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Augustus VAUGHAN & Nancy FREEMAN New Zealand

Journal by ngairedith

NOTE This journal is a work in progress. There are other children to find and info to be added. It will be updated as time permits. Call back occasionally.
It is an extension to the research in comments for the query from davidbertram 3 March 2019...
Bolland.....(Nelson?) graham Sydney
Born 1878?
Married phoebe smith 1905?
Son graham Sydney
Daughter Rona
Wellington NZ
Any further information
David Bertram

Augustus Vaughan (1827-1882) was born in Evercreech, Somerset, England to James (1802-1866) & Jane (1802-) Vaughan. He arrived in Wellington, with his parents, 1 March 1842 on the 'Birman'. He was a Tailor.
Augustus married at St Peter's Wellington on 25 Aug 1851 to: Ann Elizabeth 'Nancy' Freeman (1828-1880), who was born in the Netherlands and arrived with her parents and siblings into Nelson, 10 April 1842 on the ship London.
James Vaughan (father of Augustus), died 20 July 1866 aged 63 at Mulgrave street and was buried at Bolton Street cemetery. His widow Jane returned to England about 1876 with her granddaughter Margaret Jane 'Jennie' (Vaughan) & her husband of 3 years, Alfred Bolland

Their known children
(5 listed in Augustus's Obit in 1882 below, but 6 listed in son Albert's Obit in 1932)
.. 1 ..
1852 - 1934 Margaret Jane 'Jennie'
... Margaret had a son:
* 1871 - 1872 George Mitchell Nation Vaughan. George was born 13 April 1871, father's name not registered. He died 14 April 1872 aged 1 year & 1 day.
Margaret married Alfred Robert Bolland (1844-1899) 1½ years later. Alfred was a son of Richard Bolland & Ann Ball of Chester, Cheshire, England. He was a Civil Engineer who was, as a young man, an engineer in Rio de Janeiro. In March 1871 he was a gazetted census collector for the district of Sydney. He arrived into Wellington in May 1872 on the ss Keera (which sailed from Melbourne and called into Napier, Tauranga & Auckland) under engagement to Messrs Brogden, the railway contractors and was involved with the construction of the railway to the Hutt. In July 1873 he had the license of the Railway Hotel in Mercer, Waikato.
NOTE OF INTEREST The 'Keera' was an iron, passenger steamship of 2 cylinder engines, built in St Peters Quay, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Registry transferred to Sydney in Jan 1852. Has distinction of being the first single screw steamship built built overseas for an Australian owner. Intended for the Sydney-Wollongong trade she was found too large for the Wollongong basin and offered for sale. Purchased in Nov 1852 by the Geelong SN Co. who placed her on the Geelong-Melbourne run. Sold Oct 1854 to G & J Gill, Melbourne. In 1864 she was modified. July 1865 owned by Gippsland S N Co., Melbourne. Worked the Port Albert-Gippsland coastal trade routes until sold to Carey & Gillies in Oct 1865. In March 1867 she was wrecked on the New Zealand coast. She was salvaged and rebuilt. She was hulked in 1877. No photo found at this time
Margaret married Alfred on 11 Sep 1873 and had a family of 6 sons (7 total sons for Margaret). The first two were born in NZ. The family went back to England (with Margaret's widowed paternal grandmother, Jane Vaughan (1802-), who possibly died there). They lived there for 11-12 years and had a further 3 sons. They returned to NZ where they had their last son, James William 'Frank' Bolland, in 1887
their known children
.1 1874 - 1950 Richard Alfred Vaughan Bolland (NZ)
... married Elizabeth Mary 'Lizzie' Goodwin in 1894. 3 children. In 1897 Elizabeth asked the court for a separation on the grounds of cruelty and neglect. His Worship said the case was an exceedingly unfortunate one as the people on both sides were respectable and the witnesses were also respectable.
.2 1875 - 1936 Mercer John Ralph Bolland (NZ)
... married Maude Ellen Richardson in 1902. At least 6 children
.3 1877 - 1948 Frederick Vaughan Bolland
... married Lily Alice Mary Hobdon Huett (formerly Pelley 1873-1904) in 1900. 1 son
... he next married Martha Lucy Perham (1876-1950) in 1906. Their daughter Una Mary Perham Bolland (1907-1978), became Charge Sister 81778 in WWII with the NZ Army Nursing Service, 2nd NZEF
.4 1878 - 1939 Nelson Graham Sydney Bolland
... married Phoebe Smith in 1905. 2 children
