25 Jan 1861. Possible Michael was stationed in Taranaki or Wanganui at time of their marriage. After campaigning in Taranaki, the 57th was transferred to Waikato in 1866. Regimental headquarters was at Te Awamutu, with companies stationed at Ngaruawahia and Te Rore. The 57th Regiment returned to England in early 1867 and a son of Rose & Michael, John Pierce Phelan, was baptised on board the 'Maori' in May 1867.
Not known if he was born in NZ or on board
? there was another Michael Phelan who served with the 57th Foot (West Middlesex) Regiment. Sergeant 1965, Michael Phelan died of 'Severe Wounds' on 8 Sep 1855 during the final attack on the Redan
- source Casualty Rolls of the Crimean War of 1854-56
? there was a Sergeant Phelan who was alongside Dudley STAGPOOLE at Taranaki (Dudley has the distinction of winning both the Distinguished Conduct Medal and the Victoria Cross within the space of one week during the Taranaki land war in 1863) ... "In his interviews Dudley describes being in an advance group of soldiers approaching closely and crossing a fence or hedge towards a Maori taua (a war party of hundreds of warriors) who were besieging St Patrick?s redoubt. Dudley states that as the group pulled back his ?right hand man was hit and as I looked behind I saw him lying on the ground with the enemy advancing at full speed?. Dudley describes handing his rifle to Sergeant Phelan, then lifting the soldier bodily and putting him back over the fence with the other soldiers' ... more at link

? the military was a large presence in the early colonial days in New Zealand and the troops would have had a major impact on the lives of the early settlers and their peace of mind during the turbulent Land Wars between 1845-1872. I thought it may be of interest to find some of the names and history of the men who served


the 57th Ordered to New Zealand - October 1860
... TROOPS for New Zealand - Her Majesty's 57th Regiment now stationed at Poonah have been ordered to hold themselves in readiness to proceed immediatley from Bombay to New Zealand on field service. The families and Depot of the Regiment will remain here for the present. Her Majesty's 64th Regiment from Kurrachee are also about to proceed to New Zealand. It is probable that the 83rd and other regiments that have served their time in India will also form the force

The 57th arrived in New Zealand in 1861 on three ships:
the ? STAR QUEEN left Bombay on 23 November 1860
- Captain Barber, 10 officers, 1 surgeon, 16 sergeants & 314 rank and file soldiers led by Major Butler
the ? CASTILIAN left Bombay on 27 November 1860
- Captain Logan, 10 officers, 1 surgeon, 411 NCOs and privates
the ? PRINCE ARTHUR left Bombay on 18 March 1861
- Captain Walker, 6 officers, 2 wives & 4 children, 147 NCOs and privates, 42 wives & 69 children

the ARRIVAL of the FIRST - 15 January 1861
... ARRIVAL OF TROOPS by the "Star Queen" which came into harbour yesterday, the first detachment of the 57th Foot - about 350 strong - arrived. The "Star Queen" is lying off Judge's Bay; and we understand that she will proceed to day, with the troops on board, to Taranaki. She has been fifty-two days out from Bombay. The second wing of the Regiment was to leave Bombay imediately and there arrival may therefore be hourly looked for

the ARRIVAL of the SECOND - 22 January 1861
... Towards evening the signal was made of a ship in sight, and shortly afterwards the rendezvous flag and Bombay. It proved to be the 'Castilian', 1115 tons, Captain HARRINGTON, from Bombay, with the second detachment (headquarters) of the 57th on board, 411 strong, under the command of Major Logan, out since the 29th of November. She came round by the South and sighted the Snares on the 15th instant. Captain Harrington reports a large vessel outside last night.
The following is the list of officers and passengers:-
? Major LOGAN
- Mrs Logan and 2 children
? Major St CLAU
? Captain WOODALL
? Lieutenant SHORT
? Lieutenant & Adjutant WAUGH
? Lieutenant PARKINSON
? Lieutenant C. M. CLARKE
? Ensign EMLY
- Mrs McAndrew
? Quarter-master MARTINDALE
? Mr GALEA (bandmaster)
One officer, Captain Shute died on the voyage
This will bring the available force of all arms in New Zealand to be upwards of 4000 rank and file

