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FRAME marriages 1856-1940 Victoria Australia

Journal by tonkin

FRAME marriages 1856-1940 Victoria Australia.

FRAME (males)

Married: Christina MILNE 1856.
Ten Issues located.
1. James, born 1857, Ballarat, Victoria.
2. Janet, born 1859, Ballarat, Victoria.
3. Thomas Robert, born 1862, Ballarat, Victoria.
4. Jane, born 1864, Stuart Mill, Victoria.
5. William Gavin, born 1866, Stuart Mill, Victoria.
6. John David, born 1868, Stuart Mill, Victoria.
7. Ernest, born 1870, Stuart Mill, Victoria.
8. Robert, born 1872, Stuart Mill, Victoria.
9. David, born 1874, Stuart Mill, Victoria.
10. Christina Ann, born 1876, Stuart Mill, Victoria.

..... MILNE recorded as MYLNE in the marriage Indexes.

Married: Catherine FORRESTER 1860.
Nine Issues located.
1. Janet Forrester, born 1861, Collingwood, Victoria.
2. Isabella, born 1862 Sandridge, Victoria.
3. James William, born 1865, Emerald Hill, Victoria.
4. Thomas, born 1866, Emerald Hill, Victoria.
5. Catherine Forrester, born 1868, Emerald Hill, Victoria.
6. Eva Margaret, born 1870, Emerald Hill, Victoria.
7. Wallace Livingston, born 1872, Emerald Hill, Victoria.
8. Janet Forrester, born 1876, Hawthorn, Victoria.
9. Ernest Havelock, born 1881, Hawthorn, Victoria.

Married: Mary ADAM 1867.
No Issues located.

Married: Elizabeth Ashton LARCOMBE 1891.
Two Issues located.
1. Janet Alice, born 1898, Echuca, Victoria.
2. Thomas William James, born 1900, Echuca, Victoria.

Married: Mary Jane THOMPSON 1892.
Five Issues located.
1. Ida Lizzie, born 1893, Greensborough, Victoria.
2. John James, born 1895, Greensborough, Victoria.
3. Tom, born 1896, Greensborough, Victoria.
4. Alma Lola, born 1899, Greensborough, Victoria.
5. Keith Vivian, born 1917, Hepburn, Victoria.

Married: Frances Ann DAVISON 1893.
One Issue located.
1. James Bruce, born 1894, Malvern, Victoria.

Married: Cosette Josephine NICHOLLS 1894.
No Issues located.

Married: Isabella THOM 1896.
No Issues located.

Henry William
Married: Alice Mary RADFORD 1899.
No Issues located.

Married: Flora MCKAY 1901.
No Issues located.

Wallace Livingstone
Married: Sarah SHERLOCK 1901.
One Issue located.
1. Wallace Clive, born 1903, Hawthorn, Victoria.

Married: Kathleen Heather GREEN 1906.
Two Issues located.
1. Betty Adelaide Mabel, born 1909, Richmond, Victoria.
2. Albert Hermann, born 1911, Carlton, Victoria.

Married: Louisa Anna Otilla SIEDE 1906.
No Issues located.

Edward James
Married: Mary Jane COLLIE 1908.
No Issues located.

Hermann Johannes
Married: Rose Adelaide SPARGO 1909.
No Issues located.

Wallace Livingstone
Married: Jean HENDERSON 1910.
One Issue located.
1. Keith Gordon Livingstone, born 1911, Hawthorne, Victoria.

Married: Josephine Rose REID 1915.
No Issues located.

Allan Heslop
Married: Muriel Isabel PERRY 1917.
One Issue located.
1. Murette Catherine, born 1918, Elsternwick, Victoria.

Walter Henry
Married: Alice May SMITH 1918.
No Issues located.

John James
Married: Elsie May REYNOLDS 1920.
One Issue located.
1. Lesta John Edward, born 1920, Swan Hill, Victoria.

James Bruce
Married: Florence May BARR 1923.

Walter Henry
Married: Stella Mary CHALMERS 1923.

Married: Nellie Agnes DALZIEL 1924.

Stuart Davidson
Married: Edna May MCLEAN 1928.

Married: Jean Crowe MURDOCH 1929.

Married: Evelyn MORGAN 1930.

Wallace Clive
Married: Ethel Isabel TOMLINS 1931.

Wallace Livingstone
Married: Alice Bertha MITCHELL 1931.

Alexander Campbell
Married: Janet Robertson DOIG 1936.

Hector Gordon Livingstone
Married: Alice Maud GRAY 1939.

John Glachan
Married: Ellen Elizabeth JONES 1940.

