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Journal by allycat

Dear readers, I've been researching my VOSS ancestors since the 1980s and one of the reasons they have been so difficult to research is the frequency of Surname changes such as in the spelling. This also includes changes of their Christian name/s upon registration of births, deaths and marriages, and also the possibility of Anglicization of their German names upon entry to Australia.

Another thing to 'throw a spanner in the works' so to speak is the fact that a lot of the children were given Saint's names for the fist name, and were known by their middle name!

BIRTHS as follows... MARRIAGES and DEATHS included if found in QLD.

Carl August VOSS & Charlotte Louise (Louisa) QUAND (aka QUANDT, GUAND)
1867 Wilhelmina VOSS
1870 Johann VOSS
1874 Maria Louisa VOSS
QLD death 1912 of another son, William Carl August VOSS

{NB: Carl VOSS possibly died 1900 QLD aged 68 years, born Germany.}
{NB: Charlotte Louisa VOSS died 1900 QLD aged 69 years, born Germany.}

Carl Friedrich (aka Frederick) VOSS & Anna Amelia (aka Emilie) FERG (aka FARG)
1880 Emma VOSS
1882 Minny VOSS
1885 Louise VOSS
1887 Charles William VOSS
1889 Frederick VOSS
1891 Alexander VOSS

{NB: Marriage found 1879 QLD Carl Friedrich VOSS & Anna Emilie FERG.}

Charles (aka Carl) August Christian VOSS & Jessie Ann YOUNG
1906 Charles August VOSS
1907 Reginald Thomas VOSS died 1907 QLD
1908 William Reginald VOSS
1912 Yvonne Mileta VOSS

{NB: Marriage found 1905 QLD Carl August Christian VOSS & Jessie Ann YOUNG.}

Charlie VOSS & Elizabeth ADERMANN {possibly born 1874 or 1882 QLD}
1908 Robert Charles VOSS
1911 Reginald Ernest VOSS
1913 Doris Evelyn VOSS

{NB: Marriage found 1906 QLD Charlie VOSS & Elizabeth ADERMANN.}

Edward VOSS & Emily HORWELL
1903 Edward Charles VOSS died 1904 QLD

{NB: Marriage found QLD 1901 Edward VOSS & Emily HORWELL.}

Edward VOSS & Mary Bridget HAYES
1907 Edna Mary VOSS
1908 George Kevin VOSS
1912 Edward Morgan VOSS
1913 Jessie Blanche VOSS

{NB: Marriage found 1906 QLD Edward VOSS & Mary Bridget HAYES.}

Edward Frederick Carl VOSS & Daisy Sarah LENTELL
1904 Herman George VOSS

Eggert VOSS & Catharine (aka Catharina) Margaretha JACOBSEN
1874 Eggert Heinrich VOSS died 1905 QLD
1876 Ernst Friedrich VOSS

Ernest Christian DEVOSS & Margaret (or Marguerite) DUNN (or DUNNE)
1897 Ernest Christian VOSS
1900 Edwin VOSS
1903 Leslie VOSS

{NB: Duplicate marriage record found 1896 QLD Ernst Christian DE VOSS & Margaret DUNNE including groom's surname 'VOSS'.}

Ernest Fridrich (aka Frederick) VOSS & Maria Elizabeth HORTON {born 1880 QLD daughter of Joseph HORTON & Elizabeth CHALK}
1902 Norma Elizabeth VOSS
1905 Eggert William George VOSS
1906 Margaret Catherine VOSS
1906 Margaretha Catherina VOSS
1913 Olive May VOSS

{NB: Marriage found 1901 QLD Ernest Frederick VOSS & Maria Elizabeth HORTON.}

Ernest Wilhelm Carl VOSS & Alice Elizabeth Theresa KALMUND {born 1888 QLD daughter of Mathias KALMUND and Jane MACHELL}
1911 Ernest Wilhelm Mathias VOSS
1912 Phyllis Jinnie Louise VOSS

