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Charles Graves and his partner, Brownlee leased the southern 4000+ acres of Jamieson's Special Survey in 1851 at 10 shillings per acre while the Connells leased the northern 1000+ acres between the mouth of Tassells Creek and Ellerina Rd. (Leonard Wilding's History of the Mornington Peninsula, 1905.)

Charles hawked goods such as drapery throughout the Peninsula and was often helped by George McLear,son of his business partner in this venture, the widow, Mary Ann McLear. George would take a change of horses to Frankston when Charles was returning from Melbourne with new stock and sometimes accompanied Charles on his rounds to places such as the Cairns families' "Little Scotland" at Boneo.

On May 10 1859, Charles bought allotment 13 section 2 Kangerong for 166 pounds 12 shillings and 2 pence. Consisting of 166 acres 2 roods 17 perches and having the second 2000 link (400 m) frontage east of Collins Rd, it was granted to Thomas Monahan on 19-11-1856, probably for the same price (or more) because a pound per acre was the usual upset(reserve) price. Charles was astute to buy at this time because a pier had been approved at Schnapper Point at the expense of Dromana (which argued that its population was larger.)If he'd waited a couple of years, the purchase price would have been bigger because the Dromana pier had been built.

Charles had the block fenced by Thomas and Charles Rymer and carried out other improvements with the help of young George McLear before selling the block to his business partner, George's mother, on January 31 1860 for 200 pounds. (A DREAMTIME OF DROMANA.)

Soon after, Charles established the first store at Shoreham and on 7-2-1868 purchased crown allotment 15 section A, north of Punty Lane and west of Tucks Rd from the Crown. He named his farm Woodlands".

Plenty of information but unanswered questions. It would seem that Charles went out of his way to help widow McLear. Was Charles a Bachelor at the time? He certainly married but when?

GRAVES.-On the 17th August (suddenly), at "Woodlands," Shoreham, Jane, beloved wife of Charles Graves, aged 74 years, (P.60, The Australasian, 26-8-1905.)

EventDeath Event registration number8978 Registration year1905
Personal information
Family nameGRAVES Given namesJane SexUnknown Father's nameWhite Geo Mother's nameMaud (Unknown) Place of birth Place of deathFlinders Age74

GRAVES.—On the 29th June, at "Woodlands,"Shoreham, Charles Graves, aged 81. A colonist of 57 years. A patient sufferer at rest. (P.1, Argus, 3-7-1906.)

EventDeath Event registration number9095 Registration year1906
Personal information
Family nameGRAVES Given namesChas SexUnknown Father's nameGraves Thos Mother's nameUnknown (Butt) Place of birth Place of deathFlinders Age81

Mr. Charles Graves, one of the Mornington peninsula pioneers, died on Friday night, aged 81 years. Mr. Graves settled on what was then known as "The Survey" —now Dromana — in 1850, and resided there during the intervening 56 years. He was probably one of the best known men in the district.(ABOUT PEOPLE, P.6, The Age, 2-7-1906.)

AHA! Charles was single when he was being so helpful to Widow McLear..He married Jane in 1863.
EventMarriage Event registration number2815 Registration year1863
Personal information
Family nameGRAVES Given namesCharles SexMale Spouse's family nameWHITE Spouse's given namesJane

NAME.....................YEAR OF BIRTH.......REGISTER NUMBER.
THOMAS JOSHUA..............1864........................14788
WILLIAM JOHN...................1871........................23261

Photo No.; Name;----------- Born; Died; ---------------Age; Spouse; Extra; Section.
544 GRAVES Charles --blank 29/06/1906 81 Jane Church of England
542/543 GRAVES Charles,blank 19/09/1929 blank blank par Charles & Jane Church of England
544 GRAVES Henry blank 09/03/1873 4 blank par Charles & Jane Church of England
544 GRAVES Jane blank 17/08/1905 74 Charles with Jeremiah White Church of England
544 GRAVES,William John, blank,11/03/1873 11 par Charles & Jane Church of England

SIR, - Re "New Chum's" inquiry in your last issue as to the oldest resident of the Peninsula, I think I am one of the few that are left. I left the Isle of Man in August, 1849, and arrived in Melbourne December the same year. After spending 12 months near Melbourne, I came to Dromana (then called Jamieson's Survey) on January 15th, 1851. I rented 4000 acres of land from the Bank of Australia for nine years, and in 1860* bought the property I am now living on. You will therefore see that I am one of the old pioneers. C. GRAVES. "Woodlands," Shoreham. (P.3, Mornington Standard, 22-3-1902.)

