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August POPPE & Katherine HEMPSEED Marton, New Zealand

Journal by ngairedith

Carl Friedrich 'August' POPPE (1846-1928), was born 2 April 1846 in Guben, Brandenburg, Prussia, a son of Friedrich 'August' Poppe (1819-1897) & Anna Elizabeth (aka Ann Lizzie) Diener (1817-1897) of Guben, Brandenburg, Prussia.
..NOTES on August (snr) & Lizzie
* Ann Lizzie Poppe Feilding Star, 23 June 1897
The death is announced of Mrs Ann Lizzie Poppe at the age of 80. The deceased lady has been a resident of Rangitikei for a number of years and was deservedly respected by all who knew her.
* August Poppe NZ Mail, 30 Sep 1897 AUGUST
The body of Mr A. Poppe, who died in Wellington, was brought up (to Marton) by the express to-day for interment. The late Mr Poppe was one of the pioneers of this district, having been one of the very earliest settlers. Some months ago his wife died and since then the old man's mental faculties began to fail. Finally, it was deemed advisable to remove him to Wellington, where he died at an advanced age. He had been a patient at the Mount View Asylum and an inquest was held at the hospital on Monday. A verdict of death from apoplexy was returned. A son and daughter, both grown up and the latter married, are left to mourn their loss. When the express arrived a considerable number of mourners were waiting at the station and the funeral was attended by a large gathering of the old settlers. The services at the grave were conducted by Pastor Myers of the Lutheran Church.

August married Katherine 'Kate' Hempseed (1855-1916) on 15 June 1871 in Marton, Rangitikei.
* Katherine was born 24 July 1855 in Sydney, NSW, a daughter of John Hempseed and Caroline Thompson, who married 13 Aug 1853 in NSW

they had 17 children
.. 1 ..
1872 - 1874 William August Poppe
born: 9 Dec 1872
William died 9 April 1874 aged 16 months

.. 2 ..
1874 - 1947 Frederick August Poppe
born: 29 May 1874
Frederick married Martha Christina Aitken (1869-1950) in 1909
Frederick died 15 Dec 1947 in Wellington
* Christina died 19 June 1950 aged 81
They were cremated at Karori

.. 3 ..
1876 - 1945 Fanny Louisa Poppe
born: 14 April 1876
Fanny married Edward Gudopp (1876-1949) 11 May 1897 in Lutheran Church, Marton
their known children
* 1897 - 1972 Norman William Gudopp
* 1899 - 1987 Frank Edward Gudopp
* 1900 - 1986 Florence Caroline Gudopp
.. + Alleyne Fitzherbert Knox 1923
* 1902 - 1991 Charles Richard Gudopp
* 1905 - 1978 William Harold Gudopp
* 1907 - Ruth Katherine Gudopp
.. + Harry Walter Wakelin 1926
* 1908 - 1984 Leslie Thompson Gudopp
.. + Vera Nicholls 1
* 1913 - 1993 Olga Dorothy Gudopp
.. + Ancel John Wing 1934
* 1915 - 2008 Freda Irene Gudopp
.. + Mervyn Arthur Brightwell 1939
* 1917 - 2008 Vera Joyce Gudopp
.. + Harold Leslie Wing 1937
* 1923 - 1982 Gladys Jun Gudopp
.. + Robert Sinclair 1948
Fanny died: 1 Nov 1945 and is buried at Mt View, Marton
Manawatu Standard, 10 Nov 1945 DEATH of Fanny
A link with the early settlement of the Rangitikei district has been severed by the death of Mrs Fanny Louisa Gudopp, of South Makirikiri, Marton. Mrs Gudopp was born in Marton in 1876 and was the eldest daughter of the late Mr A. Poppe. She took a great interest in school, church and social activities and was a past-president of the South Makirikiri-Bonny Glen branch of the W.D.F.U. She is survived by a family of 11 - Mesdames A. Knox, M. A. Brightwell, A. J. Wing and H. L. Wing (Marton) and Miss Gladys Gudopp (Marton) and Messrs Frank, Charles, Leslie, Norman and Harold, also Mr E. Gudopp and 27 grandchildren.

