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CAULFIELD War Memorial WWI - L

Journal by ngairedith

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any SOLDIER known to have died as a POW is indicated by *

LAURIE, Bertram Alfred - Private 1387
- born 1894 in Melbourne to John Walter LAURIE (1869-1947) & Phoebe Josephine PRIEST (1864-1909)
- enlisted from Claremont, Tasmania
- Baker of Alder Street, Caulfield
- served with 15th Battalion (Infantry)
- embarked from Melbourne
- father, John Laurie, Alder St, Caulfield & 156 Olive St Caulfield
- KILLED IN ACTION 30 April 1915 at Gallipoli aged 21
- Quinn's Post Cemetery, Gallipoli, Turkey
- re buried Grave 4, Row A at Popes Hill Cemetery
* 5' 6", dark complexion, brown eyes, dark brown hair

LAURIE, Peter Frederick - Gunner 31420
- born at Footscray to Peter LAURIE (1863-?), 8th of 12 children of Peter LAURIE & Jean WEYMES) & Jane Ross DONALD. They owned land called 'Red Hill' near Murphy's Flat. When the railway line passed through the area, the railway station was called Laurie. (Between Dunolly & Inglewood)
- a Clerk of 31 Droop St, Footscray
- served with 10th Field Artillery Brigade
- embarked from Melbourne 23 Dec 1916 on RMS Orontes
- father, Peter Laurie of same address, also 10 Halstead St., Caulfield
- DIED OF HIS WOUNDS 13 Sep 1917 at Dickebusch, just south of Ypres, aged 23
- Godewaersvelde British Cemetery, France
* eye witness accounts:
- medium height, thick, stout set, fair, very jovial, sang well, did not smoke, single
... he died at the 37th C. C. Station of multiple shell wounds
... he was wounded while asleep under the tarpaulin alongside the ammunition wagon at Dickebusch. There were only five or six shells came over at the time and this was the only one to do any damage - it was a direct hit. I was on the spot immediately we heard the shell land and saw him taken away. He was a late Reinforcement and had only been a few weeks with us
... we were hit by the same shell at Dickebusch at 1.30 a.m. and were together at the 1st Dressing Station and at the C.C.S. where he died the same day white I was there after an operation. The C.C.S. was about 12 miles from Dicebusch. Private George Kruger 31954 was there wounded with us
... Laurie was hit at Dickebusch by a shell and died of wounds the next day, buried at Godwaesveldte about 3 kilometres from Popperinghe. I detailed the burial party

LEE, Henry Iliff - Corporal 3755
- memorial has M. J. Lee
- born 1887 in Walhalla, Victoria to Charles Harrison LEE (1846-1903) & Elizabeth SMITH (1859-1945), attending State School 957, Walhalla, Victoria
- Henry was a Hairdresser, enlisting 23 Sep 1915 from the Military Training Camp at Blackboy Hill, Western Australia (10,399 people enlisted at Blackboy Hill, used to house large numbers of Australian Imperial Force (AIF) troops before they left for the various battlefront locations. Troops were transported to the adjacent Helena Vale Railway station and marched across to the camp, so as to not interfere with the working of the Eastern Railway)
- served with 51st Battalion (Infantry)
- embarked from Fremantle 12 Feb 1916 on HMAT Miltiades
- mother, 'Leslie' 5 Willow St, Elsternwick
- KILLED IN ACTION 14-16 Aug 1916 at Mouquet Farm, France aged 29
- exhumed from the vicinity of Pozieres and reburied Plot 10, Row M, Grave 2 at Serre Road Cemetery No 2, Beaumont Hamel, France
* 5' 6" Dark complexion, hazel eyes, brown hair
* Henry, nicknamed 'Curley', was the 7th born of thirteen children, in the busy gold-mining town of Walhalla. Henry's brother, Charles Gordon Lee of Darling road, Caulfield, when speaking of Henry said, "Henry led a splendid life in every respect and stuck to his widowed mother till duty called. Henry was a splendid athlete and without enemy." Henry's father died in Kalgoorlie in 1903, his mother living till the 15th. June 1945, died at Malvern
* in 1917 brother Charles Gordon Lee was living at Repton Road Caulgield East
Kalgoorlie Miner, WA. 14 August 1917
... LEE ? In loving memory of our dear brother, Corporal Henry Lee, who was killed in action in France on August 14th, 1916. One of God's best._ ? Inserted by his loving sister and (brother-in-law. B. and J. Pinkus, brothers George Lee (Beria). Roy Lee (Perth) and fiance, Minyon Griffiths
... LEE ? In loving memory of my dear mate, Henry (Curley) Lee, who was killed in action at Mouquet Farm, on August 14th, 1916. One of the whitest, one of the best ? Inserted by Vic Pinkus.
... LEE ? In affectionate memory of 'Curly' Lee, killed in action, France, August 14th, 1916. ? Inserted by his old pal and comrade, Roy Fitzpatrick.
... LEE ? A tribute to the memory of our dear friend, Sergeant Henry J. Lee, who was killed in France. 14th August, 1916. R.I.P.