(*The parish map gives 7-2-1868 as the date of purchase of his grant described below but a lands department copyist may have misread a badly printed 0 as 8 or Charles might have bought a grant of about 150 acres from the grantee, such as James Byrne's c/a 22 of 151 a. 2 r. 18 p. just north of the Stony Creek crossing, east into the parish of Balnarring.)

Mornington Standard (Vic. : 1889 - 1908) Saturday 20 September 1902 p 2 Article
On the road from Dromana to Flinders, Mr C. Dowling has about 250 acres of good land, 140 of which is cleared and makes an ideal little dairying block. The property is beautifully situated on a slope facing the north and a clear running creek forms the boundary of the farm, which has been appropriately named "The Glen." Dairying at present occupies Mr Dowling's attention and he grows the usual fodder crops necessary for that industry.
(Thomas Dowling was granted crown allotment 3 section A Flinders on 6-2-1884, Bounded by a straight eastern continuation of Shands Rd (N), Tucks Rd (W) and Stony Creek, its Tucks Rd frontage went south to about the location of 339 Tucks Rd in Melway 255 H3. As this consisted of 109.75 acres, "The Glen" probably included c/a 12 of 140 acres granted to Daniel Nowlan and south east of c/a 3 or Edmund Riley's grant, c/a 4 of 139 acres, across Tucks Rd from the southern half of c/a 3. This entry was included to indicate that the special correspondent was travelling down Tucks Rd.)

A little further along the road toward the coast we come to "Woodlands," a property of nearly 400 acres, belonging to Mr Graves, a very old resident of the district. Besides having a large orchard and garden, the owner of "Woodlands" goes in largely for poultry farming. Mr Graves also conducts one of the oldest storekeeping businesses in the southern part of the Mornington Peninsula. The property is in good order and crops of any sort should grow well in the rich chocolate soil.

(Bounded by Tucks Rd (NE) Punty Lane (SE) and the western arm of Mantons Creek in Melway 255 H7 and to the middle of G6 (SW), this was Charles Graves' grant of 190 acres 3 roods and 30 perches. On 11-3-1896 Charles Graves and Thomas Dowling had purchased c/a 11 of almost 64 acres which was probably part of the 400 acres in 1902 but it's anyone's guess where the other, roughly, 150 acres were.
POSTSCRIPT. See ROSE VIOLETat end of journal. Thomas Dowling must have bought Charles' share of the 64 acres and his roughly 400 acres consisted of c/a 15, 190.3.30 + c/a 21, 192.3.20, a total of 383.3.10, nearly 384 acres. It is unclear whether his store was on 15, 21 or the small allotments in the township of Balnarring where the Frankston-Flinders road crosses Stony Creek and the creamery was located.

The farm known as "Seaview," recently part of the estate of the late J.T. T. Smith*, has now been purchased by Mr Sutherland. 'The property contains about 80 acres and,like most of the Shoreham land, is an ideal dairying block, for which purpose Mr Sutherland intends to utilise it, and has a good strip of land under cultivation to provide green feed for his cattle. The homestead, which was built by the late Captain Brown, is in a good position, and the Shoreham creamery adjoins the property.

(There is no grant of about 80 acres on Tucks Rd but as it was across the road from Higgins' 149 acres (c/a 24 south of Higgins Lane, Melway 256 C-E 9 roughly), adjoined the Shoreham Creamery, and was followed by the Higgins and Riley farms, it was obviously c/a 28 of almost 85 acres south of Beach St, the correspondent having travelled to the south end of Tucks Rd and turned sharp left into Frankston-Flinders Rd with Seaview on the right (near the sea) and then Higgins and Riley on the left (south and north of Higgins Lane) just before the creamery and the Stony Creek crossing.)

*Smith falsely accused Charles of stealing his heifer. See:

If this couple arrived on Henry Tuck's former run before Charles Graves it would have only been by few months because Charles also claimed to have arrived there in 1860.

Catherine's obituary in 1911.


