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Descendant of Julius Schwencke

Journal by SandyW


Julius Schwencke is my great great grandfather, and I am just one descendant out of many.

Julius was born 8 Oct, 1830 in Hannover, Germany and died 12 Jan 1887 in Apia, Upolu, Samoa. I descend from his marriage to Peleise Gagae/Nanai Se'e, through their first born son Charles(1863-1918).

His father was Carl/Karl Schwencke born 7 Mar 1797 in Hamburg, Germany and died 7 Jan 1870, Vienna, Austria.

I am searching for Julius's mother. She is the missing link in my research. I would appreciate any information about her.

Also would love to hear from other descendants or relatives of Julius Schwencke. Please feel free to leave a message.

Thanks for reading,


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by SandyW Profile | Research | Contact | Subscribe | Block this user
on 2007-08-13 17:34:46

SandyW , from Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, has been a Family Tree Circles member since Aug 2007. is researching the following names: WESCHE, EVERS, SCHWENKE and 1 other(s).

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by allycat on 2007-08-13 17:51:39

Dear Sandy, Join up as a free member (keep same username in case anyone is looking for you) of RootsChat then goto their Emigrants to United States board. Cut 'n paste this journal into a new topic at rootschat and wait for some replies.

Tip: If you know of your Samoan ancestry, it would be helpful even to post it here as you may get some 'hits' from genealogists who are researching their genealogy on the internet.

Good luck.

by SandyW on 2007-08-13 17:59:47

Thanks for the advice! I'll certainly do that!


by Punipuao on 2007-10-17 04:56:41

Dear Sandy, I am a descendant of Julius Schwenke he was my g.g.g.g.grandfather. Our family doesn't have any record's of any siblings, nor do we know the name of Karl's wife. But we do know that Karl's father was Christian Gottlip Schwenke, born: 30 Aug 1767, Died: 27 Oct 1822. My Family come from from Julius's son John Schwenke, my parents migrated from Samoa to NZ. If you have any questions feel free to ask and ill try my best to help.

Good luck.

by allycat on 2007-10-17 07:19:00

Sandy / Punipuao, I just checked GenesReunited website for SCHWENKE born worldwide, and did you know there are 9 pages of data or 175 search results?

In particular, one lady named Heather Schwenke (!) has ancestor Julius SCHWENKE born 1830 Hanover, Germany in her family tree. It is not a free website, membership costs under $20 Aussie dollars/year. It's a fantastic website. I have my tree there too.


by maifala on 2008-02-28 14:36:02

Hi....I have all the information about John Schwenke,,,he's my great grandfather....and my mum has all the information about him...but i'm looking for some information about julius schwenke...if anyone has some information about him that would be great....looking forward to hear from some of you....


by susmcfrlnd2 on 2009-03-10 21:17:16

Hi ya'll... I'm from the same family line... just came across this website and saw your postings.. and I too is from Julius's son John's family line.
His youngest son William was my grandfather who had a son name John who is my father and he had a son name William who is my brother who had a son name John who is my nephew who's not married yet..ha, ha., that sounds funny but it's really true... anyways, I'd love to know which of John's kids are you guys from cos I was born and raised in Samoa and I do know most of my dad's family members....

much love to you all..
Lei McFarland

by Georgeling on 2009-03-10 23:22:30

Hi Sandy,

Thankyou for the infos. You have connected the Schwenckes to the 1500s. Good work.
Hope your tree will go public soon. Can any branch of the Schwenckes be on your tree?


by PetriH2 on 2009-04-03 15:12:21

Hi sandy!

Looking for some infos of John's wife, name, birthday, and also when she was passed on..???? anyone who knows anything about it that would be great.. I am asking about Julius's son John?? the name of the woman that he married??

by SandyW on 2009-04-03 20:32:11

From what I have been able to gather, John's wife was Selepa Tealofaga born about 1869 at Nukulaelae, Ellis Island. She died on 26 Oct. 1962 at Alamagoto, Upolu, Samoa. Her parents were Papa Tealofaga and Sepola Tui. So far I have come across 6 children from this marriage. Their names are Jess, Ema, Sulusi, Tofiga, Joe and Villi or Willie.

