Be aware of "facts" ------- a journey to find lineage for HENRY LUCE d. May 1687 Tisbury, Massachusetts :: Genealogy
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Be aware of "facts" ------- a journey to find lineage for HENRY LUCE d. May 1687 Tisbury, Massachusetts

Article by ALV

This was to be another branch (the LUCE connection) of my wife's family to be completed from NZ via USA to UK.

This was what I had - I always start with JEREMIAH CROWELL NORTON as he is the link between NZ & USA ancestry.

**JEREMIAH CROWELL NORTON born 6 June 1819; married MARGARET STUART VINCENT (born 2 Dec 1821) on 6 Oct 1845 in Edgartown.

ABBY, born 14 Oct 1853; married GEORGE NOLAN 1 Jan 1874.

Then he sailed to NZ where he married (possibly bigamously) ANN(A) CLARA SIMONS on 5 July 1862 in Auckland NZ

JEREMIAH died 31st Aug 1897 Northland, NZ

**POLLY DAVIS NORTON born 24 Mar 1794 Edgartown; died in Nov 1874 Edgartown; married SHUBAEL CLAGHORN NORTON (born 27 May 1794 Edgartown; died Aug 1871 Edgartown) 22 Sept 1816 Edgartown.

JANE WEST born 4 Apr 1821 (twin.); married JOSEPH THAXTER 16 Mar 1845.
HENRY D. born 4 Apr 1821 (twin.); married MARY A. BEETLE 6 Jan 1848.
ABIGAIL S. born 29 Feb 1824
SHUBAEL CLAGHORN JR, born 31 Jan 1825.
MARY DAVIS born 14 May 1829; married PHILIP C. SMITH JR. 1 Dec 1847.
DEBORAH A. born 25 Feb 1833; married JERUEL WEST 1 Jan 1852.
CORDELIA V. born 1 Sep 1834

**ISAAC NORTON born 1771 Martha?s Vineyard; died 12 Apr 1843; married DEBORAH NORTON (born 1770; died 14 July 1849) 28 Nov 1791

They had the following named children:
DEBORAH WOODIS born 1800; died 23 Feb 1873; married WILLIAM FARRAND

**HOPE NORTON born 9 1734; died 1805; married SHUBAEL NORTON (born 9 Nov 1733 Martha?s Vineyard) 5 Jun 1760

They had the following named children:
DINAH born 1761; died 15 Sep 1816
BAYES born 26 Jul 1762
HENRY CHENEY born 1765
SARAH born 29 May 1767; married BARTLETT CLAGHORN
POLLY born 1769; married DARIUS NORTON
HANNAH born 2 Aug 1774; married SILAS LUCE

**MARY MERRY born 23 Dec 1694 Chilmark; died 13 Mar 1754; married BAYES NORTON (born 1695 Martha?s Vineyard; died 1 Mar 1785) 16 Mar 1716

They had the following named children:
TIMOTHY born 1717
SYLVANUS born 1719
LOVE born 1726; married PRINCE NORTON
JOHN born 26 Jun 1731; married MARY NORTON
SARAH born 1737; married JOHN PEASE

**REMEMBER LUCE born about 1669 Rehoboth, Bristol County, Massachusetts; died 31 Jan 1739 Tisbury, Dukes County, Massachusetts; married SAMUEL MERRY (born 16 Nov 1669 Hampton, New Hampshire; died 6 Oct 1727 Chilmark, Massachusetts) 1688 West Tisbury, Dukes County, Massachusetts
They had the following named children:

JOHN born 17 Sep 1689; married MEHITABLE HILLMAN
HANNAH born 10 Jun 1692; married HENRY LUCE
ELIZABETH born 15 May 1697; died 28 Jan 1732
ABIGAIL born 14 Jun 1700; married SAMUEL COTTLE
SAMUEL born 18 Dec 1702; married:
MIRIAM born 8 Apr 1705; married BENJAMIN SKIFF
JOSEPH born 17 Jan 1711;

