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LIST of VICTIMS - 1931 NAPIER 7.8 earthquake

Journal by ngairedith

On Tuesday morning, 3 Feb 1931, at 10.47am the ground in the Hawkes Bay region heaved sharply upward and swayed. A deceptive half-minute pause was followed by a downward motion and violent shaking and rocking - in all, the 7.8 quake spanned two and a half minutes!
The sea floor off the curving sweep of Hawkes Bay was lifted 2.7 metres and large boats were left high and dry as 2200 hectares of tidal flats in Ahuriri Lagoon were raised to sea level

As buildings began to disintegrate many people fled outdoors into a lethal rain of chunks from ornate facades, parapets and cornices. Buildings swayed violently and their walls bulged and collapsed into the streets in avalanches of brick and masonry that crushed vehicles and people. Roofs caved in on buildings that had large open internal areas, such as churches, libraries and theatres. In some buildings the internal floors pulled free of the swaying walls, collapsing inward in a jumble of girders, wood and plaster

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* Auckland Star, 5 Feb 1931
Death-Roll increases
, 169 names to date
* NZ Herald, 9 Feb 1931
Death Roll From Napier

* 11,000 evacuated
* Early List (5th Feb)

In Napier, the recently built Nurses Home collapsed, killing clerical staff and off-duty nurses who were sleeping. In Hastings at least 50 people were in Roach's department store when it collapsed (it is now Westpoint Plaza); 17 died and many were seriously injured. The entire front of the five-storey Grand Hotel in Hastings crumbled into Heretaunga Street, claiming eight lives. Fifteen died at the Park Island Old Mens Home near Taradale, but a 91-year-old man was pulled alive from the rubble three days later.

HAWKES BAY 1931 the site from Te Ara Encyclopedia of New Zealand with their collection of photos, other info and links to other quakes

THE NAPIER EARTHQUAKE of 1931 with photos

Napier 1931 Earthquake another list of names some with notes & bios. Some of the bios below were taken from this site

The official death toll was 256 people who died in the magnitude 7.8
earthquake but there are 258 names on the memorial and this unofficial number is likely to be correct
- 161 in Napier
- 93 in Hastings
- 2 in Wairoa
Many thousands more required medical treatment

I have taken names from a number of different sites on the web (some from links at the above sites) - it seems that every site visited has a different list of names, so I have compiled a list containing all the names found and will, with your help, research and verify and add if required. Explosives were used to make a hole in the cemetery big enough to inter 54 coffins in the first burial service. The aim is to add Plot numbers as they become available

This is not a complete list - and may not ever be ...

The * at the front of a name means they are buried in a mass grave in Hastings and their name is on the memorial.
The memorial area contains the remains of 100 people who perished in the Hawke's Bay Earthquake of 3 February 1931. The tablets on the memorial record the names of 86 of those interred in the mass grave plus the names of 23 others buried elsewhere in the cemetery.

Alexander, Thomas Wilson aged 45
- from Pakipaki, 8km south of Hastings
- married Olive Mona BAYLISS in 1926
- PLOT 724 - BLOCK F at Hastings Cemetery
- plot purchaser was Samuel Thomas TONG (1849-1934)

Allan, Sylvia Margaret Fordie aged 16, Hastings
- daughter of James ALLAN & Ethel Linda ROWE
- PLOT 2 - BLOCK L at Hastings Cemetery
- plot purchaser was her father James Allan

Alloway, Ivy Patricia (Miss) aged 18
- at Roachs' Building Hastings
- daughter of George Frederick ALLOWAY (1880-1952) & Emily Jane WALKER (?-9th March 1931, buried with Ivy)
- PLOT 726 - BLOCK F at Hastings Cemetery (with her mother)
- plot purchaser was her father George Frederick Alloway

Anisy, Antonio 'Bodey' aged 21 from Greymouth
- born 7 April 1909, son of Assad (1868-1953) & Eva Marion 'Mary' (1876-1942) Anisy of Tainui St., Greymouth. Attended St Bede’s Christchurch as
Bodey Anthony ANISY
- Student at St Mary's Seminary, Greenmeadows. Buried in the Taradale cemetery with earthquake memorial

Anderson, boy from Technical School
- no records found for a boy Anderson

Arrowsmith, Margaret (nee THEILE) aged 51
- married Thomas Arrowsmith in 1903
- mother of Cecil Thomas (1905-1965), Thelma Marie Elizabeth & Ronald Albert George Arrowsmith (possibly more)

* Ashwell, Cecil George aged 30 was a porter at Claredon Hotel
- married Mina TROADEC in 1920
- Mina was POSSIBLY a sister of Gustave Troadec one of the 72 victims of the 1909 sinking of the SS PENGUIN
- Mina was in Wellington at the time

Ashworth, Ellen aged 37 (nee McCarter)
- from Tikokino, 50km SW of Hastings
- of Lancashire England
- married Charles Ashworth
- PLOT 717 - BLOCK D at Hastings Cemetery

* Atkinson, Thomas Henry aged 43

Bader, Eric aged 15 of Nelson St, Hastings

Barrett, Mrs Sarah Naomi aged 53 (nee ATKINS)
- reported as being from Masterton
- married Walter Barrett
Mother of Mrs PEARCE, living at Petone
- PLOT 8 - BLOCK L at Hastings Cemetery
- plot purchased by her husband Walter Herbert Barrett (1884-1964)
.. inscription reads:
Beloved Wife of Walter Barrett Of Napier
At Rest Ever Remembered By Her Loving Husband & Daughters

Barry, Edith Mary Maud (nee CREAGH) aged 61 of Napier
- married Thomas BARRY in 1891, their children were:
Arthur Tremwith (1891-1962 married Delia JONES in 1927)
Thomas Creagh (1895-1967)
Isabel Edith (1900-1983 married Ray Rollo BUDDO in 1925)
David George (1901-1959 married Eunice Margaret HART in 1922)
Desmond Whittaker (1906-1987)
- died at St John's Anglican Cathedral of burns received

Bartle, William Morley aged 61, Hastings
- married Selina FLINT (1873-1960) in 1896, had a son William Cecil & a daughter Doris Alma
- PLOT 690 - BLOCK D at Hastings Cemetery
- plot purchaser was his wife Selina

Bartlett, Mary Hodge (nee CALDOW) of Hastings aged 48
- married William George BARTLETT in 1901
- daughter Myra also died, (see BERRY below)
- Dressed in floral silk frock, ring and two diamond engagement rings
- PLOT 20 - BLOCK C at Hastings Cemetery

* Basher, Reginald George aged 16

* Bennett, Mary Leah (Miss) of Napier aged 17

Berry, Myra George (nee BARTLETT) aged 28
- daughter of William George BARTLETT & Mary Hodge CALDOW (above)
- married Thomas Henry BERRY in 1923
- short with brown hair (OR short, brown hair). Dressed in pale grey crepe de chine, dress trimmed with red, wearing necklace
- PLOT 696 - BLOCK D at Hastings Cemetery

* Bickerstaff, Louisa Maude 'Lou' (nee BURGESS) aged 39 of Napier
- daughter of James BURGESS & Ellen/Helen WILSON
- married Charles Herbert BICKERSTAFF (1885-1976) in 1913
- had a young family

* Bisson, Annie (nee DONS) aged 45 of Napier and her washerwoman ??
- married Leonard Thayer Bisson in 1914

* Blackburn, Mary Ann (Mrs) aged 85 (nee LANE)
- married James Joseph Blackburn, arrived in NZ Sep 1875

Bohan, Kathleen aged 16 of 615 Avenue Road, Hastings
- PLOT 20 - BLOCK C at the Hastings Cemetery
- she was given an earthquake victims grave

