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Descendants of John Brooks

Journal by reygenlc

Descendants of John Brooks

Generation No. 1

1. JOHN1 BROOKS was born Abt. 1689 in England, and died September 02, 1766 in ?. He married SUSAN OR WINIFRED Unknown in England.

i. THOMAS2 BROOKS, b. Abt. 1710.
ii. JOAB BROOKS, b. Abt. 1712.
iii. JR BROOKS JOHN, b. Abt. 1715.
iv. MARK MAREUS BROOKS, b. Abt. 1720.
2. v. JAMES BROOKS, b. Abt. 1725, Chatham North Carolina; d. 1812, Georgia.
vi. ISACE BROOKS, b. Abt. 1727.

Generation No. 2

2. JAMES2 BROOKS (JOHN1) was born Abt. 1725 in Chatham North Carolina, and died 1812 in Georgia. He married (1) ELIZABETH SMITH 1746 in Chatham N.C.. He married (2) MARGARET THOMASON 1765 in Chatham N.C..

Military service: Abt. 1775, Private in South Carolina Militia. DAR TX.Society Roster Rev. Ances Vol.11

i. DUDLEY3 BROOKS, b. 1754.

3. ii. SIMON3 BROOKS, b. August 15, 1766, Chatham North Carolina; d. February 19, 1843, Society Hill, AL..
iii. JACOB BROOKS, b. Abt. 1768.
iv. ESAU BROOKS, b. Abt. 1769.

Generation No. 3

3. SIMON3 BROOKS (JAMES2, JOHN1) was born August 15, 1766 in Chatham North Carolina, and died February 19, 1843 in Society Hill, AL.. He married PHOEBE BUFFINGTON 1795 in South Carolina.

i. MAXEY4 BROOKS, b. August 18, 1796.
ii. IVY BROOKS, b. November 08, 1798.
iii. CANDACE BROOKS, b. December 22, 1800.
iv. HIRAM BROOKS, b. December 02, 1802.
4. v. TERRELL BROOKS, b. February 20, 1804, Muscoge, Ga.; d. August 09, 1866, Tuskeegee Al.
vi. ELIZA BROOKS, b. January 21, 1810.
vii. SIMON BROOKS, b. March 26, 1815.

Generation No. 4

4. TERRELL4 BROOKS (SIMON3, JAMES2, JOHN1) was born February 20, 1804 in Muscoge, Ga., and died August 09, 1866 in Tuskeegee Al. He married MARY ANN PERRY December 16, 1830 in Muscage, Ga..

Children of TERRELL BROOKS and MARY PERRY are:
i. THOMAS5 BROOKS, b. Abt. 1831.
ii. JOHN TAYLOR BROOKS, b. Abt. 1833.
iii. HIRAM WILLIAM BROOKS, b. April 25, 1835.
iv. STEPHEN BROOKS, b. 1837.
v. ERASTUS HARRISON BROOKS, b. April 30, 1840.
vi. ELIZABETH BROOKS, b. 1842.
5. vii. DOW PERRY BROOKS, b. March 19, 1844, Tuskegee,Alabama; d. April 26, 1929, Eastland Co. Texas.
viii. LUCY BROOKS, b. 1847.
ix. ZACKERY BROOKS, b. March 30, 1849.

Generation No. 5

5. DOW PERRY5 BROOKS (TERRELL4, SIMON3, JAMES2, JOHN1) was born March 19, 1844 in Tuskegee,Alabama, and died April 26, 1929 in Eastland Co. Texas. He married MARY JANE GRAHAM Unknown in Tuskegee Ala..

The following letter from Dow Perry Brooks, my great grandfather, to Mrs. W.O. Britt (nee Elizabeth Brooks)of Thomaston, Georgia, from Curtis(no longer exists) Eastland Co, Texas. Written on Nov. 9,1906

"Dear Cousin:
I received your favor of several days ago and was glad to hear from you again. I have been trying to get all the information I could obtain as to the genealogy of Simon and Phoebe Brooks and their ancestors.I am glad to say I have found their family record in the hands of my brother, E.H. Brooks of Callahan Co. Texas, a copy of which I enclose. My brother wishes me to say that in a storm some thirty years ago the Bible was damaged to some extent, but the family record is all right.
Cousin John is mistaken I think as to grandpa Simon being a foriegner. It was his father, James Brooks who came to this country Grandpa Simon Brooks was, I think, a North Carolinean. I have often heard him speak of his father moving from North Carolina to South Carolina. James Brooks, the father of Grandpa Simon Brooks, I have heard, reard a large family. I can't remember their names, but I do remember the names Jacob, Esau, and Aaron. I think there were several others. One of the sisters married a man named Walravens, and another of his sisters married a Williamsom. Granddaughter of hers is now on a visit to a son-in-law of hers living on my place. She lives in East Texas.
Jacob Brooks, the twin brother of Esau, was living in North Alabama a few years after the Civil War. He has a grandson also named Jacob, now living in Pioneer in this county.He has a second wife and is the father of fifteen children, twelve daughters and three sons, fourteen now living.They are all married but four.
I can't tell you when or what battle Grandpa James Brooks was wounded in the Revolutionary War, nor of what company or Regiment he belonged to, but I have often heard them speak of the time but I have forgotten the place and date.
I wish you would come and spend several months with us. I think you would enjoy a visit to the Lone Star State.

