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BLEWDEN family New Zealand

Journal by ngairedith

this posting was rewritten 18 Feb 2012
for di and her husband (whose great grandmother was child #9)
di wrote on 2013-02-16 22:28:20:
...I am researching the "Blewden" family from nz. My husbands ggrandmother was a daughter of William+ann (nee Soar) Blewden. His Ggrandmothers name was May Florence born in 1876. She is one of 13 children born to William+ANN. This is where there is confusion as William+Ann were married in 1884 so I'm wondering if this is a blended family as Ann Blewden was formerly a Soar but maiden name was Bower, was she widowed + married again? May Florence married Henry Lyman in 1894. Appreciate some assistance here
Many thanks (Apparently Ann Blewden arrived in NZ ON THE SS Tybernia in 1863 with her family. Many thanks

the BLEWDEN FAMILY in New Zealand
* WILLIAM BLEWDEN (1826-1888) was a Contractor Builder in Auckland
- he married Ann SOAR (nee BOWER) (1838-1917) on 3 June 1884

ANN SOAR had arrived on the Tyburnia into Auckland on 4 Sep 1863, having left Gravesend 31 May 1863. On the passenger list she is Mary Ann Soar with her husband, John Hutchison Soar and their sons John Bower Soar (1857-1925) & William Charles Soar (1859-1941).
So, was the above Ann Soar who married William Blewden in 1884 the same person?

After many hours of researching & digging I believe she was.
I will lay the facts out here as found
I will also add *my opinions
What you make of it is up to you

NOTES I am attempting to track William Blewden back to Southampton?, Hampshire via Melbourne, Australia. He was married to a Sarah ? whilst there and was a builder (building contractor?). They separated around 1860 when William advertised in "The Argus' (Melbourne) that he would no longer be responsible for any debts by his wife Sarah.

Tracking John Hutchison Soar will wait until Di's book (see late notes at end)

WRITTEN in TIMELINE for easier reading
The numbers in colour at the children's births are the ages of John & Ann and William & Ann at that time which I am using as notes but which you may also find interesting

1857 - 1925 JOHN BOWER SOAR -- (20 + 19)
JOHN married Mary McGrath (1866-1891) in 1889
- they had a son:
* 1890 - 1890 William Soar
- born 15 Feb 1890, William died 29 Dec 1890 aged 10 months
wife MARY died Christmas Eve 1891 aged 25 (?during birth?)
JOHN next married Alice Victoria ANDREWS (1871-1916) in 1893
- the children: (as per John's Obit)
* 1895 - 1962 Alfred Royce 'Roy' Soar
- Alfred married Dulcie Cora BROTT (1895-) in 1917
* 1896 - 1974 Gladys May Soar
- Gladys married George EASTON in 1923
* 1889 - 1970 Irene Alice Soar
- Irene married Leonard Gilbert KNAGGS in 1924
* 1900 - 1959 Reginald 'Charles' Bower Soar
- no spouse found at this time
* 1902 - 1975 William Andrew Soar
- William married Viola Ella Elizabeth EDGECOME (1910-) in 1932
wife ALICE died 3 January 1916 aged 45
JOHN next married Catherine Mary DOUGLAS on 4 August 1916
- ? she may have been a widow, John was 59
Auckland Star - 6 Jan 1925
... SOAR, On January 6 1925, at the Auckland Hospital after a long and painful illness, John Bower, the dearly beloved husband of Catherine Mary Soar and beloved father of Roy, Charles, and William Soar, Mrs Easton and Mrs Knaggs and eldest son of the late Ann Blewden of 92 Cook Street West aged 68 years. The funeral will leave the residence of his daughter, ??? Road, Edendale, for Hillsboro Cemetery to-morrow (Wednesday) at ?p.m.
... Mrs C. Soar and family, Kaipara Flats (Rodney), desire to thank all kind friends who sympathised with them in their recent sad bereavement, also for cards, letter, telegrams and floral emblems received, also doctor and nurses of Ward 14, especially Sister Sutherland, of the Auckland Hospital
.. Mr Soar, a very well known figure in this and surrounding districts passed away recently in Auckland. Chimneys for miles round have been put up by this much honoured gentleman. The whole district has felt the deepest sympathy for the bereaved family
Auckland Star - 6 Jan 1926
... SOAR, In loving memory of John Bower Soar, who died January 6 1925. At Rest. Inserted by Mr and Mrs C. Townsend, 6 St James St
- ?his sister Emma's inlaws??

