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Journal by itellya

David Mairs was granted a total of 1745 acres in the parish of Bittern east of Coolart Rd and between Disney St and the mouth of Bittern Creek. Full details of each allotment can be supplied if requested. There were allotments fronting both sides of Sandy Point Rd, South Beach Rd and a now closed road that can be traced by extending Pearce Rd (Melway 194 B1) to Somers Rd.

By googling David Mairs Bittern, you will find "David MairsP100230169 etc" which gives excellent genealogical detail about his ancestors and his wife's as well as all the children, emigration information and so on. This journal was prompted by information in Sheila Skidmore's THE RED HILL about the formation of a rifle club in Red Hill in 1900. David Mairs and a Huntly (sic, Huntley) were involved. I knew David Mairs had been granted much land near the eastern side of the peninsula from my work on THE FEMALE DROVER and thought it strange that he was involved at Red Hill. As David died in 1902 and had apparently been suffering from paralysis, it must have been his son David Taylor Mairs who was involved. The latter married Louise Huntley in 1902 and they lived on a property called "Campsie" (now Somers.) Now the really strange thing is that Palmer's Point had been suggested for their rifle range. It was probably near Melway 193 A12 where J.Palmer had been granted 420 acres bounded by Merricks Beach Rd and Merricks Ck.(crown allotments 36,37,38 Balnarring.) Note Palmers Hill Rd.

It is likely that Louise Huntley had been on 105 acres (191 E4)whose south west corner is now occupied by Vines of Red Hill. I have just spent half an hour looking for a reference that I clearly remember regarding one detail. The names of the Misses Huntley were given and two of them started with L, one being Lara. The website mentioned above states that one of Louise's sisters was Lora. I believe that D.T.Mairs had suggested Palmer's Point (on the other side of the Coolart Pre-emptive Right from crown allotment 137, which was obviously part of Campsie), for a range and that Louise's brothers (Herbert John and Percy William) had supported his idea.

David Mairs married Sarah Taylor on 10-1-1857 at the age of 35 while farming at North Blackwood. Not far from that location is Ballan where David Taylor Mairs' birth was registered in 1867. While still near Ballan in 1861-2, David had bought a total of 74 acres and 22 perches at Melway 16 C 8-9, being crown allotments 31, 33, 34, 35 and 36 of section 16 in the parish of Doutta Galla. A bit far from his other land it seems! But no! He most likely wanted a holding paddock so his stock could regain condition before going to market in Melbourne. Niel Black from the Western district (Melway 5 H7), John Aitken of Mt Aitken near Sunbury (27 J4) and the Fairbairns of Ballan and Mt Martha(28 C9) had bought land in the locations indicated for that very purpose.

David's Doutta Galla land was bounded on the north by English St, on the west by Treadwell Rd (Nomad Rd) and on the east by Bulla Rd (Wirraway Ave), lots 33-36 extending 510 metres south along the boundary with Henry Stevenson's "Niddrie" from the English St corner. Lot 31 had an additional 200 metre frontage to the south east along Bulla Rd.

David seems to have moved to Balnarring by 1871 and a journal I wrote about the Crightons/Parkers of Keilor mentions that one of these families was leasing the Doutta Galla land from him. He was in Bittern by 1871 as a notice regarding the birth of one of his daughters shows. This brings us to trove.
By 1875, David Mairs had become President of the Shire of Kangerong and Flinders, was a Justice of the Peace sitting on the bench at the Dromana Court. He was also a trustee of the Balnarring and Bittern (Emu Plains) racecourse.

It seemed strange to me that a street or road in the area had not been named after this pioneering family. But there might have been one. Contracts for work on Mair's Road were awarded to locals with such well-known names as Vansuylen, Sawyers and Johnson. The position of the apostrophe suggests that this road was named after Robert Mair of Tyabb but being in the Shire of Flinders, it would have been in Bittern, not Tyabb. Perhaps Mairs' Road was the closed road leading from Disney St to Somers Rd, of which only a small part remains at the north end, named Pearce Rd.

Mr and Mrs W.Mairs lived at "Konda", Bittern according to a notice of the birth of a daughter.
A severe fire in 1893 caused much damage at Ham's "Western Park" and destroyed improved pasture on David Mairs' property.

This is a small selection of the information about David Mairs and his descendants available on trove.