.. 4 ..
1877 - 1943 Charles John Poppe
born: 22 July 1877
Charles married Helen Louisa Cox (1880-1953) in Marton 10 May 1905
their known children
* 1906 - 1985 Arnold Charles John Poppe
* 1907 - 1966 Frederick James Thompson 'Jim' Poppe
.. WWII 412466
* 1908 - 1979 Phyllis Eileen Poppe
.. + Llyod Syvester Signal
* 1910 - 1992 Keith Roydon Poppe
.. + Joan McIndoe 1938
* 1911 - 1978 Ralph William Poppe
.. WWII 82393
* 1914 - 1972 Hector Reginald Poppe
.. + Rita Mavis
* 1918 - 2010 Nellie Catherine Jane Poppe
.. Manawatu Standard, 8 July 1939 WORBOYS-POPPE - At St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Marton on June 24 1939, by Rev T. H. Burton, Nellie Catherine Jane, daughter of Mr and Mrs C. J. Poppe, Marton, to Sidney James, son of Mr and Mrs S. E. Worboys, Woodville. The WEDDING
Charles died 15 Sep 1943 aged 66
* Helen died 19 Sep 1953 aged 71
buried together Plot 44, Block 2, Row 1A at Mt View Cemetery
headstone In Loving Memory Of Charles John, beloved husband of Helen Louisa Poppe, died 15th September 1943, aged 66 years, also Helen Louisa Poppe, died 19th September 1953, aged 71 years.

.. 5 ..
1879 - 1931 Arthur Ernest Poppe
born: 9 May 1879
Arthur died: 6 March 1931
buried Plot 31, Row X, Old Area at mt View Cemetery
headstone In Loving Memory Of Arthur Ernest Poppe. Died 6th march 1931 aged 61 years

.. 6 ..
1880 - 1904 James Thomas Poppe
born: 28 Nov 1880
James died: 5 June 1904 aged 23
Wanganui Chronicle, 7 June 1904
We regret to have to record the death of Mr James Poppe, fourth son of Mr A. Poppe, Pukepapa Line, Marton, which occurred on Sunday. Deceased, who was only 23 years of age, had been ailing for some time and his death was not unexpected. Deceased was a highly respected young man and his many friends will regret his untimely death. The funeral will take place to-morrow afternoon at the Lutheran church.

.. 7 ..
1883 - 1946 Henry William Poppe
born: 24 March 1883
Henry died: 9 July 1946 in Marton
buried Plot 1, Row V, Block 2 at Mt View cemetery
headstone In Loving Memory of Henry William Poppe, died 9th July 1946 in his 64th year

.. 8 ..
1884 - 1884 Edward Thomas Poppe
born: 29 Sep 1884
Ernest died 4 Nov 1881 aged 5 weeks

