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Dellow of Nelson New Zealand

Journal by wyn

Looking for Mary Elizabeth Dellow family from when she was born back...she was B/28.5.1855 Nelson NZ....mother Ann"nee Flower" father John Dellow....i have from when she married a John Oxnam on wards she is my great gran....She had a sister Annie that married a John James in NZ...Annie died during child birth having Charles Daniel James 1891..."'Charles died of wounds in France WW1 6-8-1917 aged 26yrs to know where John Dellow came from.

Surnames: Dellow... Oxnam... James... Flower
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on 2012-11-20 01:24:09

wyn , from New Zealand, has been a Family Tree Circles member since Jan 2012.

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by wyn on 2013-02-01 23:01:42

OK i have just traced further back in my tree....Mary's father was John Dellow mother Ann'' nee'' flower...Ann arrived in NZ Nelson aged 14yrs in 1842 from England,one of 10 children.....her parents were....Henry Trefelt Flower B/1803 D/1871....and mother Margaret B/1805 D/1890.... Also have that Mary's sister... ''ANNIE B/1859 D/1891''...married John James...i thought i would leave this site up for others to research ...

by 1080 on 2015-05-27 02:17:43

Hi Wyn, am a descendant of John, know a little I could share if you still on his case. A few years since you posted but have only just found. Gave up 10 years ago on Johns origin.

by wyn on 2015-06-02 18:40:29

Thank you for your reply.....i would love anything you can tell me on John Dellow,as i have not gone back any further......and where do you fit into this family tree.....where do you live?.....i was born in NZ,moved to Aussie 38yrs to have more from you....Thanks Wyn

by 1080 on 2015-06-03 06:37:38

Wyn, the Flowers came with 8 children and had a 9th born in Nelson.
Emma b1824. m 13/3/1843 Henry Hudson.

Mary b 1825. m 4/4/1847 John Scott

Anne Matilda b c1828 m John Dellow 29/6/1847

Alfred b 1830. d 21/10/1912 at Murchison

John b 3/6/1833. m Christianna Vant

Jane. b 1835. m John Julius Jacobsen

Elizabeth. b 1838 m Thomas Batchelor

Henry b 1841. d 1932 m Helen Anderson

Thomas b 1845 m Amelia Francis Burbush

There was trouble on the Bombay on the way out when the Flower girls dismantled a wall that prevented the crew from getting to the single girls. The Captain was going to cut Emma's hair off as punishment but farther Henny treatened to kill anyone who laid a hand on her.
This voyage is also famous as the ships doctor performed a blood transfusion at sea using a quill.

Anne Flower b 24/5/1829 Wales. Father Henery was a Building contractor and with others built the first bridge over the Maitai near Nelson in 1845. Census 1845 shows Mary and Anne at same Nelson address. 28/10/1845 Anne gives birth to a son and named him John. Anne marries John Dellow 9/6/1847 at Diocese of Nelson
Prior the wedding John doesn't feature on any Census or Jury list. Appears 1851/56/59/61 (boatman Nelson). No official entry to NZ found. Ex Whaler or ship jumper??
After the marriage they went on to have 11 more children
1 John. Pre wedding never married plot 610 Murchison
2 William Scott 1846. ( my line )
3 Alfred 28/7/1851 never married
4 Henry(Harry) 2/12/1852 m. Sarah Kilmarten
5 Edward 3/2/1854. m Cathrine Rankin
6 Mary Elizabeth 28/5/1855 -12/10/1924 m5/8/1872 John Oxnam (10sons 4 daughters)
7 Emma 1856--1935 m John Russell
8 Margaret 1857. m Mr Nelson 15/7/1877
9 Sarah 1858-1926 m Pearsey
10 Anne 27/6/1859-1891 m John James (6 sons)
11 Thomas 15/12/1862-13/10/1948 never married
12 Richard 3/1/1865-20/7/1867 died as infant

Will carry on tomorrow night Wyn, any ??s

by wyn on 2015-06-03 19:13:29

I am in heaven with your input thank you we are related,are you in NZ?

by 1080 on 2015-06-04 00:25:44

Yes Wyn I live in Marton NZ and are related. Will concentrate on John Dellow for awhile.