CHILD .. 2
1859 - 1941 WILLIAM CHARLES SOAR -- (22 + 21)
William was a Bootmaker
he married Emily HASLAM (1859-1949) in 1887
no children found
2 June 1906, The Cheapest and best place to buy Ladies and Gents Boots and Shoes. It will pay you to take the tram if you live miles away. It is the shop near the reservoir whose expenses are small. That is the reason I sell so cheap. - Note the Address: W. C. SOAR, No 247-249 Karangahape road
1 May 1916, William Charles Soar, bootmaker, of Karangahape Road, in a schedule furnished to the Official Assignee in Bankruptcy, shown unsecured creditors ...etc
25 August 1894 For Sale, a few sittings of Prize Black Hamburg and White Leghorns' Eggs, 2/6 per sitting - W. C. Soar, Karangahape Road
7 September 1937 - GOLDEN WEDDING The golden wedding of two very early colonists was celebrated on Sunday when Mr and Mrs William Soar, of South Street, Newton, held the fifieth anniversary of their wedding.
Mrs Soar, who before her marriage was Miss E. Haslam, has lived all her life in New Zealand and she recalls quite clearly the days when Maori used to bring their canoes into Freeman's Bay. Mr Soar came to New Zealand at the age of three and has lived in this country 74 years. For 40 years he had a business in Karangahape Road and is a well-known figure among the early setters of the city. Mr and Mrs Soar entertained a number of relations last Sunday to celebrate their golden anniversary and they received many messages of goodwill and congratulations from friends
Auckland Star - On 31 July 1941 at his residence, 13 Smith Street, Newton, (suddenly), William, beloved husband of Emily Soar, aged 82 years. Funeral leaves McIvors Limited, Karangahake Road 1.30 p.m. Saturday, for Hillsboro Cemetery
EMILY died 22 December 1949 aged 91
- she is buried Lot 330, Block A, Area 12 at Hillsborough cemetery with William

CHILD .. 3
1862 - 1910 RICHARD SOAR -- (25 + 24)
Richard married Lydia Amelia 'Millie' CARTER in 1886
- their known children:
* 1886 - 1975 Claude Christopher Richard Soar
- born Xmas Eve, Claude married Gladys Catherine RYAN in 1915
* 1888 - 1965 Harold Victor Soar
- Harold married Gladys Ellen MAY in 1916
* 1890 - 1965 Frederick Charles Soar (Lieutenant Colonel)
- Frederick married Flora Edna DAVIES in 1920
- a daughter, Flora Mena Soar (1921-2011), went to America with her young son in 1946 and worked 30 years with the Charlotte Mecklenburg school system. She married Mr HUNTLEY and had at least 4 children. Flora died 7 March 2011 in Charlotte, North Carolina, 19 days before her 90th birthday
* 1891 - 1964 Ethel Amelia Soar
- married Arthur Frederick Massey in 1913
* 1893 - 1972 Frank Bower Soar
- Frank, (son of Mrs Ansen and the late Richard Soar), married Syphyrennie Pearl Brett 'Rene' RANDALL (1896-1918) on 9 Oct 1916 in Ponsonby
- Frank next married Madge Vida TYLER in 1922
Auckland Star - 1 March 1910
... On March 1st, at the Auckland Hopital, Richard, the beloved husband of Millie Soar, after a long and painful illness, in his 48th year. The funeral will leave his late residence 48 Albany-rd., at 2.30 p.m. Wednesday, March 2nd, for Waikaraka Cemetery. Friends please accept this intimation
he is buried Lot 37, Block N, area 2 ar Waikaraka
LYDIA next married Frederick ANSEN (1857-1922) in 1915
LYDIA next married Othello Joseph MORELL in 1925
13 August 1927
... Mrs L. A. MORELL. The death took place at the age of 61 years of Mrs Lydia Amelia 'Mille' Morell, after a very short illness. With her husband, Mr O. J. Morell, she had latterly lived at Paparata. Her first husband was the late Mr Richard Soar. The following children survive:- Mrs A. F. Massey, Henderson; Messrs C. C. Soar, Dargaville; H. V. Soar, Pukemiro; F. C. Soar, Onehunga; and F. B. Soar, Raetihi

