DONNELLY marriages in Queensland, Australia between 1829 and 1929 :: Genealogy
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DONNELLY marriages in Queensland, Australia between 1829 and 1929

Journal by allycat

Dept Justice and Attorney General - Queensland Historical Indexes online

MARRIAGES between 1829 and 1929

Reg.No. Family Name Given Name Family Name Given Name
1854/BMA464 Donnelly Michael Moran Bridget
1859/C123 Donnelly Johanna O'Sullivan Florence
1866/C282 Donnelly Margaret Shea James
1867/C329 Donnelly Rose Anna Ready Michael
1867/C368 Donnelly John Hanley Anne Maria
1868/C204 Donnelly John O'Malley Mary
1868/C403 Heifferon Mary Donnelly Michael
1868/C479 McGladdery William Donnelly Annie
1869/C58 Bowden William Donnelly Clara
1871/C186 Donnelly Isabella Jane Shannon Patrick
1871/C281 Donnelly Isabella Denham Thomas
1871/C472 Donnelly Margaret Sherry Michael
1872/B3729 Donnelly Margaret Lergessner Ferdinand
1872/B3753 Donnelly Isabella Livingstone Duncan
1873/C489 Donnelly Bridget Armstrong Thomas
1873/C682 Dunne Margaret Donnelly Peter
1873/C859 Donnelly Ellen Kelsey JOhn Henry
1874/C365 Triston Hannah Donnelly Edward
1875/C736 Donnelly Kate Dowling William
1875/B4733 Donnelly Kate Smith William
1876/C646 Yaxley Mary Donnelly James
1877/C386 Imperiale Peter Donnelly Bridget
1877/C783 Donnelly Cecilia Casey Andrew
1879/C278 McCarthy John Donnelly Mary
1880/C169 Donnelly Daniel Casey Margaret
1880/C590 Donnelly Selina Bradfield William Henry Crew
1880/B6805 Donnelly Margaret Currie Thomas Patterson
1881/C185 Donnelly Mathew Cridland Elizabeth
1881/C1044 Roberts Robert Donnelly Sarah
1881/C1271 Donnelly Delia Wah Sam
1881/B7348 Callaghan Thomas Donnelly Ellen
1882/C1275 Donnelly Annie Williams Samuel Brown
1882/B7630 Donnelly John Lachatelle Louise
1883/C220 Donnelly Thomas O'Reilly Annie Maria
1884/C161 Liddell Catherine Matilda Donnelly Alleo
1884/C1062 Bryan Johannah Jane Donnelly Patrick
1884/B8760 Haines John Donnelly Mary
1884/B9063 Donnelly Edward Dillon Kate
1884/B9175 Donnelly Elizabeth Kelly Thomas
1885/C1157 Short Thomas Donnelly Maud Isabella
1885/C1724 Donnelly Catherine Aspinall Joseph
1885/B9448 Hughes Hugh Donnelly Susanna
1885/B10075 Holt Alfred Donnelly Annie
1886/C1610 Donnelly Norah Smith Edward Patrick Charles
1887/C346 Breecher Mary Donnelly Henry
1887/C934 Donnelly Isabella Kelly Patrick
1887/C1148 Donnelly Bridget Cockley Cornelius
1888/C319 Dillon Mary Donnelly Patrick Joseph
1888/C797 Donnelly May Winifred Smith John
1888/C1075 Murphy George Joseph Donnelly Elizabeth
1888/B12324 Donnelly Kate Carter Francis Henry
1889/C392 Donnelly Adelaide Margaret Bridgine Postill William
1889/C400 McNally Hugh Donnelly Dora
1889/B13015 Hogan Michael Donnelly Ann
1889/B13696 Donnelly Sarah Ann Miller James
1890/C339 Sutton Alfred Donnelly Helena Mary
1890/B14535 Clulow William John Donnelly Minnie
1891/C205 Smith Edward Donnelly Norah
1891/C244 Christensen Jens Christian Donnelly Catherine
1891/C1137 Donnelly Mary Bailey George
1891/C1428 Brown Edward William Donnelly Lillie
1892/C1199 Cowie George Donnelly Kate Madeline
1892/C1345 Cooke Margaret Donnelly John
1893/C802 Donnelly Isabella Sheehan Michael Thomas
1893/C1040 Brien George Donnelly Maria
1893/C1620 Lockyer James Donnelly Sarah
1894/C320 Donnelly Bernard Duguid Elizabeth Margaret
