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can any one help me with my family

Question by lynnjones50

my mun was carol anne huber born 11/3/1943
my grandmother was violet louisa stout born 3/3/1914

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on 2020-08-28 12:29:26

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by tonkin on 2020-08-29 00:10:07

Where was your grandmother Violet Louisa STOUT born and what details are you looking for?

by markav on 2020-08-29 06:19:59

Hi Is this the family?
Name: Violet L Stout
[Violet L Huber]
[Violet L Gard]
Gender: Female
Marital status: Single
Birth Date: 3 Mar 1914
Residence Year: 1939
Address: 33 Thomson Crescent
Residence Place: Croydon, Surrey, England
Occupation: Coil Winder (Radio)
Line Number: 2
Schedule Number: 227
Sub Schedule Number: 3
Enumeration District: CLLN
Borough: Croydon
Registration district: 39-2
Household Members:
William S Stout
Florence Stout
Violet L Stout
Edna M Stout
Olive F Stout

by markav on 2020-08-29 06:38:16

Name: Violet L Stout
Registration Date: Jul 1940
[Aug 1940]
[Sep 1940]
Registration Quarter: Jul-Aug-Sep
Registration district: Croydon
Inferred County: Surrey
Spouse: Karl B Huber
Volume Number: 2a
Page Number: 2664

by lynnjones50 on 2020-08-29 12:05:44

yes thank you this is the family i am looking for

by markav on 2020-08-29 12:14:23

what are you wanting to know

by lynnjones50 on 2020-08-29 12:27:02

i want to know my grandparents stouts full names and my grandparents names on the stout side. i want to what other country they come from apart from england.

by lynnjones50 on 2020-08-29 12:29:40

i would like to know karl b huber full name. i know karl was from germany and i would like to his parents full names .

by markav on 2020-08-29 17:08:51

Karl Barradale Huber was born 21/3/1910 in Fulham london
his father was Simon Huber born c1874 in Bavaria Germany
his mother was Agnes Emily Barradale and they married 1904 in Leicester
and his sisters were Mary Gretchen 1905, Evelyn Agnes Cissie 1907 he was listed as Barry on the 1911 census

by lynnjones50 on 2020-08-29 21:54:39

thank you.
can you please help me with william s stout and florence stout. i would like to know more information on them please.

by lynnjones50 on 2020-08-29 22:23:19

can you please help me find more information for my father thomas william jones born 30th november but i know what year.

by lynnjones50 on 2020-08-30 01:52:58

can you help me find information on reginald charles smallridge born 26th september and died 18th june 1991. could you also give me information on his parents

by lynnjones50 on 2020-08-30 01:54:56

could you please give me any information on amelia violet jackson born in nz 1903 and had nine children and also can you give me any information on her parents .

by lynnjones50 on 2020-08-30 01:56:57

could you please give me any information on michael henry o"leary and could you please give any information on his parents and his children

by lynnjones50 on 2020-08-30 06:34:45

Can anyone help me with the last 5 questions please

by markav on 2020-08-30 07:46:35

Morning, I will start with William Stout

William Sidney Stout

BIRTH 13 JUL 1893 Wandsworth, London
DEATH 18 FEB 1983 Croydon, Surrey, England

his Father was

William James Stout

BIRTH 11 JAN 1864 Lingwood, Norfolk, England
DEATH 30 AUG 1923 Croydon, Surrey, England

and his mother was

Mary Jane Jones

BIRTH 27 FEB 1873 Lingwood, Norfolk, England
DEATH 06 NOV 1942 Hendon, Middlesex, England

this is the family in 1911
Name William J Stout Age 47 Head
Birth Place Lingwood, Norfolk, England
Address 24 Eridge Road, Thornton Heath
occupation Tramway Motor Man
Household Members
Mary Jane Stout Age 39
William S Stout Age 16, (he also worked on the tramway) Annie Stout 12, Nellie Stout 10, Frederick Stout 7,Lily 6,Robert Stout 1.

