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time-line for GALLETLY in New Zealand

Journal by ngairedith

just some of the news items from various newspapers in New Zealand, through Papers Past, put here in time-line for those researching the GALLETLY families

... Peter Galletly (1830-1875) married Margery McLauchlan (1831-1877) in Kilspindie, Perth, Scotland
- their known children were:
1854 - 1908 John Galletly (born in Perth, Scotland)
1856 - 1878 Elizabeth Galletly (born in Scotland)
.. 1856 - 1851 emigration to NZ
1861 - 1892 Peter Galletly (born in Christchurch, New Zealand)
1863 - 1945 Margaret Galletly
1865 - 1905 Ann Galletly
1867 - 1954 Isabella Galletly
1869 - 1910 William Galletly
1872 - 1955 Mary Galletly
1874 - 1945 Jane Galletly

16 MARCH 1860
... the CLONTARF arrives in Lyttelton 16 March 1860
... the GALLETLY on board
- born approx 1799
- died 23 March 1880 aged 80 in Carleton,Cust, Canterbury
- born approx 1835
- died 1879 aged 42
- born approx 1840
- After working for a year at Kaiapoi Island, and three years on the Riccarton estate he bought fifty acres of land in the Cust district (more at link)
- born approx 1845
- born approx 1846
- born approx 1848
- born approx 1850

13 JUNE 1861
... David GALLETLY (1832-1886) married Ann NORFOLK (1843-1925) in Christchurch
- David was born in Scotland
- he died 30 May 1886 in Lincoln, Canterbury
- Ann was born in Stoke By Nayland, Suffolk, England
- she died 26 May 1926 in Geraldine, Canterbury
their 12 known children were:
1863 - Elizabeth Galletly
1864 - Margaret Galletly
1866 - 1945 Thomas Galletly
1868 - 1953 Charles David Galletly
1869 - Agnes Galletly
1871 - 1896 Alexander Galletly
1873 - 1953 William Galletly
1875 - Annie Galletly
1877 - 1962 Ellen Galletly
1879 - 1962 Henry George Galletly
1881 - 1963 Edwin Norfolk Galletly
1883 - 1950 John Galletly

... LITTLE RIVER ROAD BOARD. It was concluded to avertise for tenders for shingling the road in course of formation between Barnett's and Kimber's bridge, and that the contractor, Mr Galletly be instructed to use a heavy roller on the work on the completion of formation

22 JANUARY 1879
... GALLETLY - On the 21st of January, at Tiptree House, Windmill road, Margaret Ellen, the dearly-loved child of Andrew and Jane Galletly, of Weedons, aged two years and seven months
- known children of Andrew & Jane Sophia:
1876 - Margaret Ellen Galletly
1878 - Leonard Galletly
1881 - Harry Galletly
1883 - Ellen Jane Galletly
1885 - Rosa Mary Galletly

21 JUNE 1879
... SLAUGHTER HOUSE ACT, 1879. Notice is hereby given that, in accordance with the provisions of the above Act, I intend to apply, at the next sitting of the Selwyn County Council, for a LICENSE to SLAUGHTER Large and Small CATTLE on my premises at Yaldhurst. ANDREW GALLETLY

11 DECEMBER 1882
... SPREYDON. The usual meeting of the Board was held on December 7th. Correspondence was read:- from D. Gallety, asking for extension of time to complete his contract. Granted

15 APRIL 1885
... CHRISTCHURCH. D. Galletly, who was found lying drunk in Colombo street at midnight was fined 10s; the usual imprisonemtn to follow in default of payments

20 APRIL 1885
... CUST. The monthly meeting of this Board was held on Monday, the 13th of April. Present - The Chairman and Messrs Tallott, McLauchlin, and Galletly. The Clerk was instructed to write to Mr Bruce, the Manager of Ngpari, with reference to the purchase of roads lately closed. To give notice that all rates must be paid by the 1st of May, and that proceedings will be taken against the owners of unregistered dogs after the same date. The annual meeting of ratepayers was fixed for the 1st of May, and the election of three members for the 4th of May. Accounts amounting to ?20 7s were passed, and the Board adjourned