{NB: Marriage found 1910 QLD Ernest Carl Wilhelm VOSS & Alice Elizabeth Theresa KALMUND.}

Ferdinand Wilhelm VOSS & Hermine WISCHNOWSKY
1877 Ferdinand Wilhelm VOSS

Francis Henry Vivian VOSS & Charlotte (aka Lottie) Kerrod WHITE
1890 Dorothy Muriel VOSS
1891 Vivienne Charlotte VOSS
1892 Paul Ernest VOSS
1894 Kerrod Bromley VOSS
1902 Florence Mary VOSS

{NB: Marriage found 1888 QLD Francis Henry Vivian VOSS & Lottie Kerrod WHITE.}

Frederick Leonard VOSS & Minnie Katrina HINZ {possible birth record 1874 QLD Minnie Catherine HINZ daughter of Wilhelm HINZ & Maria SCHLUTER}
1900 Minnie Elizabeth VOSS

{NB: Marriage found 1899 QLD Frederick Leonard VOSS & Minnie Katreena Hinz.}

Frederick Leonard VOSS & Sissy USHER {born 1880 daughter of Thomas USHER and Phoeba MIDDELL}
1907 Frederick Thomas VOSS died 1908 QLD

{NB: Marriage found 1907 QLD Frederick Leonard VOSS & Sissy USHER.}

Frederick Leonard VOSS & Adlina Hermina WERNER
1910 Bertha Margaret VOSS

{NB: Marriage found 1909 QLD Frederick Leonard VOSS & Adeline Hermina WERNER.}

Frederick VOSS & Christina HAMM
1868 Charles VOSS died 1871 QLD
1870 Frederick VOSS
1872 Emily Theresa VOSS
1875 Charles George VOSS

Friederich Christian Martin VOSS & Paulina (Pauline) Mathilde Auguste LOSCHKE (aka LOESCHKE) (aka LOSCHK)
1886 Carl VOSS
1888 Emma Marie VOSS died 1910 QLD
1890 Friedrich Wilhelm VOSS
1892 Wilhelm VOSS

Friedrich Christian Martin VOSS & Agathe ZIMMERMANN
1894 Heinrich VOSS

AUS-QLD-SE-Germans-L Archives

George Charles VOSS & Jennie WILSON
1902 Victoria May VOSS

{NB: Marriage found 1902 QLD George Charles VOSS & Jennie WILSON.}

Harry VOSS & Elizabeth Hilda BLANK (aka BLACK)
1901 Edward Henry Robert VOSS
1903 Margaret Hilda VOSS
1906 Vivian Victori VOSS
1908 Gladys Martha Lilian VOSS
1911 Doris Mabel Eastley VOSS
1913 Frederick Leonard VOSS
1914 Francis Allan Eastley VOSS

{NB: Marriage found 1900 QLD Harry VOSS & Elizabeth Hilda BLANK.}

Heinrich Wilhelm Carl (aka Henry William Charles) VOSS & Bertha Elizabeth SCHMIDT {possibly born 1881 QLD daughter of Wilhelm Carl SCHMIDT & Louisa DEUTSCHMANN}
1904 Ruby Louise Margatha VOSS
1906 Leonhard Norman VOSS
1909 Daisy Dorothy VOSS
1910 Herbert Edward VOSS
1912 Mildred Beatrice VOSS

{NB: Marriage found 1903 QLD Heinrich Wilhelm Carl VOSS & Bertha Elizabeth SCHMIDT.}

Hermann Carl August VOSS & Augusta (Auguste) Wilhelmine (Wilhelmina) PROEFKE (aka PROFKE)
1903 Elsie Helena VOSS
1904 Eva Augusta (Auguste) VOSS died 1908 QLD
1906 Louisa Emma VOSS
1908 Wilhelm Frederick VOSS
1910 Victor Walter VOSS
1912 Walter Theodor VOSS
1914 Hilda Hannah VOSS