Hope this helps you....

Thanks for responding to my post....


by SandyW on 2009-04-04 08:25:48

I forgot to mention in my previous reply, you can also contact Punipuao, Phylis and Lei McFarland, who have replied to this post, and who are direct descendants of John Schwenke, son of Julius and Peleise.

by jschwencke on 2009-07-07 18:47:25

Hi everyone,
Just browsing and I came across Sandy's message so I thought I'd pop in. Julius is my G. G. Grandfather through Julius (my father) Albert (My grandfather) and George ( My great grandfather and son of Julius).
Don't forget Melanie, Julius's other wife from Leone, Tutuila. I have in my possession, the original affidavit signed in 1901 by the US Naval Authority in Pago Pago, confirming that Julius did indeed marry Melanie. The affadavit was in reply to a petition raised by Julius's descendants.
Julius is an interesting character, no doubt you have read Karl's(son of Charles)work (circa 1980)on Julius. It makes for a wonderful account of his exploits in Samoa but leaves unanswered as many questions that are answered. For example, I named my third son Asher, only to find out in Karl's work, unbeknowns to me that Asher was the name of Julius's brother and was killed at the Battle of Gettysburg. So the name of Julius's brother continues in my family line and of course, I carry Julius's name as my own.
My father Julius, carries on his headstone the two spellings of the family name (Schwenke/ Schwencke)to acknowledge a common heritage. He insists that his grandfather (George)spelt it with the letter 'c' before the 'k', which is why I and my two brothers have reverted to the original spelling.
Nice to be able to chat...I'll monitor this page to see what else develops !



by SandyW on 2009-07-08 17:14:56

Dear Julius,

Thank you for responding to my post about our ancestor Julius Schwencke. It is always a delight to hear from other descendants such as yourself. Julius and Asher are special names within our Schwenke/Schwencke family.

By way of introduction, my mother is Katesa, daughter of the late George Siaosi Schwenke, son of Charles and Tamara Schwenke, and grandson of Julius and Peleise Schwencke.

I have read the research paper on our ancestor Julius Schwencke, written by the late, Karl Julius Schwenke. His father, Charles is older brother to my grandfather, George Siaosi. From what I have read, Julius was a very determined person in whatever he did. I am sure a character trait, that many of his descendants posess. It is rewarding to positively share how we feel about those that are a part of us, and made us who we are, hopefully for the better...hehe

Karl was a Professional Writer and did an exceptional job with his wife Sue, in gathering information about Julius. He even visited places where some of our Schwenke/Schwencke ancestors lived, where some of us, will probably never get to see. He also visited the U.S. Archives in Washington D.C., and found trove of records, on Julius Schwencke and other ancestors.

In a letter to, T. Schwenke, Karl describes to her what it takes to be motivated in genealogy. He said....

"If you are going to go into this genealogy business jump into it with all your heart. Try to get into the skins of your ancestors, absorb the ambiances, the smells, the sights, the feelings of the times and setting."

Great advise to all those who are searching for their ancestors.

From the the information I have been able to gather from Karl's research and other sources, Julius' wife in New York, USA, was Catherine, and together they had a son name Charles and a daughter name Kate, both born in New York City, USA. I also have information that Julius had another wife, Meleina, as far as I know, together they had three children, Paul, Luissa and Anita. Could Meleina be the same as Melanie, that you are referring to?

Besides Asher, Julius also had another younger brother name Oscar. I am in the process of tracing another possible brother. There is record in the early U.S. Federal Census records, that our german ancestors went by the spelling, Schwenke and Schwencke.

Keep in touch!


by jschwencke on 2009-07-08 19:22:40

Hi Sandy

Your diligence in researching Julius and his collective descendants is commendable!

The original affadvit that I have in my possession came through the late Adele Eiffe, only child of Luisa Eiffe (nee Schwenke), which explains why Adele had it in her possession in the first place. I was unaware that Luisa had siblings which is a pleasant surprise, meaning that another piece of the jigsaw has fallen into place and confirming that Melanie and Meleina are one and the same.

