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Grier/Greer/luddington Family

Journal by brandy3434

I am doing research on John Grier son of William b ab 1814 & Eliza Jane (McBeath)b ab 1862,m 1888 to Eliza Ann Luddington (ex New York) and emigrated to New Zealand 1889/1890.
John and wife Eliza came to New Zealand with John's father William from Donegal Ireland.
John's two sisters one called (Annie) also came to New Zealand before April 1895 together but I am having a great deal of trouble finding who the other sister was and what year they both came out to New Zealand and what ship they came over on.
I have found out quite a lot on Annie Grier which I am more than happy to pass on.When John,Eliza and William lived in Ireland their surname was spelt GRIER but when they registered with the shipping company it was entered as GREER which they kept when they came to live in NZ.
Hope someone can help me.

Cheryl (NZ)

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on 2013-04-30 07:36:29

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by ngairedith on 2013-04-30 07:50:10

hello brandy,

just checking if you are sure Eliza travelled with them?

by ngairedith on 2013-04-30 07:57:38

where did they settle brandy?

by brandy3434 on 2013-04-30 08:18:48

Hi ngairedith, I have the shipping list showing that John,Eliza and John's father William came over together but the sisters where not on the shipping list.I was also told that John and Eliza first child William was born in Ireland and came over as a wee baby but he wasn't shown on the shipping list but because of his age he may not have been shown.Not sure why baby William wasn't shown.
They settled in Romahapa,Otago.NZ


by ngairedith on 2013-04-30 08:22:23

thanks Cheryl,
which ship was it?

by brandy3434 on 2013-04-30 08:32:01

Hi ngairedith.They came out on the TONGARIRO SHIP in 1890.Ireland to Wellington.
Are you also connected to this family.

by ngairedith on 2013-04-30 08:36:27

no, I'm not connected, just interested to see if we can find the other sister, so the more info I have to work with the quicker and easier it will be

by brandy3434 on 2013-04-30 08:49:48

It would be great for some help.I have only been doing this for 2yrs so I am still learning what sites to go to.I was told her name was Margaret but couldn't find any marriage/death.
I sent for Annie's marriage certificate 26th April 1895 thinking that the witness may be her sister.It showed a Marion Thompson but that didn't help.It could be that I wasn't looking in the right place.
The info I was sent from a relative said"
William (father) was survived by daughters aged 41 & 38 and a son (John) aged 36.
I (relative) would like to trace the 2 daughters of the William Grier.I 'suspect' that they also migrated to new Zealand,possibly at the same time as John or another ship but together.
Please let me know if you still need more info

by ngairedith on 2013-04-30 09:00:05

well, the only passenger list of the Steamer Tongariro (9 Sep 1890 via Hobart) that I can find has all the passengers, 105 to New Zealand, except the 23 steerage :)
But that is not important now. Were they Farmers?

by ngairedith on 2013-04-30 09:04:54

William didn't have the Gore Hotel did he? (a William Greer did) that would make for interesting research

by ngairedith on 2013-04-30 09:15:57

John Greer was born in Ireland about 1862
- he died in Dunedin 13 Jan 1934 aged 71

his wife Elizabeth was born about 1875 in New York
- she died in Dunedin 16 October 1944 aged 69
they are buried together Plot 75, Block 116 at Andersons Bay cemetery

BUT, Elizabeth's surname was Graham at burial so, either she remarried or I have the wrong ones

by brandy3434 on 2013-04-30 09:15:59

John's father was an elderly man (75yrs) when he came to NZ and John's son William was a gardener when he died (53yrs).
That is the correct Steamer but I carn't find how they went from Wellington to Romahapa.I think they must have gone on another ship heading for Port Chalmers.I am not good at finding Shipping Lists.Plus what ship did the girls get on to come to NZ?

by brandy3434 on 2013-04-30 09:22:52

Hi,No you have the correct family.Eliza remarried after John died but was buried with John when she died.Eliza and John had 14 childred and they all survived.My Nana was one of the 14 children.
I found 1880 censors for New York showing Eliza Luddington and she was boarding with a family so I'm not sure what happened to Eliza's parents Annie and Thomas Luddington as they seem to vanish of the face of the earth.

by ngairedith on 2013-04-30 09:29:09

ok, I have his son, William Greer, born in Ireland about 1890, coming to NZ about 1890, being a Gardener, married Susan SUTHERLAND in 1920, living at 11 Bay View Road, Dunedin, died 27 April 1943 aged 53
Susan was born in NZ in 1899 and died in Balclutha 20 Dec 1960 aged 69
- they are buried together Plot 126, Block 147 at Andersons Bay cemetery

this seems like the long way round to get to the sisters (and it is), but just building up a family picture. This extra info may also be recognised by someone who KNOWS who they were and they will be able to help. Because all this info goes straight to google, the more you add here the more can be found by anyone doing a google search

we will eventually get to the sisters and their ship

by brandy3434 on 2013-04-30 09:44:14

Ok will go through all my info that I have found and will put it all together tomorrow.I have already found the same info that you have also found but least I know I am on the right track.I have found a lot to do with John's sister Annie like her marriage,childred and who they married. Thank you for your help tonight.Hope to keep in touch with you.

by ngairedith on 2013-04-30 10:15:33

Annie married William CHAPMAN & they are also buried Dunedin

then I found this looking for the Grier family

by brandy3434 on 2013-05-01 22:56:15

Hi ngairedith.I clicked on to "looking for the Grier family" and Graham is my cousion who got me started looking into the Greer family.
Graham found quite a lot of family information and I have found most from when they arrived in NZ and all the marriages but we are still stuck on;
Who is Annie's and John's other sister
What ship and year did Annie/sister come to New Zealand

by dtmacmillan on 2017-09-14 00:33:51

Hi. This is so interesting. Can you help Me. My name is Deanne MacMillan and my grandmother was Minnie Gladys Greer, but she went by Gladys Marie. She was one of the 14 children by John and Elizabeth. She married my Grandfather Radaslav Ban. I can not find any information on her. My Aunties, Rosaline and Lorraine also do not know much about their Mum. My dad was Warren Ban but he passed away 26 years ago. I have just started doing but other than the information I have got from your comments I have nothing else. I would love more information. Thanks.

by brandy3434 on 2017-09-18 09:37:53

Hi Deanne.I am so pleased to hear from you and yes you are certainly with the correct family.I haven't researched into your Grandmother but I will be able to tell you a bit about John and Elizabeth.
I have some papers which I can get to you but I can tell you this about your Grandparents.

