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DAVYHURST, Western Australia

Journal by ngairedith

DAVYHURST is a Goldfields town that is situated south west of Menzies, Western Australia and is approximately 120 kilometres (75 mi) northwest of Kalgoorlie.

The proposed townsite was initially declared "Davyston" in 1900.
Also known as Mace's Find and Davyton.

Warden OWEN of Menzies advised the Department the town was better known as "Davyhurst". This was the name used when the town was gazetted in 1901. It is believed to be named after a miner

Davyhurst Station
John Patrick FITZPATRICK was the first holder of Pastoral Lease 2156/102 of 13,000 acres. It was probably in the vicinity of Mulwarrie, where JP Fitzpatrick was the publican at the Mt Higgins Hotel. It seems that the land covered by this lease was later included as part of Davyhurst Station. The unfortunate John Patrick Fitzpatrick declared himself bankrupt in 1905. His widow, Bridget Teresa Fitzpatrick (nee WALSH) later took over the lease.

John Patrick Fitzpatrick's Family Tree



AITKEN Catherine- Waihi G.M.-Married
AITKEN John- Davyhurst-Miner

ARMSTRONG David Symon- Melrose G.M., Davyhurst-Married

BADCOCK A.E. -Davyhurst-Caterer

BARTLE James Henry- Davyhurst-Engine driver
BARTLE Lydia Ann- Davyhurst-Married

BATES John Joseph- Davyhurst-Miner

BAYLEY Arthur- Waihi Mine-Miner

BENNETT Ellen- Davyhurst
BENNETT Thomas- Davyhurst-Miner

BOERIO A.W. -Davyhurst-Condenser
BOERIO F.H.- Davyhurst-Caterer
BOERIO Henrietta Augusta- Mace street, Davyhurst-Storekeeper
BOERIO John Baptiste- Mace street, Davyhurst-Storekeeper

BOMM Frank- Davyhurst-Miner

BROADBRIDGE Albert E.W. -Davyhurst-Miner

BRYANT M.- Davyhurst-Miner

BUTLER Arthur- Davyhurst-Miner

CADE William Henry- Davyhurst-Plumber

CAMPBELL James- Davyhurst-Labourer

CARROLL Edward- Davyhurst-Miner

CARVAL Edward- Davyhurst-Miner

CASSIDY Henry George- Davyhurst-Hotel-keeper

CHEDZEY Thomas- Davyhurst-Engine driver

CHESSELL Charles Henry - Davyhurst-Blacksmith

COGHLAN Theobald Joseph- Davyhurst-Clerk

COLLINS Minnie- Davyhurst-Home duties
COLLINS Thomas- Davyhurst-Miner
COLLINS William Henry- Davyhurst-Mine manager