I have a special affinity toward Asher, brother of Julius, as I spent 20 years as a soldier in the New Zealand Army. I have made various inroads into trying to identify which regiment Asher served with at Gettysburg (and I must assume that he was a Union soldier!)where according to his brother's statement, he was killed. Maybe one day...

On the lighter side of things, and this is scary... Karl Julius Schwenke's father Charles, Luisa Schwenke, my Grandfather and father: all have similar facial features! It seems amazing that across the generations, facial features could feature so strongly. Maybe there's such a thing as a Schwencke/Schwenke look!

Hopefully you've managed to find Karl's(1797)wife by now. If anything pops up this side , I'll let you know.



by SandyW on 2009-07-11 00:11:10

Hi Julius,

I have little information on Asher. What I do know is, that before the American Civil War, Asher worked as a Jeweler in New York, just like his brother Oscar. At one point, Asher lived at address; 230 Fifth, New York.
Your interest in Asher, has sparked an interest in looking for him again. I will keep you posted as new information surfaces.

There is another Schwencke who served in the American Civil War, name, George Schwencke. He enlisted as a Private on 23 April 1861 at the age of 34. Enlisted in Company A, 8th Infantry Regiment New York. Promoted to Full Corporal on 26 Nov 1862. He survived the war. Asher is not mentioned in this regiment, well, as far as I can tell. I'll keep looking. Trying to see if there is a connection with this George Schwencke and our ancestors.

Take care,


by Masina on 2009-08-10 18:01:23

Hi there Sandy it's Ina (Masina) from Brisbane, QLD. I hope things are going well for you.

I am simply delighted reading all the responses and sharing of information relating to Julius Schwenke. I wanted to add Matile Schwenke Faamatuainu of Lufilufi (my paternal great grandmother) to the links of Julius and Peleise Schwenke through their eldest son and child Charles Schwenke.

Matlie Schwenke is the daughter of Charles Schwenke and Taumaia Mataia of Sato?alepai, Savaii.

Matile Schwenke married Ioasa Faamatuainu of Lufilufi and had thirteen (14) children born to them.
 Fa?aasu Faamatuainu is the third child of Matile and Ioasa Faamatuinu.
 Fa?aasu Faamatuainu married Kalisi Sauafa (II) of Saleaula Savaii and had 7 children.
i. Sine Taumaia
ii. Faafili Seepa
iii. Siosefa Kalisi Alofipo (my father) married Faamanatu Alii Tauiliili (my mother)
iv. Faamamali Telesia
v. Sina
vi. Taumaia
vii. Matalevai

Uncle Jo Schwenke formerly of Wellington/New Zealand recalls as a young-boy accompanying his father (your grandfather George Siaosi Schwenke) to visit George?s uncle Jack Siaki Schwenke of Aleipata.

Jo remembers regularly stopping at his father?s sister?s home in Lufilufi on the way to and from Aleipata. Jo must have had fond recollections of his aunt Matile because he later named his second daughter Matile after her.

Interestingly enough is how Jo and my father had been good friends prior to any knowledge of their Schwenke aiga. At the birth of Jo?s second daughter Matile I recall my father asking Jo who his daughter Matile was named after (as Matile is an uncommon Samoan name).

Jo stated to my father that his father Geoerge Siaosi Schwenke had a sister Matile Faamatuainu of Lufilufi, at first my father could not believe the connection as he is probably more than 20 years senior in age to Jo. My father stated to Jo, that Matile Faamatuainu of Lufilufi was his maternal grandmother.

I know through my brother Daniel Alofipo Meredith of Lotopa, Samoa who attended a Schwenke reunion in Samoa probably 3 to 4 years ago as he is married to Gwendolyn Ho-Ching whose mother is Lorraine Schwenke. When Daniel attended the reunion he learned that Matile was known by her paternal extended family. However, Matile?s links were not formally established as to who her father and mother were.

I look forward to finding out more information regarding our shared Schwenke ancestor as your mother has shared a lot of information with me. Love Ina.

by SandyW on 2009-08-10 23:00:04

Hi Ina,

What a really nice surprise!

Thanks for all this wonderful info!

