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George TATTLE oldest living native of Wellington 1917

Journal by ngairedith

GEORGE TATTLE (1842-1917) was the 6th (& first New Zealand born child) of John & Ann TATTLE who had emigrated to New Zealand from Somerset, England on board the London, arriving 1 May 1842.

George was born in Wellington on 28 July 1842, 12 weeks after their arrival.
He married Mary Ann TYLER (1853-1928) in 1867
Wellington Independent, 3 December 1867
... TATTLE-TYLER - On November 30, at St Peter's Church, Willis street, by the Rev A. Stock B.A., George Tattle, to Mary Ann Tyler

They had 12 children:
... 1
1869 - 1957 George Albert Tattle
Evening Post, 23 January 1869 On the 22nd instant, at her residence, Ingestre-street, the wife of Mr George Tattle, of a son. By Feb 1876 George was attending the Wesleyan School in Dixon street (Te Aro).
- George married Mary Elizabeth ? (1869-1956)
- they had 5 (known) children:
* 1897 - 1959 Olive Jean Tattle
- Olive married Harold John NASH in 1923
* 1899 - Elsie May Tattle
- Elsie married John Neild DAVIES in 1918
- * see the wedding below
* 1901 - 1952 Miriam Edith Tattle
- Miriam married George Emil HOFFMANN (1895-1981) in 1927
* 1906 - George Albert Tattle
- George married Helen Lavinia HARVEY (1895-1978) in 1926
* 1912 - 2004 Maurice Blackmore Tattle


... 2
1870 - 1950 William Tyler Tattle
Evening Post, 7 November 1870
... On the 6th inst., the wife of Mr George Tattle, of a son
* in 1894 he was in Bankruptcy in Wellington
New Zealand Herald, 26 January 1894 An application will be made to the Chief Justice in Chambers to-morrow to adjudge bankrupt William T. Tattle, formerly in business in manners-street, as ironmonger, who is supposed to be now on his way to South America, by the s.s. Rimutaka. The debtor's liabilities are stated to amount to something like ?750 ($136,500 today), and his assets represented by stock left in the shop are valued at between ?200 and ?300
* in 1900 William was in Cookernup, West Australia when he married Edith Alice MITCHELL (1875-1063) from Albany
- they had 3 daughters:
* 1905 - 2004 Mary Edith Tattle
- Mary married William Gladstone DEWAR (1905-1986) of Gingin in 1944
* 1910 - 1996 Gwendoline Winifred Frances Tattle
- Gwendoline lived in Northam, she died aged 86
* 1914 - 2000 Margaret Augusta Tattle
- Margaret married Reginald DARCH (1904-1990) of Perth in Perth 1935
* 1903-1907 William was living in Picton, Bunbury, West Australia
* 1910-1925 he was in Dundas, (between Norseman & South Australian border)
* 1931 he was in Perth
* 1936-1950 he was in Claremont, Perth
WILLIAM died in Perth 27 March 1950 aged 80
- he is memorialised at Rose Gardens Karrakatta


... 3
1873 - 1957 Minnie Adeline Tattle
- Minnie married James SEARLE in 1903 (11 weeks before sister Rosina)
Evening Post, 8 August 1903 MINNIES MARRIAGE
... SEARLE-TATTLE - On Wednesday, 5th August, at the residence of the parents of the bride, Lipman-street, by the Rev W. C. Oliver, James Searle to Minnie Adeline, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Tattle
- their known children:
* 1904 - 1984 Roland James Searle
* 1905 - ? Mary Gardiner Searle


... 4
1874 - Rosina Ann Tattle
- Rosina married Charles John Boyd NORWOOD in 1903
Evening Post, 23 October 1903 ROSINA'S MARRIAGE
... NORWOOD-TATTLE - On 22nd October, at the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev T. W. Newbold, Charles John, youngest son of the late John Boyd Norwood, of Gympie, Queensland to Rosina Ann, second daughter of Mr and Mrs Geo. Tattle, Kent-terrace
- they had 4 known children:
* 1905 - Eileen Marion Norwood
* 1907 - 2000 Walter Neville Norwood (born 14 July, twin with George)
* 1907 - 1915 George Boyd Norwood
Evening Post, 15 November 1915 NORWOOD - On the 12th November 1915 at 32 Brougham-street, George Boyd Norwood, beloved son of Chas. J. B. Norwood; aged 8 years. He sweetly smiled and calmly said, 'Suffer the little children to come unto Me'
* 1909 - Edna Caldwell Norwood
Charles Norwood was knighted in 1937 and Rosina became Lady Norwood. The 'Lady Norwood Rose Garden' at the Wellington Botanic Garden is named in her honour


