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Journal by janilye

Inhabitants of the Colony asked to produce their proof of freedom.
A certificate proved you had done your time and therefore all your rights
and privileges as a free citizen were restored. These certificates should
have been carried at all times and produced when asked by the authorities

.......Secretary's Office, Sydney,
.......16th November, 1816
WHEREAS, during the late General Muster of the
Inhabitants of this Colony, several Persons who had
originally come into it as Convicts reported
themselves at the said Muster as free, either by
Servitude or by Pardon, or as being allowed to
employ themselves for their own Benefit by the
special Permission of His EXCELLENCY the
GOVERNOR; and whereas several of the Persons
who thus reported themselves did not produce
any Certificate, Free Pardon, Emancipation,
or Ticket of Leave, without which the Truth
of their said Statements could not be satisfactorily
ascertained; and there being much Reason
to believe that Imposition is frequently practiced
in this Respect, the Names of those Persons who
at the late Muster did not produce any Certificate,
Free Pardon, Emancipation, or Ticket of Leave,
but who represented themselves absolutely
free, or conditionally so, by Virtue of one or
other of the above named Documents, is now
published, in Order that each of these Persons
may be apprised that unless he or she do, in, the
Course of Six Months from the present Day, obtain
at the Secretary's Office, either a certified Copy
of such Certificate, Free Pardon, Emancipation,
or Ticket of Leave, as they represented
themselves to have been once possessed of in
the Event of his or her having actually lost the
Original, they will be considered as Impostors,
and immediately recalled to Government Work
as Convicts still under the Sentence of the Law.
No. Name. Ship came in. Residence. Occupation.
1. Richard Hawke, Alexander, Sydney
2. Anthony Rope, ditto, Castler. Landholder
3. John Cross, ditto, Port H. ditto
4. Mary Clark, ditto 2d., Sydney
5. John Glade, Atlantic, ditto
6. James Hague, ditto, Windsor, Landholder
7. Richard Ridge, ditto, Hawksbury (1771-1842)
8. Christ. Dodding, ditto, ditto
9. Richard Verrier, Active, Sydney
10. Timothy Doyle, Nepean, smith
11. James Higgins, ditto, Hawksbury
12. John McEwen, ditto, Liverpool
13. John Taylor, Albemarle, Windsor
14. James Sutherland, ditto Hawksbury
15. John Brown, ditto, Hawksbury
16. Owen Hobson, Ann, ditto -
17. John Campbell, ditto 1st. Liverpool
18. William Aldridge, A. Barrington, Richmond Landholder.
19. Benjamin Elton, ditto, Wilberforce
20. William Reynolds, ditto, Hawksbury
21. Joseph Hunt, Barwell, Sydney
22. Thomas North, ditto, Richmond.
23. John Caton, Boddington, Hawksbury.
24. James Kenny, ditto, Liverpool
25. Mary A. Parker, Canada, Sydney
26. Thos. Douglass, ditto 1st, Hawksbury
27. James Kibby, ditto 1st, Liverpool
28. John Dugan, Coromand., Nepean, Landholder
29. Wm. Stevens, ditto, Pitt Town
30. Timothy Webb, ditto, Windsor
31. William Webb, ditto, Hawksbury
32. Jonas Mordecai, ditto, ditto -
33. Joseph Smith, ditto, ditto -
34. Richard Holland, D. of Portland, ditto, Landholder
35. John Williams, ditto, Wilberforce, laborer
36. John McKenzie, ditto, Hawksbury
37. Thomas. Getham, ditto, ditto -
38. Thomas Knight, E. Cornwal., Richmond, laborer