5 MARCH 1887
.. BROWN-GALLETLY - On March 3, by the Rev. R. Erwin, at the Presbyterian Church, North Belt, Christchurch, Andrew R. Brown, of Lincoln, to Margaret Galletly, third daughter of the late David Galletly, Lincoln

25 OCTOBER 1887
... Amongst the cases heard at the Invercargill RM. Court on Friday was that of the Scottish and N.Z. Investment Co v F. M. Dawson, in which Mr Finn was for plaintiffs and Mr Henderson for defendant. Claim, ?64 15s 3d for interest. The defense was that the property on which plaintiffs held the mortgage had been sold to one Robert Galletly and that the interest now claimed which had accrued since the date of the sale was due by Galletly. It was submitted for the plaintiffs that the agreement of sale was between defendant and Galletly alone, and that there was no contract between the plaintiffs and Galletly. After hearing evidence, judgment was given for plaintiffs, with cost ?5 10s

5 JANUARY 1888
... LINCOLN PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. The congregation of this church having undertaken to build a new manse for the minister, thought that such a good opportunity as the great gathering at the Lincoln sports on New Years Day should not be allowed to go by without an attempt being made to augment the funds so the ladies took counsel together, and the result was a luncheon booth on the sports ground
* No 4 table, the bachelors' table was presided over by Mesdames Galletly and Marks, and the Misses Gilmour and Galletly

30 APRIL 1890
... STOKE - Mr R. Meredith precied over the meeting of householders at Stoke; the attendance was small. A report from the out-going Committee was read and adopted and the following were elected the Committee for the years:- Messrs R. Meredith, H. Catterwood (probably Catherwood ?), J. GALLETLY, J. Jack, G. Pawsey, T. Clancy and F. Mitchell. Mr R. Meredith was elected Chairman

14 JUNE 1890
... ACCIDENT. A few days since, a young man named Galletly, living at Hawkeswood station, had a thumb blown off and his head seriously injured through the bursting of a gun. His condition was too precarious to allow of his removal to the Christchurch Hospital

6 MAY 1895
... LAND SALES. The sale of land in the Estate of Mr M. Galletly, deceased, which took place in Mr Charles Clark's rooms on Saturday showed that there is a demand for land when excessive prices are not asked. The first property offered was sixty acres at Templeton, being R.S. 4843, cut up into paddocks, with water-races running through them. After some little competition the property was sold to Mr Aimer at ?12 10s per acre

6 JULY 1891
... GALLETLY - July 3, at Yalhurst, Jane Sophia, the beloved wife of Andrew Galletly; aged forty six years. Deeply regretted. R.I.P.

6 JULY 1891
... The Friends of Mr Andrew Galletly are respectfully informed that the Funeral of his late wife, Jane Sophia, will leave his residence, Corunga road, Yaldhurst, on Tuesday, July 7th, at 2 p.m. for the Public Cemetery, Yaldhurst. R .W . WALTERS and CO - Undertakers, 43 Victoria street

13 APRIL 1894
... The monthly meeting of the Templeton Road Board was held at the office, Yaldhurst, on Monday, April 9th.
.. and, from Andrew Galletly, asking for work. To be informed the Board has at present no available funds

18 MAY 1894
... CUST. An ordinary monthly meeting of the Cust Road Board was held on May 14, present - .... and John Galletly

10 NOVEMBER 1896
... OPERA HOUSE - The Charles Godfrey Company opened their season at the Opera House last night, when there was a large attendance. The audience was very appreciative throughout. Miss Beanie Galletly was as good as ever with her graceful dancing. The sisters Lingard and Miss Galletly being the performers (more at link)

13 JULY 1898
... FARMER ACCIDENTALLY SHOT. A sad gun accident occurred at Lincoln yesterday morning, Messrs Galletly Bros have just taken up some land in the Lincoln swamp, and it appears tht Mr Alexander Galletly left to go and clear out a drain on part of the farm, and took his gun with him to his work. He had made an appointment to be back at the house at ten o'clock, but as some time after he had not appeared, Messrs L. Galletly and A. Ayers went to look for him. He was found near a wire fence, and close to a ditch quite dead, with the top of his head blown off. Great sympathy is felt for the family, who have been residents in Lincoln for a considerable number of years, and are well and favourbaly known. The deceased, who was a son of Mr Daniel Galletly, was only twenty-seven years of age. The gun was a breechloader, which he took with him because he had seen some hares in the swamp near by on the previous day. He had apparently got through the fence and was dragging the gun after him when it exploded

12 JULY 1899
... In loving memory of Alxander Galletly, who met his death by gun accident, at Lincoln, July 12, 1898
Short was the call he had from above,
Not a word could his love ones say;
His eyes closed in death as a babe in its sleep,
An he quickly passed away.
- Inserted by his sisters, A.W. and E.G.