the ARRIVAL of the THIRD - 13 May 1861
... H.M. steam transport ship 'Prince Arthur', 1200 tons, Captain Walker, from Bombay, fetched her anchorage here yesterday evening about 7 o'clock. She has on board a detachment of the 57th Regiment, under the command of Brevet-Major Hassard.
? Brevet-Major HASSARD
- Mrs Hassard
? Captain Sir Robert DOUGLAS, Bart.,
? Captain C. J. CLARKE
? Lieutenant ACHESON
? Lieutenant McCLINTOCK
? Lieutenant A. C. MANNERS
- Mrs MARTINDALE (wife of Quarter-master martindale) and 4 children
147 non-commissioned officers and men
42 soldiers' wives
69 children
The detachment of the 57th Regiment embarked on board the hired transport-ship 'Victory' at Bombay, on the 5th March; but in consequence of small-pox appearing in the crew, the troops were transferred, on the 18th March, to the Prince Arthur, which sailed the same day. The troops enjoyed excellent health throughout. The Prince Arthur is a noble vessel and does credit to the Indian navy. The troops are to be sent to Taranaki to join the headquarters of the regiment. We hope every facility will be given by the officials here for the transport of the women and children

the 57th Regiment countdown to departure
DESERTER - 17 January 1867
... A man named Charles DALTON was brought down yesterday from Kerikeri by the police, charged with deserting from the 57th Regiment

... Privates NEILL and BARRY, 57th Regiment, charged with stealing two Government guns from the whare of Manahi at Wharetakahia, both pleaded not guilty

DESERTER - 21 January 1867
... Edward GLYNN was brought up charged with being a deserter from H.M. 57th Regiment. He pleaded guilty, stating in extenuation that he had committed the offence in a state of intoxication. His Worship said if that statement were true, why did the prisoner not return when he became sober, in which case he would have been punished merely for absence without leave; whereas, as the matter stood, he would be subjected to the degradation of trial by Court Martial, besides forfeiting his claim to all benefit accruing from a term of service amounting to 13 years. Ordered to be handed over to the Military authorities

DESERTER - 24 January 1867
... A man named William COSTER was apprehended yesterday by Detective O'HARA charged with being a deserter form the 57th Regiment

... 57th Foot:
E. MILLS to be Captain, vice CLARK who retires;
E. BRODERIP to be Lieutenant;
Ensign H. D. WADE from the 5th Foot to be Ensign

DESERTER - 31 January 1867
... Hugh GORMON pleaded guilty to being a deserter from the 57th Regiment, and was ordered to be handed over to the military authorities
... Hugh COLEMAN, a deserter from the 57th Regiment, was ordered to be handed over to the military authorities

MARRIAGE - 1 February 1867
... On January 24, at St Patrick's Cathedral, by the Rev Patrick O'Riley, Robert BROWNLEE, Sergeant 57th Regiment, to Anne, third daughter of Mr James CLARKE, Edwardes-street, Auckland. Home papers please copy

DESERTER - 4 February 1867
... John DUFFY, a deserter from the 57th Regiment, was ordered to be handed over to the military authorities

DESERTER - 7 February 1876
... from 57th Regiment Foot - Private Robert WARD; age 23 & 9/12; height 5 feet 6 inches; complexion fresh; hair brown; eyes grey; Englishman

PREPARING TO LEAVE - 9th February 1867
... Tenders are out for the conveyance home of troops, and we hear that orders have been received to at once concentrate the 57th Regiment in Auckland, for the purpose also of proceeding home. There will be no doubt of the Electric and Maori being taken up by the Government, and most likely the England and Mary Shepherd, now expected. Orders have been given to prepare for the embarkation of the 12th Regiment immediately after the departure of the 57th. The 57th Regiment is to be concentrated at Auckland by the 15th March 1867. General CHUTE has issued orders to the effect that the whole of the posts beyond the Queen's Redoubt (at Pokeno), in the Waikato, are to be abandoned by the Imperial troops