39. Thomas Rudd, ditto, Liverpool.
40. Patrick Mason Friendship Hawksbury. Landholder
41. James Timmens ditto Richmond, Landholder
42. Roger Twyfield ditto Hawksbury
43. Hugh McAvoy Glatton Sydney -
44. Joseph Oners ditto Windsor Landh.
45. Mark Doolan Gambier 1st. Sydney
46. Peter Patullo, Ganges, ditto -
47. Samuel Stevens, ditto, Richmd. -
48. John Fitsgerald, Hillsboro', Sydney -
49. Robert Ritchie, Hercules, Castler. Landh.
50. Stephen Dunn, ditto, Pitt Town -
51. Martha Eaton Lad. Penryn Sydney -
52. Thos. Woolton Minorca ditto -
53. John Hewitt Minerva Windsor laborer
54. John Everett ditto Hawksb. -
55. Joseph Burrows ditto ditto -
56. Nicholas Crosbie, M. Cornwa., Windsor, Landh.
5 7. Robert Allen ditto Richmond
58. John Riley, ditto, Hawksbury
59. Michael Balf ditto ditto -
60. Wm. Horsford Matilda ditto -
61. John Booth ditto Port H. -
62. Henry Hyam ditto Hawksbury
63. Steph. Richardson ditto Richmond. Landholder.
64. Daniel Phillips ditto Hawksbury
65. Adam Bell ditto ditto -
66. Isaac Farmer, Neptune, Wilberforce
67. Thomas Eager or Heather, ditto Hawksbury (Thomas Eather 1764-1827)
68. Wm. Mackey ditto Richmond
69. Dan. Anshutz ditto Hawksbury
70. James O'Neille, Pitt Sydney -
71. Rd. Hammett ditto ditto -
72. James Higgins ditto ditto -
73. Alex. Cumberbech ditto ditto -
74. Joseph Pearce ditto Richmond Landholder
75. John May ditto ditto ditto
76. Thomas Brown ditto Hawksbury
77. Matthew Elkins, Perseus, Windsor, shoemaker
78. Joseph Butler, ditto Wilberforce
79. J. Mainwright, ditto Hawksbury
80. Wm. McDonald, Queen, Pitt Town Landholder
81. F. McLawrence, Queen, Richmd. sawyer
82. Catherine Evans, Royal Admiral. Sydney ?
83. Thomas Pateman, ditto 1st ditto -
84. William Green, ditto Brokenb. Limeburner
85. Donald Kennedy, ditto Castler. Landh.
86. Richard Willis, ditto Pitt Town ditto
87. William Ezzey, ditto Windsor ditto (1768-1830)
88. Henry Rochester ditto Richmond
89. John Norman ditto Windsor -
90. Henry Tredaway, ditto Hawksbury.
91. James Dunn Royal Admiral ditto -
92. Thomas Tailby, ditto Liverpool. (1767-1823)
93. John Summers, ditto 2nd., Windsor ferryman
94. Patrick Byrne, Rolla Wilberforce.
95. Cornelius Lyons ditto sydney -
96. James Bradley, Scarborough, Sydney
97. Robert. Forrester ditto Windsor, Landholder (1758-1827)
98. Richard Hagley, ditto Hawksbury
99. William Smith, ditto ditto -
100. Thomas Glaves, ditto ditto -
101. Wm. Hubbard, ditto ditto -
102. James. Ruse, ditto ditto -
103. James. Spooner, Salamander Sydney
104. Jos. Welstead ditto Hawksbury.
105. William Pimblett, Surprise, Sydney
106. William Knight, ditto Port H. Landh.
107. Simon Freebody, ditto Windsor ditto
108. Edw. Woodham, ditto Richmond
109. John Sullivan Sugar cane ditto Hawksbury
110. James Knowland, ditto Hawksbury
111. Charles Barwick, Wm & Ann Sydney
112. L. Wetherhead ditto Hawksbury. Landholder
113. Thomas Noble - Liverpool -
114. John Hopkins - ditto -
115. Roger Fletcher - ditto -
116. John Masterson - ditto -
And the foregoing Persons are hereby Apprised, that the proper
Time to apply at the Secretary's Office for the obtaining any of
the above Documents, is the first Monday in each Month.
........By Command of His Excellency,
...............J. T. CAMPBELL, Secretary.

The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser (NSW )
Saturday 16 November 1816
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