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CRAY marriages 1871-1920 Victoria Australia

Journal by tonkin

CRAY marriages 1871-1921 Victoria Australia.


Married: Hanora DELAHUNTY 1873.
No issues located.

Married: Bridget SHEEHAN 1874.
Ten issues located
See Post: CRAY John married Bridget SHEEHAN 1874

Married: Ann KITT 1879.
KITT also recorded KITZ in the birth records.
Seven issues located.
1. Mary Ann, born 1881 Taradale, Victoria.
2. Patrick, born 1883 Taradale, Victoria.
3. James, born 1883 Taradale, Victoria.
4. Esther, born 1886 Taradale, Victoria.
5. Ernest Patrick, born 1889 Taradale, Victoria.
6. Annie, born 1891 Taradale, Victoria.
7. Albert Christopher, born 1893 Taradale, Victoria.

Albert Gillot
Married: Jessie CEDERHOLM 1880.
No issues located.

Alfred John
Married: Christina FOLSHER 1882.
FOLSHER recorded FURMEDGE birth record.
One issue located.
1. Henry, born 1882 Ballarat, Victoria.

Frederick George
Married: Agnes STEVENSON 1883.
No issues located.

Alfred Benjamin
Married: Louisa Jane TURMIDGE 1885.
One issue located.
1. Florence, born 1886 Ballarat, Victoria.

Married: Margaret DWYER 1892.
Two issues located.
1. Louisa, born 1896 Majorca, Victoria.
2. Charles Edward, born 1897 Allandale, Victoria.

Married: Mary Emily DUFFY 1893.
Two issues located.
1. Beatrice Lillian Ann, born 1894 Kangaroo Flat, Victoria.
2. Thomas Franklin, born 1898 Bendigo, Victoria.

Herbert George
Married: Annie Amelia BOWMAN 1901.
Five issues located.
1. Florence Elsie, born 1902 St Kilda, Victoria.
2. Herbert Eric, born 1904 St Kilda, Victoria.
3. Frederick Charles, born 1906 St Kilda, Viictoria.
4. Doris Isabella, born 1910 Prahran, Victoria.
5. Gladys Linda, born 1919 Prahran, Victoria.

Alfred John
Married: Sarah Jane HANSEN 1913.
HANSEN also recorded as ROSENDALE birth records.
Three issues located.
1. George Rosendale, born 1919 Malmsbury, Victoria.
2. John Edward, born 1917 Macorna, Victoria.
3. Sylvia Alice Margaret, born 1920 Castlemaine, Victoria.

Married: Ellen Ada MILLAR 1913.
Archibald recorded as Arthur in the birth records.
Three issues located.
1. Olive Myrtle Irene, born 1916 St Kilda, Victoria.
2. George William Clifford, born 1917 Glen Huntly, Victoria.
3. Alan Hebert Thomas, born 1919 Glen Huntly, Victoria.

Married: Sarah Frances CUMMINGS 1917.
No issues located.

Alfred Charles
Married: Grace Millicent HARBER 1918.
HARBER recorded as PHILLIPS in the birth records.
Two issues located.
1. Mimi, born 1920 Caulfield, Victoria.
2. Lalys, born 1920 Caulfield, Victoria.

... Mimi and Lalys were twins.

Albert Christopher
Married: Linda Margaret ELDRIDGE 1919.
One issue located.
1. Maisie Patricia, born 1920 Castlemaine, Victoria.


Married: Joseph NIEHOFF 1871.
Three issues located.
1. Emily Mary Carol, born 1875 Ballarat, Victoria.
2. Theodore Carl, born 1877 Amherst, Victoria.
3. Alfred Ernest, born 1897 Collingwood, Victoria.

Married: William FINCH 1876.
Twelve issues located.
1. Mary Elizabeth, born 1878 Ballarat, Victoria.
2. Emily, born 1880 Creswick, Victoria.
3. Annie, born 1882 Broomfield, Victoria.
4. William Charles, born 1884 Broomfield, Victoria.
5.Charles Best, born 1886 Broomfield, Victoria.
6. Alice Jane, born 1888 Broomfield, Victoria.
7. Henry George, born 1890 Broomfield, Victoria.
8. Margaret Ellen, born 1892 Broomfield, Victoria.
9. Emily Louisa, born 1895 Broomfield, Victoria.
10. John Alfred, born 1895 Broomfield, Victoria.
11. Robert David, born 1898 Broomfield, Victoria.
12. Richard Edward, born 1901 Broomfield, Victoria.

