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Charles ORGAN + Margaret 'Maggie' SMITH - Golden Bay

Journal by ngairedith

CHARLES ORGAN (1847-1902)
* born in Gloucestershire, England
married MARGARET 'Maggie' SMITH (1851-1940) on 4 Oct 1876
* born in Nelson, NZ
Nelson Evening Mail, 5 Oct 1876 ORGAN-SMITH On October 4, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev P. Calder, Charles Organ, of The Tatas, Clifton, to Margaret, youngest daughter of Mr George Smith, of Nelson

OF INTEREST I believe the following photos are of this family. Five girls, a boy, then a girl taken between Jan 1900 (Hilda aged 3) & June 1902 (Charles's death) 1 .. 2

their 7 children
born in Takaka, Golden Bay, Tasman
... 1
1877 - 1958 BESSIE Organ
Bessie was born 18 Oct 1877 in Nelson
Bessie married Harold Joseph PACKARD (1877-1941) 20 Feb 1909
* Harold was a son of Reuben Alfred Packard (1851-1918) & Mary Jane Mason (1853-1918, died 4 months apart)
Colonist, 1 March 1909 PACKARD-ORGAN - On February 20th, at the Church of the Epiphany, by the vicar, Rev H. Pepper, Harold Joseph, only son of Mr R. A. Packard, of Rockville, Motupipi, to Bessie, eldest daughter of the late Mr Charles Organ of Ligar Bay and Takaka.
...* That link to Motupipi, written in 1906, has info & photos of people in this journal, the Packards and Harwoods
.. A very pretty wedding took place at the Church of Epiphany, Takaka, on Saturday week, when Mr H. J. Packard, only son of Mr R. A. Packard, of Motupipi, was married to Miss Bessie Organ, eldest daughter of the late Mr Charles Organ. The ceremony was performed by the Rev Mr Pepper, and much interest was manifested in the event locally, the church being filled to overflowing with the friends of the happy couple. The bride, who was given away by her brother, Mr Thomas Organ, was attired in a cream silk lustre and she wore the usual veil and orange blossoms. The bridesmaids were Miss Annie Packard, sister of the bridegroom and Miss Hilda Organ, sister of the bride, who were dressed in blue and pink silk muslin respectively, with hats to match. Mr M. Packard acted as best man, In the evening Mr and Mrs Packard left for Nelson, en route to the North island, where the honeymoon will be spent.
their known children
1910 - 1978 Ella Mabel Packard
- married Morris Charles Harwood (1908-1974). Buried Rototai
1911 - 1985 Charles Reuben Packard (buried Marsden)
1912 - Rachael Margaret Packard
1914 - 1916 Keith Linley Packard (buried East Takaka)
1917 - 1975 Neil Geoffrey Packard (buried Whangarei)
Harold Joseph Packard died 11 April 1941 aged 63
Bessie Packard died 11 July 1958 aged 80
They are buried at Clifton cemetery, Golden Bay

... 2
1880 - 1971 MAUD HARRIET Organ
Maud was born 20 Jan 1880 in Takaka
Maud married Ernest Charles HARWOOD (1877-1963) in 1907
* Ernest was a son of Charles Harwood (1851-1930) & Elizabeth Fletcher (1856-1885). When Ernest's mother died in 1885, his father married her sister, Mary Jane Fletcher (1860-1924). All buried Clifton cemetery, Takaka
NZ Herald, Dec 1907 HARWOOD-ORGAN On December 17 1907, at the Anglican Church, Takaka, Ernest Charles Harwood, to Maud Harriet Organ
their known children
1908 - 1992 Melvice Rita Harwood
- married Amos Fisher in 1921
1910 - 2003 Doris Margaret Harwood
1913 - 2008 Hazel Winifred Harwood
- married Bourne
1916 - 1993 Hubert Charles Harwood
Maud Harriet Harwood died 17 July 1971 in Onehunga, Auckland

... 3
1881 - 1974 EDITH JESSIE Organ
Edith was born 19 June 1881 in Nelson
Edith married Francis Joseph WINDLE (1876-1950) in 1911
* Francis was a son of Thomas Windle (1828-1921) & Margaret Byrne (1834-1917), both buried Hamama, West Takaka and listed on the Takaka Pioneer's Memorial in 1909
their known children
1912 - 2001 Lorna Margaret Windle
1916 - 1942 Terence Patrick Francis Windle
Edith Jessie Windle died 9 Sep 1974 aged 93. She is buried with Francis in Taumarunui
HEADSTONE In loving memory of Francis Joseph Windle. Beloved husband of Edith Jessie. Passed away 28th April 1950 aged 78 years. R.I.P. Also his beloved wife Edith Jessie. Passed away 9th Sept 1974 aged 93 years. R.I.P.

