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Jeremiah Crowell NORTON & Ann Clara SIMONS

Journal by ngairedith

this is an onging work of love by a number of direct descendants of Jeremiah Crowell Norton who regularly contact me with new info, or edits, as more info is found so that they may build this tree of ever growing branches to enable further generations of descendants benefit in reading where they were from.

I alter the text as soon as the family request (often trouble is first taken to verify) so be sure to call back from time to time as it changes often.
Remember that they may be working with an older generation who have 'mixed memories' of events
They are lucky to have family still able to provide information, many of us haven't

If you have any further information or corrections you would like to see here please leave a constructive message that will be of help as surely, the aim is to work together to build an accurate account of your ancestors for your descendants

PLEASE REMEMBER, you are only one of many, many grandchildren directly related and that each family believes that THEIR info is the correct one. I am more than happy to add or edit any info you have on your ancestors

some sources are from others of this family with their version of events

* Jeremiah is on The Whalers Heritage Project
... NORTON, Jeremiah Crowell. Brother was Shubael (same name as the father). Born somewhere around 1806 in Edgartown - Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. His parents were Shubael and Polly Davis Norton. He married Margaret Stuart Vincent and had one child. He did not return from his last voyage, marrying Anna Simons and having six more children in New Zealand. Contact Jim Callaghan at

... another site of Jim Callaghan

* Jeremiah and his first wife Langsdorf - Payne - Stewart - Arndt etc

Jeremiah Crowell NORTON (1819-1897)
* he sailed on the ship 'CADMUS", which left Fairhaven in 1841
- (the Cadmus was lost in the Cadmus Island (French Poylnesia Atoll) 3 Aug 1842)
* he appears in the 1850 Edgartown census as a mariner living with his wife's family
* he was the captain of a whaling ship that came to New Zealand in the mid 1800's
- (researching the name for this ship)

on 6 Oct 1845 in Edgartown, Massachusetts
- they had a daughter in Edgartown
1 1853 - ? Abby Norton

on 5 July 1862 in Auckland, New Zealand
- Ann was a daughter of Walter SIMON & Catherine WIFFEN
the known children of
... 1 ...
- Louise married George CAREY in 1882
they had 12 known children
1..1 1884 - Mary Catherine Carey
- Mary married Mark YURAKOVICH in 1905
1..2 1886 - George Carey
1..3 1888 - Sarah Louisa Carey
1..4 1889 - Louisa Carey
1..5 1891 - Clara Annie Carey
- Clara married John BUCHEL in 1909
1..6 1893 - Charles Harry Carey
1..7 1894 - Eleanor Maud Carey
1..8 1896 - Harry Edward Carey
1..9 1898 - Delia Jane Carey
1..10 1901 - John Carey
1..11 1903 - Florence Ethel Carey
1..12 1905 - James Mark Carey

... 2 ...
1864 - 1946 CORDELL JANE Norton
- Cordelia married Henry James HANSEN 20 April 1878 in Kawakawa
they had 9 known children
2..1 1878 - Ethel Maud Hansen
2..2 1880 - Edith Mabel Hansen
2..3 1883 - Eva Emily Hansen
2..4 1885 - Henry Percival Hansen
2..5 1889 - Mary Louise Hansen
2..6 1892 - Ira Theodore Hansen
2..7 1894 - Sidney Edward Russell Hansen
2..8 1896 - Herbert Reginald Hansen
2..9 1899 - Lawrence Wesley Hansen

... 3 ...
1867 - 1945 ANNIE ELEANOR Norton
- Anne married Thomas CALLAGHAN 17 June 1884
they had 8 known children:
3..1 1885 - Ada Eleanor Callaghan
3..2 1887 - James Thomas Callaghan
3..3 1890 - Sarah Callaghan
3..4 1891 - Thomas Daniel Callaghan
3..5 1894 - Margaret Louise Callaghan
3..6 1896 - Charles Henry Callaghan
3..7 1899 - Richard Edward Callaghan
3..8 1901 - Mary Callaghan
- Annie remarried in 1902 to James Henry McMASTERS
they had 2 children
1903 - Ida May Clara Gertrude McMasters
1906 - Henry Herbert McMasters
- Annie died in Whangarei