1894/C321 Donnelly Annie Selden Robert
1894/C393 McNamara James Donnelly Catherine
1894/C1431 Miller Harriett Donnelly John
1895/C882 Donnelly Edward Francis O'Neill Annie
1895/C1358 McGregor Ellen Donnelly Hugh
1895/C1602 Archer James Donnelly Emily
1896/C1596 Schneidewind Ferdinand Bernhardt Donnelly Isabella
1897/C433 Donnelly Edward Barnes Mary
1898/C945 Donnelly Mary Smith Sidney Gardner
1898/C1917 Willcock Frederick Donnelly Mary Ann
1898/C2191 Donnelly John O'Reilly Ellen
1898/B19125 Donnelly John Moran Jane
1898/B19338 Donnelly Mary Rippon William
1899/C1798 McCarthy John Joseph Donnelly Mary Frances
1899/C1987 Donnelly Maggie Ramsay William Richard
1900/C505 Donnelly May Marion Goff Victor Kellett
1900/C1540 Donnelly Annie McMullen John
1900/C1955 Flanagan John Donnelly Bridget
1901/C1727 Donnelly Margaret Agnes Mumford Harry
1901/C1994 Berry Andrew Donnelly Kate
1903/C1006 Donnelly Mary Ellen Lingard Henry Arthur
1904/B3619 Donnelly James Scanlan Margaret
1905/C433 Donnelly Michael Baxter Ada
1906/C354 Donnelly Elizabeth Margaret Kiernan Francis Thomas
1906/C536 Donnelly Thomas Purcell Louisa
1906/C1020 Donnelly Lavinia Sarah Horton Charles Edward
1906/B4977 Bushnell Herbert Baker Donnelly Eva Isabel
1907/C531 Donnelly David William Townson Elsie Harriet
1907/C1185 Donnelly Leonora White Walter
1908/C405 Donnelly John Herbert McManus Kathleen Josephine
1908/B6954 Donnelly Olive Mabel Harding Charles James
1909/C1878 Cairns Charles Herbert Donnelly Mary Jane
1909/B7651 Donnelly Michael Joseph Cronin Margaret
1910/C516 Geddes Robert Donnelly Annie Maria
1910/C1964 Dunworth Catherine Bridget Donnelly Arthur Patrick
1911/C32 Buckley Margaret Donnelly Patrick William
1911/B9740 Ahearn Alice Donnelly Hugh Joseph
1911/B9987 Kirkwood Annie Jane Donnelly Daniel
1912/C818 Power Elizabeth Donnelly Patrick
1912/C1706 Till Charles Richard Donnelly Catherine Gertrude
1912/C3632 Davis William Donnelly Maggie
1912/B11577 McLachlan Rosina Donnelly Arthur
1913/C555 Hyde John Joseph Donnelly Eva May
1913/C2297 Sherwin Thomas Donnelly Evelyn
1913/C3166 Farrelly Mary Rose Donnelly Thomas Joseph
1913/C4065 Ryan Florence Ethel Elizabeth Donnelly Thomas Daniel Francis
1913/B13725 Kassulke Anne Alvina Bertha Donnelly Thomas Francis
1914/C556 Massey Doris Hilda Donnelly Joseph
1914/C652 Donnelly Catherine Lemmon Arthur James
1914/C3717 Dunlop Mary May Donnelly Dominick Patrick
1914/C3767 Kennedy Daniel Herbert Donnelly Mary Winifred Josephine
1914/B14738 Buckley Ernest Donnelly Bridget
1914/B15702 Winton Mary Donnelly Arthur Geor
1915/C1256 Donnelly Sarah Geiger George Joseph
1915/C3772 Noonan John Joseph Donnelly Eva Teresa
1915/B17827 Donnelly Mary Scanlan Bernard Patrick
1916/C187 Donnelly Hugo Victor Lennon Ethel Mary
1916/C1969 Wootton Thomas Henry Donnelly Louisa
1916/B19369 Hung Florence Ethel Donnelly Daniel Joseph
1917/C1522 Donnelly Emily Geppert Jeremiah
1917/C2026 Donnelly Ivy Grace Linton Angus Macdonald
1917/C2101 Donovan John ,Donnelly Annie Josephine
1917/B20601 Costa Caroline Edith May Donnelly William Norman
1918/C961 Donnelly Annie Maud McLean Daniel Norman
1919/C1385 Lewis Cyril Donnelly Margaret
1919/C2023 Keller Hannah Sarah Adelaide Donnelly Francis Michael
1919/C2415 Donnelly Mary Agness Lena Olga Plumb George Henry
1919/C2597 Donnelly William Patrick Millman Winifred Sarah