Bohan, Mrs Ellen aged 58 (nee SULLIVAN)
- of Hastings

* Bonner, Alfred John 'Alf' aged 55 of Napier
- married with grown up family

* Boyd, Frances Mary (nee FOY) of Epsom Auckland aged 69. Was on holiday visiting her daughter Myrtle, Mrs R. N. MacNiven
- married Joseph Boyd in 1886. Their children were:
Sydney Francis Boyd (1887-1947) married Jessie IRVING 1921
Myrtle Gwendoline Boyd (1890-1981) married Robert Nicol McNIVEN 1913
Gladys Holly Boyd (1893-?) married Robert John CAMPBELL 1916
Alice Theo Snowdon Boyd (1899-?) married William Arthur HAWKINS 1925

Brace, Henry Herbert aged 45 of Hastings
- PLOT 671 - BLOCK D at Hastings Cemetery
- plot purchased by his wife Florence Eugenie Brace (1871-1944)
.. inscription reads:
To Live In Hearts We Leave Behind Is Not To Die

Brandon, Eileen Mary (Miss) aged 20 of Napier
- newspaper reports say from Woodville

Brooker, Henry age 55 of Pakipaki, 8km S of Hastings
- PLOT 698 - BLOCK D of the Hastings Cemetery
- plot purchaser was Mrs Henry Brooker

Brown, Gilbert aged 92
- inmate of Park Island Old Men's Home, Napier

Brown, Raymond Kenneth 'Ray' Broburg
- c/o Beck's Pharmacy Hastings aged 21
- son of Cecil Edward Adolph BROWN & Beta Seabird LLOYD (1890-1956, married 1906)
- 2 known brothers (possibly more) were: Cyril Norman Adolph (1907-1919) & Lloyd Frederick Charles (1908-1961) Brown
- PLOT 21 - BLOCK C at the Hastings Cemetery

Bryson, Jane aged 66 unmarried

Bryson, Ruth aged 54 unmarried
- daughter of Archibald & Alicia Bryson
- Archibald arrived into Port Chalmers (Dunedin) from Greenock on the James Nicol Fleming on 22-8-1872, (the name of this clipper ship was changed in 1879 to 'Napier') he then went on to Napier where he had the Napier Hotel.

Buck, Marie Teresa 'Mable' aged 18
- in Hastings at Roaches Building where she was a shop assistant
- her address was 205 Southland Rd, Hastings
- remains not recovered after the fire. On the Earthquake Memorial

* Burrow, Clarice Margaret, aged 16 of Napier
- daughter of Arthur Burrow (1889-1948) & Ada Emily Smyrk (1887-1936) of Napier

Butler, Gwendoline Ethel 'Gwen' (Miss) aged 21
- cashier at Griffith's Shoe Shop 211 Heretaunga St Hastings est. 1914
- daughter of Thomas BUTLER & Ethel Jane LILLEY of Havelock North
- sister of Albert Raymus 'Ray' Bulter (1910-1998)
... Apparently she, along with the rest of the staff and customers, successfully evacuated the shop during or immediately after the first major shock. Allegedly, another staff member then said to Gwen, "What about the money in the till?". Gwen, as the cashier, realised the contents of the till were her responsibility and she re-entered the shop to recover the money. She was caught by an aftershock that brought down the already weakened neighbouring brick bank building on top of the shoe shop. The coroner recorded on her death certificate that death had occurred through collapse of a building caused by an earthquake of great severity. Gwen was buried in the Havelock North Cemetery on 5 Feb 1931
- PLOT 143L - BLOCK B at the Havelock North Cemetery

Cambridge, Olive Gwendoline (Miss) aged 18
- of 822 Karamu Road Napier
- PLOT 607 - BLOCK D of the Hastings Cemetery
- plot purchaser was Beatrice Cambridge

* Cameron, William Ritchie aged 46
- inmate of Parke Island Old Men's Home, Napier

* Canham, John Eugene aged 3
- in the Community Grave at Park Island

Carmody, Vincent de Paul, Seminarist of Wanganui aged 19
- at Roman Catholic Seminary, Greenmeadows

* Chapman, Mary Hannah (nee Fraser) aged 70
- married George Chapman in 1885 & had 6 known children

Chittenden, Clive Leonard aged 5
- buried Plot 28 17 March 1931. He may not have been a victim but a number of people did die weeks later from injuries so have left him here until further info comes to hand

Cleary, Gladys Alma, (Miss) aged 25
- of Warwick Road Hastings
- daughter of Thomas Cleary & Fanny Mulcaster
- sister of Randal Thomas Cleary (1903-1970)
- PLOT 638 - BLOCK E at Hastings Cemetery
- buried next to Thomas Michael Cleary (1869-1935)
- purchaser of both plots was Thomas Cleary

Cockerill, Mrs Emma Clara aged 78
- PLOT 705 - BLOCK D of the Hastings Cemetery

Cole, Ethel Rose (nee BARNES) aged 30
- married Francis Benjamin Cole in 1925
- buried with her 2 sons below
- PLOT 619 - BLOCK E

Cole, Peter Henry aged 3
- son of Ethel above
- PLOT 619 - BLOCK E of Hastings Cemetery

Cole, William Edwin Francis 'Billy aged 4
- son of Ethel above
- PLOT 619 - BLOCK E at Hastings Cemetery

Colebourne, John Henry aged 73
- c/o Williams and Kettle Ltd, Hastings
- PLOT 673 - BLOCK D at Hastings Cemetery

Collins, Mary (possibly nee RYAN) aged 70
- a widow, a patient in hospital
- PLOT 412 - BLOCK E at Hastings Cemetery
- buried with her husband Patrick Collins (1856-1919)
- plot purchaser was Mary Collins

* Colton, Edward aged 62
- inmate of Parke Island Old Men's Home, Napier

Cook, Thomas aged 42 of Havelock North
- married Francis Ethel MEADS in 1915
- PLOT 707 - BLOCK D of Hastings Cemetery
- plot purchaser was his wife Francis Ethel Cook

Couper, Brian aged 2
- of 622 Ellison Road Hastings

Couper, Phillipa aged 12
- of Otane, 37km S of Hastings
- PLOT 145A - BLOCK L of Havelock North Cemetery

Crawford, John Herbert aged 29
- storeman of Hastings
- eldest son of Herbert Crawford (1871-1933) & Florence May GRANT (1878-1928 married 1900)
- buried with his parents and a brother Alan Grant Crawford (1902-1974) also his grandfather Samuel Crawford (1841-1874)
- PLOT 26 - BLOCK SW of Havelock North Cemetery

* Cuddihy, Michael aged 81
- inmate of Parke Island Old Men's Home, Napier

Dalley, Elizabeth Ann, (nee CHEYNE) aged 27
- married Stanley George Dalley in 1928

Dallison, Eleanor aged 20
- possible daughter of William Henry DALLISON & Olive Eleanor GASCOIGNE
- possible sister of Lena Sayah & Irene Dallison

* Davidson, John Stewart aged 44

Dennett, George Frederick aged 37
- newspaper said: aged 60 "wearing double breasted navy suit - not seen since quake"
- married Myrtle Catherine Alice CHAPMAN in 1929

* Dennett, Herbert Arthur - no records found

Devonport, Alexander aged 19, Seminarist of Fendalton, Christchurch
- at Roman Catholic Seminary, Greenmeadows

Dewes, Matilda 'Meta' aged 45 of Napier

Dimond, Thomas Henry 'Harry' aged 20
- of 700 Avenue Road Hastings
- only child of Thomas (1883-1969) & 'Bessie' DIMOND
- PLOT 682 - BLOCK D
- plot purchased by Henry Dimond
- headstone erected by the Radio Ball Committee

Doogan, James aged 22 Seminarist of Greymouth
- at Roman Catholic Seminary, Greenmeadows

Drummond, Charles Gordon/George aged 18
- of 408 McLean Street Hastings
- PLOT 6 - BLOCK L at Hastings Cemetery
- plot purchased by Margaret Drummond

Dunn, Aileen Frances aged 7
- of Taradale, 15km N of Hastings
New Zealand Herald, 9 Feb 1931
Killed at Greenmeadows Public School:-
* Aileen Francis Dunn, aged 7 years
* Dennis Kidson, aged 8 years (Denis Francis Kitson)
* William Archibald 'Billy' Pollock, 7 years