.... Emily and John were twins.

Married: Charles FINCH 1876.
No issues located.

Married: George COLLINS 1882.
Three issues located.
1. Emily May, born 1884 Ballarat, Victoria.
2. Margaret, born 1885 Ballarat, Victoria.
3. Richard, born 1886 Ballarat, Victoria.

Annie Elisa
Married: Benjamin John DAWSON 1885.
Three issues located.
1. Frederick Benjamin, born 1885 Ballarat, Victoria.
2. Irene Gladys, born 1888 Ballarat East, Victoria.
3. William Gordon, born 1890 South Yarra, Victoria.

Married: Henry MILVERTON 1885.
Five issues located.
1. Ruby Margaret, born 1890 Ballarat East, Victoria.
2. Henry William Charles, born 1892 Ballarat East, Victoria.
3. Emily, born 1895 Melbourne South, Victoria.
4. Richard Walter, born 1904 Colac, VVictoria.
5. Joseph, born 1906 Colac, Victoria.

Married: John DARCY 1885.
Five issues located.
1. John Alphonsus, born 1889 South Melbourne, Victoria.
2. Garrett Sylvester, born 1891 Maryborough, Victoria.
3. Francis Vincent, born 1893 Maryborough, Victoria.
4. Mary Ellen, born 1895 Maryborough, Victoria.
5. Unnamed Male, born 1901 Benalla, Victoria.

Married: Alfred Karenins THURNALL 1891.
No issues located.

Edith Eliza
Married: David DAVIS 1896.
Six issues located.
1. Rosetta Elizabeth, born 1896 Carlton, Victoria.
2. Esther Edith, born 1898 Carlton, Victoria.
3. George Hubert David, born 1903 Carlton, Victoria.
4. Jacob Arthur, born 1907 Richmond, Victoria.
5. Ada Ivy Sophia, born 1910 Richmond, Victoria.
6. Doris Thelma, born 1912 Richmond, Victoria.

Emily Catherine
Married: Francis Augustus HERBEL 1896.
Six issues located.
1. Kathleen Theresa, born 1897 Kangaroo Flat, Victoria.
2. Edward Augustine, born 1898 Kangaroo Flat, Victoria.
3. Veronica Marjorie, born 1900 Kangaroo Flat, Victoria.
4. Rose Ann, born 1902 Kangaroo Flat, Victoria.
5. Leonard Sylvester, born 1907 Kangaroo Flat, Victoria.
6. Emily Monica, born 1911 Golden Square, Victoria.

Married: John PALMER 1903.
Three issues located.
1. Florence May, born 1904 Castlemaine, Victoria.
2. Lillian Catherine, born 1907 Castlemaine, Victoria.
3. Edward George, born 1909 Castlemaine, Victoria.

Married: James WATTS 1905.
No issues located.

Married: William MALTBY 1905.
Four issues located.
1. Annie Sophia, born 1907 Taradale, Victoria.
2. William James, born 1910 Taradale, Victoria.
3. Albert Leslie, born 1912 Swan Hill, Victoria.
4. Aubrey, born 1914 Maldon, Victoria.

Ethel Lydia
Married: Alexander MCCREADY 1909.
No issues located.

Florence Louisa
Married: Reynold Joseph POWELL 1911.
One issue located.
1. Alfred Leslie, born 1912 Ballarat East, Victoria.

Eileen Eunice
Married: John Thomas KYRIE 1912.
One issue located.
1. Maureen Margaret, born 1916 Shepparton, Victoria.

Married: Charles William WALKER 1912.
Three issues located.
1. Eleanor Grace, born 1913 Malvern, Victoria.
2. Muriel Jean, born 1914 Malvern, Victoria.
3. Charles William, born 1915 Caulfield, Victoria.

Lillian Agnes Mary
Married: Arthur Henry SHERMAN 1917.
One issue located.
1. Betty Patricia, born 1918 Bendigo, Victoria.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth and Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the CRAY lines.

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