Le BROCQ, Norman Edward - Private 3080
- born May 1897 Stawell, Victoria to John Henry and Susan Le Brocq,, he attended Glen Huntley State School
- a Blacksmith of Park Avenue, Glenhuntly
- served with 58th Battalion (Infantry)
- embarked from Melbourne 29 Sep 1915 on RMS Osterley
- father, John Henry Le Brocq, 18 Park Ave., Glen Huntley
- KILLED IN ACTION 27 March 1918 in France aged 20
- St Pol British Cemetery, St Pol-sur-Ternoise, France
* 5' 6", sallow complexion, blue eyes, fair hair
* eye witness account:
... I was travelling by train to Doullens, and we were in St Pol Station, which was about 20 miles behind the line, when the Germans started shelling the station with long range guns. The train was moved outside the station, and received a direct hit from a 12" H.E. shell, which killed 11 men outright, and wounded about 10 more. I stopped behind to clear up and saw, and recognised, the bodies of Jack Reid, Frank Bunting and 'Hallie' Phillips, under the horses with which they had been travelling, also the body of Cpt. Joe Cook, who had been thrown over a hedge, and Charles Beer, who was lying on the line. They had all been killed outright. I also saw the bodies of R/Q/N/Sgt Osborne, and Ptes. Rompie, Le Brock, and Day, who had also been killed outright by the shell. It happened at about 8p.m. towards the end of march 1918. We had to leave the bodies on the side of the line and continue our journey. The Railway Transport Officer, at St Pol Station, promised to attend to the burial

LEACH, Cuthbert Francis - Private 2854
- memorial has C. F. Leich
- born 1895 at St Arnaud to Henry Francis LEECH & Margaret MUIR
- he was a Carpenter of 55 Bowen St, Moonee Ponds
- served with 37th Battalion A.I.F.
- embarked from Melbourne 16 Dec 1916 on HMAT Medic
- father, Henry Leach, of same address
- DIED OF BRONCHO PNEUMONIA 17 Nov 1918 at 40th Stationary Hospital France aged 21
- buried St Marie Cemetery, Havre Div. 62, Row Q, Grave Certified by Headquarters 17 April 1919
* Wounded Sep-Oct-Nov 1917, fractured humerus and ribs, severe
* Father lived in Moonie Ponds. However person giving info to the War Memorial historian was R. Bowen of Hotham St, Elsternwick

LEMON, Henry David - Private 493
- memorial has H. N. Lemon (best match is Henry David)
- born 1874 at at Isleworth, England to Frank LEMON (1844-1888) & Rachel PRYKE (1844-1910). He attended school at Arragon Rd., Twickenham, England.
- enlisted from Albert Park (10km from Caulfield)
- served with 5th Battalion (Infantry)
- embarked from Melbourne
- wife, Annie Lemon, 10 Dow St, South Melbourne (9km from Caulfield)
- KILLED IN ACTION 25 April 1915 in Gallipoli aged 40/41
- Lone Pine Memorial, Gallipoli, Turkey
* 5' 10", sallow complexion, grey eyes, brown hair
* Henry was previously in the R.M.A serving on the HMS Camperdown. He was onboard when she rammed the Victoria on 22 June 1893. He married Annie Elizabeth LANGDON (1875-1959) in Middlesex, England in 1900 & had 3 daughters in England:
1901 - Norah Annie Innis Lemon
1903 - Eileen Dora Lemon
1907 - Kathleen Margaret Lemon

