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Biographical Notes of the SETTLERS of OTAGO New Zealand 1800s

Journal by ngairedith

the following list of names was taken from the
Biographical Notes of Settlers of the First Decade which appeared in the OTAGO WITNESS of 31st March 1898
(a lot of interesting and valuable data for researchers at link)

A link to the ships they arrived on: ships to PORT CHALMERS

ADAM, Alexander, born East Lothian, arrived NOURMAHAL 1858
ADAM, Thomas, born East Lothian, arrived STRATHMORE 1856
ADAM, William, born East Lothian, arrived ROBERT HENDERSON 1857
ADAMS, John Archibald Duncan, born Roxburgh arrived BLUNDELL 1848
AFFLECK, Andrew, born East Lothian, arrived JURA 1858
AITCHISON, William, born Edinburgh, arrived MOOLTAN 1849
AITKEN, Mrs James, arrived SIMLA 1851
AITKEN, William, born Edinburgh, arrived STRATHALLAN 1858
ALLAN, Mrs William (nee Seaton), arrived PHILIP LAING 1848
ALLOM, Albert J, born London, arrived wellington 1842
AMIES, Edward A, arrived STRATHMORE 1856
ANDERSON, John, arrived BERNICA 1848
ANDERSON, John, was in Dunedin 1848
ANDERSON, Millar, born Stewarton, Ayr, arrived SOUTHERN CROSS 1857
ANDREW, John, arrived MAORI
ANGELO, Stewar, arrived JURA
ARMSTRONG, Harry, settled Winton 1862
AYSON, Alexander, arrived ROYAL ALBERT, 1853
AYSON, Douglas L, born Perthshire, arrived ROYAL ALBERT 1853

BAIN, John, born Edenborough, arrived LARKINS 1849
BAIN, Mrs James, born Edenborough, arrived LARKINS 1849
BAIN, Thomas, arrived MARINER 1849
BALFOUR, James Melville, arrived Sir RALPH ALBERCROMBY 1863
BARRON, William, born Fifeshire, arrived LADY EGIDIA 1861
BARRY, Jane Fitzgerald, arrived MAGNET 1841
BASKETT, William, arrived MAORI 1853
BATES, Mrs (nee Mosley) arrived JOHN WICKLIFFE
BATSON, F, arrived BOSWORTH 1857
BAYNE, P, arrived Sir EDWARD PAGET 1856
BECK, Mrs James (nee Mary Rennie) arrived STRATHFIELDSAYE
BEGG, Adam, born Liberton Edinburgh, arrived BLUNDELL 1848
BEGG, William, born Liberton Edinburgh, arrived BLUNDELL 1848
BELL, G.M. arrived 1867
BELL, John, born Glasgow, arrived PHILIP LAING
BELL, Mrs, born Berwickshire, arrived ALPINE 1859
BELL, Mrs Jane (nee Taylor), born Berwickshire, arrived JURA 1858
BELL, Peter, born Berwickshire, arrived JURA 1858
BENNETT, James, arrived REGINA 1858
BISHOP, Ann (nee Morris) born Nottingham, arrived NOURMAHAL 1858
BISSETT, Mrs Agnes, born Edinburgh, arrived MOOLTAN 1849
BLACK, Andy, from Australia, killed the man who killed his mother
BLAIR, Robert & John, arrived GEORGE CANNING 1856
BLATCH, Emma & Mary E, arrived JOHN WICKLIFE
BLATCH, Alfred Frederick, born Surrey, arrived PHILIP LAING
BLATCH, Margaret (nee McKenzie) born Caithness, arrived RAJAH
BLATCH, Thomas Henry Joseph, arrived JOHN WICKCLIFFE lived in a cave BLUES, Mrs James (nee Duthie) born Kincardineshire, arrived 1856
BOOTTEN, James, arrived LORD WORSLEY 1858
BORRIE, the Rev David, born Perthshire, arrived MAORI 1857
BORRIE, Donald, born Perthshire, arrived MAORI 1857
BOWER, Hugh, born Inverness-shire, arrived LARKINS 1849
BOWER, Joseph, born Edinburgh, arrived LARKINS 1849
BRASH, William, born Midcalder, arrived THREE BELLS 1858
BROOKES, Thomas, arrived 1841
BROTHERSTON, Charles, born Edinburgh, arrived LARKINS 1849
BROWN, Alexander, born Morayshire, arrived EDEN 1850
BROWN, James, arrived BERNICA 1848
BROWN, John, arrived STATELY 1852
BRUGH, S, arrived GLENTANER 1857
BURNS, Arthur J, arrived PHILIP LAING
BURNS, Dr Robert, born Edinburgh, arrived THREE BELLS 1858
BURNS, Miss, daughter of Rev Dr, arrived PHILIP LAING
BURR, Mrs John (nee Fairley) arrived THREE BELLS 1858
BUSH, Mrs (Dr) G.F. (nee Alexander) arrived JOHN WICKLIFFE

