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Benjamin Milton WILDEY + Catherine Wason MUNRO

Journal by ngairedith

written for veritasvictrix, query 23 Sept 2011:
WILDEY FAMILY from England/Scotland
Does anyone have any information on relatives living in New Zealand that are part of the Benjamin Milton Wildey, married to Catherine Wason Munro, from Scotland .. children, Alexander, Edward, John, Mary, Sarah, Catherine, Joseph and David - we are missing information from then on ..

Benjamin Milton WILDEY (1828-1905)
* born in England, Benjamin was sent to Hobart, Tasmania as a convict on the ship 'Nile' which left Portland in July 1850 with 300 passengers, arriving in Hobart in October 1850 with 299 (Richard Mason having died during the voyage)
- Benjamin was a Carpenter
BENJAMIN married Elizabeth WILSON (1829-?) in Hobart Town, Tasmania on 6 Oct 1851. His age was recorded as 30 & Elizabeth as 23

Hobarton Guardian, 1 Dec 1852
Witness in Court
... Counsel then called Benjamin Wildey and Andrew Moore, neither of whom answered to their names ..
Hobarton Mercury, 23 Dec 1854
Supreme Court
This was an action by William Dixon and Benjamin Wildey against Mathew Fitzpatrick for the recovery of £33, alleged to be due them for the loss of time, under a contract for the erection of the frame of a house at Petchey's Bay, Hobart Town. A witness named James Oliver proved the execution of an agreement and other evidence was adduced to show that the plaintiffs had lost thirty three days for the want of timber, which ought to have been supplied by the defendant. For the defence it was alleged that the amount was not owing, and that the defendant claimed a set off for rent of a hut etc. It was shown also that when the plaintiffs were settled with by the defendant on the 8th of September, a receipt for which was produced, nothing was said relative to loss of time and which loss of time was caused by plaintiffs themselves.
His Honor in summing up to the jury pointed out the date of the agreement, which appeared to have been written over an erasure; there was also a discrepancy as to the date of the contract in refrence to the alleged loss of time; it was for the jury, however, to take all the particulars into their consideration and decide accordingly.
The jury retired and after an absence of nearly two hours, returned a verdict for plaintiffs, damages £18 18s
Cornwall Chronicle, 26 Jan 1856
Audit Office
Benjamin was granted his 'Ticket of Leave' in Tasmania
The Mercury, 20 Sep 1860 - On the passenger list
Benjamin Wiley, caught the Tasmania T.S.N. Co's., screw steamer 'Clinch' from the Port of Hobart Town to Sydney, via Twofold Bay. He arrived in Dunedin, New Zealand 1861/62

Catherine Wason MUNRO (1841-1926)
was born in Glasgow, Scotland and arrived in NZ about 1861/62

