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Farquhar Gray, Masterton & Taratahi, from 1865

Journal by ngairedith

NOTE Most of the Timeline information was taken from newspapers of the day. Anything in italics is my additions

FARQUHAR GRAY (1838-1894) was born at Knockbain, Highland, Scotland 10 Dec 1838, a son of Farquhar Gray (1791-1851) & Ann MacRae (1809-1861)
* his known siblings: Alexander (at least) also came to NZ
1834 - John Gray
1836 - 1880 Alexander gray
1838 - Farquhar Gray
1841 - George Gray
1844 - Duncan Gray

JAMESINA 'Jemima' ROSS (1837-1905) was born 20 May 1837 at Cromarty, Scotland, a daughter of James & Grace Ross
* Farquhar & Jemima married 25 Jan 1865 in Rosskeen, Ross and Cromarty, Scotland. Later that year they arrived in Wellington. Their children were:
* 1868 - 1948 Jamesina Gray
* 1870 - 1951 Roderick 'Rod' Gray
* 1873 - 1952 Farquhar Gray
* 1874 - 1972 Caroline Gray
* 1876 - 1959 Annabella Gray
* 1878 - 1932 Georgina Gray
* 1879 - 1951 Alexander Gray
* 1882 - 1974 John Gray

Wellington Independent, 2 Jan 1866
THE MASTERTON POUND - A Pound recently erected on the premises of Mr Farquhar Gray, at Masterton in the Wairarapa, is officially proclaimed to be the public pound of the district and Mr Gray nominated keeper thereof.

Wairarapa Standard, 18 Nov 1867
IMPOUNDED in the Public Pound at Masterton on the 30th October 1867, by Te Koeti and Wata of Masterton, for trespass on their land at Poterau, Wairarapa - One dark brown horse, white star on forehead, branded C with stroke in centre on off shoulder, owner unknown. Unless previously redeemed or replevied, will be sold on the 22nd November 1867, in accordance with the Impounding Act. F. GRAY, Poundkeeper

Wairarapa Standard, 9 Dec 1867
The following names are on the list for forming the Tramway Provisional Committee:-
WAIRARAPA .. Farquhar Gray

Birth of 1st child
1 April 1868
Jamesina Gray

Birth of 2nd child
22 Oct 1870
Roderick Gray
Wairarapa Standard, 26 Oct 1870
GRAY - At Masterton, on 22 inst., the wife of Farquhar Gray, of a son and heir.
(unusual that the first son and heir, Rod, was not given his father's name of Farquhar. This was bestowed on the next son)

Wairarapa Standard, 1 June 1872
We, the Undersigned Blacksmiths of Wairarapa, have been compelled to raise the prices of our work, in consequence of the great advance in the price of iron &c., in our trade ..
Hack Horses 8s, Shoes with heels 9s, Heels & toes 10s and all Iron Work in proportion. W. Greathead, F. Gray, G. Dixon, R. Bright, R. Greathead, W. Cundy, J. Sheen. Blacksmiths, Wairarapa

Wairarapa Standard, 13 July 1872
H. Bannister, R. Blade, H. Bentley (Collector), F. Gray, R. Hare, J. McGregor, W. Perry, A. W. Renall (Chairman), R. Williams (Treasurer)

Birth of 3rd child
12 April 1873
Farquhar Gray

Birth of 4th child
12 October 1874
Caroline Gray

Wairarapa Standard, 4 Nov 1875
MASTERTON HIGHWAY BOARD. Present - Messrs Beetham, Vallance, Buchanan, Dorset and Alpass. Mr Beetham in the chair.
The following payments were made .. F. Gray, ironwork for bridge £2 17s

Wairarapa Standard, 12 Feb 1876
OPAKI RACE MEETING to be held at Opaki on Wednesday and Thursday, 1st and 2nd March.
JUDGE: R. Welch
STARTERS: J. Dorset and R. Campbell
STEWARDS: J. Poad, F. Gray, S. Chamberlain, J. Nichol, A. W. Cave, G. Dixon, T. Tankersley and R. G. Williams (Secretary and Treasurer)

Birth of 5th child
14 August 1876
Annabella Gray

NZ Mail, 9 Dec 1876
The following particulars of a severe storm which occurred on Thursday last at the Wairarapa, are supplied by Mr R. Welch to one of the Wairarapa papers:- On Thursday the lightning struck a flax bush on his land, tearing the leaves into shreds and killing five sheep and two rabbits which were under it. A mare, the property of Mr F. Gray, which was two chains away, was also killed. The flax was torn into shreds and some may be seen at this office. large holes were found in the ground. One of these looks as if the lightning had gone in and out again. yesterday the lightning appears to have struck a tree near Masterton.