By Googling, MAIRS, HUNTLEY, I came up with the birth dates and places of David and Sarah Mairs' children.Note that the places were where the births, were registered , not the place of residence. Tyabb means Old Tyabb Township, which being a declared township was entitled to a post office and the postmaster would have acted as a registrar of births and deaths. Details re death and parents are also available.

The children of David Mairs and Sarah (nee Taylor) were:
Thomas b.19-3-1858 Ballan; Sarah Jane b.17-7-1859 Ballan; Mary Ann b. 29-3-1861 Ballan, David b.8-1-1863 and died 14-7--1865 Pentland Hills; David Taylor b.1867 Ballan; John Jervis b.1869 Tyabb; Sarah b.1871 Tyabb; William Alexander b.24-2-1876 Tyabb. It seems that it was William Alexander Mairs who lived at "Konda" near Bittern.
David Taylor married Louise Huntley, the third child and daughter of John Huntley and Mary (nee Hope). Mary was born in 1879 in Brighton. Their only child listed on the website was David Huntley Mairs born on New Year's Day 1903. See the HUNTLEY entry in the DICTIONARY HISTORY OF RED HILL journal regarding David Taylor Mairs' hobby becoming his job!

PERHAPS RELEVANT HISTORICAL SOCIETIES AND MORNINGTON PENINSULA SHIRE COULD ENSURE THAT A STREET IN ANY NEW SUBDIVISIONS NEAR BITTERN IS NAMED IN HONOUR OF THIS PIONEERING FAMILY! Cr Graham Pittock has been asked to have a street in any new subdivision near Buttern named after David Mairs, with the full support of Mary Muir (nee Vansuylen) and Shirley Davies of the Hastings and Westernport Historical Society.

The above birth records make it plain that David Mairs was involved in the Ballan, Blackwood area,but it was not until I started a journal about Blackwood that I realised just how involved he was. I have been unable so far to determine just when he first won a seat on the Ballan Shire Council. See D.Ryan's letter "GREENDALE" in BLACKWOOD JOTTINGS (1)regarding David Mairs' involvement in (late 1862) in the first election of the Ballan Road Board and how he nominated a Blackwood representative.

BALLAN. ON a recent visit to our much esteemed friend, Mr. Denis Ryan, J.P., I was favored by the brief but interesting in telligence that the East Riding of Ballan Shire in the first Road Board was represented by Messrs. David Mairs, Denis Ryan, and George Moore. (p. 3, bme, 10-4-1909.)

The Bacchus Marsh Express published many reports of council meetings and the following extract shows his decisive response to ratepayer concerns.

Cr Millyard was handed a letter written by Mr Williams who wished to speak to the council about the Blackwood reservoir.(Note, this has not been corrected on trove.)

Mr. Williams being called upon, said-I am acting for the public of Blackwood in this matter. The Chairman: Do I understand you rightly to say that you represent the public of Blackwood at this Council today ? Mr. Williams: Well, perhaps that is saying too much; but I am here to request, on behalf of the public interest of Blackwood, that this Council will interfere between Messrs. Walker and Armstrong obtaining a lease of the Blackwood Reservoir, or permission to cut a race therefrom. Mr. Walker has applied to the Board of Lands and Works for the lease of the race, and he also states that this Council has no power in the matter; whereas I am informed that the Council holds a lease of the reservoir, which is the exclusive property of this Council, I also wish permission to be allowed to peruse that lease. - Should Messrs. Walker and Armstrong attain their object, it will create a private interest detrimental to the public interest of Blackwood.

Councillor Mairs: It is important that this Council should take some steps in the matter, and it is also important that Messrs. Walker and Co. should not be put in possession of the property which they are now applying for. I will move-"That the Secretary write to the Minister of Mines, in reference to the application of Messrs. Walker and Armstrong, of Blackwood, for the right to cut a race in connection with the Blackwood Reservoir, and request that such right be not granted, as this Council is of opinion that the right to construct watercourses in connection with the above reservoir should be vested in this Council alone. And that, to create private interests in connection therewith, would be highly detrimental to the interests of this Council, and to the interests of the people of Blackwood." Councillor Graham would second the motion,
believing that it would serve the best interest of Blackwood. Carried.
(P.3,Bacchus Marsh Express, 25-5-1867.)

The Bacchus Marsh Express will be given as BME from now on.

