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Journal by historyhead

Our maternal family history has taken me on a crazy journey that's no-where near over yet. I knew next no nothing regarding the Bush line when I started but here is quick run-down of what I have found so far.

Abraham Bush (bc 1800 in England)he married Mary Tinker in Kent in 1825. They had 5 children and ended up in New Zealand in 1856. The family line that leads to me is as follows:

Thomas Bush (bc 1827, Surrey, England) married Eliza Clark in 1846 in Surrey, England.
Thomas James Bush (b 1852, Kent, England) married Mary Ann Nathan in 1876 in Wanganui, NZ
Sidney Francis Bush (b 1883, Christchurch, NZ) married Muriel Augusta O'Grady in 1907, NZ
Eric Charles Harold Bush (b 1908, Auckland, NZ) married Mona Adeline Zeppel in 1939, Vic

Eric and Mona (Zeppel) Bush were very well known dancers/actors/singers for theatre company J. C. Williamson's for many years touring Australia and New Zealand. Eric was in a film - with his mate Peter Finch, jumped into radio - he was Jack Davey's producer for many years and got to meet all the stars of the day. Then advertising - involved in ads like "Mr Sheen", "Louie the Fly", "Coca Cola" and many more. Eric's uncle (Sidney's brother) Ernest 'Pirie' Bush made a name for himself in theatre in New Zealand and Australia.

This family history obsession all started when I was about 6 years old when my Mother opened up an old box, filled with family treasures...............

I have alot of information on all the families listed, and would love to hear from you.

Warm Regards

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on 2009-09-10 05:48:46

historyhead , from historic Hawkesbury area, NSW, Australia, has been a Family Tree Circles member since Jul 2009. is researching the following names: BUSH, NATHAN, OGRADY and 142 other(s).

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by historyhead on 2009-09-10 05:52:22

by historyhead on 2009-09-13 05:33:25

ABRAHAM BUSH (born Eng, 1800 died 28/11/1873, Nelson, NZ)
married MARY TINKER (born 16/6/1800 Kent, Eng, died 8/8/1877, Nelson, NZ)
on 25 Dec, 1821 at Erith, Kent, England.

Their son THOMAS BUSH Snr (born c 1829, Eng, died 5/9/1905 Nelson, NZ)
married Eliza Jones - possibly previously Davis (born c1820, Eng, died 15/9/1903, Wanganui, NZ) on 30th November, 1845 at St. Michaels, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England.

THOMAS & ELIZA and their 4 children boarded the "John Masterton" on 17/10/1856 in London and arrived in Nelson, New Zealand on 8/2/1857. His father ABRAHAM also travelled with them and a WILLIAM BUSH (poss brother).

ABRAHAM set up life in Nelson running the Travellers Rest, Appleby, then Northumberland Arms and then the Steamboat Tavern.

THOMAS his son worked his trade, Cabinet Maker in Nelson before turning to running the Victoria Hotel in Nelson.

THOMAS & ELIZA's son THOMAS JAMES BUSH jnr (born c 1852, Eng) married a daughter of HENRY ANTHONY NATHAN & JANE (HEARN) - MARY ANN (b c 1856, Wanganui) on 17th March, 1876 at her fathers residence, Wanganui. Children:

GEORGE WILLIAM 1877 M Joan Susan Swann Watt? in 1896

ALICE MAY MARION 4/12/1877 died 1/6/1879 18 months old

CHARLES R 21/7/1879 Victoria Ave, Wanganui
m Dec, 1914 to Ruby Wilson
died 1/6/1936


SYDNEY FRANCIS b 1883 Christchurch.
d 20/10/1932
1 child:
b 24/2/1908, Auckland
m MONA ZEPPEL 24/6/1939 Christ Church, Sth Yarra
Victoria, Australia
Died 27/7/1977 Richmond, NSW, Australia

ERNEST PIRIE b 1889 d 1965, South Australia.

THOMAS & MARY ran T Bush's Drapery & clothing shop in "Alpha House" Victoria Ave, Wanganui. They then moved the premises to Ridgway Street opposite the Princess's Theatre and was noted regularly for his outstanding window displays. After many years they moved to Wellington where he opened the Union Clothing Co. He was President of many Clubs over the years from Bowling Clubs to Regatta's to School Boards. His wife MARY ANN died on 21/9/1925. The following year in 1926 THOMAS JAMES BUSH married his wife's sister -SUSAN HEARN NATHAN COKER. He being 74 yrs and she 68 yrs. They enjoyed 4 years of marriage before SUSAN died on 24/10/1930. THOMAS JAMES BUSH died on 21/11/1931.

I am interested in any information especially regarding:

SYDNEY FRANCIS BUSH b 1883 Christchurch. d 20/10/1932


PATRICK O'GRADY b 17/3/1864, Galway, Ireland)
d 15/11/1922, Wanganui?

MARY AGNES GLASSAD b 1863, Mellow, Cork, Ireland
d 1/5/1897 Takapau, NZ

by bydahl on 2009-09-27 21:43:34

Hi, From your information your Muriel Augusta O'Grady was my Great grandmothers sister Eileen Mary O'Grady who I think was born at Oamaru . It is spelt Omaru on her marriage Certificate.I would like to keep in touch .
Regards Chris

by historyhead on 2009-09-28 06:02:42

Hi Chris,

Thanks so much for your response.