1863-1865 ANN & JOHN separate

CHILD .. 4
1866 - 1960 HENRY BLEWDEN -- (40 + 28)
no spouse found at this time
Henry died 17 September 1960 aged 94
he is buried Plot 077, Row 6, Block M at Purewa, Auckland

CHILD .. 5
1867 - 1954 EMMA AMELIA BLEWDEN -- (41 + 29)
Emma married Thomas Henry TOWNSEND (1859-1918) in 1898
their known children:
* 1898 - 1982 Ewart Henry Townsend
- Ewart married Gladys BRENT in 1923
* 1900 - 1973 Alfred Charles Townsend
* 1902 - 1981 Frank Leopold Townsend
* 1904 - ? Gladys May Townsend

CHILD .. 6
1869 - 1924 THOMAS BLEWDEN -- (43 + 31)
Thomas was a Bricklayer
He married Alice May ASHWORTH 3 June 1901 at St Paul's Presbyterian Church Napier
On 3 June 1901 at the residence of the bride's parents, Napier, by the Rev Asher, Thomas, second son of the late William Blewden, Contractor Auckland, to Alice May, daughter of George Ashworth, Napier
- their known children:
* 1902 - 1983 Eileen May Blewden
- Eileen married * Peter Sydney ENTING on 3 Dec 1924 (see below)
- Peter was born 27 November 1900, 7th of 7 children of Laurenz Moritz ENTING (1858-1907) & Selina Amelia Gertrude HEWALD (1868-1932) who married 21 June 1887 at St Paul's Presbyterian Church Napier (Selina is buried in Timaru)
EILEEN MAY died 17 June 1983 aged 81
PETER SYDNEY died 7 February 1991 aged 90
* 1905 - Alma Victoria Blewden
* 1907 - 1992 William Raymond Bower Blewden
- married Phyllis Ebbitt BROCK (1907-1965) in 1930
- daughter of Frederick Alfred BROCK & Jeannie MUNN

CHILD .. 7
1872 - 1944 FRANK BLEWDEN -- (46 + 34)
Frank married Sarah 'Nellie' WINDSOR (1874-1843) in 1897
- their known children:
* 1898 - 1974 William Herbert Blewden
- on August 5th 1898 at Ponsonby Terrace, the wife of F. Blewden, of a son
- William married Olive Esther GARMSON in 1925. In 1928 they were in Raglan, Waikato
* 1900 - ? Iris Cordelia Blewden
- on September 18th 1900 at her residence, Ponsonby Terrace, the wife of Frank Blewden of a daughter
- Iris married Arthur Farrelly in 1931
* 1906 - 1985 Frank Bower Blewden
- Frank married Eveline Mary 'Eva' ASTRIDGE (1907-2004), daughter of Jessie BRIGGS (1876-1945) & Herbert Charles ASTRIDGE (1885-1924) - Jessie next married his half brother, Albon George ASTRIDGE (1891-1963)
* 1908 - 1968 Alan George Blewden
- born in Auckland, he played football for Ellerslie as a teenager. Alan died in Dunedin and is buried Andersons Bay with Phyllis May (1910-1991) & Alan Peter (1938-2002)
FRANK Blewden died 4 October 1944 in Auckland
- He is buried Lot 426, Area 3 at Otahuhu
In loving memory of
Sarah (Nellie) Blewden
died 2nd Feb. 1943 aged 68 yrs
and her husband Frank
died 4th Oct 1944 aged 72 yrs

