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Hays/Hayes of Rockbridge CO.,VA. Scotland and Ireland immigrants 1730's 1740'sA

Journal by cmhayes

1) ???????????????????????????????????????? **John Hays (B.1698 ?1771) - m. Rebecca 1718
From Chalkley's Augusta County Records: John and Rebecca married before their journey to America, 1737 voyage, and took their oath in new land on June 26, 1740. John came into the country and made an oath, that he transported himself, wife Rebecca, the families young, Jane, Robert, Charles, Andrew, Barbara, Joan and a nephew or grandson, Robert Hays, from Scotland to Philadelphia. He gave his Oath of Loyalty to America. John was given land Grants, in Rockbridge CO. VA. (Recorder in book 2 (1739-1741) It was the first time he gave his rights, for providing, for his family, in order to obtain land; CERTIFIED May 1740, in Orange Co. VA. John and Rebecca were a part of the Ulsterman Clan Immigrants from Ireland. John Hays eventually chose a 318-acre plantation which he bought for 5 Shillings, located 2 miles north of Rockbridge Baths, where Hays Creek and Moffetts Creek run together. It had a natural mill site. After 1752, Moffetts Creek was renamed Hays Creek and Hays Creek became Walker Creek, thus the original mill site is located on what today is known as Walker Creek. John Hays built the first mill in Rockbridge Co. in 1739, with the help of his sons, Andrew and Charles. Note: It has been noted that the Augusta County clerk made an error when they recorded John?s Will in February 1750. It didn't make sense that John Hays created his will in December 1750 and his death occurred sometime in February of 1750; however, it was since realized, that the date on the will and the county records are correct. The explanation is found in the fact that Great Britain used the Julian calendar until 1752 and, as a result, the end of that year was March 24, 1750 ? I have researched through many Wills, Land Deeds, Military Records and the Hays/Sims family documents, as they are working diligently to document their Genealogy and the connection with the Hays Family. One member went to Virginia, Sept. 2013 and made documents of the true facts found, in the numerous, Will Books, Land Deeds, Court Documents, Marriage and Death Reports and sent me a great deal of much appreciated information. What I have complied and documented, is from a great deal of research and though, there was a fire in the Rockbridge County Court House and many documents were lost after 1890s ? I have put together the best documented information and genealogy of the Hays/Hayes family linage, as I was able to prove. C. Hayes Sept.2013 wife of Michael Hayes.
*The Hermitage House in Tennessee, is very interlinked and documented with the Hays family line because the 7th President of the USA, Andrew Jackson, was a WARD, of John Hays, after he was orphaned (Parents died of Yellow Fever). When Jackson became of age, 21 years old, he lived with Robert Hays?, (and wife Jane Donelson) family, in Tennessee (Robert was John?s son) and grew up with Robert?s children as his own siblings. Jackson had a family connection towards all of the Hays families, due to the Hays family; helping him in his youth and later (Nathaniel Hays) selling him the land in which he built his home on ? The Hermitage House. Andrew Jackson, made wonderful marriage connections for the Hays family members and also obtained high military potions for the Hays men who became soldiers in hos regiments, he felt compelled to help them as though they were family members this information is documented in Jackson?s writings in the Hermitage House documents and letters written by Andrew Jackson). The names and marriages can be confusing ? Three Robert Hays married a Jane and three John Hays, married a Rebecca or Rachel - Very important, to follow land deeds and Wills for true linage and how their lives were interlinked ? While living with Col. Robert Hayes and wife Jane Donelson, Jackson met their Granddaughter Rachel and later married her. The other, Robert Hays ( the younger Robert) spoke of and in the family with his wife Jane Collier, were siblings and cousins of (Uncle Col. Robert) Nathaniel, Samuel, William and the parents of Hugh, Charles, Campbell and Thomas. I have noted them with an asterisks and underlining to denote who those mentioned in the Hermitage Museum papers and Jackson?s letters are. The land deeds show proof, the land of the Hermitage House, was first owned by Nathaniel Hays, adjacent to land owned by Hugh, Campbell, Samuel, Robert and William. It is believed their Uncle John Hays and Aunt Rachel Maxwell Hays John1,Andrew2,John3), also lived on Nathaniel?s land for a time and John was called ?Hermitage John? for his efforts helping so many find safety (John1,John2), from the Indians and the battles of Virginia. (Hermitage means: Safe Haven, a place of solitude) John and the many brothers and their families, left Virginia and the Indian troubles and the continuing British wars, to Tennessee to find safety and peace. Many of the Hays Family and neighbors were killed on John?s land in Virginia, during a celebration dinner. The Indians brutally massacred and took captive up to 100 people. This lead to the family?s movement, from the colonies and Andrew Jackson?s reason for forming