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George Hildebrand ALINGTON + Eliza Ann WEBB + Winifred Beatrice DUMERGUE

Journal by ngairedith

born Candlesby, Lincolnshire, England, 1 of 11 children (6th of 8 sons) of:
* Rev John ALINGTON (1801-1883) & Charlotte Sophia BELLINGHAM (1802-1898)

George's paternal grandparents were:
* Marmaduke ALINGTON (1776-1840) & Ann EMERIS of Hertfordshire

George's maternal grandparents were:
* Sir Alan BELLINGHAM Bart (1776-1827) & Elizabeth WALLS of Lincolnshire
read also The Bellingham family of Castle Bellingham, county Louth (pdf)

George's siblings were:
* 1836 - 1888 Rev Alan Marmaduke Alington
- Rector Of Benniworth, Lincolnshire
- married Katharina Paulina ATWOOD (1834-1912) in 1866, daughter of Rev Francis Thomas Atwoood, Vicar of Grimsby, Liuncolnshire
* 1837 - 1928 Rev Henry Giles Alington
- married Jane Margaret BOOTH (1840-1910) in 1865, at least 2 sons became 'Very Rev' Alington
- next married Agneta Clara MORIER (1847-1931) in 1918, daughter of Vice Admiral William Robert Morier (1790-1864) & Frances Lee BEVAN (1819-1903)
* 1839 - 1879 Rev John Wynford Alington
- died of typhoid in South Afirca aged 40
* 1840 - 1915 Hester Frances Alington
- married Rev Nathaniel ROYDS (1836-1921) 1868 & had at least 11 children
- of note, Rev Nathaniel's first wife was Emily Alington (1835-1865), daughter of
Rev John Alington (1795-1863) & Eliza Frances Plumer (great read at that link... he was a famous eccentric whose erratic behaviour and bizarre preaching led to his suspension from holy orders, although apparently not from his removal from his benefice at Little Barford. After he was prevented from holding services in Letchworth church he began holding them in Letchworth Hall, where his antics between a broken-down piano and two musical boxes (which he played in turn for voluntaries) and in his pulpit (hollowed from a tree trunk) and the minstrels' gallery; his riding a four-wheeled hobby-horse in wild fury in the middle of the "congregation" and the drinking and dancing which followed the "sermon" - usually a paean in praise of free love - delivered in a leopard-skin fur gown; his open-handed hospitality and friendship with groups of eager gipsies and loafers of the neighbourhood, became legendary...)
* 1842 - 1938 William 'Herbert' Alington
- married Sophie Balfourine/Balfortue HARDY in Oamaru in 1893. Died in London
* 1846 - 1932 Charles Sydney Alington
- married Gertrude Emma TIPPING (1846-1922) in 1875 in Canterbury
* 1850-1905 George Hildebrand Alington
- subject of this journal

* 1851 - 1929 Gervase O'Brien Alington (painter/artist)
- married Mary Charlotte Swan LISTER (1854-1944) in London in 1887
- their son, Corporal Gervase 'Winford' Stovin Alington (1892-1918) of the 28th Battalion, 140th Brigade, 47th Division, London Regiment was killed in action 9 Nov 1918 at Flanders
* 1854 - 1917 Charlotte Maud Alington
- married Rev William Thomas BEATY-POWNALL (1845-1918) in 1891 in Lincolnshire
* 1857 - Rev Edward Hugh Alington
- married Margaret MacLAREN (1859-1938) in 1885 in Oxfordshire
* 1959 - 1938 Mary Dorothea Alington
- married Rev Richard Arthur WALLS (1855-1910)

George had an illegitimate daughter (aged 41)
* 1891 - 1963 Hilda Annie Webb
born 9 December 1891 under her mother's maiden name
her mother was Eliza Ann Webb (aged 27)
- although she had been married and divorced to William Winter, Eliza reverted to her maiden name for the birth. At her death (after remarrying to Frederick Kennard), her death record stated "Eliza Ann Kennard commonly known as Eliza Ann Winter"

Eliza Ann Webb (1864-1942)
born 22 June 1864 in Higher Porthpean, Cornwall, England, daughter of:
* Thomas WEBB (1835-) & Susan Best MARTIN (1833-1921)
- her mother arrived in NZ about 1880/81 (not yet known if father did)

Eliza's paternal grandparents were:
* Thomas WEBB (1801-1878) & Sarah SPEAR (1801-1872) of St Austell, Cornwall