... It has, for some time past, been currently reported and generally understood, that the whole of the Imperial troops, with the exception of one line regiment, were sooner or later to be removed from the colony, but somehow or other we have still some of the Engineer corps, a few Artillery and a great portion of the 2nd battalions of the 12th, 18th and 57th Regiments scattered over the island. We understand, however, that the major General in command of the troops has received imperative instructions from the Horse Guards to order the immediate removal of all but one regiment; and these orders are to be carried out forthwith, regardless of any remonstrances from his Excellency or his responsible advisers. It is also said that all the garrisons are to be kept up as far as practicable in their former state

TE AWAMUTU - 13 February 1867
... On Friday last orders arrived at Te Awamutu, the head-quarters of the 57th Regiment, for their immediate departure to Auckland, previous to embarkation for England. The withdrawal from the Waikato of this last vestige of protection will, no doubt, materially influence the decision of any wavering Maori; and political trimmers are no novelty among them

LARCENY - 14 February 1867
... OTAHUHU RESIDENT MAGISTRATE'S COURT - The first case heard was on an information laid by Sarah BUTTRESS, of Williamson's Clearing, Bombay Settlement, against Abrahan POOLE, alias John SMITH, a deserter form the 57th Regiment while stationed at Whatawhata, for stealing a silver watch, value ?3 (2012 equivalent of $325), from her tent. The prisoner admitted the theft and hoped the Court would not send him to gaol. The Bench sentenced him to three months' imprisonment with hard labour, and afterwards to be handed over to the military authorities

... Now that the 12th and 57th regiments are about to leave, we remind the officers and men who may be desirous, that the clauses 80, 81, and 82 of the Auckland Waste Lands Act, 1858, under which such privileges are granted to navel and military men of Her Majesty's forces will only be in operation until the end of the present month
... General Chute makes Melbourne his head quarters as soon as the 12th and 57th regiments arrive and are sent home

the 'MAORI' - 20 February 1867
... The favourite London and New Zealand trader Maori, Captain ROBERTS, has almost completed her discharge, having only a few packages remaining undischarged. As we surmised in a precious issue, the A1 ship has again been chartered by H.M.'s Government for the conveyance of troops to England, and will accordingly sail with the headquarters of the 57th Regiment about the beginning of next month. Her 'tween decks are all clear, clean, and ready for the first survey, which we understand will be held to-day. The Maori being so well known here for her carrying capacity and ample accommodation, &c.

QUEEN'S REDOUBT - 21 February 1867
... The steamer Blue Nose arrived at Point Russell last evening, about 6 o'clock, from Te Rore, with 22 women, 25 children and the heavy luggage of the 57th Regiment. 20 Military Train Drays were at the Point ready to bring the women, children and baggage to the Queen's Redoubt, which they did during the early part of the night, and will leave for Papakura at 9 a.m. this morning and from that to Auckland tomorrow
... NGARUAWAHIA - In the course of another week the 57th Regiment leaves enroute for Home, the Waikato will thus be denuded of all the imperail forces. Is it advisable in the unsettled state of the colony to leave this valuable part of New Zealand to the very slender militia force now settled here?. Should there be an outbreak, could they hold it?. And if they could, would it not involve great loss of life and property?

BIRTH - 21 February 1867
... SHORTT - On the 21st instant, at Hazlebank, Auckland, the wife of Major Shortt, 57th Regiment, of a son, prematurely

INSPECTION - 22 February 1867
... The ship Maori was inspected yesterday by the Resident Transport Officer, and takes home the left wing of H.M. 57th Regiment. Her fitting-up will be proceeded with without delay. The Electric, which takes home the head-quarters of the regiment, will be inspected in a few days, having nearly completed her discharge

POLICE COURT - 25 February 1867
... James KOHANE, a private in H.M. 57th Regiment, was charged by Frederick Stafford STIRLING, wih having assaulted him on Friday, February 22. Defendant pleaded not guilty
... The married men of the 57th Regiment are to leave for Auckland upon Tuesday, and the remainder of the detachment shortly expect the route. Most of the parties warned off the whares have gone on to their own land

DEATH - 1 March 1867
... On 1st March, Thomas KEY, Murphy street, late color-sergeant in H.M. 57th Regiment of Foot. Aged 55 years

NOTICE - 4 March 1867
... Tenders required for the conveyance to Onehunga from Raglan of about 110 men, 57th Regiment and proportion Women and Children, Equipment, Baggage, &c., Government to find rations. Men to be embarked not later than the 15th inst.