Benjamin & Catherine married in New Zealand on 16 July 1863
the known children of BENJAMIN & CATHERINE
... 1
1863 - 1953 Alexander Edward Wildey
* Alexander was a Printer (in at least 1889 he was the Secretary, Provisional Directors, Tuapeka Advocate Newspaper and Printing Company). In 1896 he was with the "New Zealand Wheelman"
* Alexander in Sep 1898
* Alexander in Aug 1911
* ALEXANDER married Annie Angel THOMAS (1866-1945) in 1885
MARRIAGE, WILDEY-THOMAS At the residence of the bride's father, on the 18th November, 1885, by C. A. Moore, Evangelist, Alexander Wildey, of Lawrence, eldest son of B. M. Wildey, of Caversham, to Annie A. Thomas, eldest daughter of D. A. Thomas (David Angel Thomas 1837-1912), Primrose Hill, Mornington (buried Linwood)
* Annie is buried in Christchurch Cemetery as is her son Alexander Edward & daughter Annie Constance
the known children of Alexander & Annie
1.1 1887 - 1957 David John Wildey
* In March 1908 in Christchurch - Some months ago an ambitious young man named David John Wildey conceived the idea of supplying Christchurch with cheap and fresh fish. His friends wished him luck and helped him to purchase a trawler, but the Goliath of monopoly and adverse fortune was rather too big for this particular David, and he met his creditors in the Official Assignee's office this morning to explain why his anticipations had not been realised ... more here
* David married Kathleen 'Kitty' McAllister LYON (aka Kathleen Lydia Bowes-Lyon, 1889-1940) in Christchurch 26 Jan 1910. Kitty was born in Tinwald, Ashburton, a daughter of James Lyon (1860-1953) Harbourmaster, & Esther Byrne (1867-1959), who married in Hobart, Tasmania & are buried together in Karori, Wellington. Kitty was a granddaughter of George Lyon & Catherine McAllister who married in Hobart in 1863. NOTE Kitty appears to be the only one in the family to adopt the hyphenated name of Bowes-Lyon
the known children of David & Kitty
... 1.1.1 1910 - 1979 William Otto Wildey
... * born in Christchurch, married Elsie Winifred Mavis D'Arcy in Sydney in 1938 & had 4/5 children. Elsie was born in Stockton, NSW. They both died in Sydney
... 1.1.2 1912 - 2007 Eileen Honour 'Helen' Lyon (aka Wildey), born in NZ, father's name not recorded. Married Thomas James Fisher in 1937. Married Edward Frank James 'John' Waters (1908-2000) in 1945
... 1.1.3 1913 - 2000 David John Wildey
... * born in St Leonards, Sydney, a twin with Connie. He was listed over the years as an investment broker and a paper merchant, an importer and a company promoter in Sydney
... * on August 6 1940, the engagement is announced between Joan Katherine, only daughter of Mr and Mrs W. Molan, of Wanganui and David John, second son of Mrs K. L. Wildey, of Sydney
... 1.1.4 1913 - 1952 Kathleen Constance 'Connie' Wildey
... * born in St Leonard's, Sydney, a twin with David, died in Ryde, Sydney
... 1.1.5 1914 - ? Joan Edward Milton Wildey
... 1.1.6 1915 - 1991 Robin Adair Wildey
NOTE David & Kitty separated just prior to her death in Oct 1940
WILDEY - On October 10, 1940, at Sydney, Kitty, eldest daughter of E. Lyon, The Terrace (Wellington), and mother of Dave Wildey; aged 53 years (Peacefully at rest)
The Sydney Morning Herald, 5 Oct 1940
- The funeral of the late Mrs Kathleen Lydia Wildey will leave our Chapel, Belgrave Street, Manly, this Saturday at 2.30pm for Northern Suburbs Crematorium

1.2 1888 - 1967 Alexander Edward Wildey
* born Colonsay St, Lawrence, 11 Oct 1888
* ALEXANDER married Hilda May SCOTT (1890-1962) in 1912, daughter of Samuel Russell Scott (1860-1937) & Lydia Robertson (1863-1937, died 10 months after Samuel)
WILDEY - SCOTT, On the 21st February 1912, at St. John's Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. Dr. Gibb, Alexander Edward, second son of Alexander Wildey, of Christchurch, to Hilda May, only daughter of Samuel R. Scott, Boulcott-street, Wellington
the known children of ALEX & HILDA
... 1.2.1 1913 - 1972 Alexander Edward Morton Wildey
* Alex married Edna Beryl Antoinette Lister (1910-1973), daughter of Joseph Lister & Helena Ivess. Buried together at Memorial Park, Christchurch
the known children of Alex & Edna
.... Lester Wildey
.... Lorraine Wildey
.... 1945 - 1975 Murray Wildey
.... * a Post Office employee, died in Christchurch 19 Dec 1975 aged 30 & buried Memorial Park
.... Meredith Wildey
.... * married Andrew Burns
1.2.2 1915 - 2001 Joan Constance Maisie Wildey
* On the 6th February 1915, at their residence, 1 Maarama-crescent, to Mr. and Mrs. Alex. E. Wildey - a daughter; both well
1.2.3 1915 - 1979 Wilfred John Chester Wildey (died 10 Feb 1979, 5 days after brother Reg)
1.2.4 1918 - 1979 Reginald Boyd Wildey (died 5 Feb 1979)
* SCOTT, On November 8, 1937 at Wellington, Lydia, dearly loved mother of Horace S. Scott, Island Bay, Wellington; Ernest R. Scott, Los Angeles, California; and Mrs. Wildey, Christchurch. Interred at Karori Cemetery today

1.3 1890 - 1966 Catherine Mary Wildey

1.4 1892 - 1918 Annie Constance Wildey. Annie died aged 26 during the Flu Pandemic. Buried Sydenham, Christchurch