Wairarapa Daily Times, 24 July 1877
OPAKI JOCKEY CLUB. A well attended meeting of the above took place at the Empire Hotel on Saturday evening last, 21st inst. Mr F. Gray in the chair,

Birth of 6th child
18 March 1878
Georgina Gray

Wairarapa Daily Times, 3 Aug 1878
The building trade is in a greater state of activity than ever, building of all descriptions springing up in all directions. Mr F. Gray is putting up a couple of shops on his property in Bridge-street, immediately adjoining the Club Hotel.
NOTE First known as Main street. Later Bridge Street. Later Queen Street
NOTE OF INTEREST Just outside the main entrance of The Club Hotel in 1895, Andrew Somerville, shot Arthur Herbert 3 times (within sight of two constables), making it Masterton's 1st murder

Wairarapa Standard, 20 Aug 1878
TO BUILDERS - Tenders will be received up to 7 o'clock on Saturday 21st inst., for the erection of one or more cottages in Church-street, Masterton, for Mr F. Gray, Bridge-street, Masterton, where plans may be seen. James Russell, Architect

Wairarapa Standard, 10 Sep 1878
BOROUGH OF MASTERTON. A poll for the election of three Councillors, will take place in the Town Hall, Masterton, on Thursday next, the 12th inst., between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. The following are the Candidates nominated - Henry Bentley, Samuel Edward Gapper, Farquhar Gray, Alfred William Renall, Charles Wilton

Evening Post, 14 Sep 1878
The result of the MASTERTON MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS yesterday was as follows:- Messrs F. Gray, A. W. Renall and S. E. Gapper, were returned out of five candidates. Messrs H. Bentley and C. Wilton were the unsuccessful ones

Wairarapa Standard, 22 Jan 1879
IMPORTANT NOTICE - F. GRAY, in returning thanks to his numerous customers for past favors, begs to inform the public generally that having now in stock a large quantity of the very best timbers suitable for Coachbuilding and Wheelwright purposes, he is prepared to receive and execute all orders entrusted to him and will guarantee both style and finish to equal that turned out in any part of the Province. Repairs to all kinds of Vehicles, including trimming and painting, shall receive immediate attention and be performed with neatness and dispatch. F. GRAY, Blacksmith, Coachbuilder, Wheelwright &c., Masterton

Wairarapa Standard, 9 June 1879
TEMPORARY PREMISES. Fronting Mr F. Gray's Blacksmith's Shop and adjoining Council Chambers, WATSON & WINTERINGHAM, Saddlers and Harness-Makers. "Nothing like Leather! Pigskin for ever" - Old Ballad
* In Oct 1879 they made it their permanent premises

Wairarapa Standard, 12 June 1879
At a meeting of the creditors of Mr T. Tankersley held on Tuesday, an offer of ten shillings in the £ was made. Messrs F. Gray and J. Wrigley were appointed to report on the estate, the meeting being adjourned till Friday for that purpose.
* Thomas William Tankersley (1816-1876), arrived on the Tory in Sep 1839, married Sarah Draper xmas day 1840 in Wellington, later settled in Masterton

Wairarapa Standard, 3 July 1879
A meeting to arrange a ploughing match for Masterton was held at the Council Chambers yesterday afternoon and was well attended. Mr Donald Donald was appointed to the chair. It was unanimously resolved on the motion of Mr J. Vile that a match should be held. Some discussion took place as to ways and means, Mr Gapper protesting against the large sums given last year in prizes. He much preferred to see competitors think a little more of the honor to be gained than merely of the money to be made. The Committee met at the close of the general meeting, Mr D. Donald in the chair. Messrs D. Donald, J. Baumber, J. Vile, J. Harding, A. Cockburn, W. Watson, S. E. Gapper and F. Gray were appointed a sub-committee to make arrangements for the ploughing match. Messrs Gapper, Vile, Harding and Baumber were appointed a ground committee to inspect a piece of land kindly offered by Mr Dove, at Te Ore Ore and report on Saturday next.