CALDER, John, arrived MARINER 1849
CALDER, George, was Mayor of North-East Valley
CALDER, Mrs Peter (nee Sinclair) arrived MAORI 1857
CALLANDER, James, John & Alexander, arrived PHILIP LAING 1848
CAMERON, Alexander, arrived SLAINS CASTLE
CAMPBELL, Robert, arrived AJAX 1848
CANTRELL, Richard Seaward, arrived 1858
CARGILL, Lieutenant-Colonel Spencer, R.A. arrived JOHN WICKLIFFE
CARGILL, John (son of Captain) arrived JOHN WICKLIFFE
CARRICK, Robert, born Glasgow, arrived PHILIP LAING 1848
CARTER, James, born County Cavin, arrived TRUE BRITON 1852
CARTER, Price & John, arrived CORNWALL 1849
CHALMERS, Robert, born Fife, arrived ROBERT HENDERSON 1856
CHAPMAN, James, born Stirlingshire, arrived 1857
CHASE, Frank, arrived BOSWORTH 1857
CHRISTIE, James, arrive SEVILLE 1858
CHRISTIE, Mrs T with husband & sons, arrived STRATHORE 1856
CHRISTIE, Robert, born Perthshire, arrived RAJAH 1853
CHURCHILL, William, born London, arrived THETIS 1854
CLAPCOTT, Henry, arrived CARNATIC 1852
CLARK, Archibald, born Edinburgh, arrived THREE BELLS 1858
CLARK, George, David, Jaspar, Henry arrived JURA 1858
CLARKE, Hender Luke Noble, arrived LARKINS 1849
COOKE, John, born Fifeshire, arrived JURA 1858
COPESTAKE, Thomas, arrived BOSWORTH 1857
CRAIG, James, born Glasgow, arrived MAORI
CRAIG, William Francis, arrived troopship JAVA with 65th Regiment
CRAIG, William & John, born West Galloway, arrived MAORI
CRAIGIE, Richard, born Orkney Islands, arrived BERNECIA 1848
CRANE, James, arrived LADY CLARK 1850
CRANSTON, James, bor Edinburgh, arrived THREE BELLS 1858
CRAWFOD, Elizabeth (nee Fleming) arrived PALMYRA 1858
CURLE, John born Edinburgh, arrived MOOLTAN Xmas Day 1848
CURLE, David, arrived vai Melbourne 1857 in his own schooner
DALL, Thomas, arrived SLAINS CASTLE
DALLAS, William, arrived JURA
DALRYMPLE, William, born Scotland, arrived RAJAH 1853
DAVIS, J.R. was in Southland 1862
DAWSON, Benjamin, born Buckinghamshire, arrived RAJAH 1853
DAWSON, Benjamin, born Norwich, arrived TASMANIA 1853
DAWSON, William, arrived PHOEBE DUNBAR 1850
De LACY, Thomas C, born Monmouthshire, arrived ROYAL ALBERT 1853
DICKSON, Alexander & wife (nee Dalzeil) arrived PHILIP LAING 1848
DOUGLAS, John T, arriv JURA 1858
DOW, James & Alexander, born Glen Isla, arrived AGRA 1852
DOWIE, Robert, arrived BLUNDELL 1848
DOWNES, Edward, born Shropshire, arrived STATLEY 1853
DOWNES, Rosetta (nee Elmer) born Gravesend, arried THETIS 1854
DOWNES, Thomas Henry, born at sea SARAH and ESTHER 1842
DRINNAN, James, born Ayrshire, arrived JURA 1858
DRYDEN, George, arrived JURA 1858
DUNKLEY, George, born Keddlingworth, arrived PALMYRA 1858
DUTHIE, James, born Kincardineshire, arrived MAORI 1856
DUTHIE, Jane Martin, born Moneymore, arrived LADY NUGENT 1841
DUTHIE, born Kincardineshire, arrived JURA 1858
DUTHIE, Robert, born Kincardineshire, arrived MAORI 1856
DYER, William & wife (nee Redmayne) arrived BOSWORTH 1857