... 4 ...
1869 - 1952 THOMAS HENRY Norton
- Thomas married Ethel Anne TIMPERLEY in 1891
they had 12 known children:
4..1 1892 - 1991 Ethel Elizabeth Norton
- Ethel was born 20 May 1892
- she married William Adam BROWN (1888-1921) in 1909
- William was the 1st of 6 children of William BROWN from Lancashire, England & Sarah Jane BYERS who married in Auckland 1 Dec 1883
- William died 20 April 1921 aged 32. Ethel remarried 3 months later to Michael Andrew DALEY (1883-1953) on 27 July 1921
4..2 1893 - ? Clara Louisa Norton
- Clara was born 20 August 1893
- spouse not found at this time
4..3 1895 - ? Mary Alice Norton
- Mary was born 2 July 1895
- no spouse at this time
4..4 1898 - 1993 Harriet Jane Norton
- Harriet was born 6 January 1898
- she married Philip Onslow Arthur WILLETTS (1892-1985) in 1921
- they lived in Blockhouse Bay area
Phillip died 16 Jan 1985 aged 92, cremated at Purewa
Harriet died 21 Feb 1993 aged 95, cremated at Waikumete
4..5 1898 - 1976 Henry Joseph Edward Norton
- Henry was born 24 April 1898
- Joseph did not marry. He had a de facto relationship with Rita ?
4..6 1899 - 1984 Eleanor Maud Norton
- Eleanor was born 13 June 1899
- she married Francis 'Frank' Henry CURTIS (1889-1960) in 1922
- Frank was born 10 Aug 1889, a son of Thomas CURTIS & Harriet ASHBY
- he served in WWI as Private 44801
- Frank was a Baker, he died 7 July 1960 aged 70
- he is buried Forest Lawn Block Eleven Plot 276 at Waikumete cemetery
- Eleanor died 20 June 1984 aged 85 (& 1 week)
- her ashes are buried PROTESTANT BERM B Row 28, Plot 90 at Waukunete
4..7 1901 - 1901 Lancelot William Norton
- Lancelot was born 13 April 1901
- he died 24 August 1901 aged 4 months
4..8 1903 - 1903 Esther Norton
- Esther was born 23 February 1903
- she lived for 8 hours
4..9 1904 - 1904 Lewis William Norton
- Lewis was born 18 January 1904
- he died the same day
4..10 1906 - 1988 Arthur Gordon Norton
- Arthur was born 8 July 1906
- no spouse at this time
4..11 1909 - 1990 Ruby Gertrude Norton
- Ruby was born 20 Nov 1909
- she married George Gabriel John Erasmus BOYD (1898-1964) in 1927
- in 1922 he was living at 9 Market St, Caversham, Dunedin
4..12 1912 - ? Ernest 'Ernie' Norton
- nothing known at this time
* According to the family Ethel left about 1914 and went to Christchurch taking 5 year old Ruby & 2 year old Ernie with her. Not known if she remaiired
Thomas Henry Norton remarried in 1933 to Mabel Laura BUCKLE (1892-1961)
they had 2 children
1931 - 1960 James Clifford Kauri 'Jimmy' Norton
- died tragically (see note)
???? - Ronald 'Ronnie' Norton
- dates to be added
- Thomas Henry Norton died 23? March 1953 in Whangarei aged 83
- he is buried Forest Lawn Block Eleven Plot 276, Maunu cemetery Whangarei
- Mabel died 19 Nov 1960 aged 69 and is buried with him
NOTE James Clifford Kauri Norton died the same day as his mother Mable, 19 Nov 1960 aged 29? (apparently in a "Hospital Tragedy" but verification will be posted here as it comes to hand) this is a birth year of 1931 and Mabel would have been about 39