On Monday evening last a few friends met our late respected neighbour, D. Mairs, Esq., J.P. (who paid a short visit to Myrniong), at Swannell's hotel. The evening was spent pleasantly, the crisis being chiefly the theme of conversation. Mr. Mairs' removal from the district has been a great loss to the Liberal party here.
(P.3, BME, 6-6-1868.)

Hamilton with about 930 acres was the biggest purchaser in what I take to be the alienation of Thomas Henry Pyke's Run, but David, with about 812 acres was not far behind. Dr John Harbison, a doctor from Northern Irelandwho grew oranges, was a grantee on section 16 Doutta Galla too, his grant indicated by a street in North Essendon called Orange Grove. He or Charles Shuter may have influenced David's decision to buy land there too. So too might William John Turner (Big)Clarke who would have passed David 's grants on the way to Melbourne from his Special Survey at Sunbury. Clarke,who owned Jamieson's Special Survey (Safety Beach to Bulldog Creek Rd) may also influenced David Mairs' move to the parish of Bittern.

When I obtain a Blackwood parish map, the location of David's grants might be able to be given with some precision.
Purchasers not relevant to David Mairs will be removed later.

GOVERNMENT LAND SALE. Tuesday, 22nd July, 1856
The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1956) Wednesday 23 July 1856 p 5 Article
...these ...ions the whole of the lots were sold ...forty nine Blackwood section ... lot. COUNTRY LOTS. BLACKWOOD, In the parish of Blackwood, surrounding the village of Greendale, on road from Ballan to Blackwood diggings. Upset price, ?1 per acre. Lot 5. Eighty ... 919 words


In the parish of Blackwood, surrounding the

village of Greendale, on road from Ballan to Blackwood diggings.

Upset price, ?1 per acre.

Lot 5. Eighty acres threo roods twenty ! perches, 0. H. Lyons and 0. G. Ferrers (84a. per acre), ?137 9*. 9d. the lot.

Lot 6. Eighty-eight acres two roods thirty - three porches, 0. II. Lyons and 0. Q. Ferrers (84s. per acre), ?160 10* tho lot. >

Lot 7. Ninety-three acres one rood nine perches, Thomas Darcy (59s. per acre), ???3

CB. 3d. tho lot.

Lot 8. Ninety-two acres eeven perche?, Thomas Darcy (48s. por acre), $1018s. 6d. the


Lot 12. Sixty one acres two! roods four perches, Thomas Hamilton (61s. por aons), ?188 2s. Gd. the lot.

Lot l3. Sixty-one acres thtrty-?ve perchs?, Thomas Hamilton (77s. per itore), ?z3518s, lOd.


a.ot 14. Eighty-three acres two roods, Thomas Hamilton (57s. por acre), ?237 19s. Gi. - the lot.

Lot 15. Two hundred and three acres one rood thirty perches, David Mairs (57s. per acre), ?579 1s. 8d. the lot.

Lot 16. Two hundred and forty-six acres three roods eight perches,David Mairs (38s. per acre), ?468 18s. 4d. the lot.

Lot 17. Two hundred and twenty-six acres two roods, thirty-two pcichea. Thomas Hamilton (52s. per acre), ?559 6)3.4d. the lot.

Lot l8. Ninety-two acres, Thomas Hamil- ton (37s. per acre)? ?170 4s. the lot.

Lot 19. Sixty-three acres one rood twonty Boven porches. Thomas Hamilton (84s. p,jr ame), ?108 4s. 9d. the lot.

Lot 20. Sixty-live acios two roods thirfcy ??ghtpeichcs, O.K.. Frey?(38s. per acre), ?103

9s. 6d. the lot.

Lot 21. Eighty-nine acres two roads sixteen perches, Thomas Hamilton (41B. per acre), ?181

JEB. Cd. the lot,

Lot 22, Ninety-six acres, James Quirk (32s. lier acre), ?108 12s. the lot.

Lot 23. Seventy - seven acres thlrty-two perches, John Haribison (32s. per acre), ?128 10s. 4d. the lot,

Lot 24. Ninety-eight acres ono rood eighteen perches, John lmnner (27s. per at>re), ?182 l?s.

8d. the lot.

Lot 25. Seveuty-threo acres two roods nino pe? ches, Thomas Hamilton (31s. per acre), ?114

the lot

Lot 20. Eighty-four acres three roods fifteen perches, Thomas Hamilton (51s. per acre), ? ?16

7s. 3d. tho lot.