Eliza's maternal grandparents were:
* Thomas MARTIN (1793-1865) & Joan Warrick WALKEY (1799-1881) of St Austell, Cornwall

Eliza's known siblings were: (possibly others)
* 1855 - 1888 Malvina Webb
- married George FARR in 1877, had 4 children, died Auckland aged 33
* 1860 - John Henry Hoskin Webb
- not found in New Zealand
* 1862 - 1934 Mary Ellen Martin Webb
- married James STONE(S) in 1877, had 12 children, buried Methven
* 1864 - 1942 Eliza Ann Webb
- subject of this journal

* 1867 - Melinda Webb
- not found in New Zealand
Susan Best Webb died in Christchurch 29 May 1921 aged 87, buried Plot 320, Block 29 Bromley

Eliza Ann Webb married (aged 17), to William John David WINTER (1848-1942) (aged 33) on 4 May 1882 at her mother's residence, Madras St., Christchurch
- born in London (birth date not verified), a son of David WINTER & Eliza EARL
Star, 9 May 1882 WINTER - WEBB May 4, at Madras street, North, by the Rev C. Fraser, William Winter, to Eliza Ann, youngest daughter of Mrs Webb, both of Christchurch
ELIZA & WILLIAM had 5 children:
* 1883 - 1943 Cyril John Martin Winter (Tailor)
- Cyril married Amy Charlotte EVERETT (1887-1949) in 1913
- they live 6 Hendon St., St Albans, Christchurch & buried Karori, Wellington
* 1884 - 1887 Edith Annie Winter
- Edith died 27 August 1887 aged 3
* 1885 - 1964 James Reginald Winter
- James married Irene ANKINS in 1915
* 1886 - 1965 Vina Isabella Winter
- Vina married William Thomas HOBBS (1888-1966) in 1912
- they are buried Plot 4, Block AN33 at Waimairi cemetery, Christchurch
* 1887 - 1927 Percy Edward Winter
- born 18 August 1887 (9 days before the death of sister Edith)
- spouse not found
- died 5 Oct 1927 aged 40, buried Plot 43, Block 24 Eastern cemetery, Invercargill
WILLIAM WINTER deserted his family c1887-1889
Akaroa Mail and Banks Peninsula Advertiser, 27 February 1883
At Dunedin to-day, William Winter was committed for trial for embezzling moneys belonging to the New Zealand Insurance Company. It is stated the defalcations amount to L600.
Akaroa Mail and Banks Peninsula Advertiser, 23 September 1887
NEGLECTING TO MAINTAIN FAMILY The case adjourned at the last sitting of the Resident Magistrate against William Winter, for neglecting to provide for his family, was called on. Mr Potts, for complainant said as the Resident magistrate was not sitting, the case might be withdrawn. The Bench, however, said that as it was a matter for the Resident magistrate to decide, it would be better to adjourn it to his next sitting, and it was adjourned accordingly

Eliza (as Webb, aged 26) had a son:
* 1890 - 1916 Horace Clement Wilfred Webb
born 31 July 1890
- Horace Webb, served in WWI as Private 6/1753. Horace was Killed in Action, at Somme, France on 9 July 1916, 3 weeks from his 26th birthday. He enlisted from Whangarei, listing his mother Mrs E. Webb, East Belt, Christchurch as next of kin