2000. A plaque was recently placed on Anne's grave at the Murchison Cemetery , donated by her great-grandson WB Oxnam(bill)
John is buried at Wakefield Cemetery as Murchison didn't have a cemetery until 2 years after his death. He predeceased Anne by 26 years , dying suddenly at the " Owen Hotel" which was owned by his daughter Mary Oxnam.
They headed to Murchison about 1864. To farm and run a pack horse service, Nelson - Murchison . Joined gold rush 1865 John, son Harry (14) friend George Moonlight. They joined Henry Flower and his sons. Had many rich strikes, most famous was "blue duck". Harry was in Murchison for 70yrs. He ran the ferry at "four rivers and fern flat Daughter Emma, who married a Russell lived there for 67 yrs. Son Thomas also spent his life in Murchiston.

The Flowers have a connection to , Roger Thore of Flower, Specker of the house of Connons, in Reigh of Richard 2nd

Do some more later Wyn

by wyn on 2015-06-04 04:11:11

Thank you so so much ......Wyn

by 1080 on 2015-06-04 04:47:00

1861-1862 John Dellow Captain of 15 ton Cutter Nelson to Pelorus run

by 1080 on 2015-06-04 04:48:56

Forgot to name cutter. " old Fellow"

by 1080 on 2015-06-04 04:50:52

Odd Fellow, predictive at it again

by wyn on 2015-06-05 04:27:12

wow i am so happy with all this,sad we can not find where John Dellow came from....

by 1080 on 2015-06-06 04:59:56

Newspaper cutting
In the year 1865 a horse and dray carrying Mr and Mrs Dellow and a small child , together with all there worldly goods, left Nelson to carve out a new home at Owen. The journey occupied a whole week, travelling via Top house road, until they came to the Gripps ford. From there Mrs Dellow and her little girl were taken on pack horse to the Owen , where their future home, a small Manuka slab share, awaited them. This, with the addition of a 10x12 ft tent used for cooking purposes, was their home for some time.
Later Mr Dellow built the first Owen hotel.

Wonder who little girl was? If my dates are right, Mary would be 10, Emma 9, Margaret 8, Sarah 7, Anne 6. Thomas was the youngest at 3. No mention of all the other kids.

by 1080 on 2015-06-06 05:25:32

Found and obituary for John.
Nothing pre 1842, other than was a seafarer of NZ coasts. We'll known Port of Nelson late 1850s -62 . Rest is about going to the Owen and gold mining.

Found a mention of my great Grandfather William Scot Dellow giving evidence at an inquest to a fatal house fire as an 11 yr old in 1885. Under oath he says he is the son of John Dellow , a boatman, and resides on the Haven road.

If you can access a web site called papers past, go to the Nelson and west coast papers and do a search, Wyn.

by wyn on 2015-06-10 03:17:30

Thank you i will have a read of the paper......

by wyn on 2015-06-17 00:05:08

Hi you said you could not find any record of John Dellow doing Jury rolls....well i have from findmypast found John in Nelson served twice 1856....nothing else as yet,i will keep looking.

by 1080 on 2015-06-17 06:15:50

James Battle, one of the five miners killed by the Kelly-Burgess gang,(Maungatapu murders 1866) was said to be an ex Whaler and long time friend of John Dellow. I have found that Whaling was winding down around 1842 and some these skilled boat men got involved in coastal shipping to support the emmigrant expansion. Had no luck trying to find James battle,s past.