LENNON, Hugh - Private 3868
- born April 1886 in Tanjil, Victoria to William LENNON (1856-1903) & Mary McDonald (?-1950)
- a Sleeper Hewer c/o Miss Lizzie Boyce, Bringolong, Victoria
- served with 23 Infantry Battalion
- embarked from Melbourne 8 Feb 1916 on HMAT Warilda
- mother, May Lennon, 26 Parkville St, Burnley & 7 Sheady St, Richomnd
- KILLED IN ACTION 4 Aug 1916 in Moquet Farm, France
- Courcelette British Cemetery, France
* 5' 11", medium complexion, brown eyes, brown hair
* reported missing, certified 1 Oct 1917 as killed in action
- eye witness account:
... I saw him lying at Moquet Farm but don't know what happened after

LENNON, John Alexander - Private 3574
- born Nov 1890 in Geelong to William Lennon & Margaret McDonald Ellison ???
- Labourer, with sister Ellen E. Lennon at Mr J. Crisp, Bell St, Coburg
- served with 29 Infantry Battalion
- embarked from Melbourne 1 Aug 1916 on HMAT Orsova
- sister, Ellen Eliza Lennon c/o Rev F. Lewin, 'Vicarage', Elwood, Victoria
- also mother, Mrs William Watts of 118 hawthorn Rd, Caulfield
- KILLED IN ACTION 29 July 1918 aged 27
- Mericourt-L'Abbe Communal Cemetery Extension, France
* Elsie Elizabeth Lennon, N.O.K and beneficiary. Informed base records she had no objection to 'our mother' receiving war medals. address given - Mrs M Watts 118 Hawthorn Rd., Caulfield,
wife of William Watts.
* 5' 7", dark complexion, grey eyes, brown hair
* on 20 May 1921 his sister Ellen wrote: "My father William Lennon deserted my mother and family of six about 30 years ago, and as my mother who was in delicate health was unable to keep her family without his support, the State took them all over, five at first and the remaining one - james - a few years after. My late brother No. 3574, Private John A. Lennon, 39th Battalion, and myself, two brothers and one sister were taken care of by Mrs Murray, Kilgour Street, South Geelong, until we were 13 years of age when we were put to work. I have three brothers who were killed in action, as under:-
No 3774 Pte J. H. Lennon, 29th Battalion
No. 133, Pte. H. Lennon, 8th Light Horse Regt.
No. 1366, Pte. R. Lennon, 7th Battalion
All were unmarried. I was next-of-kin to the first and last mentioned. I have no objection to our mother being given the medals"
* in 1922 his mother & stepfather received his British Bar
* in his Will left everything to his sister c/o Mr J. Crisp. In 1924 she was in Kew

LENNON, Richard - Private 1366
- born Nov 1887 in Geelong
- a Labourer of 3 Robb St, Spotswood, Victoria
- served with 7 Infantry Battalion
- embarked from Melbourne 2 Feb 1915 on HMAT Clan McGillivray
- stepfather, William Watts, Spotswood
- KILLED IN ACTION 7 Aug 1915 at Gallipoli aged 27
- plot 2, row A, grave 43 Shrapnel Valley Cemetery, Gallipoli, Turkey
* 5' 7", medium complexion, hazel eyes, dark brown hair
* Richard Lennon was a state ward. HIs mother wrote from 11 Hawthorn St, Caulfield on 25 Sep 1920: "Dear Sir, In reply to your enquiry re the father of Private R. Lennon. I do not know as he deserted me and the six children twenty six years ago at Wangaratta. The youngest being in arms at the time. The police hunted for him but did not find him and the children were taken by the state. Afterwards married Mr W. Watts"

LEWIS, Henry - Private 3073
- born June 1896 in Tasmania
- Driver of 5 Buckley Street, East Caulfield
- served with 6 Infantry Battalion, 15th Machine Gun Company
- embarked from Melbourne 29 Sep 1915 on RMS Osterley
- mother, Henrietta Peterkin of same address
- KILLED IN ACTION 20 July 1916 in France aged 20
- Plot 1, Row B Rue-Du-Bois Military Cemetery, Fleurbaix, France
* 5' 6", fresh complexion, grey eyes, brown hair
* his stepfather Henry Peterkin, of Carnegie, signed the consent form for Henry's enlistment