... 4
1883 - 1913 ANNIE MARGARET Organ
Annie was born 22 Oct 1883 in Nelson
Annie married Charles COSTELLO (1888-1966) in 1912
* Charles was a son of William James Costello (1855-1932) & Susan Mary McKee (1856-1925) both of County Derry, Ireland. Settled Cloudy Bay, Blenheim and buried Omaka
Annie died 15 April 1913 in Takaka, Golden Bay
Colonist, 26 April 1913 COSTELLO - At Takaka, on April 15th 1913, Annie Margaret, beloved wife of Charles Costello, of Timaunga, Timaru and fourth daughter of the late Charles and Mrs Organ, of Takaka, in her 30th year. Her end was peace.
* Annie is buried Plot 3, Block A3, Hamama West Takaka
* Charles remarried 28 March 1915 in St Joseph's Church, Temuka, to Catherine 'Katie' Moore (1886-1968). The bridesmaid was his sister, Isabella Margaret Costello (1892-1980) who married 14 months later to Oliver Francis Watson, licensee of the Lancaster Park Hotel in Christchurch.
* Katie was a daughter of Michael Moore & Johanna Foley of County Limerick, Ireland. Charles & Katie planned to make their future home at Timaunga. In 1940 he was a Hotel Keeper at Riverside, Nelson
Charles & Katie had 5 children
1916 - 1988 William Eric Costello
1917 - 1998 Dorothea Catherine (1917-1998)
1919 - 1979 Charles John Costello
1921 - 2014 Susan Mary Costello
? - ? James Costello

... 5
1886 - 1917 MINNIE Organ
Minnie was born 3 July 1886 in Nelson
Minnie married Arthur Dorrington BATT (1889-1971) in Takaka 3 Feb 1915
* Arthur was a son of John Walker Batt (1845-1911) from Oxford, England & Annie Florence Cordial (1862-1922). His father died 2 Dec 1911 in the Grey River Hospital aged 67. His mother Annie remarried in 1912 to Harry Leonard
their known children
1915 - 1999 Dorothy Marnini Batt
- Dorothy married Arthur Hilton Henley in 1938
Minnie died in Takaka 21 Nov 1917 aged 31
Colonist, 23 Nov 1917 BATT - At Takaka, on November 21st 1917, Minnie, wife of A. D. Batt, of Takaka, aged 31 years.
MINNIE is buried Plot 14, Block F at East Takaka cemetery, Golden Bay, next to her parents
HEADSTONE reads: In Loving Memory of MINNIE. Wife of Arthur D. Batt. Died 21 Nov 1917, aged 31 years. His Beloved Sleep.
* Minnie's 'In Memoriam' appeared in the 'Colonist' 21 Nov 1918, BATT - In memory of Minnie, beloved wife of A. D. Batt, who departed this life November 21st 1917 (Inserted by her husband and child)
* In 1922 Arthur was a Tailor in High St, Motueka, opposite the Post Office Hotel.
* Arthur Batt next married Sarah Alcestis Ann Campbell (1890-1969) in 1927. I believe her unusual middle name indicates she was born on the 'Alcestis' 1889/'90
* In 1929 Arthur was a senior selector of the Motueka Rugby Union. In 1932 he was selling his Tailor & Mercer business in Motueka and the Ladies Golf Club put on a very pleasant afternoon tea at the golf links to farewell Sarah prior to their departure from Motueka. In appreciation of her co-operation and help at all times in club matters, Mrs Lionel Mackay, the club captain presented Sarah with a steel-shafted 'driver'. Sarah, who was completely taken by surprise, thanked everyone for their valued gift and kind wishes.
Press, 4 June 1937 BULLER LICENSING COMMITTEE - An application by Arthur D. Batt for a publican's licence and an application by Frederick Keating for renewal of a publican's licence with regard to the Albion Hotel, Westport, were adjourned to give the new proprietor of the hotel, A. D. Batt, an opportunity to comply with certain requisitions, including the demolition of a wooden building used as staff quarters at the rear of the hotel
* In 1937 Arthur was involved with the Westport Trotting Club and was also the President of the Westport Amateur Athletic and Cycling Club.
Press, 15 Jan 1938 Mr and Mrs A. D. Batt of Westport gave an enjoyable evening party to celebrate the wedding of Miss Dorothy Batt and Mr Hilton Henley, which took place quietly this week. The evening was spent in games and music
* In Jan 1938 Arthur & Sarah had the Albion Hotel in Westport. In Nov that year Arthur retired from the presidency of the Cycling Club.
* In 1948 they were from Christchurch when they attended the large evening wedding in Cambridge, Waikato of Dr Richard Dean 'Dick' Batt & Olga Dorothea Skousgaard.
...* Dr Richard Dean Batt (1923-1994) was the first Professor of Biochemistry at Massey University. He served from 1964-1988. He was the first Dean of the Faculty of Science, 1964-1967 and was the head of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry until his retirement. He was Arthur's nephew, a son of his brother, John Charles Batt (1883-1972) & Margaret Gladys Dean (1897-1982)