CHILD .. 8
1874 - 1971 ANNIE ELIZABETH BLEWDEN -- (48 + 36)
Annie married George Orlando CUMMANE (1867-1939) in 1901
- their known children:
1902 - 1985 Esmond Montague Cummane
* 4 July 1887 This is to give notice that Moss H. Keesing (1852-1905), Henry O. Cummane and George O. Cummane, of Victoria-street, have this day signed a Deed of Partnership, and will in future carry on Business under the name and style of Keesing, Cummane & Co., on the premises now occupied by the said Moss H. Keesing
10 April 1939 The death has occurred of Mr George Orando Cummane, of Highwick Avenue, Epsom. He was born in Auckland, and was at one time an officer in the Devonport Naval Artillery. He was also a scoutmaster of the All Saints' troop of boy scouts and he took an active interest in the scout movement generally. Mr Cummane was prominently associated with the Church of England in the Auckland diocese. Possessing artistic ability, he was noted for his interior church decorations at Easter and Christmas in the earlier days of his connection with St Thomas' and St Matthew's Churches. On the occasion of the visit to New Zealand of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York in 1901, he was prominently associated with the ceremonial arrangements. At a performance in Auckland in 1893 of "The Merchant of Venice" his painting of the scenery attracted much attention. He is survived by his wife and son.

CHILD .. 9
1876 - 1957 MAY FLORENCE BLEWDEN -- (50 + 38)
born 29 May 1876
May married Henry LYMAN (1869-1925) in 1894
on 2 Nov 1894 at St Thomas' Church, Auckland, by Rev De Rieu, Henry Lyman, youngest son of Henry Lyman, to May Florence Blewden, third daughter of the late William Blewden, of Auckland
- their known children:
* 1896 - 1941 Henry Wilfred Lyman
- Henry was a Printer. He served in WWI as Private 64542 with the NZEF, 33rd Reinforcements Wellington Infantry Regiment, B Company, embarking from Wellington 31 Dec 1917
- Henry died 27 Dec 1941 aged 45.
On December 27 1941, at Auckland, Henry Wilfred, dearly beloved only son of May F. Lyman, and the late Henry Lyman, 68 King George Avenue, Epsom, and loved brother of Amy Ball, Regt. No. 64542, Rifle Brigade, N.Z.E.F; aged 45 years. He is buried at SOLDIERS BURIAL G Row 4, Plot 38 at Waikumete, Auckland
* 1899 - ? Amy Ann Lyman
- Amy married Frank Mason BALL in 1919
- only child of Thomas Frederick BALL & Ada Mary BARKER
on 25 Feb 1899 at her residence, Ponsonby, the wife of Henry Lyman, of a daughter
on August 18 1919, at St Barnabas' Church, Mount Eden, by Canon McFarland, Frank Mason (1894-1943), only son of Mr and Mrs T. F. Ball, Bellwood, Mt Roskill, to Amy Ann, only daughter of Mr and Mrs H. Lyman, Epsom
DEATH of Henry Lyman's father on December 10 1910 at his son's residence, Church rd., Epsom, Henry Lyman, in his 75th year
DEATH of Henry Lyman on 5th June 1925 at his residence, King George's Avenue, Epsom, aged 56 years
... An employee of the Brett Printing and Publishing Company for about 41 years, Mr Henry Lyman, died on Friday at his residence, King George's Avenue, Epsom, aged 56 years. He arrived in Auckland with his father and elder brother on December 28, 1877, by the barque Iron Duke (sic), it was the Iron Queen with his parents Henry & Sophia Lyman a sister Alice and a brother Benjamin Lyman. A few years later he started to work at the Auckland "Star" office, where he remained until his death. Mr Lyman was for the last 25 years, foreman of the letterpress machine departments. He is survived by his wife, one son, and a daugher, also a brother and two sisters. The interment took place yesterday at Hillsboro' Cemetery
on December 27 1941, at Auckland, Henry Wilfred, dearly beloved only son of May F. Lyman, and the late Henry Lyman, 68 King George Avenue, Epson, and loved brother of Amy Ball, Regt. No 64542, Rifle Brigade, N.Z.E.F., aged 45 years. The funeral will leave the above address for the Soldiers Cemetery, Waikumete, on Monday at 11 a.m.
- Henry is buried PRESBYTERIAN DIVISION E Row 3, Plot 56 at Waikumete

17 Nov 1876 DEATH of JOHN SOAR
At the Provincial Hospital, (Auckland) John Soar, aged 39 years, native of NOTTINGHAM, England
* I am convinced that this was Ann's husband:
* he was born about 1837 and was from Nottingham
* Ann was born about 1838 and was from Nottingham (see her Obit 1917)
NOTE there was a John Soar who committed suicide 10 days earlier whose wife's name was Annie!!. It took a lot of digging and, he was not 'ours'. His wife was in an Asylum suffering from paralysis and died the following year without ever understanding her husband was dead