1.5 1896 - ? Wilfred Roland Wildey
* WILFRED married Violet Sadie BROWN (1894-1955) in 1919
* Wilfred Roland Wildey, who is serving a sentence of three years for forgery, escaped from the Waikune Prison on Tuesday. Wildey is an ex-naval man, is about 30 years of age, 5ft 7in in height, and has a dark complexion and brown hair. At the time of his escape he was dressed in prison clothes
* Evening Post, 22 Dec 1922 - Christchurch. A fire which destroyed the wooden building occupied by Lutjohann's billiard table factory was very rapid and intense and threatened the adjoining Salvation Army Barracks and Wildey's printing works, both of which are of brick. Lutjohann's building was owned by Mr. McCormick. The loss on the building and stock is not ascertainable. Wildey's had a lucky save, but a considerable amount of damage was done to the stock and machinery by water. The loss includes quantities of stationery and railway time-tables. The insurances are: Lujohann's building, £200, and on the contents £1700; on Wildey's building £2000, on machinery and plant £3035, on ticket machine £600, and on stock in store £500 and £2450
* VIOLET remarried in 1936 to David Samuel Victor Ottolangui (1912-1981 aka Langley), son of Albert Victor David Ottolangui & Rose Jacobs

... 2
1867 - ? Edward Milton Wildey
Edward was given an award in Dec 1878 for his unbroken attendance during the year at Caversham District School
EDWARD married Martha Ann OLIVER (1879-1899) in 1890
the known children of Edward & Marta
2.1 1891 - 1984 Edward Henry Wildey
born 26 April, Edward married Margaret Seaton BEADLE (1896-1963) in 1912
the known children of Edward & Margaret
...2.1.1 1913 - 1989 Dorothy Margaret Wildey. Dorothy married Gordon Alexander McCauley in 1931
...2.1.2 1914 - 1977 John Edward Brough Wildey. On 5 Nov 1934 John Edward Brough Wildey, aged 20, was admitted to probation for three years on a charge of breaking and entering at Lumsden, Southland
2.2 1893 - 1909 John Wildey
2.3 1895 - 1917 Milton Wildey
Milton Wildey
Rank Last Held: Lance Corporal
War: World War I, 1914-1918
Serial No.: 8/3114
First Known Rank: Private
Next of Kin: Edward Milton Wildey (father), 75 City Road, London E.C., England
Marital Status: Single
Enlistment Address: Birchwood, Southland, New Zealand
Military District: Otago
Body on Embarkation: 7th Reinforcements
Embarkation Unit: Otago Infantry Battalion
Embarkation Date: 9 October 1915
Place of Embarkation: Wellington, New Zealand
Transport: HMNZT 32 OR HMNZT 33 OR HMNZT 34
Vessel: Aparima or Navua or Warrimoo
Last Unit Served: Otago Infantry Regiment
Place of Death: Ypres, Belgium
Date of Death: 12 October 1917
Cause of Death: Killed in action
* note their address in 1917 when son Milton was Killed in War
2.4 1897 - ? Fanny May Wildey
Martha died in Gordon St, Caversham on 10 May 1899 aged 29
* WILDEY - On the 10th May, after a short and painful illness, Martha Ann, the beloved wife of Edward M. Wildey, and daughter of Henry Oliver, Gordon street, Caversham; aged 29 years
* Edward was a widower when he married Rose Anne ROBINSON from NZ on 3 March 1908 at the Register's Office, Holborn, London

... 3
1869 - 1956 John Earl Wildey
* JOHN married Elizabeth BOULT (1869-1964) in 1897. Born in Waitahuna to William Boult & Eliza Harding
the known children of John & Elizabeth
3.1 1899 - 1991 Winifred Eliza Wildey. Winifred married William Thomas Ritchie
3.2 1901 - 1989 Myrtle Elizabeth Wildey. Myrtle married James Arnold McCallum (1900-1986) in 1927
3.3 1902 - 1996 Doris Mary Wildey
Doris was Baptised in 1903 in West Taieri Parish, Otago. She married Arthur, aka Eric PETERSON (1902-1992) in 1929
3.4 1907 - 2006 Myra Catherine Wildey. Myra married Jack Bramwell
3.5 1911 - 1998 John Benjamin Wildey
John was Baptised in 1913 in West Taieri Parish, Otago