... 6
1888 - 1966 CHARLES THOMAS 'Tom' Organ
Tom was born 17 Oct 1888 in Takaka
He married Sarah BOSHER (1897-1930) in Takaka 22 April 1916. Four weeks later Tom left for war
* Sarah was born in Lancashire, a daughter of William Bosher & Margaret Hindle. Her mother Margaret remarried (in NZ) in 1913 to William Woodward
their known children
1916 - 1923 Margaret May Organ
1920 - ?
1922 - ? read story on the fire below
* Margaret was born on 19 Nov 1916, 5 months after her father Tom embarked for war. He returned 5 Feb 1919 when she was 2
Photo of Margaret & her mum probably early 1918 when she was 1.
Photo of Margaret & her mum probably late 1918 when she was 2.
* Tom served as Private 15019 (scroll to notes under his photo) with the 14th Reinforcements, Canterbury Infantry Battalion, C Company. His occupation was listed as a Cement Worker at Tarakohe, Golden Bay. His next of kin was Sarah at Tarakohe.
Around 6a.m. on the 5 Feb 1923 Thomas lit a fire in the kitchen stove and went out to milk. A howling gale was blowing at the time. A quarter of an hour later, while in the cowshed 70 yards away, he noticed his house in flames. He rushed home, too late to save the two victims, his 6 year old daughter Margaret and Mr John Gillyard aged 68 from the West Coast. Sarah and her two younger children got out. I have not yet been able to find who these two children were. They were born after his return from war, 1919-1922
Evening Post, 6 Feb 1923 A farmhouse belonging to Mr Thomas Organ, in the Takaka district, was burned down. Two were burned to death
* Margaret is buried with her mother
* Sarah died 30 Oct 1930 aged 33 of Tuberculosis. She is buried only as 'Mrs Organ' on the database and 'Mrs Tom Organ' on her headstone, in Plot 10, Block G, East Takaka, which is next to her sister-in-law, Hilda Organ
Charles 'Thomas' Organ died 30 Oct 1966 aged 78 in Titahi Bay, Porirua. Burial not yet found
NOTE The following photos are 'believed' to be of Tom and Sarah I .. II .. III

... 7
1896 - 1965 HILDA Organ
Hilda was born 21 Dec 1896 in Nelson
Hilda didn't marry
She died 16 Feb 1965 aged 69 in Nelson and is buried Plot 11, Block G at East Takaka, Golden Bay next to Mrs Organ (her sister-in-law Sarah 1897-1930) & Sarah's 6 year old daughter Margaret

CHARLES ORGAN died 19 June 1902 aged 54
Colonist, 20 June 1902
On June 19th, at Takaka, Charles Organ, in his 55th year.
I regret to have to report the death of a well-known and respected resident her of some thirty years' standing, in the person of Mr Charles Organ, who passed away this morning after a long and painful time of it, he having twice been operated on for cancer, but unsuccessfully. He would probably be best known in Nelson as a raiser of fat cattle at his late run at Ligar Bay. He leaves a wife and family of seven, who have the sympathy of everyone here in their bereavement.
Colonist, 29 Aug 1902 PROBATE - In the Supreme Court yesterday, in chambers, on the motion of Mr Hayes, the Registrar, Mr H. W. Robinson granted probate of the will of Charles Organ, late of Wainui, to Margaret Organ, Reuben Packard (his daughter Bessie's father-in-law) and John Smith, the executors named in the will.

MARGARET ORGAN died 5 March 1940 aged 88.
She is buried Plot 12, Block F, East Takaka cemetery with Charles
In Loving Memory Of
Died June 19 1902, aged 55 years
ALSO His Beloved Wife
Died March 5 1940, aged 88 years
Daughter Minnie and 6 year old granddaughter, Margaret May Organ, daughter of their son Charles & Sarah (see ...6) are buried next to them in Plot 10

The Organ Family 1900

- older girls guessed at this time -
* Annie Organ aged 17
* Bessie Organ aged 23
* Minnie Organ aged 14
* Maud Organ aged 20
* 'Tom' Organ aged 12
* mother Maggie Organ aged 49
* father Charles Organ aged 53
* Hilda Organ aged 3
* Edith Organ aged 19
Nelson Provincial Museum
more photos of this family at link

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Minnie ORGAN married Arthur BATT 3 Feb 1915 Takaka, NZL
1915/9023 Minnie Organ; Arthur Dorrington Batt

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