SIR,-I beg to acknowledge receipt of £4 14s from Mr D. Buckley, hon.secretary of the Balnarring testimonial
fund, being a surplus which that committee had after purchasing the gold locket which they presented me with on
the 18th ultimo. I wish to thank my many friends and sympathisers who took such an active part in the matter.
-I am yours sincerely,CHARLES GRAVES,JUN. Shoreham, 20th November, 1896.(P.3, Mornington Standard, 26-11-1896.)

I don't like mysteries and the solution showed that it was Charles Graves Junior who'd been accused of stealing J.T.T.Smith's heifer.

Great sympathy is felt for Mr. C.Graves in this district in the trouble and expense to which he has been put in proving his innocence of the charge of cattle stealing recently brought against him. A public meeting was held in the schoolroom on Thursday last to discuss the subject and it was decided to hold a dance in honour of Mr. Graves, and present him with a gold locket suitably inscribed, as a mark of the esteem in which he is held in this locality. A committee was appointed to make all necessary arrangements for the dance and to canvas the district for subscriptions.(P.3, Mornington Standard, 20-8-1896.)

Charles Graves Junior's birth record does not seem to be on Victorian BDM. He came close to being killed in 1906, the year of his father's death. It is not clear whether his visit had been to John Calvin Griffith, son in law of Thomas and Catherine Dowling, or Jonah (Dohn) Griffith, his brother.

Mr Charles Graves, jun, of Shoreham, had the misfortune to meet with a very painful accident whilst driving in his jinker on Sunday evening. Mr Graves had just left the residence of Mr J. Griffith, when one of the wheels of the jinker suddenly collided with the post of a culvert, the result being that Mr Graves was thrown heavily on to the ground, one of the wheels striking him a nasty blow on the side. Despite his severe shaking he retained possession of the reins, preventing the pony from running away.

Fortunately, assistance was close at hand, and Mr Graves was promptly conveyed to Mr Griffith's house, where he complained of a severe pain in the side. An examination of the part disclosed the necessity of obtaining medical advice, as it was apparent some bone was fractured. Dr Somers, on arrival, found that Mr Grace had sustained a fracture of two of his lower ribs, and these were quickly attended to, Mr Graves experiencing much relief after the bandaging operation. Mr Graves is now able to be up,and will probably return to his home at the end of the week. (P.5, Mornington Standard, 31-3-1906.)

Charles Junior died in 1929 according to the Flinders cemetery records but my hope of finding his approximate year of birth from his death record was dashed by the discovery that this wasn't on Victorian BDM either. He did die in 1929.

Application has been made by the Trustees,Executors and Agency Company Limited and Miss Ruby Elizabeth Cole for probate of the will and two codicils of Charles Graves, formerly of Mornington. but late of Corowa, N.S.W., who died on 19th September. The estate is valued for probate at £8463. consisting of personalty only, and, subject to a legacy of £100 to the Corowa Public Hospital, is held in trust for relatives and friends. There are also assets in New South Wales. (P.10, The Age, 7-11-1929.)

His death notice was found but doesn't supply his age.It indicates that the birth records of some of his siblings are also missing.
GRAVES. — On the l9th September, at Corowa, New South Wales, Charles, son of the late Charles and Jane Graves, brother of T. J.Graves. Mrs. J, Symonds. Flinders, and Mrs. G. M. Wilson. Red Hill, formerly of Flinders and Mornington.(P.13, The Age, 21-9-1929.)

Charles Junior would have moved to Mornington in early 1908, having sold Woodlands.
Mr. Graves of Shoreham, has disposed of his farm there, at a satisfactory figure to a farmer from Healesville. (P.3, Mornington Standard, 11-1-1908.)

No wonder his age and year of birth are not given on the gravestone in the Flinders cemetery!
The death occurred suddenly yesterday morning of. Mr. Charles Graves, who for the past five or six years had been a resident of Corowa, having come from Mornington (Vic.), where he conducted an agency business. The late Mr. Graves came to Corowa for health reasons about 26 years ago, spending the winters here, then returning to his business in Mornington. He was very well known and highly esteemed by all who knew him. Upon taking up residence in Corowa a few years ago, Mr. Graves purchased "Twilight" and resided there until his death. His remains were taken to Flinders (Vic.) and the funeral will take place to-morrow afternoon. The Rev. Canon Ross-Edwards will perform the burial service.(P.2, The Corowa Free Press, 20-9-1929.)
MRS. G.M.WILSON.(nee Jane Graves.)
5. G.M.Wilson who fought in the Boer War, married Jane, the daughter of Charles Graves Snr,(pioneer on Jamieson's Special Survey, Shoreham storekeeper and owner of "Woodlands" in the parish of Flinders.)

