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children of Charles & John CUDBY - Upper Hutt

Journal by ngairedith

John CUDBY (1801-1861)
- was born in Stoke by Clare, Suffolk, England
he married on 3 September 1825, at East Hornden, Essex to:
Henrietta CLAMPIN (1803-1880)
- Henrietta was born in Mount Bures, Suffolk, England

JOHN & HENRIETTA had 12 children:
* 1826 - 1918 William Cudby
* 1828 - 1907 George Cudby
? 1830 - 1920 JOHN FRANCIS Cudby
* 1831 - Sarah Cudby
* 1832 - 1904 Henry Cudby
* 1834 - 1908 Thomas Cudby
? 1835 - 1914 CHARLES Cudby (b.27th Dec)
* 1839 - Sarah Ann Cudby
* 1841 - Emma Winifred Cudby
* 1844 - 1859 Elizabeth Cudby
* 1847 - 1847 Ann Cudby (aged 11 days)
* 1850 - Frederick Cudby

JOHN and CHARLES emigrated to New Zealand

? CHARLES CUDBY married in England and went out to Sydney with his young wife, on the ship ?Matoka,? in 1856 when he was 20
After a short stay he CAME to Wellington by the ?William and Alfred,? arriving on the 1st of May 1857.
A sawyer by trade he found work at the Lower Hutt till 1863, when he settled at the Upper Hutt, finding employment in his own line for many years.
Having leased a section of forty-four acres, he cleared the bush and erected a comfortable dwelling, which was specially notable by its tastefully laid out garden in front with well kept ornamental trees and pretty box borders.
For about 15 years he conducted a growing trade as a builder and undertaker.

Charles joined the order of Odd-fellows in 1857, soon after his arrival.
For several years he served as a member of the Upper Hutt School Committee.

- they had 15 children in Upper & Lower Hutt:
* 1857 - 1959 Emma Jane Cudby
* 1858 - 1928 Frederick William Cudby
* 1861 - 1943 John Walter Cudby
* 1861 - 1932 Louisa Frances Cudby
* 1863 - 1915 Elizabeth Cudby
* 1865 - 1942 Charles Cudby
* 1867 - 1854 Alfred Cudby
* 1869 - 1964 Eliza Cudby
* 1871 - 1917 Mary Philomena Cudby
* 1873 - 1949 Agnes Cudby
* 1874 - 1940 Henry Herbert Cudby
* 1876 - 1967 Arthur Joseph Cudby
* 1877 - 1963 Thomas James Cudby
* 1880 - 1949 William George Cudby
* 1882 - 1947 Herbert Edward Cudby

? JOHN CUDBY emigrated on the 'Thomas Sparks' at the age of 13, leaving London on 27 November 1842 and arriving in Port Nicholson (Wellington) on 31 January 1843.
He was, at the time, the servant of the Honourable Henry William Petre and his wife Eleanor (their son Frank William PETRE was the architect for St Joseph's Cathedral)

John lost an arm when his gun accidentally exploded

He was a teenager when he was involved in the fight at Boulcott's farm and is mentioned in "The New Zealand Wars: A History of he Maori Campaigns and the Pioneering Period. Volume 1: 1845-1864
- from which I have taken the following:
... A little later that morning John Cudby, then a youth of seventeen, who was engaged in carting commissariat from Wellington to the troops at Boulcott`s Farm (for Mr. W. B. Rhodes, the contractor for supplying rations), harnessed up in the yard of the ?Aglionby Arms,? Burcham`s Hotel, near the bridge stockade, and drove out into the bush for the front, unaware of the fight which had just been waged a short two miles away.
In this duty it was the practice of Cudby and the other carters to bring out their loads along the beach road as far as Burcham's in the afternoon, stay there that night, and go on to Boulcott's Farm on the Taita in the morning. Cudby had previously had the protection of an escort of fifteen men under a non-commissioned officer, but, to use his own words, ?the poor fellows at the stockade were worked to death, and so I said I`d do without them in the future.?
His sole companion henceforth was a clerk, the military issuer.
A double-barrel gun loaded with slugs was carried in the cart, but it never became necessary to use it. (This gun was the means of depriving Cudby of his left arm a few months later in Wellington; one of the barrels accidentally exploded, the charge shattering the lad`s hand and necessitating amputation of the arm at the elbow.)
The carter and his companion were in the middle of the bush, jolting over the boggy ?corduroy? patches of road, when they were met by two men in a cart driving furiously from the camp. One of them shouted: ?Go back boy, go back! The Maoris (sic) have attacked the camp!?
But Cudby did not turn his team. ?I dursen`t go back,? he cried in his broad English dialect, ?I dursen`t go back; I`ve got the rations to deliver.?

The two carters whipped up their horse and hurried on toward Fort Richmond, while Cudby, in fear every moment of receiving a volley from ambush in the dark timber that almost overhung him, but resolved to fulfil his duty, drove on to Boulcott`s. When he arrived at the camp he saw laid out in the barn six dead bodies, the soldiers who had fallen; one of them was Bugler Allen, whom he knew. It was Cudby who, later in the day, took the bodies in his cart to a spot on the river-bank where they were temporarily buried ? a place since washed away by floods.

- they had 9 children
* 1851 - 1923 James Cudby
* 1854 - 1908 William Cudby
* 1856 - 1942 Charles Cudby
- Charles married Emma McIntosh in Lower Hutt 1882
- daughter of John McIntosh of Falkirk Scotland and Arabella Firth of Mirfield Leeds
* 1858 - 1941 Emma Frances Cudby
- Emma married Joseph Frederick FLEET in 1884 (1 known child)
* 1860 - 1946 Henry Cudby
* 1862 - 1934 George Cudby
- George married Jane MUIRHEAD in 1896 (3 known children)
* 1864 - 1955 Henrietta Cudby
- Henrietta married James TURNER in 1890 (2 known children)
* 1868 - 1936 Walter Thomas Cudby
* 1870 - 1958 Ada Winifred Cudby
- Ada married Edward Dowling DUNNE in 1898 (5 known children)
NOTE George & Walter Thomas Cudby were Livery and Bait Stable Proprietors and Contractors, near the Railway Station, Lower Hutt. "Coaches run daily to and from Taita to meet all trains arriving at the Hutt. Buggies, carriages, and saddle horses are supplied as required to picnic and other parties. Mr. George Cudby?an enthusiastic sportsman?conducts visitors on game intent to the best places for fishing and shooting in the district. The firm undertakes contracts for earthwork and construction, and supplies materials for building foundations to many of the leading contractors of the Empire City."

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by empty on 2013-02-26 03:37:59

Re the family of Janet Nicol above, we ask re the use of the name Janet, we know the wife of John Cudby as Jane Nicol, or is it Nichol? we say this as on the birth certificate for Emma Cudby born August 7th 1858, Jane gives her mothers name as Nichol.
When Emma Frances Cudby Married Joseph Fredrick Fleet on the 24th May 1884 in Wellington, on the Marriage certificate the spelling of Jane Cudby's maiden name is shown as Nicol.
their son Ivor Norman , born 1889 is my father in law, my wife is Kathleen Frances Thoms , nee Fleet.
Kathleen knew some of the family, Ada married and her married name was Dunn. this may at least fill in a couple more gaps, we have some photos, not many of some of the children on the list, our contact Michael Thoms ><

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