Birth of 7th child
4 November 1879
Alexander Gray

Wairarapa Standard, 21 July 1880
This lengthy INQUEST on the fire at Taratahi by which Mr James Driscoll's dwelling house and furniture were destroyed, was held at the Taratahi Hotel and shows some interesting facts on Farquhar Gray:- that James Driscoll, farmer at Taratahi, was 'in debt to Mr Gray' for £250 (equivalent today of $42,000), Farquhar holding the mortgage on his property

Wairarapa Daily Times, 20 Sep 1880
GRAY - On the 17th inst., Alexander Gray, late of Ross Shire, Scotland, aged 43
* On Tuesday last, Mr Alexander Gray, a brother of Mr F. Gray, of Masterton, was admitted into the hospital, suffering from Bright's disease and dropsy and died there this morning
He is buried Plot AG, Row 1, Plan IV at Archer Street

Evening Post, 28 Sep 1880
At the half-yearly meeting of the Masterton and Opaki Jockey Club, held in Masterton on Saturday last, the following officers were elected for the ensuing year:- President, Mr Farquhar Gray; Judge, Mr R. Welch; Starter, Mr Thomas Chamberlain; Clerk of the Scales, Mr John Harding; Hon Secretary and Treasurer, Mr J. Irons; Clerk of the Course, Messrs A. W. Cave, James Macara, A. Elkins, B. Kimberley, R. Campbell, G. Farmer and H. Bannister. The balance-sheet of the club showed a credit balance of £13 14s 6d in hand, besides a number of subscriptions to come in.

Wairarapa Daily Times, 13 Aug 1881
Trustees - Farquhar Gray, Alfred W. Renall
Directors - Messrs J. C. Boddington (chairman), A. R. Bunny, M. Caselberg, G. Russell, J. Vile, R. M. Galloway (treasurer).

Wairarapa Daily Times, 28 Dec 1881
(New Year events were held all over the Wairarapa - Picnic at Mrs Yates' Paddock, Festival at Carterton, Castlepoint Races etc. Good list of names to show Farquhar's friends and neighbours back then)
WAIRARAPA CALEDONIAN SOCIETY'S SPORTS To Be Held In Mr Donald Donald's Paddock, Manaia, Masterton, on Monday Jan 2 1882.
PRESIDENT, Mr C. A. Vallance
DIRECTORS - Messrs J. Bagge, H. H. Beetham, A. Bish, J. Brown, W. C. Buchanan, A. Elkins, Richard Fitton, Farquhar Gray, Joseph Irons, G. H. Lister-Kaye, John Livingstone, William Lowes, James Macara, John Macara, Hugh McMaster, Duncan McMaster, J. Payton, Walter Perry, T. L. Thompson, E. A. S. Wyllie
JUDGES - Messrs J. Bagge, Farquhar Gray, T. H. Hill, G. H. Lister-Kaye, John Livingstone, Hugh McMaster, Walter Perry, T. L. Thompson.
STARTERS - Messrs Alfred Elkins, T. H. Hill and William Lowes

Birth of 8th child
7 August 1882
John Gray

Wairarapa Daily Times, 19 June 1883
In the estate of King and Toomath. All accounts owing to the above Estate must be paid to Mr W. Sellar within 14 days from date, otherwise legal proceedings will be taken for recovery. FARGUHAR GRAY. Trustee.

Wairarapa Daily Times, 11 July 1885
JAMES ROSS - Blacksmith, Wheelwright and Horse-Shoeing Smith, desires to inform his patrons and the public of the Wairarapa generally, that he has taken over the old-established business, so long efficiently conducted by MR FARQUHAR GRAY, in Queen-Street, Masterton and he solicits a continuance of the patronage that has hitherto been so liberally extended. J.R. would remind customers that his experience and long connection with Mr Gray's business is a guarantee that the satisfaction given by this establishment in the past will be continued. Every kind of horse-shoeing, wheelwright engineering and blacksmithing work, executed with despatch and on the most reasonable terms.