... As a constant reader of the Southern Cross I trust I may be pardoned the liberty of requesting you wil kindly insert in its columns this communication, on behalf of myself and others residing in the vicinity of the Queen's Redoubt, conveying publicly our best and warmest thanks to the detachment of the 57th Regiment (K Company), now stationed here, for the good feeling they have exhibited towards the inhabitants, and the high-toned social intercourse which they have successfully cultivated between the troops and civilians ... more

NAVAL and MILITARY - 12 March 1867
... The ships 'Electric', 'Maori' and 'Mary Shepherd' have been taken up for the removal to England of the 57th and 12th Regiments, which are under orders to embark early in April. The Military Train is to leave in May; and it is rumoured that arrangements are to be made for sending home the 18th Regiment

DESERTER - 13 March 1867
... A man named Samuel HOWELL was arrested yesterday on suspicion of being a deserter form the 57th Regiment and will be brought before His Worship at the Police Court this morning

PENAL SERVITUDE - 18 March 1867
... Philip FITZPATRICK, a prisoner undergoing a sentence of four years penal servitude for housebreaking and formerly a soldier of the 57th Regiment was called as a witmess in the attempted Goal Conspiracy and Uprising, at the Wellington Court

REMOVAL OF TROOPS - Evening Post 19 March 1867
... We see by the Auckland journals that the ship Maori has been engaged to take home the 57th Regiment, and is being rapidly prepared for their reception. Orders have been received by the Admiralty Transport officer in Auckland to take up a vessel for the passage home of the Military Train early in May.
It is also we believe, understood that arrangements will shortly be made for sending home the 2nd battalion, 18th Regiment, in which case we shall see the departure of the last Imperial troops in the colony.
... The head-quarters of the 57th Regiment marched from Te Awamutu on Friday afternoon and embarked at Te Rore on Saturday morning. A detachment of the 2nd Waikato Regiment, under Ensign WIGGENS, has been posted at Kihikihi, so that we are not left entirely defenseless

RAGLAN - 20 March 1867
... The departure of the troops, so long looked forward to as an event which must sooner or later take place, occurred on the 19th instant, the detachment of the 57th Regiment stationed here embarking that evening with the whole of their equipage in the s.s. 'Prince Alfred' for Onehunga; and Raglan, after being garrisoned since December 1863, by either regulars or militia is now left to be defended by its inhabitants

DRURY - 21 March 1867
... A detachment of the 57th Regiment, with the band, marched through Drury on the 18th, and having bivouacked in Papakura for the night, proceeded to Auckland yesterday morning

... John AVERY was sentenced to one month's imprisonment, for willful disobedience of lawful commands on board the ship Maori

MARRIAGE - 23rd March 1867
... On March 23, at St Paul's Church, Auckland, by the Rev Archdeacon Lloyd, Sergeant Joseph WOOLLISCROFT, 57th Regiment, to Louisa Matilda WHITEHALL, of Parnell, late of Queensland. Sydney papers please copy

THE TROOP SHIPS - 23 March 1867
... The whole of the 57th Regiment being now stationed in Auckland, ready for embarkation, their stay amongst us will be short, more especially as the vessels chartered to carry them to England are almost ready for sea. The first ship to sail will be the MAORI, the next ship to get away will be THE ELECTRIC, Captain LEWTHWAITE, with the head quarters of the 57th Regiment in command of Colonel Logan. The vessel has now been fitted up in the 'tween decks to accommodate 360 rank and file, 30 women, 41 children, 5 staff sergeants and the hospital and prison to hold as many percentage of those on board as in the case of the Maori. The fitting up of both ships has been entrusted to Mr Anderson, contractor and builder, and he has carried out his work in such a manner that does him infinite credit and is much praised and admired by the survey board of officers