ELDER, James R, arrived 1858
ELMER, John, born Essex, arrived THETIS 1854

FAMILTON, A.S. & George arrived THREE BELLS
FAMILTON, Robert, arrived COLUMBUS 1852
FAIRLEY, George, arrived THREE BELLS 1858
FAIRBAIRN, Thomas & James, born Fifeshire, rrived JURA 1858
FAZAKERLEY, Henry, born Liverpool, arrived STRATHALLAN 1959
FLEMING, Thomas & John, born Perthshire, arrived PALMYRA 1858
FOSTER, Henry Angel, born Guernsey, arrived MARY 1849
FORD, Alexander, born Carham, arrived ROBERT HENDERSON 1858
FORSYTH, David, born Laurenckirk, arrived STRATHALLAN 1858
FOWLER, James, born East Lothian, arrived THREE BELLS 1858
FRANCE, Mrs Helen (nee Anderson) born Scotland, arrived BERNICIA
FRANCE, Henry, botn London, Police Sergeant, arrived 1852
FRANCE, John, arrived GEORGE CANNING 1857
FRASER, John, born Ross-shire, arrived STRATHFIELDSAYE 1858
FRAZER, James, born Inverness, arrived BERNICIA 1848
FULTON, Francis, arrived MAORI 1851
FYFE, George Ginn, born Scotland, arrived PHOEBE DUNBAR 1850

GARDNER, Robert S, born Edinburgh, arrived STRATHFIELDSAYE 1858
GEARY, Hannah (nee Nuttal), arrived Sir EDWARD PAGET 1856
GEBBIE, Jmes, born Ireland, arrived MOOLTAN 1849
GIBSON, William, born Haddington, arrived BLUNDELL
GILLON, Edard Thomas, arrived 1852
GILLON, James, born Ireland, arrived MAORI 1852
GOODALL, William, arrived 1849
GOURLEY, Elizabeth (ne Dawson), arrived TASMANIA 1853
GRAHAM, Francis, born Greenock, arrived PLADDA 1860
GRANT, James Gordon, born Strathspey, arrived 1855 via Melbourne
GRANT, Mrs (nee Buchanan) arrived PHILIP LAING
GRANT, John, born Strathspey, arrived GLENTANNER 1856
GRAINGER, Thomas, born Dunedin 1850
GREGG, John, born Westmoreland, arrived GIL BLAS 1855
GREY, John, arrived JURA 1858
GRIFFITH, Mrs E. C. (nee Mosley), arrived JOHN WICKLIFFE