Evening Post, 18 Aug 1885
DRAWING CERTIFICATES. The following pupils of the State schools in the Wellington Educational District obtained certificates of merit at the examinations for their respective schools, held in June last .. PRACTICAL GEOMETRICAL DRAWING, Masterton - William Bagge, Alex McKenzie, Ernest Holdaway, Jamesina Gray, Roderick Gray

Wairarapa Standard, 13 Nov 1885
WAIRARAPA PASTORAL SHOW .. For the highest number of points in pigs, Farquhar Gray, silver medal with eight points.

Wairarapa Daily Times, 2 May 1888
FATAL HORSE ACCIDENT. Death of Mr Isaac Bairstow
.. On the night of 1 May 1888, Mr Bairstow of Clareville, met with an accident near the Waingawa bridge. He had left Kuripuni about 5:20pm, a bit later than he intended but, as he mentioned at Messrs Caselberg & Co's store, he had been waiting for a telegram. His body was found, quite dead, about 6.35pm on the Taratahi main road (now State Hwy 2), about half a mile past the bridge (presuming Waingawa bridge) near the junction of Gray's road... This was probably the junction with East Taratahi road. The distance from the bridge is right and Farquhar lived (and died) on East Taratahi road so likely the locals named it Gray's Road. It was never officially named that.
slightly off-topic NOTE Before a bridge was built over the Waingawa River, a ferry was used. In the mid 1860s John Richardson was the landlord of the 'Waingawa Ferry House' (hotel). In Jan 1868 he attempted suicide by cutting his throat with a razor in the hotel. In 1871 Thomas Bennett of the 'Waingawa Ferry House' went bankrupt. Tenders were called in Jan 1872 to build a bridge and it was opened in August that year

Wairarapa Daily Times, 12 Nov 1890
Mr A. von Keisenberg informs us that two of his pupils, Miss Caroline Gray and Miss Bessie Payton, have succeeded in passing the Honours section of the junior division of the Trinity College (London) musical examination.

Evening Post, 2 Nov 1891
Mr Farquhar Gray, a well-known settler of Taratahi, was taken suddenly ill on Saturday, being found in his paddock in a fit. He has been since confined to his bed.

NZ Times, 11 June 1892
MASTERTON - Mr Farquhar Gray has been elected president of the Masterton A. and P. Association and Mr C. H. Gayfer secretary.

Wairarapa Daily Times, 19 Oct 1892 In the Trinity College examinations for the current year, Miss Caroline Gray heads the intermediate passes in the Wellington list. Miss Caroline Gray is a daughter of Mr Farquhar Gray and a pupil of whom Mr Von Keisenberg, who supervised her studies, may justly be proud.

IN 1893 Roderick Gray was a Forward in the New Zealand Team to tour Australia in which he played two games. He scored two tries in a win over New South Wales. His club then was Masterton & Red Star. In 1895 he played with Wairarapa Bush. He did not appear in any Test matches as NZ did not play its first full international until 1903.

Wairarapa Daily Times, 17 Jan 1894
GRAY - At Taratahi, on January 16th, Farquhar Gray, aged 55 years
We very much regret to have to record the somewhat unexpected death of Mr Farquhar Gray, one of Masterton's oldest and most prominent settlers, who passed away at his residence, Taratahi, at an early hour this morning.
Mr Gray was a native of Rosshire, Scotland and came to New Zealand in 1865. He was for a few months with Mr Richard Collins, of Te Ore Ore and in the same year opened a blacksmith's shop in Church Street, afterwards removing his business to Queen Street, where his establishment became famous for making and repairing agricultural implement and machinery.
About twelve years ago Mr Gray sold his business to Mr James Ross and retired to a property on the Taratahi, which he had purchased from Mr G. Avery and devoted his time to farming generally and the breeding of stud sheep in particular.
His success may be gauged from the fact that he has always been one of the largest prize takers at the Masterton A. and P. Society's Shows and his Romney Marsh flock has obtained quite a colonial reputation.
Mr Gray always took the greatest interest in the welfare of Masterton and its local institutions and was at one time a member of the Borough Council and Town Lands Trust. He was a member of the Masonic order and for many years held the office of Treasurer of the old Thistle Lodge. He also, in the year 1871, took an active part in the founding of Court Royal Enterprise A.O.F., and up to the time of his demise, continued to take an active interest in the institution, retaining the position of Trustee of the Court.
In 1891 Mr Gray was elected President of the Wairarapa Caledonian Society and in 1892, President of the Masterton A. and P. Association, ably filling each position.
For some years past Mr Gray has been troubled with an internal complaint which ultimately proved fatal although his end was hardly expected so soon.
The deceased leaves a wife and family of three sons and five daughters(sic), besides many true friends to mourn his loss.
* We understand that the late Mr Farquar Gray's life was insured with the Government for £500 (2018 equivalent of $96,240)

