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Genealogy Abundance, Week 38: Funny Ancestor Stories

Article by Scott_J

This week’s writing prompt should be a lot more fun than last week’s dry topic of state archives. Thanks to the few of you who mustered up journals on that.

Week 38: Funny Ancestor Stories. Tell us a funny ancestor story that stands out in your mind. When did you first hear the story? Do other family members tell different versions? Does this tale play a large part in your family tree?

Write a journal on FamilyTreeCircles about your favorite state archive.

When you do, please put “Funny Ancestor Stories” in the journal title somewhere so I can be sure to see it and feature it in this week’s FamilyTreeCircles blog post about it.

“Funny Ancestor Stories” Journals From FamilyTreeCircles Members

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on 2012-09-16 17:24:13

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by joyce45 on 2012-09-16 23:02:40

Funny Ancestor Stories: My Grandmother, Nancy Belle Green Ricketts died when she was 105 years old. She often told us about being left an orphan at 10 years old and how she hated her name. We would ask her why and she would say when she was young the kids would sing Nancy Belle fell in a well and she got wet and was mad as hell. We loved to hear her sing that to us. When I started doing my family geneolgy I talked with her and asked for information about her Dad and his family. She told me about her Dad and his many brothers and sisters and about her grandfather, who like whiskey and cigars and what little she knew of her grandmother. She told us that her Dad went to fight in the Civil War in place of her grandfather when he was 16, because he had so many younger brothers and sisters and he thought his Dad should stay home with them. As usual I couldn't find much about her grandfather and grandmother, but one day I was visiting my brother and had taken my Grandmother and my Mom with me when my brother said I have someting to show you. It was my grandmother's grandfathers obituary. I read it and then asked Grandma again how many brothers and sisters did her Dad have and she said 12. I read the obit to her and it said his first wife and him had one son, Grandma's Dad and she died. His second wife and him had 4 children and she died and his third wife and him had 8 children and she died. My Grandma shook her head and said well he always loved women and whiskey, I guess he was just hard on the women. No one had ever told her that her Dad was an only child and she was 98 when she found out that the brothers and sisters were half brothers and sisters.

by tiny450 on 2012-09-17 12:39:37

Funny ancestor stories: I was just a little girl and asked my mom why Grandma and Grandpa had a tub in their basement.She always said she would tell me when I was older... well she kept telling me that even after I was married.When grandma and grandpa died I had already figured it out but I let mom tell me anyway.You guessed it.That tub put food on the table during the depression.Some of the things my relatives did to survive the tough years, utterly amazing.Apparently the liquor was one of those survival methods.

by 1bobbylee on 2012-09-27 08:06:13

Ha Ha gregchick. Now, that is funny! I would have loved to see all the expressions around the table when your Grand ma got her point across. Love it. LOL

by 1bobbylee on 2012-09-27 08:06:59

Ha Ha gregchick. Now, that is funny! I would have loved to see all the expressions around the table when your Grand ma got her point across. Love it. LOL

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