Re 5. Former councillor David Jarman started it all off when he suggested that I contact Peter Hemphill about the BACK TO RED HILL, adding that Peter was a "(grandson of Jerve Wilson) orchardist who served in the Boer war." Peter didn't know of any relationship to Sarah Wilson's descendants and Jean Rotherham told me to check with Bev Laurissen who was quite sure there wasn't one. I thought that Boer War records might give details about the soldier's parents but I couldn't find his service record.

That was when janilye came to the rescue.
And this is what I wrote to Peter.
Your grandfather may not have been a descendant of Sarah Wilson, pioneer on Jamieson's Special Survey, but your grandmother was the daughter of Charles Graves, who with a partner named Brown-Lee (according to a heritage study) leased the whole survey in 1851 when Henry Dunn's lease expired.

Charles was a hawker who travelled to Melbourne to buy goods that he would sell all over the peninsula,including the Cairns family's "Little Scotland" on the north east corner of Browns and Boneo Rds. His partner in the hawking business was Mary McLear whose husband had been killed near the Plenty River at the end of 1849; she arrived on the survey shortly after Charles Graves. Young George McLear helped by taking a change of horse to Frankston when Charles was coming back from Melbourne and accompanied Charles on one amusing visit to Little Scotland.(Pages 98-9,.34-5 A DREAMTIME OF DROMANA.)

Charles bought and fenced the property at Dromana which became the McLear family's "Maryfield" before becoming a storekeeper at Shoreham and a landholder in the parish of Flinders. As soon as I saw janilye's statement that your grandfather married Jane Graves, I knew who would be her father. Two death notices for Jane's brother prove that it was Charles Graves senior, the former hawker.

by janilye on 2015-01-25 16:18:36
Good heavens all this chasing your tails when you should have asked me!!
His name was Gervaise Maison Wilson and his service number was 508.
You'll find him on the Nominal Roll page 248.
All information is held at the Australian War Memorial which is now all online or a phone-call away.
Happy Australia Day.

by janilye on 2015-01-25 16:28:37
NAME: Gervaise Mason Wilson
BIRTH YEAR: abt 1880
AGE: 85
DEATH PLACE: Dromana, Victoria
SPOUSE: Christian Jane Graves married 1908

by janilye on 2015-01-25 16:50:32
I see he was listed in the electoral rolls as Gervase Mason, however on his enlistment into the 3rd. Contingent the spelling of his name was Gervaise Maison.
Private Wilson was invalided back to Australia om 2 May 1901
Off to War.

by itellya on 2015-01-25 17:46:46
Thanks janilye, you're a marvel!

GRAVES.- On the 19th September, 1929, at Corowa (N.S.W ), Charles, son of the late Charles and Jane Graves, brother of T.J. Graves, Mrs J Symonds (Flinders), and Mrs G M Wilson (Red Hill), formerly of Flinders and Mornington.
GRAVES.-On the 19th September at Barina, Corowa, Charles, beloved brother of Isabella (Mrs Symonds), Thomas, and Jane (Mrs Wilson), aged 58 years, late of Flinders, Victoria.
(P.1, Argus, 20-9-1929.)

He would have been born in about 1871.
EventDeath Event registration number20765 Registration year1944
Personal information
Family nameSYMONDS Given namesIsabella SexFemale Father's nameGRAVES Charles Mother's nameJane (Murdock???) Place of birth RYE Place of deathHASTINGS Age84
As her mother's maiden name was wrong*, it is possible that her age is too unless she was born before Charles and Jane married in 1863.
*There are only four marriage records for Charles Graves, with the brides' maiden names being White (1863), Costello (1881), Manderson (1913), and Carson (1887). However there is an explanation for Charles Grave's wife's name being given as Jane Murdock. See ROSE VIOLETat the very end of the journal.