Going to send you an email.


by Georgeling on 2009-08-29 15:56:59

Hi Schwencke descendants,

There is wealth of meaningful infomations in the above correspondence. I like that


by SandyW on 2009-09-10 20:18:49

Hi Georgeling,

Nice to hear from you!

Yes, here is a wealth of information on this post. I check this post periodically, in hopes to get to know other Schwenke/Schwencke family members and to further our knowledge about our ancestors.

Keep in touch,


by eceli_nv on 2009-12-25 21:03:35

Hello, well my My name is Eceli & I'm from Fiji. I'm probably not going to be much help to anyone - as I'm new to researching the family tree but I do know a few things for sure. My Grandmother is Mareta Fauatea who came to Fiji. Her Father is So'oialo Fauatea who married Tofinga. Tofinga is John Schwenke's grand-daughter - one of his daughter's daughters. My grandmother, Mareta , unfortunately passed away in 2002& I was unable to ask her most of what I wanted to know.

Mareta ( nana) does have a few sisters and brothers that shespoke of often - Sisters : Manueia, Walesi & John Leigh - Brother, that now reside in New Zealand. I think Grandpa John may have passed on now but I am unsure...

If anyone knows anything can you send word :-) Need all the help I can get :-)

Much Love & GOD BLESS,


by Georgeling on 2009-12-28 00:42:11

Hi Eceli,

Good to hear from Fiji. John Schwenke son of Julius and Peleise born 1864 and died 1918 married Selepa Tealofaga born 1869 and died 1962. They had 6 children and one of them was Tofiga Schwenke.
Tofiga born 1895 and died 1976 married Lei Fauatea who was a title holder of the Sooalo or Sooialo family of Vailima.
Lei and Tofiga had a few children born in the 1920s and onward.
So Mareta must be one of their children. I have not had the privilege of meeting anyone of this branch to know from Mareta to you.
Hopefully someone will answer your post who is a member of your direct line and know your grandmother.

Good luck on your research


by eceli_nv on 2009-12-28 03:47:22

Thank you very Much Tess. Since Ma was the only one in Fiji - Everyone else Migrated to New Zealand, I only had the privledge of meeting my grandmother's baby sister, Manuia, who was the youngest. Just for the general knowledge - according to Dad, There was an eldest girl, then a boy, John Leigh, and a few other siblings: Maria, Manuia and walesi...I think Ma was number four out of all of them...there may have been other siblings that I'm not sure of, that currently reside in New Zealand....Thank you very much Tess for all your help, I have to admit, Finding Great-granny Tofiga's family was easy but there was hardly any info. on Her husband...Thank you & GOD BLESS, Eceli ;-)

by SandyW on 2009-12-28 06:26:58

Hi Eceli,

I also wish you the best of luck in your research.


by SandyW on 2009-12-28 21:56:42

Hi Eceli,

Did a little research today and found some information you requested. I'll email them to you via private message.


by mitzy on 2010-03-04 14:41:14

Hi there, I am a descendant of Mary Schwenke, daughter of Julius & Peleise Schwencke. I read all the informations abt our ancestors, on your post & very much appreciated the efforts you guys done to let everyone knows abt our ancestors.
I came across someone is named after Mareta, which was the name of Peleise's mother.
I met up with some of Peleise's family here in Brisbane. I just moved from Salt Lake City, to Brisbane Australia, and that't when I met up with the Gafo'i. Peleise's family, & they know abt our ancestors from Avao Savaii.
Anywayz, love to hear from you guys.
Thank you

by SandyW on 2010-03-05 00:50:40

Gidday Mitzy,

Thanks for responding to my post.

It's wonderful to hear from Mary Schwenke's descendant.

Hope you are enjoying Brisbane. I have been there and it's a beautiful place. Gold Coast is absolutely breath taking! I am in Salt Lake City and it is snowing like crazy today. I bet you don't miss driving in it!

I am very much interested in Peleise's family. Keep us posted.