... 5
1876 - 1891 John Charles Tattle
The Friends of Mr George Tattle are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of his late son, John Charles, which will leave his residence, 8 Lipman-street (Mt Victoria), on Monday afternoon, at 3 o'clock


... 6
1879 - Mary Evangeline Blackmore 'Eva' Tattle
- Eva married Edward John BETHELL 8 July 1914
Evening Post, 13 July 1914 A quiet but pretty wedding was solemnised by the Rev J.G. Chapman at the residence of Mr George Tattle, 18 Kent-terrace, the bride being Eva, third daughter of Mr and Mrs G. tattle and the bridegroom Mr Edward John Bethell, son of the late Mr John Bethell of Wellington. The bride, who was given away by her father, was becomingly attired in a blue broche valour costume, with a smart black and white moire hat, and was attended by Miss Jessie Simmons of Masterton as chief bridesmaid. She was charming in a cream frock with a smart Parisian hat. Two little nieces of the bride - Miss Eileen Norwood and Miss Ida Searle - followed, in dainty white embroidered frocks. The best man was Mr A. Meliss Stuart of Wellington. The mother of the bride was smartly gowned in a fawn cloth costume, relieved with black and wore a handsome black plumed hat. The happy couple left by motor enroute for the North


... 7
1881 - 1973 Frederick James Tattle
- Frederick served in the South African 'Boer' War as Sergeant 7504 with the North Island Regiment H Squadron, 9th Contingent & WWI as Quartermaster Sergeant 10/2330 with the 5th Reinforcements. He embarked 13 June 1915, 2 weeks after his brother Philip was killed at Gallipoli. His wife, Mary Madge Tattle, was next of kin c/o the Nurses Home at the Auckland Publice Hospital. He enlisted from Saint John's Hill, Wanganui, as a Commercial Traveller
- he married Mary Madge PITT in 1910
New Zealand Herald, 4 May 1910 FREDERICK'S MARRIAGE
... TATTLE-PITT - On March 29, at St Peter's Church, Onehunga, by the Rev Canon Haselden, Frederick James, third son of Mr George Tattle, Wellington, to Mary Madge, second daughter of the late Captain John Pitt, Onehunga.
- Mary passed her Nurses State examination in March 1919
- In 1920 he was the manager of the Dominion Motors Ltd., Gloucester street, Christchurch


... 8
1883 - 1970 Oswald Frank Tattle
- Frank's engagement to Jean Eunice Lois GIBBONS (1884-1946) of Auckland was announced on 7 Jan 1915. They were married on 26 Oct 1915


... 9
1885 - 1958 Edith Florence Tattle
- Edith married Harold Edward PITHER (1885-1960) at her father's residence, Lipman street, 12 Dec 1911. They were living in Masterton in 1928
- in May 1935 Harold, of Queen street Masterton, was appointed a JP
- on July 16 1936 Harold was a bookseller of Masterton when he was a witness to an accident on the Main Road at Taita. He told the Lower Hutt Court: ... he was driving a motor-car about 7.45pm from Wellington to Masterton. When he was nearing the Taita store he saw the lights of an approaching motor-car and then he heard a crash. He got out of his car and found a man (William John Cowley) lying on the road with blood pouring out of a wound in his head. A cycle was lying nearby. The other car stopped and the driver, Chandos Rough (1891-1964) , helped him to carry the man into the store, where he died. The crash he heard was caused by Rough's car hitting the cyclise. Witness did not see the lights of the cyclist before the accident. His own lights were dipped when he went to start the car again, but whether this was done before or after the accident he could not say.
Edith Florence Pither, the wife of the previous witness, said that she did not see the cyclist before the accident. She had been dipping the lights for her husband, and on this occasion they were afterwards found to be dipped, but she could not say whether this was done before or after the accident.
Mary Lydia Pither, the daughter of the two previous witnesses, who was sitting in the back seat of the car, said that she saw the lights of a cyclist, but only immediately before the collision.
(outcome was the Mr H. P. Lawry, S.M., decided it was the cyclist's fault, he did not think he would be justified in putting the Crown to the expense of a trial and all charges were dismissed but he fined Mr Rough 10s for not having a driving license)