BAKER WANTED - 27 March 1867
... A Baker can work his passage to London in the ship 'Maori', must be a competent man. Apply to CRUICKSHANK, SMART & Co., Agents

... The undersigned is anxious to caution the public against giving credit to the undersigned soldiers of the 57th Regiment, who are indebted to him in the sums appearing opposite their respective names. The Commanding Officer, Colonel Logan, has been appealed to, but can give no redress. - William Thomas, Storekeeper, Whatawhata.
DEBTS: (?1 being equivalent today to about $108)
? Corporal LYNCH ?1 3s
? Sergeatn ROW ?3 18s 3d
? Sergeant SHEA ?2 5s 9d
? GERRATTY 5s 6d
? GLYNN 11s 6d
? HANNAN 15s 6d
? HIGGINS 11s 3d
? HURLEY 9s 9d
? KEARNS ?1 15s
? KILLAHER ?1 7s 9d
? LOCK ?3 18s 4d
? McAULIFFE 10s 1d
? OAKES 15s 8d
? POWER 6s 6d
? Mickey POWER 12s 3d
? ROBINSON ?1 5s 3d
? TRIMMINS 1 10s 11d
? VENABLES ?1 4s 6d
? WELSH 7s 6d

STEALING - 30 March 1867
... A discharged soldier, named John MALONE/MALONEY, late of the 57th, was charged yesterday with stealing a number of military medals from a soldier of that regiment named SHIELDS and pawning them for 7s 6d

the EMBARKATION of the 57th REGIMENT - 30 March 1867
... At an early hour on Friday morning the left wing of the 57th Regiment paraded in the Albert barracks, prior to embarkation on board the hired transport ship MAORI. They left the Albert barracks shortly before 9 o'clock, preceeded by the splendid band of the regiment, playing appropriate airs; and as they marched through the town, crowds of the citizens turned out to give the gallant fellows a parting cheer.
Arriving at the wharf, the men were told off on board the s.s. Gemini and two cargo boats, and were speedily conveyed on board their vessel, amidst the hearty cheers of the crowd assembled. As usual, and as might have been expected, the Maori was all ready for their reception, everything being in apple-pie-order, and both men and officers expressed themselves highly satisfied with the accommodation provided for them.
The following proceed in the Maori:
? Major STEWART (in command)
- Mrs Stewart and two children
? Captain O'SHAUGHNESSY, 18th R.I.
- Mrs O'Shaughnessy and two children
? Surgeon and Mrs DAVIS
? Captain Sir R. DOUGLAS
? Captain HASTED
? Lieutenant WALLER
? Lieutenant POWYS
? Ensign HOLMES
? Ensign BENN
? Rev Father McSWEENEY
? Staff-sergeant CHRISTIE, R.A., wife and two children
? Staff-sergeant CURTIS, R.A., and wife
one staff-sergeant, 18th R.I., wife and five children
two staff-sergeants, 57th and families
208 rank and file
18 women
24 children
The 57th, or better known as the "Glorious Die-hards," have seen great work and done good service in New Zealand (for which the colonists will be ever grateful), and in no single instance were these gallant fellows found amiss when wanted. We heartily wish them "God speed" and every success and prosperity in old England.
The head-quarters of the regiment, in command of Colonel Logan, follow about Wednesday next in the ship "Electric"

s.s. AIREDALE - 2 April 1867
... The Panama Co's s.s. Airedale, Captain Kennedy, leaves the Manukau at noon to-day, with the following passengers for Southern Ports and Panama ...
? Captain SCHROMBERG 57th regiment
? Lieutenants CLAYTON and COX 57th Regiment
? Lieutenant-Colonel BUTLER 57th Regiment

DESERTER - 2 April 1867
... John BOLTMAN, identified as a deserter from the 57th Regiment, was ordered to be handed over to the military authorities

