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Graham BRUERE & Elizabeth GOSS - New Zealand

Journal by ngairedith

Graham Charles Arthur Sadlier BRUERE was born 1834 in Bombay, India, the only son (he had 5 sisters) of Judge James Graham Sadlier BRUERE (1807-1871) of the East India Civil Service and Augusta BANNERMAN (1808-1889).
* One of Graham's sisters, Fanny Bertha Maltby Bruere (1848-), married Charles Arthur Haythorne Montague, the Montague name given to one of his grandchildren, by his son Robert (child 5 below)
* Their father, James Graham Sadlier, was 1 of 13 children of William Sadlier BRUERE & Harriet BOLTON of Yorkshire
* Their mother Augusta was a daughter of John Alexander BANNERMAN & Ann WEST

Graham Bruere embarked on the "Blue Jacket" at Liverpool 12 Oct 1859 arriving in Auckland 16 March 1860. He was 26

20 March 1860 The celebrated clipper ship Blue Jacket, Captain Hugh Clarke, arrived in harbour about midday on Friday last from Liverpool, which post she left on the 26th of November, and has therefore had rather a long passage of 111 days. No ship bringing an increase to our population ever arrived here in a more creditable state, and the passengers are unanimous in their expressions of approbation and esteem for the Captain and Officers, and thankful for the constant attention to their comfort. Two deaths of infants occurred, and there were two births, otherwise the ship was very healthy.

20 March 1860 We, the undersigned, intermediate and steerage passengers on board the ship "Blue Jacket", from Liverpool to Auckland, beg to testify our grateful sense of the kindness, urbanity and attention, of Capt. Clarke, as exhibited by him to us, during our voyage, and would assure him that our feelings with regard to him, are of the highest respect, esteem, and regard. We would also express our great admiration of the nautical skill, and seamanlike conduct, displayed by him on all occasions, and we would fondly hope, that he will be long spared.
We would also acknowledge our high estimation, and respect for his chief officer Mr Curran, who, by his prompt and energetic character and gentlemanlike manners, has greatly increased the safety and comfort of all on board; which qualifies, we feel assured, will at no distant day place him in a position, which he is every way capable of filling.
We would likewise express our high appreciation of the dispositions and sailorlike qualities of his second and third officers, Mr McMahon and Mr Nelson, who, we have no doubt, will speedily rise in the honourable profession which they have chosen.
In taking our leave of Capt. Clarke and his officers we bid them a hearty farewell, and wish both him, and them, every success and prosperity in the arduous duties of their profession, and which their merits in no ordinary degree entitle them to. March 13th, 1860 (signed by 70 Intermediate and Steerage passengers)
photo the Blue Jacket

. She was chartered by the White Star Line and built at East Boston, U.S.A. in 1854. She was a medium clipper well known for the lavish decoration of the staterooms and saloon. She served in the Liverpool and Australia trades. She was named after the "Blue Jackets", a traditional name for sailors in the US and British navies. In 1869 Blue Jacket left Lyttelton, NZ, with a general cargo that included flax. On March 5, off the Falkland Islands, the flax caught fire. Four days later, on March 9, the ship was abandoned. On March 16, the barque Pyrmont of Hamburg rescued the crew. There were 9 survivors who managed to guard 15,000 pounds sterling of gold from the ship. 21 months after her loss, the figurehead was found washed up on the shore of Rottnest Island, off Fremantle, WA, about 9,700km from where she burned.

Grahem BRUERE married Elizabeth GOSS on Xmas Eve 1874 in New Zealand
* he was aged 40, Elizabeth was 20
Elizabeth was born in Devon, England. She emigrated into Lyttelton, Christchurch on 29 Aug 1874 (just 4 months prior to marriage), on the "Cathcart" She was 20
NOTE Elizabeth travelled as Goss but it is suggested she was born a McKenzie, which could mean she had married previous to emigration

Arrival of the Cathcart A remarkable passage was made by the fine iron clipper Cathcart to Lyttelton in 1874. A ship of 1,387 tons, built four years previously by Robert Steel, of Greenock, she sailed from London with 481 Government immigrants on the 11th June, and from the Downs three days later, making the passage in 70 days 12 hours to the Snares, and arriving at Lyttelton on the 29th August, 76 days from the Downs to port. The equator was crossed on the 21st day out. On the 28th July she made a run of 304 miles, and the following day 293.