Dunn, Elizabeth Mary, (nee DEVLIN) aged 64
- married Frederick Leo Dunn (1878-1954) in 1900

Durning, James Aloysius
- listed as dead but buried for 3 days, when rescued he saw his name in the obituary of the local paper. Died in 1997 aged 89

Dyer, Herbert 'Bert' aged 58
- of 911 Southland Road Hastings
- PLOT -687 BLOCK D at the Hastings Cemetery
- plot purchased by the Loyal Oddfellows Lodge

* Dwyer, John aged 86
- inmate of Parke Island Old Men's Home, Napier

* Ellis, Ada Mima aged 54
- of Greenmeadows, 17km N of Hastings
- second cook at Napier Hospital

Ellis, Olive Frances (nee BURR) aged 27
- of Greenmeadows, 17km N of Hastings
- married Abel/Alec Corbett Ellis (1901-1963) in 1929
- PLOT 725 - BLOCK D at Hastings Cemetery
- plot purchased by her husband Alec Corbett Ellis

* Ellison, Stanley George aged 40
- born 1891 to Jessie Frances ELLISON
- Jessie later married George Herbert HALL in 1898 & had a further 8 children
- Stanley married Annie Cecily BEALE in 1912

* Eltridge, Martha Ann (nee Ayres) aged 48
- Eltridge is the correct spelling. Sometimes seen as Ethridge
- born 1883 in Connington, Hampshire, England. Married John Owen ELTRIDGE in Huntingdonshire, England in 1909. Had Gladys Eltridge in England in 1910, arrived in Sydney on the 'Zeakandia in 1912, had Gertrude Eltridge in Victoria in 1913, had Dora (1916), Frank (1919) & Elise (1920) Eltridge in NZ

Evers-Swindell, Arthur Wilfred Denys (1913-1931) aged 18
- 1st of 4 children of Arthur EVERS-SWINDELL & Octavia Felicia Marie HEATON
* his brother, Garry Owen Evers-Swindell (1915-1981) was the grandfather of the Evers-Swindell twins Olympic Gold Medalists
* he had a sister, Felicia Alice Marianne Evers-Swindell (1917-2001)
* his brother, Frederick Hornby Evers-Swindell (1919-1943), Flying Officer NZ413906, was Killed on Active Service WWII at Madh Island, India

Evans, David aged 38
- married Mary Elizabeth BEGLEY in 1922
- PLOT 267 - BLOCK E at the Hastings Cemetery
- plot purchased by Michael BEGLEY
.. inscription reads:
A Loving Husband Father & Friend - We Miss Him Most Who Loved Him Best R.I.P.

Farmery, Gladys Lilian, (Miss) aged 21 of Hastings
- at Roaches, never found
- daughter of Charles FARMERY & Annie FARMERY (her maiden name also)
- PLOT 515 - BLOCK C, Memorial only on the headstone of her brother Eric Charles Farmery (1920-1933)

Fitzpatrick, (Mrs) of St Aubyn Street, Hastings - no records found
- wife of Colin Fitzpatrick

Foster, Frederick Lancelot aged 50 Seminarist
- at Roman Catholic Seminary, Greenmeadows

* Fraser, James Douglas aged 35
- son of Margaret Henderson Fraser

Fredsberg, Rex Ernest aged 13 of Hastings
- son of Charles FREDSBERG (1876-1947) & Elna Elizabeth JANSON (1887-1972 married 1910)
- PLOT 683 - BLOCK D at Hastings Cemetery
- plot purchase by his father Charles Fredsberg

* Freedman, Derek aged 20
- son of Louis 'Lou' (1870-1931) & Florence Louisa (1881-1966) Freedman/ Father Louis died 3 months later, on 7 May 1931
Evening Post, 5 February 1931 DEREK FREEDMAN (20) son of Lou Freedman, tobacconist, Napier

Frew, Christine (Mrs) aged 53 (nee NEILSON)

* Frew, Elizabeth Anna aged 8

* Gannaway, Norman Baxter aged 2

* Gannaway, baby - no records found (possible it is Norman)

Gigg, Albert James aged 19
- son of David Thomas GIGG (1879-1938) & Elizabeth Beatrice Annie MARWICK (1880-1933)
- brother of Eulalie (1908-1998 married John Henry WILLIAMS 1925), Desmond (1906-1906), Stephen John (1908-1908) possibly others
- PLOT 156 - BLOCK C at Hastings Cemetery with parents
- plot purchased by his father David Thomas Gigg
.. inscription reads:
only surviving son of David & Beatrice Gigg

Gill, Thomes Henry aged 50
- Auctioneer of Gill's Auctions, Hastings
- married Marjorie Mary BUTLER in 1923
- PLOT 665 - BLOCK D at Hastings cemetery
- plot purchased by his wife Marjorie Gill
.. inscription reads:
While Attempting To Rescue A Member Of His Staff

* Goldfinch, Leonard Henry aged 39 of Napier
- married Ada JENKINS in 1921

Gondringer, Father Bernard aged 55 Catholic Priest at the Roman Catholic Seminary, Greenmeadows Hastings

Goodall, Albert Edward aged 36, signwriter of Hastings
- PLOT 628 - BLOCK E at Hastings cemetery

Goodall, Annie May aged 22 of Hastings
- daughter of Frederick GOODALL & Mary Jane GORDINE (married 1906)
- had a brother Frederick Alfred John 'Fred' Goodall (1907-1940)
- PLOT 678 - BLOCK D at Hastings cemetery
- plot purchased by her father Frederick Goodall

Graham, Raymond Stanley 'Ray' aged 18
- PLOT 18 - BLOCK C at Hastings cemetery

* Grant, Frederick James aged 16

Grant, Gordon Hill aged 40 of Hastings
- married Elsie Margaret KAYE in 1913
- PLOT 10 - BLOCK L at Hastings cemetery

* Greatbatch, Thomas 'Eli' aged 60 of Napier
- married Mary/May Lydia Caroline WAKELIN in 1900

Greville, Jack aged 17, message boy - no records found

Grudnoff, Nina aged 18 of Wellwood Street Hastings
- PLOT 695 - BLOCK D
- plot purchaser was Samuel Thomas TONG (1849-1934)

* Hansen, Edward aged 80
- inmate of Parke Island Old Men's Home, Napier

* Haynes, Jane aged 53

Harris, Doreen Myra aged 4, Hastings
- a daughter of Kenneth Joseph HARRIS (1896-1974) & Margaret Mary JOHNSON
- buried with her father
- PLOT 713 - BLOCK D at Hastings Cemetery
- plot purchaser was her father Kenneth Joseph Harris

Harrison, Valentine Joseph aged 18 - Jobbing Compositor of Hastings

Hawkins, Rita aged 11
- at Roachs' Building Hastings
... She was crushed in the doorway of the Roaches building when the earthquake struck and died 18 days later in hospital.
- daughter of Robert Moana HAWKINS & Maryann ADAMS
- PLOT 176 - BLOCK B at Hastings Cemetery
- plot purchaser was Samuel Hawkins

Haxton, Sabina May aged 26 of Nelson Street Hastings
- daughter of Armond HAXTON & Emma Elizabeth KEMP (married 1892)
- sister of George William, Charles Armond, Wilfred Thomas, Frederick, Wishart Mitchell, Doris Emma (see below) and John Eric Haxton
- PLOT 719 - BLOCK D at Hastings cemetery
- plot purchaser was her father Armond Haxton

Haxton, Doris Emma aged 28 of Nelson Street Hastings
- sister of Sabina above (see above for family)
- PLOT 686 - BLOCK D at Hastings cemetery
- plot purchaser was her father Armond Haxton