by Kayem on 2015-07-16 00:00:31

Hi- just found your request for info on John Dellow. He's a rather elusive ancestor but I have found a John Dellow registered on the merchant navy lists. All seamen in the merchant navy were registered so that in the event of war Britain could immediately press them into service. The only info is that he was born at St Georges in the East Middlesex.
I am a descendant from Henry Truefoot (Harry)who married Sarah Kilmartin, their children, Catherine (Kate), Margaret (my grandmother),Emma, Sarah & Annie (twins), William, Mary Dorothy, Edward, Ivy.
The family all lived (and many of them also died) in Murchison where I was born and brought up, so we have always know quite a bit about the family.
Kate, my great aunt became 'mother' to my mother and her brothers and sisters when their mother died young and we all heard stories from her, many of them we didn't believe including the one that she told of John Dellow gambling the Owen Hotel away one night and his wife and children leaving the next day with only their clothes and a blanket. However I found the Bankruptcy notice in Papers Past, so their may have been some truth in it.
Hope this is of interest to you

by wyn on 2015-07-16 00:16:51

Wow i thank you so very very much,this is something,i will start back at it again as you have open a door for me,my mum lived in Merchison,she was 12 in the great earth quake.....she was a Oxnam....i have lived in Australia since 1977,came from the north island NZ....thank you i'm so greatful.....Wyn

by wyn on 2015-07-16 04:19:36

Back again ...can you please tell me what site you went on to find out the merchant navy lists on John Dellow and also where you found his birth in East Middlesex England....thank you Wyn

by Kayem on 2015-07-17 19:10:21

I found this info on the I didn't find it an easy site to use-I had bought some credits and they disappeared very quickly. You need to go to Merchant Navy Seamen 1835-1941. The birth was on that site. We were always told that John Dellow was a seaman on the "bombay' which is where he met Ann Flower. There are conflicting stories about him jumping ship etc but I think it is more likely he returned to UK on "Bombay' then came back to NZ. John and Ann didn't marry until 1847 and at least one child, John, was born before then, children of such unions were automatically legitimized when the parents married in those times. I also think that as John was captain of a coastal cutter it was unlikely that the owners of the boat would have given him the responsibility without some papers to show that he was capable.
It sounds as though your mother was about the same age as mine-she was also in the earthquake at that age at the small Hinehaka school on Four River Plain where the family farmed. My mum only died four years ago and we heard earthquake stories all our lives. It wasn't until I began family research that I realized how closely connected so many Murchison families were -all from the Dellow/Flower line.
A little info on some of the children - John, did not marry died 1911 at Reefton Hospital after a farm accident, buried in Murchison, William the only one of the family who moved away from the Nelson/Murchison area. Sarah Jane m Edward Pearcy-6 chidren d 1922. Margaret m John Nelson. Alfred never married and livewith his younger brother Tom (always known as 'Boy'in the Maruia valley, Alf d 1932, Tom
1948, both buried Murchison. Edward m AGNES Anderson no chidren but informally adopted a child Roseanna Barclay. Mary m John Oxnam and I guess you know all about them.
Emma m John William Russell also known as William Bunny Russell -most confusing when finding their children as some are registered under each name, 12 children. Annie m John James 6 children. Henry Truefoot, my Gt Grandfather I told you about
Keep in touch

by 1080 on 2015-07-18 04:49:53

As mentioned earlier, I am a descendent of John and Ann,s William who came to the North Island. The story of John being a ship jumper was in our folk history also, but is embellished with him being shot at while swimming to shore from his departing ship. Around 2000 I made contact with some Historical people in Nelson , but this story was unknown to them.

by Kayem on 2015-07-18 22:22:40

Your ancestor William was the only one of the family I had no info about until I called into Murchison museum last year. Are there still some of your family with the Dellow name? it will be gone from the rest of the family very soon. Of John and Ann's sons only William (yours) and Harry (mine) married and had family. Of Harry's two sons Edward married late and had no issue and William (Bill)married Jessie Monahan (my grandfather's sister) and had twin daughters Pamela and Maureen. Neither have married and are both now elderly and frail. Pam is in a care home in Devon in UK and Maureen still lives in her home in Nelson. I see Maureen a couple of times a year and phone her as well. She has been very helpful in filling in some of the gaps for me especially as she and my mother were 'close cousins' She has asked me to look after the family photos when the time is right.

