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COWARD buried Blenheim, New Zealand

Journal by ngairedith

the COWARD buried Marlborough as at Feb 2012

* some burials at database do not have death dates so accuracy is not guaranteed
* some birth dates are approx, based on age at death

* Albert Richard Coward
born 9 April 1909
son of Walter Richard Coward & Wilhelmina Silvius
married Lena May Crispin in 1937
died 16 May 1982 aged 73
buried Plot 30, Block 1, Tree Ashes Garden at Fairhall with Lena

* Blanche Ward Coward (nee Cundy)
born 1878
daughter of Henry Richard Cundy & Jane Ann Collins
married Thomas Henry 'Harry' Coward in 1898
...known children:
* 1902 - 1985 Dudley Tennant Louis Coward
died 30 Sep 1954 aged 76
buried Plot 14, Block 49 at Omaka
NOTE There is a lot of confusion & misinformation on the net about Blanche Ward Cundy.
* Nita Blanche Cundy (written Blanche Netoe on BDM) was born in Featherston 25 April 1878, the only daughter of Charles Cundy (1852-1905) & Caroline Williams Tocker. Her brothers were: 1880-1960 Archibald Eber 'Arch' Cundy & 1888-1948 Edgar Clifford Osborne 'Cliff' Cundy. Nita (as she was known) never married. She lived in Bourke street, Kilbirnie, Wellington and was killed in a car accident, Easter weekend, 2 April 1926 when the car she was a passenger in, went over a bank at Waikanae and capsized. She was 3 weeks from her 48th birthday. Her father was a blacksmith in Featherston. He was a son of Charles Cundy & Ann Fisher.
* THIS Blanche Ward Cundy (Coward) was a daughter of Henry Richard 'Harry' Cundy (1849-1921), a hotel keeper/publican. He had the Commercial Hotel in Grove Road, Blenheim. He was also involved with race horses in Blenheim and the Wairarapa. It is possible he was related to Charles Cundy above. Her mother Jane, died 2 Aug 1921 and is buried in Omaka. Her father Harry, died 2 months later on 1 Oct 1921 in the Greytown Hospital.

* Charles Albert Coward
born 24 Sep 1889
son of Charles Edward Coward (1859-1927) & Mary Alice Webster (1874-1959)
died 23 July 1890 aged 9 months
buried Plot 41, Block 10 at Omaka

* Daphne Blanche Coward
born 31 Oct 1911
daughter of Walter Richard Coward & Wilhelmina Silvius, she didn't marry
died 14 Dec 1993 aged 81
buried Plot 44, Block 28 at Omaka with her parents & Alice Jennens (1858-1936)

* Dudley Tennant Louis 'Doug' Coward
born 6 June 1902
son of Thomas Henry Coward & Blanche Ward Cundy
married Ria Annie Clark in 1938
died 31 May 1985 aged 82
* Dudley was the Chief Post Master
buried Plot 60, Block 1 at Fairhall with Ria

* Ernest John Coward
born 1 Aug 1906
son of Walter Richard Coward & Wilhelmina Silvius
* served as Sergeant 391757 with the Tonga Defence Force WWII
died 1 May 1990 aged 83
buried Plot 19, Row 2, Block 1, RSA ashes at Fairhall

* George Henry Coward
born 1 June 1899
son of Walter Richard Coward & Wilhelmina Silvius
died 12 Sep 1916 aged 17 years 3 months
buried Plot 5, Block 1 at Omaka

