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Something strange had happened to TROVE, the main source for my research. I could only read articles one line at a time, needing to scroll down to the next line each time, and I could not correct the digitisation (about Langwarrin, John Cain's death in 1920 etc.) Such frustration had brought me to the conclusion that I was wasting my time. However, Eric Rundle (of Bulla and Balnarring) had been a loose end since I wrote my SHIRE OF FLINDERS journal, and I decided to have one last try before giving up my quest of 32 years to acknowledge our pioneers. It was not until I found a photo, with caption, of Eric Rundle (of "Glenara", Bulla) and Keith Campbell of "Willowbank" (north of Kenny St, Westmeadows, now the Alanbrae Estate), and could not view the photo and caption at the same time that I noticed that my mischievous cursor (completely without my permission) had changed the zoom in my search bar to 170%!

RUNDLE Herbt Eric, Birth
mother: Helena Jeans nee ANDERSON, father: Herbt Booth
place of birth:BRUNSWICK, 1916, 27239/1916

RUNDLE, Herbert Eric, Death
mother: Helena Jeana nee ANDERSON
father: RUNDLE Herbert Booth
places of birth and death: Melbourne, Parkville
66, 1983, 20825/1983

No Victorian BDM marriage record has been found.

Eric Raymond Rundle apparently came to Victoria from New South Wales and died interstate, as there is no Victorian BDM record of his birth, marriage or death. This Eric was living in Melbourne's eastern suburbs by 1936 when Herbert Eric Rundle made his name as a cyclist, winning the Colac road race while a resident of Essendon. Herb became a lawyer and later devised a constitution for the peak Australian cycling body at about the same time that Eric Raymond Rundle was settling at Balnarring and becoming a member of the Country Party for which he unsuccessfully contested the seat of Mornington.

It was in D.F.Cameron-Kennedy's THE OAKLAND HUNT, written in 1988 (the year I became a local historian) to celebrate the club's centenary, that I discovered that Eric (Herbert Eric) had become the Master but passed away before the history was written. (I visited his widow at Glenara as part of my research.)

Some Documentation of the above.

RUNDLE Eric Raymond 1946-54.
POSTSCRIPT 9-4-2020. Eric Raymond Rundle was not the owner of Glenara, although it seemed possible when I wrote the journal, because the Rundle family would not have occupied Glenara until after the majority of the property had been purchased for the jetport circa 1960 and as indicated by the acquisitions map (which should now be in the Hume Global Learning Centre library at Broadmeadows), not from the Rundles. If I remember correctly, A.Lord* had owned Glenara at that time.
POSTSCRIPT,16-11-2020. My memory was correct. See the first item in this article.

However if I had not theorised that Cr. Rundle had moved to Tullamarine, I would not now be adding this Postscript. Therefore I will not delete the speculation because theories are necessary to get anywhere in an investigation.

The owner of Glenara was Herbert Eric Rundle (not Rundie as in this obituary,found miraculously in a Google search for Eric Rundle, Glenara, despite the spelling mistake.

Herbert Eric Rundie
The Friends of the La Trobe Library note with great regret the death on 16 June, 1983, of Herbert Eric Rundie, who had served continuously as their honorary solicitor since the Friends' formation in 1966. He had drawn up the original constitution of the Friends and from time to time provided advice on its revision. He also generously and promptly helped the Committee in all of its legal problems. Eric Rundie was also the Honorary Legal Officer of the Royal Historical Society of Victoria and had served on its Council since 1962. One of his particular interests was the preservation of legal records.
Mr. Rundie was the owner of “Glenara” estate at Bulla, a district which owes much to his historical researches. But besides his professional and scholarly interests, he was a dashing and successful horseman. In the equestrian field his many offices included the Vice-Presidency of the Equestrian Federation of Australia and the Mastership of the Oak-lands Hunt Club. It was while leading the field that he suffered the injuries which led to his death.
The Friends extend their sympathy to Mr. Rundle's family and records with gratitude his many years of service.
THE LATROBE JOURNAL, No 32 December 1983

Eric Rundle owned "Glenara" of about 1030 acres at Melway 177 C-H 10-12 roughly. He was the Master of Hounds of the Oakland Hunt and died as a result of falling from a horse. His widow retained the property for about half a century after his death. See THE OAKLANDS HUNT by D.F.Cameron-Kennedy.

