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Frederick McKinnon Hawkins & Bridget Harper, Toodyay & Fremantle

Journal by ngairedith

Frederick McKinnon Hawkins (1868-1934) was base born in Newcastle, Western Australia, now named Toodyay, on 16 April 1868 to Maria Hawkins (1831-1868) & her partner John McKinnon (1823-1874).

* The FATHER of Frederick McKinnon Hawkins, John McKinnon, was born in Argyllshire, Scotland. He served as Private #1908 with the 42nd Regiment. He enlisted aged 20, on 9 June 1842 in Glasgow. He was a labourer.
His statistics were:
5' 7" tall, fresh complexion, grey eyes, brown hair, no scars
His service record, in:
1851 was stationed in Bermuda
Malta for 4 years 3 months
Halifax, Nova Scotia for 1 year
Turkey & Crimea for 2 years
East Indies for 4 years 11 months. Where he was discharged suffering from sunstroke while on Field Duty

He was discharged on 21 July 1863 at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Netley, England and his intention was to resided at Maidstone, Kent. Had five Good conduct badges and medal and gratuity for good conduct and long service
His Campaign Medals were:
* Crimean War Medal with three clasps
* Turkish Crimean Medal
* Indian Mutiny Medal with one clasp

On 8 May 1857, in Stirlingshire, Scotland, he married Ann Elliot (1826-1915), daughter of Peter Elliott a gardener.
On 12 June 1865, in the Surgeon’s Log, John was described as being off proper post. As it was his first offence he was placed on 7 day watch and his spirit ration stopped.

These were his Pension Districts:
* 1863 Chatham
* 1863 Glasgow
* 1864 Chatham
* 1865 Tilbury
* 1865-1874 Western Australia, his pension was 1s 1d per year

John & Ann McKinnon arrived in Fremantle on the Convict ship 'Racehorse', John being one of the pensioner guards.
'Racehorse' left Portland, England on 26 May 1865. She carried the 32nd of 37 shipments of male convicts destined for Western Australia. The voyage took 76 days and the 'Racehorse' arrived in Fremantle 10 Aug 1865 with 172 passengers and 278 convicts.
Of the 172 passengers, 159 were pensioner guards and their families, the number being made up of 50 pensioner guards, 31 wives, 38 sons and 40 daughters. .
John & Ann McKinnon lived in the Pensioner Guard Barracks, in Toodyay (known then as Newcastle).

* The MOTHER of Frederick McKinnon Hawkins , Maria Hawkins, was born in Belfast, a daughter of ? Hawkins & Mary McCann (1816-1880). Her father died in Belfast before 1853 and her mother next married Joseph Gilmore 26 Aug 1853 in Belfast. Joseph, his wife Mary and his step-daughter, 26 year old Maria Hawkins, emigrated into Fremantle 3 July 1857 on the Convict Ship 'Clara', Joseph being one of the convict guards. The Clara left London on 19 March 1857 bound for the Swan River Colony. She carried the 18th of 37 shipments of male convicts destined for Western Australia. The voyage lasted 106 days and arrived in Fremantle on 3 July 1857 with 112 passengers and 262 convicts. Of the passengers, 95 were pensioner guards and their families: 29 guards 23 wives, 21 sons and 22 daughters. The other 23 passengers have not been accounted for but were possibly cabin passengers or regular soldiers. List of the guards. Joseph & Maria lived in the Pensioner Guard Barracks, in Toodyay.
NOTES Enrolled Pensioner Guards who came to WA as guards on board the convict ships, were known as Pensioner Guards (aka Enrolled Pensioner Force or Enrolled Guards). The Enrolled Pensioner Guards comprised of aged or invalid military personnel who were unfit for active duty but capable of fulfilling a role as garrison troops or convict guards.

