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BRODRIBB marriages 1855-1914 Victoria Australia

Journal by tonkin

BRODRIBB marriages 1855-1914 Victoria Australia.


Kenric Edmund
married: 1855 Mary Ann MCDOUGALL.

Edward Charles
married: 1857 Elizabeth NEALE.

Albert Eugene
married: 1857 Rose Helen NEALE.

Francis Claudius
married: 1860 Ellen Louisa BAKER.

Edward Hebden
married: 1860 Elizabeth WOOLLARD. (Nee COX)
My thanks to ngairedith for taking the time to pass on the family details for Edward and Elizabeth BRODRIBB appearing in the comments section below.

Kenric Edmund
married: 1861 Wynnie MURRAY.

Kenric Edward
married: 1874 Theresa Alice CASEY.

William Adams
married: 1875 Catherine Kennedy MCPHERSON.

married: 1875 Emily Jane STEVENS.
Marriage details and children of William BRODRIBB and Emily STEVENS appear in the comments section below. My thanks to fourpeaks for passing on the event dates.

Frederick William
married: 1887 Mary Ann Newton CALLANDER.

Edward Hebden
married: 1895 Annie Maude WALKER.

Harold Hebden
married: 1898 Gertrude Brodribb MCQUIE.

James Hebden
married: 1900 Elizabeth CHIGWIDDEN.

married: 1904 Mary Theresa ONEILL.

Malcolm Hebden
married: 1906 Mabel Louisa EXCELL.

Henry Alfred
married: 1908 Elizabeth ARMSTRONG.

James Hebden
married: 1912 Nellie Gladstone GUNN.

Sylvester Howard
married: 1913 Mary Constance ANDERSON.


Eleanor Hebden
married: 1857 James Blackmore MCQUIE.

married: 1872 Thomas JONES.

Caroline Lavinia
married: 1873 Horace Finn TUCKER.

married: 1883 James GREEN.

Elizabeth Jane
married: 1883 James Birch RICHARDSON.

Ellen Hebden
married: 1891 Edward John RADFORD.

married: 1893 Bernard Cecil SHAW.

Frances Catherine Hebden
married: 1898 John Webster LAWSON.
More details for Frances and John appear in the comments section below.
My thanks to
Muchelny for sharing these details.

Isabel Jane Blanche
married: 1905 Frederick Charles GASSON.

Rose Hebden
married: 1907 Thomas Dudley ROBINSON.

Louisa Alice
married: 1913 Thomas TERRILL.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the BRODRIBB lines.

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by tonkin Profile | Research | Contact | Subscribe | Block this user
on 2014-06-15 00:29:09

tonkin lives in Victoria, Australia.
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by ngairedith on 2014-07-06 09:26:35

hello tonkin,
a note for your readers ...
The Elizabeth Woollard who married Edward Hebden Brodribb (1832-1884) in 1860 (did so in a tent in the Ararat goldfields!), was a widow. She was Elizabeth COX (1835-1908), who had first married Samuel William Woollard (1831-1859)

The known above children of Edward & Elizabeth:
(most born in Ararat)
* 1862 - 1864 Elizabeth Brodribb
* 1864 - 1864 Fanny Brodribb
* 1865 - Ellen Hebden Brodribb
Ellen married Edward John RADFORD in 1891
* 1866 - Edward Hebden Brodribb
Edward married Annie Maude WALKER in 1895
* 1868 - 1941 Rose Hebden Brodribb
Rose married Thomas Dudley ROBINSON in 1907
* 1869 - Ada Brodribb
Ada (possibly) married Clarrie Wilson?
she married Bernard Cecil SHAW in 1893
* 1870 - 1917 Frances Catherine 'Fanny' Brodribb
Fanny married John Webster LAWSON in 1898
* 1871 - 1934 James Hebden Brodribb
James married Elizabeth CHEGWEDDEN (1860-1912) in 1900
he next married Nellie Gladstone GUNN (1892-1967) in 1912
* 1873 - 1944 Malcolm Hebden Brodribb
Malcolm married Mabel Louise EXCELL 1906
* 1875 - 1900 Harry Brodribb
Harry died from injuries in a game of footy aged 24
The Argus, Wednesday 13 June 1900 A team of St Arnaud footballers visited Gooroc on Wednesday last, and during a game that ensued Mr Harry Brodribb, a member of the firm of Brodribb and Co., drapers, was kicked in the side and injured internally. The injury was not thought seriously of at first, but alarming symptoms developed. Yesterday afternoon an operation was performed on the sufferer bt Mr Angwin, M.B., assisted by Dr Fleming, but the patient is in a very precarious condition. (Harry died 3 days later)

Harold Hebden Brodribb (1871-1937) & Gertrude Brodribb MCQUIE (1867-1949) died in Perth, WA and are buried Grave 479, Anglican Area at Karrakatta. They are buried with their 2 day old infant daughter, Winifred Brodribb (1900-1900)
* Gertrude got her middle name Brodribb from her mother who was Eleanor Hebden Brodribb (1833-1911) (who married James Blackmore McQuie 1830-1916 in 1857). Eleanor Hebden's brother (Gertude's uncle) was the Edward Hebden Brodribb who married Elizabeth Cox (the widow Woollard) !!
... what a tangled web we weave ...

all this because I was researching rugby/footy deaths :)

by tonkin on 2014-07-06 20:59:13

Thank you ngairedith much appreciated.
Have a great day.


by tonkin on 2014-07-07 21:25:08

Two more children can be added to the family tree for Edward BRODRIBB and Elizabeth WOOLLARD nee COX.