* George Henry Coward
born 31 Jan 1822 in Wiltshire, England
son of Charles Coward (1787-1841) & Ester Trovell (1796-1843)
married Susanna Fieldes 28 Dec 1854 in Nelson
...their children:
* 1857 - 1934 George William Coward
* 1859 - 1927 Charles Edward Coward (buried Old Gorge)
* 1860 - 1889 Sarah Ann 'Annie' Coward
. . .NOTE Sarah married Thomas Batty (1860-1903) in NZ in 1882. She and her 12 month old daughter, Ethel May Batty, died in Melbourne 4 Jan 1889. Sarah in Melbourne Hospital & Ethel at Moonee Ponds. Thomas was a cabinetmaker & upholsterer in Wynen St., Blenheim. He next married Sarah's sister, Clara Louisa Coward in 1890. Thomas was a well-known marksman. He was accidentally shot dead in the markers' trench at the Vernon butts, Blenheim, 11 Nov 1903 and was buried with military honours in Omaka cemetery, Blenheim. Clara next married James Anderson 1927 and moved to Auckland.
* 1861 - 1950 Elizabeth Coward
* 1863 - unnamed baby Coward
* 1864 - 1936 Walter Richard Coward (born Jan)
* 1864 - 1954 Emma Jane Coward (born Aug)
* 1866 - 1866 unnamed baby Coward (aged 6 hours)
* 1867 - 1937 Clara Louisa Coward
. . . see notes at sister Sarah above
* 1868 - 1868 unnamed baby Coward (aged minutes)
* 1870 - 1922 Thomas Henry Coward
* 1872 - 1960 Alfred James Coward
* 1873 - 1873 Esther Coward (6 weeks)
died 20 April 1912 at his residence, Percy St., Blenheim, aged 89
* Pioneer Printer of Marlborough
Colonist, 9 May 1912 Mr GEORGE COWARD
The death of Mr George Coward, which occurred at his residence on Thursday night, removes one of the most interesting of the living links that have connected the present day generation with the pioneering associations of Marlborough. Mr Coward is honoured as one of the founders of the 'Press' of this district, in which he had resided for over 60 years. Born in Wiltshire, England, 89 years ago, he came to Nelson in the sailer "Ralph Bernal" in 1847 (read notes at end) and became a member of the printing staff of the "Nelson Examiner" thus being one of the first compositors in New Zealand. He did not remain, however, at that work very long and with his brother took up the Erina Rune, in Wairau. His brother was drowned in the early days of Manuka Island, being the first white man to meet his fate in the Wairau river; and Mr George Coward them came to Blenheim on newspaper enterprise bend. On January 6th 1860, when Blenheim had a population of 300 souls, Messrs G. Coward and T. W. Millington published the first issue of the "Marlborough Press" in a little office situated on the corner of Alfred street and Grove road. For a time an effort was made to meet the convenience of the subscribers in both towns by printing one part at the seaport and the other at the Blenheim office (of which Mr Coward had charge and was for a time assisted by Mr W. T. Bond); but this arrangement was found to be so unsatisfactory that it was soon abandoned and the "Press" became the journalistic mouthpiece of Picton. But the exigencies of party politics demanded that the Wairau should also have an advocate and a medium through which its grievances could be ventilated and so, on November 2nd 1864. Mr Coward brought out the "Wairau Record" from what had formerly been the "Press" office. Mr Elijah Tucker (formerly of "the Colonist") filled the editorial chair of the new journal for two years/ The "Record" having ceased publication, Mr Millington came through from Picton and started the "Marlborough News," to which Mr Collie was a notable contributor. "The Express" established by the Messrs Johnson Brothers, appeared on the scene in 1866, coming to stay and the "News" went out of existence shortly after its acquisition from Mr Millington by a company of local politicians who made it the organ of the anti-Eyes party.
Mr Coward maintained his connection with the printing trade for some years and conducted for a lengthy period a book-binding trade. He retired from active affairs some 20 years ago; but was able to move about up to a late stage of his life, his fatal illness in fact, confining him to his bed for only about a week.
The deceased, who married Miss Fieldes in Nelson in 1855 and is survived by his wife, leaves a large number of descendants to respect his memory. The sons are, George William of Renwicktown; Charles Edward of Woodville, Walter Richard of Ugbrooke, Blenheim (scroll to end), Thomas Henry of Blenheim and Alfred James of Dannevirke. The daughters are, Mrs Bingley Laking (Elizabeth) of Havelock North, Mrs Thomas Batty (Clara Louisa, remarried Anderson in 1927) and Mrs J. Brooks (Emma Jane) of Blenheim. There are 31 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.
buried Plot 437 & 438, Block 17 at Omaka with wife Susanna