Frederick McKennon Hawkins was born 11 years after his mother Maria arrived in Toodyay & 3 years after his father John arrived. Maria died 3 days after he was born.
NOTE A few things to ponder .. At the time of his birth, John & Ann had been married for 11 years and no children yet found. At 37 Maria was still unmarried. Was she having this baby for them? or was it simply an affair? Did John & Ann bring Frederick up?

John McKinnon died 30 June 1874 aged 52, from inflammation of the lungs and is buried at East Perth cemeteries.
* Frederick was then aged 6.

Ann McKinnon (nee Elliott) next married on 29 Aug 1875, to Thomas Hansbury (1840-1879), an expiree who had arrived as a convict on the 'Racehorse' in 1865, the same ship on which 1st husband John was a pensioner guard.
Four years later, on 2 June 1879, Thomas fell off a train whilst drunk at the Jarrahdale Timber Company's plant at Rockingham.
. . The Herald (Fremantle), 14 June 1879
ON Monday, 2nd instant, a man named Thomas Hansbury, fell from a truck on the Jarrahdale railway. The wheels went over his right arm fracturing it in many places and causing such severe injury that on his removal to Fremantle it was found necessary to amputate the arm at shoulder joint. On Tuesday morning, Dr Barnett performed this operation, and the case seemed to promise favourably, but subsequently the man succumbed and died on Wednesday 4th instant.
. . The Herald, 21 June 1879 To the Editor of the Herald. Dear Sir, I think it only just to the manager of the Jarrahdale's Timber plant at Rockingham, that you should be set right in your remarks upon the deaths of the two unfortunate men - Pearson and Hansbury, at the same time I am sure you are anxious that justice should be done to everyone, and as I was one of the jury in the case of Pearson you will accept mine as a more reliable version of the case and I trust find space for it in your next issue for the above mentioned reason. The unfortunate man Hansbury, I believe there is not the least question was quite drunk at the time he met with the accident, which ended in his death, but Pearson was quite sober and refused to take anything, a few minutes before he was killed. The stoppage of the train was merely to put down some people who did not go any further in that direction .. Yours &c., Geo. E. Knight, Woongong, 15th June 1879.
. . Police Gazette, Western Australia, 4 June 1879 On the 4th inst., at Fremantle Prison, before J. G. Slade, R.M. and Coroner, on the body of Thomas Hansbury, exp., late 8298, who died at the Prison Hospital, on the 4th inst. Verdict - "Death from the result of an Accident"
* Frederick was then aged 7.

Ann Hansbury, formerly McKinnon (nee Elliott) next married John 'Jack' Hughes (1824-1924) on 15 Dec 1879 (5 months after his arrival in WA).
. . John was born 14 Feb 1824. He said he was a Crimean War veteran, but thanks to all these war veteran researchers, it appears that may have been a tall tale. Maybe he just wanted to live up to the image of Ann's first two husbands.
Card: HUGHES, John Thomas, son of Robert (blacksmith). Arrived 17.7.1879 per Cupid from England. Married 15.12.1879 (Perth C/E) Ann Hansbury, widow of Thomas, daughter of Peter Elliott. Child John b. 1880. Applied for 50 acres Cockburn district as an immigrant grant. Blacksmith, Jarrahdale . note . If they did have a son in 1880 Ann would have been about 54. He was registered in their name but he may also have been a son of another like Frederick McKinnon Hawkins was (will change if verified).
* Frederick was then aged 7.

. . ANN HUGHES died 28 July 1915 in Jarrahdale
West Australian, 28 July 1915
- On July 24, 1915, at Jarrahdale, Ann, the beloved wife of John Hughes, in her 90th year. Deeply regretted. Inserted by her friend, A. M. Woodland (Anna Maria Woodland, nee Nelson 1865-1950, whose husband, Edwin Portman 'Jim' Woodland was an engine driver for Millars' Timber & Trading Co., at Jarrahdale)