NOTE Why William & Ann waited another 7? years before marrying may remain a mystery. Maybe William also had a former wife - this has not been researched as yet

CHILD .. 10
1878 - 1924 ARTHUR BLEWDEN -- (52 + 40)
born 11 Nov 1878 twin with Jessie
Arthur wasn't married
He died 4 June 1924 aged 45 in Auckland
He is buried Lot 295, Block A, Area 1 at Hillsborough Cemetery
In loving memory of
Arthur Blewden
died 4 June 1924 aged 46
Erected by his loving sister Emma
NOTE in 1916 he was living at 106 Cook Street, Auckland

CHILD .. 11
1878 - 1917 JESSIE BLEWDEN -- (52+40)
born 11 Nov 1878 twin with Arthur
married Arthur Leslie CASEY (1890-1946) in 1911
3rd of 9 children of John Thomas CASEY & Isabella LANDY
on 18 Sep 1917 at the Hospital, Jessie, the dearly-beloved wife of Arthur Casey, and fourth daughter og the late Anne Blewden. Gone, but not forgotten. The funeral will leave 34 Drake Street ib Thursday, September 20, at 3 p.m.
18 Sep 1918 In loving memory of my dear wife, who departed this life on September 18, 1917. At Rest. Inserted by her loving husband, Arthur Casey
..In loving memory of our dear sister, Jessie Casey, (nee Blewden) who passed away September 18, 1917. Our hearts still cling to memory dear, of one who is called to rest. Inserted by her loving sisters
Arthur next married Alice 'May' LOVERIDGE in 1923

CHILD .. 12
1880 - 1965 EDITH ELLEN BLEWDEN -- (54 + 42)
Edith married Alexander BURNS in 1909
- their known children:
* 1909 - ? Dulcie Burns
* 1911 - 1982 Gibson Alexander Burns

CHILD .. 13
1882 - 1975 AMY JANE BLEWDEN -- (56 + 44)
married Joseph Ivory STICHBURY (1882-1969) in 1907
- their known children:
* 1911 - 2011 Joan Amy Stichbury

1883-1884 BURGESS ROLL of Auckland
Voter's Name - BLEWDEN, William
Trade or Occupation - Contractor
* Situation - Union Street
Property Description - Building
Entry Number - £52
Rateable Value of each Property - £50

* Situation - Cook Street
Property Description - Building
Entry Number - 52
Rateable Value of each Property - £35

* Situation - Cook Street
Property Description - Building
Entry Number - 52
Rateable Value of each Property - £25

* Situation - Drake Street
Property Description - Allotment
Entry Number - 52
Rateable Value of each Property - £15

3 JUNE 1884 WILLIAM & ANN are married at St Stephens Church, Auckland
? as there are a few St Stephen's in Auckland, I chose St Stephen's of Ponsonby because that is where they seemed to have mainly lived...
13 Feb 2013 - Protesters fight for historic church

CHILD .. 14 -- (59 + 47)
Alfred married Alice May STAFFORD (1888-1974) in 1909
- their known children:
* 1910 - 2003 Alison May Blewden
* 1912 - 1999 Alfred David Blewden
- in Oct 1926 Alfred, (at age 14, of 92 Cook Street, Auckland) won a story competition with his entry 'Diary of a Marooned Man')
ALICE died 15 February 1974 aged 86
ALFRED died 18 April 1979 aged 93
- they are buried Plot 077, Row 6, Block M at Purewa, Auckland
NOTE in 1905 (aged 20) Alfred, at 62kg, was in the Lightweight Boxing Championship, Northern Carnival, sparring against J. Maloney. At the end of the third round a winner was in doubt so the referee ordered another round but the issue was still in doubt. Alfred refused to box a fifth round so Maloney was declared the winner
* in Dec 1906 Alfred was chosen to represent New Zealand at the English boxing championships in London
* in May 1907 a letter Alfred wrote home was published in the 'NZ Truth'
* in 1917 he attended the Trade Union Congress Conference as a delegate of the Auckland Coachworkes Union