the Trail Of Tears and elimination of all Indians from the colonies. The log cabin is believed to have been built on Nathaniel?s land in Tenn.,, by John Hays, for he and wife Rachel Maxwell Hays, very sturdy to protect from the Indian raiders. There are many different stories on who first lived in the log cabin, but dates, documents, times and events, point most assuredly to John and Rachel first built the log cabin and lived there. The family massacre, on John?s land, is also one reason, Jack Hays became a Texas Ranger and continued to capture and kill the Indians of War as well as the Mexicans who continued to kill the Colonists and burn their homes. There is a link to President Polk through a Hays daughter?s marriage and to Col. Chitwood, through a marriage. Many family members were soldiers and fought with George Washington in the Battle of Monmouth and he was great friends with many Hays soldiers. Many died during the Indian Wars, Rev. War, Civil War and the many British and Colony Battles. It was a harsh time for the new colonists.
Family Informational Notes from Records in Rockbridge and Wilson Counties:
Note: John HAYS lived on Cedar Lick Creek in Wilson Co., TN very near to the Hermitage in Davidson
Co., TN. Mr. Dixon wrote that the Hermitage Area was complicated by the changes in county lines during
the pertinent periods of times: 1790, the Davidson & Sumner County area and HAYS COUNTRY was in
Sumner County; 1800, the Hermitage Area was in Davidson & Wilson Counties with HAYS COUNTRY
in Wilson County; 1810, the Hermitage Area was in Davidson & Wilson Counties and HAYS COUNTRY
was in Wilson & Smith Counties - Note: Historic Structures Report, the original log house was built by
John Hays ca.1804, on Nathaniel?s property. Andrew Jackson built the original building, home, now called
the Hermitage House and the LHA is going to complete a $1.4 million restoration for it in the next couple
of years. (Completion date of summer 2004, the 200th anniversary of the purchase of the Hermitage
Property from Nathaniel Hays) Note: Nathaniel Hays and his neighbor to the south, Samuel Hays and his
Neighbor to the north, Hugh Hays. Jackson ended up with the entire 640-acre preemption NC Land Grants
of Nathaniel and Hugh Hays and a section of Samuel Hays' 640-ac preemption NC Land Grant as well, where
the Hermitage is now. His houses, including the famous Hermitage Mansion, the Hermitage Church, and
Andrew Jackson Donelson's Tulip Grove Mansion, acres all located on Nathaniel Hays' Original land grant
. Note: Charles Hays ? (son of John Hays of VA), is in Davidson County in 1780, and back in Greene County by 1783,
where he marries Elizabeth Gillespie ca.1792. His son Charles Hays is born, in Greene Co. ca.1794 and daughter
Jane Hays soon thereafter. Note: Nathaniel is located in East TN until around 1802, but shows up in
Davidson County in 1803. He then settles temporarily at his land grant before selling it (in two sections) to
Thomas Taylor and Andrew Jackson in 1804. Note: Samuel Hays, who owned the land just south of Nathaniel,
was in Davidson County by 1780, built the fortified Hays Stations on Stoner's Creek ca.1782-83, and was killed by
the Creek Indians nearby in early 1793. His wife Elizabeth continued to reside at Hays Station until selling it in 1807
and then moved to neighboring Wilson County, TN. Her sons Campbell, Andrew, Hugh, and Charles grew up at
Hays Station, were wards of Andrew Jackson in the 1790s, and moved to Wilson County, TN before 1807 these sons
served under Jackson in the Creek Indian Wars of 1813-14 Note: "John C. Hays, known in Texas as Jack
Hays, was born at Little Cedar Lick, Wilson County, Tennessee, on January 28, 1817. He was from the
same section of the Country as the McCullochs, Sam Houston, and Andrew Jackson, and was the same
adaptable sort of person. It is said that Jackson purchased The Hermitage from Jack Hays's grandfather,
John Hays, who served with Jackson in some of his Indian Wars, and who built Fort Haysboro, but it is
proven by land deed documents, the land was purchased from John?s Grandson, Nathaniel Hays. Jack's
Father, Harmon Hays, also fought with Jackson and named his son for General John Coffee, one of
Jackson's trusted officers. Hays came to Texas in 1837 or in the early part of 1838--then about 21 years of
Age -and took up his residence at San Antonio. Some accounts say that he joined the Texas Rangers and
fought Indians and Mexicans under Deaf Smith and Henry W. Karnes." Note: p. 34 - Nathaniel Williams
Thompson HAYS charged with Gaming 27 Apr 1832 (p.201). p. 4 - Stockley L. HAYS charged Thomas
G. Walker with trespass & assault & battery 1819 (p. 265). p. 26 - Harmon A. HAYS among others,
charged with gaming 1827 (pp. 167-168). Note: John Hays, as documented in Rockbridge census book,
1740, he had proven sons: David, Andrew, John, Charles, James and Robert Daughters: Barbara, Jane, and
Rebecca, all born before 1740 according to his Will John Hays had (after 1750) a total of the following
children: David, Andrew, Charles, Robert, John and Grandson James ? son of James, Daughters: Rebecca,
Jennett Mills not mentioned either, possible deceased. The family lived in part of Augusta County that later
became, Rockbridge County, when it was formed in 1778. Nov 30, 1750 Will Book I, Page 281