HUNTING.Oaklands Hounds.Among those riding were J Attwood, K Campbell, J Gallagher,D.Ryan,F Chapman M Macrae, L. Dowling, H.H.Daniel jun., G. Hutt, and Master E. Rundle. (P.12, Argus, 14-7-1932.) The Attwoods owned Dundonald at Melway 5 H1 but sold the southern 200 acres for the remount which is now Victoria Police property.Keith Campbell owned Willowbank, Melway 6 A5, which became the Alanbrae Estate on which I managed to get streets named after pioneers:Lavars, McKay, Chadwick, Johnson, Corrigan, Mitchell, Gilmore and a farm, "Chandos" between Bamford Ave and the creek. McRae would have been a descendant of Farquhar who organised the first run in 1888 and was probably in St Albans. The Daniel family of Narbonne (177 K4)was heavily involved in the hunt for ages and two of the men became Bulla Shire Secretaries. Gil Hutt also died prematurely as the result of a riding accident.

RUNDLE.-On tho 24th April 1934 at Jessie Mcpherson Community Hospital to Mr and Mrs Eric R Rundle-a daughter.

(P.1, Argus, 26-9-1934.) There is no proof yet of a link between the Eric of Glenara and Eric Raymond of Milton Park but for a long time there was no proof that Percy Hurren, storekeeper and postmaster at Moorooduc in 1950 was the farmer on Dalkeith at Tullamarine who attended his first Tullamarine Progress Association meeting in 1951.

MUTTON AND LAMB SUPPLIES ADEQUATE. LAMBS-THIS SEASON : E R Rundle Merricks 19/ (P.2, Argus, 20-8-1941.)
Hector Waldron's parents came to Balnarring in 1925 and bought "Milton Park" on the corner of Warawee Rd and Stanleys Rd.Many years later, Hector's father sold most of Milton Park to Mr Dane who grazed stud sheep on it and still later he sold the rest, containing the house and outbuildings, to Mr Eric* Rundle.
*Eric Raymond

LEGGATT, William Watt, Herbert st. Mornington, barrister (Lib).
MASLEN, Bertram James. Somerville,orchardist (Lab).
RUNDLE, Eric Raymond, Balnarring,farmer (CP).
Mr Kirton (CP) did not seek re-election.
(P.7, Argus, 25-10-1947, 148 STATE ELECTION CANDIDATES.)

Photos of Eric, Keith Campbell and Harry Daniel(1st), and Keith and Eric (2nd), at "Sherwood", (Melway 178 C6) in 1954.

N.B. As mentioned in my journal, both Eric and Gill Hutt died after falls from horses. The land near Tullamarine becomes rock-hard in the summer when falls, inevitable in hunting, would most likely result in death so other forms of recreation were enjoyed in the hotter months. Melbourne City councillor, Edward Campbell, bought Pier Cottage (c/a's 11 and 12, Rosebud, now occupied by the Banksia Point cafe/ apartment complex) and his family spent the summers there. The cottage was destroyed by fire* and replaced by the double storey dwelling which was demolished to make room for the complex.
The family spent much time fishing in the Peatey boat and there is a photo of Edward, young Keith etc. in the late Rosalind Peatey's PINE TREES AND BOX THORNS. Edward's daughter, Nancy, taught many children to swim near the Rosebud Jetty.

Eric was born at Brunswick and was fortunate that Alexander Sutherland had founded Carlton College not far away. Sutherland had been the owner of Heronswood at Dromana in between Professor Hearn and Judge Higgins. He suggested Piawola as the name for the mansion that Nelson Rudduck built just east of the Dromana Methodist Church. His VICTORIA AND ITS METROPOLIS:PAST AND PRESENT (1888) provides details about many of Victoria's pioneers. In 1904, the prize for Bookkeeping, Writing, and Dictation was won by Eric Rundle.
The HEALING was a popular brand of bicycle and sponsored the Healing Peninsula tour. The amended route for the race in 1935 may have been the course over which Eric raced in 1937.
The complete route will now be from Oakleigh to Dandenong. Frankston, Mornington, Somerville, Cranbourne, Tooradin,
Koo-wee-rup. Pakenham and returning on the Prince's Highway to the starting point.
Eric's fall near the end of the Healing tour in 1937 was by no meaning his last (which was from a hunter) or his first. It probably occurred between Dandenong and Oakleigh.
A few miles from the finish, Eric Rundle, who won the Colac to Melbourne race last year, was involved in a nasty smash. After being treated for abrasions to face and arms he was allowed to go home.

Colac Race Winner Hit By Car
Eric Rundle, 19-year-old law clerk, who won the 92-mile Colac-Melbourne on Saturday, was knocked from his bicycle by a motor-car today while he was riding to work. He was not seriously hurt.
Rundle was riding near the Haymarket* with Eddie Waterford (holder of the Adelaide- Melbourne cycling record) at the time of the collision. He sustained only minor abrasions, and although his machine was slightly damaged he was able to ride on to his office.
(P.1, The Herald, 26-10-1936.)