* Heath, Clifford James Colvin aged 16

Heney, Cyril Herbert aged 14 of Hastings
- son of Herbert Hugh HENEY & Henrietta Mary DAVIDSON
- PLOT 12 - BLOCK L at Hastings cemetery
- plot purchaser was his father Herbert hugh Heney
.. inscription reads:
aged 14 years & 7 months. ALSO Janey died 11.12.1941 aged 29 year. Nancy died 2.8.1942 aged 22 years. HERBERT HENEY father of above died 18.2.1953 aged 69 years

Heighway, James Woodford aged 34, 604 Queen Street Hastings
- married Kathleen Florence HICKLING in 1926
- plot purchased by himself 1927
.. inscription reads:
Beloved Husband Of Kathleen Heighway ALSO Baby PHIL died 2nd Feb 1927 aged 11 days. Some Day We'll Understand

Hennessey, Master Seminarist of Greymouth - no records found
- at Roman Catholic Seminary, Greenmeadows

Hindmarsh, Sheila Westwood (nee McLEOD) aged 30
- married John St John Hindmarsh in 1919

Holland, Edmund Alfred aged 36
- son of Edmund Henry HOLLAND ( 1867-1915) & Flora Alice STEVEN (1867-1900)
- brother of Una Olive (1889-1965 married Rolf ROWLING in 1914), Henry Beauffas (1890-1910), Lydia Alison (1891-1974 married Joseph Hugh DALZIEL in 1915), Elsie May (1893-1893 died aged 10 months), Albert Hector (1896-1982), Flora Bertha (1898-1967 married Reginald Rudloph Morden TRUE in 1920) and John Alexander (1900-1923) Holland
- Edmund married Violette May ADAMS in 1918
- PLOT 19 - BLOCK C at Hastings cemetery
- he was given an Earthquake Victims Grave

Hooking, Eliza Jane - no records found

Hooper, Brian aged 2 of Hastings
- a son of Harold Hole HOOPER & Annie GRAY (married 1914)
- PLOT 725 - BLOCK F at Hastings cemetery
- plot purchaser was his father Harold Hole Hooper

Horsley, Mrs Constance Emily aged 33 of Hastings
- PLOT 703 - BLOCK D at Hastings Cemetery
- plot purchaser was Samuel Thomas TONG (1849-1934)

Houlahan, Eleanor May aged 30
- c/o Gills Auction Mart Hastings
- PLOT 621 - BLOCK E at Hastings Cemetery
- plot purchaser was Patrick Houlahan

Howard, Ernest Edward aged 57 of Taradale
- no records found

Hughs, Nita (Miss) of the Union Steam Ship Company
- no records found

Hunt, William James aged 56 of Hastings
- married Elizabeth Louise ? (possibly also Hunt)
- PLOT 747 - BLOCK D at Hastings cemetery with his wife
- plot purchaser was his wife Elizabeth Louise Hunt (1882-1969)

* Insull, Marjory Helen Caroline aged 22 - nurse at Napier Hospital Nurses' Home
- daughter of Mr Herbert Walter Insull, New Plymouth
- at Nurses' Home

Jeffaries, Elizabeth aged 74 of Taradale

Jenkins, Lily aged 15
- of Caroline Road Hastings
- daughter of James & Mary Jenkins who immigrated from Scotland
- Was standing in the Hastings Post Office when the earthquake struck and was killed when she ran outside and was hit by falling masonry
- PLOT 46 - BLOCK D with her parents

Jensen, Agnes Mary (nee WOODROW) aged 62 of Haumoana - 14km W of Hastings
- married Christoffer JENSEN (1864-1938) in 1891
their children were: Christoffer (1892-?) Winifred Patti (1899-1973 married Alfred Edward WALKER in 1920) Raymond (1900-1977) Ladis Maney (1904-1981 married Bertram George SPOONER in 1927)
- PLOT 693 - BLOCK D at Hastings cemetery
- plot purchaser was her husband Christoffer Jensen (1862-1938)
- they are buried together

Johnson, William George aged 42

* Johnson, Crawford Benjamin aged 44 of Napier

* Johnson, Jack William aged 18

* Johnstone, Bridget Mary (nee DOOLEY) aged 43
- wardsmaid at isolation ward at Hospital
- married John Spratt JOHNSTONE in 1913

Johnstone, Norman of Napier - no records found

Jones, Ernest Cecil aged 47 of Williams Street Hastings
- PLOT 4 - BLOCK L at Hastings cemetery
- plot purchaser was Edward W Jones

Jones, Grace Brandon, (Miss) aged 19
- - at Roachs' Building Hastings
- daughter of Percy BRANDON-JONES (1882-1920) of Swansea, Wales & Ethel Elizabeth ? (1883-1960)
- PLOT 666 - BLOCK D at Hastings cemetery with her mother
- plot purchaser was her mother Ethel McKECHNIE (remarried name)

* Keddle, Joan Grace aged 20 - Nurse at Napier Hospital
- of Pahiatua, parents in Wairoa
- at the Napier Hospital Nurses' Home

Kee, Lim junior
- due to falling beam
- buried as Lim Ying in Wairoa, his headstone written in Chinese

Kelly, Henrietta Lavinia aged ? - no records found

* Key, Elsie Gertrude aged 28

Kirkpatrick, Mary Ann (nee HICKEY) aged 45
- at Cosy Theatre Hastings
- married Colin KIRKPATRICK (1878-1964) in 1907. Had 2 sons Colin (1910-1986) & Kenneth
- lived at St Aubyn St Hastings
... Daughter of Maurice HICKEY and Mary Anne HALPIN. Her body was taken back to Palmerston North (where she was born) by her family and buried in the family plot
- PLOT 065 - BLOCK 076 at Terrace End Cemetery Palmrston North

Kitching, Thomas Henry aged 75 of Napier
- born in Australia
- oldest of 9 children of Edward KITCHING of Whitechapel, London & Ann FAHY an Irish Orphan Immigrant

Kidson, Dennis Francis aged 7 of Taradale
(BDM has Kitson)
New Zealand Herald, 9 Feb 1931
Killed at Greenmeadows Public School:-
* Aileen Francis Dunn, aged 7 years
* Dennis Kidson, aged 8 years
* William Archibald 'Billy' Pollock, 7 years
note[/color] Billy was a son of James Archibald Pollock & Charlotte Taylor. His mother remarried in 1933 to James Dinsdale.

* Knott, Geoffrey Cole aged 16

Kyle, Leo Alphonso aged 35

Lambert, Beatrice Elizabeth, (nee ALLEN) aged 46 of Greys Road Hastings
- married Walter Tom LAMBERT (1887-1949) in 1905
- PLOT 721 - BLOCK D at Hastings cemetery
- plot purchaser was her husband Walter Lambert
.. inscription reads: Until We Meet Again

Laurenson, Mary Boswick aged 62
- PLOT 172 - BLOCK C at Havelock North cemetery

Leaning, John England 'Ernest' aged 56, Bootmaker of Hastings
- married Catherine MEYERS in 1918 (possible 2nd marriage)
- PLOT 691 - BLOCK D at Hastings cemetery
- plot purchaser was his wife Catherine Leaning

* Lenihan, Mary Josephine aged 64

* Leverett, Rose Eileen aged 15
- Student at the Technical School
- daughter of Albert Charles Leverett, lawrence Road

Lewis, Percival Hope aged 34
- c/o Nelsons Ltd Hastings
- married Rau-ma-hora Lelia COLLISON in 1926
- PLOT 62 - BLOCK M at Havelock North cemetery
.. inscription reads: Till The Day Breaks

Lincoln, Eric Charles Earl aged 21, at Roaches Building, never found

Love, William Charles aged 52, of Karamu Road Hastings
- married Mary Elizabeth BROWN in 1908
- PLOT 667 - BLOCK D at Hastings cemetery

* Lunn, Walter George aged 31

* MacArthur, Frederick Campbell aged 50 Telegraphist at General Post Office Napier