... 4
1870 - 1948 Mary Stokes Wildey
* MARY married Thomas William SEAL (1870-1926) in 1891
the known children of Mary & Thomas
4.1 1891 - 1891 William Thomas Seal
* William died aged 3 months
4.2 1892 - 1973 Christopher John Seal
* Christopher married Jessie MILLER (1892-1954) in 1917
4.3 1893 - 1969 Winifred Catherine Ruth Seal
* Winifred married Percy Randolph BOND (1894-1966) in 1919, son of John BOND & Lavinia STUBBS. Percy served in WWI as Corporal 75500 with the NZEF, 39th Reinforcements A Company. His next of kin was his mother, Mrs L. Bond, 5 Law Street, Caversham, Dunedin
4.4 1901 - 1978 Alice Selina Mary Seal
Alice is on the Caversham, Dunedin Electoral Rolls from 1922 to 1938 as a Spinster living in Surrey St., South Dunedin (No 7 Surrey St in 1922 then from 1925 to 1938 at No 100 Surrey St which was the home of her parents)
4.5 1905 - 1994 Olive Alma Marrett Seal
* Olive married Noel Calbeck Stewart (1904-1972) in 1934

... 5
1872 - 1967 Benjamin Milton Wildey
Benjamin served as Private 50278 with the NZEF, Samoan Relief
* Occupation: Horse Trainer
* NEXT OF KIN: Mrs Catherine Wildey (mother), 11 Playfair Street, Caversham, Dunedin
* Embarkation Date: 4 May 1918
* Place of Embarkation: Auckland, New Zealand
* Transport: Talune 4 May 1918
* Vessel: Talune
* Destination: Apia, Samoa
Benjamin died 23 July 1967 aged 95. He had been living at 85 Cannington Rd., Dunedin. His ashes were scattered

... 6
1873 - 1962 Sarah Munro Wildey
* SARAH married William Patrick BUTLER (1871-1953) in South Dunedin 29 Sep 1893
* They were living in Bradshaw St, Dunedin in 1916 when son William died in WWI
the children of Sarah & William
6.1 1893 - 1916 William Manus Butler
* William served as Rifleman 4/81 with the Samoan Advance Party, New Zealand Railway Engineers in 1914 and Rifleman 4/62 with the 2nd Battalion, New Zealand Rifle Brigade in 1915. He DIED OF WOUNDS in France in WWI aged 23. He is buried at B.18.2. St Sever Cemetery, Rouen, France
6.2 1897 - 1960 Terence Milton Butler. Terence married Jane Maxwell LOVE (1896-1968) in 1920, daughter of Johnston LOVE & Lottie JACKSON
6.3 1898 - 1987 Thomas John Butler
THOMAS married Ada BURNS (1898-1983) in 1920, daughter of Andrew BURNS & Mary SMITT
6.4 1902 - 1977 Stanley Benjamin Butler
STANLEY married Gertrude Doreen KING (1902-1976) in 1924, daughter of Arthur Bramwell KING & Caroline MARSLIN
6.5 1905 - 1972 Mary Catherine Butler. Mary married Roberton SMALLMAN (1896-1970) in 1930

... 7
1877 - 1940 Catherine Munro Wildey
* CATHERINE married Francis Edward FORD (1877-1955) in 1899
the known children of Catherine & Francis
7.1 1900 - 1987 Catherine Laura Marion Ford
* Catherine married Alan Campbell PATTIE (1890-1971) as his 2nd wife on 3 Sep 1938. They lived in Blenheim. Alan was the 9th of 12 children of David Hill Pattie & Mary McRae Fulton. Alan's 1st wife was Phylis Amy BONNY (1890-1935)
* Alan was the 9th of 12 children of David Hill PATTIE from Mouswald, Dumfriesshire, Scotland & Mary McRae FULTON (1858-1935)
7.2 1903 - 1966 Roy Fraser Ford
* Roy married Rose Edna SOLE (1908-2007) in 1930, daughter of William Henry SOLE & Emma WILLS
7.3 1905 - 1999 Mavis Dorothy Ford
* Mavis married Albert John DIVER (1906-2002) in 1930, son of John DIVER & Elizabeth CARSON
7.4 1910 - 1990 Frances Jessie Ford. Frances married William Ashley Windleburn (1909-1981) in 1935

... 8
1878 - 1882 Joseph Wildey
Joseph was born in Dunedin, 21 Jan 1878. He died 3 Aug 1882 aged 4.7 He is buried with his parents (see photo below)