... 5 ...
1872 - 1873 CATHERINE MARY Norton
- Catherine died an infant

... 6 ...
1874 - 1963 EDWARD HUGH Norton
- born on 24 May 1874
- Edward married ? (possibly Mary Owen ? (1904-1947) - see *notes
Headstone inscription, Kaurihohore Cemetery, Whangarei District. Row H, Plot 2. In Loving Memory of MARY OWEN NORTON. Dearly loved wife of H. Norton. Died 15th Jan 1947 Age 43 years)
- Edward had a defacto relationship with Alice Elizabeth ROWLEY who arrived o house-keep for him with a 2 year old son, Alfred Joel NOBES who then lived all his life as Alfred Joel Norton (1898-1965)
- they had 7 children (see *notes which explains their surnames)
their 7 children:
6..1 1901 - 1972 Annie Florence Rowley
6..2 1902 - 1975 Beatrice Maude Rowley
6..3 1904 - 1980 Jeremiah Croyle Rowley
6..4 1906 - 1977 Frederick Henry Rowley
6..5 1908 - 1990 Hazel Margaret May Rowley
6..6 1910 - 1994 Garaboldi Nobes/Langman
6..7 1913 - 1995 George Langman
All the children used the name Norton on school records at Hukerenui then registered as Langman at Matapouri school. Alice with these 8 children, went on to marry John William Langman on 20 March 1913 and live the rest of her life at Matapouri with him ...
- Edward married Daisy THOMAS (1897-1951) in 1920

... 7? ...
1887 - Henrietta May Norton
- mother was Ann Clara Norton
- father not recorded

JEREMIAH CROWELL NORTON died on 21 January 1897 aged 78
- he is buried ROW 2 PLOT 11 at Parua Bay cemetery, Whangarei

Two years after Jeremiah died Ann remarried to Joseph TIMPERLEY (1839-1914)
- Ann was then aged 52 and Joesph was 60 -

JOSEPH TIMPERLEY died 6 month later on 8th Nov 1914 aged 75

Joseph Timperley was previously married to Elizabeth Ann HOWE 11 Sep 1872 in the Bay of Islands, Northland (thanks to ALV)
the 12 known children of

1 1874 - 1952 Joseph Edward Timperley
- born 14 Jan 1874 Ruapekapeka, Bay of Islands
- Joseph died 31 March 1952 aged 78 in Parua Bay, Whangarei

2 1874 - ? Selina Edna Timperley
- baptised 13 Oct 1874 in Kawakawa
- Selina married William John SLATTER in 1890 & had 4 children
- William died 5 Aug 1920 aged 57 & buried Purewa, Auckland
- Selina remarried in 1923 to William Thompson MILLS

3 1876 - ? Ethel Anne Timperley
- born 1 July 1876
- Ethel married Thomas Henry NORTON in 1891 & had 12 children
- (see 4th Norton child above)
- Her family tell me that Ethel left about 1914 and went to Christchurch. She took 5 year old Ruby & 2 year old Ernie with her. Not known if she remarried (info will be added when found)

4 1878-1907 Mabel Winifred Timperley
- baptised 9 July 1878 in Ruapekapeka
Mabel married Guisnai George SMITH (1872-1960) in 1898 & had 5 children

5 1880-1946 Eliza Alice Timperley
- born 7 June 1880 in Ruapekapeka
Eliza married Charles Henry NADIN (1876-1953) in 1897
their known children
1898 - 1990 Edith Eliza Hannah Nadin
1899 - 1980 Charles Thomas Nadin
1901 - 1960 Ivy Ireland Nadin
1903 - Ruby Alice Nadin
1905 - 1994 Clarice Elizabeth Nadin
1907 - 1989 Doris Edna Nadin
1908 - 1969 Frederick Joseph Nadin
1912 - 1978 William George Nadin

