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George Brand 1820-1872

Journal by janilye

George BRAND 1820-1872 had been sent out as a convict aboard the ship "Stag" on the 23 May 1855. Sentenced to fourteen years and was working as a labourer in the Greenough area. His wife Isabella, nee Duncan and four children arrived aboard the ship "Hamilla Mitchell" on the 6 April 1859.
George BRAND and Isabella DUNCAN 1820-1883 had married in the parish of Denny on the 10 January 1840 and had had 4 children there before George was arrested namely ; David , Isabella , Andrew and George, in 1861 son John was born in Dongara, followed by baby Irene in 1867 who did not live past infancy.
In 1867 George Brand bought 90 acres of land at Bootenal Reserve near Dongara.

The children of George BRAND and Isabella, nee DUNCAN were:-

1. David BRAND b: 1 July 1840 Denny, Stirlingshire, Scotland and died on the 9 December 1912 at Dongara, Western Australia, Australia.
David BRAND married Susan CRIDDLE 1848-1909 the daughter of William CRIDDLE 1804-1875 and Elizabeth, nee THOMAS 1822-1909 at Greenough, on the 15 September 1869.
David and Susan are both buried at the Dominican Cemetery in Dongara

The children of this marriage were:-

Elizabeth Jane BRAND 1870 ? 1932 m. Horace FAULL
George David BRAND 1871 ? 1952 m Elizabeth Sarah CLARKSON
Isabella BRAND 1873 ? 1947 m. Charles JAMES
William Henry BRAND 1875 ? 1947 m. Annie ROWLAND
Andrew James BRAND 1877 ? 1949 m. Octavia Rosa ROWLAND
Selina BRAND 1879 ? 1955 m. Robert CLARKSON
Fletcher Alderwan BRAND 1881 ? 1947 m. Lola BAYLISS
Albert John BRAND 1883?1952 m. Hilda MITCHELL on 21 Jan. 1911. The parents of Sir David BRAND 1912-1979
Eugenia Maud BRAND 1886 ? 1933 m. Forest Edwin MORRELL
Frederick Thomas BRAND 1888 ? 1953 m. Sarah May HUGHES

2. Isabella BRAND b: 13 January 1842 Denny, Stirlingshire, Scotland and died 15 July 1905 in Fremantle, at the home of her son-in-law, Arthur Randolph UREN. Isabella BRAND married Henry Fletcher WALDECK 1843-1883 the son of Frederick WALDECK 1807-1895 and Frederica Wilhelimina Louise, nee KNEIST 1811-1905 on the 5 December 1867 at Mechanics Institute, Greenough Flats, Western Australia.

The children of this marriage were:-

Frederick WALDECK 1869 ? 1939 m. Gertrude CHAPPLE
George WALDECK 1871 ? 1953 m. Annie LANE
Edwin Lowe WALDECK 1872 ? 1899 Never married.
Isabella 'Reca' Fredericka WALDECK b:1875 d: 15 May 1917 Perth. m. Methodist Minister Reverend John Robert THRUM
Henry David WALDECK 1878 ? 1918 m. Eliza Jane SMITH
Elizabeth Kniest WALDECK 1880 ? 1970 m. Arthur Randolph UREN
Clarke Laurance WALDECK 1881 ? 1884 Never married
Fletcherina WALDECK 1883 ? 1924 Never married

3.Andrew BRAND b: 20 January 1844 Denny, Stirlingshire, Scotland and died 12 September 1907 at Dongara, Western Australia. Andrew married Marion EATON nee KANE 1843-1935 an Irish immigrant arrived per "Mary Harrison" on the 24 June 1862 with sisters, Margaret KANE, Sarah KANE, Teresa KANE. the daughters of William KANE and Margaret FRIEND. The marriage Between Andrew and Marion was at Northampton in Western Australia on the 9 December 1863.

The children of this marriage were:-

Sarah BRAND 1864 ? 1866 never married
Isabella BRAND 1867 ? 1952 m. Hugh Sidney SMITH
George BRAND 1868 ? 1919 m. Ellen Elizabeth QUINLAN
Margaret Jane BRAND 1872 ? 1938 m. John George Wallis WILCOX
Marian BRAND 1874-1874 stillborn
Josephine BRAND 1874 ? d:1885 buried at Church Street Cemetery, Geraldton, Western Australia, Australia
Harriett BRAND 1878 ? 1936 m. Robert Henry WORTHINGTON
Brunette BRAND 1879 ? unknown
Andrew Duncan BRAND 1881 ? m. Muriel M DRAGE

4.George BRAND b: 2 November 1848 Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland and died 16 June 1926 at Greenough, Western Australia. George BRAND married perth born Harriett PATTERN 1856-1938 the daughter of John PATTERN and Harriett, nee ENSOR.