* The haymarket, replaced by the Dental Hospital, was bounded by Flemington Rd, Royal Pde and Grattan St (Melway 2B, B8.) It was a miracle to get around the roundabout without a major scare in the 1960's and the problem has only intensified.
'Roundabout of death' gets $100,000 to plan a safety upgrade …

One Win For Victoria
In the Australian road championships in Tasmania on Saturday, Webb won the senior title and Freeney the junior, but the greatest winner there was Victorian barrister Eric Rundle, who successfully presented to the ACAA a redrafted constitution.
Some delegates to this committee meeting were openly hostile at the projected constitution amendments and it looked as though Rundle wouldn't be permitted to table his draft.
However, after the initial tension. Rundle got his way, read the re-drafted constitution and eventually had all State delegates satisfied that, in this particular case, Victoria wasn't trying to "cook up" something to suit itself. Rundle's quiet, unassuming manner and obvious sincerity won the day. He was a good bike rider too, as he won the Colac in 1936. (P.16, Sporting Globe, 30-8-1950.)

The Equestrian Federation of Australia is delighted that, during the recent FEI (Federation Equestre Internationale) General Assembly in Tokyo, Michael Trenerry was appointed to the FEI's Finance Committee.
Mr Treneijy a past president of the EFA and currently its treasurer, is the first person to hold an FEI office since the late Eric Rundle was the Group VIII representative on the FEI Bureau.

He was obviously in Balnarring before 1946 when he was elected as a Flinders Shire councillor. In 1933 and 1934, his wife had given birth to two children in Melbourne's eastern suburbs but there are no Victorian BDM birth records to ascertain his wife's name.

By 1947, Cr Kirton, a Mornington Shire councillor and the sitting member for Mornington had decided to retire from parliament. He did everything in his power to help Eric to become his successor.

Cr Kirton* had been elected as a United Australia Party candidate in 1932 but retained the seat despite his defection to the Country Party in 1939. This was probably because of his personal popularity which became obvious to me a few years ago when I was helping the author of the Mornington Bowls Club centenary history with research. Eric would have been unknown to most of the electorate and another factor that may have contributed to his lack of success may have been the reduced proportion of electors making their living off the land.

*- Alfred James Kirton (14 April 1877 – 20 April 1960) was an Australian politician.
He was born in Ballarat to bookmaker Emanuel Kirton and Jane Milburn. He left school at the age of twelve to work for a draper, and from the age of fifteen worked in a Melbourne warehouse. Around 1901 he married Edith Augusta Pope, with whom he had two daughters; he would remarry in 1911, to Alice Emily Rouvray, with whom he had a further three children. He ran a bakery in Brunswick from 1913 until 1921, when he retired to Mornington. He served on Mornington Shire Council from 1926 to 1952 and was twice president (1927–28, 1947–48). In 1932 he was elected to the Victorian Legislative Assembly as the United Australia Party member for Mornington. He defected to the Country Party in 1939, and served until his retirement in 1947. His brother Joseph also served in the Assembly. Kirton died in Mornington in 1960.[1]

William Leggatt, who convincingly defeated Eric, had moved to Mornington in 1926 and was a hero of both world wars. Eric had no hope!

This information from the above* indicates that (despite no death notice for Eric Raymond being found) the bride and groom who married in 1889** were the parents of Eric Raymond Rundle who was born in Waverley, Sydney (where the bride was a resident. It is also likely that Eric Rundle, in the 1915 photo**** of those attending a tennis day at Government House, Darwin, in 1915 to raise funds for Red Cross was Eric Raymond who would have been about 25 years old at the time. Sydney H. Rundle, a pioneer of Beechworth, was his paternal grandfather, father of Henry(the bridegroom in 1889)and brother of Charles Rundle***, chemist of Wangaratta, or maybe his son (who has appeared previously in my research, possibly in connection with the Dromana area and so long ago that I had forgotten about it.)
* Eric Raymond Rundle
Birth 1890
Waverley, Waverley Council, New South Wales, Australia
Death 1995 (aged 104–105)
Victoria, Australia
Beechworth Cemetery
Beechworth, Indigo Shire, Victoria, Australia
Memorial ID 133246682 · View Source

RUNDLE—STEVENS.—On October 10th,at St. Mary's, Waverley, by the Rev.Robert McKeown, Henry Alfred George Rundle, of Port Darwin, to Mary Edney Stevens, of Waverley,Sydney. No cards.
(P.2, The North Australian and Northern Territory Gazette, 1-11-1889.)

EXTRACTS. brother of Mr. Sydney H: Rundle, of Beechworth.
Mr. Charles Alfred Bundle was a son of the late Henry Bundle, collector of Inland Revenue,Waterford, Ireland. He was born at Kilkenny, Ireland, in the year 1836, and was educated at Totterness for the position of chemist, and came out to this colony in 1857. He remained a few months in Melbourne, afterwards taking a position as assistant to Mr. W. Witt,chemist, of Beechworth.

(His wife and his son Arthur were also qualified chemists.


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