MacDonald, (Mrs) Ellen Frances aged 47, Hastings

MacDonald, John Spencer 'Jock' aged 22 Carlton Club Hotel
- PLOT 16 - BLOCK C at Hastings cemetery
- was given an earthquake victims grave

* MacLean, Dorothy aged 42
- daughter of Margaret Ellen Williams (1858-1932) & Christopher Hayden MacLEAN (1848-1913)
thanks to tely_nz for correcting her info 9-10-18
her known siblings:
1879 - 1939 William Hayden MacLean
1881 - 1967 Leonard Herbert Lionel MacLean
1883 - 1943 Kenneth Edward MacLean
1884 - 1951 Margaret Elizabeth MacLean
1886 - 1940 Eric Wanklyn MacLean
1888 - 1931 Dorothy MacLean
1890 - 1971 Edith Sarah MacLean
1892 - 1966 Francis Sydney MacLean
1894 - 1948 Frederick Hector MacLean
1897 - 1982 Christopher Nelson MacLean

MacLennan, John Roderick 'Roy' aged 58 of Havelock North
- married Marie Louise McKENZIE (1877-1962) in 1903
- PLOT 157A - BLOCK L at Havelock North cemetery

* McCarthy, Joseph Henry aged 36

McEnery Ellen Margaret 'Nellie' aged 37 (Miss)
- born 1894 to James & Bridget (1862-1918) McEnery
- Nellie was a pupil at the Sacred Heart School in Napier. In 1904 she was in Class IV and was given a prize by Father Goggan for her regular attendance. In 1910 she was presented with a prize for her shorthand speed. In 1913 she was appointed to the position of shorthand writer and typist in the Napier Labour office and started her job in June

* McKee, Mary May 'Molly' aged 22
- a hospital patient

* McKenzie, John aged 73
- inmate of Parke Island Old Men's Home, Napier

McLean, Mary Hannah aged 55 of Karamu Road, Hastings
- PLOT 10 - BLOCK CHM at Havelock North

McLeod, Edith Mary (nee HORRELL) aged 47 of Hastings
- married Donald Fancis 'Frank' McLeod of Woodlands, Southland Rd, Hastings in 1910
- PLOT 701 - BLOCK D at Hastings cemetery
- plot purchaser was her husband
.. inscription reads: To Memory Ever Dear

McLeod, Mary Alice (nee CASTLE) aged 45 of Paki Paki
- married William Murdoch McLeod (1883-1950) in 1908
- PLOT 438 - BLOCK C at Hastings cemetery with son Douglas Alan McLeod (1914-1995)
- plot purchaser was her husband William Murdoch McLeod

McMillan, Irvine Harold aged 13, Hastings
- son of William McMILLAN & Ruby Adeline ROONEY
- killed at Tech School, Napier
- PLOT 676 - BLOCK D at Hastings cemetery
- plot purchaser was his father William McMillan
.. inscription reads: Only Bairn Of ...

May, Thomas John aged 81 of Hastings

* Meek, Thomas aged 50

Menzies, Myra Evelyn aged 26

* Mitchell, Ruth aged 53 Nurse of Napier, at Napier Hospital Nurses' Home

Mitchell, Harry aged 62

Morunga, Mrs Rama Maru (Raina Marie) aged 49 of Bridge Pa

Morunga, Tokatoroa Mareo (Takataroa) aged 7 of Bridge Pa

Murcott, Doris Mabel 'Maud' aged 26 of Pollen St Woodville (between Vogel & Bowen Streets)
- PLOT 715 - BLOCK D
- plot purchased by her father Thomas MURCOTT (mother was Catherine Florence Benson)

Murray, Dina Jane aged 2
- was with her mother, below, at the shop
... Family tell that usually the child was minded by a Karitane nurse while Mena worked, but on that day the Karitane nurse had arranged to have the day off and Mena took Dina to the shop with her
- PLOT 235 - BLOCK D

Murray, Mena Mary (nee McKAY) aged 36
- born at Ormond, Poverty Bay
- married Douglas Russell MURRAY in 1924
- died at Mena's Ladies Outfitters Shop in Fitzroy Ave by falling masonry, with her daughter above
- PLOT 235 - BLOCK D

Nuttall, Elsie Ella aged 19
- PLOT 19 - BLOCK C at Hastings cemetery
- was given an earthquake victims grave

Ogden, Henry aged 35

Ogilvie, Bertram Verdun aged 14
- Technical School puipil
- PLOT 663 - BLOCK D

O'Neill, Margaret Teresa aged 37 of Park Road Hastings, at Cosy Theatre, Hastings
- PLOT 623 - BLOCK E at Hastings cemetery
- plot purchased by her father Cornelius O'Neill (mother was Bridget Twomey)

Orr, Doris Evelyn agd 21 at Roaches Building, Hastings
- PLOT 7 - BLOCK L at Hastings cemetery
= plot purchased by her father Herbert Webb Orr (mother was Janet Ann Earl)

Orr, Susan aged 41 of Taradale

Paul, Patricia aged 8 of Taradale

* Pearson, Kathleen Irene (nee BALLARD,) aged 29
- married Alfred Leslie Pearson, Dannevirke in 1923

* Pointon, Edward Arthur aged 48
- worked at the woolstores in Port Ahuriri

* Plank, George aged 70

Pollock, William Archibald 'Billy' aged 7
New Zealand Herald, 9 Feb 1931
Killed at Greenmeadows Public School:-
* Aileen Francis Dunn, aged 7 years
* Dennis Kidson, aged 7 or 8 years
* William Archibald Pollock, 7 years

Puddle, Elizabeth (nee Watton) aged 79, widow, patient in Napier Hospital. A son lives at Wairoa
- PLOT 248 - BLOCK C at Hastings cemetery
- plot purchased by her son Walter Puddle

* Rae, John aged 72
- inmate of Parke Island Old Men's Home, Napier

Rattray, Alexander aged 55 of Bush Inn Hotel Riccarton, Christchurch

* Redwood, Cecily Teresa Mary aged 22

* Reid, George aged 42

* Rhodes, Lloyd aged 15

Robertson, Raymond Claude aged 14
- from the Technical School

* Rodgers, Helena aged 57

* Rolls, Grace Ellen aged 23
- daughter of Francis George ROLLS & Ellen CULSHAW (married 1896)
- sister of Leslie Culshaw, Hazel Mary, Norman Roy, George Wellesley & Charles Henry Rolls

Rood, Phyllis Mary aged 21
- daughter of Wilfred James ROOD & Amy Elizabeth DONALDSON

Ross, John Alexander aged 57 Proprietor of the Grand Hotel, Hastings
- PLOT 669 - BLOCK D
- plot purchased by his wife Annie Ross (nee Edgecombe 1877-1940)

Russ, Rodney Francis aged 19 montha, 302 Fitzgerald Avenue Hastings
- PLOT 684 - BLOCK D with his sister Ellen Gladys Russ (1917-2004)
- plot purchased by Mrs C. L. Russ

Ryan, Arthur Lever aged 66 Journalist of Hastings
- PLOT 634 - BLOCK E at Hastings cemetery
- married Ada TOMKINS in 1901

Ryan, Thomas Michael aged 26
- possible son of Patrick RYAN & Bridget O'GRADY

* Saunders, James aged 71
- inmate of Parke Island Old Men's Home, Napier

Schmoll, Ernest George aged 57
- PLOT 3 - BLOCK L at Hastings cemetery

* Scott, Jean 'Flora' aged 43
- PLOT 596 - BLOCK F at Hastings cemetery
- plot purchased by her mother Christina Scott (father was Andrew Scott)

Shackelford, Leonard William aged 21 of Waipawa
- PLOT 711 - BLOCK D at Hastings cemetery
- plot purchased by his father Thomas 'George' Sydney Shackelford (his mother was May)