William James was born in the Blofields Union Workhouse, Lingwood Norfolk to Phoebe Stout, unmarried mother it appears she had a daughter also called Mary Anne born in the same place
Phoebe was born c1818 and died in 1881 in Barrywood Asylum. Kidney Disease

let me know if you wish for me to research further back. I have also found photo of William James stout and wife Mary

by lynnjones50 on 2020-08-30 10:12:48

Can you research further for me please

by lynnjones50 on 2020-08-30 10:54:02

Can you research back as long as it is connect to my grandmother violet Louis's stout

by markav on 2020-08-31 06:19:33

Phoebe Stout's parents were William c1758 and Mary Henry 1781-1856 they married in Norfolk 1814 Mary was William's second wife as his first wife died.

Williams parents were Thomas Stout 1717 and Emma

by markav on 2020-08-31 07:20:52

Florence Pedgrift bn 1897 in Steying Sussex and married William Sidney Stout in 1913
Parents were John bn in Yourkshire 1875-1913 he was a Brewers Dray man and Louisa Morley 1875-1914 both died in Croyden.

Name: Carol A Huber
Registration Date: Jan 1966
[Feb 1966]
[Mar 1966]
Registration Quarter: Jan-Feb-Mar
Registration district: Surrey Mid Eastern
Inferred County: Surrey
Spouse: Thomas W Jones
Volume Number: 5g
Page Number: 141

to assist you further I will need more info
do you have any info on your father at all did he live with you if so where and when did he leave ?
You I believe were born in Yorkshire did you remain there with you mum?
If you don't have any other info the best way to start would be to obtain their Marriage Certificate

by lynnjones50 on 2020-08-31 07:30:53

Thomas William Jones has a sister Dorothy coley nee Jones she was married to Anthony Coley they had three sons peter,Anthony jnr and mark Coley

by markav on 2020-08-31 12:29:47

do you know when Dorothy was born

by lynnjones50 on 2020-08-31 18:09:36

I think Dorothy was born in england

by lynnjones50 on 2020-08-31 18:52:33

Dorothy live at 44 pengarth ave Bexley Kent england I hope this Helps

by markav on 2020-09-01 08:22:01

Hi was Dorothy older than your dad

by lynnjones50 on 2020-09-02 04:53:34

I can tell you if Dorothy was older than my dad I have know idea

by lynnjones50 on 2020-09-02 04:56:29

Can anyone also help with the questions I asked can anyone help me find more about Michael henry O'Leary and Amelia violet Jackson and Reginald Charles smallridge

by markav on 2020-09-02 06:33:46

I cannot find any more info on you father as I said before you will need to get their marriage cert to find out the name of his father.

Name: Reginald Charles Smallridge
Death Date: 1991
Cemetery: Timaru Cemetery
Burial or Cremation Place: Timaru, Timaru District, Canterbury, New Zealand
Has Bio?: N

by lynnjones50 on 2020-09-02 06:54:02

Is there anymore information on Reginald Charles small ridge it would be could to find his parents names

by markav on 2020-09-02 07:39:54

I have been unable to find any birth record for Reginald do you know where was he born? in NZ?

by lynnjones50 on 2020-09-02 11:44:23

I don't know where Reginald was born in new zealand

by markav on 2020-09-03 06:19:53

Name: Amelia Violet Jackson
Gender: Female
Marriage Year: 1926
Marriage Place: New Zealand
Spouse: Michael Henry O'Leary
Relation: Bride (Wife)
Folio Number: 3810
Name: Amelia Violet O'Leary
Birth Date: 21 Sep 1903
Birth Place: Lyttelton, Christchurch City, Canterbury, New Zealand
Death Date: 1 Sep 1956

Cemetery: Timaru Cemetery
Burial or Cremation Place: Timaru, Timaru District, Canterbury, New Zealand
Has Bio?: N
Spouse: Michael Henry O'Leary
Children: Michael E O'Leary

