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DRAKE marriages (males) 1891-1920 Victoria Australia

Journal by tonkin

DRAKE marriages (males) 1891-1920 Victoria Australia.

DRAKE (males)

William Francis
Married: Christina Hannah WHITE 1891.
Seven Issues located.
1. Stanley Francis, born 1892, Bellarine, Victoria.
2. Gordon Edgar, born 1894, Bellarine, Victoria.
3. Austin John, born 1896 Bellarine, Victoria.
4. Sydney Joseph, born 1896, Bellarine, Victoria.
5. Arthur William, born 1897, Bellarine, Victoria.
6. Greta Christina, born 1901, Bellarine, Victoria.
7. Vernon Aubrey, born 1905, Bellarine, Victoria.

Frederick David
Married: Mary Elizabeth FALVEY 1893.
Three Issues located.
1. Frederick Falvey, born 1894, Camberwell, Victoria.
2. Kathleen Winifred, born 1895, Camberwell, Victoria.
3. Constance Mary, born 1908, Hawthorn, Victoria.

John Robert
Married: Ellen ROBERTS 1893.
Seven Issues located.
1. Ruth Frances, born 1894, Northcote, Victoria.
2. Edwin John Roberts, born 1898, Kew, Victoria.
3. Reginald Roberts, born 1903, Kew, Victoria.
4. Francis Roberts, born 1907, Balwyn, Victoria.
5. Helen Margaret, born 1910, Balwyn, Victoria.
6. Lawrence Roberts, born 1911, Balwyn, Victoria.
7. Gwen Joy, born 1914, Balwyn, Victoria.

Arthur Mammett
Married: Ellen Catherine CAIN 1894.
Nine Issues located.
1. Edith Annie, born 1896, Jumbunna, Victoria.
2. John Frederick, born 1898, Jumbunna, Victoria.
3. Arthur Francis, born 1901, Jumbunna, Victoria.
4. Jessie Ellen, born 1904, Jumbunna, Victoria.
5. Margaret Emily, born 1906, Jumbunna, Victoria.
6. Florence May, born 1909, Foster, Victoria.
7. William Edward Laurence, born 1910, Foster, Victoria.
8. Allen Geoffrey, born 1912, Foster, Victoria.
9. Ivy Maud, born 1914, Foster, Victoria.

Robert Charles
Married: Sarah Elizabeth PITT 1894.
No Issues located.

Benjamin Walter
Married: Margaret KLEMPTZ 1898.
No Issues located.

Francis John
Married: Alice Maud ATCHISON 1898.
Two Issues located.
1. Lester, born 1905, St Kilda, Victoria.
2. Nancy Eleanor, born 1909, Kew, Victoria.

Frederick Wheatley
Married: Ethel Mary MATHER 1898.
No Issues located.

Married: Margaret Elsie LITTLE 1898.
Two Issues located.
1. Lawrence Joseph, born 1899, Warragul, Victoria.
2. Dorothy Hazel, born 1902, Warragul, Victoria.

Edward Patrick
Married: Mary BURNS 1899.
Six Issues located.
1. John Felix, born 1900, Fosterville, Victoria.
2. Mary Cletus, born 1902, Axedale, Victoria.
3. Jane Margaret, born 1904, Axedale, Victoria.
4. Edward Patrick, born 1907, Axedale, Victoria.
5. James Francis, born 1909, Bendigo, Victoria.
6. William Thomas, born 1912, Bendigo, Victoria.

Frederick Charles
Married: Alma Louisa ALLEN 1900.
Three Issues located.
1. Marjorie, born 1901, Warracknabeal, Victoria.
2. Dorothy Muriel, born 1903, Warracknabeal, Victoria.
3. Noel Douglas, born 1909, Warracknabeal, Victoria.

Married: Mary MACINTOSH 1901.
No Issues located.

Cabel Joseph
Married: Annie CARTER 1902.
Three Issues located.
1. Ellen Mona, born 1902, Flemington, Victoria.
2. Dorothy Ellen, born 1906, Essendon, Victoria.
3. Josephine Irene Mary, born 1908, Essendon, Victoria.

Edwin Lispree
Married: Elizabeth Emily SWALLOW 1903.
No Issues located.

George Arthur
Married: Elizabeth Gertrude MARTIN 1904.
Four Issues located.
1. Moira Veronica, born 1906, South Yarra, Victoria.
2. Creisia Gertrude, born 1908, Melbourne East, Victoria.
3. Kerin Bridget, born 1911, Melbourne East, Victoria.
4. Lorain, born 1915, Melbourne East, Victoria.

Married: Patricia LYNCH 1907.
No Issues located.