.. 9 ..
1885 - 1918 Frank Francis Poppe
born: 29 Nov 1885
Frank married Avis Olivia Frecklington (1886-1968) 2 April 1908
Manawatu Standard, 4 April 1908
The marriage of Mr Frank Francis Poppe, fifth son of Mr August Poppe, Marton, to Miss Avis Olivia Frecklington, eldest daughter of Mr John Frecklington, of Ohakea, Bulls, took place at St Thomas' Church, Sanson, on Thursday. The ceremony was performed by the Rev Wilson, of Rongotea. The bride's dress was a brown travelling costume with hat to match. Two sisters of the bride and the bridegroom's sister (Miss Kate Poppe), attended as bridesmaids. The bridegroom's present to the bride was a gold pendant brooch and the bridesmaids received gold brooches.
The long version of the wedding .. long before the time appointed for the ceremony the church was filled to overflowing with friends and relations .. Rev Wilson remarked that he had not only joined man and wife but that he had been instrumental in welding a fraternal link between two old and highly respected families, Mr Frecklington's family of four generations bearing his name in Ohakea .. after the honeymoon in Napier the couple will reside on their farm at Pukepapa, Marton
their known children
* 1910 - 1954 Jack Halley Poppe
.. + Grace Evelyn Wing 1933
* 1912 - 1988 Ngaio James Poppe
.. + Mavis Annie Brightwell 1935
* 1914 - 1955 Madge Frances Poppe
.. Manawatu Standard, 23 April 1935 - A very enjoyable party was held at the residence of Mrs Frank Poppe recently, the occasion being the coming-of-age of her daughter, Madge. There were about 150 guests and dancing and cards were indulged in. Music was provided by Mr G. Franke. Miss Poppe's health was toasted on the call of her uncle Mr B. Lawrence.
.. + George Hales in 1937
* 1916 - 1993 Nora Joyce Poppe
.. + Wiremu Fergusson McLean 1940
* 1919 - 2001 Frances Meryl Poppe
.. + Denis Ingram Stantiall 1941
Feilding Star, 6 April 1908 At St Thomas' Church Sandon, Mr F. F. Poppe, fifth son of Mr Angus Poppe, of Marton was married to Miss Avis Olivia Frecklington, eldest daughter of John Frecklington of Ohakea, Bulls. The ceremony was performed by the Rev Mr Wilson of Rongotea
Wanganui Chronicle, 21 Oct 1916
Mrs Frecklington
, a resident of Ohakea district for many years, died at her residence, Feilding, on Wednesday. The deceased was aged 50. Her husband predeceased her by eight years. Mr Bert Frecklington, her eldest son, is still on the original farm and her other children are Mrs Poppe (Marton) and Mr Horace and Misses Vera and Nina Frecklington (all of Feilding).
Frank died: 31 Aug 1918
Feilding Star, 3 Sep 1918
A Marton farmer named Frank Poppe, 34 years of age, cut his throat on Saturday afternoon. He leaves a widow and four children. At the inquest held yesterday a verdict of suicide due to mental depression through alcoholic indulgence was returned.
.. On Saturday afternoon Constable Manley received advice of a case of suicide on Pukepapa road, Marton and on visiting the residence of Mr Frank Poppe found its late owner in a pool of blood on the kitchen floor with a ghastly wound extending from ear to ear, inflicted with a razor and life extinct. The deceased was about 34 years of age and the sixth son of Mr August Poppe, of Pukepapa line. He leaves a widow and a family of four. From the evidence of his wife it appears that deceased, against whom a prohibition order was taken out in June last, had partaken of some whisky about three weeks ago at a send-off in his woolshed and since then at intervals had satisfied his craving by indulging in whisky. He suffered from hallucinations, insomnia also reducing him to a state of weakness and nervous breakdown.
* Avis died 5 March 1968 aged 82
buried together Plot 72, Block 1, Old Area at Mt View Cemetery
headstone In Loving Memory of Frank, beloved husband of Avie Poppe, died 31st August 1918 aged 34 years, and Avis, died 5th march 1968 aged 82 years

.. 10 ..
1887 - 1938 Thomas Albert Poppe
born: 20 Oct 1887
Thomas died: in Wellington 29 Oct 1938 aged 51
buried Plot 48, Row IV, Block 2 at Mt View cemetery
headstone In Loving Memory Of Thomas Albert Poppe, died 29th October 1938 aged 52 years.

.. 11 ..
1889 - 1930 Catherine Augusta 'Katie' Poppe
born: 1 Aug 1889
Catherine married Andrew Johnston Wasson 5 Jan 1914 in Marton
their known children
* 1914 - 1972 Cecil Wasson
* 1915 - Annie Wasson
* 1917 - 2000 Robert Samuel Wasson
* 1918 - Alice Wasson
Katie died: 18 Feb 1930 in Marton aged 40

.. 12 ..
1891 - 1965 Caroline Edith Poppe
born: 30 May 1891
Caroline married Alfred 'Alf' Whale 10 June 1908
their known children
* 1908 - 1981 Nita Hazel Whale
.. + Herbert Thomas Clayton Marsh 1928
* 1910 - 1972 Russell Alfred Whale
* 1912 - 1992 Nancy Gwendoline Whale
.. + Clarence Hilton Sanson 1934
* 1915 - 1915 Cyril Maurice Whale
.. aged 4 weeks
* 1920 - 1928 Mavis Doreen 'Maisie' Whale
Caroline died: 17 May 1965 in Palmerston North
buried St Stephen's Anglican, Marton

.. 13 ..
1892 - 1892 John Robert Poppe
born: 22 July 1892
John died 11 Nov 1892 aged 4 months in Wellington

