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CLARYs of Guernsey County, Ohio

Journal by seekertoo

The name Clary is of Irish origin, evolving from the Gaelic word "cleriach," meaning clerk or cleric. It is spelled variously as Cleary, Clery, and Clary.
Some of the information given here is derived from the "Clary Genealogy" written by Ralph S. and Star W. Rowland. Their book was awarded first prize in 1980 in the Maryland Historical Society's genealogical book contest. Other contributions were made by generous Clary family researchers.
Our first Clary ancestor in America was Thomas, estimated to have come to Virginia October 19, 1653 as an indentured servant of John Day. By 1660 he had his freedom and a wife named Judith. In September, 1660 he bought 300 acres of land in Surry County, Virginia. His occupation was listed as cooper, making and repairing barrels and casks.
John Clary the son of Thomas and Judith was probably born in Virginia about 1660. He moved to Maryland and was married about 1681. Little is known of John in Maryland.
John Clary Jr., presumed son of John Clary was born in1684 in Maryland and died after 1728. He married Eliazabeth Haly of Anne Arundel County, Maryland. Elizabeth was the daughter of a wealthy land owner, Clement Haly, and she inherited much of his holdings.
Benjamin Clary, the son of John and Elizabeth, was born in 1772 in Maryland and died 1783 in Baltimore, Maryland. Around 1745 he married Eleanor Gerrard. He was a prosperous planter and owned a great deal of land in several counties and was among the early settlers of Frederick County, Maryland.
Eleanor, who had survived her husband, was left a prosperous plantation but did not approve of slavery. She was unable to prosper with her land and lost the plantation as a result of her views on slavery. Her son William Clary was born in 1752 in Baltimore County, Maryland and married Rachel Hall around 1778. There is strong evidence to suggest he served as a private in the 8th. Company, Maryland Line. After his father's death he inherited 150 acres of land. After his death his wife Rachel returned this land to the children of his deceased father, Benjamin Clary. Soon after Rachel, who was a great- grandmother at the time, and several of her children left Maryland and settled in the Belmont/Noble/Guernsey Counties area. In the 1840 census the Clary family was living in Millwood Township, Guernsey County, Ohio. Our ancestor, Washington Clary, (b. 1806 in Maryland) was one of her children.
Washington Clary married Mary Harvey (b. 1812 in New Hampshire) and his cousin Enoch married Mary's sister Asceneth Harvey. Washington and Mary's son Robert (b. 1846 in Ohio) married Rebecca Warehime (b. 1851 in Ohio).
Aby Clary, daughter of Robert and Rebecca was born June 13, 1883. She married Charles Arthur Leslie (b. March 23, 1878 in Coshocton, Ohio).
If any of the persons in this journal are of interest to you, please let me know, I am always glad to share information.

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on 2010-04-27 12:58:51

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by 1217kitten on 2015-05-16 14:10:21

I am related to you down the line and have a huge book dating back to 1590 of the whole Clary life thru the years. Thank you and if you need help let me know.

by 1217kitten on 2015-05-17 12:33:40

I have so much on the "Clary clan" cause that is my maiden name and my Uncle did a full research on them but I went back further than he did so here is some things that might help and if you want to know more please let me know:

James Clary B:
1590 in Ireland and died there. He married a woman name Susanna Beheman B: 1590 England and died in Ireland

They had one son name Thomas Clary B: 1630 in Ireland and died in 1679 in Virginia. He married Judith Laton B: 1634 and died in 1707.

Thomas and Judith had a son name John B Clary B: 1660 England/Ireland and D: 8-11-1740 in Anne Arundel, Maryland or Surry Virginia. John B Clary married in 1681 to Mary Turner B: 1662 Anne Arundel and D: 1756. They had 5 children: Daniel Clary B: 1682 Anne Arundel, Maryland D: 1726 Virginia and his twin William Clary B: 1682 D: 1726 Virginia, John Clary Jr. B: 1684 Maryland D: 1728 Maryland, Dorothy Clary B: 1686 D: 1711 (she was young so something happened to her) Ann Clary B: 1688 Anne Arundel, Maryland. The marriage of Ann Cleary Clary in 1706 is recorded in the register of St. James Parish of Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

Thomas Clary son John B Clary is the one that made it over here and reached Maryland in October of 1677 and I assume his father Thomas was brought at that time or later. Little is known about John B Clary.