COOPER William Kyle- Davyhurst-Miner

COSGROVE James- Davyhurst-Miner

COUNSEL Robert- Davyhurst-Postmaster

CRISP George William -Davyhurst-Miner

CROSBIE Herbert- Davyhurst-Miner

CROUSTON William- Davyhurst-Miner

DAVEY Walter-Golden Pole, Davyhurst-Miner

DAVIS Alfred- Davyhurst-Miner

DAWSON William- Waihi, Davyhurst-Clerk

DEMPSEY Charles John- Davyhurst-Miner

DENCHAR David Carnegie- Davyhurst-Miner

DILLON Jeremiah- Davyhurst-Miner
DILLON Louisa- Davyhurst-Married

DILWORTH Beatrice-Davyhurst hotel, Davyhurst-Cook

DONNELLY Nicholas-Davyhurst-Butcher

DOWNING Kathleen -Davyhurst-Domestic service

DOYLE John- Davyhurst-Blacksmith

DUFF Walter- Golden Pole, Davyhurst-Labourer

DUNSTAN David C.-Davyhurst-Miner

DYKE Robert- Davyhurst-Brickmaker

ELLIOTT Frank- Davyhurst-Miner
ELLIOTT Victoria- Davyhurst-Home duties

EMERY Alice- Davyhurst-Seamstress

EVANS Edward J. -Davyhurst-Miner

EWART Bessie- Davyhurst-Waitress

FIEGERT Charles Adolph- Davyhurst-Teamster

FITZPATRICK Patrick Michael- Davyhurst-Plumber

FRANCIS Clara Kate- Waihi-Home duties
FRANCIS Frank- Waihi, Davyhurst-Miner

FUHRMANN Alice Mary- Davyhurst-Home duties
FUHRMANN George- Davyhurst-Miner

FYFE Francis- Davyhurst-Wheelwright

FYFFE Thomas- Davyhurst-Blacksmith

HADDON Archibald- Davyhurst-Miner

HALLEGAN James- Davyhurst-Labourer

HARDING Gilbert- Davyhurst-Miner

HART Edward- Davyhurst-Miner

HARVEY Ella- Davyhurst-Boardinghouse keeper

HAYMAN Charles William -Davyhurst-Miner
HAYMAN Jessie Victoria- Davyhurst-Housekeeper

HENDER Emily- Davyhurst-Home duties

HEWITT Henry Vigors- Davyhurst-Miner
HEWITT William Vigors- Davyhurst-Miner

HICKEY William-Davyhurst-Miner

HILL Albert James - Davyhurst-Labourer
HILL Roland D.- Davyhurst-Hotelkeeper

HIRD Thomas- Davyhurst-Miner

HORT Albert- Davyhurst-Miner

HUTTON Charles Cameron- Davyhurst-Bank manager

HYETT John- Davyhurst-Miner

JAMES Richard- Davyhurst-Miner

KEAR Catherine- Davyhurst-Married
KEAR William- Davyhurst-Miner

KEARNS Alice Gertrude- Davyhurst-Home duties
KEARNS Harry- Davyhurst-Miner
KEARNS Nicholas- Davyhurst-Miner
KEARNS Nicholas W.- Davyhurst-Miner

KEMP Harry- Davyhurst-

KENNEY May-Davyhurst-Housekeeper

KERNICK Edwin James- Davyhurst-Mine Manager
KERNICK Herbert- Davyhurst-Butcher
KERNICK Susan-Davyhurst-Home duties

KERR Edward Henry- Davyhurst-Barber

KILMARTIN Patrick-Davyhurst-Miner

KING Ellen- Davyhurst-Domestic
KING John- Davyhurst-Engine driver

KIRKBY John- Davyhurst-Baker
KIRKBY Lily Mahala- Davyhurst-Married

KNIGHT George- Davyhurst-Miner

KRAEMAR Frederick- Davyhurst-Miner

KURTH Emma- Davyhurst-Married
KURTH Ernest-Davyhurst-Storekeeper

LAMB Mary Ann- Davyhurst-Married
LAMB William- Davyhurst-Miner

LAMBERT Frederick-Davyhurst-Bricklayer

LARDI John Charles- Davyhurst-Storekeeper

LAWRENCE Henry- Davyhurst-Miner

LEE William Valentine- Davyhurst-Agent

LILIS Martin- Davyhurst-Miner

LILLIS Thomas- Davyhurst-Miner

LOWE George- Davyhurst-Miner

MACA**ER Archibald- Waihi-Feller

MACE Alexander Miller- Davyhurst-Miner

MAGEE James- Davyhurst-Miner

MANDELSTAM James- Davyhurst-Miner
MANDELSTAM Joseph- Davyhurst-Leaseholder

MANGELS John -Davyhurst-Miner

MANNING William- Waihi, Davyhurst-Miner

MANSFIELD Alfred- Waihi, Davyhurst-Engine Driver
MANSFIELD Alice- Waihi, Davyhurst-Home duties

MARTIN A.J.- Davyhurst-Miner
MARTIN Edgar Higgs- Mace street, Davyhurst-Plumber
MARTIN John Higgs- Davyhurst-Plumber

MATCHETT David- Davyhurst-Builder
MATCHETT Lydia- Davyhurst-Married

MEILKIE Herman- Davyhurst-Carter

MERTON Henry Francis- Davyhurst-Billiard Maker

MESSINGHAM David- Davyhurst-Surveyor

MILLER Harry - Davyhurst-Miner
MILLER William Ellis- Davyhurst-Miner
MILLER George- Golden Pole, Davyhurst-Bricklayer