Frank BRODRIBB born 1876 in Ararat, Victoria.
Possible death is 1940 in Albert Park, Victoria, age 64 years.

Married Mary Theresa ONEILL 1904 in Victoria.
Mary died 1954 in Albert Park, Victoria, aged 80 years.

Robert Hebden BRODRIBB born circa 1883. (Birth not located)
Died 1932 in Horsham, Victoria, aged 49 years.

Married Lily Hannah WOOD 1921 in Victoria.
Lily died 1945 in Hawthorn, Victoria, aged 53 years.

Re: Frances Catherine Hebden BRODRIBB married to John Webster LAWSON in 1898.
Frances was born 1879 in Ararat, Victoria. Her birth was recorded as Catherine BRODRIBB but was married and died under the given names of Frances Catherine Hebden. She died 1917 in Sale, Victoria, aged 38 years.

It should also be noted that Elizabeth WOOLLARD nee COX was recorded in the births of her children as WOOLLARD, COX, COCK and COCKS.

These details may assist others researching this family line.

by fourpeaks on 2014-07-13 04:43:30

Hello Tonkin,
I'm FOURPEAKS I Have information for Thomas Brodribb M.A.J.P.Barrister
born 11th September 1836 parents. Thomas and Elizabeth (James)
married 17th November 1875
Emily Jane Stevens.
born 1852 Belfast- Parents Frederic Perkins Stevens-Jane(Rule) died.1911 Kew age 62.
Children. Isabel Jane Ada 3rd.Nov.1876 Warrnambool.
Frederick Thomas Emerson 17th.July. 1879 Warrnambool.
Sylvestor Ernest Howard. 9th. Jan. 1883 Kew
Noel Kenrie Stevens. O.B.E. 27th. Dec. 1885 Kew

by tonkin on 2014-07-13 21:15:25

Greetings fourpeaks.

Thank you for taking the time to share this information. I'm sure these event dates will be appreciated by others researching this family line.

Thanks again.

by Richardcastle on 2014-09-27 15:05:28

Hi anyone looking for English Brodribbs should know they were well established in the Chew Valley area of North Somerset. Many were buried a Clutton. Surviving graves date from early 19th Century
Photos of the graves are available Free of Charge from from --Clutton St Augustine part 3--The name comes from the local pronunciation of Bawdrip (Place) Somerset.

by tonkin on 2014-09-28 00:06:13

Thanks Richardcastle.
Helpful information for our BRODRIBB researches.
Every little bit helps.

by Muchelny on 2015-05-15 03:35:02

Frances Catherine Hebden BRODRIBB married to John Webster LAWSON on 7 April 1898.
Frances was born 24 December 1878 in Ararat, Victoria. Her birth was recorded as Catherine BRODRIBB but was married and died under the given names of Frances Catherine Hebden. She died 1917 in Sale, Victoria, aged 38 years (after childbirth). These people were my Great Grandparents. They had 6 children
Dorothy Amelia born Nhill Victoria 26 Feb 1899; died in 1988 Bendigo (didn't marry)
Henry John Webster (my Grandfather) born Nhill 2 April 1901, died 10 Nov 1976 in Chelsea Victoria, is buried in Rutherglen Victoria
Elizabeth Rosalie born Nhill 1902, married Ronald Noel Hugh-Jones 23/10/1940
William Edward born 1905 Stawell, died 29 Feb 1956 Parkville, married Amy Pearl Beck in 1933
Vincent Webster died at 4 days buried 7 June 1911 (buried with his mother)
Grace stillborn, buried 6 July 1917 (buried with her mother)

by Muchelny on 2015-05-15 03:42:08

Thank you Tonkin for your information it has helped me start on the research for my Great Grandmother Frances Catherine Hebden. We had found out only recently that there was a mix up with her names, as my Great Grandfather had to get copies of all her papers when she passed away, unfortunately as yet I haven't found these documents in my mothers collection. There is a lot of information about her brother Robert Hebden Brodribb on Trove (newspaper articles). I haven't confirmed it yet but he was supposed to have been given a medal in the war. I also have put together information on her husband, my Great Grandfather John Webster Lawson, he was an artist, trained in England.

by Muchelny on 2015-05-21 03:52:10

Robert Hebden Brodribb was born around 1885 as he was 29 years 8 months when he enlisted on 18 August 1914. He joined the 11th Battalion from Kalgoorlie WA. He was quite severely wounded and returned to Australia 29 July 1915. There have been some reports that he was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal, but I don't think he was ever awarded the medal (according to his military records) but I do think he was recommended for one. I think he must have gone to Kalgoorlie for work as a teacher as it seems all his family were in Ararat.

Also I am trying to find out more information on Thomas Brodribb who worked as The Inspector General of Schools Victoria and wrote a book called Health & Temperance Manual in 1981. We have a copy in our possession and my Great Grandfather John Webster Lawson was married to Frances Catherine Hebden and he was the Art Director at Sale Technical College from 1909 to 1928. We were wondering if there was a family connection or just a coincidence. Can anyone help me? Thank You

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