Wairarapa Daily Times, 20 Jan 1894
The funeral of the late Mr Farquhar Gray, took place yesterday afternoon, the procession being one of the largest ever seen in Masterton, settlers from all parts attending to pay a last tribute to one respected by all who knew him. Heavy rain fell all the afternoon, but this did not prevent a very large gathering from assembling at the graveside. The members of the Masterton Masonic Lodge and of the Court Loyal Enterprise (Ancient Order of Foresters) attended in full regalia, adding largely to the solemnity of the procession. The hearse and coffin were covered with beautiful wreaths, forwarded by the deceased's friends. The service at the grave was conducted by the Rev W. E. Paige M.A., after which the impressive ceremonies of the Masonic and Foresters' orders were feelingly performed. The Masonic service was conducted by the Worshipful Master, Bro. C. A. Pownall and the Foresters' service by Past Chief Ranger, Bro. R. Brown.

NZ Mail, 23 March 1894
Among the list of deputy-returning officers for the Wairarapa licensing district, we notice the name of one lady, Miss Gray, who is to take charge of the polling-booth at Taratahi. The fair sex are evidently asserting themselves.

Wairarapa Daily Times, 23 Nov 1894
The adjourned case, G. Heron and E. Chamberlain (as executors in the estate of the late Farquhar Gray) v Ah Lop, in which the defendant was called upon to show cause why he should not quit certain premises occupied by him in Queen-street, due notice having given. Mr Bunny appeared for the plaintiff and contended that the tenancy was a weekly one.
Mr Beard, for defendant, would not admit that the tenancy was a weekly one.
George Heron, on oath, state that as an executor in the estate of Mr Gray, he dealt with certain of deceased's properties. When Mr Gray died Ah Lop was in possession and although he had been given notice to quit had not done so. Defendant had paid rent. At the last conversation with defendant gave him three months to quit. Ah Lop applied to witness for a lease which was refused.
For the defence it was contended that Ah Lop has been promised a lease of the premises, Mr W. Lowes giving evidence in support of the contention.
After considerable argument His Worship decided that Ah Lop must quit within three weeks.

NZ Times, 7 Nov 1896
The Chief Justice had before him yesterday morning two matters arising out of the estate of Farquhar Gray, deceased, of Taratahi, Wairarapa. The first was a motion to vary or rescind an order made by His Honor last year, where by he ordered that the trustees and executors should be paid 5 per cent commission of the first £1000, 2½ per cent on the balance of the total value of the estate and 5 per cent per annum on the annual value of the estate during the existence of the trust. Mr Tripp, on behalf of the widow and beneficiaries, contended that the executors should only be allowed a commission on the personalty for the work done as executors and that they could not apply for commission as trustees on the corpus of the estate until the trusts were completed. Mr Bunny for the executors and trustees, contended to the contrary. The second application was a summons to determine whether the trustees, being paid an annual sum by way of commission, could employ an agent at the expense of the estate to collect the rents. Mr Tripp contended that the collection of rents was part of the duty of the trustees .. more here

WRITTEN 1897 ..
* Gray Bros (Roderick Gray & Farquhar Gray), Sheep Breeders and Farmers, “Fairburn,” Masterton. This well-known farm of nearly 1200 acres, which was brought into cultivation by the late Mr. Farquhar Gray, who settled in the district in the early sixties and to which his sons have succeeded, is famous for its stud sheep. Messrs Gray Bros. are the most noted prize-winners for the Romney Marsh variety, having gained the champion prize for a ram at the last Wellington show. During the past few years no less than twenty gold medals have been won by their exhibits of sheep, cattle, and horses at the various shows in the provincial district, besides several silver trophies and medals. The senior partner, Mr Roderick Gray, was born in 1870 in Masterton, where he was educated. He learned farming under his father's guidance and on that gentleman's death in 1894, with his brother, he took over the management of the property. He has earned a reputation as an athlete, being considered the best mile runner in the Wairarapa. In 1893 he was one of the New Zealand representative football team that visited Australia. He is now vice president of the Parkvale Football Club, a member of the Masterton Football Club, of the Wairarapa representative team and of the Wairarapa Caledonian Society. The firm are, of course, supporters of the various pastoral and agricultural societies.