Shirley, John Stanley 'Jack' aged 21 of Napier

* Skelton, Minnie May (nee Houldey) aged 42
- wife of Frederick Richard Skelton, 96 Nelson Crescent, Napier
- Minnie first married Timothy Edward Hayes in 1908 and lived at 4 Todham St., Brooklyn, Wellington until at least 1918. She 'married' (de facto?) in 1924 to Frederick and they lived at 14 Morris St., Napier for a time. Frederick remarried 9 months later to Mona Smith

SKELTON, Henry aged 92
- PLOT 198 K - CH ENG2 SECTION at Karori Cemetery, Wellington
In November 2005 an email from Judith Foy to another victim's website reads:"my great-grandfather, Henry SKELTON was in the 65th Regiment during the Land Wars and listed as a veteran. At the age of 93 he was injured in the (Napier) earthquake and dragged out of a building. He was taken by the Navy to Wellington Hospital where he died and was buried at Karori Cemetery (Wellington) on the 6 March 1931. He has no headstone and is not listed on the earthquake memorial. I consider this to be very sad and an oversight. I wonder how many others were taken to Wellington and have not been recorded
Evening Star, 10 Feb 1931
James Collins buried for three days
but article also mentions Henry ... in Wellington hospital is Mr Henry Skelton, aged ninety-one, who was pulled out of the ruins of the Park Island Old Men's Home at Napier by his son soon after the earthquake. His feet are badly crushed. He came to New Zealand in the 65th Regiment and fought in the Maori War. He was the first bandmaster at Napier
Auckland Star, 7 March 1931
- On March 3, at Wellington Hospital, from injuries in Napier earthquake, Henry Skelton, of Taradale, Napier (65th Regiment); father of Mrs Clover, Ondhunga and Mrs Harpham, Honolulu; aged 91 years
Poverty Bay Herald, 12 March 1931 One of the early residents of Hawke's Bay, Mr Henry Skelton of Taradale, died at the Wellington Hospital last week. He was a victim of the recent earthquake disaster and was 92 at the time of his death. He came to New Zealand in 1850 and was a non-commissioned officer in the 65th Regiment, fighting in the Waikato and Taranaki Wars. He settled in Napier in the sixties and built, incidentally, the first store in Carlyle street. He was also the first bandmaster in the town. Mr Skelton's interment took place at the Karori Cemetery yesterday (6th)

* Skinner, Charles aged 84
- inmate of Parke Island Old Men's Home, Napier

* Smith, Ellen aged 75 at Roaches

Smith, Christina aged 38

* Smith, Louis Ormond aged 43

Spence, Shona Eileen aged 7
- PLOT 680 - BLOCK D at Hastings cemetery
- plot purchased by Gordon Spence

* Stead, Irvine Thomas aged 14 of Napier

Steer, Mabel Annie aged 22 of 801 East Aubyn Street Hastings
- daughter of William Arthur Augustus STEER & Alice BOTTOM (married 1908)
- PLOT 656 - BLOCK D at Hastings cemetery
= plot purchased by her mother Alice Steer

Stephenson, George Gabriel aged 48 Seminarist of Roman Catholic Seminary, Greenmeadows
- PLOT 14 - BLOCK C at Hastings cemetery
- headstone says Erected By His Friends

* Stevenson, George aged 80 (on the list as James)

Stevenson, William Alexander aged 29 of Mosgiel

* Stone, Lucy Mildred aged 21 Nurse at Napier Hospital Nurses' Home
- daughter (twin with Noel) of Charles Edward STONE & Ella Mildred PERHAM (1873-1915 married in 1897)
- little sister of 4 brothers Frank Charles (1908-1974), Harry Wallingford (1902-1975), Jack Neal (1909-KILLED in ACTION WWII Egypt 16-11-1942) & Noel Edward (1910-KILLED ON AIR OPERATIONS WWII, 17-10-1942 France) Stone. Father living at Otaki Beach in 1942

* Stewart, Daniel aged 71
- inmate of Parke Island Old Men's Home, Napier

Sims, Percy Reginald

Staines, Winifred Fena aged 18

Symes, George Oliver aged 22
- son of Solomon Richard SYMES & Edith Rachael McCUTCHEON
- PLOT 674 - BLOCK D at Hastings with his parents
- plot purchased by his father Solomon Richards Symes who died 7 months later

Taggart, William Thomas Andrew aged 28 of Napier
- son of William TAGGART & Annie SKUDDER
- had a sister Daisy Ellen Taggart

* Taylor, Joyce Elizabeth aged 16

* Thompson, Frances Jane aged 72

Thompson, Julia Garr 'Ivy' aged 41
... daughter of Thomas John THOMPSON (1856-1938) councillor and mayor of Hastings from 1906-09) and Elizabeth Aitken DEMPSTER (1862-1950). She was killed in the family butcher's shop where she worked (Thompson's - Heretaunga St, Hastings where Shanton's is now located) Note in the family bible: "shop wall fell on her, we hope death was instantaneous." She studied at the School of Art, London, for two years and toured Great Britain and Europe on a motorcycle and side car after WWI

* Thorne-George, Nancie/Nancy aged 24
- Nurse at Napier Public Hospital
- daughter of George THORNE-GEORGE & Tottie Hyde PHILIPS

Tonkin, Horace John aged 33 at Roaches, never found
- 8th of 9 known children of John TONKIN * Martha DELLOW
- married Olive Emma MANHIRE in 1920

Tripney, Annie Gordon Ogilvie aged 30

Tripney, David aged 6 weeks

Turner, (Mrs) Leona 'Lena' aged 36 found in Karamu Road
- PLOT 727 - BLOCK F
- plot purchased by George Frederick Alloway

* Venables, Stanley George aged 16

Vercoe, Richard Collins 'Dick' aged 40
- married Annie SCANDLYN in 1905
- was given an earthquake victims grave

* Voice, Ellen (nee McCORKINDALE) aged 33
- married Leslie Ernest VOICE in 1919
- isolation Ward patient at Napier Hospital

* Walker, Alexander Graham aged 50 Storeman, taken to his home
- married Jane BARBOUR in 1915

Walker, Herbert aged 53
- PLOT 12 - BLOCK C at Hastings
- plot purchased by William Henry Walker

Walker, Samuel aged 37

Walker, Walter Zealand aged 45
- Born Maruia, West Coast (5 Oct 1884), the son of Zealand Tasman WALKER (an early settler of the Buller and West Coast area) & Clara Elizabeth BERRY. He was the second of their eight children: Myra Gertrude, Walter Zealand, Olive May, Ray Maruia, Nora Ella, Ina Beatrice, Zoe Beryl and Rimu Muriel Walker
- he worked at the Power House (now an Aladdin's Cave of technological treasures of days gone by)
- PLOT 22 - BLOCK C at Hastings
- was given an earthquake victims grave

Walshe, Ada May (nee OXENHAM) aged 53
- married Thomas Patrick Walshe in 1913
- PLOT 688 - BLOCK D
- plot purchased by the Public Trust

WALSH, Mary Deeley 'Molly' aged 24
- Sister Ignatius of St Joseph’s Convent School, Greenmeadows
- killed when a building collapsed on her
- born 15 Jan 1907 (only daughter, 3 sons) of James Walsh & Barbara Lumsden Pratt

* Watson, Andrew aged 81
- inmate of Parke Island Old Men's Home, Napier

* Watson, John Henry aged 82
- inmate of Parke Island Old Men's Home, Napier

Webster, Francis Henry aged 27
- married Mabel Evelyn TAYLOR in 1928

Wells, Trilby Alice Mary 'Molly' aged 17
- PLOT 631 - BLOCK E
- parents were William Henry & Catherine WELLS
- Headstone reads: Trilby 'Molly" beloved youngest daughter of W. & C. Wells

Wells, Emily Elizabeth Edith aged 59

White, William aged ? c/o Powdrell Brothers Market St Hastings

Whyte, Patricia 'Patsy' aged 8
- Daughter of Dr Alexander Duncan Shanks Whyte, Hastings