HAMILTON, Andrew & wife (nee Chalmers), arrived ROBERT HENDERSON 1849
HAMILTON, Mrs John Frank, arrived RAJAH 1853
HARDY, John, arrived barque DUNEDIN 1856
HARDY, Thomas S, arrived DUNEDIN 1856
HARE, Mrs, born Norfolk, arrived RAJAH 1853
HARRIS, Mrs John Hyde (nee Cargill), arrvied JOHN WICKLIFFE
HARRISON, Thomas, born Edinburgh, arrived BLUNDELL 1848
HARROLD, James, born Orkney Islands, arrived BERNICIA
HARWOOD, family, arrived PHLIP LAING 1848
HASTIE, Thomas, born Airdrie, arrived PHILIP LAING 1848
HAY, George, born Banffshire, arrived AJAX 1849
HEENAN, Edward, born Ireland, arrived MARINER 1850
HEENAN, Michael, arrived MARINER 1850
HENDERSON, Alexander, Arthur, David, James arrived STRATHALLAN 1858
HENDERSON, Mrs John (nee Calder) arrived MARINER 1849
HENDERSON, Thomas, born Lasswade, arrived GIL BLAS 1855
HENDERSON, illiam, born Dollar, arrived STRATHALLAN 1858
HIGGINS, Jessie, arrived SLAINS CASTLE 1852
HISLOP, John, arrived PALMYRA 1858
HOWORTH, Thomas, arrived POICTIERS 1850
HUNTER, Catherine, arrived COLUMBUS 1852
HUTTON, David C, born Dundel, arrived CHRISTIAN McCAUSLAND
HUTTON, Mrs (nee Helen B Douglas) arrived JURA 1858
HUTTON, Peter, born Perthshire, arrived THREE BELLS 1858
HUTTON, William, born Scotland, arrived STRATHALLAN 1858

INGLIS, Thomas, born Glasgow, arrived STRATHALLAN 1858
INGLIS, William, born Glasgow, arrived STRATHALLAN 1858

JACKSON, John, arrived THREE BELLS 1858
JAGO, John, arrrived GEORGE CANNING 1856
JAGO, Sydney, arrived from Vitoria s.s. QUEEN 1858
JEFFREYS, William Richard, born London, son of Rev Charles Jefferies
JOHNSTON, Alexander & wife arrived JURA
JOHNSTON, Hugh, born Linlithgowshire, arrived THREE BELLS 1858
JOHNSTON, John, born Scotland, arrived ROYAL ALBERT 1853
JOHNSTON, Mrs Marion (nee Cargill) arrived JOHN WICKLIFFE
JOLLY, William Martin, went to sea hen 14

KEDZLIE, John, born Musselburgh, arrived THOMAS & HENRY
KENWARD, Mrs (nee McLay), arrived MOOLTAN 1-1-1849
KENNARD, Alfred, born Waikaouaiti 1843
KIRKLAND, Alexander, farmed at Green Island
KNEWSTUBB, Thomas, born Westmoreland, arrived MARY 1849

LAING, J.W. arrived Wellington 1842
LAMBERT, Mrs David, born Dollar, arrived THREE BELLS 1858
LAMBERT, James, born Dollar, arrived THREE BELLS 1858
LAW, Robert, born Leith, arrived BLUNDELL 1848
LEEDER, William, born Norfolk, arrived LORD HARDINGE 1857
LEGGATT, Mrs William Luke (nee Rdmayne) arrived BOSWORTH 1857
LEITH, Marjery (nee Clark), arrived MARY 1939
LEITH, Alexander, born Sutherlandshire, arrived 1849
LEMON, Mary Emma (nee Sumpter), arrived DOLPHIN 1854
LILLYCRAP, Captain H. Vernon, the Kings Royal Regiment 1860
LOGAN, William Sutherland, born Scotland, arrived PALMYRA 1858
LONGUET, Lewis, arrived AJAX 1849
LOTHIAN, Mrs James, born Edinburgh, arrived AJAX 1849
LOVELL, George, born London, arrived TASMANIA 1853
LYON, W.A. arrived JURA