by 1080 on 2015-07-19 06:42:25

Yes our Dellow name goes on, but it was a near thing as it got down to one as you will see shortly. About 10 families with sons currently. Auckland/ Nth Auckland/TeKuiti/Marton. There is another line that settled near Timaru in the 1860s.
William left Murchison and worked on the construction of the Picton- Blenheim Railway. About 1874 he came to the North Island to work on the Turakina to Wanganui Railway . He met a Swedish girl Ann Johnson and married her 30/6/1875. He was 29 She 32. William had four Children. Sarah Jane1876. John 1879 William Leonard 1881 ( my Grandfather ) these three kids have Ann as mother on BC. A problem now arises . William moves to Ashhurst to work on the Manawatu Gorge railway. Fourth Child , Anne Margaret is born 1884, mother Hannah. Hannah Jenson is now the loving wife. William, Hanah and son John all in same plot at Ashhurst . 4/7/1932. 6/4/1925. 8/8/1915(Gallipoli ) have a MC for Ann and DC for Hannah. ?????? This is the point were William Leonard is the only male going forward.only brother John was killed at Chunk Bair on NZ s worst day of WW1,8/8/1915 424 killed, ( 296 from johns Wellington Infantry). William married a Dannish girl, also a Jensen, Anna Laura Marie 24/8/1910, had 5 sons and 4 daughters. These 5 boys have produced a further 10 sons, of which I am one.

by wyn on 2015-07-19 18:47:33

The greatest thanks to you both,you both have opened doors for me to move forward ....thank you ....Wyn

by Kayem on 2015-07-24 21:12:08

Thanks for the info on the William Scott branch. I got out the family tree drawn up some forty years ago by Aunt Kate (Catherine d. of Harry)which is what I started my research with. She certainly has William married to Ann Johnson but it could well be an Anglicization of Hannah Jensen, or perhaps mistake in the transcribing ( I have found that a couple of times with certificates) Sometimes its as simple as people using two different names in the early days of settlement. There is a really good example of this where Emma Dellow's husband on the family tree is "Jack Russell', on the marriage cert he is 'John William Russell', half the children are registered under that name and the others under 'William Bunny Russell'. He is buried in the Murchison under William Bunny -so it can all be pretty confusing.

by wyn on 2015-07-24 22:48:33

Maybe this is why i can't find a wedding certificate for John Dellow and Ann Flower ?..... many thanks again...

by 1080 on 2015-07-25 18:09:33

Wyn. Might be able to help with that. Diocese of Nelson Anglican centre. PO Box 100 Nelson. Register 171. Nelson District Marriages 1845-52. Minister Henry F Butt. In presence of. William Barnett /. Ellen Knapp. 29/6/1847. In 2000 they list an an e-mail. have not tried it.
Kayem. I think you probably right on Johnson/Jensen. I did see two deaths for Ann Dellow though. 1895 /1910 I think but haven looked to see if either connected to William Scott

by wyn on 2015-07-25 18:36:27

Thank you once again,i will go to this and see if i'm able to get a marriage certificate for Ann and John Dellow....I do have a death
certificate for Ann Dellow nee Flower.....Died Jan 8th 1901 aged 72yrs.. Merchison,..wife of John...if you want a copy please email me on ...... Wyn

by Kayem on 2015-07-26 19:37:49

A quick browse through the Murchison cemetery data base shows that about half the cemetery is occupied by our relatives -from Ann Dellow, sons John & Tom, Henry and daughters Emma (Russell), Annie (James), and Mary Elizabeth (Oxnam). Descendants from them cover Oxnam, James, Russell, Downie, Monahan, Paterson, Barclay, Holman, Watson families. My parents are there and although I have lived here in Central Otago for forty years and have no intention of going anywhere else, that's where my ashes will eventually go. One of the Oxnam's there is my sister's son Matt, who died in 2001. My sister married an Oxnam, her husband was adopted at birth, but he has always considered himself an Oxnam and so are their children.
For more info on the voyage of the Bombay in 1842, there is a book published in 1982 'Pioneer Passages' by June Neale which the Bombay features in. I think the research was done mainly because of the blood transfusion, but it also has quite a lot about the 'badly behaved single women'. As there was only about 8 single women on board and 3 of them were Emma, Mary and Ann Flower they must have been involved

