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ARNELL George and Harriet ROSS

Journal by tonkin

Information Journal.

George ARNELL and Harriet ROSS.
Marriage details not located at time of posting.

George died 1890 in Footscray, Victoria.
Age: 68 years.
Parents named as George ARNELL and Elizabeth MARCOMB.

Harriet died 1918 in Hotham East, Victoria.
Age: 86 years.
Father named as Ross Simon ARNELL. Mother unknown.
Father was Simon ROSS.

Five children located Victoria Australia for George and Harriet.


Elizabeth Ann ARNELL
Born: circa 1860. (Birth not located)
Died: 1936 Braybrook, Victoria.
Age: 76 years.

Married: Matthew PRATT.
Year: 1881.
Place: Victoria.
Elizabeth gave birth place as Durham.
Matthew gave birth place as Kingston.

Matthew died 1929 in Melton, Victoria.
Age: 81 years.
Parents named as Matthew PRATT and Augubal HYSLOP.

Ten children located for Matthew and Elizabeth.

Aguble Elizabeth PRATT.

Born: 1882 Melton, Victoria.
Died: 1964 Footscray, Victoria.
Age: 82 years.

Married: Richard Robert MOORE.
Year: 1903.
Place: Victoria.

Charlotte Agnes PRATT.

Born: 1884 Footscray, Victoria.
Died: 1953 Maidstone, Victoria.
Age: 70 years.

Married: Cornelius Considine CONNOLLY.
Year: 1904.
Place: Victoria.

Matthew George Henry PRATT.

Born: 1886 Maidstone, Victoria.
Died: 1945 Hastings, Victoria.
Age: 59 years.

Walter Charles John PRATT.

Born: 1888 Maidstone, Victoria.
Died: -

David Thomas Clarke Rigg PRATT.

Born: 1891 Melton, Victoria.
Died: 1951 Heidelberg, Victoria.
Age: 61 years.

Alice Mary Georgina PRATT.

Born: 1894 Melton, Victoria.
Died: 1969 Yarrawonga, Victoria.
Age: 74 years.

Married: Michael William OBRIEN.
Year: 1918.
Place: Victoria.

Michael died 1972 in Yarrawonga, Victoria.
Age: 78 years.
Parents named as John OBRIEN and Harriet SQUIRES.

Robert Henry Werribee PRATT.

Born: 1896 Melton, Victoria.
Died: -

Alexander Lupeton PRATT.

Born: 1899 Melton, Victoria.
Died: 1970 Braybrook, Victoria.
Age: 71 years.

Married: Violet May SMITH.
Year: 1922.
Place: Victoria.

Frederick James PRATT.

Born: 1903 Melton, Victoria.
Died: 1974 Heidelberg, Victoria.
Age: 71 years.

Arthur Stanley PRATT.

Born: 1905 Melton, Victoria.
Died: -


Lucy Jane ARNELL
Born: circa 1865. (Birth not located)
Died: 1926 Williamstown, Victoria.
Age: 61 years.

Lucy had two children before she married John LOWRIE in 1890.

Ernest Albert ARNELL.
Born: 1885 Maidstone, Victoria.
Birth: Father not recorded.
Died: -

Ada Jane ARNELL.
Born: 1888 Footscray, Victoria.
Birth: Father not recorded.
Died: 1889 Footscray, Victoria.
Age: 06 months.
Death: Father named as John Edward NEWMAN.

Married: John LOWRIE.
Year: 1890.
Place: Victoria.
Lucy gave birth place as Mount Macedon.
John gave birth place as Footscray.

Four children located Victoria for John and Lucy.

Sarah (Ann) LOWRIE.

Born: 1891 Footscray, Victoria.
Died: 1961 Williamstown, Victoria.
Age: 70 years.

Cremated: Fawkner Memorial Park Cemetery, Victoria.
Service date: 03 August 1961.
Cremated remains: Fawkner Memorial Park Cemetery.
Area: Garden of Remembrance 3 Wall Niches.

Married: Peter Roderick MCZENZIE.
Year: 1918.
Place: Victoria.

Peter died 1951 in North Williamstown, Victoria.
Age: 61 years.
Parents named as Malcolm MCKENZIE and Isabella MCKENZIE.

Cremated: Fawkner Memorial Park Cemetery, Victoria.
Service date: 03 August 1951.
Cremated remains: Collected from cemetery.

John Thomas LOWRIE.

Born: 1893 Footscray, Victoria.
Died: 1968 Williamstown, Victoria.
Age: 76 years.

George William LOWRIE.

Born: 1895 Footscray, Victoria.
Died: -

Charles Victor LOWRIE.