... 9
1881 - 1939 David Munro Wildey
* in February 1891 David Wildey, 11 years of age, who resided with his parents in Playfair street, Caversham, was knocked over by a waggonette. One of the wheels of which passed over his right thigh. He had been running after a tramcar and stopped suddenly in front of the aggonette. The driver, a man named Francis Brown, did not see him and no blame was attributable to him for the accident. He picked David up in a stunned state, but he was able, without assistance, to go home, where Dr Martin attended to him
* In Jan 1896, David was in trouble for throwing stones at Alexander Mitchell in what the judge described as a 'New Year's frolic'
* David was a Bookbinder
* DAVID married Caren Louise LYDERS (1882-1976) in 1909 in Caversham, 1 of 3 daughters of Peter Andrew LYDERS (1847-1924) & Maria Louise JENSEN (aka Maria Johanna, 1861-1926)
the known children of David & Caren
9.1 1910 - 1989 Catherine Munro 'Katrina' Wildey
* Catherine married David Ottolangui (aka Langley 1912-1981) & died in Onehunga, Auckland
their known children
.. 9.1.1 1940 - Julian Monty Langley, born in Dunedin
9.2 1911 - 2013 Caren Lyders Wildey
* Caren married Samuel Edwin Hetterley (1906-1968). She married John Geoffrey Smith (1901-1989). She died 7 Jan 2013 in Dunedin aged 101
9.3 1913 - 2013 Peter Benjamin Wildey (photo & bio)
* Peter was born 13 Oct 1913 & died 15 Dec 2013 aged 100 in Alexandra, Otago. He served as Second Lieutenant 20445. Peter served with 7th (NZ) Field Company on Crete. Listen here as he describes shooting at German gliders and taking equipment from dead paratroopers.
* Peter married army nurse 17885, Mary Helen Crawford (1913-1989)
9.4 1921 - 1980 Merle Davina Wildey in Cairo, Egypt. Merle was a Teacher

DAVID MUNRO Wildey died 28 March 1938 aged 58. He had been living at 8 Picardy Street, Mornington, Dunedin. He is buried PLOT 27 - BLOCK 152 at Andersons Bay Cemetery
Caren Louise Wildey (nee Lyders) died 17 July 1976 aged 95. Her last address was 8 Picardy St., Mornington, Dunedin. She is buried PLOT 29 - BLOCK 152 at Andersons Bay Cemetery

Evening Star, 10 April 1905
, On the 10th April 1905, at Playfair street, Caversham, Dunedin, Benjamin Milton, the beloved husband of Catherine Wildey (after a long and painful illness); in his 78th year. "At rest"
Benjamin is buried with wife Catherine & son Joseph (see photo below)

* Benjamin Milton Wildey's father was Edward Milton Wildey (1798-?) who also emigrated to New Zealand

* an A. E. Wildey lived at 103 Haitaitai Road Wellington in 1919

1893, Wildey, Benjamin
- Playfair Street, Caversham
- Carpenter
- also Wildey, Catherine Milton, Housekeeper

1896, Wildey, Benjamin
- Playfair Street, Caversham
- Carpenter
- also Wildey, Catherine Milton, Housekeeper

1899, Wildey, Benjamn
- Playfair Street, Caversham
- Carpenter
- also Wildey, Catherine Milton, Housekeeper

1902, Wildey, Benjamin
- Playfair Street, Caversham
- Carpenter
- also Wildey, Catherine Milton, Housekeeper

1905, Wildey, Catherine Milton
- Playfair Street, Caversham, Married

1911, Wildey, Benjamin Milton
- 11 Playfair Street, Caversham,
- Traveller,
- also Wildey, Catherine, Married

1914, Wildey, Benjamin Milton
- 11 Playfair Street, Caversham,
- Traveller,
- also Wildey, Catherine, Married

1919, Wildey, Benjamin Milton
- 11 Playfair Street, Caversham,
- Traveller,
- also Wildey, Catherine, Married

1922, Wildey, Benjamin Milton
- 11 Playfair Street, Caversham,
- Traveller,
- also Wildey, Catherine, Married (Catherine died 1926)

1925, Wildey, Benjamin Milton
- 11 Playfair Street, Caversham, Horse Trainer
- also Wildey, (son) Benjamin Milton, Horse Trainer

1931, Wildey, Benjamin Milton
- 40 Bradshaw Street
- Labourer, 1320
- also Butler, (daughter) Sarah Munro, Married
- also Butler, Thomas, Clerk
- also Butler, William Patrick, Bootmaker