The children were :-

George BRAND 1872 ? xxxx m. Angelina MORGAN
Esther Daisy BRAND 1876 ? 1949 m. George Ernest MORRELL
Duncan Graham BRAND 1883 ? 1961 m. Catherine TEAHAN
Alfred John BRAND 1884 ? 1972 unknown
Fletcher Harold BRAND 1886 ? 1986 M. Ethel TIMMS
Allan BRAND 1888 ? 1889 never married

John BRAND b: 2 September 1861Dongara, Western Australia, Australia and died 22 July 1934 at Geraldton, Western Australia. John married Geraldton born Sarah Jane GOULD 1862-1930 the daughter of Edward James GOULD and Mary Jane, nee TERZWELL. John Brand and Sarah were married at Geraldton on the 15 September 1882. The children of this marriage were:-

Edward George BRAND 1883 ? 1953
Edith BRAND 1884 ? 1939 m. Reginald William FREMLIN
Maud BRAND 1886 ? 1974 m. Julius Adolph LOEPER
John Alfred BRAND 1888 ? 1956 m. Adelaide Mary ANNAKIN
Albert David BRAND 1892 ? 1966 m. Winifred Catherine MCLEAN
Forrest BRAND 1894 ? 1968 m. Jessie MCLEAN
Winifred Alice BRAND 1901 ? m. John C BUSHELL

Irene BRAND 1867 ? 1867 Stillborn

A Case of Criminal Libel 6 August 1849
Against George BRAND and Charles FORRESTER,

both lately Porters at the Larbert Station for the Scottish Central Railway Company, at Larbert, parish of Larbert, Stirlingshire.

Night of 15th and morning of 16th June 1849. Stole whiskey or spirits, property of John Henderson, spirit-merchant, Saint John Street, Perth, Scotland, or of George Dunlop & Co. distillers at Kilbagie, shire of Clackmannan, in the lawful possession of the Scottish Central railway Company, delivered to the charge of George BRAND and Charles FORRESTER.

George BRAND declares he is about 28 years of age, a Porter, now residing at Larbert, Shire of Stirling, employed at the Larbert Station of the Scottish Central Railway Company, I was there on the night of Friday, 15th when 4 puncheons of spirit were brought from Alloa and put on a truck to be sent to Perth by the goods train next morning. Charles FORRESTER and Duncan PRIMROSE were at the station that night. Shown clasp knives and half a dozen breakfast knives and forks. The Interrogated declares the cutlery was bought by my wife and me in our own house at Parkfort near Falkirk about 4 months ago. They were bought from a Hawker. The smaller clasp knives got at a wheel of fortune at Falkirk F.... Thurs.... in May last. Also shown a book, entitled: "Elizabeth and the Exiles of Siberia".

Notes on the "STAG"

Stag - arrived in WA in 1855

This 678 ton barque was built at Sunderland in 1842. It was employed as a convict transport for Western Australia and left London, England on February 5, 1855 bound for the Swan River Colony.
She carried the
fourteenth of 37 shipments of male convicts destined for Western Australia. The voyage took 107 days and the Stag arrived in Fremantle on May 23, 1855 with 89 passengers and 255 convicts [Erickson]. H.N. Clarke and Jos. Caldwell were the captain and surgeon respectively.
There were no deaths recorded on the convict shipping and description
lists and 225 convict numbers were assigned for the voyage ranging from (3220 to 3444). The [Erickson] figure of 255 convicts would seem to be a typographical error and the [Bateson] account also varies with a claimed that 225 convicts embarked and only 224 arrived. Of the 89 passengers mentioned above, all 89 were pensioner guards and
their families, the number being made up of 30 pensioner guards, 24 wives, 17 sons and 18 daughters.
A copy of H.N. Clarke's captain's log for the voyage is preserved in the Battye Library in Perth, Western Australia. Researchers can only view it in Perth.

Recommended reading "New Horizons". In Erickson, Rica (ed). The Brand on His Coat. Nedlands, Western Australia: University of Western Australia Press

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