Mutiny on board Cathcart
Four of the crew of the Cathcart having during the voyage broken into the fore-hold, broached cargo and secured drink; one of them was brought aft and placed in irons; another, having attempted to rescue him, was also taken in charge, but while being secured the first prisoner escaped to the forecastle. Captain Crawford and the officers going forward to recapture him, were prevented from doing so by several of the crew, who made use of threatening language. The Captain, finding that the mutineers would not listen to reason, returned to his cabin, and after deliberating with his officers, armed himself and went forward the second time. Finding the doors of the forecastle closed, he demanded admission. Previous to this, part of the crew had left the mutineers. Those within refused to open the doors, threatened the Captain, and said that they meant shortly to be masters of the ship. Argument was useless and the door on the starboard side of the forecastle was, in spite of much resistance, partly forced open with hand spikes, and the Captain, again warning the mutineers, fired three times amongst them, three of them being wounded. An entrance was effected and the mutiny quelled, the ringleaders and others being placed in irons. On the arrival of the ship at Lyttelton the men were brough before a magistrate and charged with endeavouring to make a revolt. Four were sentenced to twelve weeks' imprisonment with hard labour, and two to one month additional for assaulting the Captain.

their children
.. 1 ..
1876 - 1953 Graham Augustus Bruere
born 18 May 1876 in Sefton, Graham was 20 when his father died
* he was educated at Mount Grey Downs school
* he ran his late father's estate "Stanwell" Farm at Balcairn
Graham married Eliza 'Dolly' ASHBY (1875-1966) in 1900
* eldest of 7 children of John Startin ASHBY (1848-1929) & Sarah Catherine WORNALL
they had 5 children
* 1902 - 1902 Graham Startin Bruere (aged 2 months, Plot 1859 at Balcairn)
* 1903 - 1904 Bertha Nida Bruere (aged 6 months, Plot 1860 at Balcairn)
* 1905 - 1983 Catherine Doris Bruere (spinster, Plot 2292 Balcairn)
* 1906 - 2006 Ena Augusta Bruere (+ Croft)
.. Ena died 21 June 2006 aged 100
* 1909 - 1985 Graham Aileen Bruere (+ Smith)
Graham died 18 May 1953 aged 77
Eliza died 26 Nov 1966 aged 91
* they are buried Plots 2289 & 2290 at Balcairn Cemetery, Leithfield, Canterbury

.. 2 ..
1878 - 1932 Alice Mary Bruere
born 12 May 1878, Alice was 18.1 when her father died
Alice married Peter LISTER (1871-1940) in 1897
* He was a son of John LISTER & Sarah MARTIN who built the Coachhouse at Balcairn in 1877
their known children
* 1898 - 1957 Gwendoline Bruere Lister (+ Hamill)
* 1901 - 1902 Kathleen Bruere Lister (aged 10 months)
* 1902 - 1995 Alice May Lister (+ Daniell)
* 1905 - 1943 John Graham Lister
* 1906 - ? Kathleen Bertha Lister
* 1907 - 1907 unnamed Lister (aged 6 hours)
* 1916 - 1994 Peter Arthur Percy Lister
* 1918 - 1918 Sarah Florance Elizabeth Lister (16 days)
* 1920 - 2007 Charles George Gesford Lister
Alice died 14 Jan 1932 in Oamaru aged 54
Peter died 29 March 1940 aged 69. His Will stated he was a 'retired farmer of Otekaike'