9/2/2013 HAYS/SIMS: Research and Notes: SIMS of VA and Rutherford and
Wilson Counties, TN ? found online by C Hayes 9/2013
"Hermitage John HAYS": John "Hermitage" HAYS died 1811 in Wilson Co., TN. His wife was Rebecca MAXWELL who d. 1819 Wilson Co., TN. CHILDREN: Sally, Rachel (m.ALFORD), Harmon A., Thomas T. HAYS; children of Rebecca Maxwell HAYS;' will was made 25 Mar 1819, recorded Wilson Co., TN 14 Oct 1819. HAYS/Notes: SIMS of VA and Rutherford/Wilson Counties, TN, Grandmother of Jack Hays, Texas Ranger. freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~janicekmc/hays_sims_notes.htm 3/8 . In this Will, she named her children; Thomas T. HAYS rec'd the land on which his mother, Rebecca, lived. He was the executor of his mother's will .(Notes: we know from marriage records the approximate age for Racel: c1791 ? and Ann: c.1788, and Thomas T., if approximately 21 years of age at marriage would be born c1795 Mr. Dixon wrote "of special interest is Robert HAYS ,m. to Donelson, where Andrew Jackson lived with and met their Granddaughter, whom he later married. Robert was apparently a very active land broker in a large area encompassing Nashville as well as "Hays Country". Hays Country is about 60 miles southeast of Andrew Jackson's Hermitage on the east outskirts of present day Nashville. Other HAYS, in the records for the Hermitage Area, are Samuel, Hugh, Nathaniel, James and William Hays". Hugh HAYS, Samuel HAYS and Nathaniel HAYS each received grants of 640ac in Davidson County, surveyed June 1785, registered 1788 &1789 (Land Deed Genealogy of Davidson County TN 1783-1792 Vol. I). These grants were adjacent and located between the Cumberland River and Stones Creek. They were within 3 miles west of the present day Wilson/Davidson County, TN lines. Robert Hays received grants covering 6000ac in the vicinity registered in 1789. Nathaniel Hays sold 215ac of his grant to Thomas Taylor in 1804 and the remaining 425ac to Andrew Jackson in 1805. Andrew Jackson built the Hermitage on this acreage acquired from Nathaniel Hays. - the purchase of the Hermitage property from Nathaniel Hays.is documented ;Land Deed Genealogy of Davidson County TN 1783-1792 Vol. . The land that Jackson established his famous Hermitage plantation on was originally owned by the Hays family,

***John and Rebecca?s Family Linage - m. Rebecca of Scotland Heritage
Had 13 Children ? 8 mentioned in will;
1) Jane Hays (John1) Jane Hays Daughter of John and Rebecca Hays 1732 m. J. Donelson
2) Robert Hays -1716 (John1) moved to MO. With brother James, died on their farm
3) Andrew Hays b1718-1786 (John1 - possibly eldest surviving son)
m. 1) Prudence Campbell 1743 had four children m. 2) Margaret Stephenson1763 ? had four
children / had four children with each wife.
John?s Eldest son, he then took over running the Mill in Rockbridge after his father?s death, then deeded it to his Eldest son John to run. John and Rebecca?s sons, had many descendants.
Andrew Hays, Orange Co., VA, Promotion, 1745 made Lieutenant in the militia.