.5 1882 - 1951 Charles Chester Wellington Bolland
... married Marian Clark in 1902 at least 8 children
.6 1887 - 1964 James William 'Frank' Bolland (NZ)
... married Ada May Wilson in 1913
In April 1897 Margaret Jane Bolland took Alfred to Court, charging him with failing to support her and applied for a separation. His Worship said he regarded the wife's tale as very highly coloured and he would, therefore, make no order for separation and each party to pay its own costs
Alfred Robert Bolland died in May 1899 aged 54
Evening Post, 24 May 1899
We regret to record the death, at his residence in Epuni-street, of Mr Alfred R. Bolland, civil engineer, who came out to Wellington in 1872 under engagement to Messrs Brogden, the great railway contractors. Mr Bolland was employed in the construction of the Hutt railway and was also connected with several other works carried out by the Brogdens. In his younger days he went out to Rio de Janeiro and practised his profession there for some time. After serving his connection with the Brogdens he took up his residence in Sydney and was on the staff of one of the daily papers there for a time. For several years past he had been in failing health and his death was not unexpected. The deceased, who was married to a daughter of the late Mr Vaughan, one of Wellington's early settlers, is survived by his widow and a family of six sons.
* He is buried Plot 6N, CH ENG at Karori
Margaret next married Thomas George Boon (1847-1903) 11 months later, in April 1900. Thomas worked for the Wellington Harbour Board. It appears he may have been divorced in April 1897 after 3 years separation (& 3 children). He accused his wife Margaret (maiden name ? to be researched) of having an affair with William Hedges, a gardener and turned her out of the house. One son found to date, Henry Robert Boon (1877-)
Thomas George Boon died 21 Feb 1903 aged 56 and is buried Plot 156C, PUBLIC at Karori
NZ Times, 23 Feb 1903 BOON - On February 21st, at 93 Daniell street (Newtown), after a brief illness, Thomas George Boon, aged 56 years. Mr Boon was, for twenty-five years in the employ of the Wellington Harbour Board. The deceased had occupied the position of timekeeper and labour foreman at the Queen's Wharf for some years. The late Mr Boon was born in London in 1847. He served in the Indian Mutiny with the Ninetieth Foot, under Sir Evelyn Wood, then Major Wood. He arrived in New Zealand twenty-seven years ago, The deceased leaves a wife and three children. The vessels in port flew their house flags at half-mast yesterday as a mark of respect to the memory of the deceased. The Friends of Mr Thomas George Boon are respectfully invited to attend his Funeral, which will leave his residence, 93 Daniel street, Newtown, this afternoon (Tuesday), 24th February 1903, for Karori Cemetery, at 2 o'clock. Members of the Grand Lodge U.A.O.D., Pacific, Poneke and Holly Lodges are invited to attend the Funeral of our late Bro. T. Boon, P.D.P., which will leave his late residence, Daniel street, at 2p.m. and Wordsworth street (now Aro St, Aro Valley) about 2.45p.m.
28 Feb 1903 The late Mr Thomas Boon, who was well-known as labour foreman on the Queen's Wharf, for the Harbour Board, will be sadly missed. He was every energetic in the discharge of his responsible duties and in "off" times could be persuaded to spin a thrilling yard of the stirring times of the Indian Mutiny. He had not long left the Army (90th Foot) when he came to New Zealand and was engaged for two years in whatever his hands found to do. For twenty-five years he had been in the employ of the Harbour Board. may time-expired soldier, who had fought under Major Wood (now General Sir Evelyn Wood, V.C.) came to New Zealand in 1875-1876 and the genial Tom boon was among them. Both in his business and private relations the deceased gentleman had made hosts of friends and his untimely death makes a gap it will be difficult to fill.
Margaret Jane Boon died 21 Nov 1934 aged 82 and is buried Plot 331C, PUBLIC3 at Karori
* Bolland Marriages
* When Margaret's brother Mercer got married in 1902, he did so at the home of Mr J. Boon of Daniel-street, which was also the home of Margaret & Thomas and the bride was given away by Mr T. Boon. This was probably Thomas but needs more research