. . JOHN HUGHES died at the Old Men's Home in Claremont on 28 Jan 1924 aged 2 weeks from 100 and is buried at Karrakatta.
Death Of A Crimean Veteran - Private John Hughes, a Crimean and Indian Mutiny veteran, who on February 14 next would have reached his 100th birthday, passed away peacefully at the Old Men's Home, Claremont, yesterday and to-day his remains will be accorded a military funeral. The cortege will leave Donald Chipper and Son's private mortuary at 2 o'clock and the interment will take place at the Karrakatta Cemetery at 3 o'clock. On the death being reported to the Military Commandant by the master of the Home, Major Raper issued instructions for the deceased to be accorded full military honours. The body will be carried on a gun-carriage and there will be a firing party at the grave-side, the arrangements being in the hands of Major Bilton.
The deceased was born in North Wales on February 14 1824. He was a British soldier for 18 years and was twice wounded. He left the army with a clean discharge and for the past 50(sic) years had been resident in Western Australia, much of the time at Jarrahdale, where he worked as a blacksmith. He entered the Old Men's Home on October 17 and was a bright and cheery old man, despite his advanced years. He was given a free pass over the railways some time ago. Had he lived to celebrate his 100th, birthday arrangements had been made by Mr D. N. Martin, of White City, to give him a birthday party, but now the 100lb cake already made will be given to celebrate the birthdays of two other Crimea and Indian Mutiny veterans in the Home - Private Edwin Willcocks (94) and Private J. V. M. Helier (90).
* Edwin Wilcocks died 6 months after John, aged 94.
* Vincent John Helier died a year to the day after John, aged 91.
Their stories of serving in the Crimean war also appear to be 'tall tales'. The three are buried together in gravesite 170, section JA, Anglican area at Karrakatta

FREDERICK McKINNON HAWKINS married BRIDGET HARPER (1866-1921). Bridget was born in Bristol, England, a daughter of Michael Harper (1835-1902 born County Kilkenny, died Bristol) & Mary Butler (1840-1923 born Clonel, County Tipperary, died Bristol). Bridget arrived in Fremantle around 1887, still researching which ship.
NOTE still looking for proof they were married

the 3 children of FREDERICK & BRIDGET
(born in Fremantle)
child . 1 1892 - 1967 John Edward 'Jack' Hawkins
child . 2 1895 - 1964 Herbert Hawkins
child . 3 1896 - 1896 Maria Margaret Hawkins

child . . 1 . . of Frederick & Bridget
born 6 Dec 1892 in Fremantle
married Norah Mary Magdaline 'Toots' Heron (1888-1964) in Fremantle in 1912.
* Nora was born in Victoria, Australia, 4 March 1888 to Edward Heron (1842-1924 born Limerick, Ireland, died Adelaide) & Honor (Hanorah) Rachel Ann Hannah Coonan (1853-1939 born & died Melbourne but her parents were from Tipperary, Ireland).
. . . the 12 children of Jack & Nora
. 1 . 1911 - 1977 Daniel 'Dan' Hawkins
.. born 1911 in Boulder, WA
.. died 11 June 1977 aged 66
.. last address: Fremantle
.. buried: Niche Wall 19, Garden C, next to his brother George

. 2 . 1912 - 1977 John Edward Hawkins
.. born 1912 in Fremantle
.. died 30 Oct 1991 aged 79
.. last address: Albany Highway, Wilson
.. buried: grave 351, section MON C4, Roman Catholic at Fremantle

. 3 . 1914 - 1963 George Hawkins
.. born: 26 Feb 1914 in Fremantle
.. served as: Private WX37600, H.Q. Infantry Brigade
.. died: 18 Feb 1963 aged 48
.. last address: Willagee
.. buried: Niche Wall 19, Garden C, next to brother Dan

. 4 . 1915 - 1981 Albert Joseph Hawkins
.. born: 10 May 1915 in Fremantle
.. married: Joyce Heather 'Joy' Edwards (1925-2003)
.. died: 14 May 1981 aged 66
.. last address: Hilton, Fremantle
.. buried: grave 190, section Lawn C, General Area at Fremantle cemetery