MORGAN George Lawrence-Davyhurst-Miner

MUSGROVE William -Golden Pole, Davyhurst-Miner

McDONALD John- Waihi-Labourer
McDONALD Michael- Davyhurst-Butcher

McDOWELL John- Davyhurst-Labourer

McINTYRE Edward- Davyhurst-Miner

McKAY J.C.- Davyhurst-Miner

McKITTRICK Hugh- Davyhurst-Miner

McLEOD Roderick- Davyhurst-Miner

NEWMAN Margaret Agnes- Davyhurst-Waitress

NORRIS Alfred James -Davyhurst-Miner

OBUTHUR Thomas- Davyhurst-Plumber

O'DONOHOE Lucy Ann- Davyhurst-Home duties
O'DONOHOE Michael- Davyhurst-Miner
O'DONOHOE Patrick F.O.- Davyhurst-Salesman
O'DONOHOE Patrick McMahon- Davyhurst-Publican
O'DONOHOE Peter Francis- Davyhurst-Miner

O'FLAHERTY M.J.- Davyhurst-Police Constable

OLDHAM Frances Maud- Davyhurst-Married
OLDHAM Thomas Charles Hamilton- Mace street-Agent

O'LOUGHLIN Alfred Cyril- Davyhurst-Miner

O'NEILL Mary Agnes- Davyhurst-Cook

ONLEY Alice- Davyhurst-Home duties
ONLEY Frederick Joseph- Davyhurst-Baker

ORR David- Davyhurst-Miner

O'SHEA William- Davyhurst-Miner

PADY Emma- Davyhurst-Married
PADY Henry- Davyhurst-Baker

PETERSON James- Golden Pole, Davyhurst-Miner

PHELAN James- Davyhurst-Gentleman

PREST Charles Edward- Davyhurst-Labourer

QUINN James- Davyhurst-Miner

RATCLIFFE Joseph Josiah- Waihi, Davyhurst-Miner

RAFTICE Mary Anne- Davyhurst-Home Duties
RAFTICE William -Davyhurst-Miner

REAR Clithermo- Davyhurst-Home Duties
REAR William - Davyhurst-Miner

REILLY Daniel- Davyhurst-Miner

RENWICK Thomas -Davyhurst-Miner

RICKARBY Arthur Hartley- -Davyhurst-Carpenter
RICKARBY Margaret S.- Davyhurst

ROBERTS Richard John- Davyhurst-Miner

ROGERS James- Davyhurst-Miner

RUTLAND Charles- Davyhurst-Miner

SABELBERG Agnes Sarah- Davyhurst-Married

SAVILLE Benjamin- Davyhurst-Miner

SMITH James Tabb- Davyhurst-Miner
SMITH James Albert- Davyhurst-Miner

SOPER Thomas- Davyhurst-Miner

STACKPOLE Robert- Davyhurst-Miner

STEVENSON John- Davyhurst-Miner

STEWART James- Davyhurst-Carpenter

STREMPLE Theo. A.- Davyhurst-Miner

STUBBS Richard Thomas- Davyhurst-School Teacher

SWINTON William Thompson- Davyhurst-Miner

TAYLOR James Frederick- Davyhurst-Carter
TAYLOR John Holt- Davyhurst-Miner
TAYLOR Walter- Davyhurst-Miner

TELFORD William Henry- Davyhurst-Labourer

THOMPSON Ernest- Davyhurst-Miner

VANCE Harrison- Davyhurst-Miner

VIVIAN William Henry- Davyhurst-Miner

WALKER Barnett- Davyhurst-Miner

WALLACE Abraham James -Davyhurst-Miner
WALLACE Bessy Mary- Davyhurst
WALLACE Isaac- Davyhurst-Carter
WALLACE Sarah Ann- Davyhurst-Home Duties
WALLACE William-Davyhurst-Mine Owner
WALLACE William James-Davyhurst-Miner

WHITE Bernard Bede- Davyhurst-Miner
WHITE John Frederick- Davyhurst-Miner
WHITE Susan Leaves- Davyhurst-Married

WILLIAMS Arthur- Davyhurst-Miner
WILLIAMS Edward Phillip- Davyhurst-Miner
WILLIAMS Florence Emma- Davyhurst-Married
WILLIAMS Nellie- Davyhurst-Married

WOOD J.R.- Davyhurst-Agent

WRIGHT Alexander Walter- Davyhurst-Miner
WRIGHT George- Davyhurst-Miner
WRIGHT George Malcolm- Davyhurst-Well Borer

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