.. 3 ..
1880 - 1964 George Raymond Bruere
born, born 15 May 1880, George was 16.1 when his father died
* he was a Publican in Waitotara, Taranaki
George married Mabel Amelia Minnie FROST (1882-1960) 1906 in Rangiora, Canterbury
* daughter of Joseph FROST (1857-1933) & Minnie Amelia FRY (1862-1941), sister of Maud who married George's brother Albert (below)
their known children
* 1906 - 1983 Mabel Raymond Bruere (+ Ricketts)
* 1910 - 1996 Joan Bruere (+ Morrissey)
* 1915 - Audrey Minnie Bruere
* 1917 - 1981 Lauri George Bruere
.. Private 37401, enlisted from Dannevirke, previously a shepherd c/o W. Smythe, Kumeroa. . His NOK was his father of Gladstone R.D., Woodville. Lauire was a WW2 POW: Stalag VIII-B (later 344), Lamsdorf, Poland. WW2 POW: PG 85, Tuturano, Italy
Mabel died 7 Oct 1960 in Dannevirke Hospital aged 79 & cremated Kelvin Grove
George died 4 Oct 1964 in Palmerston North aged 84 & cremated Kelvin Grove

.. 4 ..
1882 - 1964 Charles Percy Bruere
. exact date not know at this time, Charles was 14 when his father died
* he was a Railway Pointsman in Kaiapoi in 1909
Charles died 13 Sep 1964 aged 82
* He is buried Plot 1911 at Balcairn with his parents

.. 5 ..
1884 - 1959 Robert Arthur Bruere
born 29 March 1884, Robert was 11.11 when his father died
* he won 1st prize in Standard III at Balcairn School in 1897
* he served in WWI as Trooper 7/1202 with the Canterbury Mounted Rifles, 6th Reinforcements
Robert married Florence Nightingale Smith (1890-1977) in 1919
* born in Christchurch, a daughter of William & Nichola Smith
* Robert was a Land Agent
their known children
* 1925 - 2014 Graham Montague Bruere (+ Addison)
. Graham Montague Bruere, of Eltham, Victoria, Australia, assignor to Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organizations, East Melbourne, patented a composition comprising Portland Cement and a partial calcium salt of vinyl acetate-maleic anhydride copolymer in June 1962.
Robert died 18 Feb 1959 aged 74
Florence died 18 Nov 1977 aged 87
* They are buried Plot 63, Block 37 at Ruru Lawn cemetery, Christchurch

.. 6 ..
1885 - 1945 Albert Edward Bruere
born 10 Aug 1885, Albert was 10.8 when his father died
Albert married Maud Edith Eveline FROST (1884-1958) in 1913
* daughter of Joseph FROST (1857-1933) & Minnie Amelia FRY (1862-1941), sister of Mabel who married Albert's brother George (above)
their known children
* 1914 - 2001 Graham Joseph Bruere (+ Bain)
. died 5 months before sister Ngaire
* 1919 - 2001 Ngaire Lorraine Bruere (+Hodge +Scarlett)
* 1924 - 1992 Derek Colby Bruere
Albert died 26 Dec 1945 in Sheffield, Canterbury aged 60 & is buried Waddington cemetery
Maud died 1 Oct 1958 aged 74

.. 7 ..
1888 - 1955 Frederick Ernest Bruere
born 11 Oct 1888, Frederick was 7.6 when his father died
Frederick married Mary Lilian Firth (1893-1969) on 18 May 1912
* Mary was born in Canterbury, a daughter of Henry Firth & Edith Smith
they had 7 daughters
(those known to date)
* 1912 - 1993 Mavis Bertha Bruere (+ Cole)
* 1914 - 2011 Daphne Pauline Bruere (+ Wells)
* 1917 - 1990 Phyllis Edna Bruere (+ Beatty)
* 1918 - 2018 Noeline Florence Bruere (+ Calder)
* 1921 - 2008 Kathleen Dorothy Bruere (+ Cridge)
* 1925 - 2013 Brenda Freda 'Betty' Bruere (+ Baird)
. her husband Claude Raymond Cridge, of Darfield, Canterbury, was 1 of 15 children of George Cridge & Emma Pierson
* Frederick & Lilian were farmers at Darfield, Canterbury.
Frederick died 28 April 1955 aged 66
Mary died 26 Dec 1969 aged 76
* they are buried Plots 2424 & 2425 at Balcairn cemetery