15 MAY 1900
... On May 9 the Stoke Euchre Club opened a series of matches at Mr Garrett's. The trophies were won by Mr John Catherwood and Mrs M. Galletly

8 OCTOBER 1901
... ROAD BOARD. A meeting of th Courtenay Road Board was held on Tuesday. Tenders for works advertised were opened and L. Galletly 2s per chain for stone-breaking, was accepted

16 JULY 1904
... GERALDINE The following were the times recored at Geraldine (cycle racing):
and L. Galletly 9.51 - H. Galletly - 9.59

10 MAY 1905
... LAND SALE - At the North Canterbury Co-operative Stores Company's austion rooms at Rangiora yesterday, Mr J. Henshaw's property of 165 acres at Loburn, was sold to Mr G. Galletly for ?8 10s per acre (2011 equivalent of about $1,275)

... DEATH - PATTERSON, September 22, at the residence of her brother James Galletly, High Street, Rangiora, Elizabeth Patterson, relict of the late Thomas Patterson, Styx; aged eighty-one years

26 JANUARY 1909
... CHRISTCHURCH. John Tozer, Gilbert, MacGlogin and Harry Galletly, who finished first, second and third respectively in the 50 mile cycle road race from Riverton to Leeston on December 12th, were prosecuted for furious riding, the Magistrate reserving judgment which he now delivered to-day. Mr Bishop, S.M., said he had carefuly considered the matter, and was of opinion that the facts, as stated, did not constitute an offence under the Police Offences Act. He relied only on the information laid, and dismissed the case

4 AUGUST 1911
... LAND BOARD. The following business of local importance was transacted at the monthly meeting of the Canterbury Land Board on Thursday:- Perpetual Lease James Jones to Henry George Galletly, of Geraldine, farmer

... POST OFFICE AT MARONAN. Mr W. J. Dickie, M.P., has received the following letter from Mr R. Heaton Rhodes, Postmaster-General; "In reference to the letter of August 16th, from Mr W. H. Mulligan, Lismore, asking for the establishment of post and telegraph offices at Maronan, I have the honour to inform you that authority has been given for the opening of a post office. The occupied will be in charge of Mrs E. P. Galletly, and will be served by the thrice-weekly Hinds-Lismore service. The question of opening a telephone office is under consideration"

11 ARIL 1917
... DECEASED PERSONS' ESTATES - DEATH DUTIES - CANTERBURY -Thomas Galletly ?5,203 (2011 equivalent of about $580,000)

10 JULY 1918
... LISMORE. On Thursday evening last the friends of Private Leslie Watson, who was home from Trentham on final leave, assembled at his home at Maronan for the purpose of bidding him farewell. An enjoyable evening was spent with music, games, and dancing, and during the evening the departing soldier was made the recipient of two presentations. Mr T. Galletly, for the residents of Maronan, presented him with a pipe and a razor; and on behalf of the Lismore Patriotic Society, Mr Harry Galletly handed him a money-belt, a pocket wallet, and a pocket-knife. Mr Watson thanked the donors on his son's behalf, and Private Watson also suitable responded

... LISMORE - On Tuesday evening a meeting of residents was held in th Lismore School to consier means of raising money for the "Our Day" Fund ... It was unanimously decided to raise the money by direst giving, Mrs McLauchlan and Messrs H. Gallety and L. Whiting being appointed canvassers

10 NOVEMBER 1918
... DIED OF DISEASE. William James Boon, Private 85789, son of John BOON & Mary Galletly

15 JUNE 1920
... LISMORE. The bachelors held their annual ball on Friday evening, and the function proved a pronounced success. Messrs H. Galletly and G. Young performed their duties as Masters of Ceremony in a capable manner, and excellent music was supplied by the Mayfield branch