* Charles Avery, Farmer, Pahiatua. A typical New Zealand farmer, Mr Avery was born at the Lower Hutt on the 19th of November, 1851 and was educated at the old Provincial Government School Taita, where his aged father still resides. In those days the children of the bush were early inured to toil. At the age of twenty-one Mr Avery was managing one of his father's farms at Taratahi, near Carterton, a farm which was afterwards sold to the late Mr Farquhar Gray, the father of Messrs Gray Bros.

Evening post, 31 Jan 1901
EDUCATION BOARD .. The following resignations were received and accepted: .. Miss Jamesina Gray, sole teacher, Waingawa

Evening Post, 3 April 1901
MASTERTON This Day. Mr F. B. Lowes, second son of Mr William Lowes, J.P., was married at Taratahi to-day to Miss Jamesina Gray, second daughter of the late Mr Farquhar Gray. The Rev Mr Christie, of Carterton, performed the ceremony.

On 30 April 1902, at Turakina, Alexander Gray married Olive Elizabeth Eley and had 4 children. Alexander died in 1951. Olive next married John Henry Hogg (1880-1957) in 1945. They are buried in Wanganui

Birth of 1st grandchild
1903 - 1966
Leslie Eley Gray

Birth of 2nd grandchild
1904 - 1985
Keith Thomas Gray

Wairarapa Daily Times, 5 Aug 1905
GRAY - At Masterton, on August 5th, at her residence, "Fairburn" Jemima, widow of the late Farquhar Gray; aged 68

* A very old resident of the Wairarapa, Mrs F. Gray, died at her residence at Taratahi on Saturday. Deceased was sixty-eight years old and leaves a family of nine children (sic) to mourn their loss

* Another old settler has passed away - Mrs Farquhar Gray, the widow of one of Masterton's oldest citizens. Mrs Farquhar Gray has died full of years and full of honour. She has been the mother of a large family and has lived to see all of her children grown-up and do well in the world. One of her sons is the new President of the Masterton Agricultural and Pastoral Society.

Wairarapa Daily Times, 7 Aug 1905
The funeral of the late Mrs Farquhar Gray, of Taratahi, takes place to-morrow leaving her late residence for the Masterton Cemetery at 1 o'clock

Wairarapa Daily Times, 9 Aug 1905
The remains of the late Mrs Farquhar Gray were interred in the Masterton Cemetery yesterday afternoon. The funeral procession was a lengthy one and included a large number of old settlers, many of whom had come long distances to pay a last tribute of respect to the family of the deceased lady. The floral tributes were also numerous. The pall-bearers were Messrs J. Strang, J. P. Perry, C. L. Reynolds and J. C. McKillop and the service at the graveside was conducted by Rev R. Young, of Carterton

Wairarapa Daily Times, 14 Aug 1905
At the meeting of the Masterton A. and P. Association, on Saturday, reference was made to the death of Mrs Farquhar Gray, mother of the President of the Association. A motion was carried instructing the Secretary to send a letter of condolence to the President and other members of the family

Wairarapa Age, 12 Oct 1906
AUCTION SALE OF LAND, TO CLOSE THE ESTATE. Mr W. B. Chennells has received instruction from the Trustees of the Estate of the late Mr Farquhar Gray to sell by auction, at his rooms, Perry Street, Masterton, on Saturday 13th Oct 1906, at 2p.m.
(1) Part Lot 112, Kohutu Block, Holdsworth Street, Masterton (off Nursery Road), containing 5 acres 2 roods, recently occupied by Mr Robert Johnston
(2) Section 70, Block 5, Kopuaranga, containing 54 acres, recently in the occupation of Mr Palmer.