McALLAN, Amelia Dempster, born Tillicoutly, arrived STATELY 1852
McALLAN, John, arrived THREE BELLS 1858
McARTHUR, Duncan, arrived shortly after settlement of colony
McCARTNEY, Mrs John (nee Seaton) arrived PHILIP LAING
McCAUGHAN, P.K. from Australia
McDIARMID, Angus, arrived MARMOSA 1856
McDOWALL, Captain James, arrived PHILIP LAING 1848
McGREGOR, Peter, arrived ROBERT HENDERSON 1857
McKAY, Mrs Samuel, arrived SEVILLA
McFARLANE, Duncan, arrived THREE BELLS 1858
McINTYRE, David, born Comrie, arrived MELPOMENE 1857
McKERCHER, James, arrived STRATHALLAN 1858
McLAREN, Peter, born 1842, arrived MARINER 1849
McLEOD, Cornwall (nee Muir) born on board CORNWALL 1849
McMASTER, Miss Arabella & Jessie, arrived LARKINS 1849
McNEIL, J.B. arrived SIMLA 1851
McNEILL, Margaret B, arrived SIMLA 1851
MdPHERSON, Alexander, arrived PALMYRA 1858
McTAGGART, William, born Faliri, arrived THREE BELLS 1858
McDONALD, Christina (nee Henderson), arrived STRATHALLAN 1858
MacDONALD, family, arrived PHILIP LAING
MacGREGOR, Charles, arrived barque MELBOURNE 1858
MacGIBBON, Thomas & John, arrived MOOLTAN 1849
MacKAY, John, arrived RAJAH 1853
MacKAY, Robert, arrived STRATHFIELDSAYE 1858
MAINLAND, John, arrived THREE BELLS 1858
MALCOLM, Captain James, arrived THOMAS HENRY 1857
MANSON, William, born Berwick, arrived STRAFIELDSAYE 1858
MARR, David, arrived STRATHFIELDSAYE 1858
MARSHALL, David, arried SIMLA 1851
MARSHALL, David Johnston, arrived CLARA 1851
MARSHALL, Hugh, arrived THREE BELLS 1858
MARSHALL, Mary Stirling, born Berwickshire, arrived JURA 1858
MARSHALL, Lewis H. J. arrived CORNWALL 1849
MARSHALL, Robert, arrived CLARA 1851
MARSHALL, Robert, arrived HREE BELLS 1858
MARSHALL, Thomas Frazer, born Midcalder, arrived JURA 1858
MATHIESON, Alexander, arrived LORD WORSLEY steamr
MATHIESON, John, born Midcalder, arrived JURA 1858
MATHESON, William, born Caithness, arrived CORNWALL 1849
MAWSON, Mrs (nee Millar), arrived PHILIP LAING
MAXWELL, James, wife & family arrived JURA
MILLER, Andrew, arrived ROBERT HENDERSON 1858
MILLER, Mrs Christina (nee McKay) arrived ROBERT HENDERSON 1858
MILLER, Robert, arrived ROBERT HENDERSON 1858
MILLER, Walter, arrived LARKIN 1849
MILLS, John, arrived PHILIP LAING, one of the 1st settlers
MILNE, Petr Yule, arrived STRATHFIELDSAYE 1858
MILSTEAD, Joseph, arrived AJAX 1849
MONCKTON, Dr, apponte surgeon to hospital, settled 1858, moved north
MONSON, Mrs W. Henry (nee Batchelor) arrived JOHN WICKLIFFE
MONSON, William Frederick, arrived 1857
MOODIE, Thomas, born Fifeshire, arrived JURA 1858
MOODY, Mrs (nee Dalziel) arrived PHILIP LAING
MOORE, Mrs (nee Finch), arrived JOHN WICKLIFFE
MORGAN, Mrs CHarles, arrived SIMLA
MORRIS, Agnes (nee Smellie), arrived STRATHMORE 1856
MORRIS, Benjamin, Thomas, Samuel & George, arrived NOURMAHAL 1858
MORRISON, James, born Morayshire, arrived STRATHMORE 1856
MOUAT, John, born Shetland Islands, arrived VICTORIA 1852
MUIR, David, born Ayrshire, arrived CORNWALL 1849
MUNRO, George, arrived STRATHMORE
MUNRO, Hector, arrived PLMYRA 1858
MUNRO, William, born Dornoch, arrived ROBERT HENDERSON 1858
MURISON, W.D. born Alyth, arrived 1856
MURRAY, Hugh, born Kirkcudbrightshire, arrived 1854