Stay in touch,


by mitzy on 2010-03-09 01:26:29

Hi Sandy, nice hearing from you. When did you move there, we just left in the beginning of last year. I do miss the snow, kinda not like this hot weather in Brisbane. Very very humid...
Oh well, I met up with the Gafoi family here, they really nice. They said, Peleise's father was Gaga'e Gafoi. She had a sister, who was a taupou, who married a chief from Falefa Upolu.
Also Peleise was married to Mr. Bell & had one daughter, named Lucy. Then she married Julius Schwenke from German.
Anyways, I am sure u know all that, but would love to hear from you, I will try & talk to them and try & get more infos, as much as I can.
But nice hearing from you.

Keep me posted


by mal009 on 2010-03-09 16:03:48

hey mitzy i am a descendant of the gafoi family and the schwenke family. my grandfathers name was Gafoi Tupu. im trying to find out which one of Julius Schwenke's kid was his grandmother/grandfather? I reckon it could be one of the girls, grace or mary? would yu know anything?

by Georgeling on 2010-08-16 00:50:00

Its been a long time visiting here. Want to ask Julius. Did you find all your answers after being here since we did not see the continuation of the conversation.

To Ina, Thankyou for adding Matile's links now we know it is certainly a big family.

To Mitzy, Anymore news about Peleise's family?
To Sandy, Its awesome the schwenkes to the 1500
Love all your comments!!

by asu on 2010-10-19 05:26:37

Hi All,

Please let me introduce myself. I am Faasu Fanapovi Lealaiauloto. My father is Fanapovi Lealaiauloto of Avao, Savaii and Lufilufi.

Just yesterday my younger sisters Alisa and Tualagi and myself were having a chat with our father about his life in the old days. This was when our father told us of his parents and so forth-
My father's mother is Faasu Faamatuainu of Lufilufi and Saleaula and his father was Lealaiauloto Fagaote of Sagainafo, Avao. Her parents were Matile (Satoalepai) and Faamatuainu (Lufilufi). Matile's parents were Taumaia and Charles (Sale) Schwenke........
It is very interesting to know and understand who our forefathers were and to fully appreciate those of whom begat our generation.

I am happy though that my father has told us this as I am eager to learn of who I am named after and those people out there who I believe I am related to but do not know yet.

My father and his younger brother, Faauma (he died in Australia) were the only children of Faasu and Loto. Faasu had older children from her marriage to Kalisi (Saleaula) of which are my aunties and uncle-Aunty Sine Tevaga Aualiitia(Leauvaa), Aunty Telesia Pelasio(Sinamoga), Aunty Faafili Peseta(deceased), Aunty Sina Malagamaalii(deceased) Uncle Alofipo Kalisi (NZ).
Since my father is second to the youngest out of his older half sisters and brothers, we are also very young compared to our much older cousins.

I am indeed very happy that my father has relayed these info for our knowledge, and I am also thankful for this site being created of which we can share and relate to each other of our ancestors....least of all the people that have passed but left tints and traits of themselves on us..of which binds us ALL together as a Schwenke.

by Georgeling on 2010-10-22 00:48:29

Thank you for your post Asu. I really appreciate the infos and to know that people are reading about our post here. I am in contact with Kalisi Alofipo and his beautiful family. Thank you for adding yourself to the link. Even though its not my post but deligted to see our family adding on here. Cheers and have a good day.

by SandyW on 2010-10-22 14:59:14

Thank you Asu for this wonderful information. Yes, I agree, this is a wonderful site in which we can come together as a Schwenke family and share information.

Thank you once again,


by teinesamoa on 2011-02-05 12:13:38

hi Sandy,
thank you for sharing your geneology online, my name is Tasi Luamanuvae Fui, my father is Mu Luamanuvae his mother is Vaipou Faamatuainu Luamanuvae, daughter of Matile Schwenke Faamatuainu of Lufilufi and he has 2 sisters and 5 brothers. Vaipou married to Luamanuvae Mikaele Luamanuvae of Salelologa, Savaii, Western Samoa.
Me and my family live in West Jordan, Utah...

by tuli58 on 2011-08-06 06:20:09

Fantastic website.Thanks for sharing.
I'm Tina Schwenke, I've moved to Sydney, Australia just over 2yrs ago, from Auckland New Zealand. My father is Taetuli(also known as Joe),His father is Albert, who is the son of Charles, son of Julius and Peleise.
With the information you got about Asher, Karl, George, and Christian where did you get the information from. I would like to get a copy of the documents.
Does anyone have pictures of any of their ancestors they would like to share??
Just out of curiosity Sandy, is your mother is Katesa Wesche who lived in Mangere NZ?
Thanx for sharing!

by SandyW on 2011-08-09 11:49:24

Hi Tina,

Yes, I'm Katesa's daughter. Mum is in Salt Lake City with me at the moment. She is leaving later today for Brisbane, Australia. You can contact her on facebook and she will fill you in about some photos.