I have been unable to find any more info

by lynnjones50 on 2020-09-03 07:05:43

Can you find out information on Michael henry O'Leary and find Michaels parents names please and also Michael henry O'Leary children names

by markav on 2020-09-03 10:38:37

Michael Henry O'Leary
BIRTH 1892 New Zealand
DEATH 28 SEP 1961

look on

Photo added by Ray O'Leary

Michael Henry O'Leary
BIRTH 25 Jun 1892
Timaru District, Canterbury, New Zealand
DEATH 28 Sep 1961 (aged 69)
Timaru District, Canterbury, New Zealand
Timaru Cemetery
Timaru, Timaru District, Canterbury, New Zealand
PLOT 1697

MEMORIAL ID 166569759 · View Source


Amelia Violet O'Leary
Died Sept. 1st 1956 aged 53
Baby Michael died Feb. 15 1939 aged 11 days
Michael Henry O'Leary
27056 - 8th Reinforcements N.Z. Rifle Brigade 1st NZEF, husband of above
died Sept. 28th 1961 aged 69

Evelyn Kate O'Leary

Robert Henry O'Leary

Michael O'Leary
BIRTH 4 FEB 1939 Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand
died 15 FEB 1939

Norma Amelia O'Leary
died 1974

Violet Shirley O'Leary
died 2001

June O'Leary


John O'Leary
BIRTH 1854 • Castlegregory, County Kerry, Ireland
DEATH 11 SEP 1918 • Timaru, New Zealand
College Road Timaru, New Zealand
Timaru Herald, 12 September 1918, Page 9 MAN JUMPS OVER A Cliff An old resident of Timaru, Mr John O'Leary, reached a sad ending yesterday morning when he committed suicide by jumping over a cliff. He was employed at Mr H. B. Kirk's brick yard

Margaret Tagney
BIRTH 1858
DEATH 1920 • Timaru, New Zealand

by lynnjones50 on 2020-09-03 10:48:23

Can you find more about john O'Leary and Margaret tagney please can you find out who johns parents were and Margaret parents are please

by markav on 2020-09-03 12:05:59

Name John O'Leary
Gender Male
Baptism Date10/06/1854
Baptism Place Rathmore With Nohaval and Kilcummin, Kerry, Ireland
Father Thadmus O'Leary
Mother Mary Linehan
FHL Film

Name John O'Leary Death Age 64
Birth Date 1854
Death Date 11/09/1918
Burial Place South Canterbury Cemetery Timaru

Name Margaret O'Leary ne McBride
Death Age 62
Birth Date 1858
Death Date 02/02/1920
Burial Place South Canterbury Cemetery Timaru

by lynnjones50 on 2020-09-03 13:14:51

Can you find more information on Michael henry Amelia violet o'leary children and if the children had kids

by markav on 2020-09-04 06:24:13

Evelyn Kate O'Leary married Noel Leslie Gosney 1923–1990 had children but no names as most still living
Have been unable to find anymore info on the other children

by lynnjones50 on 2020-09-05 06:56:14

Can you please find information on Michael henry O'Leary other children

by markav on 2020-09-05 15:20:38

I have been unable to find any info on the other children

by lynnjones50 on 2020-09-05 23:21:17

Can you find more information on simon Huber and Agnes barradale Huber please

by markav on 2020-09-07 10:27:46

I can find nothing else on Simon Huber
only that when he married Agnes in 1904, Leicester, he gives his address as 130 Greenhays Lane, Moss Side, Manchester and was a hotel manager. His father was John a farmer who was dead.
Last place I find him is on the 1911 census with the family in Fulham
he is not listed with them in later electoral rolls but he may well be as he may not have been eligible to vote, being foreign. I will keep looking. No death record either.

by lynnjones50 on 2020-09-09 05:39:23

Could you please tell me what other country's i have relatives in

by markav on 2020-09-09 12:57:15

As far as I can see no other countries

by lynnjones50 on 2020-10-29 03:55:47

Can you please find me anymore information on Florence pedgrift. Her parents names any brothers and sisters. Also her parents mother and father please

by lynnjones50 on 2021-05-26 07:57:41

reginald charles smallridge think he was born in invercargill new zealand not sure if this correct. can you please find out if he was born any where else in new zealand or overseas please

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