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BADGER marriages 1850-1934 South Australia

Journal by tonkin

BADGER marriages 1850-1934 South Australia.


Married: Ann GIBSON 1850.
Two Issues located.
1. William, born 1851, Stepney, South Australia.
2. Gibson, born 1853, Norwood, South Australia.

Married: Emily HAMLYN 1858.
Twelve Issues located.
1. Alfred, born 1860, Melrose, South Australia.
2. Henry Arthur, born 1862, Morphett Vale, South Australia.
3. Herbert James, born 1866, Morphett Vale, South Australia.
4. Herbert James, born 1867, Morphett Vale, South Australia.
5. Rupert Hedley, born 1870, Morphett Vale, South Australia.
6. Irvine David, born 1872, Mount Gambier, South Australia.
7. Irvine Magnus, born 1874, Saddleworth, South Australia.
8. Cecil Samuel, born 1875, Georgetown, South Australia.
9. Edgar Monteith, born 1877, Laura, South Australia.
10. Edith Alice, born 1877, Laura, South Australia.
11. Allan Monteith, born 1880, Orroroo, South Australia.
12. Otto Hamlyn, born 1881, Orroroo, South Australia.

Married: Mary Jane HOCART 1876.
Four Issues located.
1. Elsie Rosa May, born 1877, not recorded, South Australia.
2. Hocart Wilkinson, born 1878, Red Hill, South Australia.
3. Lilian Beatrice, born 1880, Adelaide, South Australia.
4. Ernest William, born 1882, Lancelot, South Australia.

Married: Annie MCDOUGALL 1878.
Seven Issues located.
1. Annie Gibson, born 1879, Terowie, South Australia.
2. John McDougall, born 1880, Lancelot, South Australia.
3. Archie Maxwell, born 1882, Lancelot, South Australia.
4. Jessie Emmeline, born 1884, Belalie East, South Australia.
5. David Magnus, born 1886, Dawson, South Australia.
6. Effie Stewart, born 1887, Parkside, South Australia.
7. Gibson, born 1890, Renmark, South Australia.

Alfred Westcott (Alfred's first marriage)
Married: Lavinia Selina SELWAY 1882.
Three Issues located.
1. Ethelwyn Howard, born 1883, Adelaide, South Australia.
2. Hedley Gordon, born 1887, North Unley, South Australia.
3. Howard Mostyn, born 1893, Adelaide, South Australia.

Herbert James
Married: Angelina NICHOLS 1888.
Ten Issues located.
1. Irinie Louie Myra, born 1889, Petersburgh, South Australia.
2. Gertrude Muriel, born 1891, Dawson, South Australia.
3. Miriam Doris Stewart, born 1894, Petersburgh, Victoria.
4. David Gibson Jude, born 1896, Petersburgh, South Australia.
5. Magnus Rupert, born 1898, Petersburgh, South Australia.
6. Mary Victoria Jean, born 1901, Petersburgh, Victoria.
7. Ian Hugh Herbert, born 1903, Petersburgh, South Australia.
8. Robert Colin Henry, born 1906, South Australia.
9. Ronald Haddington Nichols, born 1909, Petersburgh, South Australia.
10. Lena Jessie, born 1912, Petersbugh, South Australia.

.... Angelina also recorded as Lena in the birth records.

Married: Emma Henrietta HARDER 1891.
Two Issues located.
1. Robert, born 1892, Clare, South Australia.
2. Magnus, born 1894, Clare, South Australia.

Alfred Westcott (Alfred's second marriage)
Married: Alice CUST 1898.
Two Issues located.
1. Howard Cuthbert, born 1899, Terowie, South Australia.
2. Leila Alice, born 1900, Terowie, South Australia.

Henry Arthur
Married: Mathilde Charlotte Dorothy KOENICKE 1901.
No Issues located.

Allan Monteith
Married: Gertrude Eleanor LININGTON 1906.
Four Issues located.
1. Gwenda Linnington, born 1907, Prospect, South Australia.
2. Roderick Maxwell, born 1909, North Unley, South Australia.
3. Maida Gertrude, born 1914, Kensington Gardens, South Australia.
4. Geoffrey David, born 1919, Kensington Gardens, South Australia.

Archie Maxwell
Married: Helen Haddy WOODROFFE 1913.
Two Issues located.
1. Nancy Maxwell, born 1914, Semaphore, South Australia.
2. Helen Maxwell, born 1915, Hyde Park, South Australia.

John McDougall
Married: Laura May BROOKER 1913.
Two Issues located.
1. Kathleen Woodford, born 1914, Port Augusta West, South Australia.
2. Geoffrey Malcolm, born 1916, Port Augusta, South Australia.

David Magnus
Married: Maggie Knox THOMSON 1914.
Three Issues located.
1. Donald Gibson, born 1915, Unley, South Australia.
2. David Lloyd, born 1916, Unley, South Australia.
3. Neil Thomson, born 1916, Unley, South Australia.

... David and Neil were twins.

Irvine Magnus
Married: Amy THOMAS 1915.
Two Issues located.
1. Margaret Amy, born 1916, Malvern, South Australia.
2. Malcolm Irvine, born 1920, Malvern, South Australia.

Married: Doris Joy SANGSTER 1917.
One Issue located.
1. John Robert, born 1924, Toorak, South Australia.

Theodore Owen
Married: Harriet May DOWLING 1922.
One Issue located.
1. Gwendolyne, born 1924, Maylands, South Australia.

Married: Delia Esther STEVENS 1922.
One Issue located.
1. George Peter Magnus, born 1926, Tranmere, South Australia.

Magnus Rupert
Married: Martha Rowley LANG 1923.
No Issues located.

Harold Lindsay
Married: Frances Augusta NEWTON 1928.
No Issues located.

Colin Robert
Married: Adelaide Estella SLADE 1929.
No Issues located.


Married: Elisha GALE 1850.
Three Issues located.
1. Ann, born 1851, North Adelaide, South Australia.
2. Catherine, born 1853, Gawler Hills, South Australia.
3. Robert Moffat, born 1855, Norwood, South Australia.

Miriam Doris Stewart
Married: Hardman Lewis Shakespeare LEICESTER 1920.
Two Issues located.
1. Dorothy Joan, born 1921, Peterborugh, South Australia.
2. Lewis David, born 1923, Unley, South Australia.

Leila Alice
Married: Robert Maxwell WILSON 1923.
One Issue located.
1. Brian Robert, born 1925, Adelaide, South Australia.

Jessie Emmeline
Married: Charles Murray Stephen BURNSIDE 1924.
No Issues located.

Effie Stewart
Married: Charles Edmund Hamilton BROWN 1924.
One Issue located.
1. Dougal Hamilton, born 1925, Adelaide, South Australia.

May Victoria Jean
Married: Hugh HIGGINS 1927.
One Issue located.
1. John Martin, born 1928, Unley, South Australia.

Gwenda Linnington
Married: Charles Albert SHEFFIELD 1931.

Esmee Augusta
Married: Alfred William WASHINGTON 1932.

Edith Marion
Married: William Henry HEWETT 1934.

Compiled from the South Australian Birth and Marriage Indexes
to assist others researching the BADGER lines.

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