. 5 . 1917 - 1981 James Oswald Hawkins
.. born: 20 Feb 1917 in Fremantle
.. engagement: 15 Nov 1941. The engagement is announced of Phyllis Margaret, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Robert Alexander Frank James, of Cowaramup, to James Oswald, fifth son of Mr and Mrs John Edward Hawkins (1884-1955), of 23 Queen Victoria-street, Fremantle
.. died: 1 March 1980 aged 63
.. last address: Hilton, Fremantle
.. buried: grave 622, section Lawn E, Roman Catholic area at Fremantle
* Grantee Kathleen Patricia Hawkins

. 6 . 1920 - 1993 Eileen Annie Hawkins
.. born: 22 July 1920 in Fremantle
.. married James Paul Krahe
.. died: 19 June 1993 aged 72
.. last address: Hilton, Fremantle
.. buried: grave 75, section Lawn M, general area Fremantle cemetery
* James Paul Krahe was 1 of 13 children of William Alfred Krahe (1884-) & Elizabeth Coonan (1885-) of Tenterfield, NSW. He died 3 months after Eileen, on 18 Sep 1993. Their grantee was Colleen Denise Donaldson

. 7 . 1922 - 1970 Richard Kevin Hawkins
.. born 3 Aug 1922
.. died 22 May 1970 aged 47
.. last address: Bicton
.. buried: grave 1570, section MON AA, Anglican at Fremantle cemetery

. 8 . 1925 - 1925 Nora Hawkins
.. stillborn 6 June 1925
.. first buried: CC, 649
.. grantee was her father John Edward Hawkins
* Nora was exhumed & re buried in grave 572, section MON C, Roman Catholic, with her stillborn twin brothers Keith & Kenneth (1926), her stillborn twin brothers Harold & Leslie (1927) & their mother Nora (1964)

. 9 . 1926 - 1926 Keith Roy Hawkins
.. stillborn twin 18 May 1926
.. buried grave 572, section MON C, Roman Catholic, with his stillborn sister Nora (1925), his stillborn twin brother Kenneth, his stillborn twin brothers Harold & Leslie (1927) & their mother Nora (1964)

. 10 . 1926 - 1926 Kenneth Ronald Hawkins
.. stillborn twin 18 May 1926
.. buried buried grave 572, section MON C, Roman Catholic, with his stillborn sister Nora (1925), his stillborn twin brother Keith, his stillborn twin brothers Harold & Leslie (1927) & their mother Nora (1964)

. 11 . 1927 - 1927 Harold Douglas John Hawkins
.. stillborn twin 24 June 1927
.. buried grave 572, section MON C, Roman Catholic, with his stillborn sister Nora (1925), his stillborn twin brother Leslie, his stillborn twin brothers Keith & Kenneth (1926) & their mother Nora (1964)

. 12 . 1927 - 1927 Leslie Arthur Hawkins
.. stillborn twin 24 June 1927
.. buried grave 572, section MON C, Roman Catholic, with his stillborn sister Nora (1925), his stillborn twin brother Harold, his stillborn twin brothers Keith & Kenneth (1926) & their mother Nora (1964)

West Australian, 5 Nov 1934
Bailiff Assaulted
Albert Hawkins and Nora Hawkins were each fined £l, with 6/0 costs, on a charge of having unlawfully assaulted James Winter Cruthers, bailiff of the Fremantle Local Court, at 55 Samson-street, Beaconsfield, on October 23. Cruthers said that he had gone to the premises with a warrant of execution and had been pushed out of the house. The accused said that they had understood that Cruthers had come with a warrant for John Hawkins, who was not present and had denied him access to the house. A similar charge against Daniel Hawkins was dismissed.