D.P. Brooks

The following letter is included to show how much work has been put on this line and the records are accepted in the family.

Mrs. Ida B. Kellam Lyons, Ga.
219 S. 3rd Street April 14, 1950
Wilmington, N.C.
Dear Mrs. Kellam:

Since you wrote to me five years ago,calling my attention to the fact that part of the records of James Brooks, Revolutionary soldier of South Carolina as given in the D.A.R. papers in Washington D,C., is not entirely accurate. I have studied available records in WashingtonD.C., in Abbeville and Edgefield Counties, S.C. made several visits to the Georgia Department of History and Archives, and Genealogical Department of Carnegie Library in Atlanta, Ga. and checked the census and county records in all the early counties in Georgia, and I have come to the conclusion that the record of James Brooks, as complied by you is as complete and accurate as we are able to find.
Yours sincerely,
Ida Mae Brooks

These letters are published in the book titled "Brooks and Kindred Families" by Ida Brooks Kellam copywrited and published in 1950. I have been told by family members that at one time it was in the Ft. Worth (TX) library. Regarding the second letter, I believe the DAR record shows Simon to be the son of Eilzabeth Smith Books, and Mrs. Kellams research shows him to be the son of Margaret Thomason Brooks, which affects the Brooks lineage not at all, since James was father to all.

Children of DOW BROOKS and MARY GRAHAM are:
i. LIZZY PAULINE THOMPSON6 BROOKS, b. September 11, 1870.
ii. THOMAS HARVEY BROOKS, b. October 12, 1875.
iii. LULA PEARL BROOKS, b. March 13, 1879.
iv. WILLIE HIRAM BROOKS, b. October 14, 1880.
v. ANNIE GERTHA BROOKS, b. August 09, 1883.
6. vi. JAMES CLEVELAND BROOKS, b. April 09, 1895, Auburn, Ala.; d. October 11, 1918, Eastland Co., Tx Romney Cemetery Influenza Epedemic of 1917-18.

Generation No. 6

6. JAMES CLEVELAND6 BROOKS (DOW PERRY5, TERRELL4, SIMON3, JAMES2, JOHN1) was born April 09, 1895 in Auburn, Ala., and died October 11, 1918 in Eastland Co., Tx Romney Cemetery Influenza Epedemic of 1917-18. He married MAY VIOLENA MANN December 25, 1906 in Dallas, Tx..

Children of JAMES BROOKS and MAY MANN are:
7. i. ENA OREN7 BROOKS, b. June 13, 1909, Nimrod, Tx; d. September 05, 1990, Dallas,Tx.
8. ii. FOY ORAN BROOKS, b. December 04, 1912, Nimrod Texas; d. December 31, 1962, Terrell, Texas.
iii. CLAUDE DAMON BROOKS2, b. September 29, 1914, Sweetwater, Texas; d. August 1981, Harbor City Calif; m. MABEL C. SMITH, October 08, 1949, California.

Generation No. 7

7. ENA OREN7 BROOKS (JAMES CLEVELAND6, DOW PERRY5, TERRELL4, SIMON3, JAMES2, JOHN1) was born June 13, 1909 in Nimrod, Tx, and died September 05, 1990 in Dallas,Tx. She married GEORGE ALBERT KEARNEY 1933 in Kaufman.

Children of ENA BROOKS and GEORGE KEARNEY are:
9. i. MARY ANN ELIZABETH8 KEARNEY, b. July 15, 1934, Kaufman Co. ,Tx.
10. ii. G A KEARNEY, b. August 22, 1937, Parker Co. , Tx.
iii. CLAUDINE AVANELL KEARNEY, b. July 26, 1940.

8. FOY ORAN7 BROOKS (JAMES CLEVELAND6, DOW PERRY5, TERRELL4, SIMON3, JAMES2, JOHN1) was born December 04, 1912 in Nimrod Texas, and died December 31, 1962 in Terrell, Texas. He married (1) JACIE GRAHAM September 04, 1938 in ?. He married (2) LOUIS 1958 in ?.

Children of FOY BROOKS and JACIE GRAHAM are:
11. i. CAROLYN ANN8 BROOKS, b. October 26, 1942, Dallas Co.,Tx.
12. ii. DAVID GRAHAM BROOKS, b. August 29, 1945, Terrell Texas.

Child of FOY BROOKS and LOUIS is:
13. iii. LISA LYNN8 BROOKS, b. May 12, 1959, Terrell Texas.