.. 14 ..
1894 - 1974 Alexander Duncan 'Ali' Poppe
born: 11 Aug 1894
Ali died: 7 June 1974 in Palmerston North
buried Plot 4, Block 4, Section Lawn at mt View Cemetery.
headstone In Loving Memory of Alexander Duncan Poppe. Passed away 7th June 1974. Aged 79 years

.. 15 ..
1897 - 1948 Ada Charlotte Poppe
born: 10 Feb 1897
Ada married William Gow 3 April 1929
Ada died: 25 Aug 1948 aged 51 in Wellington

.. 16 ..
1898 - 1967 Annie Elizabeth 'Cissie' Poppe
born: 24 June 1898
Annie married John Blakely in 1918
Cissie died: 25 July 1967 aged 69
buried Awanui cemetery, New Plymouth

.. 17 ..
1901 - 1983 Jessie Agnes Poppe
born: 7 Oct 1901
Jessie had two children
* 1921 - 1980 Narva Jean Poppe
* Narva was adopted out when she was 5 by the Gray/Grey family in Taranaki. She married David Edward Hicks (1915-1969) 27 April 1940 in New Plymouth and had 2 children, 1940-1965 Patricia Ann 'Pat' Hicks & 1945-1990 Daryl John 'Joe' Hicks.
* 1923 - 1993 Neville Poppe in Wanganui. Neville was adopted out when he was 3 months old.
* Jessie did not marry.
Otaki Mail, 13 Jan 1930 At Fitzherbert West.
In a quiet valley bordering the Kahuterawa stream where it debouches from the Tararuas, there was enacted on Thursday, a farm tragedy the like of which, fortunately, seldom occurs in New Zealand. When Miss J. A. Poppe, who farms 240 acres on No 4 line, Fitzherbert West, decided on Tuesday last to proceed with shearing operations after delays due to wet weather, it was not anticipated that a sudden change in the direction of wind would bring with it bitter cold and sleet in the rain. The unexpected, however, did happen on Thursday, with the result that of the 700 sheep shorn the day before at least half and perhaps more - as yet the tally of carcasses is not complete - perished from exposure after having been deprived of their natural protection. The mob weathered Wednesday night safely but on Thursday, when the easterly, of gale force, sprang up and the rain came down in torrents, it was soon seen that the sheep were in sore straits. Seven stud rams were saved by being carried into the woolshed. The 358 lost comprised ewes, lambs and and hoggets. The work of burying the carcasses has been almost as strenuous a task as trying to save the sheep. Four men in gum boots, with horses and drays, have been engaged since Friday and the task is not yet done.
Miss Poppe's loss is a heavy one and probably £500 (equivalent in 2009 to $42,523) would not replace the sheep that have died. It comes all the more severe because of the fat that she only took over the property seven months ago.
Jessie died: 28 Nov 1983 aged 82
buried Plot 12, Row S, Block 5 at Mt View cemetery
headstone In Loving Memory of Jessie Agnes Poppe, loved daughter of Catherine and August Poppe, passed away 28th November 1983 aged 83 years

. . .DEATHS of Katherine & August
KATHERINE Poppe died 25 Nov 1916
Wanganui Chronicle, 28 Nov 1916
- On November 25th, at "Elden Lolm" Marton, Katherine Poppe, beloved wife of August Poppe; aged 62 years.
Rangitikei Advocate, 25 Nov 1916
SUDDEN DEATH AT MARTON - A sudden death occurred at Marton on Saturday morning, Mrs A. Poppe having expired very unexpectedly. The deceased got up to light the fire at about 4.30 but a feeling of illness coming over her, she returned to bed. Before medical aid was forthcoming she expired. Mrs Poppe, who was very much esteemed, was the daughter of the late Mr John Hempseed, of Makirikiri
Rangitikei Advocate, 28 Nov 1916
Mrs A. POPPE - On Saturday last Mrs A. Poppe died suddenly from heart failure at her residence, Pukepapa Line, Marton, at the age of 62 years. Mrs Poppe was the eldest daughter of the late Mr John Hempseed, of Makirikiri and was born in Sydney, Australia and came to New Zealand with her parents when nine months old. The early part of her life was spent at Turakina, Makariri Creek and later on the Bulls-Turakina Road till her marriage with Mr August Poppe.
* After an inquiry, the coroner's verdict recorded that she died from heart failure.
The deceased lady leaves a husband and seven sons and six daughters to mourn their loss, the family being:- Fred August, Wellington; Charles John, Arthur Ernest, Henry William, Frank Francis, Thomas Albert, Marton; and Alexander Duncan, Masterton; Mrs Edward Gudopp, Leedstown; Mrs Andrew Wasson, Bulls-Turakina Road; Mrs Alfred Whale, Marton Junction and Misses Ada Charlotte, Annie Elizabeth and Jessie Agnes and twenty-four grandchildren.
The funeral yesterday was attended by a large number of friends and relatives. Four sons - Charles, Frank, Arthur and Henry - and two sons-in-law - Edward Gudopp and Andrew Wasson - acted as bearers.