Gladys Marie Greer (b.1909-Romahapa,Otago,New Zealand;d 11 Mar 1964-Auckland)

sp:Radoslav Ban (b.1901-P,Yugoslavia;m.15 Dec 1947;d. 4 Mar 1968-Auckland)

Gladys was the 13th child of John and Eliza (Elizabeth) and the information I have on your Grandmother is that she was born and registered Gladys Marie so was Minnie a nickname?.
I can check that if you wish.
I can give you a lot more on Eliza,John and John's father William and sister/s
I have found that none or most of the 14 children seemed to never pass on any of their upbringing to their children so it had been quite hard to find out much once they came to NZ but I will help you as much as possible especially with
Gladys .
Do you have an e-mail or phone number

Carn't wait to hear from you

Cheryl (braandy3434)
Do you live in Aussie

by dtmacmillan on 2017-09-28 21:56:51

Thank you Cheryl. No I am in Auckland. macdeanne at hotmail dot com.
The family is a mystery. I have also come across a Margaret Scott (born Greer) born in 1795 - 1881. She was born in Donegal and died in Ponsonby. I wonder if she was Williams sister. She only has her husband's and childrens names, no siblings.

by dtmacmillan on 2017-09-28 22:22:32

My Aunty Lorraine (Gladys daughter) said she was Minnie Glady when she was born, but changed her name to Gladys Marie. She was Gladys Marie when she married my granddad. He died on my first birthday. She was also born March 10 1916 but for some reason it was put down different. She also had my Aunty Colleen (McHattie) who lives in Lower Hutt, who she put up for adoption. She was not my Granddads. I think that is how they found out her real birth date. I was talking to Aunty Lorraine about it but she was just so confused, as she has different stories and different dates on lots of differnt pieces of paper.

by brandy3434 on 2017-10-25 08:04:04

Hi Deanne
Did you receive my e-mail that I sent you a a few weeks ago.
I am not good on computers and wondered if I lost it in transit.
I would love to skype you or ring you as I am interested in talking to you about Margaret Scott(nee Greer).I have spent months trying to find Johns other sister who I was told was a Margaret and kept coming to a dead end.His other sister I found Annie.

by dtmacmillan on 2017-10-31 00:11:47

Hi Cheryl. No I didn't receive anything. I had to spell out my address because they won't post it if I don't. I don't know anything about Margaret Scott (nee Greer). I think I read on Greame Humprey's post that the other sister might be called Margaret, so I just found a Margaret Greer with the hope it be someone to look into. I think Donegal is a big place so the chances are it won't be her. I found this information below on another post. I'm not sure who her parents are. It is interesting.

My great great grandfather Thomas luddington was a taylor in Brooklyn, kings,NY. Origin England. Thomas Luddingtons death cert. states he died 7th April 1875 Health Department of the city of NY 8514 Certificate no 203614
Place of burial - City cemetry on the 9th of April 1875. My great great grandmother was Annie Luddington- maiden name McConnell. Their daughter -
My great grandmother was Eliza Anne Luddington -married John Grier October 29th 1888 in Ireland They migrated to the South Island of New Zealand.
When I was in NY, I researched and discovered In a 1880 census Eliza is stated to be 7yrs. living as a boarder with a madeline Duryea living in Kings brooklyn NY. I have no idea what happened there!
On the 13th June 1870 federal census gives particulars as follows: Thomas 50yrs, Margaret 40yrs, Catherine 18 yrs, Dorety 12yrs,Mary 12yrs,Margaret 11yrs, Martha 6yrs I would love to hear from you...I live on the Gold Coast Australia, having moved here fromNew Zealand in 1979. My name is Marie Cameron, my mobile phone number is 0417637124

by brandy3434 on 2017-11-15 08:19:24

Hi Marie.
I am really confussed.I have had a e-mail from dtmacmillan saying she from Auckland plus your name(Marie) with same e-mail as dtmacmillan saying you are from Gold Coast Australia.
Are you both from the same family trying to find out the Greer Family tree?

by dtmacmillan on 2017-11-17 20:12:51

Hi Cheryl,
Sorry to confuse you. I attached some information above that I got on another site about Marie. Marie's grandmother was Grace Greer (12th child born). I got ALOT of information from Graeme Humphrey's and he also had the family tree attached to it. Graeme is the grandson of Jean Greer (6th child). My grandmother Gladys was the 13th child born. There is 14 children all together. Can you spell out your email address, because if just write it they won't post it, and I can send this information on to you.

by dtmacmillan on 2019-08-12 08:11:40

Hi Cheryl,
I found on Donegalgenealogy website
John Grier married a Eliza Jane Luddington October 29 1888 at Remelton 1 pres. Also
William Grier son of John Grier married Eliza Jane McBey daughter of Andrew McBey on 1st August 1850 in Conwal.

I thought Eliza Luddington's middle name was Ann but they have it as Jane?

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