* Williams, Eileen May aged 21 Nurse at Napier Hospital Nurses' Home

Williams, Kaye aged ? - no records found

Williams, Lydia Catherine 'Kate' (Miss) aged 89
- born 7 April 1841 in Manutuki to Bishop William Williams (1st Anglican Bishop of Waiapu) & Jane nee Nelson

Williamson, Reginald James Richard aged 48
- married Florence Ethel McGRATH in 1905

* Wilson, Arthur aged 66

* Wood, Sybil FLorence aged 25
- daughter of Albert Edward Wood & Annie BURGESS (married 1896)
- sister of Albert Edward, Reginald Frederick and Dorothy Mabel Wood

* Wright, Percy aged 55
- married Alice Maude CLACK in 1905

Young, Howard Vincent 'Lofty' aged 37 at Mohaka Railway Viaduct
- married Adrienne Olive Barbara FENCKER in 1921

Young, Nan (Mah) Hong aged 29 Heretaunga Street, Hastings
- PLOT 709 - BLOCK D
- plot purchased by S. T. Tong

Leave a comment below if you would like any data added to an ancestor

another list of names, which differs slightly from mine (to be expected as I said above), was compiled by Faye Sherriff, Bev Wallace and Irene Lister for the Hawke's Bay Branch of the New Zealand Society of Genealogists and released 3 Feb 2016
Pasted here so I can refer to it and compare/update my own research as time permits ...
ALEXANDER Thomas Wilson
ALLAN Sylvia Margaret Fordie (Miss)
ALLOWAY Ivy Patricia (Miss)
ANISY Antonio (Bodey)
ARROWSMITH Margaret (Mrs) (née THEILE)
ASHWELL Cecil George
ASHWORTH Ellen (Mrs) (née McCARTER)
ATKINSON Thomas Henry
AVERILL Anne Adele(Miss)
BAKER William Michael Hiatt
BARRETT Sarah Naomi (Mrs) (BAKER née ATKINS)
BARRY Edith Mary Maud (Mrs) (née CREAGH)
BARTLE William Morley
BARTLETT Mary Hodge (Mrs) (née CALDOW)
BENNETT Mary Leah (Miss)
BERRY Myra George (Mrs) (née BARTLETT)
BICKERSTAFF Louisa Maud (Lou) (Mrs) (née BURGESS)
BISSON Anna (Mrs) (née DONS)
BLACKBURN Mary Ann/e (Mrs) (née LANE)
BOHAN Ellen (Mrs) (née SULLIVAN)
BOHAN Kathleen (Miss)
BONNOR Alfred John (Alf)
BOWEN Frederick Edward
BOYD Frances Mary (Mrs) (née FOY)
BOYLE Thomas John (Reverend Father)
BRACE Herbert Henry
BRANDON Mary Eileen (Miss)
BROWN Gilbert
BROWN Raymond Kenneth Broburg (Ray)
BRYSON Jane (Miss)
BRYSON Ruth (Miss)
BUCK Maria Teresa (Mabel) (Miss)
BURKIN Stephen
BURROW Clarice Margaret (Miss)
BUTLER Gwendoline Ethel (Gwen) (Miss)
CAMBRIDGE Olive Gwendoline (Miss)
CAMERON William Ritchie
CANHAM John Eugene
CARMODY Vincent De Paul
CHAPMAN Mary Hannah (Mrs)
CLEARY Gladys Alma (Miss)
COLE Ethel Rose (Mrs) (née BARNES)
COLE Peter Henry
COLE William Edwin Francis (Billy)
COLLINS Mary (Mrs)
COOK Thomas
COUPER Phillipa Maud (Miss)
CRADOCK Christina (Mrs) (née GRANT)
CRAWFORD John Herbert
DALLEY Elizabeth Anne (Mrs) (née CHEYNE)
DALLISON Eleanor (Miss)
DAVIDSON John Stewart
DENNETT George Frederick
DENNETT Herbert Arthur
DEVONPORT Alexander Roy
DEWES Melita (Meta) (Miss)
DIMOND Thomas Henry
DOOGAN James Hannan
DRUMMOND Charles Gordon
DUNN Aileen Frances (Miss)
DUNN Mary Elizabeth (Mrs) (née DEVLIN)
DYER Herbert (Bert)
ELLIS Ada Mima Hood (Mrs) (née SAVAGE)
ELLIS Olive Frances (Mrs) (née BURR)
ELLISON Stanley George
ELTRIDGE Martha Ann (Mrs (née AYRES)
ENGLAND Laura (Mrs) (née AUSTIN)
EVERS-SWINDELL Arthur Wilfred Denys
FARMERY Gladys Lilian (Miss)
FRASER James Douglas
FREW Christina (Mrs) (née NEILSON)
GANNAWAY Norman Baxter
GIGG Albert James
GILL Thomas Henry
GOLDFINCH Leonard Henry
GONDRINGER Bernard Joseph (Father)
GOODALL Albert Edward
GRAHAM Raymond Stanley (Ray)
GRANT Frederick James
GRANT Gordon Hill
GRUDNOFF Mina (Miss)
HANSEN Edward Peter
HARRIS Doreen Myra
HARRISON Valentine Joseph
HAXTON Doris Emma (Miss)
HAXTON Sabina May (Miss)
HAYNES Jane (Mrs)
HEATH Clifford James Colvin
HEIGHWAY James Woodford
HENEY Cyril Herbert
HINDMARSH SheilaWestwood (Mrs) (née McLEOD)
HOLLAND Edmond Alfred (also known as Edmund, Edward)
HONG Young Nan
HOOKINGS Eliza Jane (Mrs) (née FERRIS)
HORSLEY Constance Emily (Mrs) (née CLARKE)
HOULAHAN Eleanor May (Miss) (also known as Elinor)
HOWARD Ernest Edward
HUNT William James
INSULL Helen Caroline Marjory
JEFFARES Elizabeth (Mrs) (née O'Hara)
JENKINS Lily (Miss)
JENSEN Agnes Mary (Mrs) (née WOODROW)
JOHNSON Crawford Benjamin
JOHNSON Jack William
JOHNSON William George (Bill)
JOHNSTONE Bridget Mary (Mrs) (née DOOLEY)
JONES Ernest Cecil
JONES Grace Brandon (Miss)
KEDDELL Joan Grace (Miss)
KELLY Henrietta Lavinia (Miss)
KENNEDY Arthur Angus
KEY Elsie Gertrude (Miss)
KITCHING Thomas Henry
KITSON Dennis Francis
KNOTT Geoffrey Cole
KYLE Leo Alphonso
LAMBERT Beatrice Elizabeth (Mrs) (née ALLEN)
LAUERSEN Mary Bosworth (Mrs) (née ROBERTSON)
LEANING John England
LENIHAN Mary Josephine (Mrs)
LEVERETT Rose Eileen (Miss)
LEWIS Percival Hope
LINCOLN Eric Charles Earl
LOVE William Charles
LUNN Walter George
MACLEAN Dorothy (Miss)
MACLENNAN John Roderick (Roy)
MANGOS Leonard Joseph
MAYE Thomas John
McARTHUR Frederick Campbell
McCARTHY Joseph Henry
McDONALD Ellen Frances (Mrs) (née THOMPSON)
McDONALD John Spencer (Jock)
McENERY Ellen Margaret (Nellie) Miss
McKEE Mary May (Molly) (Miss)
McLEAN Mary Hannah (May) (Miss)
McLEOD Edith Mary (Mrs) (née HORRELL)
McLEOD Mary Alice (Mrs) (née CASTLE)
McMILLAN Irvine Harold
MEEK Thomas
MENZIES Myra Evelyn (Miss)
MITCHELL Ruth (Sister)
MORUNGA Ramu Maru (Mrs)
MORUNGA Takatoroa Mareo
MURCOTT Doris Mabel (Miss)
MURRAY Dina Jane (Miss)
MURRAY Wilhelmina Mary (Mena) (Mrs) (née McKAY)
NAPIER John Thomas
NUTTALL Elsie Ella (Miss)
OGILVIE Bertram Verdun
O'MALLEY Rita Gwendoline (Mrs) (née MATTHEWS)
O'NEILL Margaret Teresa (Miss)
ORR Evelyn Doris (Miss)
ORR Susan Catherine (Mrs) (née McGLONE)
OTTER Alice Martha (Mrs) (née PRICE)
PARKINSON Ronald Irvine
PATMAN Lucy Flora (Mrs) (née HAYTER)
PAUL Patricia (Miss)
PEARSON Kathleen Irene (Mrs) (née BALLARD)
PLANK George
POINTON Edwin (Ted)
POLLOCK William Archibald (Billy)
PUDDLE Elizabeth (Mrs) (née WATTON)*
RAE John
RAFTER Edward Ngaio
RATTRAY Alexander Edward
REDWOOD Cecily Theresa Mary (Miss)
REID George
ROBERTSON Raymond Claude
ROLLS Grace Ellen (Miss)
ROSS John Alexander
RUNDLE Ethel Mary Galloway (Mrs) (née HOOKINGS)
RUSS Rodney Francis
RYAN Arthur Lever
RYAN Thomas Michael
SCHMOLL Ernest George
SEWELL Marguerite Viola (Miss)
SHACKELFORD Leonard William
SHIRLEY John Stanley (Jack)
SINDEN Elizabeth Anne (Eliza) (Mrs) (née RALLINSHAW)
SKELTON Mary (Minnie May) (Mrs)
SMITH Christina (Mrs)
SMITH Ellen (Mrs)
SMITH Louis Ormond
SPENCE Shona Eileen (Miss)
STAINES Winifred Fena (Miss)
STEAD Irvine Thomas
STEER Mabel Annie (Miss)
STEPHENSON George Gabriel
STEVENS John Ascott (Jack)
STEVENSON William Alexander
STONE Lucy Mildred (Miss)
SYMES George Oliver
TAGGART William Thomas Andrew
TAYLOR Joyce Elizabeth (Miss)
THOMPSON Frances Jane (Mrs) (née HALL)
THOMPSON Julia Carr (Miss) (also known as Ivy)
TONKIN Horace John
TRESTON Malcom Valentine
TRIPNEY Annie Gordon Ogilvie (Mrs) (née OGILVIE)
TURNER Leona (Mrs)
VENABLES Stanley George
VERCOE Richard Collins (Dick)
VOICE Ellen (Mrs) (née McCORKINDALE)
WALKER Alexander Graham
WALKER Herbert
WALKER Walter Zealand
WALSH Mary Deeley (Molly) (Sister Ignatius)
WALSHE Ada May (Mrs) (née OXENHAM)
WATSON John Henry
WATSON Mary McLeod (Mrs) (née ROSS)
WEBSTER Francis Henry
WELLS Alice Mary (Miss) (also known as Trilby, Molly)
WELLS Emily Elizabeth Edith (Mrs) (née ELLIOTT)
WHYTE Patricia (Patsy) (Miss)
WILLIAMS Eileen May (Miss)
WILLIAMS Lydia Catherine (Miss) (Kate)
WILLIAMSON Lorna Katherine (Miss)
WILLIAMSON Reginald James Richard
WOOD Sybil Florence (Miss)
YOUNG Howard Vincent (Lofty)