AUGUST Poppe died 31 May 1928
NZ Herald, 31 May 1928
The death occurred to-day of Mr August Poppe, a well-known figure in the Rangitikei and Wanganui districts, at the age of 82 years. Mr Poppe had been farming for many years. He arrived in New Zealand with his parents in 1860. His wife died about 14 years ago. He leaves six sons and six daughters

PHOTO 14 Aug 2016 by Marijke Bullians
'The Lord Gave And The Lord Hath Taken Away'

. . .. . FAMILY TIMELINE . .
Wanganui Chronicle, 29 Sep 1893 .. On Monday night last Mr A. Poppe (snr or jnr), living near Marton, sustained a serious loss by the burning of his barn. Mr Thurlow, who lives near the building, in a cottage on Mr Poppe's farm, stats that he went to bed at 8.15p.m., when everything was apparently all right, but at 20 minutes to 10 he was aroused by Mr Smith, master of the South Makirikiri school, raising the alarm of fire. The barn was then collapsing and nothing could be done to save the building. Mr Thurlow's trap was destroyed and a small calf and some fowls belonging to him were also burned to death. Mr Poppe estimates his loss at £150. The origin of the fire is unknown, but, as there was nothing inflammable about the place, incendiarism is suspected

* Rangitikei Advocate, 10 April 1908 ASSESSMENT COURT
August Poppe objected to the valuation at £86 on his property on Goebel's line. After the evidence of several witnesses the assessment was reduced to £75

* NZ Times, 14 Feb 1913 .. The Public Trustee, a committee of the estate of Frederick August Poppe, proceeded against Arthur Ernest Poppe, farmer of Makirikiri South, to obtain a ddissolution of partnership existing between F. A. Poppe and A. E. Poppe, trading as Poppe Bros. The Public Trustee also asked that accounts be taken.
Rangitikei Advocate, 19 July 1913 .. Abraham and Williams announces particulars of clearing sale for Messrs Poppe Bros., Makirikiri.

* Rangitikei Advocate, 19 Sep 1919 ARTHUR BUSHBY'S WILL
NOTES Arthur Bushby was the husband of Bertha Augusta Poppe, August's sister of Interest Arthur's brother, Charles Bushby (1851-1885) alias Charles Baker, at 1 minute past 10 0'clock on Fri 4 Sep 1885, was hanged at Ballarat Gaol for shooting Detective Hyland
.. The fourth day of the Crofton Will Case occupied the attention of Mr Justice Hosking at the Supreme Court yesterday .. Andrew J. Wasson, shepherd, Marton, employed by Mr Poppe, said that during the last few months of testator's life, Mr Poppe was grazing sheep on Mr Bushby's property ..

* Dominion, 9 July 1920 PLOUGHING COMPETITION
The science of ploughing is most important these days, when production and more production is required. The Marton A. and P. Association, recognising that fact. also that first-class ploughing materially assists the securing of good crops, has held ploughing competitions for several years past. This year the function was held on Mr A. Poppe's grounds, near Marton and attracted ploughmen and agriculturists from all parts. Big money was offered and competition in the various events was very keen.

* WEDDING May 1931 at the Maranui Methodist Church, of May Wilhelmina VANSTON, niece of Mrs Poppe of Kilbirnie, Wellington and of Thomas Leslie CADE .. The bridesmaids were Miss Madge Poppe of Marton & Miss Dora Dale of Timaru

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