John Hays Will - Documented information from the Virginia US Gen Web Archives:
Rockbridge County, Virginia. Will book 1 pp 258-260
Andrew Hays Will Northampton CO. then Nashville TN. 1804, died 1808 had 8 children

The American Revolutionary War (1775?1783), the American War of Independence
Many of the Hays Men fought the Indian Wars and throughout the Rev. war ? many lives were lost.

Maj. John Hays
Gender Male
2 MAR 1746/47 Rockbridge County, Virginia

Alt Birth?
1750 Rockbridge County, Virginia ? parentage Andrew and Prudence Hays
Marriage 1777 Nancy Ann Christianson of Virginia

1808 Nashville, Tennessee

First Four sons by Prudence ? John, James, Andrew, and Charles :
1) Major John Hays b. 1745- was a known Indian Fighter till death ? and he was buried standing up, facing the Monacan Indian Burial Grounds so he would be present and standing on Judgment Day, to see the Indians face their final fate.. Augusta County, Timber Grove, VA: John died at the close of 1808, Rockbridge Co., Va. John's will dated 29 May 1808 and recorded 02 Jan 1809. John lived on a farm under Jump Mtn, Rockbridge Baths, Va.; Major. Rev War Soldier He had fought many Indians and lost many family members during Indian raids on his Homestead. Sept 16, 1777, a family outside dinner was being held and the Indians killed over 60 neighbors and family members, and took over 30 captive, many stories are told of this horrible day in the Rockbridge History Book, which led to many of the family?s reasons to so dislike the Indians and the family?s personal war against them. John Hays ( of Andrew and Prudence) married Anne Christian Vol. 2 - Hays vs. Hays--O. S. 187; N. S. 66--Bill August, 1810. John Hays died the close of year 1808 testate, in Nashville TENN, where many had moved to after the Indian upheavals and family members deaths, leaving Andrew, Michael, John and Campbell Hays, his children and devisees, and Anne Hays, his widow, has died intestate. Deed 5th May, 1800, Joseph and David Hays of Washington County by James Hays of Rockbridge, their attorneys, to John Hays of Rockbridge. Conveys the Stone House plantation in Rockbridge. Will of John Hays of Rockbridge.; wife, Anne; sons, Michael C., Andrew, John, James Campbell. Dated 89th May, 1808. Recorded in Rockbridge, 2d January, 1809 (John1, Andrew2)
m. 1) 1777 m. Frances Anne Christian d. 1788
m. 2) 1789 m. Nancy Mc Campbell; 5 Children;
1) Andrew Hays ?Prosperous lawyer of TENN.
2) Michael C Hays officer in 1812 War ? died VA.
3) John Brown Hays m. Ophelia Polk sister of
President Polk) was a politician himself.
4) James Campbell Hays willed land by GR. Father,
Jefferson CO. Tenn. M. See will and testament
Had 11 Children:
1) Nicholas Hays
2) John Hays
3) James Hays
4) Lewis Hays
5) Elvira Hays m. Stifty
6) Sylvia Hays
7) Elizabeth Hays
8) William Hays
9) Maria Hays
10) Enoch Hays
11) Clayton Hays
5) John ?Jack? Hays - named after Jack Hays Ranger
m. Margaret of KY.
Had 6 Children:
1) Andrew Hays
2) James Hays
3) Mary Hays m. Robert Piper
4) Nancy Campbell Hays
5) Charles Hays
6) Prudence Hays m. John Brownlee

2) Andrew Hays b. 1748 willed land by his father census records:
Andrew Hays, Orange Co., VA, Promotion, 1745 made Lieutenant
in the militia. ? took over mill after Father?s death.
(John1, Andrew2)
3) Charles J. Hays b. 1752 willed land Rockbridge Co. by
Father Andrew m. Nancy Margaret Gilmore 1775 ? had 1 son ?
Samuel - fought in the Rev. War and made Lt. by Andrew Jackson
m. Mary Campbell Walker 1779 had 12 children, see family descendants below; ? 1810 census records: Charles Hays, militiaman Orange Co., VA, Note: December 18, 1742 ? Took part in 1st clash between settler and natives, in what was to be Rockbridge Co., VA., his sons fought in the Rev. War for Independence.