.. 2 ..
1856 - 1936 Frederick Augustus 'Fred'
Frederick married Harriet Taylor (1853-1890) in 1879 & had 3 sons & a daughter
* 1880 - 1954 Frederick Thomas Vaughan
... married Ethel Fanny Sebley in 1907
* 1883 - 1888 Edgar Graham Vaughan (aged 5)
* 1885 - 1886 Violet Mabel Vaughan (aged 10 months)
* 1890 - 1890 Arthur Edgar Vaughan (aged 14 days)
Harriet Vaughan died 25 May 1890 and is buried unknown plot, Section C of E at Bolton Street, Wellington
Frederick next married Edith Alsop (1867-1942) in 1902 & had 2 daughters
* 1902 - Vhea Caroline Vaughan
... married Eric Doull in 1924
* 1904 - Cressell Beatrice Vaughan
... married Roland Clarence Bailey in 1928
Frederick Augustus Vaughan died 8 Sep 1936 aged 80
Manawatu Standard, 12 Sep 1936
The death occurred at the Wellington Hospital on Tuesday night, of Mr Frederick Augustus Vaughan, brother of Mr W. Vaughan, of Otaki. Deceased, who was 80 years of age, had been in indifferent health for some time. The late Mr Vaughan was well known in Wellington, where he had been in the printing trade since his boyhood. A widow, one son and two daughters are left to mourn their loss
VAUGHAN On September 8 1936, at Wellington Hospital, Frederick Augustus, beloved husband of Harriett T. E. Vaughan, Britomart Street; aged 80 years
VAUGHAN On September 8 1936, at Wellington Hospital, Frederick Augustus, beloved husband of Edith Vaughan, Britomart Street, Berhampore Mrs Edith VAUGHAN, son and daughters gratefully thank relatives and friends for much kindly help before and after death of their dear husband and father on September 8th; also the many messages of sympathy, person condolence and beautiful floral tributes.
Edith Vaughan died 23 Aug 1942 aged 75. Frederick & Edith are buried together Plot 67G, CH ENG at Karori

.. 3 ..
1857 - 1942 Walter James
Walter married Mary Jane Kendall (1862-1920) in 1880 & had 6 children
* 1880 - 1962 William Henry Bertram Vaughan
... married Elizabeth Blanche Brierly in 1911
* 1881 - 1969 Walter Henry 'Harry' Vaughan
* 1882 - 1882 Vaughan 'Van' Vaughan (aged 18 hours)
* 1885 - 1931 Claribel Maud Vaughan
... married Richard John Cottingham (1884-1918) in 1906
... next married Thomas Noten/Noton Fletcher (1870-1938) in 1915
* 1889 - 1971 Kendall Allan Vaughan
... married Hazel Mary Parris in 1914
* 1892 - 1974 Leslie Graham Vaughan
... married Sarah Evelyn May Houston in 1916
* the divorce case of Mary Jane Vaughan against Walter James Vaughan was heard in court on 16 June 1902. Mary applied for a dissolution of her marriage on the grounds of desertion. She had married in 1880 and not heard from her husband Walter for the last 10 years (1892). A decree nisi was granted and Mary was to have charge of the children.
Walter next married Martha Ellen Wood (1877-1946) on 26 June 1903 & had a daughter Kathleen Olive Vaughan (1902-1943), who was (Sister M. Valerian, a Sister of Mercy on Hill St, buried Karori)
* Mary Jane next married William Street (1854-1930) on 23 Sep 1903
Walter James Vaughan died 2 Aug 1942 aged 84 in Otaki
Evening Post, 7 Aug 1942
VAUGHAN - Mrs Vaughan and daughter, of Otaki, sincerely thank all kind friends and relations for expressions of sympathy in their recent sad bereavement, especially Sisters of Upper Hutt Convent
Martha Ellen Vaughan died 12 March 1946 aged 69
Mary Jane (Kendall/Vaughan) & William Street are buried Plot 63, Row 8, Anglican Division A at Waikumete