Married: Audrie Marcelle CROOKS 1940.

Keith Vivian
Married: Emily Alice FORD 1940.

FRAME (females)

Married: Thomas Harris ARIELL 1857.
Nine Issues located.
1. Isabella Elizabeth, born 1857, Sandridge, Victoria.
2. Emma Margaret, born 1860, Sandridge, Victoria.
3. John William, born 1862, Sandridge, Victoria.
4. Clara Alice, born 1864, Geelong, Victoria.
5. Thomas Henry, born 1865, Sandridge, Victoria.
6. William Francis, born 1867, Sandridge, Victoria.
7. John Inglis, born 1869, Sandridge, Victoria.
8. Walter Edward, born 1871, Sandridge, Victoria.
9. Kate Maud, born 1872, Sandridge, Victoria.

.. Sandridge was the earlier name for Port Melbourne.

Married: James Matthew HUTTON 1858.
One Issue located.
1. William, born 1859, Emerald Hill, Victoria.

Married: Leon GIBON 1861.
Twelve Issues located.
1. John, born 1862, Sandridge, Victoria.
2. James Leon, born 1867, Sandridge, Victoria.
3. Alfred Ernest, born 1869, Sandridge, Victoria.
4. George, born 1872, Sandridge, Victoria.
5. Albert Edward, born 1874, Sandridge, Victoria.
6. Isabella Alice, born 1876, Sandridge, Victoria.
7. Arthur Henry, born 1878, Sandridge, Victoria.
8. William Henry, born 1880, Sandridge, Victoria.
9. Alice Louisa, born 1881, Sandridge, Victoria.
10. Jessie Primrose, born 1882, Sandridge, Victoria.
11. Robert, born 1884, Melbourne, Victoria.
12. Leon Gordon, born 1886, Melbourne, Victoria.

Married: Henry JACKSON 1885.
Eight Issues located.
1. Elsie Jean, born 1887, Greensborough, Victoria.
2. Lilian May, born 1889, Greensborough, Victoria.
3. Henry Leslie, born 1891, Greensborough, Victoria.
4. Lindsay Valentine, born 1896, Greensborough, Victoria.
5. Ivoline Loveday, born 1897, Greensborough, Victoria.
6. David Llewellyn, born 1899, Greensborough, Victoria.
7. Myra Myrtle, born 1901, Greensborough, Victoria.
8. Lyster Melwyn, born 1903, St Arnaud, Victoria.

Married: George JACKSON 1887.
Eight Issues located.
1. George Isaac, born 1887, Greensborough, Victoria.
2. Florence Irene, born 1889, Greensborough, Victoria.
3. Annie Christina, born 1891, Greansborough, Victoria.
4. James Albert, born 1893, Greensborough, Victoria.
5. Ella Jean, born 1895, Greensborough, Victoria.
6. Herbert Ernest, born 1896, Greensborough, Victoria.
7. Decima Daisy, born 1898, Greensborough, Victoria.
8. Herman Leslie, born 1901, Greensborough, Victoria.

Married: George Stanley LOWREY 1887.
Three Issues located.
1. Ernest Stanley, born 1889, Hawthorn, Victoria.
2. Thomas Frame, born 1891, Hawthorn, Victoria.
3. Doris Madge, born 1900, Hawthorn, Victoria.

Married: John WITHER 1888.
One Issue located.
1. John Vivian, born 1889, West Melbourne, Victoria.

Married: Joseph Edward COFFEE 1892.
One Issue located.
1. Agnes, born 1893, Echuca, Victoria.

Cosette Josephine (nee NICHOLLS)
Married: Edward HUMPHREYS 1902.
No Issues located.

Mary Jane
Married: Donald URQUHART 1905.
No Issues located.

Ida Lizzie
Married: Frederick Charles CRAMER 1916.
No Issue located.

Married: Samuel Evans 1917.
Two Issues located.
1. Ursula Janet, born 1918, Colac, Victoria.
2. John Samuel. born 1919, Mallacoota, Victoria.

Jean Wallace Campbell
Married: Percival Linden BUSCH 1921.

Alma Lola
Married: Thomas Charles BALLINGER 1921.

Betty Madeline
Married: Thomas Kidd STEWART 1928.

Janet Irene Myrtle
Married: Patrick CULLEN 1929.

Janet Kathleen
Married: Perry Edgar WALKER 1931.

Bertha Agnes
Married: Martin Ernest COSTELLO 1933.

Olive Glandore Josephine
Married: Francis Albert PEPPLER 1933.

Janet Russell Kelly
Married: George David THOMPSON 1938.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth and Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the FRAME lines.

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