Info wanted re Edward & Jane COADE regarding their lifetime, in Houghton, South Australia circa 1856 and onwards :: Genealogy
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Info wanted re Edward & Jane COADE regarding their lifetime, in Houghton, South Australia circa 1856 and onwards

Journal by Elizabeth2ndB

Many thanks to the Family Tree Circles members who have enabled me to correct my COAD journal and family tree.

I am interested in any further information re Edward COADE and family, for example when they died, where etc. With the exception of James their son, they seemed to have vanished without trace.

The following information is the correct version: My great grandfather, James COAD, was born 1850,in St Columb, Cornwall, UK, and died 1896 in Sth Australia. He migrated to South Australia in 1856, aged 6 years old, aboard the ship LORD RAGLAN, with his parents Edward and Jane COADE and his sisters Jane and Mary COADE, They settled in Houghton in the Adelaide Hills area of Sth Australia.

James COAD, married Elizabeth NEWSOME and had several children. Their son William COAD who married Norah GALLAS, was my grandfather and his son Kenneth Vincent COAD was my father.

Elizabeth had a son, John Henry NEWSOME, born shortly after she arrived in South Australia,in 1875,on the ship TREVELYAN. John WILLOUGHBY, the father of the child, came on the same ship.

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by Wardy1958 on 2014-12-29 23:59:24

I am researching the Coad history as well ( my husbands mothers side)
I do not agree with your James coad and his arrival. I believe that James came to Australia in 1856 on the ship "lord Raglan" . He was 6 years old and came with his parents Edward and Jane . Their children jane was born 1842, Mary 1847 and James 1850. They moved to the Houghton/ingle wood area. James died in 19/10/1896 aged 46 at Inglewood so the dates match up.
I agree with the details of Elizabeth Newsome coming out on the Trevelyan in. 1875. She was 20 years old and occupation was stated as domestic. On 21/10/1876 John Henry was bone and father was stared as John Willoughby. I could find no record of any marriage and John Henry took his mothers surname of Newsome. I was told by my mother inlaw before she died that John Henry actually lived with his half sister Angelina Ethel (Etty) at Inglewood.
I would be interested in any other informatuion that you have.
My husband Gary is descendants of James and Elizabeth's 3rd child - James Norman (Bob) born. 4/7/1885. His 3rd child was my husbands mother Laurel May born 28/5/1921.
Please contact me on 0428 853 604 or email

by wizard28 on 2014-12-30 05:06:19

These are the Baptisms of James Coad In the period you refer to from Cornwall OPC Database (parish records)

1846 Chacewater James COAD Stephen Mary
1846 North Hill James COAD Robert Mary
1847 Chacewater James Harris COAD Caroline
1853 Redruth James COAD James Nanny
1855 Ruan Minor James COAD Nicholas Eliza

Where in Cornwall was James Born ?

by wizard28 on 2014-12-30 05:18:24

Australia Marriage Index
NAME: James Coad
FATHER'S NAME: Edward Coad **
SPOUSE NAME: Elizabeth Newsome
REGISTRATION PLACE: Highercombe, South Australia

**According to the marriage James father was named Edward

Australia Death Index
NAME: James Coad
DEATH DATE: 19 Oct 1896
AGE: 46
REGISTRATION PLACE: Adelaide, South Australia

by Elizabeth2ndB on 2015-01-01 22:15:48

Hi, Happy New Year! You have made mine special already with your info.
I am the former Beverley Coad, daughter of Ken and Alice Coad. If your mother in law was Gwen Grey (born Coad), your husband will remember that our family spent a lot of Sunday afternoons and meals with his family.
My mother spent ages researching in the Mortlock Library, Adelaide, therefore I didn't doubt her info re James Coad immigrating to SA in 1865, aged 19, single, on the ship Burlington. I did see a microfiche of the ship's manifest of individual passengers. Information was fairly limited as was the printed list. Originally I researched Edward and Jane Coad. From memory she was linked to the Willoughby family. I rejected it on the basis of Mum's info and as a result spent hours over the last almost 2 years, trying to solve the jigsaw. Thank you so much for your contact.

The next headache is Aunty Gwen's mother, my grandmother, Elenora Ernestine Gallas, who married William Coad at Springton, SA. She gave her father's name as George Hamilton. After 1927, it came out in her court case re Attempted Bigamy charge(proved guilty). See TROVE for details. William divorced her in 1930 approx. Apparently she was still alive when I was born in 1947, which is why Aunt Anne (nickname Ned) forbade my parents from placing a birth announcement in the paper (in case she tried to make contact with my parents). I do know she did remarry or re partnered)and had 2 more children. My mother and father met with his half brothers. The surname had been anglicised during the war. How she found them I can't remember, but they were living in the Adelaide Hills. There was a rumour that she had 2 sons prior to marrying William. The Gallas family was large and can be researched but Norah's whereabouts seemed to be a mystery to them. I found my bit of info about the bigamy etc on Ancestry, family site called "hillhouse" I think. None of her children remembered much except for Aunty Beryl, who said she was pretty and wore lovely frilly blouses. I am not sure exactly when she left William and the children, it may have been before 1927. Dad was born in 1920, he was the 2nd to youngest child. I'll keep in touch. My email is
- Regards from Beverley

by Elizabeth2ndB on 2015-01-01 23:43:05

Oops, Just read your message again. Your Gary is not Aunty Gwen's Gary. James James Norman Coad, is the brother of William Coad, my grandfather. Most likely no-one will know anything about William's marital problems, or his ex wife's movements. James' sister, Jane Anne Coad (married Hammit) took on the care my father Kenneth, his sister Gwen and for part of the time, their brother James, after their mother left. This aunt, lived in Fisher Street Norwood. Dad lived there until he married. He and Mum moved back in when I was about 18 months. They moved to Magill when I was about 3.
The other children, were cared for by another Aunt living at Inglewood and perhaps their grandmother Elizabeth Coad. They were Beryl(married Bob Clifton) and Kathleen (married Ernie Clifton)and for part of the time, James, the youngest.
Although their father died in 1933, the children were being cared for by relatives off and on, before he died. All of the children who were fairly close in age, spent some time, for some reason, being cared for by relatives, shortly after birth, in particular Aunty Beryl (married Bob Clifton, cousin of Ernie Clifton.) Families tended not to talk about the unpleasant stuff.
James Norman's sisters, Josephine and Mary Elizabeth (Bessie) went to Wallaroo as young woman to work in the Prince Edward Hotel. They both married in the area. Josephine to Charles Heath and Mary to William Stanley Wiltshire. "Etty" Ethel Angelina, didn't marry, but had a long term boyfriend, Black Bart who lived in Carrington Street, Adelaide. Her half brother John Henry Newsome lived with her at the Inglewood property. Our family used to visit them until such time as they passed away. The Clifton family bought the property some years before then, but allowed Ethel and John to live in a small Besser Brick House which he had built for them. Prior to that they were living in what appeared to be a large, old, ramshackle shed which may have been a storage shed for fruit. The property appeared to have been an orchard. When I was a child, Aunt Etty, told me there was a piano in the old house, which I could have. Dad drove her and our family up a side road, down the road from where they lived. It was a big house, complete with furniture, all falling to bits with white ants and spider webs everywhere. It seemed to have been a big property, off the main road and it had just gotten to hard for them to get up the hill to reach it, or to get into Inglewood, so they lived in the shed. It was the family home of James and Elizabeth Coad. Elizabeth died at Paracombe, SA.I would suggest you go into my My Heritage site - Howell Beverley for D.O.B, marriages etc. Hope some of this is of use to you.

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