... The body of a newly born male infant was found yesterday, by William LONG, a private soldier of the 57th, at the back of the barracks, between the barrack wall and Abercrombie-street

the DEPARTURE - 6 April 1867
... On the 31st March, the ship Maori, Captain Roberts, left the heads for Plymouth with nearly 300 men (268) of H.M. 57th Regiment, in command of Major STUART; owing to the continued head winds, however, the vessel brought up off Wangaparoa, where she was detained four days, getting under weigh on the morning of the 4th, with a very light unfavourable breeze

the ELECTRIC - 11 April 1867
... The following is a correct list of those that proceed by the Electric:
? Col. LOGAN, wife and family
? Major SHORTE, wife and family
? Major and Mrs RUSSELL
? Paymaster MATTHEWS, wife and family
? Quarter-master MARTINDALE and family
? Captain MILLS
? Lieutenant BARTON
? Lieutenant PICOTT
? Lieutenant POWELL
? Lieutenant BRODERIP
? Lieutenant and Adjutant THOMPSON
? Dr POPPLEWELL (in medical charge)
450 rank and file, 31 women, 45 children
? Mr IBBETSON proceed to England as purser of the Electric
The final inspection of the ship by the General will take place this morning after which she will proceed to sea. We wish Captain LEWTHWAITE and his living freight a speedy and prospersous passage home

New Zealand Wars
, sometimes called the Land Wars and also once called the M?ori Wars, were a series of armed conflicts that took place in New Zealand between 1845 and 1872. The wars were fought over a number of issues, the most prominent concerning M?ori land being sold to the settler population.

Pre 1860 conflicts. The Musket Wars of the 1810s-1830s caused thousands of Maori to flee their traditional lands, freeing large areas for Pakeha (European) settlement. In 1840 Europeans bought one desirable but depopulated area, Auckland, for a tiny amount. This purchase sowed the seeds for interracial conflict. Ngapuhi, led by Hone Heke, felt betrayed when trade slumped after the new colonial government quit the Bay of Islands for Auckland. In 1845 Heke and Kawiti (an expert at designing modern pa able to resist artillery bombardment) launched a campaign that threatened British control in the north

Timeline of NZ wars from 1807 - first use of muskets in battle to 1916 - arrest of Rua Kenana at Maungapohatu

War in Taranaki 1860-1863. In 1859 the minor Te Atiawa chief Te Teira Manuka offered to sell land at Waitara in north Taranaki to the Crown. The government accepted the offer and Pakeha settlers looked forward to expanding their small enclave around New Plymouth. However Wiremu Kingi, a more senior chief, denied that Teira had the right to sell the Waitara land, and war broke out there in March 1860. Taranaki experienced a series of conflicts over the next 21 years

a Photo of the 57th in New Zealand 1860s

Maori village at Kaiwhaiki
(settlement in Wanganui) during the wars
taken from the site: NZ National Library

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Re: Journal Heading '57th Regt of Foot leaves New Zealand 1867'
There is a sub-entry about my maternal great,great grandfather 1967 Michael Phelan which states incorrectly that he 'died of severe wounds on 08/09/1855 during the final attack on the Redan', he did fight in the Crimea (and was subsequently awarded a medal), but was wounded on his left arm and side, which were not fatal. I know this for a fact as I have a verbatim copy of his Army Service record from the Record Offices at Kew,London. It states that he was discharged from the Army with pension at his own request at Aldershot on 25 May 1868.

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thank you wagtail for your comment

I have just found that my above posting was copied & pasted, as it is, on 13 Feb 2013, onto:
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Hi Wagtail - I am following a family link for a missing relative named Rosanna (also Rose Anna) Colgan who we believe married a Michael Phelan from the 57th Regiment who returned to England on 'The Maori' in 1967. The couple had a child named John Pierce (or Pearce) Phelan who was born on the ship on 27 May 1967. To the best of my knowledge our family genealogists lost track of them after that time. I suspect he is the same person, given his discharge the following year, having spent 13 years away from home in New Zealand.

by Dogzbody on 2016-12-13 07:07:53

Wagtail - correction on my part - Michael only arrived in NZ in 1965 onboard the "Ida" with my ancestor.

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