His son John Clary married Dec 30, 1705 to Elizabeth Eleanor Haly (B:1687 Maryland and D: 1728) and is on the register of St. Anne's Parish of Anne Arundel County, Maryland(Vol 1:1) Johns surname is shown as "Cary" in the original register at Hall of Records, Annapolis and the entry there is "Clary". They had 8 children - John jr, Daniel, Dorothy, Mary, William Donovan and Benjamin and 2 unknown daughters ( one was married to a Lawrence Robinson). By 1718, when the birth and baptism of their daughter Mary was recorded in St. Anne's Parish register (Vol 1:404,405)Her birth record was the only one found John and his wife Elizabeth were listed in the register as residents of Baltimore, Maryland. In 1728 John Clary son of John and Elizabeth clary patent his land "Clary Forest", lay on Dorsey's Great Branch

Now we come down to Benjamin Clary (married to Eleanor Gerrard} They had 17 children..... Their son name William Clary B:1750 D: 1798 married in 1778 to Rachel Hall. William Clary fought in the Revolutionary War and served as a Private in the 8th company, Maryland Line from February 1777 to November 1783 (Maryland Troops). As a war veteran, William "Cleary" of Maryland in 1792 received 100 acres on Ohio as bounty land ( Land warrant #11035) I would like to add that Daniel and David clary brothers of William was also in the Revolutionary War and I have a lot on them as well

My final: We "Clary" are eligible for membership in the D.A.R which there are many members from this family.

If you have anymore questions please ask

by seekertoo on 2015-05-17 12:45:11

This is terrific, thank you so much. I'm going to print this and I'll get back with you as regards questions. I would like to know if you're descended from the Clarys in Guernsey County, Ohio.

by 1217kitten on 2015-05-19 04:07:20

Yes I am related to the Clary's in Guernsey, Ohio. This book I have is so thick and would love to make you copies.

I would have to read more but its in the middle of the night so I will give you some small accounts til I can sit down with this book.

Benjamin Clary B: 1722 D: 1783, the son of John and Elizabeth Clary marries in 1745 to Eleanor Gerrard D: May 6, 1814. In 1818 Benjamin bought some land in Guernsey, Ohio and had 400 acres. Later he sold it.

As I said before they had 17 children. One of their sons Zachariah Clary B: 1766 Baltimore CO, Maryland married in May 20th 1793 to Delilah Penn. They moved on Dec 15, 1813 to Guernsey, Ohio and bought 240 acres.
Zachariah's sister Rachel Clary B:1770 in Baltomore and died on March 2, 1852 in Belmont, Ohio she married may 5, 1788 (Frederick MD) to John Israel.

Benjamin Clary jr B: 1740 (the son of Benjamin Clary Jr. and wife Eleanor Gerrad.) His wife is Catherine Brumbaugh 1756 til 1836 had a son named Sanuel C Clary B: 1780 in MD D: 1830 in Ohio and married Mary Brian on Aug 1806 in Federick, MD. This is listed I Frederick CO records. They had 10 children. In 1820 census Samuel C Clary Cleary appeared in Belmont, Ohio near several of his relatives. He evidently moved after several years to nearby Guermsey County where he owned land in section 15,Oxford Township. Records show him taxed in 1830 on this property. Only a couple of his children were born in Ohio but were all together when they moved.

I have so much more. Are you on FB?

by seekertoo on 2015-05-19 11:09:48

Sorry, I'm not on FB, too old-school. If you look on you'll see my Clary listings, most of them have pictures you might enjoy seeing.
What is the title and author of your book? Sometimes these old books can be viewed on google books. In the meantime, I'm printing everything you post.
My connection to the Clarys is my husband and his mother's family.

by seekertoo on 2015-05-19 12:29:13

Sorry, these are my Clarys, most of the direct line are women and I have them listed under married names.