LEWTAS, Ivo Lawrence - Private 6828A
- born Maryborough, Victoria in 1899
- Ivo was a Student on enlistment
- served with 24th Battalion (Infantry)
- embarked from Melbourne 21 Nov 1917 on HMAT Nestor
- father, James Jesse Lewtas of 45 Selwyn Ave., Elwood, Victoria
- also, father J. Lewtas, 63 St Georges Rd. Elsternwick
- DIED OF HIS WOUNDS 8 August 1918 in France aged 19
- grave 6, row A, plot 5 Crouy British Cemetery, Crouy-Sur-Somme, France
* 5' 8", fair complexion, brown eyes, black hair

LINGHAM, Arthur Robert - Company Sergeant Major 415
- born 1890 in Nathalia, Victoria to William Octavius LINGHAM (1859-1939) & Jane Clotilda LIDDY (1858-1941)
- he was in the Commonwealth Civil Service prior to enlisting
- served with 29th Battalion (Infantry)
- embarked from Melbourne 10 Nov 1915 on HMAT Ascanius
- father, William Lingham, "Acheron" Royal Ave., Glen Huntley.
- DIED OF HIS WOUNDS 5 Dec 1916 at 38th casualty clearing station France aged 26
- buried Heilly Station Cemetery (adjacent to Hospital) Mericourt-L'Abbe, France
* Arthur had a sister, Elsie May Maud Lingham (1887-1952) & a brother, Bertram Gordon Clement Lingham (1901?1941)
NOTES Arthur was just over 6' tall. He was promoted to Sergeant on 10 March 1916. Wounded accidently in France, receiving a gun shot wound to the upper left wrist on the 22 July 1916, receiving initial treatment at the general hospital in France and then on the 26 July 1916 transferred to the Kitchener Hospital in Brighton, England. Returned to France on 14 October 1916. Promoted to Company Sergeant Major 24 Nov 1916
* His father wrote a very moving piece about Arthur on the War memorial circular; "He was of an interesting nature. Good musician and tenor singer. Likewise an all round sportsman and a general favourite in the regiment also amongst the general public, both home and abroad"
* The Argus, 5 Dec 1919 LINGHAM HINES CLARK ? In loving remembrance of our dear friend, Arthur Robert Lingham, died of wounds received in France 5th December, 1916; also our dear nephews and cousins, Harry Clark, died of wounds, 5th General Hospital, France, 7th October, 1918; and Sam Hines, killed in action in France 24th October, 1917. (Inserted by Mr. and Mrs. Borlase and family, Claremont avenue, Malvern)
* The Argus 5 Dec 1921 LINGHAM ? In loving memory of our dear son, Company Sergeant-Major, Arthur Robert Lingham, 29th Batt., who died of wounds in France, 5th December, 1916. Loved in life, honoured in death, treasured in memory. (Inserted by his loving parents, brother and sister)
* The Argus, 5 Dec 1940 LINGHAM.-In memory of Arthur Robert, son of the late W. and J. Lingham, brother of Bert and Elsie, died of wounds December 5 1916 (22 Royal Avenue. Glenhuntly)

LINTON, Cecil Arthur - Gunner 35032
- born in Burnie, Tasmania 22 Jan 1896, a son of Samuel LINTON & Margaret Howells HOOPER. He attended Caulfield Grammar thence to the Dental College and the University of Melbourne
- Dental Student of "Clontarf" Meadows St., East St. Kilda
- served with 6th AFA Brigade Australian Field Artillery
- embarked from Melbourne 9 Nov 1917 on HMAT Port Sydney
- father, Samuel Linton, of same address
- KILLED IN ACTION 28 July 1918 in France aged 22.6
- Villers-Bretonneux Military Cemetery, France
* 5' 7?", fresh complexion, grey eyes, brown hair