Lot 27. One hundred and four acres thirty tno perches, William Jones (28s. per acre),

?145 18s. the lot.

Lot 28. Seventy-seven acres thirty-eight puches, Thomas Hamilton (38s. per acre),

?127 9s. tho lot.

Lot 29. Forty-five acres eight perches, Wil- liam White (54i. per acre), ?76 12s. 7d. the lot.

Lot 30. Forty-two acres ono rood thirty- nine perches, James Struthera (61s.lier aero),

?129 12s. 3d. the lot.

Lot 81. Seventy-four acres three roods four pe? ches. Peter Inglis (68s. per ucre), ?261 i).

Vu. the lot. '

Lot 82. Eighty acres two roods, Oharloa Shutei (100s. per acre), ?40210s. the lot.

Lot 83. Ninety-nine acres one rood, sixteen perches, David Mairs (93s. per acre), ?461 19s.

6d. the lot.

Lot 84. Forty-six acres two roods thirty - seven perches, David Mairs (68s. per aore), ?158 17s. 8d. the lot.

Lot 85. Sixty acres three roods, David Mairs (60s. per acre), ?182 5s. the lot.

Lot 86. Sixty acres, Isaac Evans (187s. per acre), ?411 tho lot.

Lot 87. Fifty-nine acres thirty percho?, Alex. M'Oubbin (82s. per aero), ?242 IBs. 4d.

the lot

Lot 88. One hundred and fifty-eight acres three roods one perch, David Mairs (48s. per acre), ?381 the lot.

Lot 39. One hundred and thirty-eight acres two roods sixteen perches, Thomas Hamilton (52B. per acre], ?860 7s. 2d. the lot.

Lot 40. One hundred and sixty-seven acras one rood thirty-six perches, Thomas Hamil- ton (40s. per acre), ?334 19s. the lot.

Lot 41. Ninety-three acres one rood thirty two porches, l?obert Lawson (24s. per acre), ?112 20 9d. tho lot.

Lot 42. Ono hundred and one acres two peichcs, Bobeit Lawson (25s.per acre); ?126 5s,

the lot.

Lot 48. Two hundred and twonfey-sevon ?cres Bix perohes, Eobort Lawson (40s. pjt acre), ?454 Is. 6d. tho lot.

Lot 44. Eighty-seven aores one rood, W. J, T. Chuko (59s. per aero), ?257 7s. 9d. the lot

Lot 45. Eighty-seven acreB two roods savon perches, W.J.T. Clarke (72s. per acre), ?315

81-. 4d. the lot.

Lot 40. Foity-eight acres two roods twenty eix perches, W. J. T. Clarko (68s. per acie),

?166 9a. the lot.

Lot 47. Twelve acres, Bayrnond Vine Ro- bertson (26s. pi r .-.ero), ?16 the lot.

Lot 48. Twelve acres, William Morton (22s per aero), ?18 4s. the^ot.

Lot 49. Twelve acres, William Jones (253. per acre), ?15 the Iotf

Lot 60. Twenty-six acres three roods, S. Palmer (24s. per acre), ?32 Hie lot.

Lot 61. Twenty-four acre3 twelve perches, "William Guylor (23s. per ucre), ?27 13s. 7d. the lot._

MAIRS. ?On the 14th inst., of diphtheria, at Pyke's-flat, Pentland Hills, David Mairs, aged two years and six months; also, on the 17th inst., of the same disease, Sarah Jane Mairs, aged six years, the beloved children of David and Sarah Mairs. (P.4, Argus, 25-7-1865.)
Pyke's Flat,(or Vale, considered by a poet as a better term) to the best of my understanding,is, or includes, the site of Pyke's Creek Reservoir.

I wondered if there was a Mairs St in Ballan but when I entered MAIRS ST, BALLAN, up came a picture of David Mairs. Then I came to a page which revealed that David Mairs was living in 35 Roslyn Rd, North Blackwood at the time of their marriage. This page which has a copy of the wedding certificate of David and Sarah can quaintly be quickly located by googling "Mairs,Tyalor".

There is no Roslyn Rd in North Blackwood. It may have been today's Allen Creek Rd. There is also no Roslyn Rd in Greendale or Ballan.