... 10
1888 - 1915 Philip Gardiner Tattle
- Philip was the Schoolmaster at Longbush (South Wairarapa). He served in WWI as Lance Corporal 10/246. He was killed in action at Gallipoli 29 April 1915
Otago Daily Times, 28 June 1915 CORPORAL TATTLE
... Corporal Philip Gardiner Tattle, well known in Wellington and the Wairarapa was the sixth son of Mr George Tattle, who retired some few years back from the position of superintending overseer at the Government Printing Office, and is one of Wellington's oldest residents, having been born in this city in 1842.
The deceased was within days (born 26 May 1888) of his twenty-seventh birthday, and was educated at Clyde Quay School, Wellington College, and Victoria College. He had for the last six years been sole teacher at the Longbush (Wairarapa) School, previous to which he received his training at the Normal School. During that period he had made a large circle of friends, mainly on account of his genial disposition and manly qualities. His elder brother, Quartermaster-sergeant, Frederick James Tattle, left the other Saturday with the Fifth Reinforcements, receiving news of his brother's death a few hours before sailing. Up to the time of enlisting he was in the service of the Wanganui firm of Messrs Hatrick and Co., previous to which he was with the firm of Messrs Aitken, Wilson and Co., Wellington and Wanganui districts


... 11
1890 - Walter Leonard Tattle
- Walter married Eileen Constance GRAVE in 1920
Dominion, 21 February 1920 WALTER'S WEDDING
... The wedding took place at St Paul's Pro-Cathedral on February 17 of Miss Eileen Constance Grave, younest daughter of the late Mr and Mrs Ivatt Graves (Wellington), to Mr Walter Leonard Tattle, seventh son of Mrs M. A. Tattle and the late Mr George Tattle (Wellington). The ceremony was performed by the Rev Archdeacon Johnson. The bride, who was given away by her brother, Mr H. Graves, wore a frock of shell pink satin and cream net, trimmed with hand-made lace. The train of cream net was lined with pale pink ninon and ornamented with pearls. The veil was fastened with orange blossoms. A bouquet of pink carnations and cream roses was carried. Miss Gladys Armstrong was bridesmaid and wore a frock of lemon-coloured georgette with a powder blue swathed belt and a black panne hat. Mr A. H. Tattle was best man. The ceremony was witnessed by many friends and relatives, and a reception was afterwards held at "The Pines," in Dufferin Street, the residence of Mrs C. B. Norwood, sister of the bridegroom. Mrs V. Bell, sister of the bride, with Mrs M. A. Tattle, mother of the bridegroom, and Mrs Norwood, received the guests and the customary toasts were honoured.
Later, the bride and bridegroom left for the South Island. Mrs Tattle wearing a fawn gabardine-costume with a Wedgwood blue beaver hat


... 12
1895 - 1920 Arthur Herbert Tattle
- Arthur didn't marry
- he died in Sydney by being hit by an aeroplane aged 25
Evening Post, 11 September 1920
... Business and musical circles in Wellington will feel genuine regret at the news which reached Wellington yesterday afternoon of the death of Mr Arthur H. Tattle, manager of the Dominion Motors, Ltd. Mr tattle had been some weeks way on a business trip in Australia and yesterday Mr C. B. Norwood, managing director of Dominion Motors Lts., received cable message from Sydney that Mr Tattle had died from the effects of injuries received through an aeroplane accident. Apparently he was endeavouring to photograph a landing aeroplane on the Mascot Aerodrome, when one of the wings of the machine struck him on the head. He died a few minutes after admission to hospital. The late Mr Tattle was only a young man, born in Wellington and unmarried. He was respected in business circles as a man of high integrity and freat ability and as an enthusiastic motorist he was recognised as one of the best drivers in New Zealand. he was also very well known in local musical circles as an accompanist of considerable merit, and was a very popular member of the Commercial Travellers Club.
The deceased was a son of the late Mr George tattle, at one time supervising overseer of the Government Printing Office. He is survived by his mother who is an old and respected resident of Wellington and a number of brothers and sisters. Councillor C. B. Norwood was a brother-in-law of deceased.
The remains of the late Mr Tattle will be brought to New Zealand for internment

Evening Post, 17 July 1876 TO LET, a new Four-roomed Cottage, with scullery, garden, &c; Leamington range in kitchen. Apply to George Tattle, Victoria Place, off Ghuznee-street, near St Peter's Church
That cottage was regularly being advertised to let every year. It was still to let in 1889 but George was now living in Lipman-street.