I have the children of Parick & Mary (Glassad) O'Grady as:

Nellie b 1884 d 1884 6 months
John Joseph b 1886
Muriel Augusta b 1888
Kathleen Blenda b 1889
Ernest William b 27/9/1883 d 1/10/1918 France
Gladys Madeline b 1896

So I was surprised to see another one, which is why this is so much fun, never know what you're going to find out... I am stumped with one particular fact, we always thought that Muriel was Maori but when I found her surname to be O'Grady (obviously Irish) well the plot thickens at that point.... have you heard anything in your family about that.

Did your Eileen marry Edward Charles Brown 1905 or William Henry Taylor in 1911?



by historyhead on 2009-09-28 06:04:53

Ooopps Patrick

by bydahl on 2009-09-28 22:05:18

I am thrilled to be in touch as I had very little family history to go on. I met my G Grandmother once when I was a small child and she gave me a walking talking doll which I cherish. I also have a photo of Muriel and Eileen which I will try to scan and send to you I always thought theere was only the two girls so imagine my suprise when I now have all these Great Great Aunts and uncles. I am going to phone my Auntie in Victoria and see if she knows any of this, she is 81 but is usually switched on, she has also done a lot of her paternal history. My GG Grandmother married Edward Charles Brown in 1905. There have always been rumour of Maori and Spanish blood but like you it seems to be very Irish. I am checking on Patricks father at the moment and beleive his name is Malachi which is VERY Irish.
Warm regards Chris

by historyhead on 2009-09-29 07:06:53

Hi Chris,

WOW!!!! You have to understand that when I started this side all anyone in our family knew was that "Illidge" - I now know her as Muriel Augusta O'Grady was known as "Illidge", born in New Zealand with obvious Maori blood (as her son and one of his daughters had the kinky hair and colouring! We knew that she married Sydney Bush and they had one child, divorced and she came to Sydney, Australia with her son Eric when he was about 5-6 years old c 1914. More family folklaw was that Sydney - a painter - went on to San Francisco after the divorce, became a well known artist and had a street named after him. I have blown the street one out of the water as I discovered that there is a Bush Street but it was named in c 1847 - Sydney was born in 1883. But he did go to San Francisco so I'm following up on that.

So to find out Muriel's parents were Irish put me in a spin. So glad to hear about the rumours from your side. Spanish... that is interesting - I wonder from which line that started? Did you also know that her mother died in 1897 at 33 years old, Muriel being 9. Patrick then married Anne Henderson and they went on to have children as well - so there are half brothers and sisters as well that you don't know about, I wonder if your Aunt knows about all this as well, it's all rather interesting.

Thanks again

To hear that you have a photo is amazing.. I have only one possible photo of who we think is Muriel and her son Eric (my Grandfather) but it is so far away you can't see faces anyway. Unfortunately Eric passed away in a fire in 1977 and everything went with him, so photo's of that side are rare.

I am happy to report that the surprises just keep coming! You are correct in saying that Malachi/Malachy O'Grady is Patrick's father. See below for more info. I have a bit of info on him
and related families.

Malachy O'Grady
b c 1831, Galway, Ireland
m c 1861, Galway, Ireland
d 8/7/1906, Christchurch, New Zealand

Bedelia (Bridget) Hynes
b c 1839, Galway, Ireland
d 1/5/1922, Christchurch, New Zealand


Patrick b 1862
Mary (Catherine) b 1864
John b 1865
Thomas b 1868
Malachy Marvin b 1870
Bridget b 1875
Timothy b 1879

Patrick b 1862 married Mary Agnes Glassad on 7th June, 1883 at Oamaru, children are listed in one of the previous messages. I am still looking into the other children he had with Anne Henderson.

In 1885 Patrick was running the Railway Hotel, in Weston and was charged with - wait for it - "Allowing a portion of his premises to be used as a dancing saloon" and how "a number of young persons were dancing and there was playing of an accordeon". Good on you Patrick, nothing like a bit of music and dance to cleanse the soul. I have a write up about that that is quite amusing and I'm going to put it in a journal.

I'll have a look at the Brown side for you as well and see what I can come up with.

PS...Something else you might not know, Eric was an actor and played lead role in a film made in Australia in 1940... more about all that later...

Thanks again

by bydahl on 2009-10-14 17:36:31

Haven't forgotten the photo, have spoken to the Auntie who said it was fasionable to be Maori.I have no doubt we are related way back there as Auntie is also looking for a large photo of Eric which is somehow mislaid at the moment. She appears to have known him very well and told me of a meeting with Gladys Moncrieff. I will get in touch privately as I am going to my Granddaughters Christening in Newcastle in March and would love to meet you. Also planning the trip to NZ .
Regards Chris

by historyhead on 2009-11-22 19:14:54


It seems Thomas James Bush married Eliza Clark. Not sure as to where and when. I'll keep updating.

by historyhead on 2010-02-10 17:39:16


Thomas James Bush did marry Eliza Clark in November, 1846 at St Mary, Lambeth, England.

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