12 March 1886 Scaffolding Falls with Three Men
The Denizens of Freeman's Bay were thrown into a state of great alarm and excitement this afternoon by the unwanted occurrence in that quiet neighbourhood of a very serious accident. Three plasterers were busily at work upon a scaffolding drawn up to the third story of the brick hotel which is in course of erection at the corner of Victoria and Vernon-streets, when suddenly, with a great crash, the boards seemed to give way in the centre. Two of the men tumbled heavily to the ground, while the third was happily near enough to reach and support himself upon a cornice ... One of the two stunned men was seen to be JOHN SOAR, stepson of Mr BLEWDEN, the contractor for the erection of the hotel ... (more at the link)

Borough of Newton Valuation
Occupier's Name - BLEWDEN, William
Occupier's Occupation - Contractor
Property Description - Sub. 5 and 7 of Allot. 1 and 2 Princes Street
Rateable Value - £40.0.0 ($7,875 in 2012)
Date - 15 Jan 1888
Entry Number - 31
Owner's Occupation - Occupier
Record Title: - Borough of Newton Valuation List Richmond Ward

29 Oct 1888 Wellington - DEATH of WILLIAM BLEWDEN
The body of a man was found in the harbour at half-past 4 this morning. Two letters, one unopened and addressed to Thos. Blewden, contractor, Union or Cook street, Auckland, were found in the pocket. The body has not yet been identified
South Australian Register (Adelaide), 30 Oct 1888
Mr. William Blewden, a well-known contractor, was found drowned in Wellington Harbour. He was on his way to Melbourne
Evening Post 30 Octm1888
At the request of the widow of Mr William Blewden, the Auckland contractor, whose body was found on Te Aro beach yesterday, the arrangements for the interment of his remains have been undertaken by Mr Allan Maguire, contractor for the Te Aro reclamation. Deceased leaves a large family of eight sons and six daughters, several of whom are grown up
Evening Post - 30 October 1888 - An Unexplained Fatality
An inquest was held at the City Morgue this morning, before Mr Robinson, R.M., on the body which was found on the beach at Te Aro yesterday, and which has since been identified as that of William Blewden, contractor, of Auckland. Mr Wm. Eades was foreman of the jury.
Inspector Thomson was the senior police officer present
Dr Cole, who had made a post mortem examination of the body said that he found a quantity of sand and shelly gravel both inside and outside the clothing, and in the mouth and nostrils, as if it had settled there for some little time. The only marks of external injury were abrasions on the forehead, and at the back of the head, and cuts on the outside of two fingers of the right hand. These might have been caused by washing against the rocks, and though the bruises on the head might have stunned a man, they would not have been sufficient to cause death. On opening the head, he found the brain abnormal as to weight, shape, consistency and colour, while the upper convolutions were flattened, these appearances indicating that deceased had suffered from chronic inflammation of the parts, probably for some years. Witness thought he must have manifested during life some symptoms of both mental and physical aberration. Did not think it necessary to examine the body further. The congestion and distention about the vessels of the brain would almost of themselves be sufficient to account for death. The body had none of the ordinary appearances of drowning, and could not have been very long in the water. Deceased's eyes were evidently defective, and he thought being seized with giddiness. Could not say, from the examination, what was the cause of death, but could be certain that death was sudden, from the fluidity of the blood.
- to Inspector THOMPSON - This very abnormal condition of the brain might decidedly have developed suicidal tendencies. All the marks on the body were such as might have been caused by washing against rocks after death
- Constable DOYLE proved to finding the body and James G. Spence identified it as that of William Blewden, an Auckland contractor. The latter witness had known deceased for some years, and had never noticed any signs of mental aberration, or seen him the worse for liquor, His eyesight, however, was very defective
- Patrick HOULIHAM, platepalyer, employed on Mr A. Macquire's reclamation contract, said he saw deceased pacing to and from on the footpath in Willis-street at 4 o'clock on Sunday afternoon. Witness remarked to a friend that the deceased then looked half silly. He was them walking up and down, with his head sunk on his breast, as though thinking, but did not appear to be drunk
- Constable GLEESON deposed that he had ascertained on baord the s.s. Tarawera that deceased was a passenger by that vessel from Auckland to Melbourne, and that on his way to Wellington he had been so uneasy and troublesome that the steward was obliged one night to lock him in his bunk. He left the vessel at 7 o'clock on Sunday evening, and was not seen on board again. The steward came to the Morgue, and identified the body as that of the passenger he had alluded to. Inspector Thompson explained that as the steward would have lost his employment if he had been detained to give evidence, and as his testimony would not have been material, it was not thought necessary to keep him in Wellington.
- Inspector Thompson said that deceased had a very expensive lawsuit in Auckland last year, and had since had some very serious losses, which he thought, had affected his mind considerably. The doctor's description of the condition of deceased's brain had not at all surprised him.
The jury returned an open verdict of Found Dead
- William is buried unknown plot. Section C of E at Bolton Street Cemetery, Wellington