* LISTEN to Peter Wildey (1913-2013), Second Lieutenant, with the 7th (NZ) Field Company as he recalls shooting at gliders in the battle for Crete in May 1941. Peter was a mining student at the University of Otago when WWII broke out. He combined his studies with a job as a radio serviceman at Dunedin firm Calder Mackay, becoming involved in a radio station that operated from the premises. He married Mary Helen CRAWFORD (24 Aug 1913-1989), who nursed him in Auckland before the war when he had cut the tendons in his wrist during training. She decided to go to Cairo when he was posted there, which is where they married However, they had first met at Mornington School in Dunedin. They had 3 daughters. Peter returned to New Zealand in 1944, Mary had returned a little earlier. In 1945, he answered an advertisement for an engineering position at the Otago Harbour Board, where he remained for 30 years. He and Mary later moved to Christchurch. He settled in Alexandra following the death of Mary in 1989. You can read his story here: Sapper recalls exploits at the front which was told to Shane Gilchrist in April 2008

* an Ann WILDEY/WILDE was born in 1766 in Gloucestershire, England. She married James HORLTE in London in 1785. James was born in 1754 in Belbroughton, Worcestershire, England. He was a soldier in the Dragoons (Mounted Infantry) based in London. They had Martha Hortle in Coventry, England in 1786 and Thomas Hortle in 1788. They sailed with his unit to Sydney Cove, NSW, Australia on the Salamander in 1791 and had at least 7 other children there.
James was later transferred to the NSW Corps and they all moved to Tasmania (sometme after 1801)
James Hortle died in Port Dalrymple, Tasmania on 25 June 1808 aged about 54. He was speared to death by aboriginals. He is buried in the Soldiers Grave at Yorktown, Tasmania. Ann died in Launceston, Tasmania on 11 June 1814 (no age available at this time)

* WILDEY Family Photograph Album


* WILDEY buried in DUNEDIN

* WILDEY buried in TIMARU

* WILDEY marriages in NEW ZEALAND


Grave of Benjamin Milton Wildey (1828-1905), his wife Catherine (1841-1926) and their child Joseph (1878-1882)
Plot 131, Block 24 at Southern Cemetery Dunedin

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by elspeth1981 on 2011-09-24 22:08:17

thanks Ngairedith we have checked your information against our tree. We were lucky to find some confirmation of Benjamin Wildey a convict who married Elizabeth Wilson in Hobart Town, Tas. then must have travelled up to NZ & married Catherine Wasen Munro?
My email is
now don't laugh but I changed my name last year after my hence the milton.

We need information on Catherine Wasen Munro & Benjamin's parent in UK? and Scotland?

also now it is interesting that he had a brother...Edward Milton Wildey...we would like more on this connection also...who are Edward's relatives/descendents...we realise that there are a few family branches around in NZ & Aust. Our father is William Otto Wildey son of David John & Kathleen Lydia (prev. Katherine McAllister Lyon).

by elspeth1981 on 2011-09-27 18:40:52

dear Ngairedith, thank you again for all these links. We are very surprised that Kathleen Lydia McAllister Wildey's mother you write, may be a McAllister... I have Kathleen's death certificate and it lists her mother as Esther Burns Lyon on her death certificate and her marriage certificate. her father is James Lyon, Harbour Master we think the father of James Lyon is the George Lyon and his wife is a Catherine McAllister...hence why Kathleen is named McAllister as a middle name...this makes sense.

1. Can you find any information on George Lyon and his descendents? We were always told they were connected to the Queen Mother's family ...Bowes Lyon?

2. We are stumped about how to find out about Benjamin Milton Wildey who as a convict did not name any family connections (in Tasmania documents). Where did he come from in the UK and his siblings and parents?