Evening Post, 16 August 1890
... TO LET, in Victoria-street, Petone, Cottage of three rooms and scullery (artesian water). at present occupied by Lieutenant Dawson, Salvation Army. Apply Mrs Carey, Fitzherbert-street, or George Tattle, Lipman-street, Wellington
In 1891 George was on the Clyde-quay school committee

Evening Post, 11 March 1895
... The Sydney and Auckland representatives at the swimming championship meeting in Christchurch arrived in Wellington yesterday, and were taken for a drive to Island Bay by the officers of the Wellington Swimming Club. On returning, they were the guests of Mr and Mrs George Tattle at Lipman-street. They go North by the Mahinapua this afternoon

* In August 1898 George was in London visiting the Agency-General

* On 20 Feb 1902 George was appointed a Justice of the Peace. He was then living at Oroua (Oroua was a parliamentary electorate in the Manawatu-Wanganui region 1902-1938)

* In March 1909 George retired from 42 years with the Government Printing Office (superintending overseer). His annual salary was revealed as having been ?260 ($41,250 in 2013)

GEORGE TATTLE died 7 Oct 1917 aged 75.
He had been the oldest living native of Wellington
Wanganui Chronicle, 8 October 1917

... Mr George Tattle, father of Mr G. A. Tattle, of Awanui, died at his residence in Wellington on Thursday eveing last, at the age of 75 years. Mr Tattle was one of the first white children born in Wellington, was apprenticed to the printing trade at the office of the "Wellington Independent" and for very many years was a foreman printer in the Government office
Auckland Star, 8 October 1917

... Mr George Tattle, who has just died at Wellington, was one of the first European children born in that town 75 years ago. Mr and Mrs Tattler were within one month of celebrating the jubilee of their wedding. He is survived by his widow, six sons and four daughters. One son was killed at Gallipoli
Press, 8 October 1917

... There are very few of the early settlers in Wellington left to recall the incident of the great tidal wave which swept the shores of the southern part of the North Island almost seventy years ago (says the "Post"). Striking recollections of the occurrence are brought to mind by the death of the late Mr George Tattle. The deceased's brother-in-law, the late Captain Carey, was engaged in the coastal service, and on one of his trips in the Young Creek he took with him George Tattle, then a little boy. The party had been unloading stores along the coast into an old shed, which was the best storage accommodation of that time, when the boy fell asleep. The roar of the tidal wave was heard approaching - the Young Creek's crew made for the hills in the fury of the moment quiet overlooking the fact that the boy was asleep in the old building. The waves swept everything before it, including the old building, and two dogs that had been tied to stakes driven well into the sand were drowned. George Tattle, in some extraordinary manner, had become entangled in the dog chains and was left high and dry when the water receded. Notwithstanding his miraculous escape, the charm of the water was very great to Mr Tattle, for he lived to be one of the enthusiastic yachtsmen of the early days.
Colonist, 9 October 1917

... The death has occurred of Mr George Tattle, at the age of 75, one of the oldest locally born residents of Wellington. He leaves a family of six sons and four daughters. The deceased was connected with the Government Printing Office for 40 years and retired recently from the position of general overseer. He took a great interest in the Botanical Gardens and the City reserves and for many years was a prominent member of the Victoria Bowling Club. In November he would have celebrated his fiftieth year of married life. His wife survives him. One fact in relation to his career worthy of mention is that he was one of those who took part in the Hokitika gold rush in the early days
Free Lance, 12 October 1917

... An impressive tribute was paid at the Victoria Bowling Club Green on Saturday last to the memory of late member George Tattle. Play had been in progress for some time when soon after afternoon tea President W. E. Jackson requested every member to pause exactly where he stood for just three minutes in complete silence. Instantly every bowler became transfixed just as if a hypnotist had suddenly mesmerised him. It was a strange and striking spectacle