Birth of 3rd grandchild
1906 - 2008

Birth of 4th grandchild
1909 - 1996
David Glover Gray

Wairarapa Daily Times, 15 March 1909
The annual meeting of the Wairarapa Hunt Club was held in the Club Hotel on Saturday afternoon, those present being Dr Archer Hosking (chairman), Messrs C. J. Bennett, W. H. Buick, R. Buick, H. Welch, H. Douglas, Frank Evans, B. Vallance, J. Shaw and R. Morrison
.. the following new members were elected:- Messrs F. W. Todd, Geo Hume, Wm Hume, Ronald McInnis, Daniel Cameron, Colin Morison, Herbert Welch, Farquhar Gray (jnr) and J. L. Blundell

Wairarapa Age, 22 April 1912
Mr Farquhar Gray (jnr) who has been on a visit to Australia, returned to Masterton on Saturday.

Wairarapa Age, 5 Dec 1912
The fire bell in Masterton sounded a vigorous alarm at 12.20 o'clock this morning and a crowd soon assembled in Dixon Street, where huge flames were issuing from what is known as "the cottage" at the rear of the Club Hotel. The Fire Brigade turned out promptly and within five minutes of the giving of the alarm, had water playing on the burning building. The house, which was a very old one, having been erected in the early days, by the late Mr Farquhar Gray, was completely gutted. It was occupied as a sleeping place by members of the staff of the Club Hotel, all of whom were away, cleaning up after the banquet, when the fire broke out. The origin of the fire is a mystery. The building contained furniture valued at about £50 (2018 equivalent of $8,350) and the hotel staff lost their belongings. If there was any insurance on the building (which was owned by Mr R. Gray (Roy), it was not ascertainable.

Farquhar Gray died 16 Jan 1894 at Taratahi aged 55
Jemima Gray died 5 Aug 1905 at Taratahi aged 68
They are buried together in Archer Street, Masterton

Wairarapa Daily Times, 3 Nov 1916
RED CROSS APPEAL. The following further contributions are acknowledged:- TARATAHI, per Miss C. (Caroline) Gray - Mr W. Perry, G. E. Allen, R. (Rod) Gray, W. Rayner, J. (John) Gray, G. Reynolds, Miss Daysh, C. Gray, Mrs Kilminster, Mrs P. Southey, Mrs Downs, Mrs Henry Kilminster, Mrs Green, Mrs Len Compton, Mrs McAlice

Wairarapa Daily Times, 10 Feb 1917
Mr Rod Gray, of Taratahi, has been passed by the Medical Board for military service

Wairarapa Age, 11 Aug 1917
EMPLOYING A DESERTER. Roderick Gray, a well-known farmer, of Taratahi, was charged at the Carterton Police Court on Tuesday, before Mr L. G. Reid, S.M., with a breach of the Military Service Act by having employed a man who had deserted from camp. The police evidence showed that the man had been arrested while working for Gray on a scrub-cutting job at Gladstone

death of 6th child
ON 27 June 1932 daughter Georgina Gray died aged 54.
She is buried at Archer Street

death of 1st child
ON 11 Aug 1948 daughter Jamesina Lowes died aged 80 in Eketahuna.
She is buried at Mangaoranga

death of 2nd child
ON 27 May 1951 son Roderick Gray died aged 80.
He is buried at Archer Street

death of 7th child (2 weeks later)
ON 9 June 1951 son Alexander Gray died aged 71.
He is buried at Archer Street

death of 3rd child
ON 21 Aug 1952 son Farquhar Gray died aged 79.
He is buried at Archer Street

death of 5th child
ON 27 Nov 1959 21 daughter Annabella Gray died aged 83.
She is buried at Archer Street

death of 4th child
ON 31 July 1972 daughter Caroline Gray died aged 97.
She is buried at Archer Street

death of 8th child
ON 17 April 1974 son John Gray died aged 91.
He is buried at Archer Street

The Gray home 'Fern Lodge' in 1867 which stood on the corner of Bannister & Dixon streets and at the rear of the Club Hotel which stood on the corner of Bannister & Queen streets. At the time it was destroyed by fire in Dec 1912, (see timeline above), it was being used as sleeping quarters for the staff of the hotel

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