* George William Coward
born 19 April 1857
son of George Henry Coward & Susanna Fieldes
died 17 June 1934 aged 77 at Wairau
buried Plot 52, Block 26 at Omaka

* Lena May Coward (nee Crispin)
born 20 July 1907
daughter of Henry Albert Crispin & Alice Entwisle
married Albert Richard Coward in 1937
died 31 Dec 1989
buried Plot 30, Block 1, Tree Ashes Garden at Fairhall with Albert

* Ria Annie Coward (nee Clark)
born 23 June 1912
daughter of John McMullen Clark & Eliza Emma Gill
married Dudley Tennant Louis 'Doug' Coward 1938
died 10 Oct 2001 aged 89
buried Plot 60, Block 1 at Fairhall with Doug

* Susanna Coward (nee Fieldes)
born 1833 in Hampshire, England
daughter of William Fieldes (1811-1889) & Sarah Blake (1809-1889) who died 7 days apart in Nelson
married George Henry Coward at Nelson 28 Dec 1854
...their children above at George
died 25 Oct 1920 aged 87
Nelson Evening Mail, 1 Nov 1920 The death occurred on October 25th of an old and respected resident of Blenheim, in the person of Mrs Coward, relict of the late Mr George Coward. Mrs Coward, who passed away at her residence, Percy Street, had attained the age of 87 years. She was born in Hampshire, England and came out to New Zealand with her parents, Mr and Mrs William Fieldes, in the Lord Auckland, landing at Nelson in February 1842, when she was nine years of age. Her father was a pitsawyer and, cutting his own timber, built in Bolton Square, The Wood, one of the first, if not the first, wooden house erected in Nelson. She was married to the late Mr G. Coward, printer, on December 28th 1854 at the Cathedral by the Rev Mr Butt and went to Blenheim in 1861 with her husband, who had the first printing office there.
The deceased is survived by five sons and three daughters. The sons are Messrs George, Walter and Thomas Coward of Blenheim, Charles (Woodville) and Alfred (Dannevirke) and the daughters are Mrs B. Laking (Havelock North), Mrs T. Batty (Palmerston North) and Mrs E. J. Brooks (Blenheim). There are 31 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren. Mrs M. A. Davidson, of Tasmania, is a sister of the deceased and Mr James Fieldes, of Nelson, is her brother.
buried Plot 437, Block 17 at Omaka with husband George

* Thomas Henry Coward
born 20 Jan 1870
son of George Coward & Susannah Fieldes
married Blanche Ward Cundy 6 Aug 1898
...known children:
* 1902 - 1985 Dudley Tennant Louis Coward
* In Oct 1913 the application for the transfer of the license of the Tua Marina Hotel from Thomas to Hans Charles Lawson was granted by the Wairau Licensing Committee
died 6 Dec 1922 aged 52
buried Plot 32, Block 7 at Omaka, within the Dodson's Plot area

