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Esslemont Martin

Article by kiwivivr

I am trying to find info on this lady who was my paternal grandmother. I believe there are several half siblings of my father's and am curious to whom they are and where they are.
Mostly though I want to find out about this woman who led such an interesting and radical life

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on 2012-07-21 21:46:54

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by ngairedith on 2012-07-21 22:44:10

what do you know about her so far ???

did she marry twice ??

by janilye on 2012-07-22 01:30:29

Esslemont was born in New Zealand in 1902 the daughter of Charles Alexander MARTIN b: 1877 NZ (son of Charles Alexander and Emily Sophia MARTIN) and Aimee/Amy HARE b: 1879 NZ. (daughter of Edward and Elizabeth HARE.) They were married in 1901.
Yes she did marry twice Thomas RIDDELL 1898-1940 in 1924 and Herbert Brook BLINCOE 1905-1966 in 1929.

by janilye on 2012-07-22 01:40:02

I think she divorced RIDDELL because he marriage to BLINCOE was in the name of MARTIN.
1924/1815 Esslemont Martin Thomas Riddell
1929/7597 Esslemont Martin Herbert Brook Blincoe

by kiwivivr on 2012-07-22 02:21:02

Wow that is awesome. yes this much I am aware of.
I believe Esslemont married at least one more time, (there was some talk of 3 more times)
She died in Australia in 1968 with surname Allen.

She may have gone to Australia after her marriage with Herbert Brook Blincoe.
There was one son to Herbert Blincoe, ( I have forgotten his name).

Thanks for the clarification of the marriage to Blincoe.
Is there a way to check divorce records? and or how many children were born to her?
(Who are my relatives? ) .

by ngairedith on 2012-07-22 02:32:51

first of all you have to tell us what you know about her 'interesing & radical life'

in 1919 she was in Auckland

by kiwivivr on 2012-07-22 02:44:03

ha ha well for any woman to have married quite so many times back in the 1920's and following I think is interesting and radical as she never had custody of either of her her two sons. Why not? So much a free spirit.
She was a singing and piano teacher. I believe one of the youngest woman in NZ to reach some level of qualifications for both of these. (Not sure what level it was ).
My Father tells me her time in the Waikato was too difficult for her with the restrictions of life in the 1920's for a farmers wife stuck out in the rural areas for such a sociable woman. (I can believe this). Why did she move to Gordonton? Teaching job maybe???
With respect to the link you posted abut the music exam, why do they list a persons marriage details that happened after the exam (why do they publish them anyway? The exam was in 1919 and her marriage was in 1924 and 1929

by ngairedith on 2012-07-22 02:50:59

HERBERT BROOK BLINCOE (1876-1904) married Sarah HULL in 1903
- they had a son Henry Brook Blincoe (1905-1966)

- in 1927 Herbert married Doreen May PETERS
- in 1929 Herbert married Esslemont MARTIN
and at sometime Herbert married a Joyce Marie ?

in Nov 1928 Doreen May Blincoe sated "I went away for a holiday and when I returned my husband had left the house and removed all the furniture" She was granted an order for restitution of conjugal rights against Herbert Brook Blincoe

31 May 1935 Herbert was granted a decree nisi on the grounds of his wife Esslemont having been gone for 3 years

Nov 1944 Herbert Brook Blincoe petitioned for a divorce from his wife Joyce Marie Blincoe after he found an American Serviceman with her. He got a decree nisi and the 3 children

by ngairedith on 2012-07-22 02:55:13

???????? THEY didn't post her marrige details, the research is mine and was written to show YOU where she was in which year and then when she got married etc etc so that you can 'follow & find'

by janilye on 2012-07-22 02:55:27

In that case ng I can't work out who the mother of this daughter is!
Auckland Star, Volume LXVIII, Issue 303, 22 December 1937
On December 22 at their residence Dignan Road, Point Chavalier.
To Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Blincoe a daughter. Both well. No visitors seven days.

by janilye on 2012-07-22 02:56:15

I think old H.B had a pretty colourful life too

by ngairedith on 2012-07-22 02:57:45

hi jan,

that would be Joyce's

by janilye on 2012-07-22 03:13:41

Australia Death Index, 1787-1985
about Esslemont Renee Allen
Name: Esslemont Renee Allen
Death Place: Box, Victoria
Age: 68
Father's Name: Chales Martin
Mother's name: Amy Hare
Registration Year: 1968
Registration Place: Victoria
Registration number: 29551

by kiwivivr on 2012-07-22 03:15:22

oh my word so Herbert Blincoe married several times.

so it seems that Esslemont did a runner about 1932. hmmm she want too good at the marriage thing. though Blincoe's track record wasn't that great either.

by kiwivivr on 2012-07-22 03:29:57

THEY didn't post her marrige details, the research is mine and was written to show YOU where she was in which year and then when she got married etc etc so that you can 'follow & find'

thanks Ngairedith.
you are much further on the track with this than me.
I am amazed and very grateful that you and janilye have both been responding.