6 1882-1948 Clarence Randolf Timperley
- born in Ruapekapeka

7 1884-1938 Lancelot George Timperley
- born in Ruapekapeka
- Lancelot married Elsie May SMITH in 1911

8 1886-1962 Lawrence Ernest Timperley
- born in Ruapekapka

9 1887-1972 Gertrude Blanche Timperley
- born in Ruapekapeka
- Gertrude married Timothy KEOGH in 1906 & had at least 2 children

10 1889 - 1945 Louis Samuel TImperley
- born in Ruapekapeka
- Louis married Ethel Genevieve MONTAGUE in 1910

11 1891 - ? Florence Emma Timperley
- born in Ruapekapeka

12 1894 - 1949 William Basil/Bassett Timperley
- William married Catherine Eveline May MURRAY in 1920
Their daughter, Ethel Anne Timperley, was to marry Thomas Henry Norton in 1891, a son of Jeremiah & Ann Norton - THEREFORE: Ann Norton married her sons father in law, thereby making her William's mother & also his step mother in law!!

READ ALSO Ann Clara Simons real name

* read also the comments on Looking for Norton of Hukerenui

* Edward Hugh Norton died on 28 April 1963 aged 89 and is buried RSA Block Ten Plot 412 Maunu Cemetery, Whangarei. His wife Daisy had died on 7 December 1951 aged 54 and is buried in Plot 30, Row 1 at Kaurihohore Cemetery, Kauri

Bay of Islands, Northland
- see Joseph Timberley above ...

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by ALV on 2012-02-10 01:27:17

Hi Ngairedith.
Eleanor Maud Norton is my wife's grandmother. She was born in 1900 not 1899. She passed away sadly 20 June 1984. She and Frank were well known horse racing owners. Their 'farm' land in Blockhouse Bay was subdivided and two of the streets bear hers and Frank's names (Francis Curtis Ave and Eleanor Place). Her middle name was spelt Maud.

The family have gone through Thomas Henry Norton and Ethel Anne Timperley's children and have made the following comments:

Houert? Harriet Jane Norton.
Esther and Lancelot may have been cousins but not Thomas Henry and Ethel's children.
You're missing Ernest unless this is accidentally been written as Esther.

Thomas Henry and Mabel had two children: James (Jimmy) and Ronald (Ronnie).

by ngairedith on 2012-02-12 01:39:18

message received from AVL re Esther & Lancelot Norton above, children of Thomas Henry Norton & Ethel Anne Timperley

Subject: Thomas Henry NORTON & Ethel Anne TIMPERLEY
To: ngairedith
From: ALV
Date: 2012-02-11 05:47:08

Hi Ngairedith

You are right about Esther and Lancelot. I was talking to my wife's Aunt and she said that they had had three children who died young but she only knew of Lewis

by ALV on 2012-02-12 03:21:43

Joseph Timperley (Timperly) married Elizabeth Anne Howes 11 Sep 1872 Bay of Islands

by ALV on 2012-02-12 04:22:11

Joseph Timperley & Elizabeth Howe's children were:

JOSEPH EDWARD baptised 14 Jan 1874 Ruapekapeka, Bay of Islands, NZ; died 31 Mar 1952
Parua Bay, Whangarei, NZ
SELINA EDNA baptised 13 Oct 1874 Kawakawa, Bay of Islands
MABEL WINIFRED baptised 9 July 1878 Ruapekapeka
ELIZA ALICE baptised 7 June 1880 Ruapekapeka
CLARENCE RANDOLF baptised 11Mar 1882 Ruapekapeka
LANCELOT GEORGE baptised 22 Jan 1884 Ruapekapeka
LAWRENCE ERNEST baptised 27 Jan 1887 Ruapekapeka
GERTRUDE BLANCHE baptised 25 Jun 1887 Ruapekapeka

by ALV on 2012-02-12 15:35:16

Apologies, maybe I should read before placing comment. Thanks for the 3 missing Timperley. I will now add them to my wife's ancestry.

by ALV on 2012-02-13 02:58:16

Ethel(Auntie Ettie) Elizabeth Norton did indeed marry William Brown.