NICOL, D. & W. & T.S. arrived STRATHMORE 1856

OLIVER, Thomas, arrived CRESSELL 1851
ORBELL, Macleid C, arrived MARINER
OUTRAM, Albert, arrived NURMAHAL 1858
OUTRAM, John, born Leicester, arrived NOURHAHAL 1858

PALMER, Edward, born Tasmania, arrived as boy before Settlement
PARK, Gavin McIntyre, arrived PHILIP LIANG 1848
PARK, Walter, born Peeble, arrived ALPINE
PATERSON, Thomas, born Edinburgh, arrived 1863
PATTERSON, James, wife & family arrived MARY 1849
PATRICK, James, born Glasgow, arrived PHILIP LAING
PATON, Captain John, arrived CLUTHA 1854
PERKINS, W.R., born Manchester, arrived MOOLTAN 1849
PEARCE, Mrs T, arrived JURA 185

POPPELWELL, William, here in 1840 went home, returned BLUNDELL
PRYDE, Jmes, arrived STRAMORE 1856

QUERTER, A, born Island of Guernsey, arrived KINNARD 1860

REDMAYNE, Catherine, arrived BOSWORTH 1857
REDMAYNE, Margaret, arrived BOSWORTH with son & 3 daughters
REDMAYNE, Thomas, arrived BOSWORTH 1857
REES, W.G. born Gloucester, Rees River named after him
REID, James, arrived GIL BLAS 1856
REDI, J. arrived PUDSEY DAWSON 1854
RENTON, John, born Fifeshire, arrived PALMYRA 1858
REYNOLDS, C.H. started the 'Southland Times'
RICHARDSON, James Warner, arrived BOSWORTH 1857
RIDDLE, Thomas, arrived s.s.QEEN 1858
RIDDLE, Walter, arrived GRASMERE
RITCHIE, Mr & Mrs Archibald, arrived JURA 1858
ROBERTS, James & wife arrived THREE BELLS
ROBERTS, Mrs W.J. (nee Fairley) arrived ROBERT HENDERSON 1858
ROBERTSON, Thomas, arrived JURA
ROBINSON, William, born Westmoreland, arrived LARKINS 1849
ROSS, Donald, arrived 1846, had 5 sons & 7 daughters
RONALDSON, Rev William, born London, Sydney-London-Wellngton 1844