The birth at Rye indicates that Charles Graves' wife Jane was the daughter of George White, an early limeburner near Sorrento and Rye, one of whose kilns was on the Rye Footy Ground. (Details of this Irish White family can be found in LIME LAND LEISURE. George White bought Edward Williams's old butchers shop near GEORGE STREET in Sorrento. He may have had three brothers.) Perhaps one of them was Jeremiah with whom Jane was buried at Flinders. He was!
Extract from ON THE ROAD TO ROSEBUD re the 1859 petition against a fence being built across the peninsula from White Cliff.
Many of the limeburners would have been illiterate. Their names would have been printed (by Peter Purves or James Sandle Ford) and followed by "their mark", usually a cross (X). The names on the petition opposing construction of the fence were: James Ford, Peter Purves, Robert Rainey, James Patterson, George Mitchell, Robert Quinan, George White, Robert White, Richard White, Jeremiah White , James Swan, Arthur Robinson MATCD (presumably the other Melbourne resident), Alfred Evans, Nathan Page, John Dillon, Edward Russell, Patrick Sullivan, Edward M.Williams, Richard White, George White!, Isaac Prout, Owen Cain, Mrs John Devine, Ben Stennigan (Stenniken), Timothy Sullivan, Thomas Clancy, George Baker, Charles Dean, Mrs Edward Skelton, Samuel Clark, Samuel Williams, Richard Kenna (Melbourne resident!)

Snr Constable O'Shannassy was asked to ascertain why the settlers and limeburners had signed the petition. He found that Clark, Williams, Nathan Page, Mrs Skelton and Jeremiah White had not signed and weren't even asked to sign. George White senior and Robert Quinan, both limeburners, had signed, not wanting to offend their old neighbours,even though they actually wanted the fence. Thomas White and 15 other limeburners wanted the fence to prevent Ford and Purves overgrazing the area with their combined 800 head of cattle. They complained that their own bullocks (obviously used for ploughing and hauling lime)were dying from starvation. Robert, George and Richard White, Ford, Purves, Cain, Stennigan (sic), and Patrick and Timothy Sullivan feared that their cattle would be turned out of the area.

EventDeath Event registration number19267 Registration year1951
Personal information
Family nameWILSON Given namesJane Christian SexFemale Father's nameGRAVES Charles Mother's nameJane (White) Place of birthSHOREHAM Place of deathMORNINGTON Age76
The year of death and age indicate that she was the daughter born in 1875. See birth records above.

EventDeath Event registration number10671 Registration year1934
Personal information
Family nameGRAVES Given namesThomas Joshua SexMale Father's nameGRAVES Charles Mother's nameJane (White) Place of birth Place of deathCHELTENHAM Age70

Among my early journals was one about the White family of Rye, Sorrento, Rosebud and Red Hill. Robert White was connected with all four areas in rate records and local histories so I assumed that the same family had pioneered all four areas. Then I received private messages from yenram and toolaroo.
White Family Pt Nepean yenram 2012-04-11 20:02:50
Blooming Bob White toolaroo 2012-10-28 05:47:01

Our conversations continued for some time and I finally came to understand that there were two different families, Yenram's family at Rye and Sorrento being from Ireland and toolaroo's family at Rosebud and Red Hill being from Clackmannan in Scotland. Each family had a Robert White and I deemed it wise to abandon the journal until I could positively decide to which family the Robert White, renting a hut at Boneo from the Cairns family, belonged. As he was probably engaged in limeburning at Boneo, I though it was best for yenram and toolaroo to confer.

Long story short, this journal was started as a post on the PIONEERS OF THE MORNINGTON PENINSULA Facebook Group page and Yemran joined the group quite some time ago as Rose Violet. Jane Graves' death notice gives her father's name as George White but Rose Violet, who has conducted extensive research, disagrees. Here are her comments under the post.

Rose Violet I can help you with some of your Qstns:)

Charles Graves married Jane White daughter of limeburner Robert White not George 🤗. George married Elizabeth Gilbertson****

Rose Violet Jane was previously married to George Petrie Murdoch & had 2 children to the marriage Geo. Petrie Jnr born 1850** & Isabella in 1860***

Rose Violet Charles Jnr was born in 1866* at Flinders

(*In this case, Charles Jnr. was about five years older than 58 as stated in one of the two death notices. No birth notice was found for Charles Jnr in 1866 and indeed any year from 1863 to 1872.)

