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BIRD Joseph married Janet FLEMING 1869

Journal by tonkin

Information Journal.

Groom: Joseph BIRD.
Birth place: Given as Cumberland.

Bride: Janet FLEMING.
Birth place: Given as Dundee.

Year married: 1869.
Place: Victoria, Australia.

Joseph died 1915 in Kyneton, Victoria.
Age: 79 years.
Parents named as Samuel BIRD and Ruth unknown.

Janet died 1901 in Tylden, Victoria.
Age: 55 years.
Parents named as Alexander FLEMING and Janet MATHER.

Ten children located Victoria for Joseph and Janet.


Samuel Alexander BIRD
Born: 1869 Kyneton, Victoria.
Died: 1875 Tylden, Victoria.
Age: 06 years.


Born: 1871 Tylden, Victoria.
Died: -

Married: Henry ROBINSON.
Year: 1889.
Place: Victoria.

Henry was born 1864 in Landsborough, Victoria.
Parents named as Edwin ROBINSON and Charlotte WOODBERRY.

Henry died 1943 in Mooroopna, Victoria.
Age: 79 years.
Parents named as Edwin RONINSON and Charlotte WOOSDBURY.

Four children located Victoria for Henry and Ruth.


Born: 1889 Blue Mountain, Victoria.
Died: -


Born: 1893 Tylden, Victoria.
Died: -

Joseph Edwin ROBINSON.

Born: 1895 Pine Grove, Victoria.
Died: -


Born: 1898 Echuca, Victoria.
Died: -


William BIRD
Born: 1873 Tylden, Victoria.
Died: 1942 Kyneton, Victoria.
Age: 69 years.

Married: Elizabeth GREIG.
Year: 1894.
Place: Victoria.

Elizabeth was born 1872 in Strathfieldsaye, Victoria.
Parents named as David GREIG and Bridget MCCLOSKEY.

Elizabeth died 1928 in Richmond, Victoria.
Age: 56 years.
Parents named as David Ferguson GREIG and unknown MANTON.

Ten children located Victoria for William and Elizabeth.

Janet BIRD.

Born: 1895 Tylden, Victoria.
Died: 1976 Kew, Victoria.
Age: 80 years.

Married: Alfred Ernest WOODROOFE.
Year: 1922.
Place: Victoria.

Alfred died 1968 in Parkdale, Victoria.
Age: 83 years.
Parents named as Arthur WOODROOFE and Annie MCLEAN.

William Alexander BIRD
Born: 1896 Pine Grove, Victoria.
Died: 1933 Heidelberg, Victoria.
Age: 36 years.

Joseph BIRD.

Born: 1898 Tylden, Victoria.
Died: 1949 Yea, Victoria.
Age: 51 years.

David BIRD.

Born: 1900 Tylden, Victoria.
Died: 1978 St Albans, Victoria.
Age: 78 years.

Married: Eileen WILLMOTT.
Year: 1930.
Place: Victoria.

Ruth BIRD.

Born: 1902 Tylden, Victoria.
Died: 1976 Lalor, Victoria.
Age: 73 years.

Married: Joseph Grattan BRODERICK.
Year: 1927.
Place: Victoria.

Joseph was born 1897 in Carlton, Victoria.
Mother named as Georgina BRODERICK. Father not recorded.

Joseph died 1957 in Heidelberg, Victoria.
Age: 59 years.
Parents unknown.

Sterling Mitchell BIRD.

Born: 1904 Tylden, Victoria.
Died: 1944 Melbourne, Victoria.
Age: 43 years.

Elizabeth Veronica BIRD.

Born: 1906 Blue Mountain, Victoria.
Died: 1981 Parkdale, Victoria.
Age: 74 years.

Married: James RYRIE.
Year: 1924.
Place: Victoria.

Alfred John BIRD.

Born: 1908 Blue Mountain, Victoria.
Died: 1915 Kyneton, Victoria.
Age: 06 years.

Samuel Albert Sedrick (Cedric) BIRD.

Born: 1910 Blue Mountain, Victoria.
Died: 1936 Trentham, Victoria.
Age: 26 years.

Mary Catherine BIRD.

Born: 1914 Blue Mountain, Victoria.
Died: -


Joseph BIRD
Born: 1875 Tylden, Victoria.
Died: 1915 Kyneton, Victoria.
Age: 40 years.