SALMOND, John, arrived LARKIN 1849
SANDILANDS, John, arrived JURA 188
SCOTT, Mark (nee Brown), born Grange, arrived EDEN 1850
SCOTT, Matthew Gardiner, arrived STRATHALLAN 1858
SEWELL, Captain, arrived BOSWORTH 1857
SHAND, William, born Aberdeenshire, arrived MAORI 1852
SHAND, William, born Inverurie, arrived PHOBE DUNBAR 1850
SHANKS, William, arrived KELSO 1849
SHANKS, Charles B, arrived SOUTHERN CROSS 1859
SHAW, John, arrived PHOEBE DUNBAR 1850
SHIELS, James & family arrived JURA
SIM, Alexander, born Perhshire, arrived JURA 1858
SINCLAIR, Mrs Sutherland (nee Janet Hislop) arrived JURA 1858
SMAILL, Alexander, arrived STRATHALLAN 1858
SMAILL, Charles, born Berwickshire, arrived STRATHALLAN 1858
SMAILL, William,born Peebleshire, arrived STRATHALLAN 1858
SMALL, Caleb, arrived s.s.LORD WORSLEY 1858
SMALL, Charles, arrived STRATHALLAN 1858
SMEATON, Mrs James (nee Johnston) arrived THREE BELLS 1858
SMELLIE, James & William, arrived STRATHMORE 1856
SMITH, James, arrived THREE BELLS 1858
SMITH, James, born Fettercairn, arrived KELSO 1849
SMITH, Mrs Robina, arrived THREE BELLS 1858
SMITH, Peter, born Aboyne, arrived LARKINS 1849
SMITH, William, arrived THREE BELLS 1858
SOMERVILLE, Isabella (nee Begg) arrived BLUNDELL
SOMERVILLE, Mrs John (nee Brown), arrived EDEN 1850
SOUNESS, Agnes (nee Robertson), born Edinburgh, arrived JURA 1858
SOUNESS, James, born Salton, arrived CRESSILL 1851
SOUNESS, James, born North Berwick, arrived 1858
STEVENS, Captain Lawrence Peter, born Canada, arrived SYBIL 1854
STEVENS, Rev Andrew, arrived CARRIBOO 1865
STEVENSON, James, born Glasgow, arived PHILP LAING 1848
STEVENSON, John, bron Glasgow arrived LARKINS 1849
STEVENSON, Mrs James, arrived SLAINS CASTLE 1852
STEWART, Duncan, born Perthshire, arrived AJAX 1849
STEWART, Mrs Peter (nee Dalrymple)
STODDART, J.W. arrived CORNWALL 1849
STRAIN, James, arrived 1849
STREET, Charles H, arrived MAORI
STUCK, James R, born Halstead, arrived SOUTHERN CORSS 1856
SUTHERLAND, Donald, arrived ROYAL ALBERT 1853
SUTHERLAND, Mrs Robert, born Caithness, arrived CLARA 1851
SUTHERLAND, Robert, arrived CLARA 1851
SWALLOW, Edward, arrived Otago from Wellington 1851

TAGGART, William & wife, arrived THREE BELLS 1858
TAYLOR, Charles, arrived SLAINS CASTLE 1852
TELFER, Thomas, arrived JURA 1858
TELFER, David, born Locherbie, arrived JURA 1858
THOMAS, Hugh, born Wales, arrived LADY CLARK 1850 via Adelaide
THOMSON, Andrew, arrived THOMAS & HENRY 1857
THOMSON, John & wife, arrived BLUNDELL
THOMSON, William, born Dundonald, arrived 1856
TOSS, Andrew, arrived SIMLA 1851
TODD, James Macadam, born Glasgow, arrived MOOLTAN 1849
TOLMIE, Thomas, arrived THOMAS & HENRY 1855
TORRANCE, Isabella & Margaret arrived MOOLTAN
TOWNSEND, Mrs C, arrived 1857
TROTTER, William Sinclair, Sydney 1835, NZ 1840
TWEEDIE, David, arrived ALPINE
TWEEDIE, William, arrived ALPINE 1859
TWISS, Frederic, emigrated Victoria-England-NZ NOURMAHAL 1858

VALPY, Miss Arbella Jeffreys, born Indai, arrived AJAX 1849

WADE, Mrs M, arrived COLUMBUS 1852
WALKER, Mrs George Sgaw, born Dudley, arrived GEORGE CANNING 1857
WALLACE, Samuel, born Glasgow, arrived PHILIP LAING
WALMSLEY, Captain of 56th Regiment, arrived LARKINS 1849
WARNOCK, John, arrived PALMYRA 1858
WATSON, George, born London, arrived RAJAH 1853
WEIR, Mrs Alison Muir, born Musselburgh, arrived STRATHMORE 1856
WHELAN, Mrs, arrived SIMLA 1851
WHITE, Thomas, & wife & her mother, arrived JURA
WHYTE, Charles, born Forfarshire, arrived GIL BLAS 1856
WILLIAMSON, Alexander, born Falkirk, arrived MAORI 1852
WILSON, Alexander, arrived STRATHALLAN 1858
WILSON, Janet (nee Begg), born Liberton, arrived BLUNDELL
WISELEY, Alexander, arrived GRASMERE
WOONTON, Johathan, born Somerset, arrived TASMANIA
WRIGHT, Mary (nee Smellie) arrived STRATHMORE 1856

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