27 NOVEMBER 1920
... The Maronan Sunday Scool celebrate its third anniversary by social and prize-giving at Mr William's residence on Friday Evening. Mr L. Galletly submitted a recitation and Mr H. Galletly gave a short address. The Galletly children who took part were: Alice Galletly and Leo Galletly
... NOTE A son of John McLAUCHLAN & Agnes SHEARER had a son, Hector Sutherland McLauchlan who married Alice MARONAN Galletly in 1942

14 JULY 1921
... LISMORE. Last week the fortnightly social evening held in the school took the form of a euchre party
... the first prize was won by Mr H. Galletly ... the duties of M.'s C. were ably performed by Messrs H. Galletly and G. Young

2 JUNE 1921
... CAREW. Carew people have been having quite a lot of dissipation this last week. On Wednesday evening there was a social in the school for Hemi Potatau, a voluntary Maori missionary from Scott's College.
* Recitations wre given by Masters Archie Barton, Lawrie Galletly (more at link)
* the waltziing was won by Miss Galletly
* pupils names in order of merit:
STANDARD III Lawrie Galletly
STANDARD I Hazel and Jean Galletly

... CAREW SCHOOL. The GALLETLY children at the Carew School in 1921 who were mentioned as a result of the term examinations:
STANDARD III - (about 10 years old) Stanley Galletly & Lawrie (Lawrence ?) Galletly
STANDARD I - (about 8 years of) Hazel Gallently
PRIMER 1 - (about 5 years old) Maggie (Margaret ?) Galletly

17 AUGUST 1937
... REPRESENTATIVE FIXTURES. Coming representative engagements for the Ellesmere representative teams include a first grade match with North Canterbury a Christchurch on September 4, and a second grade match at Prebbleton on August 28. The North Canterbury team for the latter match will be:-
FULL-BACK, H. Feary - Loburn
THREE-QUARTERS, L. Yaxley - Loburn, L. Yaxley - Oxford, R. Moir - Ohaka, L. Cook _ Ohaka
FIVE-EIGHTHS, T. GALLETLY - Loburn, R. Croft - Loburn
HALF-BACK, W. Feary - Loburn
FOWARDS, Griffiths - North Canterbury, B. Jones - Oxford, J. McCann - Ohaka, E/ Pulley - Loburn, M. Saunders - Glenmark, J. Doody - Oxford, L. Higginson - Oxford, J. Blunden - Loburn
BACKS, Marsh - North Canterbury, Fitzgibbon - Ohaka
FOWARDS, Small - North Canterbury, Baxter - Glenmark

21 OCTOBER 1938
... THE CHAMPIONS - RYELAND EWE: L. J. and S. W. Gallelty

10 NOVEMBER 1938
... OBITUARY - Mr Charles WOLFE. A well-known figure in the public life of the Springs County, Mr Charles Wolfe, died recently at his home at Lincoln. He was born at Pailton, Warwickshire, England, in 1864, and came to New Zealand with his parents, the late Mr and Mrs John Wolfe, in the ship "Tintern Abbey" which arrived at Lyttelton in May, 1875 ... Mr Wolfe was twice married, and he is survived by his widow ad one daughter, Mrs D. . Taylor, four grandchildren, and three sisters, Mrs T. Galletly (Gore) and Misses J. and M. E. Wolfe (Lincoln)

27 MAY 1940
... MOUNTAIN CLUBS. The following officers for the ensuing year were elected by the Federated Mountain CLubs of New Zealand on Saturay afternoon:-
PRESIDENT - Mr G. G. Lockwood, Christchurch
VICE-PRESIDENTS - Messrs, G. M. Fildes, Auckland, A. G. Flower, Christchurch, H. A. Snowdon, Inaha and N. M. Thomson, Levin

16 JULY 1942
... WOUNDED, Thomas C., Corporal. NEXT OF KIN, wife, Mrs V. I. Galletly, 239 Sawyers Arms Road, Papanui

5 OCTOBER 1944
... KILLED IN ACTION, Wolsfeld, Germany, Alan Russell Galletly, Pilot Officer NZ 427481, aged 33, son of Charles David Galletly and Elizabeth nee Gray, Hawarden, Canterbury

John GALLETLY & Ellen nee SHEA c.1902
- from John Galletly

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