Our research has gone back to the year 1540 and mum and I are planning to put all these findings together.

I'm sure mum would love to hear from you. She has been talking about you alot.

Thank you for keeping in touch.


by 12345678910 on 2011-09-28 10:20:14

Hello Sandy,
My name is John Michael Schwenke. I am 58 years old and live in Albany, Kentucky. My father was Leonard Daniel Schwenke, born in 1922 in Alpena, Michigan. His father was Reinhold Schwenke who came to the U.S. some time around WW1 from Volenia, Germany. Reinhold was born in 1890 and came to Chicago, then moved to Alpena, Michigan.(died in 1964) Dad didn't know much about grandpa's kin other than that he had several brothers one named Karl. I would like to find some of my distant kin if there is any here in the U.S. who knew of my grandpa Reinhold. Thanks and God bless.

by GeorgeT on 2012-02-29 08:05:01

Hi Sandy my name is George Taulealeausumai of Auckland a Schwenke decendant of Avao, my Mother is Viola her Mother is Feiloiga So'oialo (nee) Schwenke. My Grandma - Feiloiga Schwenke of Avao married Po So'oialo of Vailima as a little girl Feiloiga stayed in Avao with her Mother Mele.

That's as much as I know... so in short my Grandmothers Maiden name is Schwenke. she married Po So'oialo moved to Vailima had my mum Viola and a son Va'a who were to be raised in Alamagoto with other Family afte Feiloiga's death my mum then met & married (in NZ) my Dad Fa'asi'u Taulealeausumai of Safune Savaii.

I am the youngest of 6. Tony, Violet, Fei, Helen, Ben (Lealealoto) a title from Avao, & me (George)

by wmatautia on 2012-03-05 04:03:09

I am a decendant of Alfred Schwenke, my father is Ioane Matautia and his mother is Mele Schwenke....Im not exactly sure of the rest but names like Adele, Julius, come to mind for memory......We attended the Schewenke family reunion in samoa back in 1995, and on in New Zealand 2004-5 not sure but my grandmother has set another reunion this year in Brisbane Australia if any of the family is interested in finding out more my grandmother has a few old skool photos too which are pretty cool

by wmatautia on 2012-03-05 04:05:23

My email addy is free to message me. I am from Brisbane Australia

by CClark on 2012-03-24 14:03:37

Hi everyone, I am searching for Fono Schwenke who attended Maungawhau School in 1958 and 1959 (and perhaps for a few more years). This school is in Mt Eden Auckland and there is a centennial reunion in one week's time 30 /31 March 2012. In the past 3 weeks we have located about 17 of our schoolmates and it would be good to hear from anyone who has news of her. She would have been born about 1952/1953 either in Samoa or in Auckland. For a photo of Fono go to
She would probably have married sometime after 1970.
Thanks Claire Clark nee Brabant email

by Georgeling on 2012-03-31 19:46:31

Hi Sandy !! been a long time here and its still growing...I know you are very busy for you have many lines to look at..I will ring you today to look here your Schwenke family are calling you :))
Glad to see you John Michael, wmatautia and cclark...
I will ring her today to check this post...
Love to you all...what a wonderful page !!

by sylviaroberts on 2012-11-03 20:50:50

hi everyone,

my name is Sylvia Roberts.
i am a descendant of John Schwenke.
My grandmother is Fa'aiuga Roberts. Her mother was Anita Schwenke. Anita Schwenke was the daughter of Jessie Schwenke.
I have a photo of my great grandmother that I would like to share just to see if anyone recognize her.

by Sulusi on 2013-01-10 01:19:45

Hi everyone! Unfortunately I have no information regarding Julius's mother. However I do have additional information that may be of some assistance.