9 April 1889 TO LET, or Lease, large piece of Land, about 4 acres, with large iron shed on; suitable for garden or grazing paddock; at Cox's Creek, known as Blewden's paddock - Apply Mrs Blewden, Lower Cook-street

1890-1891 BURGESS ROLL for the City of Auckland
Voter's Name - BLEWDEN, Ann
Trade or Occupation - Widow
* Situation - Drake Street
Property Description - Allotments
Entry Number - 68
Rateable Value of each Property - £10

* Situation - Cook Street
Property Description - Wood Building (2)
Entry Number - 68
Rateable Value of each Property - £30

* Situation - Cook Street
Property Description - Wood Building
Entry Number - 68
Rateable Value of each Property - £18

* Situation - Union Street
Property Description - Wood Building and shop
Entry Number - 68
Rateable Value of each Property - £26

* Situation - Drake Street
Property Description - Shed, stables and allotments
Entry Number - 68
Rateable Value of each Property - £10

* Situation - Cook Street
Property Description - Wood buildings (2) etc.
Entry Number - 68
Rateable Value of each Property - £30

* Situation - Cook Street
Property Description - Wood building
Entry Number - 68
Rateable Value of each Property - £18

* Situation - Union Street
Property Description - Wood building and 1 shop
Entry Number - 68
Rateable Value of each Property - £26

16 May 1892 TO LET in Union-street, Shop and Dwelling (large yard) at a low rent - Apply Mrs Blewden, Cook-street

25 July 1894 TO LET in Union-street, near Freeman's Bay, Coal and Firewood Yard and Stables at a low rent - Apply Mrs Blewden, Cook-street and Stables, foot of Union and Drake-streets

26 Feb 1917 - DEATH of ANN BLEWDEN
Another old resident of Auckland, Mrs William Blewden, died yesterday, aged 78 years. Deceased was born in Nottingham, England, and came to Auckland in the ship Tyburnia in 1863. She was married to the late Mr William Blewden, who was a contractor in Auckland for many years, and, amongst other works, constructed the first reservoir at the corner of Ponsonby Road. Mrs Blewden is survived by 13 children, 34 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren
- Ann is buried Plot 49A, Block O, Area 2 at Waikaraka cemetery
In loving memory of Ann
beloved wife of William Blewden
died 25 Feb 1917 aged 77 yrs

16 June 1917 - Ann's estate was certified for stamp duty and was valued at ?3091 which is the equivalent in June 2012 TO $366,000

NOTES for amscott (see comments below)
* Peter Sydney Enting was married to Beatrice Lillian SCOTT
Beatrice Lillian Scott was born 23 March 1904, daughter of:
**George Litson SCOTT (1874-1943) & *Mary Beatrice MILLS (1877-1962)
no marriage found but Beatrice was an 'Enting' when she died 15 Sep 2003 aged 99

*Mary Beatrice MILLS was a daughter of Henry MILLS & Jane Fagg BATEMAN
- their known children were:
* 1877 - 1962 Mary Beatrice Mills
- as above
and twins ...
* 1881 - Lilian Jane Mills
* 1881 - Elizabeth Annie Mills

**George Litson SCOTT was a son of George SCOTT (1832-1877) & Elizabeth VICKERS (1845-1922)
- their known children were:
* 1866 - 1925 Emily Elizabeth Scott
married Octavius Wedderburn HOMES (1864-1917) from Herefordshire and had 7 children

* 1868 - 1925 Mary Ruth Scott
- married Arthur HARRIS (1866-1929) and had 8 children

* 1869 - 1932 Alfred Victor Scott
married Grace WOODCOCK of St Just, Cornwall, had a son Alfred (who was to marry Cecilia Evelyn UNWIN in 1919, had 4 known sons)

