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ALSOP marriages 1889-1911 Victoria Australia

Journal by tonkin

ALSOP marriages 1889-1911 Victoria Australia.


Francis Charles
Married: Fanny RICHARDS 1895.
Two issues located.
1. Lilian, born 1896 Toora, Victoria.
2. Cedric Noel, born 1898 Tooora, Victoria.

Married: Harriet Emily COWLEY 1896.
Eight issues located.
1. Gertrude Emily, born 1897 Port Campbell, Victoria.
2. Charles Lester, born 1900 Cobden, Victoria.
3. Margaret, born 1902 Colac, Victoria.
4. Jessie Matilda, born 1903 Colac, Victoria.
5. William Samuel Edward, born 1907 Colac, Victoria.
6. George, born 1910 Colac, Victoria.
7. Rita Ivy Agnes, born 1912 Colac, Victoria.
8. Winifred Jean, born 1919 Colac, Victoria.

Married: Alice Maud STOCKS 1898.
Two issues located.
1. Raymond Edward, born 1899 Camberwell, Victoria.
2. Frederick James, born 1904 Camberwell, Victoria.

Married: Clara SWANSON 1898.
Five issues located.
1. Joseph James, born 1898 Geelong, Victoria.
2. Reta Mary, born 1900 Geelong, Victoria.
3. Lorna May, born 1904 Geelong, Victoria.
4. Thelma Grace, born 1905 Geelong, Victoria.
5. Verna Rose, born 1910 Geelong, Victoria.

Charles James
Married: Ruby Christobel VANCE 1899.
Six issues located.
1. Muriel Catherine, born 1900 Bairnsdale, Victoria.
2. Helen Cora, born 1901 Bairnsdale, Victoria.
3. Ruby Margaret, born 1903 Bairnsdale, Victoria.
4. Charles Evans, born 1904 Bairnsdale, Victoria.
5. Phyllis Hope, born 1906 Bairnsdale, Victoria.
6. David George, born 1909 Bairnsdale, Victoria.

Francis Charles
Married: Marion Agnes LOUGHNAN 1899.
Three issues located.
1. Francis Cumberledge, born 1900 Kew, Victoria.
2. Lorraine Marion, born 1901 South Yarra, Victoria.
3. Helen Bruce Walburge, born 1905 Hawthorn, Victoria.

Jacob Samuel
married: Sylvia Ann PARISH 1900.
Six issues located.
1. Bertha, born 1901 Winchelsea, Victoria.
2. Irene, born 1902 Winchelsea, Victoria.
3. Myra, born 1904 Winchelsea, Victoria.
4. Mabel, born 1905 Winchelsea, Victoria.
5. Cecil, born 1907 Winchelsea, Victoria.
6. Phyllis Charlotte, born 1912 Winchelsea, Victoria.

George Clifford
Married: Glassford Lily Marie GORDON 1901.
No issues located.

Married: Lily DINGLEY 1901.
No issues located.

John Henry
Married: Kate Penelope HELLICAR 1902.
Seven issues located.
1. Loris Merlyn, born 1903 Hawthorn, Victoria.
2. Jean Valerie, born 1904 Kew, Victoria.
3. John Russell, born 1906 Kew, Victoria.
4. Henry Lindsay, born 1907 Kew, Victoria.
5. Howard Garnet, born 1909 Kew, Victoria.
6. Letitia Alison, born 1911 Kew, Victoria.
7. Nigel Dennis, born 1915 Kew, Victoria.

Thomas Henry
Married: Maria Alice Catherine KITE 1903.
Seven issues located.
1. Gladys Queenie, born 2903 Surrey Hills, Victoria.
2. James Noel, born 1907 Fitzroy South, Victoria.
3. Edna May, born 1909 Serviceton, Victoria.
4. Marjorie Myra, born 1912 Seymour, Victoria.
5. Wilfred Henry, born 1913 Seymour, Victoria.
6. Albert Ernest, born 1916 Glenhuntly, Victoria.
7. Ellen Gertrude, born 1918 Beeac, Victoria.

George William
Married: Ada CAIRNS 1904.
Five issues located.
1. Lilian Jane, born 1905 Port Campbell, Victoria.
2. Charles Westward, born 1908 Port Campbell, Victoria.
3. George William, born 1910 Camperdown, Victoria.
4. Alan Henry, born 1916 Colac, Victoria.
5. Samuel Edward, born 1919 Colac, Victoria.

Frederick James
Married: Ada Alice ARMISTEAD 1908.
Four issues located.
1. Sydney James, born 1909 Winchelsea, Victoria.
2. Ernest Neville, born 1910 Winchelsea, Victoria.
3. Frederick Keith, born 1914 Winchelsea, Victoria.
4. Sheila Edna Lily, born 1917 Winchelsea, Victoria.

John Frederick
Married: Sophia Phyllis ANDERSON 1908.
Five issues located.
1. John Richard Abraham, born 1910 Newport, Victoria.
2. Leonard Clayton, born 1911 Richmond, Victoria.
3. Donald Jacob, born 1913 Lorne, Victoria.
4. Noel George, born 1915 Lorne, Victoria.
5. Alan Anderson, born 1917 Lorne, Victoria.

Robert Henry
Married: Daisy Pearl HOLLOWAY 1910.
Six issues located.
1. Reginald John Frederick, born 1911 Winchelsea, Victoria.
2. Ethel Lilian, born 1912 Winchelsea, Victoria.
3. Colin Alexander, born 1914 Winchelsea, Victoria.
4. Vera May, born 1915 Winchelsea, Victoria.
5. Doris Myrtle, born 1917 Winchelsea, Victoria.
6. Elsie Irene, born 1919 Winchelsea, Victoria.

Robert Vincent
Married: Frances Gertrude CAHIR 1911.
No issues located.


Elizabeth Ann
Married: Joseph Manning MALE 1889.

Mary Jane
Married: Jacob Nicholas LINDQUIST 1891.
Jacob indexed as Nils Jakob LINDQUIST marriage records.

Mary Ann
Married: James HOUGHTON 1892.

Elizabeth Jane
Married: George CUNNINGHAM 1894.

Mary Ann Leah
Married: William MOORFOOT 1895.

Ada Ethel Rosiena
Married: George HARVEY 1896.

Emily Louisa
Married: William MAWSON 1896.

Mary Ann
Married: Thomas WIGGINS 1896.

Married: James WILSON 1899.

Sarah Jemima Annie
Married: Arthur Olzon ELLIS 1900.

Cora Mary
Married: James Clenton SPOWERS 1901.

Married: Richard Tudor EVANS 1901.

Edith Gladys
Married: Henry Howard SPOWERS 1902.

Married: Samuel Ernest EDWARDS 1902.

Julia Mabel Ellen
Married: Robert John HARE 1904.

Leah Catherine
Married: Walter AMISTEAD 1904.

Married: Alick TAIT 1907.

Amy Beatrice
Married: Henry Jon SHEARN 1908.

married: Thomas Michael JONES 1911.

Rose Sophia
Married: Thomas HARDIMAN 1911.

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Compiled from the Victorian Birth and Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the ALSOP lines.

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