I am writing on behalf of my grandmother Sulusi Siakisini nee Schwenke , who's father is Sulusi Schwenke son of John Schwenke & Selepa, as I believe.

Sulusi Schwenke (my grandmother's) father is Sulusi Schwenke & he married my great grandmother Faivale. Between the two of them was my grandmother and her sister, Sepora, she had no children.

Sulusi (my grandmother) has informed me that she never had the chance to meet her father as he passed away before her birth. My grandmother has in total 9 children, 40 grandchildren, and 43 great grandchildren.

If anyone else has any further information regarding the history of the Schwenke family, please do not hesitate to contact me :)

by pisaschwenkeclan on 2013-07-23 20:31:04

hi Sandy my name is Mona Schwenke. i am a descendant of Pisa Schwenke from Aleipata whose father was Paula Schwenke. unfortunately thats all i know of my family and i would love to know more. We live in American Samoa and would love to know more about our family. please contact me.

by Eskil on 2014-07-12 12:09:20

Hi everybody!
How absolutely fascinating it was to read about the descendants of Carl Schwencke, the pianist cum composer. It so happened many years ago that I bought a handwritten catalogue of CS' musical works, probably compiled by the Swedish musicologist Erik Drake (1788-1870). I have read CS' m?moirs which were published in a German magazine in the late 1880s and I got interested in CS' travels through Sweden to give concerts also outside the major cities in the 1820s, especially in the southern-most provinces. And now to see that his descendants live down-under - again, fascinating. Thank-you for enlarging my knowledge and making my day. Krgds Eskil

by tutangs on 2014-07-13 23:29:41

Greetings, my name is Donina Tutagalevao and my maiden name is Schuster. My grandfather is Peter Gordon Schuster and he was born around 1921. His father is George Schuster. George Schuster was married twice, first to Louise Godinet and then after that to Anita Schwenke and they only had one child, Peter Gordon Schuster. I first believed he was married to Anita the daughter of Julius when I realised that she would have been too old to give birth to my grandfather around 1921. Therefore, I am looking for another Anita Schwenke. Their descendents live around the world but in Samoa, they live in Sinamoga. Does anyone know another Anita Schwenke that married a George Schuster and gave birth in 1921? and whose child is she?
I would appreciate any information,
much thanks

Donina Tutagalevao

by SteffieH on 2015-01-14 16:59:30

Hello cousins. I hope you don't mind my butting in...I'm a Warns. Hearing about Julius Schwenke is fascinating, what an interesting character! I wish I knew something about Julius Warns, Peleise's son-in-law, but there seems to be no information about him. I wonder if the Gafoi would know something about him and the rest of the Warns. He married Lucy Bell (born with another last name surprisingly)and had eight children. It's not surprising that there's little information, however, because while your side is very interested in genealogy, the Warns are not. There has to be someone who knows something about them! By the way, it's intriguing that you're all related to a composer.


by crem on 2015-03-16 07:56:22

Hi Stefanie, I feel your pain Julius is my 3rd great grandfather I hit him and Lucie in my family tree and that is where it all seems to abruptly stop. I know nothing really other than my great grandmother used to pronounce Warns "Varns" and tell stories of Russian royalty visiting German Samoa when she was a child. They stayed with Julius and Lucie apparently.
All very confusing. Julius was a family name that seemed to have died out with Julius Spemann and my great great uncle Julius August Karl Hack.
Good luck if I find anything interesting on Julius I'll leave you a link here.


by SteffieH on 2015-04-01 19:06:35

Hi Paula,
I've always wanted to see a picture of his. Too bad I'm not on the other side of the world or I might investigate perhaps in my grandmother's home (she died a long time ago but who knows what family album might surface). I think it's fascinating that he was visited by Russian royalty. That can mean only two things either 1. his was an aristocrat (von Bulow or whatever) or 2. He was very rich. It was my understanding that he was the later, but that's also murky. It would be interesting to know and I'm going to have my mother do a genetic test to find out.