Clary, Creta Lavina Wickham 26208541
b. Mar. 14, 1878 d. Feb. 24, 1962 Harmony Christian Church
Guernsey County
Ohio, USA

Clary, Manual Garfield 26207975
b. Jun. 9, 1878 d. Apr. 3, 1922 Harmony Christian Church
Guernsey County
Ohio, USA

Clary, Rebecca Warehime 35207605
b. Jun. 11, 1851 d. Aug. 21, 1923 Senecaville Cemetery
Guernsey County
Ohio, USA

Clary, Robert 35208251
b. Sep. 4, 1846 d. Nov. 2, 1909 Harmony Christian Church
Guernsey County

by 1217kitten on 2015-05-19 20:37:02

The book I have was a complete research my Uncle did including some I did so it would not be published. Everything is in a binder but very very thick. I will look these names up and give you more accounts on these women. It took years of research and thankfully we finished it. I hope I have so far helped you.

by 1217kitten on 2015-05-19 20:46:39

By the way most of the Clary's were either Catholic or were Lutheran. Some religions changed over time depending on who they married. I know my family is Catholic. You would love this book cause it give a lot of detail accounts of their life.

by 1217kitten on 2015-05-19 21:26:10

Very interesting site and I am on it looking at graves, Thanks. I did find a lot thru

by 1217kitten on 2015-05-20 05:03:47

The name and dates you have provides, can you give me their spouses name? Clarence H Clary is my grandfather but will need to look how far down the line he is...great grandfather or he could be my Uncle or a brother to my grandfather. This family split off and went to Wisconsin, which is where I lived til 5 yrs old until my Dad William H Clary was transferred to Texas when I was 5 yrs old and that was 41 yrs ago.

by 1217kitten on 2015-05-20 05:16:28

I do know for a fact that Rebecca Warehime and Robert Clary are my ancestors

by seekertoo on 2015-05-21 16:46:06

It looks to me like your grandfather Clarence Clary was the son on Garfield & Creta Clary. Garfield ( I believe the family called him Gar) and my husband's great grandmother Aby were brother and sister. Have you seen the photos I posted on ? Those are from a family bible I have which belonged to Aby Clary Leslie. When I get some time I'll look in the Clary file for lost tidbits of history. Thank you

by 1217kitten on 2015-05-21 18:51:21

I have not had a chance to look but will do it soon. Thanks and have enjoyed connecting with distance family members.

by dholden12 on 2015-05-28 01:22:15

Amazed that i found this... I also am a descendant of Robert and Rebecca Clary...thru Garfield and Creta's youngest daughter, Dorothy, my grandmother.
Have previously read (and copied) the Rowland's book and currently and working on all the Wickhams (Creta's father's line) etc... have gathered much info there in a short time... would Love having more info on the original Clary's.(with any supporting proof)...

by seekertoo on 2015-05-28 09:01:57

Hi, you and I go way back to 2008 when we shared information on the Clarys & Sarah (I thought Voice) Voorhies. I haven't found and new leads in several years, have you? I always thought Creta was a good & kind soul.

by dholden12 on 2015-05-28 20:35:06

I am back into it now and researching the Wickham side (Creta's father) and actually within a few weeks have taken the Wickhams back to Creta's 3G grandfather John Wickham. check out John ... just found it the other day, but has tons of factual info ... with the census docs being updated thru 1940 it reignited my search. plus i found with lots of copies of marriage and birth certificates, etc... mainly just more "proof"... but its soooo addicting! My mom remembers Creta and gramma Mary (Creta's mom) when they'd go down to Lore City to visit... good catching up again!!

by 1217kitten on 2015-06-07 22:58:28

I will continue to go thru my Clary book and get back to you both with anymore info I have....Thanks

by 2005harley on 2019-04-28 16:24:53

Hello I am Charles Clary SR grandson I’m curious to know more

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