My apologies it should be HOWE not HOWES.

Henry Joseph Edward Norton never married but lived in a de facto relationship with a lady named Rita.

Arthur Gordon Norton married VALERIE SIMONS (not sure if that is the correct spelling or if it was SYMONDS/SYMONS)

by ALV on 2012-02-13 02:59:05

Also when Ethel left she took Ruby a & Ernie with her.

by petherick on 2012-02-14 03:27:11

I am shocked at the incorrect information on this web-site regarding the Norton family.This family has been thoroughly research and the correct information is readily available.There are too many mistakes to address one by one but it is sad that confusion is occuring.We have visited Martha's Vineyard USA and have accessed reliable records from their very active Historical Society going back to the settlement of New England and later Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard where there are 32 Norton clans. I am at the moment putting together Thomas Henry's and Ethel Ann's grandchildren and hope to have it ready for the Timperley reunion next year.I have documentation to back up this information and will be happy to pass it on to any one interested.I can be contacted on petherick@

by ALV on 2012-02-15 18:04:27

Elizabeth Ann Howe was born 17 Apr 1861 Russell, Bay of Islands, New Zealand

by ALV on 2012-02-15 18:05:36

Whoops sorry 1849

by ALV on 2012-02-15 18:08:54

Please ignore my last two comments as I have crossed over info on two different Elizabeth Ann's I am researching.

by aroha on 2012-02-26 00:13:40

I am wanting to get in touch with petherick, but the email is incorrect and has bounced back, so petherick, please leave your correct addy! thanks

by ngairedith on 2012-02-26 00:42:46

hi aroha,

the journal is correct regarding the Norton & Timperley families.
However, some of their (living) descendants were unaware of further children and therefore, other descendants, so have assummed it incorrect
I have been pleased to help them with the above research

send a private mssage to ALV (click the highlighted name above which will lead you to doing this), outlining what you require. They will be able to help you further and may put you in touch with Petherick who is related to them

by ngairedith on 2012-07-10 04:21:10
by ALV on 2012-07-10 04:43:11
by ALV on 2012-11-04 01:49:46

It seems that Jeremiah's middle name of Crowell caused quite a considerable amount of problems in NZ as he was married as Jeremiah Carvell Norton in 1862; recorded on the electoral roll as Jeremiah Charles Norton in 1893 and on death registration as Jeremiah Croyle Norton in 1897.

by ALV on 2012-11-04 02:41:27

Aunty Ettie (Ethel Elizabeth Norton) died in 1991 NZBDM Registration Number 1991/33662

Clara Louisa Norton was born on 30 Aug 1893, died in 1966 at age 73, and was buried
in Purewa Cemetary, Auckland.
Clara married George Patterson in 1910. Her surname was erroneously written as Norlon. NZBDM Registration Number 1910/2055
Clara next married Gerald Law in 1951.

Mary Alice Norton (known as May) married George Alfred Watts in 1912 NZBDM Registration Number 1912/5297. In 1936 she married John Kennedy. May died in 1950 and was buried in Christchurch. NZBDM Registration Number 1950/26871

Arthur Gordon Norton married Val Simons in 1933.

Albert Ernest (Ernie) Norton was born 27 March 1912. NZBDM Registration Number 1912/12289. He died in 1990. NZBDM Registration Number 1990/51301
Ernie married Marion Howarth in 1944.

Ernie adopted his stepfather's surname of Collett and even changed his forenames to Ernest Alfred.

by ALV on 2012-11-04 02:46:49

At various times in the 1860s, Jeremiah Crowell Norton and his father-in-law, Walter Simons were the proprietor of the Duke of Marlborough Hotel in Russell (NZ's oldest pub).

by ALV on 2012-11-04 02:53:49

Jeremiah was definitely born 6 June 1819 in Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard, Dukes County, Massachusetts.