Daily News, 5 July 1940 Woman Assaults Her Brother-In-Law. An echo of a family feud over the custody of a 16-year-old boy was mentioned in the Fremantle Police Court today when Mrs Nora Hawkins was charged with having assaulted her brother-in-law, Herbert Hawkins. Mrs Hawkins, who pleaded guilty, was cautioned and ordered to pay £3/2/ costs. Counsel for Hawkins said that his boy was living with defendant and action for his return brought before the Children's Court, Supreme Court and Full Court had failed. Recently the boy had his leg fractured in an accident and asked for his father. When Hawkins went to the hospital Mrs Hawkins endeavoured to prevent a reconciliation between the boy and the father. As Hawkins was leaving the hospital Mrs Hawkins threatened him and smacked his face.
Proceedings had been taken to show Mrs Hawkins that the father could visit his son in hospital, said counsel. According to opposing counsel, Hawkins sneered at his sister-in-law at the hospital and it was only a technical assault of a trivial nature.
NOTE At this time Nora & Jack had custody of his brother Herb's son, John Robert Hawkins. Two months previously Herb had taken him to court telling the magistrate that he was an uncontrollable child.

Daily News, 1 May 1950
John Edward Hawkins
, labourer of Oakover-st., East Fremantle, was fined £30 with 3/- costs, in Fremantle Police Court today for having driven while he was drunk. His driver's licence was suspended for three months. Constable R. B. Harris said that about 9.15 p.m. on Saturday he saw Hawkins driving west along High-st and cut the corner of Market-st. The car was stopped and Hawkins was found to be drunk.

NORAH MARY MAGDALINE 'Toots' Hawkins died 16 May 1964 in North Fremantle aged 76. She is buried Grave 572, Section Mon C, Roman Catholic at Fremantle with her stillborn daughter Nora (1925, after she was exhumed from site CC, 649) and her 2 sets of stillborn twin sons: Keith & Kenneth (1926) & Leslie & Harold (1927). Their grantee was John Edward Hawkins.
JOHN EDWARD 'Jack' Hawkins died 6 May 1967 aged 75
last address South Fremantle
buried Position 33, Garden B, Niche Wall Fremantle

child . . 2 . . of Frederick & Bridget
.. born 14 May 1895 in Fremantle
.. married Isabella 'Bella' Beaney (1898-1974) in Fremantle in 1923
.. he was a tramway employee
* Isabella was born in Oct 1895 in Surrey, England. In Nov 1932, Isabella left Herbert and her 5 children (then aged 2 to 8) and moved in with Leslie Leonard Turner (1911-1975), a marine dealer, and his mother.
West Australia, 10 Oct 1929
I Will Not
be Responsible for any Debts contracted by my wife, Isabella Hawkins, on or after this date, October 9.

Husband Herb Hawkins & boyfriend Les Turner ended up in a street brawl in 1933, over her leaving. She did not return. Herbert petitioned for a dissolution of marriage from Isabella on the grounds of her adultery with Leslie Leonard Turner in March 1939.
He told the court that they had married and had 5 children. They lived happily until May 1929 when she went missing from their home, leaving the children. She was found 3 weeks later at living with a man in Spearwood. He took her back. Then on 8 Nov 1932 Isabella had gone to the pictures and had never come back. A fortnight later she was located at Turner's home at Quarry-street. Turner had become violent against him and ordered him to leave. Since then he had tried to get his wife back but she had borne another 2 children since the separation. Decree nisi was granted.
* Isabella married Les (before 1944 see son Jack's notes).
the 5 children of Herbert & Isabella
. 1 . 1924 - 2006 John Robert 'Jack' Hawkins
.. born 23 Jan 1924 in Fremantle
Sunday Times, 3 Feb 1924
- On January 23, at Nurse Sheedys Ocean View maternity Hospital, Solomon-street, Fremantle, to Mr and Mrs Herb Hawkins, King William-street, South Fremantle - a son.
West Australian, 28 May 1940 In the Fremantle Children's Court last February, Herbert Hawkins charged his son, a boy of 16 years, with being an uncontrollable child, but the magistrate dismissed the complaint. Jack was put into the custody of Herbert's brother John & his wife Nora (see their notes above).
.. married Elizabeth Lillian 'Betty' ? and had 5 children.
.. served in WWII as a shoreline Naval Training Reserve, F5480, E.R.A. F & T Vth Class. His father was listed as Herbert Hawkins at 21 Mandurah Rd., South Fremantle. His mother had remarried and was then Isabella Turner living in Hamilton Hill. His wife Betty was living at 105 Mandurah Rd., South Fremantle. When he reported for duty on 22 Sep 1944, aged 20, he gave his address as 33 South St, South Fremantle. He was 5' 7", dark brown hair, brown eyes, sallow complexion. He had scars on his abdomen, right knee & right shin. He embarked on the HMAS 'Cerberus' 22 Sep 1944 and was in Lonsdale, a Royal Australian Navy training base, at Beach St, Port Melbourne, Victoria from 1946-4 Nov 1947 and then in rehab at Leeuwin naval base in Fremantle 13 Nov 1947. His claim for a disability pension on 28 Jan 1946 was rejected. The reason given as 'No Personable Disability'.
.. died 28 June 2006 aged 82
.. last address: Hamilton Hill
.. ashes taken by Administrator at Fremantle