LLOYD, George Francis - Company Sergeant Major 11821
- born in Kilmore, Victoria 5 March 1895. Only son of Methodist minister, Rev. George Samuel LLOYD & Helena Jane HONDS of the Methodist Parsonage in Stawell, later moving to the Parsonage in Mimosa Street Caulfield
- George attended Wesley College Melbourne
- a Clerk of 5 Levien St, Essendon
- served with M T Australian Army Service Corps att 3rd Division School
- embarked from Melbourne 5 June 1916 on HMAT Afric
- father, G. S. Lloyd of same address, previously in Caulfield
- DIED OF PLEURITIS at the 1st Casualty Clearing Station, France
- Estaires Communal Cemetery and Extension, France
* 5' 6?", fresh complexion, grey eys, brown hair

LOOKER, Frederick Keith - Lance Corporal 308
- born in Melbourne Aug 1886, to George Arthur LOOKER (1850-1906) & Fanny Rosina DICKSON (1854-1940 daughter of Bassett Dickson of Glen Ayr, Richmond)
- a Bank Clerk of Murrumbeena
- served with 22nd Battalion (Infantry)
- embarked from Melbourne 10 May 1915 on HMAT Ulysses
- mother, Fanny Rosina Looker, Neerim Rd, Murrumbeena
- DIED OF JAUNDICE 15 Nov 1915 at St George's Hospital, Malta aged 29
- Grave 5, Row D at Pieta Military Cemetery, Malta
* 5' 8", medium complexion, grey eyes, brown hair
* brother of William Robert below
* had a brother, Harold George Looker #13337 (1882-1919)

LOOKER, William Robert - Sergeant 917
- born 1893 in Murrumbeena, Victoria to George Arthur LOOKER (1850-1906) & Fanny Rosina DICKSON (1854-1940), Later moving to 18 Grant St., East Malvern
- enlisted from Ripponlea, a Station hand of Neerim Rd, Murrumbeena
- served with 5th Battalion (Infantry)
- embarked from Melbourne 21 Oct 1914 on HMAT Orvieto
- mother, Fanny Looker, of same address
- DIED OF HIS WOUNDS at No. 12 General Hosp. Rouen, France aged 23
- St Sever Cemetery Extension, Rouen, France
* 5' 11", dark complexion, brown eyes, black hair
* brother of Frederick Keith above
The Argus, 7 December 1916
Sergeant William R. Looker, youngest son of Mrs George Looker, of Murrumbeena, is reported by the Defence department to be dangerously ill. He is suffering from gunshot wounds in the knee, thigh, and arm. On the outbreak of war Sergeant Looker was one of the first lads to enlist from the Murrumbeena district He was in the landing at Gallipoli, and sustained slight wounds both there and later on in France, but until last month, when he met with his present casualty, managed to keep continuously at the front.
The Argus, 6 December 1916
LOOKER - About 2nd December, 1918, at No. 12 Australian General Hospital, Rouen, France, died of wounds, Sergeant William Robert, 5th Battalion, D Company, A.I.F., beloved youngest son of Mrs Looker and the late George Looker, of "Yambee," Neerim road, Murrumbeena. Thrice previously he was slightly wounded, but remained
continuously at the front since the landing at Gallipoli. He faced many hardships and perils, and died a gallant soldier, serving his King and country to the end. Age 23 years

LONG, Cuthbert Jones - Private 469
- born 28 Aug 1870 in Melbourne, attended Scotch College
- a Brokerage Clerk of Hotham St, Brunswick
- served with 7 Infantry Battalion
- embarked from Melbourne 19 Oct 1914 on HMAT Hororata
- widowed mother, Marie Latour Long, Hotham St, Elsternwick
- KILLED IN ACTION 25 April 1915 - 2 May 1915 Gallipoli Peninsula aged 44
- No 2 Outpost Cemetery, Gallipoli, Turkey, 1? miles NNE of Anzac Cove
* 5' 11?", ruddy complexion, blue eyes, brown hair