**HENRY LUCE died May 1687 Tisbury, Massachusetts; married REMEMBER LITCHFIELD (born 1644 Barnstable, Massachusetts; died 31 Jan 1738 Tisbury) 1666 Scituate, Massachusetts

ROBERT born 1667 Rehoboth, Massachusetts; married DESIRE NORTON
ISRAEL born 1671 Rehoboth
EXPERIENCE born 1673 Rehoboth; married ELIZABETH MANTER
ELEAZER/ELIAZAR born 1674 Tisbury, Massachusetts; married SARAH WINES
HENRY born 3 Apr 1678 Tisbury; married SARAH LOOK
THOMAS born 1679 Tisbury; married HANNAH BUTLER
WILLIAM born 1681 Tisbury; married ANNE CROSBY
DAVID born 1683 Tisbury; married ELIZABETH BEASE (PEASE)
JOSIAH born 1685; married SARAH ALLEN
SAMUEL born 1667

I then started looking for Henry's parents.


1. According to many internet ancestry sites - Henry Luce was born 1644 Horton/Gloucester/Bristol, Gloucestershire, England and that his parents were ISRAEL LUCE (b. 9 Oct 1605 Horton, Gloucestershire, England) and REMEMBER MUNSON (b. 16 Mar 1604/1605 Horton, Gloucestershire, England or Rattlesden, Suffolk, England)

2. REMEMBER MUNSON has been given as the child of John MUNSON and Elizabeth SPARKE.

3. I started looking into the family of John and Elizabeth. What I found was parish records for children born to them and in every case they were born in Rattlesden. Eldest one born 1595 (Elizabeth) and the youngest 1612 Thomas. No record of Remember but that's not unusual.

4. The distance between Rattlesden and Horton is just about 250 km (150 miles). This was a huge distance in those days. No reason I can find to state a child of John and Elizabeth Munson was born in the Gloucestershire area.

5. Examining further - Rattlesden was a Puritan stronghold so why would Israel Luce marry Remember in Horton in 1627 when her family lived in East Anglia where usually the bride would have been married.

6. No evidence I can find that Henry Luce was born 1644 or in Gloucestershire except what somebody gave to the LDS. I actually found a Parish record of a Henry Luce that would fit just as easily as the one being presented. Henry LUCE (christened 27 Dec 1642 Great Yarmouth, Norfolk). A much closer distance to Rattlesden.

This has taught me to be aware of "facts" as presented on sites.

by ALV Profile | Research | Contact | Subscribe | Block this user
on 2012-03-07 23:10:50

Looking for all my family and my wife's links - basically Norton, Simons, Curtis, Wright, Vickers, Lambert, Ashby, Williams, May, Scott, Smith, Hambling, Timperley (Timperly), Davis, Pease, Howe, Thomas, Osborne, Corthine, Hardwick, Powis, Huckens, Vickery, Phelps, Howland, Chipman, Bassett, Claghorn,Cleveland, Dunham, Robinson, Mayhew, Hawes, Winn, Soule, Slade, Waterman, Dangerfield, Orpin, Camp, Singyard, Houghton,Leakey, Garland, Dawe, Lawrence & Cleal.

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by SilverVixen on 2012-03-08 10:28:11

I absolutely agree, I think other people "facts" should be used as clues for your own research. Too many times I have looked at something, checked it for myself and found it to be false, however their have been occasions when I have been lost, seen something on someone's site, checked it out and it has been correct. Just use the sites but only rely on your own research

by ALV on 2012-03-08 23:25:33

Thanks SilverVixen.

Yes I too have been stumped and then found something on the net that has helped me find the next link.

What scares me is the listing given for the parents of Henry LUCE that are presented on the family search org. site that someone has given the LDS and this is then seen as factual.

Also, what is a worry is that usually people in England & Wales prior to the 1830s married people within their small geographical area and usually in the bride's home town. This was what first disturbed me as I look up on a map I have of Britain to see how far places were.

There are quite a few sites that have Henry Luce's parents as being from Israel Luce and Remember Munson with no hard evidence. Just because there were these people does not make them his parents. Facts must fix not because you think they should.

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