. 2 . 1925 - 2007 Edward Herbert Hawkins
.. born: 9 July 1925 in Fremantle
.. engagement: 13 Oct 1948. Margaret Joan, eldest daughter of Mrs Miller, 26 Douro-road, South Fremantle and Mr Miller, Oxford-street, Leederville, to Edward Herbert Hawkins of 45 Attfeld-street, Fremantle, second son of Mr H. Hawkins, 37 South street, South Fremantle.
.. died: 26 Oct 2007 aged 82
.. last address: Applecross
* Margaret Joan Hawkins died 8 Aug 2019 aged 89.
.. their ashes were taken by Administrator at Fremantle cemetery

. 3 . 1927 - 2010 Alexander Victor 'Alex' Hawkins
.. born 1927 in Fremantle
.. died 10 March 2010 aged 82
.. last address: Hamilton Hill
.. ashes taken by Administrator at Fremantle cemetery

. 4 . 1928 - 2014 Leslie William Hawkins
.. born 22 Nov 1928 in Fremantle
.. died 6 June 2014 aged 85
.. last address: Hamilton Hill
.. ashes taken by Administrator at Fremantle cemetery

. 5 . 1930 - 1999 Horace Frederick Hawkins
.. born 1930 in Fremantle
.. died 6 Sep 1999 aged 69
.. last address: Mundijong
.. buried position 1, garden 12, Sainsbury Rose 1 area at Fremantle cemetery

HERBERT HAWKINS died 28 July 1964 in Fremantle aged 69
last address Fremantle
buried Grave 1217, Section MON CC, Roman Catholic at Fremantle Cemetery
* ISABELLA (now Turner) died 22 Feb 1974 aged 78. Her last address was Spearwood. Her ashes are in Fremantle cemetery, position 156, Garden of Remembrance, Area B. Her husband Leslie Leonard Turner died 14 months after her and their ashes are together.

child . . 3 . . of Frederick & Bridget
.. born: 29 July 1896 in Fremantle
.. christened: 24 Aug 1896 in Fremantle
.. died: October 1896 aged 3 months

BRIDGET Hawkins died 27 May 1921 aged 55
West Australian, 31 May 1921
HAWKINS — On May 27 1921, at No.1 Adelaide-street, Fremantle, Bridget, the dearly beloved wife of Frederick Hawkins and mother of John and Herbert Hawkins, aged 55 years.