Generation No. 8

9. MARY ANN ELIZABETH8 KEARNEY (ENA OREN7 BROOKS, JAMES CLEVELAND6, DOW PERRY5, TERRELL4, SIMON3, JAMES2, JOHN1) was born July 15, 1934 in Kaufman Co. ,Tx. She married ROBERT MATTERN September 03, 1955 in Harris Co. Texas.

i. ROBERT JAMES9 MATTERN, b. June 02, 1956.
ii. DARLA JEAN MATTERN, b. July 16, 1958.
14. iii. SHARON KAY MATTERN, b. February 15, 1960, Harris CO..

10. G A8 KEARNEY (ENA OREN7 BROOKS, JAMES CLEVELAND6, DOW PERRY5, TERRELL4, SIMON3, JAMES2, JOHN1)3 was born August 22, 1937 in Parker Co. , Tx. He married LAVON I. EUBANKS February 04, 1962 in Crosby, Harris Co., Tx.

Notes for G A KEARNEY:
George Albert Kearney Jr. (G.A.) served in the U.S. Air Force from June 1955 until March 1959. His M.O.S was 30153b. Airborne Electronic Countermeasures Technician. Attained grade of A2c.TDY 90 days to Guam. Support. Basic at Lackland AFB San Antonio TX., Tech School Biloxi Mississippi, and PDS Dyess AFB. Abilene Texas Strategic Air Command. 341st Bomb Wing, 341st A&E Squadron.

Children of G KEARNEY and LAVON EUBANKS are:
15. i. SUSAN ALLISON9 KEARNEY, b. January 01, 1963, Dallas Texas; d. December 01, 1990, Dallas Co.,Tx.
ii. JONATHAN SCOTT KEARNEY4, b. April 29, 1965, Dallas Co.,Tx; d. January 21, 1989, Dallas Co.,Tx; m. .
16. iii. JANICE KAY KEARNEY, b. August 27, 1968, Dallas Co.,Tx.

11. CAROLYN ANN8 BROOKS (FOY ORAN7, JAMES CLEVELAND6, DOW PERRY5, TERRELL4, SIMON3, JAMES2, JOHN1) was born October 26, 1942 in Dallas Co.,Tx. She married KENNETH EARL GREEN February 12, 1961 in Terrell Texas.

i. SHANNON LANESE9 GREEN, b. May 16, 1965, Terrell Texas.

12. DAVID GRAHAM8 BROOKS (FOY ORAN7, JAMES CLEVELAND6, DOW PERRY5, TERRELL4, SIMON3, JAMES2, JOHN1) was born August 29, 1945 in Terrell Texas. He married (1) RUTH EDWARDS 1969 in Terrell Texas. He married (2) CATHY LADYMON 1979.

Children of DAVID BROOKS and RUTH EDWARDS are:
17. i. MELISSA LYNN9 BROOKS, b. 1970, Terrell Texas.
18. ii. MARCIE LEE BROOKS, b. 1972, Terrell Texas.

13. LISA LYNN8 BROOKS (FOY ORAN7, JAMES CLEVELAND6, DOW PERRY5, TERRELL4, SIMON3, JAMES2, JOHN1) was born May 12, 1959 in Terrell Texas. She married RUBIN DELLLANO.

i. LORA9 DELLLANO, b. November 11, 1990.
ii. SARA DELLLANO, b. February 14, 1993.

Generation No. 9

14. SHARON KAY9 MATTERN (MARY ANN ELIZABETH8 KEARNEY, ENA OREN7 BROOKS, JAMES CLEVELAND6, DOW PERRY5, TERRELL4, SIMON3, JAMES2, JOHN1) was born February 15, 1960 in Harris CO.. She married MICHAEL ODOM August 04, 1984 in Dallas, co..

i. HEATHERMICHELLE10 ODOM, b. June 07, 1993.
ii. MITCHELL CLIFTON ODOM, b. April 25, 1997.

15. SUSAN ALLISON9 KEARNEY (G A8, ENA OREN7 BROOKS, JAMES CLEVELAND6, DOW PERRY5, TERRELL4, SIMON3, JAMES2, JOHN1)5 was born January 01, 1963 in Dallas Texas, and died December 01, 1990 in Dallas Co.,Tx. She married BILLY CURRIN December 21, 1979 in Mesquite Texas.

i. BILLY WAYNE10 CURRIN, b. June 18, 1980, Dallas Co. Texas.

Billy Made Sgt. on Dec. 1 2003

Military service: December 01, 2003, Made Sergeant Camp Pendleton

ii. JONATHAN MICHAEL CURRIN, b. June 24, 1982.
Notes : Married Austen Leslie Ray Nov.20, 2004; Divorced June 14, 2007
together had one daughter:
Reygen Lynette Currin, b. January 26, 2005.
iii. JOSHUA DAVID CURRIN, b. January 22, 1985.

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