Jeremiah Crowell Norton at various times was a whaler, coastal shipper, waterman, hotel proprietor and gum-man.

by ALV on 2012-11-04 03:33:26

Thomas Henry Norton married Mabel Laura Buckle in 1933.

by ALV on 2012-11-04 03:43:47

James Clifford Kauri Norton died 19 Nov 1960 but his Death Registration was not made until 1961 (BDM Registration Number 1961/22638).

by ALV on 2012-11-05 01:28:07

For more info on the family of Ethel Ann Timperley

by ALV on 2012-11-11 03:34:28

I am starting to have some doubts over William Henry NORTON being the child of Jeremiah and Ann Clara as I can find no official record of his birth. Why would there be official registrations for all the others but none for William Henry NORTON.

The only William (also with the middle name Henry) was born in 1870 to a Mary Ann Norton and father not recorded.

Also why would they name two sons born within a year of each other the same middle name?

by ngairedith on 2012-11-11 04:12:21

A William Henry Norton (1893-1971) was born in Australia
he served in WWI as Private 69514 with the NZEF, 34th Reinforcements Canterbury Infantry Regiment, C Company, embarking from Wellington 6 Feb 1918
His Next Of Kin was his father, William Henry Norton (1859-1943) of Regan Street, Stratford, Taranaki

so it appears that the William Henry Norton who married Kate Emily Hudson (1871-1936) was probably the William who was base born? to Mary Anne Norton in 1870. It would be good to know who the parents of this Mary Anne Norton were??

by arre5t on 2012-12-24 23:28:11

Wow this stuff is amazing. Harriet Jane Norton is my grandmother and Phillip Onslow Arthur Willetts Private 42440, A company, 24th reinforcements, is my grandfather. They had a son on the 30th March 1921 named Colin Arthur Willetts who served in WWII as Aircraftman 391435 RNZAF and Private 235716 2NZEF. He later Had a son on the 26th of October 1986 named Phillip Arthur Willetts. Colin Arthur Willetts passed away on the 20th August 2006 aged 85 and is cremated and laid to rest in Thames Totara Cemetry. Both my grandfather Phillip Onslow Arthur Willetts and great Uncle William Alexander Willetts have alot of portraits in the auckland museum.

If the above facts are true, that would make Thomas Henry Norton my great grandfather and Jeremiah Crowell NORTON my great great grandfather.

by ALV on 2012-12-29 03:40:08

These are true facts. My wife is Eleanor (Nellie) Curtis' (nee Norton) grand-daughter. Francis Curtis Ave in Blockhouse Bay was named after Nellie's husband and Eleanor Place after her. Is Ross Willetts one of your cousins? Just go to my Home page - ALV to find out more about your Norton and Timperley ancestry. Welcome cousin-in-law.

by arre5t on 2013-01-24 03:19:12

I think Ross Willetts is one of my cousins. Are you a relative of Barry Willetts from Blockhouse Bay? His Wife Pat own B.T & P.A Willetts Builders in Henderson. Barry is the son of Owen Willetts and Helen Willetts of Blockhouse Bay. Owen is my fathers brother. My other cousin David Willets, brother of Barry, is living in Te Aroha.

by ALV on 2013-01-28 17:08:39

Yes we are.

by lf on 2013-03-24 20:29:15

Hi, am am Eliza Alice Timperley and Charles Henry Nadins great grand daughter. I am currently looking for information on Charles Henry Nadin's parents.I know the Nadins were a big family in Parua bay. My grandmother is Ivy Nadin. What is the connection with the Timperleys and Timperleys bush? I have information that apparently Eliza's mother was a mid wife in Ruapekapeka and may have run a soup kitchen for the maori and her soup ladels are in the Russell museum?? Looking forward to some information. Thanks

by ALV on 2013-04-14 04:59:49

Hi IF not sure what you are looking for. Could you be a little more specific.

by lf on 2013-04-14 21:19:48

Sorry - I would really like to know who Charles Henry Nadins parents and siblings were. Thank You.

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