May I ask who you are or have been researching?
I wonder if I can find the Blincoe family. I visited the Blincoes once about 10 years ago with my Father.

by ngairedith on 2012-07-22 03:33:13

the Rev James MARTIN (1821-) was born in Magheraknock, County Down, Ireland. He emigrated to Australia then New Zealand and back to Australia. They had a son Charles Alexander Martin (1853-1911) and he is probably the forefather of the above who may be the Australian connection ...

you will notice in that journal that they were in the Whangarei District.

?? There is a Henry Brook Blincoe living today in the Whangarei area

by kiwivivr on 2012-07-22 03:41:30

the Blincoes I visited were in Henderson and the man was apparently my fathers half brother (was a child of Esslemonts, I think). I cannot remember the name of the man. He has since died.

by janilye on 2012-07-22 03:53:10

I'd never heard of Esslemont till today and I don't think NG had either we're just giving you a hand.
Every little bit helps.
That death place for Esslemont is possibly Box Hill.
Can't find her on any electoral Roll. 4 women with Esslemont in their name in Victoria and none of them her.
Your father ended up with a lot more half syblings than he first thought

by ngairedith on 2012-07-22 03:59:06

so, was it Herbert Blincoe who was farming in Gordonton?? and Esslemont went to live there once married. OR, was she in Gordonton before she married ?

by kiwivivr on 2012-07-22 05:43:08

arrgh I thought I had written a reply to this but it doesn't show up?

Esslemont was living in Gordonton and was courted by Tom Riddell. Tom and Esslemont were married in 1924. they had one son named Edward Lex. Six months later Esslemont left. Tom Riddell was granted custody of Lex. (Lex is name most commonly used). Tom remarried in Gordonton and had four more children. There is lots of info on this part of the family, and I am sure I can get info on Gordonton farmers. and maybe check teachers of that time. I wonder if Esslemont was a teacher at the school.

Esslemont married Herbert Brook Blincoe in 1929 (ref blog above)
Esslemont left this marriage and "31 May 1935 Herbert was granted a decree nisi on the grounds of his wife Esslemont having been gone for 3 years"
They had had one son (I think his name was Don). Don was raised by his Grandparents.
Esselmont later married again in Australia a man called Keith Hamilton. Sometime later she married a fourth husband with surname Warry and then a fifth husband surname Allen. Esslemont died Esslemont Renee Allen in 1968
"Australia Death Index, 1787-1985
about Esslemont Renee Allen
Name: Esslemont Renee Allen
Death Place: Box, Victoria
Age: 68
Father's Name: Chales Martin
Mother's name: Amy Hare
Registration Year: 1968
Registration Place: Victoria
Registration number: 29551"

How many other children did Esslemont have? and where are they? And why did she leave them behind?? Stranger and stranger and more fun.
thanks for all your help thus far.

by ngairedith on 2012-07-22 06:22:18

excuse me for 'parking' this list of Waikato Farmers here :)
I have a personal interest in the folk of this area and it may help to have it here for handy reference to the above research

... the farmers in the Taupiri-Gordonton-Huntly-Cambridge-Hamilton area who appealed against going to war Feb 1918

ALLEN, A. lamp trimmer, Taupiri
ARCHER, Charles

BERRYMAN, George, miner, Taupiri
BIRD, Christopher, miner, Pukemiro
BLUCK, Walter, farmer, Te Kowhai
BOYD, David, farmer, Waingaro
BRAITHWAITE, H. miner, Pukemiro
BRIGHT, Leonard, railway clerk, Hamilton
BROMWICH, Frederick, labourer, Frankton
BUCHANAN, Edward, miner, Taupiri

CHESSON, A. C., 7th Day Adventist
COX, Thomas, miner, Taupiri
CUTHBERT, W. J., Eureka

DUFFY, David B., miner, Taupiri
DUNN, John, miner, Pukemiro

EDWARDS, Arthur, miner, Taupiri

FINLAY, Robert G., farmer, Miranda
FISHER, John, miner, Taupiri
FREW, William, miner, Taupiri

GIBBS, L. M., deck hand, Rangiriri
GILLIS, J., 7th Day Adventist

HALL, J., carrier, Gordonton
HEALEY, Francis, mine trucker, Taupiri
HILTON, C., miner, Huntly

KEEP, Frederick G., farmer, Rukuhia
KILLEN, J., farmer, Matangi

LADDLE, John, miner, Pukemiro
LAWRENCE, James Alfred, tailor?s cutter, Hamilton
LE BAILLIE, H. W., farmer, Onewhero
LEE, Donald, farmer, Rotokauri
LIVINGSTON, Frank, farmer, Rukuhia
LOFTHOUSE, William, mine carpenter, Taupiri

MASSOM, G., carter, Frankton
McLEAN, James, farmer, Tauwhare
MILLS, J., 7th Day Adventist
MORAN, Charles J., carpenter, Frankton
MOTHAM, G D T, mine clerk, Huntly

