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CLISSOLD marriages 1906-1926 Victoria Australia

Journal by tonkin

CLISSOLD marriages 1906-1926 Victoria Australia.


Frederick Arthur
Married: Amy Ellen REID 1907.
Two issues located.
1. Sylvia Mabel Annie, born 1908 Melbourne South, Victoria.
2. Irene Amy, born 1910 Melbourne South, Victoria.

Walter William
Married: Evelyn Blanch SYMONS 1907.
One issue located.
1. Florence Ann, born 1912 Deans Marsh, Victoria.

Married: Alice Sabina COOLEY 1911.
Three issues located.
1. Beatrice Alice, born 1911 Carlton, Victoria.
2. Joyce Winifred, born 1915 Lorne, Victoria.
3. Joan, born 1918 Lorne, Victoria.

Married: Emily Henrietta MOUSLEY 1912.
Four issues located.
1. Florence Ann, born 1912 Deans Marsh, Victoria.
2. Percy Robert, born 1914 Deans Marsh, Victoria.
3. Mary Henrietta, born 1915 Deans Marsh, Victoria.
4. Horace Stanley, born 1918 Birregurra, Victoria.

Married: Ellen Johanna ZUSCHETTI 1913.
Three issues located.
1. Eileen Gracie, born 1914 Prahran, Victoria.
2. Valmai Mary, born 1917 Lorne, Victoria.
3. Marjorie Isobel, born 1919 Lorne, Victoria.

Walter William
Married: Ida Esma BARNES 1918.
One issue located.
1. Violet May, born 1918 Birregurra, Victoria.

Francis Baden Powell
Married: Alice HOPE 1919.
One issue located.
1. Frances Elizabeth Alice, born 1920 Yarra Junction, Victoria.

Stephen Arthur
Married: Lillian Louisa HOWARD 1922.

Sydney Stewart
Married: Selina May PERRY 1925.

Alexander Samuel
Married: Maud Euphemia SWAYN 1926.

Albert Haughton
Married: Annie TURNBULL 1926.

Finley Gordon
Married: Olive Victoria SWAYN 1926.

Married: Janet Brice SPLATT 1926.

Goddard Walter
Married: Rosa Florence MCMAHON 1926.


Theresa Annie
Married: Edward HOGAN 1906.
Seven issues located.
1. Elizabeth May, born 1906 Lorne, Victoria.
2. Florence Madge, born 1907 Lorne, Victoria.
3. Mona Estella, born 1909 Lorne, Victoria.
4. Stanley Thomas, born 1911 Lorne, Victoria.
5. Mavis Ruby, born 1914 Lorne, Victoria.
6. Ernest Edward, born 1916 Lorne, Victoria.
7. Stewart Laurence, born 1918 Lorne, Victoria.

Elizabeth Anne
Married: Henry MILLS 1908.
Four issues located.
1. Dorothy May, born Birregurra, Victoria.
2. Stanley Roy, born 1912 Birregurra, Victoria.
3. Walter Clifford, born 1914 Birregurra, Victoria.
4. Lesley Gordon, born 1918 Birregurra, Victoria.

Elizabeth Florence
Married: Sydney Albert ARMISTEAD 1908.
Four issues located.
1. Florence Mona, born 1910 Lorne, Victoria.
2. Violet Madge, born 1912 Beech Forest, Victoria.
3. Edna Jean, born 1914 Lorne, Victoria.
4. Francis Ernest, born 1918 Yarra Junction, Victoria.

Agnes May
Married: George Henry CRAIG 1912.
Two issues located.
1. Elizabeth Ellener, born 1913 Geelong, Victoria.
2. William James George, born 1916 Lorne, Victoria.

Ada Ann
Married: Alfred John MOUSLEY 1913.
Four issues located.
1. Reginald James Thomas, born 1914 Deans Marsh, Victoria.
2. Walter Cecil, born 1916 Birregurra, Victoria.
3. Ada, born 1919 Birregurra, Victoria.
4. Mavis Beryl, born 1920 Birregurra, Victoria.

Elsie Elizabeth
Married: Clarence Hadley OLNEY 1914.
Three issues located.
1. Dulcie Hadley, born 1915 Birregurra, Victoria.
2. Raymond Walter Clarence, born 1916 Birregurra, Victoria.
3. Clifford John, born 1918 Birregurra, Victoria.

Sylvia May
Married: Nash Button CHALLIS 1914.
Three issues located.
1. Martha May, born 1915 Ballarat East, Victoria.
2. Sylvia Grace, born 1918 Lorne, Victoria.
3. Noel, born 1919 Lorne, Victoria.

Evelyn May
Married: William George HEYWOOD 1917.

Ivy Ada
Married: Roy Stanley RAYNER 1917.
One issue located.
1. Horace Ambrose Walter, born 1918 Winchelsea, Victoria.

Alice Edith
Married: Frank Laurence WHITE 1918.
Two issues located.
1. Alice Evelyn, born 1918 Birregurra, Victoria.
2. Frank Raymond George, born 1920 Birregurra, Victoria.

Linda May
Married: George Ormond MCKAY 1918.
One issue located.
1. Allan Alexander, born 1920 Birregurra, Victoria.

Lois Madge
Married: Ernest Osborn HUNT 1920.
No issues located.

Minnie Carol
Married: Eric Ellen ELFORD 1920.
One issue located.
1. George William, born 1920 Birregurra, Victoria.

Beatrice Elizabeth
Married: John Beggs COOKE 1923.

Eva May
Married: Reinhold Frederick POLTRICK 1924.

Ethel Rita
Married: William Gordon FARQUHARSON 1925.

Olive May
Married: William MCKENZIE 1925.

Hilda Florence
Married: Lesley William Stuart LAMBELL 1926.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth and Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the CLISSOLD lines.

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