by SoniaDavis on 2017-01-27 01:10:55

Hello, I am also researching the Dellow family and am also a direct decendant of John Dellow and Sarah Kilmartin. My grandmother was Mary Dorothy Dellow (Known as Tuppy),(Married Roderick Heath). They had six children and my mother is Judith the only surviving sibling. I have researched extensively on I also found a photo on the Murchison Museum Facebook Page of John and Sarah, Mary and Roderick and her sister Ivy, there are some children in the picture but arn't sure who they are. There are also a couple of photo's of Alf and Tom Dellow (goldminers)
Hope to hear back from some of you as we are obviously related lol.
I live in Australia but visited Murchison about 33 years ago with my mother Judith. We stayed in the Penman Motel with Beryl Penman.

by Kayem on 2017-02-25 02:25:21

Hi Sonia- Judy, your mother will remember me from the days when she used to belt me around the legs on the hockey field! I'm Kaye nee Paterson now Moore living in Cromwell Central Otago. I am the one in the family that has been doing the research. I have quite a bit of info about Dellows and some photos. Did you know that your Grandmother is registered twice on the NZ BDMs? At Charleston & at Lyell. She was a prem baby & was referred to as 'little Tuppence' hence the name we always knew her by. Happy to try and answer any questions you have.

by wyn on 2017-02-25 05:05:49

Hi just reading your post and i'm thinking that your family line maybe from another Dellow line..please if i'm wrong let me know line is first arriving Nelson NZ 1842...Henry Flower ...Margaret nee Jones
their daughter Anne married John Dellow 1846.......then they had 12 children i branch down from Mary who married John Oxnam 1872......

by Kayem on 2017-02-25 22:02:44

hi Wyn- no this is definitely the same family we are all descended from, Ann Flower & John Dellow. Sonia's grandmother, daughter of Harry & Sarah (Kilmartin) was my great Aunt, & the family lived in Murchison and saw a lot of one another when we were children.

by wyn on 2017-02-26 03:06:13

wow so its hello so happy.. so we don't take up a lot of this great site my email address is to know more.....Wyn

by wyn on 2017-02-26 03:20:20

Yes i can see where we are now Henry B/1852 parents John Dellow and Anne nee Flower...also see where Henry married Sarah Kilmartin....well we must be the start of a very big family as they sure had lots of children back then.....thank you so much for the contact...Wyn

by WJDellow on 2018-05-19 11:01:57 name is Warwick John Dellow, I am the son of Richard Thomas Dellow. My Dad left Murchison after the World War II and never went back. He said everyone was dead even his mother...Sarah Dellow. Ive never meet another Dellow ever spat form my sisters and brother. I believe Im name after John Dellow and my son Ive called Thomas after me Dad. I would love someone to send any old family photos.

by wyn on 2018-05-20 06:06:47

Hi warwick,I’ll give you my email address so we can exchange things this way if you would like to do it this

by Kayem on 2018-07-21 01:36:51

Hi Warwick your Grandmother Sarah (known to us as children as Sally)was my grandmother's sister and so your father Richard Thomas (known to us as Dick)was my mother's cousin. A few years ago my mother was visited by Gladys Alley and Karen Dellow, are they your sisters? I remember Sally coming from Westport on the bus to visit her twin sister Annie. There is quite a story behind Sally's life, and consequently your father's, if you want to know more let me know

by WJDellow on 2019-04-26 09:12:40

Hi Kayem,
Sorry I never saw this post until now. Yes I would love to know more - my email address is

by WJDellow on 2019-04-26 11:36:37

Hi Kayem,
Sorry I never saw this post until now. Yes I would love to know more - my email address is

by gretagordon on 2019-07-10 08:16:36

Also keen to know more about the families - I'm descended from Henry FLOWER and Margaret JONES daughter Jane, sister of Ann who married John DELLOW. Currently putting together a full descendant list of Henry and Margaret. Email greta dot gordon @

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