** EventBirth Event registration number22560 Registration year1850
Personal information
Family nameMURDOCH Given namesGeorge Peter SexMale Father's nameMURDOCH George Mother's nameJane (Unknown) Place of birthGEELONG

*** No birth record for Isabella Murdoch found.

**** As George White married Elizabeth Gilbertson in 1862, the year before Jane White married Charles Graves, he could have been Jane's brother or cousin. Who was George's father, George or Robert.
EventMarriage Event registration number133 Registration year1862
Personal information
Family nameGILBERTSON Given namesElizabeth SexFemale Spouse's family nameWHITE Spouse's given namesGeorge

Yenram wrote in her first F.T.C. private message:
My line is George White and Mary Wall. Their son Robert married Mary Ann Condron in 1846. George was listed as a Lime Burner on the marriage certificate and Robert a Lime Salesman.

I believe that Jane's mother (Maud Unknown in her death certificate) was actually Mary Wall. Jane Graves was buried in the same grave at Flinders as JEREMIAH WHITE. WHO WERE JEREMIAH'S PARENTS?

EventDeath Event registration number1405 Registration year1881
Personal information
Family nameWHITE Given namesJeremiah SexUnknown Father's nameGeo Mother's nameUnknown (Wall) Place of birth Place of deathFLINDERS Age56

Death records indicate that Jeremiah was born in about 1825 and Jane in about 1831 so they could have been siblings or cousins but most people would object to their family plot being occupied by distant cousins, so my money's on Jeremiah being Jane's older BROTHER, making George White and Mary (Wall)Jane's parents.

EventBirth Event registration number20934 Registration year1866
Personal information
Family nameGREAVES Given namesCharles SexUnknown Father's nameCharles Mother's nameJane (White) Place of birthFLINDERS

YENRAM has also sent me a screenshot of Charles Graves' will and has given me permission to transcribe it here. His "Woodlands" was described as consisting of 400 acres in 1902 and I presume that his wife lived on his 190 acre 3 rood 30 perches grant, c/a 15, section A, Flinders after his death.

I GIVE DEVISE and bequeath untomy son Thomas Joshua Graves allotment of land 21 in the parish of Flinders, Victoria containing 182 acres 3 roods and 20 perches more or less In consideration of which he is to give his sister Jane Christian Graves the sum of twenty five pounds.

To my son Charles Graves I bequeath allotment of land 15 in the parish of Flinders, Victoria containing 190 acres 3 roods and 20 perches in consideration of which he is to give his sister Jane Christan Graves the sum of twenty five pounds.

All stock, farming implements, ploughs, harrows &c &c to be divided equally among them, the brothers.

All household goods all outstanding debts all goods in store to be equally divided among the brothers Thomas Josha Graves and Charles Graves.

This will is not available and only comes into force after my wifes death.My wife is to be in full possion (possession) of all my property goods money &c &c until her death*.

-end of screenshot.

CROWN ALLOTMENT 21, SECTION A FLINDERS was granted to Thomas Monahan (who you will remember was the grantee of Mary Ann McLear's Maryfield opposite the site of the Dromana Drive-In)and actually consisted of 192acres 3 roods and 20 perches. Like c/a 15, it was on the west side of Tucks Rd, its north east corner being 3737 links (747 metres) south of Punty Lane (thirty seven and a third millimetres on the Melway map.) Its north west corner was precisely at the junction of the two arms of Manton's Creek in Melway 255 J8. Its south east corner was at the Horne Rd corner in 256 B8, the south boundary being parallel with the northern boundary.

* Jane's death.
GRAVES.-On the 17th August (suddenly), at "Woodlands," Shoreham, Jane, beloved wife of Charles Graves, aged 74 years, (P.60, The Australasian, 26-8-1905.)

This indicates that the will was written before 17-8-1905 and explains why Mr Graves (Charles or his brother) was able to sell his farm to the Healsville farmer in 1908. The will had come into force by the time of Charles' death on 29-6-1906. No application for administration of the will was found but the following was:
Probates and Administrations.
Advocate (Melbourne, Vic. : 1868 - 1954) Saturday 8 September 1906 p 37
......; Charles Graves, £1446; etc.

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Itellya is researching local history on the Mornington Peninsula and is willing to help family historians with information about the area between Somerville and Blairgowrie. He has extensive information about Henry Gomm of Somerville, Joseph Porta (Victoria's first bellows manufacturer) and Captain Adams of Rosebud.

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