Born: 1897 Footscray, Victoria.
Died: 1941 Melbourne, Victoria.
Age: 43 years.


Born: 1867 Mount Macedon, Victoria.
Died: -


Charlotte Annie ARNELL
Born: 1872 Mount Macedon, Victoria.
Died: 1967 Footscray, Victoria.
Death: Recorded as Charlotte Agnes JEFFKINS.
Age: 95 years.

Married: William Henry JEFFKINS.
Year: 1887.
Place: Victoria.
Charlotte gave birth place as Macedon.
Charlotte's second given name recorded as Agnes.
William gave birth place as Buckinghamshire.

Four children Victoria located for William and Charlotte.

Ada Evelyn JEFFKINS.

Born: 1889 Footscray, Victoria.
Died: 1939 Footscray, Victoria.
Age: 50 years.
Death: Recorded under SAUNDERS.

Buried: Footscray Cemetery, Victoria.
Area: C.
Grave number: 3295.
Buried with her sister Alice.

Alice Elizabeth JEFFKINS.

Born: 1891 Footscray, Victoria.
Died: 1983 Footscray, Victoria.
Age: 92 years.

Buried: Footscray Cemetery, Victoria.
Area: C.
Grave number: 3295.
Buried with her sister Ada.

Married: Arthur William SAUNDERS.
Year: 1918.
Place: Victoria.

William George Matthew Isaac JEFFKINS.

Born: 1894 Footscray, Victoria.
Died: -

Fanny Florence Edith May JEFFKINS.

Born: 1897 Footscray, Victoria.
Died: -

Married: William George HARRIS.
Year: 1926.
Place: Victoria.


George Alexander ARNELL
Born: 1877 Melton, Victoria.
Died: 1928 Caulfield, Victoria.
Age: 49 years.

Buried: Footscray Cemetery, Victoria.
Area: Church of England.
Section: B.
Grave number: 459.

Married 1: Eliza JEFFKINS.
Year: 1905.
Place: Victoria.
George gave birth place as Victoria.
Eliza gave birth place as Castlemaine.

Eliza was born 1869 The Loddon, (Castlemaine) Victoria.
Parents named as Isaac JEFFKINS and Adelaide CLARK.

Eliza died 1913 in Footscray, Victoria.
Age: 40 years.
Parents named as Isaac JEFFKINS and Adelaide CLARKE.

Buried: Footscray Cemetery, Victoria.
Area: Church of England.
Section: B.
Grave number: 459.

Married 2: Jessie Josephine SAUNDERS.
Year: 1920.
Place: Victoria.

Jessie died 1964 in Kew, Victoria.
Age: 82 years.
Parents not recorded.

Buried: Fawkner Memorial Park Cemetery, Victoria.
Area: Roman Catholic.
Section: T.
Grave number: 3331.
Service date: 29 October 1964.

Spelling variations include ARNALL, ARNOLD and ARNOLL.

Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, Victoria.
Fawkner Memorial Park Cemetery Records, Victoria.
Footscray Cemetery Records, Victoria.

This family recorded compiled to assist Romac researching the family lines of George ARNELL and Harriet ROSS. If you can confirm marriage details for George and Harriet please reply in the comments section below.

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by tonkin Profile | Research | Contact | Subscribe | Block this user
on 2015-11-26 19:19:15

tonkin lives in Victoria, Australia.
Please note:
Journals are intended to assist new members locate family lines in Australia and should only be used as a guide for follow up research and record searches as intended. Due to spelling and informant errors appearing in the records, typo errors and my misreading of the records mistakes must be expected. Errors will be corrected when detected or advised.

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by Romac on 2015-12-12 22:26:05

Hi Tonkin,

Thank you for all you have done. I will check your details with my tree and research.
There is no record that I can find of Harriett and George's marriage . In Charlotte's birth record of 1872, it states that her parents were married 17 March 1858 in Tasmania (informant was mother Harriett). In Mary Ann's birth record of 1867, 1858 in New Zealand is given as parent's marriage date and place. George was the informant.
Oddly, there is a record for my Harriett marrying a John James Chambers on 17 March 1859 in Tasmania. It was also reported in the Mercury newspaper. So I have always wondered if George Arnell and John James Chambers are the same person. I have not been able to conclusively prove this yet. I believe I have found John James Chambers parents and research so far seems to support my idea.

by tonkin on 2015-12-13 04:37:35

Hi Romac.

I'm also unable confirm a marriage for George and Harriet.

Seems strange that the father and mother both gave the same day and month of marriage, but different years. Easy to confuse the year I suppose, but how do you confuse Tasmania and New Zealand?

Will keep looking.

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