LONG, Robert Arthur - Private 1050
- born in Richmond to George Frederick & Rosetta Lavinia Long, attended Tooronga Rd., State School, Malvern
- a Printer of Leamington Cres., Caulfield East
- served with 6th Battalion (Infantry)
- embarked from Melbourne 19 Oct 1914 on HMAT Hororata
- sister, Rosetta Mary Bishop, of same address
- KILLED IN ACTION 8 May 1915 at Gallipoli Peninsula aged 33
- Helles Memorial, Gallipoli, Turkey
* 5' 7", fair complexion, brown eyes, brown hair
* written by sister Rosanna Mary Bishop, Dandenong & Bourke Rd., East Caulfield ... "His eldest brother served in the Boer War now living in Colchester in Essex, tried 5 times to enlist but was rejected as medically unfit. Because he was discharged from Boer War as medically unfit"
* his sister Rosetta wrote on 22 July 1920, from East Malvern ... "I am the nearest blood relation, his father, mother, sister, deceased. The eldest of family, a brother, left Australia for Africa 25 years ago and has not returned since, his name is Charles Frederick Long, last heard of in Colchester, England, where my brother-in-law, Corp W. P. Brown late A.I.F. saw him when in England. I am the eldest sister & only living blood relative of the deceased soldier in Australia & was a dependant & next of kin"

LORDING, Harry Griffith - Private 3867
- born March 1886 in Kensington, Melbourne to John Charles & Mary Hannah Lording, attended Parkside State School in Adelaide, Brother of James Jones next
- Landscape Gardener of 17 Melton Place, West Melbourne
- served with 3rd Battalion Australian Machine Gun Corps
- embarked from Melbourne 8 Feb 1916 on HMAT Warilda
- father, John Charles Lording, 55 Maugham St, Parkville, West Melbourne
- KILLED IN ACTION 5 April 1918 in France aged 32
- Ribemont Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme, France
* 5' 8?", fresh complexion, blue eyes, light brown hair
* brother of James Jones Lording below
* Harry is first left, sitting on ground
* Court Martialled 8 May 1917. AWOL twice (total of 27 days) & when in lawful custody awaiting trial he escaped twice (arrested once in London & again in Poole). Then AWOL again for 16 days. He forfeited 220 days pay

LORDING, James Jones - Private 2462
- born Oct 1890 in Kensington, Melbourne to John Charles & Mary Hannah Lording, attended King Street State School, Melbourne, Brother of Harry Griffith above
- Carpenter of 27 Milton St, West Melbourne
- served with 58th Battalion (Infantry)
- embarked from Melbourne 25 Sep 1916 on HMAT Shropshire
- Father John Charles Lording 55 Maugham St, Parkville, West Melbourne & also of 27 Milton St, West Melbourne
- DIED 14 March 1918 in Belgium aged 28
- Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Belgium
* 5' 8", fresh complexion, blue eyes, light brown hair
* brother of Harry Griffith Lording above
* court martialled a number of times (AWOL & escaping from prison, insubordination, resisting an escort), received 6 months. Rejoined unit 1 Fen 1918 & killed in action 2 months later

LOUDEN, Andrew Anderson - Trooper 2131
- born in Ballarat, attended Dana Street School, Ballarat
- served with 1st Australian Battalion Imperial Camel Corps
- embarked from Melbourne
- father, Henry Louden, "Musellabeh" 40 Meredith St., St. Kilda
- KILLED IN ACTION 10 April 1918 in Palestine aged 23
- Jerusalem War Cemetery, Israel
* his uncle, Lieutenant D. L. Thomas, Royal Engineers B.F.F., was killed in action the previous week on 30 March 1918, during the British retreat from Mont St Quentin to Amiens, France

LOVE, Colin Douglas Grant - Driver 3277
- born Feb 1896 in Melbourne, a Clerk of 'Rosslyn' Rosedale Ave, Glenhuntly
- served with 2nd Mechanical Transport Company 6th Field Ambulance
- embarked from Melbourne 4 June 1915 on HMAT Ajana
- father, James Edward Love of same address
- KILLED IN ACTION 18 August 1918 in France
- Daours Communal Cemetery Extension, France
* 5' 10?", dark complexion, brown eyes, black hair
* Colin received the Military Medal posthumously: "On 10 June 1918 near Albert during the successful attack by the 7th Australian Infantry Brigade near Morlancourt, Driver Love drove his Ford motor ambulance car continually from an R.A.P. back to the Relay Post. During this time, for about twelve hours, there was very heavy shelling, and the road was particularly dangerous. He helped to load and unload the car, and by his careful and courageous driving continuously kept the evacuation route open and prevented congestion. He showed great courage and devotion to duty". On 2nd May 1919 they wrote to his father asking if he would like the medal forwarded to him or if he would like it to be handed to him publicly. His father chose to be handed it publicly
* Dorothy Maud Grant Love of Rosedale Ave, Glen Huntley, received his personal effects and was the sole benefactor in his Will