.. 4 ..
1860 - 1940 Graham Thomas
Graham married Agnes Phoebe Smith (1866-1933) in 1896
their known children
* 1897 - 1898 Grace Evelyn Vaughan (aged 4 months)
* 1899 - 1966 Graham William Vaughan
... married Hilda Clarice Block (1912-1971) in 1930
* 1904 - 1976 Arthur Edward Vaughan
... married Vera May Russell (1906-1989) 30 Jan 1933
Agnes Phoebe Vaughan died 30 Jan 1933 aged 67
Evening Post, 31 Jan 1933
VAUGHAN - At Wellington Hospital, on 30th January 1933, Agnes Phoebe, dearly beloved wife of Graham Thomas Vaughan, 13 Downer street, Lower Hutt, loving mother of Arthur and Gra; aged 67 years. Called to a higher life.
Graham Thomas Vaughan died 23 July 1940 aged 79
* They are buried together Plots 20 & 21, Block M, Methodist at Taita Old cemetery

.. 5 ..
1862 - 1932 Albert Henry
Albert married Maud 'Win' Griffith 30 Nov 1892 in Dovedale, Nelson
their known children
* 1893 - 1975 Ethel Hope Vaughan
... married Ernest Hillin Burnett in 1915
* 1894 - 1975 Clare Ada Vaughan
... married Arthur Augustus Steer in 1913
* 1895 - 1987 John Edgar Vaughan
... married Gladys Irene Rose (1898-1936) in 1926. Sister of Arthur Henry who married John's sister Nita.
... next married Linda Annie Hyland in 1937
* 1897 - 1958 Frank Douglas Vaughan
... married Olive Victoria Stent in 1921
* 1899 - 1960 Nita Marjorie Vaughan
... married Arthur Henry Rose in 1923. Brother of Gladys Irene who married Nita's brother John Edgar
* 1901 - 1964 Eric Albert Vaughan
... married Evangelina Augustus Morgan in 1927
* 1904 - Jean Winifred Vaughan
... married Algernon Leslie Soper in 1921
* 1905 - 2001 Nancy Maud Vaughan
... married Percy Bowers in 1939
Albert died in Nelson 11 June 1932 aged 69
Otaki Mail, 13 June 1932
The death took place at Nelson on Saturday morning of Mr Albert Henry Vaughan, who passed away after a short illness. The deceased, who was well-known and highly respected, was born in Wellington, but had spent most of his life in Nelson, where he followed farming pursuits, finally retiring. Much Sympathy is felt for his bereaved brothers - Fred, Graham, Walter (Otaki) and sisters Margaret and Grace(?)

Ann Elizabeth 'Nancy' Vaughan died 23 May 1880 aged 52 in Nelson and buried in the old cemetery. She was mentioned in the papers only as "eldest daughter of the late Thomas G. Freeman".
* Augustus remarried in 1877 to Elizabeth Ann Clothier (1860-), who was born in Kaiapoi, 7th of 9 children to Samuel Clothier & Ann Rose. No children found.
Augustus Vaughan died 14 April 1882 at the Reefton Hospital
Reefton Herald, 15 April 1882
A tailor named Augustus Vaughan, very well known throughout the West Coast, expired in the Reefton Hospital yesterday. He will be familiar to the public in Reefton in connection with the charge of sly-grog selling some years ago, when the deceased acted as informant for the police at the outset of the case, but allowed his evidence to break down when the matter came on for judicial inquiry. He quite lately revisited Reefton, having come up from Greymouth. On reaching Lardi's he was unable to walk further and as the man was completely destitute and much enfeebled, word was sent to the police. Before any steps could be taken however, he was brought to Reefton by wagon and was admitted to the Hospital on Tuesday last in a hopeless condition and he expired. The funeral will leave the Hospital on Sunday. The deceased was 54 years of age and leaves a wife in Wellington and five children throughout the colonies, but particulars of their addresses cannot be ascertained. It was reported that one daughter was a female operator in the New Zealand telegraph service, but inquiries made by Mr D. O. Preshaw, did not result in the verification of the statement ..

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