Married: Annie Florence Jane BEESON.
Year: 1899.
Place: Victoria

Annie was born 1878 in Echuca, Victoria.
Parents named as Joseph BEESON and Christina Elizabeth DOUGLAS.

Annie died 1917 in Echuca, Victoria.
Age: 39 years.
Parents named as Joseph BEESON and Christine DOUGLAS.

Four children located Victoria for Joseph and Annie.

Jessie BIRD.

Born: 1900 Pine Grove, Victoria.
Died: 1963 Ashburton, Victoria.
Age: 62 years.

Married: Alfred Healing DOYLE.
Year: 1925.
Place: Victoria.

Hilda BIRD.

Born: 1901 Pine Grove, Victoria.
Died: 1967 Kensington, Victoria.
Age: 65 years.

Married: Arthur William JONES.
Year: 1926.
Place: Victoria.

Rosie BIRD.

Born: 1904 Pine Grove, Victoria.
Died: 1972 Heidelberg, Victoria.
Age: 68 years.

Married: Arthur Henry BOURNE.
Year: 1924.
Place: Victoria.

Neville BIRD.

Born: 1909 Pine Grove, Victoria.
Died: -

Married: Eileen Mary LYONS.
Year: 1942.
Place: Victoria.


Born: 1879 Tylden, Victoria.
Died: -

Married: Minnie HUTCHINSON.
Year: 1903.
Place: Victoria.

Minnie was born 1885 in Kyneton, Victoria.
Parents named as John HUTCHINSON and Ellen HEATH.

Minnie died 1930 in Heidelberg, Victoria.
Age: 45 years.
Parents named as James HUTCHINSON & Ellen HEATH.

Three children located Victoria for John and Minnie.

James Stanley BIRD.

Born: 1905 Blue Mountain, Victoria.
Died: -

Ellen BIRD.

Born: 1906 Blue Mountain, Victoria.
Died: -

John Arthur BIRD.

Born: 1908 Tylden, Victoria.
Died: -


Janet BIRD
Born: 1881 Tylden, Victoria.
Died: -

Married: George Morrison BURN.
Year: 1903.
Place: Victoria.

George was born 1867 in Geelong, Victoria.
Parents named as George BURN and Margaret Teresa HEDE.


Alexander BIRD
Born: 1883 Tylden, Victoria.
Died: -

Married: Julia DRYDEN.
Year: 1907.
Place: Victoria.

Julia was born 1890 in Picola, Victoria.
Parents named as John DRYDEN and Julia GLASCOTT.

Three children located Victoria for Alexander and Julia.

Jessie BIRD.

Born: 1907 Kyneton, Victoria.
Died: -

Elma BIRD.

Born: 1915 Kyneton, Victoria.
Died: -

Joseph Alexander BIRD.

Born: 1920 Castlemaine, Victoria.
Died: -


Born: 1886 Tylden, Victoria.
Died: -

Married: John Henry GLEESON.
Year: 1909.
Place: Victoria.

John was born 1883 in Kyneton, Victoria.
Parents named as John Henry GLEESON and Annie MONTGOMERY.

John died 1941 in Heidelberg, Victoria.
Age: 57 years.
Parents named as John Henry GLEESON and Ann MONTGOMERY.


Samuel BIRD
Born: 1889 Tylden, Victoria.
Died: -

Married: Mary DRYDEN.
Year: 1920.
Place: Victoria.

Mary was born 1879 in Kyneton, Victoria.
Parents named as John DRYDEN and Julia GLASSCOTT.

Mary died 1953 in Parkville, Victoria.
Age: 57 years.
Parents named as John DRYDEN and Julia GLASCOTT.


George Percival BIRD
Born: 1890 Tylden, Victoria.
Died: 1963 Fairfield, Victoria.
Age: 72 years.

Married: Maud DRYDEN.
Year: 1909.
Place: Victoria.

Maud was born 1891 in Picola, Victoria.
Birth recorded as Alice Maud DRYDEN.
Parents named as John Latimer DRYDEN and Julia GLASSCOTT.

Maud died 1980 in Kyneton, Victoria.
Death recorded as Maude Alice BIRD.
Age: 87 years.
Parents named as Latimer DRIDAN and Julia unknown.

One child located Victoria for George and Maud.

Francis George John BIRD.

Born: 1909 Kyneton, Victoria.
Died: 1981 Kyneton, Victoria.
Age: 71 years.

Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria.

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