NAPPER, W. J., trucker, Taupiri
NEWALL, Claud W., farmer, Te Kowhai

PARKER, Arthur, mine roadman, Taupiri
PEARCE, Arthur W. G. T., Cambridge
PECKHAM, Bert, clipper, Taupiri
PETERS, James, mine carpenter, Huntly
POLLARD, William, farmer, Pukeroro
PRICE, Walter, mill hand, Cambridge

RIDDELL, Thomas, farm hand, Gordonton
RYAN, John, miner, Taupiri

SIMON, E., master baker, Cambridge
SMALLFIELD, Cecil R., stock drover, Frankton
SMITH, William B., baker, Cambridge
STEWART, Robert R., farmer, Te Kowhai
SWAN, W., orchadist, Te Kauwhata

THOMPSON, James, miner, Taupiri
TIMMS, Harry jnr, shiftman, Taupiri
TRASK, Sidney, labourer, Hamilton

WATT, G. M., farmer, Cambridge
WHITE, S., farmer, Taupiri
WILD, William George, ploughman, Whatawhata
WILSON, William, labourer, Frankton
WINTER, Frank .L, Salesman, Hamilton

ZIMMERMAN, Thomas Michael, farmer, Whangamarimo

by janilye on 2012-07-22 06:30:02

Hamilton! I didn't know that was another one of her names, That's 5.

In 1937 she is calling herself Esslemont Eve Hamilton living with Charles Keith Hamilton (a Chemist) at 15 Koornang Rd., Glenhuntly and she is a dress maker.
Australian Electoral Rolls, 1903-1980
about Esslemont Eve Hamilton Name: Esslemont Eve Hamilton
Gender: Female
Electoral Year: 1937
State: Victoria
District: Henty
Subdistrict: Glenhuntly

In 1949 She is calling herself Esslemont EVE Hamilton living at Cottles Bridge Hurstbridge and teaching music
The man living with her is Charles Keith Hamilton a chemist.

Australian Electoral Rolls, 1903-1980
about Esslemont Eve Hamilton
Name: Esslemont Eve Hamilton
Gender: Female
Electoral Year: 1949
State: Victoria
District: Deakin
Subdistrict: Hurstbridge

by ngairedith on 2012-07-22 06:37:38

OMG there is a book, just published on 22 April 2012, about Wooodlands Estate. It is an e book online. Esselmont & Tom & Lex are in it !!!
you won't believe the awesome photos and info of the area

the RIDDLES section starts on page 22 and Gordonton follows but I recommend you read the whole book -the link is WOODLANDS - A History

by janilye on 2012-07-22 06:41:24

at that 15 Koornang Road address in 1937 There is also an Annie Eliza Hamilton (home duties) maybe his daughter (or the ex didn't move out) nothing surprises me. She does not show with them in 1949. Oddly I cannot find Esselmont on any Roll between 1937 and 1949

by janilye on 2012-07-22 06:43:28

wow good find ng, take a bow

by ngairedith on 2012-07-22 07:05:28

at the back of the book in 'Acknowledgements' Lex Riddell is mentioned as a contributor who went the extra mile in gathering all the info for the book

there is a yet unpublished book on Thomas Riddell (ex husband of Esselmont

Thomas had 340 acres of the estate. He married a "Local Girl" Esselmont Martin and they had a son Edward Lex in 1925. Esselmont left 15 months later and Thomas remarried to Olive Morgan in 1931 and they had a son, Arthur James Riddell. These 2 sons, Lex and Arthur took over part of the farm after Thomas's early death in 1940
The book is under copyright so I will leave it for you to read the rest

by kiwivivr on 2012-07-23 07:33:09

yes the reason Thomas Riddell appealed going to war in 1918 was: the 2nd eldest Riddell son - John had been killed in Gallipoli, William had been buried alive for 20 minutes and survived but suffered effects of this for the rest of his life (was awarded the Military Cross for Bravery) the eldest son James was wounded in France and their future son in law Sam was badly injured ( also suffered effects for the rest of his life). Thomas was a key person in the running of the farm. Thomas's parents were broken hearted at the thought of losing a son from the farm and "it is said then made it a matter of prayer. Just a few days before Thomas was due to go into camp he was finishing off some ploughing when he had an accident with the plough and badly injured his leg which meant he missed that echelon. God moves in mysterious ways his wonders to perform. By the time he had recovered the war came to an end." Excerpt from the Thomas Riddell story by Lex Ridell page 2

by kiwivivr on 2012-07-23 08:13:36

Thank you for the info. Yes my Father - Lex has a wealth of knowledge about the Riddell's and the farming life in Gordonton.
he has spent hours and hours researching, though not so much on his mothers side (Esslemomnt)and hence my interest.
Dad gave each of his children a copy of the book The Thomas Riddell Story.

I will check about the dressmaking occupation of Esslemont Hamilton, and a new name, this seems strange!, but then her life was not the most normal.

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