Name 1. Samuel Hays - Lt. HAYS, Samuel (wife) Alsey, Old War #11225, served as a private in TN Volunteers.
Charles Hays

24 AUG 1752 Rockbridge County, Virginia ? parentage Andrew and Prudence Hays
Marriage 1772 Augusta County, Virginia to Martha Gilmore

BET 1779 AND 1780 Death 6 FEB 1812 Nashville to Mary Campbell Walker of Columbia, Adair County, Kentucky

Charles Had 12 known Children and adopted 2 of Father Andrew?s, orphaned sons under age 21
1) Andrew Hays1781
2) Charles Campbell Hays1783 Studied and practiced
Medicine; moved to Illinois where he became
A Presbyterian Minister
3) Sarah Campbell Hays
4) Prudence Hays
5) Elizabeth Wood Hays
6) Sallie Sarah Hays1796
7) Joseph Hays1786 -1847
8) John Hays 1786
9) Mary Margaret Hays 1788
10) Polly M. Hays
11) James Hayes 1792
12) George Campbell Hays1794 -
1880 m. Sarah Dillard Collins
Had 8 Children:
1) James Hays 1793 -1819
2) Gilbert Hays
3) James Hays
4) George Hays
5) Charles C. Hays
6) Sarah C. Hays
7) Prudence Hays
8) Elizabeth W. Hays
** Adopted Joseph and David ? father?s sons under age 21 at his death
Andrew had next four children with Margaret
5) Prudence Hays m John Brownlee (John1, Andrew2)
6) Mary Margaret POLLY Hays m Joseph Walker (John1, Andrew2)
7) Joseph Hays willed land in Rockbridge Co. by His father Andrew (John1, Andrew2)
8) David Hays 1759 m. Hallie Montgomery WILL 1806 VA. (John1, Andrew2)
Rockbridge Co., VA willed land Rockbridge Co. by father Andrew d. 1810 ( PROVEN
CHILD of Andrew Hays, son of the immigrant John Hays of Augusta Co., VA are - DAVID
HAYS whose proven children were: David Orestes King HAYS, Joseph HAYS and Mary
HAYS after Hallie?s death, David moved in with Brother Joseph and died interstate w/o property ?
After wife?s brutal death, and many of his family on his uncle John?s farm.
He gave all property away and ceased the will to live.. (Massacre of Hays Plantation)
Had 3 Children:
1) David Orestes Hays King Hays m. Margaret Hays m.
10 Children: Nichols, John, James, Lewis, Elizabeth
William, Maria, Elvira Hays m. Stiffy, Sylvia Hays
2) Mary Hays
3) Joseph Hays Jr. Successful Farmer Rockbridge CO., VA

4) Charles Hays 1718 1) m. Barbara 2) m. Margaret,( called ?MARI?),Walker, died w/o Will 1799 - Rockbridge Co Va. Deed Bk A, p. 53 6 Oct 1778 between Charles and Margaret of the Co of Rockbridge " sold to John Walker, her brother, 404 acres, comprised of 3 small tracts......and the 50 acres, willed to him by his father John Hays ? Charles died unexpectedly without a WILL, and his children battled over their inheritance for many years after his death. Joseph and James being the eldest sons, Joseph, took possession of the majority, of the properties and a family argument continued for generations. (John1)
The American Revolutionary War - Battle of Monmouth -10,000 British troops against 11,000 Americans.
28th June 1778. New Jersey ? led by George Washington, who had gone through out the colonies recruiting
Young colonists to help fight the British - General Washington marched east from Valley Forge seeking to intercept
the slow moving British column. He did so at Monmouth Courthouse. Many lives were lost, many of Charles family.
Had 12 Children:
1) Joseph Hays 1734 (John1, Charles2) soldier in the Battle of Monmouth in 1778
2) James Hays 1740 (John1, Charles2) soldier in the Battle of Monmouth in 1778
3) Rebecca Hays 1745 (John1, Charles2) Rebecca Hays1745 m. John C. Thomas 1815
Had 9 children:
1) Martha L.A. Hays (1815-1895) Richard G. Potter
2) Elizabeth A. Hays (1817- ) m. Thomas L. Thorton
3) James Edward Hays (1819- ) m. Emalline G. Morris
4) Mary Jane Hays (1820-1914) m. John Edley
5) Frances Ann Hays (1823-1884)
6) William Ray Jefferson Hays (1826 - ) m. C. E. Tygret