{NB: Marriage found 1901 QLD Hermann VOSS & Augusta PROEFKE.}

James Phillips VOSS & Susan Maud BUCKLEY (aka Maud Susie BUCKLEY)
1896 Mabel Charlotte VOSS
1898 Lorna Muriel VOSS

{NB: Marriage found 1895 QLD James Phillips VOSS & Maud Susie BUCKLEY.}

Tom VOSS & Margaret BERRY
1906 Robert Archibald VOSS
1908 Cecil John VOSS
1912 Aletha Margaret VOSS
1910 Sydney Leonard VOSS
1904 Tom Edward VOSS

{NB: Marriage found 1903 QLD Tom VOSS & Margaret BERRY.}

Wilhelm Marcus Emil VOSS & Anna Augusta (aka Auguste) ROSIN
1908 Wilhelmine Auguste VOSS
1910 Elsie May VOSS
1914 William John VOSS

{NB: Marriage found QLD 1907 Wilhelm Marcus Emil VOSS & Anna Augusta ROSIN.}

Wilhelm August VOSS & Louise KATTENBERG (aka KATTAHBERG)
1875 Christina Augusta VOSS
1878 Heinrich Wilhelm Carl
1880 Henriette Wilhelmine Louise
1882 Carl August Christian
1884 Wilhelm Marcus Emil
1887 Ernst Wilhelm Carl
1892 Johann Friedrich Emil VOSS

{NB: Marriage found 1874 QLD Wilhelm August VOSS & Louise Ernestina KATTENBERG.}

William Walter VOSS & Jane Ramsay THOMPSON
1887 Olive Millah VOSS
1898 Walter James Valentine VOSS

{NB: Marriage found 1882 QLD William Walter VOSS & Jane Ramsay THOMPSON.}


Bertha VOSS (no husband?s name provided)
1900 Edward VOSS

Henriette VOSS (no husband?s name provided)
1902 Friede Wilhelmine Anna VOSS

Wilhelmine Ernestine VOSS (no husband?s name provided)
1890 Alexander Robinson VOSS


AUS-QLD-SE-Germans-L Archives at RootsWeb

Australian Dictionary of Biography - Harriette Martha Voss 1887-1951

Ancestry World Tree Project - GASSAN tree

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on 2008-01-30 21:46:11

allycat , from sunny Queensland, Australia, has been a Family Tree Circles member since Mar 2006. is researching the following names: VOSS, DENNER, DINNER and 610 other(s).

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by ubeestar on 2008-10-13 08:42:11

Hi was wondering if you had an Elizeranne elizabeth Black, Ray in your family? She was born in Govan, SC now named Hilda. Her parents are Calvin and Carlyon Black. I believe her maiden name was Ray. thank you Pam

by allycat on 2008-10-13 13:35:09

Dear Pam aka ubeestar, Sorry I don't have any knowledge of the lady you are seeking. All the names above are Australian, with Prussian ancestry.


by robroy on 2009-07-11 22:43:15

hi there I see you have an emily Horwell in your tree. Have you any information on this lady. I am looking for a Emily Horwell that was born in Ilsington, Devon, England in the 3rd quarter of 1881. She was married to a Sydney Grose but I have not been able to find her since 1891 census so I wondered if she left her husband or he died and she emigrated. Can you help at all. If I have the wrong Emily can you tell me anything about your emily. My email is