by SteffieH on 2015-04-01 19:11:59

If he was an aristocrat, it makes sense that the plantation wasn't on the German Samoa map and the family left no info behind. He probably didn't want everyone and their mother to visit his plantation during such visits and perhaps there was a limit concerning what he could let family know about his side of the family. Still, I want to find out.

by Georgeling on 2015-07-04 11:09:44

Dear Stefanie and Paula,

I am a Schwenke by birth. If you google Julius Warns and Lucie Bell-Schwenke you will see 54 'TO WALK UNDER PALM TREES twice. click on that to see the infos on Julius Warns. On 53, you will see the photo of Adolf Spemann and Lucy Warns.
Very beautiful photo.
The photo is credited to the Spemann family :) Happy hunting


by SteffieH on 2015-07-15 01:32:57

Thanks Katesa,
I already know about that superb site...cousin Tony did some fantastic research.

by K_Tillett on 2015-07-15 23:00:39

Hi Everyone i have been reading these comments and am wondering if the 'Julius August Karl Hack' you are referring to is my great grandfather Julius August Karl Hack who is the son of Johannes Friedrich August Hack was married to Matilde Warns both born in Hamburg, Prussia, Germany. My grandmother is the only daughter of Julius Hack that escaped the war and i have been trying to find the links past Johannes Friedrich August Hack and Matilde Warns.
If anyone has the information i would love to hear from you.

by SavS on 2015-11-07 06:59:39

Aloha, hope you are all well out there. Could someone please advise if Taumaia & Tamara are the same person who married Charles Schwencke (son of Julius Schwenke) OR are Taumaia & Tamara different people. Some information about myself regarding the Schwencke pedigree:

Julius Schwenke married Peleise & issued Charles Schwencke (m) & others.
Charles Scwhwencke married Taumaia Matai'a & issued Matile Schwencke (f).
Matile Schwencke married Rev Fa'amatuainu Ioasa & issued Sila II (m) & others.
Sila II married Luse Purcell & issued Fa'amatuainu Senivao (f) & others.
Fa'amatuainu Senivao married Gasu Fereti Tuitolova'a & issued Catherine (f) & others.
Catherine married Sav (that's me) & issued 3 children.

Kind Regards ... 11/Nov/2015 ... Sav.

by Georgeling on 2015-11-14 15:16:26

Dear Sav,

Thank you for sharing. You have the answer there. Matile is the only child of Charles Schwencke and Taumaia Matai'a, Charles also married Tilesa Asomua and had 4 children. Lastly he married Tamara Mamea and had 8 children. So Taumaia and Tamara are two separate people. See also Masina Alofipo's post at the top, she is also a descendant of Matile.

Blessings to you :)

by SavS on 2015-11-15 22:00:59

Aloha, Hi George,

Thank you for the response. It has cleared up some things for my family tree chart.It would be good if everyone could mention which marriage of Charles Schwencke that they descend from. This would make it easier for tracking on the chart.

Bless ya ... Sav ... 16/11/2015.

by Georgeling on 2017-11-19 06:43:37

Been a long while since this thread is silent. I have a question about Julius death in 1887 in Samoa. Some say that he died at sea. Does anyone have any idea ?

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by OKaren1 on 2021-03-20 17:57:24

Hi All, in particular SandyW and Mitzy,
It has been 5 years since this thread was active but if you and any of the extended Bell-Schwenke family are reading this, I was hoping that someone could shed some light on Lucy Bell, daughter of Peleise Gafo'i and Mr. Bell. I am a descendant of Lucy Bell, who married Julius Warns, using the name of Barry. In fact the name on her declaration of marriage in Apia US Consulate register of 30 September 1876 has her surname as Barr not Barry and her age was 17. Julius Warns is stated as being from Hamburg, age 28. Was Mr. Bell, Charles Bell, the owner of the International Hotel, Matafele, who died in 1893? Does anyone have information on Mr. Bell, and, can someone confirm that Lucy stayed with her mother Peleise and was raised in the family of Julius Schwenke and Peleise Gafoi. Georgelingm regarding your last post, maybe there is something in NZ Paperspast about the death of Julius Schwenke.
All the best to one and all, Karen

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