Eliza (as Winter, aged 27) applied for a divorce 15 September 1891
(3 months before the birth of daughter Hilda Annie)
Press, 19 September 1891
Under the Divorce aud Matrimonial Causes Act 1867 and the Acts amending the same.
Between ELIZA ANN WINTER of Methven in the said district and WILLIAM WINTER formerly of Akaroa in the said district laborer
To WILLIAM WINTER formerly of Akaroa in New Zealand laborer but whose present address is unknown.
TAKE NOTICE that a citation bearing date the fifteenth day of September 1891 has issued under seal of this Honorable Court at the instance of your wife Eliza Ann Winter of Methven in the said district citing you to appear in the said Court there to answer her petition filed in the said Court praying for a dissolution of her said marriage with you on the grounds of your adultery and cruelty towards your said wife and your desertion of her without reasonable excuse for the period of two years and upwards and that such citation contains an intimation that in default of your so doing the said Court will proceed to hear the said charges proved in due course of law and to pronounce sentence therein your absence notwithstanding and further take notice that by an order of this Honorable Court made herein on the third day or September 1891 personal service of the said citation upon you was dispensed with and substituted service allowed in lieu thereof upon James Lambert of St. Albans near Christchurch market gardener and that the time for your entering an appearance to the said citation was limited by the said order to three months after such substituted service on the said James Lambert which substituted service was effected on the fifteenth day of September 1891.
Dated the sixteenth day of September 1891
Registrar of the Supreme Court of New Zealand at Christchurch.
Solicitor for the Petitioner,
144 Worcester Street, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Eliza (as Webb, aged 27) had a daughter:
* 1891 - 1963 Hilda Annie Webb (father now found, George Hildebrand Alington)
- born 9 December 1891
Eliza signed over her claim on her daughter Hilda Annie Webb, for twenty pounds, on 21 Dec 1892 (when Hilda was 12 months old). George Hildebrand Alington then adopted out Hilda, on 14 Nov 1893, to Captain George COLEMAN (1832-1903) & his wife Amelia Mary (1844-1912 nee KNEVITT) when Hilda was 23 months old (also see notes at end)
The document reads (see the original document at above link):
Methven, Canterbury, November 24th 1893
I, George Hildebrand Alington of Methven, hereby agree that in consideration of Mrs George Coleman adopting as her own my girl child twenty-three months old, I give up forever all claim to the said child and guarantee that I will do all in my power to prevent the mother of the child knowing where the child is or annoying the child or Mrs Coleman in any way or claiming the child - the said mother having given up all claim to the said child for the sum of (?20) Twenty Pounds.
Signed by the said George Hildebrand Alington [his signature], In the presence of John Holland, Clerk in Holy Orders

- At time of adoption George Coleman was aged 61 & Amelia was 49 -
Hilda was then named Eileen Winter Coleman. She married in 1931 to Frederick McCREANOR (1895-1939). Frederick died 31 January 1939 aged 44. Eileen died 25 July 1963 in Fendalton, Christchurch aged 72. They are buried at Burwood cemetery, Christchurch
NOTE research required re her new name (why middle name Winter?)

Eliza (as Webb, aged 31) had a son:
* 1895 - 1980 Berty Alfred Forster Webb (father's name possibly FORSTER)
born 21 January 1895, he may have been adopted
- hope to get feedback on this through readers ...
UPDATE 28-5-14
Berty Alfred FORSTER (born 21 Jan 1895) died 23 Jan 1980 aged 85 & is buried Area L, Lot 179, RSA area at Otahuhu, Auckland. His headstone reads "10581 Dvr B.A. Forster, Field Artillery, died 23.1.1980, aged 86 yrs, 1st N.Z.E.F." His next of kin was listed as Mrs E. Forster (mother) of Nelson Crescent, Napier South. This then is probably the name of his father.
Berty was a Tailor. He married Violet May RUSSELL (1896-1975) on 15 March 1920. Daughter of Randolph Henry RUSSELL (1869-1953) & Emma Jane STREETER (1872-1963) of 13 Shamrock St., Napier, buried Wharerangi.
Violet May Forster died 4 Nov 1975 aged 79 and was cremated at Purewa. Her ashes were returned

Eliza (as Winter, aged 34) next married Frederick KENNARD (1858-1908) on 28 Nov 1898. Frederick was a Carpenter. Frederick died 20 March 1908 aged 49 and is buried Plot 152, Block 25 at Linwood cemetery
Eliza Kennard died 14 October 1942 aged 77 at son James Reginald Winter's home, 583 Madras St., (St Albans) Christchurch and her ashes scattered at Bromley rose gardens