Hope to hear from you soon

Roy Horwell. New Zealand

by Margi on 2009-09-10 03:49:39

Hi there, I am related to a Eric Voss who married my Aunty Leila Mary Adermann, (B. 1924) her parents were Frederick Adermann & Mary Elizabeth (Domrow) I don't know too much but here's just a snippet. Eric & Leila had four kids Judith, Desmond, Glen, & Robyn they lived in Bald Hills Brisbane.
Charles & Elizabeth married 8-11-1906 her B. 30-11-1882 D. 20-5-1980
In one section of 'family notes' I have a brief mention of Charlie & Elizabeth (Lizzy) it says, " Elizabeth was born in Vernor QLD. The family moved from Vernor in about March 1908 to Wooroolin near Kingaroy. Later two carpenters were hired to build the family house, they built a room made of iron on the side of the barn for Charlie & Lizzy since they had just moved from Marburg". end. note Lizzy was my Grandfather's sister.
Hope this morsel helps, I'm doing my family tree too, Adermann, Domrow, Berlin, Strassburg, Litzow & on & on!!!! not easy I know all the best with your research, i'll keep my eye out for you, Margy (nee Adermann )

by LGaerke on 2009-10-22 00:22:36

I am doing a little research and wondering if anyone has any information on my great great grandmother. All I know about her is that her name is Mary Voss. She married Heinrich Gaerke (Diederich G?rke) . Heinrich Gaerke immigrated to the US in the 1830's from from Germany (Prussia) or what is now Hanover or Regierungsbezirk Osnabrck, which consists of the western
half of Hannover (D?then). He settled in Mercer County Ohio in
The Stallotown or New M?nster described below referers to modern day Minster, Ohio, and perhaps New Bremen. They had seven children. Henry F Gaerke is the son of Heinrich and Mary (Voss) Gaerke, who is my great grandfather. I have six siblings listed for Henry. They are: Rose (Henry) Knoth, Agnes (Christopher) Knoth, Herman (Mary 'Margaret'/Margaret) Gaerke, Josephine (Charles) Golden, Mary (Isadore) Gruss, and Elizabeth Gaerke.
Thank -you, Leo Gaerke

by loopy67 on 2010-09-13 02:53:00

G'day allycat

In your journal posting you've got:

Francis Henry Vivian VOSS & Charlotte (aka Lottie) Kerrod WHITE
1890 Dorothy Muriel VOSS
1891 Vivienne Charlotte VOSS
1892 Paul Ernest VOSS
1894 Kerrod Bromley VOSS
1902 Florence Mary VOSS

{NB: Marriage found 1888 QLD Francis Henry Vivian VOSS & Lottie Kerrod WHITE.}

I'm chasing the Whites side of things here, I know 4 of the 5 became Doctors, & the Voss name is well recognised in the Rockhampton area.

Did these Dorothy, Vivienne, Paul, Kerrod & Florence produce any children? or what can you tell me?

Thank you

by allycat on 2010-09-13 16:39:52

Cannot provide any further information other than what is provided. In addition these people you seek may be living. Have you tried the phone book?

by Ldbenney on 2011-04-14 21:47:33

You mention - Wilhemina Ernestine VOSS, who is my GGrandmother (she married Charles (Karl) F Walter. Their daughter Amelia Anna Louise WALTER was my Grandmother) and Friederich Christian Martin VOSS, who is my GGranduncle. Many others listed are also related. I would be interested in exchanging information with you or anyone else with this same lineage. As you mention here, this is a VERY difficult family to research. I can be contacted via email at

by judyschramm on 2014-11-18 21:38:25

I have a connection with a Frederick William Voss that was born in Hazeldean. I am not sure what year but I know he was around the Kilcoy area around 1930 and knew a Lily Lake (Jeckells). I would be most grateful if you could advise if you had any connection to this family.

by naki on 2015-05-21 04:14:12

I have an old photo of the Devoss family standing on the verandah of my now house in Ashgrove Brisbane. The house has a plaque saying 1890 & apparently Mr Devoss owned most of Ashgrove Avenue and he managed or owned the xxxx Brewery. I just want to find out who they were and if any of the relations would like a copy of the photograph.

by Emma94 on 2019-08-27 05:39:32

hi my Aunty is a relative of sissy usher who married Frederick Leonard Voss and I was wondering if I can get some more information about them. Been google searching them on the internet but I’m not finding much information about them. I’m also trying to track down any photos of sissy usher and Frederick Leonard Voss. Thank you Emma

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