Married: Margaret Ann BOYLE 1908.
Four Issues located.
1. Stuart Reginald, born 1910, Warrnambool, Victoria.
2. Wilfred Hugh, born 1914, Warrnambool, Victoria.
3. Lyla Margaret, born 1917, Warrnambool, Victoria.
4. Lorna Jean, born 1919, Warrnambool, Victoria.

William Alexander
Married: Elizabeth Mary GEORGE 1908.
Five Issues located.
1. Violet Elizabeth Mary, born 1909, Melbourne South, Victoria.
2. William John, born 1911, Melbourne South, Victoria.
3. Phillis Louise, born 1913, Melbourne South, Victoria.
4. Grace Evelyn, born 1916, South Melbourne, Victoria.
5. Anorah, born 1920, South Melbourne, Victoria.

Albert Arthur
Married: Elizabeth KEEN 1909.
Three Issues located.
1. Thelma Elizabeth, born 1912, Hawthorn, Victoria.
2. Lorna Victoria, born 1920, Hawthotn, Victoria.
3. Ronald Arthur, born 1920, Hawthorn, Victoria.

... Lorna and Ronald were twins.

Frederick Athedstan
Married: Mona Isabel REID 1910.
Two Issues located.
1. Melba Rae, born 1910, Fitzroy South, Victoria.
2. Zerneen Isabel, born 1912, Armadale, Victoria.

John Achillies
Married: Florence May KELLY 1911.
One Issue located.
1. Henry David, born 1912, Melbourne South, Victoria.

Norman Avery
Married: Ada Blanche TRINNICK 1911.
Three Issues located.
1. Emma Ada Vivian, born 1912, Drysdale, Victoria.
2. John Henry Norman, born 1914, Drysdale, Victoria.
3. Edna Grace, born 1918, Lockwood, Victoria.

Married: Jessie Sophia DOWIE 1912.
Two Issues located.
1. Charles Jack Taylor, born 1912, Warrnambool, Victoria.
2. William John, born 1915, Allansford, Victoria.

Brockman Edmund Alfred
Married: Constance ANDREWS 1912.
No Issues located.

Married: Edith Myra Althea ABRAHAM 1912.
Four Issues located.
1. Vera Isabella Agnes, born 1913, Warrnambool, Victoria.
2. Ronald James, born 1915, Warrnambool, Victoria.
3. Lindsay Harold, born 1917, Warrnambool, Victoria.
4. Raymond George, born 1919, Warrnambool, Victoria.

Married: Caroline LEE 1913.
No Issues located.

Married: Jane Marion GLANSTONE-MAHANY 1913.
Two Issues located.
1. William Thomas, born 1913, Hotham West, Victoria.
2. Catherine Elizabeth, born 1916, Hotham West, Victoria.

Thomas Charles
Married: Hilda Miriam CAPPER 1914.
Four Issues located.
1. Arthur Charles, born 1914, Carlton, Victoria.
2. Phyllis Gwen, born 1916, Carlton, Victoria.
3. Eric James, born 1917, Fitzroy North, Victoria.
4. Thomas, born 1920, Fitzroy North, Victoria.

Ernest Brazailla
Married: Ivy Ann HUF 1915.
Two Issues located.
1. Raymond Edward, born 1915, Footscray, Victoria.
2. Gordon Francis, born 1918, Richmond, Victoria.

Christopher James Bernard
Married: Vera Jenny GRAY 1916.
Two Issues located.
1. Ronald James, born 1917, Fitzroy North, Victoria.
2. Lionel Bernard, born 1920, Fitzroy North, Victoria.

Francis Henry
Married: Sarah Jane REID 1916.
Two Issues located.
1. Elva May, born 1917, Warrnambool, Victoria.
2. William Henry, born 1920, Warrnambool, Victoria.

Gordon Eugene
Married: Grace Valere EDWARDS 1916.
Two Issues located.
1. Greta Joyce, born 1917, Leongatha, Victoria.
2. Sidney Francis, born 1918, Leongatha, Victoria.

Thomas Hugh
Married: Ivy Mildred NICHOLAS 1916
One Issue located.
1. Edgar Eric, born 1917, Warrnambool, Victoria.

Married: Mary Veronica LYNCH 1917.
Two Issues located.
1. Annie, born 1918, Warrnambool, Victoria.
2. Ronald William, born 1919, Warrnambool, Victoria.

Harry Joseph
Married: Emma Louisa Kate COOK 1918.
Two Issues located.
1. Clare Margaret, born 1919, Prahran, Victoria.
2. Jeffrey Ernest, born 1920, St Kilda, Victoria.

Arthur Joseph
Married: Ellen Joyce HUGHES 1920.
No Issues located.

Francis Henry
Married: Annie Rachel DICK 1920.
No Issues located.

John James
Married: Alice Jean DOWIE 1920.
No Issues located.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth and Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the DRAKE lines.

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