.. 8 ..
1891 - 1982 Bertha Frances Bruere
born 20 June 1891, Bertha was 5.2 when her father died
* she came 3rd in the Standard III class at Balcairn School in 1897
Bertha married Ambrose 'Reginald' DUDFIELD (1878-1956) in Victoria, Australia 1911
* Reginald was born Bath, England, to William George Dudfield & Amelia 'Sarah' Marchant
their known children
(born in St Kilda, Australia)
* 1913 - 1984 Keith Bruere Dudfield (+ Bauld)
* 1915 - 1994 Graham Marchant Dudfield (+ Fullwood)
Bertha died 1982 aged 91 in Brighton, City of Bayside, Victoria, Australia

.. 9 ..
1892 - 1976 May Augusta Bruere
born 14 Nov 1892, May was 3.7 when her father died
May married Arthur Roy HENDERSON (1893-1974) in 1924
* born 10 May 1893 in Christchurch, a son of Robert Henderson & Ida Mary Trayes (1866-1948)
Arthur died 9 Dec 1974 aged 81
May died 4 July 1976 aged 84
* They are buried Woodlawn Memorial Gardens, Linwood, Christchurch

.. 10 ..
1894 - 1964 Jane Ellen Bruere
born 21 April 1894, Jane was 1 week from her 2nd birthday when her father died
Jane married Berkeley Phelps HOPKINS (1894-1984) in 1919
* 1 of 11 children of Arthur Richard Phelps Hopkins (1858-1938) & Mary Elizabeth Kelly (1862-1941), both buried Birkenhead, Auckland
Jane died 16 Dec 1964 in Whangarei aged 70
Berkeley died 7 April 1984 aged 89
* they are buried at Maunu Cemetery

.. 11 ..
1896 - 1980 Anne Elizabeth 'Annie' Bruere
born 23 April 1896, at Stillwell Farm (1600 acres), Balcairn, Annie was 5 days old when her father died
Annie married George SUTTON (1901-1981) in 1922
* son of Edward Sutton & Margaret Laird Graham. George was a chemist
Annie died 24 May 1980 aged 84
George died 3 Dec 1981 aged 80
* They are buried Waimairi cemetery

Graham Charles Arthur Sadlier Bruere died suddenly of Heart Disease at Stanwell Farm, Balcairn, on 28 April 1896 aged 62
* his baby daughter Annie was just 5 days old
Mr Graham Bruere, farmer, of Mount Grey Downs, was found dead in bed this morning. His health was usually good, but yesterday, not feeling well, he consulted a doctor at Rangiora, being the first time in his life that he had sought medical advice. He retired last night in a condition that gave no cause for anxiety and the position he was found in this morning led to the supposition that he passed away peacefully in his sleep. Mr Bruere was was advanced in years, was an old and highly respected settler. He leaves a widow and large family well provided for.
* He is buried with Elizabeth & son Charles (see next)

Elizabeth remarried in 1902 at Balcairn to Thomas BOYD
1 March 1902 BOYD-BRUERE - Feb 20 1902, at St John's Church, Balcairn, by the Rev Herbert East, Thomas Boyd of Christchurch to Elizabeth Bruere, widow of the late Graham Bruere, Balcairn
Elizabeth died 11 July 1934 aged 79 & is buried Plot 1912 at Balcairn cemetery with 1st husband Graham & son Charles Percy Bruere (1964)

Graham's Bio was taken from NZETC (link below)
Mr Graham Bruere, sometime of Balcairn, was born in Bombay, India, and was the eldest son of Judge Bruere. He was taken to England when three years old and educated at Westminster. On leaving college, he studied law, but the confinement was unfavourable to his health, and he joined the army, in which he served for one year in Ireland. Finally he made a choice of New Zealand, and came out to Auckland in the ship "Blue Jacket". He purchased a large run, which he disposed of in 1859, when he came to Canterbury and settled near Sefton, where he took up land in its native state. The land is still in possession of the family. When it was first settled roads were few and far between, and bridges were almost unknown. Mr Bruere removed to Balcairn in 1892 and increased his area to about 1600 acres. He was for many years chairman of the road board and a member of the school committee. Mr Bruere was married, in 1874, to Miss Goss and died at Balcairn on the 28th of April, 1896. He left six sons and five daughters

PHOTO Graham Bruere
- taken from NZETC

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