GEORGE HILDEBRAND ALINGTON married 12 April 1893, to:
Press, 15 May 1893 ALINGTON - DUMERGUE - On April 12th, at Avonside Church, by the Rev W. A. Pascoe, George Hildebrand, sixth son of the late Rev. John Alington of Candlesby, Lincolnshire, to Winifred Beatrice, eldest surviving daughter of C. W. Dumergue, Australia, and grand-daughter of the late F. H. Tipping of Ashley Bank, Waikuku
Winifred was a daughter of Charles Walter DUMERGUE & Annie Louisa TIPPING (1850-1877)
Press, 20 December 1869 DUMERGUE-TIPPING - December 16, at Woodend, by the Rev J. Stack, Charles Walter Dumergue, Esq., of Mirzapore, Cust Valley, eldest son of John Shore Dumergue, Esq., Bengal Civil Service (retired), of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, to Louisa, daughter of Francis Hall Tipping, of Ashley bank, Esq., late of Mulgeeth House, county Kildare, Ireland
of note that marriage announcement was also in the 'Cheltenham Looker-On, Gloucestershire, England 12 March 1870: MARRIED. December 16th, 1869, at Woodend, New Zealand, by the R J. Stack, Charles Walter Dumergue, Esq., of Mirzapore, Cust Valley (There was a ship named Mirzapore which took immigrants to Australia, where Charles's family settled)
- her paternal grandfather was John Shore Dumergue (1812-1884), Esq., of the Bengal Civil Service & Judge in India. Her maternal grandparents were Frances Hall TIPPING (1804-1875) & Anna Louisa McCLINTOCK (1814-1900)
- Winifred's mother died when she was 5
Press, 24 April 1877 DUMERGUE - On 21st April, Annie Louisa, wife of C. W. Dumergue, Esq., and daughter of the late Francis Hall Tipping, Esq., of Ashley Bank (late of Mulgeeth House, county Kildare, Ireland), aged 27 years
- Winifred's sister, Louisa Letitia Mabel Dumergue died aged 9 in 1879
NOTE of INTEREST Gertrude Emma (nee Tipping), the wife of George Hildebrand Alington's brother, Charles Sydney Alington, was a daughter of Frances Hall TIPPING & Anna Louisa McCLINTOCK

the 3 known children of GEORGE & WINIFRED
... 1
1894 - 1980 Winifred Louisa Alington
born 11 February 1894 in Christchurch, no spouse found
died 25 September 1980 aged 86
buried with father George at Methven

... 2
1895 - 1983 Hester Maud Alington
born 30 May 1895, no spouse found
died 28 May 1983 aged 2 days from 88

... 3
1896 - 1986 Edward Hugh Alington
born 25 June 1896
served in WWI as Sergeant 32418 with the New Zealand Rifle Brigade, Reinforcements G Company. He embarked from Wellington 13 Feb 1917. His next of kin was his mother at 426 Gloucester St, Christchurch
married Beatrice McCree Muir HAIR (1896-1982) 29 Feb 1928
their children were:
* 1929 - William 'Bill' Hildebrand Alington (born Birdwood Rd., Lower Hutt)
- a NZ Modernist architect, he married Margaret Hilda BROADHEAD (1920-2012), ONZM, Librarian/Historian/author, a daughter of Dr Henry Dan BROADHEAD (1890-1967) & Hilda Innes STEWART (1893-1974)
* 1933 - 1943 Robert Alington (died aged 9)
* 1942 - Patricia Ann Alington (adopted daughter)
- Edward built a home in Levin at some time
BEATRICE Alington was buried 17 Dec 1982 at Taita cemetery, Lower Hutt
EDWARD HUGH Alington died 4 September 1986 aged 90

George Hildebrand Alington died 30 Nov 1905
Star, 30 November 1905 Mr G. H. Alington, of Methven, died in the Ashburton Hospital this morning, aged fifty-five. He was for many years a resident of the Methven district, where he was highly esteemed. He was clerk to the Mount Hutt Road Board, and secretary to the Methven Saleyards Company. Mr Alington caught a chill last week, and was brought in to the hospital on Monday, and passed away early this morning.
Press, 1 December 1905 Mr G. H. Alington, clerk to the Mount Hutt Road Baord, died in the Ashburton Hospital yesterday morning, the cause of death being heart trouble following on rheumatism and pleurisy. The late Mr Alington, whose age was fifty-five years, had been in the colony for over twenty-five years, and during a long period resided at Methven
- he is buried Plot 11, Anglican area at Methven cemetery with daughter Winifred
Winifred Beatrice Alington died 6 April 1958 aged 85

In 1876 three Alington brothers, Charles Sydney (arrived in NZ 1863), William Herbert (arrived in NZ 1860), and George Hildebrand (arrived in NZ 1874) took up land in the Rakaia district, Talbot Trees farm on the Lavington Run, about 8 miles from Rakaia township. They were the sons of Rev. C. J. Alington, educated under celebrated Edward Thring at Uppingham School. In New Zealand they were interested in local affairs and sport; all were cricketers and William Herbert represented Canterbury against Otago 1869, was a member of the original Ashburton Road Board during 1864-79, in 1882 was a resident land owner. Drawings of Akaroa 1866, and other Canterbury scenes about 1870, are in Hocken

the National Library of New Zealand says:
... George Hildebrand Alington was in the Persian Gulf between 1869 and 1872, when he came out to New Zealand aboard the Crusader.
They have a watercolour on paper (176 x 253 mm) painted by George c1869-1872, entitled 'Boathouses at Jask and native boats crews houses'. Jask is a port town, about 1,050 miles (1,690 km) south of Tehran, situated on the Gulf of Oman. If you go to the link there are other art works by George