LOVE, James Richard - Private 3064
- born Oct 1891 in Carrum, Victoria to Richard & Mary Love, attended Caulfield State School
- a Labourer of Almond St, Caulfield
- served with 59th Battalion (Infantry), C Company, 15th Brigade
note record varies, also has Private 3061, 58th Battalion, transferred from 6th
- embarked from Melbourne 29 Sep 1915 on RMS Osterley
- father, Richard Love, of Almond St, also Sycamore St, also Hawthorne Rd, also Poplar St, all in Caulfield
- KILLED IN ACTION 19 July 1916 in France aged 24
- plot 6, row J, grave 41 Ration Farm Military Cemetery, La Chapelle-Darmentieres, France
* 5' 4?", fresh complexion, grey eyes, auburn hair
* first reported missing, court of enquiry on 28 Aug 1917 declared him killed in action - eye witness accounts:
... I say positively casualty is not missing. I saw him at Perham Downs, England in June 1917, where he was at mess. I spoke to him. I congratulated him. He told me that he had been reported missing
* a sister of Sycamore St, Caulfield asked they forward her letter, of 28 Sep 1916, to him
* his father wrote on 30 Sep 1916 "Dear Sir, my son J. R. Love, No 3064, 59 Batt C Company was reported as missing on the 19 July last. Since then I have nothing. If you could supply any further information it would relieve my anxiety"

LYALL, Brian - Gunner 1277
- born Feb 1893 in Townsville, Queensland to William & Margaret A. Lyall
- enlisted from St Kilda, Victoria
- a Ploughman of 'Ivanhoe' Glen Eira Rd, Elsternwick
- served with 6th Battery 2nd Field Artillery Brigade
- embarked from Melbourne 20 Oct 1914 on HMAT Shropshire
- widowed mother, Margaret A. Lyall, of same address, later Murphy St, South Yarra
- DIED OF HIS WOUNDS 1 Dec 1915 at Gallipoli aged 22
- buried grave 8, row 9 at N.Z. Point Cemetery, Gallipoli
- re interred grave 5, row I Ari Burnu Cemetery, Gallipoli, Turkey
* 5' 7", fair complexion, blue eyes, light brown hair
* letter dated 18 Oct 1920 "I, William Lyall, 22 Logan St, Canterbury, Victoria, do solemnly and sincerely declare that my mother & father are both deceased. I am the eldest brother of the late Gunner Brian Lyall No.1277"
* Letters from an ANZAC gunner compiled & edited by K. M. Lyall
The Argus, 21 Dec 1915
... LYALL - Died of wounds on 1st December, Gunner Brian Lyall, 6th Battery 2nd Brigade, A.F.A., 1st Division, younger son of M. A. Lyall, 'Ivanhoe " Gleneira road, Elsternwick, and the late William Lyall of Greenvale Station, North Queensland, aged 22.
... LYALL - A tribute to our dear comrade Gunner Bryan (Peter) Lyall, killed at Gallipoli 1st December, 1915. He died as he lived - nobly. (Inserted by past and present members of the Christ Church Cricket and Football Club, South Yarra)
The Argus, 2 May 1936 LYALL - In loving memory of our nephew, Brian Lyall, who fell at Gallipoli landing. Inserted by his loving uncle, C. Sproule Hemphill, 12 Cole street, Elsternwick

part of the Battle of the Somme and followed the Battle of Pozieres - see Hugh Lennon

from Connecting Spirits 2012
Stretcher bearers of the 6th Australian Infantry Brigade, under the Red Cross Flag, passing the old cemetery of Pozieres, having come from the line near Mouquet Farm. Image from Australian War Memorial

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