taken by Norman Every
Superintendent Gilbert, walking away from the fire in Hastings Street, Napier, head bent in despair. Most of the pipes were shattered so water pressure was very poor. The fires burnt for 72 hours.
Thorp's shoe store on the left

by ngairedith Profile | Research | Contact | Subscribe | Block this user
on 2010-06-20 00:56:22

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by deniseh on 2011-10-30 22:37:08

Thank you for all the great work you have done here.

I am looking for my grandmother Ivy (Cantrill)Scott was living in 'Richmond Block' Napier with her husband William Ernest Walter Felix Scott.
We were told by family she died in the Napier earthquake but have no proof.
I can't find a mention of any death certificate anywhere.
She was born Ivy Cantrill 1905 Thames Waikato, married in 1930 to William Scott.
Do you know what the 'Richmond Block' was? I imagine it was a block of flats.

I would appreciate any help you can give, or if you can point me in the direction to search more...
Kindest regards

Denise Hadfield
Kiwi now living in Australia

by Eversp on 2013-02-20 17:14:28

A W D Evers-Swindell
Eldest son of Arthur & O Felicia M
Eldest of 4
Garry Owen
Frederick Hornby

G O father of

Philip Arthur

Thomas Tristram
Wilfred Hornby (Father of 4 including rowing twins)

by janilye on 2013-03-29 02:18:31

sends chills down my spine

by ngairedith on 2015-01-24 07:02:40

if anyone has any info on where Miss Clarice Margaret Burrows died, (aged 16 of Napier), please leave a comment

by Tunuru on 2015-07-01 04:25:01

Wow what an effort to compile this list. I believe I have found an error and am commenting to assist the accuracy. It relates to STEPHENSON and STEVANSON and seems there has been some mixing of the original information. I was searching for the seminarian Bill STEVENSON who is mentioned in two books. Checking this victim list I was surprised to find the seminarian George Gabriel STEPHENSON aged 48. While not impossible a seminarian aged 48 was unlikely. Cross checking his Hastings cemetary record the pictured headstone did not seem correct for a professed (but not ordained) Marist. I would have expected some religious insignia or wording. Incidentally there is also a difference in the spelling of his second given name between the list and the Headstone. Through Papers Past NZ Herald Vol LXVIII, Issue 20793. 9 February 1931 page 15 those "Killed in Catholic Seminary, Greenmeadows" includes William STEVENSON, Mosgiel but no age given. Age 29 is a more likely age for a seminarian. I suggest the correction should be to simply move the words "Seminarist of Roman Catholic Seminary, Greenmeadows" from STEPHENSON to STEVENSON William Alexander

by KylaKelly on 2015-11-15 08:01:59

Hi there. Thank you so much for the work you've done here. Could I please add some information to the entry of Lily Jenkins (my Great-Aunt)
- Daughter of James and Mary Jenkins who immigrated from Scotland
- Was standing in the Hastings Post Office when the earthquake struck and was killed when she ran outside and was hit by falling masonry.
- Buried at the Hastings Cemetary along with her Father and Mother in Block D Plot Number 46

by ngairedith on 2015-11-15 08:33:55

thank you KylaKelly

by roimata on 2016-06-08 06:16:56

My mothers cousin Billy (William) Pollock from Greenmeadows appears in one list with age given as 8 years. Billy was in fact five years old , it was his first day at school. The family story is that Billy forgot to take his play lunch outside and ran back to get it when the earthquake struck and the heavy school door and rubble fell on Billy and killed him.

by ngairedith on 2016-06-08 08:46:31

thanks for that roimata,
In ALL newspaper articles William Archibald 'Billy' Pollock of Greenmeadows is listed as being aged either 7 or 8. On New Zealand BDM he is listed as age 7
Also I cannot find any evidence of small children having died in their school rooms.
The earthquake struck on the first day of school after the summer holidays. Most pupils managed to escape to the outdoors in time, but 10 students & 2 teachers died in the wreckage of the brick Napier Technical College on Munro street. The teacher, Mr Olphert, yelled at the boys to dive under their desks as the earthquake slammed the building; however, several dashed into a narrow corridor where they were buried under the fallen walls. Other boys escaped then rushed back to extricate their pals, but were shockingly injured when the remainder of the building fell.
Seven students also died at the Marist Fathers’ Seminary in Greenmeadows.
Napier Boy's High School's assembly hall was severely damaged, but fortunately all the boys had left the building

Do you know who Billy's parents were please? This will help with further research

by ngairedith on 2016-06-08 08:53:41

New Zealand Herald, 9 Feb 1931
Killed at Greenmeadows Public School:-
Aileen Francis Dunn, aged 7 years
Dennis Kidson, aged 7 or 8 years
William Archibald Pollock, 7 years

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