* George Hildebrand Alington's brothers who lived in New Zealand:
Charles Sydney Alington (1846-1932)
- Charles married Gertrude Emma TIPPING (1870-1910) in 1875
* Charles & Gertrude had 4 children:
* 1877 - 1975 Charlotte Mable Alington (at Mrs Grantham's, Christchurch)
* 1879 - 1941 John Sydney Alington (at Talbot Trees, South Rakaia)
John Sydney Alington, served in WWI as Private 64886 with the NZEF, 33rd Reinforcements Auckland Infantry Regiment, A Company. He embarked from Wellington 31 Dec 1917. His next of kin was his father at Seafield, Ashburton
* 1881 - 1974 Leopold Wynford Alington (at Talbor Trees, South Rakaia)
* 1883 - 1974 Richard Geoffrey (born at talbot Trees, South Rakaia)
* Charles & Gertrude had a grandson, Richard Geoffrey Alington (1915-1941), who married Catherine Ruby CLARIDGE in 1914 and served in WWII as Sergeant-Pilot NZ391335 with the Royal New Zealand Air Force, 99 Squadron, RAF. Richard was lost (aged 26) while under attack, 70 miles out from Malta

William Herbert Aldington (1842-1938)
Came to New Zealand on the 'Matoaka' in 1860 and farmed at Thorseby, Springton. In 1879 - 1880 he bought the farm of Broadlands, Burnham.
He farmed at Broadlands until c1886. He also worked at Rollitts flour mill, Ashburton and Lincoln College. He married Sophie Balfortue HARDY of Oamaru in 1893. At some point after this he returned to England and was employed at New Zealand House. He had no family.
Herbert's sketches of the Rakaia river bed done in 1893
Ashburton Guardian, 12 April 1898 HARDY - April 9, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs Herbert Alington, Wills Street, Anne Helen, widow of the late John Hardy, C.E., of Helensbrook, Otago

* George was in Methven in at least 1896
* In 1888 he was the Vice-President of the Ashburton County Hunt Club
* In 1899 he was an inspector of abattoirs in Ashburton

* Press, 28 April 1866 - George's great nephew
ALINGTON - February 13, at his residence, Boswell, Lincolnshire, England, Hildebrand Alington, Esq., son of the late Marmaduke Alington, of Swinhope house, in the same country

drawing by George in 1872 whilst on the Crusader, which sailed from London in October 1872 and arrived in Lyttelton in January 1873

On March 22 1898 at Halton, Lincolnshire, England, Charlotte Sophia, youngest surviving daughter of the late Sir Henry Bellingham bart, of Castle Bellingham, Ireland and widow of the late Rev John Alington, Rector of Candlesby and Croxby, Lincolshire. Aged 85. Mother of Herbert, Charles, and George Alington of this country

* There is an Alington street in Methven

* A little about the adoptive parents, George & Amelia Coleman:
Ashburton Guardian, 2 October 1903
COLEMAN ? On October 1st, at Christchurch, Captain George, dearly beloved husband of Amelia Mary Coleman. Aged 71 years. Deeply regretted.