* 1872 - 1936 Sarah Scott
married Samuel John HULL (1865-1903) in 1895 and had 4 children
- 1 son, Henry Vickers Hull was KILLED IN ACTION in France
Sarah remarried in 1905 to John George BALL (1867-1959)
- and had 4 children
note - John George Ball had married Sarah's sister Eliza Scott in 1895 (see next)

* 1873 - 1901 Eliza Scott
married John George BALL (1867-1959) in 1895 and had 4 children
Eliza died in 1901 aged 28
John next married her sister Sarah (see above)

* 1874 - 1943 George Litson Scott
- as above

late notes
20 Feb 2013 - Di messages about a book written by Patricia Soar (1929-) and is awaiting its arrival from the Waikato University. This will be a very interesting read and helpful to this journal I'm sure
* it is a 32 page, illustrated book "Quarantined on arrival: the Soar family in New Zealand, 1863-1988" - Researched and edited by Patricia E. Soar, Publisher: Taumaranui: Soar Family Reunion, 1988
* the Tyburnia was quarantined between Rangitoto Island, (a volcanic island in the Hauraki Gulf near Auckland) and Motutapu, because of at least 35 of cases of small pox, 9 of which were serious & 26 mild cases, and the death of a 50 year old male. Once quarantined off Rangitoto all communication with her was strickly forbidden, There were about 300 passengers on board, most of them non-conformist settlers. The marjority were landed by 6 October (She left 21 Nov 1863 bound for Guam)

William Charles & Emily SOAR
CHILD ...#2
at their Golden Wedding Anniversary 1937

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That is a coincidence, coming across your Blewden names after having exchanged messages earlier. I have been researching Beatrice Lillian Scott who I think married Peter Sydney Enting somtime between 1938 and 1946. I found that Peter Enting had married Eileen May Blewden in 1924. Do you have a death date for her ?.

A relative had told me that Beatrice Lillian Scott had married an Enting. I found that in the 1946 Timaru Electral Roll Beatrice and Peter were both living at the same address, 16 Collingwood St, Timaru. Therefore seems that the two were married.

Beatrice Lillian Scott was the daughter of my grandfather's (Alfred Vickers Scott) brother (George Litson Scott). I don't have a great deal of information on George Litson Scott. Only found out he was my grandfather's brother about two weeks ago.

by amscott on 2012-02-15 15:20:15

The following was extracted from Library Edition, NZ Electoral Rolls.

1938 Eileen May Enting, Timaru
1938 Beatrice Lilian Scott, Avon, Christchurch.

1946 Eileen May Enting, 183 Wai-iti St, Timaru
1946 Beatrice Lilian ENTING, 16 Collingwood St, Timaru.
1946 Peter Sydney Enting, 16 Collingwood St, Timaru.

1963 Eileen May Enting, 30 Grove St, St Kilda, Dunedin

1969 Eileen May Enting, 30 Nelson St, Fielding.

1972 Eileen May Enting, 30 Nelson St, Fielding.
1972 Peter Sydney Enting, 42 Tawa St, Timaru. Real Estate Agent.
1972 Beatrice Lilian Enting, 42 Tawa St, Timaru. Housewife.

by ngairedith on 2013-02-18 07:09:14

by ngairedith on 2013-02-18 09:47:06

rewritten for Di and her husband

by cringles on 2014-02-10 07:40:44

Would love to be in touch with any Blewden researchers as I believe I am able to add more information regarding the UK Blewdens.

by jenny1956 on 2014-07-08 18:55:11

Hi - I came across your posting whilst doing research on the Soar family. Mary Ann Blewden was my great great grandmother through her marriage to John Hutchinson Soar. I am the great grand daughter of Richard Soar # 3 and grand daughter of Frederick Charles Soar. I have a number of copies of a booklet that was produced in 1988 "Quarantined on arrival: the Soar family in New Zealand, 1863-1988" that you referred to above and can forward some copies if you would like them. It refers to Mary Ann and details of their journey to NZ in 1863. I work in the family business Soar Printing in Auckland and we printed the book for the anniversary. I would be interested in any further information you have on Mary Ann Blewden - previously Soar and nee Bower.
Jenny Carter

by ngairedith on 2019-08-10 15:43:43


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