*Free Lance, 5 September 1918 ELSIE'S WEDDING
... A very pretty wedding was that of Mr J. N. Davies, sixth son of Mr and Mrs Davies, Wanganui East, to Miss Elsie Tattle, second daughter of Mr and Mrs G. A. Tattle, 'Rangimarie," Gonville. The marriage was celebrated by the Rev Blamires, and took place at the residence of the bride's parents.
The bride was given away by her father and wore a white silk frock, black crepe de chine hat and carried a bouquet of fresias. Miss Olive Tattle, sister of the bride, was maid of honour. She wore cr?me gabardine with a pink and grey hat and carried pink flowers. A tiny little sprite, Miss Rita Muir (niece of the bridegroom) looked dainty in white net with pink and blue ribbons, and she was accompanied by Master Maurice Tattle, the bride's small brother. Mr D. Davies was best man.
Miss Dorothy Davies played the Wedding March and it was a jolly party - all relatives - that sat down to the wedding breakfast.
Among the guest were Mrs George Tattle, Wellington, grandmother of the bride, Mr and Mrs Davies, parents of the bridegroom, Mrs Searle and Mr and Mrs Norwood, Wellington, Mrs Muir, Melbourne, aunt of the bridegroom

MARY ANN TATTLE died 5 February 1928 aged 75
Evening Post, 6 February 1928

... A well-known and highly esteemed pioneer resident of Wellington, Mrs George Tattle, passed away at the residence of her eldest son, Mr G. A. Tattle of Christchurch, on Sunday evening. Mrs Tattle landed in New Zealand by the sailing vessel 'Ida Zeigler' in 1864 (into Auckland). She was a kindly and generous woman and took part in her own quiet way in many activities in Wellington for the well being of the community. Mrs Tattle was one of the earliest presidents of the W.C.T.U., and also one of the original members of the executive of the Mothers' Union inaugurated by lady Glasgow. Mrs Tattle was predeceased by her husband, Mr George T. Tattle, some 10 years ago, The surviving members of her family are: Mr G. A. Tattle (Christchurch), Mr W. L. Tattle (Perth), Mrs James Searle, Mrs C. B. Norwood, Mrs L. W. Tattle and Mrs Bethell (all of Wellington), Mr S. J. Tattle (Norfolk Island), Mr F. O. Tattle (Melbourne), and Mrs H. E. Pither (Masterton). One son, Mr Philip G. Tattle was killed at Gallipoli, and Mrs Tattle's youngest son was killed in an aeroplane accident at Sydney. The deceased lady was always keenly interested in all work for women and children and among the many generous actions of her lifetime, she bought, just after the war, at a time when it was impossible to rent a house, a residence which made it possible for the Women's National Reserve to start its work with the Residential Nursery. By buying the house and leasing it to the W.N.R., Mrs Tattle prevented any 'hold-up' of the work, and although the Reserve ultimately bought the property, her action at the time was very greatly appreciated. She was made a life member of the reserve in 1921. Another work in which Mrs Tattle was considerably interested was the British and Foreign Bible Society and she contributed substantially to the new bible house in Balance street

GEORGE & MARY ANN are buried together plot 84a.K at Bolton street cemetery

Lady Rosina Ann Norwood

4th child of George & Mary Tattle
from the site Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington

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by rip1944 on 2013-06-06 01:32:28

Hi Ngaire Edith

Can you confirm for me that George TATTLE claimed to be the "Oldest Living Native of Wellington" on the basis that he was still living there in 1917?

The reason for my query is that he was not, of course, the oldest person born in Port Nicholson who was still alive, so I would like to understand his claim.

My Great-granduncle, Thomas ROGERS/RODGERS was born in Pit-one, Port Nicholson 29 Feb 1840, his parents, Charles ROGERS/RODGERS & Cecilia Eliza (nee HERBERT), having arrived on the "Oriental" on 31 Jan 1840. Thomas received a grant of 50 acres of land for being the first child born in Port Nicholson (when "Wellington" was known as "Britannia"), but in the late 1870s settled in Manawatu. He died in Palmerston North in 1933.

Personal: thank you for the large amount of very useful data which you upload. It has proved very useful in my research: I seem to find some connection every week or so.


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