3. we would like to confirm that Benjamin Milton is the father of Alexander Edward who married Annie Angel Thomas...just to be sure. If Benjamin was a carpenter when and how did the family make money following this time...was it the sons in printing & publishing (Alexander Edward) as they then seemed to be well off and had the large home in Antigua St in Chrishchurch (which later burnt down in the 1900s). We were told that David John married to Kathleen Lydia Wildey was quite well off also but went bankrupt a couple of times before they separated just prior to her death on 4/10/1940.
regards Kathleen

by elspeth1981 on 2011-09-27 19:02:04

I can confirm that Otto William became William Otto and Married Elsie Winifred D'Arcy in Manly, sydney. David JOhn is his brother, Joan, Constance & Robyn Adair. But we did not know that Joan was named Edward Milton Wildey? this is new to us but we do not have the death certificates etc to confirm this as William & Elsie are now deceased. Can you confirm this with her name?

some of the known children of David & Kitty (not verified): *1st born, Otto William Wildey in Christchurch 1910 - died in Sydney, Australia; *David John Wildey (on August 6 1940, the engagement is announced between Joan Katherine, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. Molan, of Wanganui, and David John, second son of Mrs K. L. Wildey, of Sydney); *Robin Adair Wildey; *Constance Wildey; *Joan Edward Milton Wildey.

by sallyw on 2012-02-07 00:42:34

Benjamin Milton Wildy spent a lot of time on the goldfields & made absolutely no money there.

What proof is there that Benjamin WILDY , married to Elizabeth Wilson in Australia

is the same person as Benjamin Milton Wildey , [both names have different spelling] married to Catherine Munroe in Dunedin a couple of years later?

We believed that Ben came from Germany , to England to NZ.
I have one photograph of him standing outside his wee house in Caversham. He built it himself.

by ngairedith on 2012-07-06 20:38:23

thanks to GlenH for her recent mesage

Subject: RE: Childerhouse
To: ngairedith
From: GlenH
Date: 2012-07-06 04:55:05

Hi Ngaire
Re Your records for Mary & Thomas Seal

On NZ BDM search two marriages for John Bond & Lavinia Frelan also John Bond & Lavinia Stubbs were registered in 1891.
Percy Randolph Bond has no connection with Lavinia Frelan or her husband John Bond of Thames. Lavinia had three daughters and one son, William Frederick B1901 who were registered with the surname Bond. The remaining 4 or 5 children on the result list for John Bond & Lavinia search including Percy Rendolph must relate to the other family.

As well as personal knowledge of the Bond children because my father lived with and was raised by his grandmother, at least two members of the Bond family have done research.

by JuanitaM on 2012-09-16 07:36:50

Hi I am a descendant of of Sarah and Michael . Thomas Butler and Ada Burns are my grandparents. I understood from my aunt that they met on the boat on their way to NZ and her family were opposed to the marriage.

by veritasvictrix on 2012-09-29 07:42:29

hello JuanitaM and ngairedith
I would like to thank you for contacting and putting information on my family. I would like to be able to converse with you on email or skype if possible. I have had very little or no contact with anyone in NZ over this family of mine very very strange. as i have been told that any of the Wildeys in NZ are all related. Please email me
would love to talk I am the 5th child born to William Otto and Elsie Wildey granddaughter of David John Wildey.
kind regards Christina Bickley nee Wildey.

by veritasvictrix on 2012-10-27 19:20:47

sallyw on 2012-02-07 00:42:34 would like to speak to you about any information at hat you might have on the Wildey family... please could you email me

I am nee Wildey GGG daughter of Benjamin Milton and Alexander Edward Wildey

would love to chat about any information or photos you might like to exchange..
kind regards

by anwild on 2015-02-05 06:14:08

hello from New Zealand. I am Ann (Anna) Marion Wildey, grandaughter of AE Wildey printer Antiqua st. Christchurch. Interesting to see personal details here. If anyone wants any info on this family line I might be able to help. best wishes,

by Kdavids on 2015-04-22 06:29:08

Hello Anwild I'm Kevin Wildey, Son of David,like to hear from you,,

by Kdavids on 2015-04-22 06:35:15

Hello Christine, Kevin here,like to hear from you,Im your cousin,My Dad David was Brother to William and Robin, etc, Can reach me on E-Mail

by JuanitaM on 2018-03-19 06:07:31

Hi anwild I am a descendant of Benijman Milton Wildey and Catherine Wason Monroe through their daughter Sarah Munro Wildey. Who married
William Patrick Butler. Would love to know the story. my email is
Would love to hear from other descendants too.

by veritasvictrix on 2018-03-19 08:41:04

just an addition.....i lost my hard drive to a computer virus/ burn out... several years ago...
in the files were all the photos that were sent to me information the partial family trees.....
so if there are any that can be provided to me i would appreciate it...very much...

all the information was not recoverable... very sad....i had put in a lot of years of photos and investigation ....

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