1919/B22492 Donnelly Irene Isabel Alroe Leslie Gladstone
1919/B22920 Conroy Arthur Clive Donnelly Belinda Rose
1919/B22969 Crowe Ellen Cecelia Donnelly John Burton
1920/C914 Donnelly Ethel Mary Gleeson Edward
1920/C2294 Donnelly Thomas Frederick Heck Katherine Jane
1920/B24516 Donnelly Elizabeth Ann Lopez Ernest John
1920/B24562 Donnelly Lena McCarthy Martin
1920/B25399 McEwan William John Donnelly Ivy Mary
1920/B26610 Donnelly Margaret Schatz George Frederick
1921/C2709 Donnelly Catherine Elizabeth Baker Cecil Oliver Bruce
1921/C2927 Revill John George otherwise known as John George Donnelly Donnelly John George otherwise known as John George Revill
1921/C3392 Donnelly James McVeigh Skelton Sarah Ellen
1921/C3811 Geaney William John Donnelly Rose
1921/B27996 Donnelly Daniel Denis Hanley McGrath Bridget Theresa
1922/C1044 Carbery Harold Joseph Donnelly Blanche Catherine
1922/C2865 Donnelly John Joseph MacLeod Sarah may
1922/B30564 Donnelly John Francis Babbidge Katherine Mary
1923/C702 Donnelly Mark Vincent Krueger Gladys Veta
1923/C1628 Harris Kate Stowe Donnelly Hugh Thomas John
1924/C495 Whiley Mary Donnelly Alfred Thomas
1924/C1946 Donnelly William Cowan Myrtle Jean
1924/C3297 Smith Clifford Joseph Donnelly Helena Ellen
1924/B35556 Donnelly Aileen Margaret Brown Eileen Margaret
1925/C522 Curtin Hanora Bridget Donnelly Hubert Patrick
1925/C755 Donnelly Arthur Hamilton Jacobson Pansy Doreen
1925/C940 Donnelly Jessie Mary Nance McMahon Daniel
1925/C2682 Donnelly Edward George Smith Mabel Rosalind
1925/C3724 Wood Walter Lavish Sydney Donnelly Myra Clare Genevieve
1925/B36430 Donnelly Jessica Winifred Redman Walter
1926/C341 Donnelly Joseph Cook Zella Audrey Victoria
1926/B39426 Denman Florence Donnelly Edward
1926/B40944 Lovell Alfred William Donnelly Cicely Mary
1927/C275 Donnelly Oliver Daniel Geddes Janet Fraser
1927/C534 Donnelly Arthur John Atkin Catherine Marie
1927/C769 Donnelly Eileen Florence Rich John
1927/B890 Donnelly Margaret Lee Smeed Richard Alfred John
1927/C1463 May William Donnelly Catherine
1927/C3047 Donnelly Thomas Patrick Henry Watson Josephine Maud
1928/C861 Donnelly Rose Catherine Ann Farrell Thomas Lawrence
1928/C1449 Donnelly Robert Lewis Olive
1928/C2595 Donnelly James Joseph Reynolds Margret
1928/B2728 Bitossi Gagliano Donnelly Isabella Feahannah
1928/C3655 Suna Ruby Donnelly James Patrick
1928/B4147 Donnelly Bridget Corrigan Stanford Joseph Henry
1928/B4423 Jones Mina Annie Donnelly Herbert Thomas
1929/C1630 Donnelly Josephine Mary McKay Alexander
1929/C1979 Horsey Henry Edward Donnelly Adelaide Mavis
1929/B5935 Gibson Harold Patrick Donnelly Florence May
1929/B6502 Kennelly Mary Helena Donnelly James
1929/B6614 Cooper Monica Julia Donnelly Francis Patrick

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by Jenelle on 2008-08-16 21:56:15

I have a connection to Thomas Sherwin/Evelyn DONNELLY marriage. I've traced the SHERWIN side.
Can email me at

by sexelby on 2009-01-11 03:23:28

I have detailed information on this family connection. On the early death of Alice, Hugh Donnelly then married her sister Johanna who brought up Alice's son John (Jack) Donnelly. Both sisters, Hugh and the son Jack are buried together in the general cemetery at Ipswich.

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