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on 2012-08-26 10:51:08

Itellya is researching local history on the Mornington Peninsula and is willing to help family historians with information about the area between Somerville and Blairgowrie. He has extensive information about Henry Gomm of Somerville, Joseph Porta (Victoria's first bellows manufacturer) and Captain Adams of Rosebud.

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by benhelenv on 2012-11-30 18:58:07

It was great to read a little more of my wife's family history. There are not many Mairs' left in Victoria! I would like to write a more detailed family history starting with David Mairs and Sarah Taylor. What you have provided is an excellent help.

by itellya on 2013-02-27 07:30:07

David Mairs' land purchases in the parish of Blackwood and his service as a councillor in the Shire of Ballan are included near the end of my journal BLACKWOOD, THE HISTORY BUFF AND BUSHWALKER'S PARADISE.

by itellya on 2013-03-08 03:24:06

The previous comment is no longer correct for reasons explained in comments under that Blackwood journal. Notice that the title of this journal has been changed. I intend to provide information about David's grants near Greendale and his service as a councillor in the shire of Ballan in this journal. David's involvement in that area continued after his move to Bittern.

by itellya on 2013-03-08 10:46:58

Hamilton with about 930 acres wasthe biggest purchaser in what I take to be the alienation of Thomas Henry Pyke's Run, but David, with about 812 acres was not far behind.Dr John Harbison, a doctor from Northern Ireland
who grew oranges, was a grantee on section 16 Doutta Galla too,hisgrant indicated by a streetin North Essendon called Orange Grove. He or Charles Shuter may have inflenced David's decision to buy land there too. So too might William John Turner (Big)Clarke who would have passed David 's grants on the way to Melbourne from his Special Survey at Sunbury. Clarke,who owned Jamieson's Special Survey (Safety Beach to Bulldog Creek Rd) may also inflenced David Mairs' move to the parish of Bittern.

by itellya on 2013-05-20 03:05:03

The late Mr David Mairs. The late Mr David Mairs, who died recently at his residence, Balnarring, was an old colonist and one of the earliest settlers in this district. He was a native of the north of Ireland and came to the colonies as a young man in the early days.

He first took a situation on a sheep station, but soon left this in order to try his luck on some of the first discovered goldfields in Victoria. He was very successful and shortly opened a store on one of the diggings, where he quickly amassed a fortune. He then purchased his Pentland Hills property, consisting of about 600 acres of excellent land, where he lived for a few years.

On letting that property he came to Balnarring (about the year 1868) and se- lected the land on which the homestead stands. As opportunity offered he bought out most of his near neighbours and thus gradually extended his boundaries until he had acquired over 3000 acres of good grazing land, which he devoted entirely to sheep-breeding. Mr Mairs was a member of the first Roads Board, which then met at the residence of the late Mr Peter Nowlan, near Shoreham, and was one of the few survivors of the little band of old pioneers who composed that body. On the formation of the Shire of Flinders and Kangerong, he became one of the first councillors, a position he held continuously for nearly 25 years. He was many times President and rendered the Shire much valuable service. He was also a member of the first local Board of Advice and a justice of the peace for over 40 years, having been appointed to the latter position prior to coming to Balnarring. Up to his retirement from public life, a few years back, he took a prominent part in every movement for the advancement of the district and was the liberal patron of every local organization. In disposition he was straight- forward, persevering and generous, and in manner unpretentious and pleasant, and was universally esteemed for his many admirable qualities. He possessed intellectual ability of a high order, was well educated and deeply read. He was a great admirer of Robert Burns and, in conversation, would quote extracts from the poet's works with great aptitude and zest. He was nearly 81 years of age when he died and his peaceful end at a ripe old age forms the termination of a long, useful and honorable career.
(P.2, Mornington Standard,26-7-1902.)

David Mairs did not actually live in Blackwood, but it was David who ensured that Blackwood had a representative on the Road Board when hardly any Blackwood residents turned up to the election!

by itellya on 2015-05-30 19:47:48

THE FARM adjoining the land of the late Mr.John Dwyer, being Allotment 5, section 27,
parish of Gorong, and containing 81 acres. Immediate possession. Terms liberal. Apply to DAVID MAIRS, Balnarring. (P.2,The Bacchus Marsh Express, 27-4-1872.)

The parish of Gorong is south east of Ballan near the road from Ballan through Ingliston to Maddingley near Bacchus Marsh.

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