Ashburton Guardian, 2 October 1903
We regret to have to chronicle the death of Captain George Coleman our respected fellow citizen, which occurred at Christchurch yesterday, at the age of 71.
In 1851, Captain Coleman arrived in Hobson?s Bay, Melbourne, as chief officer of the ship ?Glentheria? which was condemned by Lloyd?s surveyors.
For a period of five years he was at Bendigo, Jones?s Creek, and Avoca and Ferry Creek diggings, and during that time he amassed a considerable quantity of gold, all of which he spent again in Melbourne and Sydney.
In 1857 he shipped at Melbourne as chief officer in a vessel bound for Mauritius, and on arriving there left her to volunteer for service in the Indian Mutiny. He held several commands during the two years he was employed there. He then returned to Melbourne and married a granddaughter of Admiral Morris.
Captain Coleman subsequently owned a number of sailing ships which ran on the Australian coast, and occasionally came to New Zealand. Once on a voyage from New Zealand to Sydney his vessel was lost, though all the crew were saved. After that the deceased was employed by Captain Schubert, of the Exchange, Sydney, to launch the ?Sarah Barr,? which had been cast ashore high up on the sand at the mouth of the Manning River, New South Wales. In again launching this vessel he was successful and took her down to Sydney, where he was well paid for his work.
Following that he went to Melbourne and owned ships again, having purchased the ?Jane Spicer? from Mr Huddart. After two years he sold his vessels, and came to New Zealand, where he purchased the large mercantile business in East Street, Ashburton, of Captain McLean, Middleton, and McQuade. At one time, Captain Coleman stated that he knew very little of this particular line of business, and consequently eighteen months after purchasing sold out to Mr Andrew Orr, and went to live at Christchurch. There he remained for upwards of twenty-five years, travelling about a good deal, and entering into many speculations.
In 1899, he returned to Ashburton on account of his wife?s health. Captain Coleman was for a long time a member of the Christchurch and Ashburton Bowling Clubs. He was also a Justice of the Peace for Ashbuton District, and although not often seen on the Magisterial Bench, gave every satisfaction as a level headed citizen, when it was incumbent on him to mete out the ends of justice.
Mr Thomas (President), and Mr E. Manchester (Secretary) will represent the Ashburton Bowling Club at the funeral which takes place at Christchurch to-morrow, at 2.45 p.m.
The cause of death was a relapse of influenza, gout, and a kidney trouble. Mrs Coleman, and an adopted daughter, survive the deceased

Otago Daily Times, 5 October 1903
The death is announced of Captain Coleman, a well-known figure in Ashburton and Christchurch. Captain Coleman, who was 71 years of age, arrived in Hobson?s Bay in 1851 as chief officer of the Glentheria. After spending some time on the goldfields, he purchased a number of sailing vessels, but ultimately sold out and came to New Zealand, purchasing a mercantile business in Ashburton. He sold out in about 18 months time, and took up his residence in Christchurch until 1899, when, on account of his wife?s health, he returned to Ashburton. He was an enthusiastic member of the Christchurch and Ashburton Bowling Clubs.

Ashburton Guardian, 23 February 1912
News was received in Ashburton to-day that Mrs Amelia Coleman died in Christchurch this morning. The deceased lady was the widow of the late Captain George Coleman, and resided with him in Ashburton for a number of years. The iron fence around the Baring Square reserve was presented to the Borough by the late Captain Coleman

Press, 24 February 1912
COLEMAN ? On the 23rd instant, at ?The Ganges,? Bristol street, St. Albans, Amelia Mary Coleman, widow of the late Captain George Coleman; aged 67 years (Private interment)
- they are buried Plot 5, Block 14 at Linwood cemetery, Christchurch
the HEADSTONE READS (see above link)
In loving memory of
beloved husband of
Died October 1st 1903
aged 71 years
God giveth his beloved sleep

For now is life a lucid story
and death a rest in him
and all is bathed in light and glory
that once was dark or dim

Amelia Mary Knevitt (also Kneuitt) was born in London, a daughter of Thomas Lepard KNEVITT & Amelia MORRIS, (daughter of Captain Thomas Morris).
Amelia arrived in Australia with her family on the ?Roxburgh Castle? in Dec 1857 when she was 13. She married George Coleman in Victoria, Australia in 1864

see LAST WILL & TESTAMENT of Amelia Mary Coleman

JOTTINGS on looking for FORSTER
* An Alfred Berty Forster (note spelling of Berty) served for Australia in WWI as Sergeant 16 with the 48th Battalion. He was killed in action by a Whizz Bang (sniper) near the Hindeburg line at Bullecourt on 17 April 1917 aged ? (still looking), 5'7", fair hair, blue eyes, fair compexion, stoutly built

* A Florence May WEBB (1904-1968) married Eric Curt Maurice FORSTER (1904-1969) in 1929
she was a daughter of Henry James WEBB & Mary Ann REECE
his birth not found in NZ

* An Eric Bertie Forster (1893-1971) was born 3 February 1893 to:
John & Mary Matilda FORSTER who had 10 children in NZ 1883-1907 but of note, the only child born in the gap 1890-1899 was Eric and he is registered as being born 1942. Eric married Mary Maude JENSEN (1897-1978) in 1917. Daughter of Jens Peter JENSEN & Edith Annie PARKER of the Manawatu

* A Wilfred John Forster (born in Australia) served in WWI as Rifleman 14091 with the NZRB, 5th Reinforcements 3rd Battalion, G Company. He embarked from Wellington 26 June 1916 listing his next of kin as his wife, Florence Forster, Breeze's Road, New Brighton, Christchurch

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