West Australian, 28 May 1921
HAWKINS - The Friends of Mr Frederick Hawkins, of No.1 Adelaide street, Fremantle, are respectfully invited to follow the remains of his late dearly beloved wife Bridget and mother of Messrs Herbert and John Hawkins, to the place of interment, the Roman Catholic Cemetery, Fremantle. The Funeral will leave Messrs Arthur E. Davies and Co's, Private Mortuary, Market-street, Fremantle THIS (Saturday) AFTERNOON at 5.30 o'clock, arriving at the cemetery at 3 p.m.
ARTHUR E. DAVIES and CO., Undertakers, Fremantle and Claremont. Tel. 225 Fremantle.

West Australian, 31 May 1921
The funeral of the late Mrs Bridget Hawkins, wife of Mr Frederick Hawkins, took place on Saturday afternoon, the 28th inst., and was attended by many friends. The deceased, who was 56 years of age, was born in Bristol, England, but she had been a resident of this State for the last 34 years. The funeral cortege moved from her late residence, No.1 Adelaide-street, Fremantle, and proceeded to the local cemetery, where the remains were interred in the Roman Catholic portion. The Rev. Father J. Casey, O.M.L., officiated at the graveside. The chief mourners were - Mr F. Hawkins (husband), Messrs, J. E. and Herbert Hawkins (sons), Mr G. Smith (brother-in-law) (Johanna Harper m George Smith in Freo 1891), Mrs J. E. Hawkins (daughter-in-law), Mr G. Ingram, (nephew) and Daniel Hawkins (grandson). The pall-bearers were - Messrs. E. Heron, Anderson, P. McDermott, Quayle, Douglas and W. Musket. Many wreaths were placed on the grave and numerous communications expressing sympathy have been received by the bereaved relatives. The funeral arrangements were carried out by Messrs Arthur E. Davies and Co., of Fremantle and Claremont.

West Australian, 28 May 1923
HAWKlNS - In loving memory of our dear mother, Bridget Hawkins, who passed away May 27, 1921
Two years ago today the message came from God
Who thought it best to take you from this
weary world, and give you peace and rest
Inserted by her loving husband, sons, daughter-in-law and grand children.

West Australian, 27 May 1924
HAWKINS - In loving memory of my dear mother, Bridget Hawkins, who passed away May 27, 1921. God remember when the world forgets. R.I.P. Inserted by her loving son and daughter-in-law, and grandchildren. Jack and Norah Hawkins.

West Australian, 27 May 1925
HAWKINS - In loving memory of our dear mother, Bridget Hawkins, who passed away on May 27, 1921.
Gone from us but leaving memories.
Time can never take away.
Loved, remembered, longed for always.
While upon this earth we stay.
Inserted by her loving husband Frederick, son Herbert, daughter-in-law Bella, grandson Robert
HAWKINS — In loving remembrance of my dear mother, Bridget Hawkins, who died May 27, 1921.
Silence is no certain token,
That no hidden grief is there;
Sorrow that is never spoken
Is the hardest grief to bear.
Inserted by her son John, daughter-in-law Norah and grandchildren Daniel, John, George, Albert, James, Eileen, Richard.

West Australian, 27 May 1926
HAWKINS - In loving memory of my dear mother, Bridget Hawkins, who passed away at Fremantle, May 27 1921. R.I.P.
Her sorrows are o'er, her labour past
Times moves on, but memories last.
Inserted by her loving daughter-in-law Norah and grandchildren

FREDERICK Hawkins died 11 Oct 1934 aged 66
West Australian, 12 Oct 1934
HAWKINS - On October 11, 1934, at the Fremantle Hospital, Frederick Hawkins, of 4 Attfield-street, Fremantle, husband of the late Bridget Hawkins, loving father of Jack and Herbert, father-in-law of Norah (Mrs J. Hawkins) and fond grandfather of Dan, Jack, George, Albert, James, Richard, Eileen, Robert, Edward, Alex, Leslie and Horace; aged 66 years. R.I.P.

(taken 29 April 2014 by photographer)
Headstone of Frederick & Bridget, Grave 1217, Section MON CC, Roman Catholic area at Fremantle, READS:
Bridget 1921
And Her Husband
Frederick 1934
Also Their Son
Herbert 1964

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