* Walter Richard 'Watty' Coward
born 17 Jan 1864
son of George Coward & Susanna Fieldes
married Wilhelmina Silvius, of Kekerangu, in the home of Mr George Morcom (her mother's stepfather), on 27 Dec 1888
...known children:
* 1889 - 1966 Wilhelmina Theresa Coward (+ Wright)
* 1891 - 1985 May Coward (+ McNiece)
* 1894 - 1971 Adelina Maude Coward (+ Hart)
* 1897 - 1979 Annie Beatrice Coward (+ Fissenden)
* 1899 - 1916 George Henry Coward
* 1901 - 1973 Violet Victoria Coward (+ Fissenden)
* 1903 - 1969 Frederick Walter Coward
* 1906 - 1990 Ernest John Coward
* 1909 - 1982 Albert Richard Coward
* 1911 - 1993 Daphne Blanche Coward
died 20 April 1936 aged 72
Nelson Evening Mail, 22 April 1936
The late Mr Walter Richard Coward, whose death took place at Blenheim at the age of 73 years, was the third son of the late Mr George Henry Coward, one of Blenheim's first printers. The deceased was employed on various sheep stations while a youth and at the age of 20 he went to Australia for two years as a boundary rider. Mr Coward was employed at carious stations during his life and spent 14 years at Kekerangu, where he kept an accommodation house and was well known in the old coaching days. For the past 35 years he had been engaged on the Ugbrooke station. Some 48 years ago he married Miss Wilhelmina Silvius. There was a family of six daughters and three sons - Mesdames T. Wright (North Auckland), S. McNiece (Hastings), A. Hart (Okaramio), J. Fissenden (Pukaka), F. Fissenden (Queen Charlotte Sound), Miss Daphne Coward (Blenheim) and Messrs Frederick Walter, Ernest John and Albert Richard (all of Blenheim). One son, George, died in 1914. A brother of Mr Coward lives at Dannevirke and surviving sisters are Mrs Brooks (Blenheim), Mrs Anderson (Auckland) and Mrs Laking (Havelock North)
buried Plot 44, Block 28 Omaka with wife Wilhelmina & daughter Daphne

* Wilhelmina Coward (nee Silvius)
born 1869
daughter of Henric Gustav Wilhelm Silvius (1847-1928) from Stockholm, Sweden, linesman at Kererangu, naturalised 1885 and of Mary Ann Berryman (1839-1904) from Illinois, USA who arrived with her mother Nanny Rapson & stepfather George Morcom in Nelson, 24 Nov 1863 on the Magna Bona.
married Walter Richard Coward in 1888
...their children above at Walter
* In Blenheim on 24 April 1933, Wilhelmina fell from a table when hanging curtains and suffered a fractured hip.
died 7 April 1949 age 80
buried Plot 42, Block 28 Omaka with husband Walter & daughter Daphne

. . .NOTES
George Henry Coward
(1822-1912) and his brother Richard Coward (1820-1849) sailed from London 23 July 1847 on the barque 'Ralph Bernal', arriving in Nelson 3 Dec 1847. They took up the Erina Run No 8 in 1848.
During the autumn of 1848 Richard Coward helped drive a flock of sheep from Nelson to the Wairau and upon returning to Nelson applied for the depasturage licence of "Erina". This was a small run tucked in between Lansdowne and Bankhouse runs. About the end of September 1849 while returning to his run from Nelson alone and on foot, Richard Coward was drowned in the Wairau River. Just how long his brother George carried on the run is not known, but by the beginning of 1854 a fresh licence was issued to George William Schroder. The licence was transferred to William Wells and John Thompson Galloway on 6 April 1854. As well as surrendering the licence to Wells and Galloway, Schroder also sold them his freehold section II of 50 acres. The Erina Run at that time was about 6,200 acres, out of which Wells and Galloway freeholded a further 917 acres.

George Henry Coward & his father in law, William Fieldes were sureties for Charlotte Spicer (adult), nominated immigrant, c/o R. Spicer, Ludgershall Wilts near Andover in April 1859

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by Sonja09 on 2012-03-17 05:29:16

I have the parents of Blanche Ward Cundy as Henry Richard Cundy and Jane Annie Collins. I see you have Charles CUNDY & Caroline Williams TOCKER, where did you get the information from? I know there is a Blanche Netoe in the New Zealand birth records but do not think this is Blanche Ward Cundy. Any info would be helpful.
thanks :)

by Deborah11 on 2020-08-01 08:28:12

Hi. Just seen this. I might be able to fill 8n some gaps. I got alot of information from a Graham Coward who was a cousin of my father who was also a Coward, born in Blenheim in the early nineties.

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