7) Henry M Hays (1830 ? 1912) m. Julia m. Ermma
Had 2 Children:
1) Nancy Ann Hays
2) 2) Margaret J. Hays
8) Frances Hays (1832 - ) m. Jeremiah Thomas
9) Eveline Hays (1835 - ) m. John Lorton 1826
4) Barbara Hays 1748 (John1, Charles2)
5) John W. Hays b. 1750 (John1, Charles2,) m. Mary Ludwig John W. Hays ?
m. Mary Ludwig In Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Mary, while working as a servant for the wife of
Dr. William Irvine, she met William Hays, a barber. They were married in 1769. Continental Army records show
William Hays was an Artilleryman at the Battle of Monmouth in 1778. See more on later pages. ***In 1777,
William Hays enlisted in Proctor?s 4th Pennsylvania Artillery, which later became Proctor's 4th Artillery of the
Continental Army. During the winter of 1777, Mary Hays joined her husband at the Continental Army?s winter camp
Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. She joined a group of camp followers led by Martha Washington who would
Bake and deliver food, wash clothes and blankets, and care for sick and dying soldiers. Following the end of the
War, Mary Hays and her husband William returned to Carlisle, Pennsylvania. During this time, Mary gave birth to a
Son named Johanes (or John).[5] In late 1786, John William Hays died.1810, Mary Hays married John McCauley
Another Revolutionary War veteran and possibly a friend of William Hays. ? see more about the battle of
Monmouth on later pages.

1) ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????Johanes W.(John) Hays ? (B. 1779 - ) son of William and Mary Hays
*** (John1, Charles2, John W.3)
m Rebecca ( ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????Johanes W.(John) Hays ? ( 1779 - ) son of William and Mary Hays )
1. William Hays m. Elizabeth
Had 4 Children:
1. John Hays m 1) Janette Hays Mills (Jane) KY. Became Capt. John Hays in Revolutionary War
Had 7 Children: 1. Elizabeth 2. Barbara Hays 3. Jacob Hays
4. James Hays
5. Mary Hays
6. Matty Hays
7. Nancy Hays
2) Matty Hays m. Enoch Hays KY. (John1, Charles2, John W.3)
Had 3 Children:
1. Enoch Hays
2. Jonathon Hays
3. William Hays
3) Charles Hays m. Nancy Gilmore MO. (John1, Charles2, John W.3)
Had Children:
1. Nancy Gilmore Hays
2. Isaac Hays m Susan Anderson
Had 8 Children:
1. Susan J. Anderson
2. Mary A. Hays
3. Oscar Hays
4. Laura Hays
5. Susan Hays
6. Sarah Hays
7. Jack Hays m. Nora Henderson
8. Blanche Hays
4) James Gilmore Hays (John1, Charles2, John W.3)m. Naomi:
The Gold Rush made it seem like a wonderful place to go to Oregon and ?Gilmore and Naomi took off on a wagon train with their family of 7 children. A small child was sick on another wagon and Naomi went to aid and helped the child. Turned out the child had German measles and later Naomi and 3 of her children became sick. Three of their sons died and were buried along the trail as well as Naomi herself, Gilmore continued on with his 6 remaining children. The town they arrived to was 2 buildings and planks to walk over the mud, mud everywhere along with the worst winter conditions possible to endure, losing his wife and sons, no gold to be found, made it seem this journey had been a mistake. Gilmore fought in the Indian war of 1855, He became a Major and after the war he went to Idaho for gold once again, never finding any and returned to Oregon just weeks before he died 1880.
1) Isabella Hays
2) Barbara Hays
3) Elizabeth Hays
4) Lee Hays
5) Nancy A. Hays
6) Charles M. Hays - died young on trail
7) Minerve Hays - died young on trail
8) William Hays - died young on trail
9) Eleanor Hays

6) David Hays 1755 David William Hays m Jane Barnette ( d. 1886) (John1,Charles2)
Moved to N.C. (John1, Charles2) David moved his family to New Jersey in 1787 Sept.
After the Indian War of 1855, where his family lived their lives and raised their families.
Had 12 known Children:
1) Moses Hays ? documented in Rockbridge CO. book pg, 589
Moses was born in New Jersey and learned the Blacksmith Trade, and at the age of 17 was drafted with five of his brothers into the same Rev. War Company. Brother John was a Lieutenant. Moses Hays,wife Sara Petty, was killed by Indians when Peggy was about 9 years old. His heart was cut out and placed on top of a wooden stake. This tactic was used to incite fear among the settlers holed up in a nearby fort...Peggy witnessed her father's execution as she was in the fort at the time."
Moses Hays VA. m. Sara Petty ? ceremony preformed by Charles Hays
m. 1) 1778 Sarah Petty of Augusta CO.VA. m. 2) 1789 Sophia Woods
**Moses died before September 20, 1796 in Augusta Co. VA. Will of Moses Hays of Augusta Co. VA: Probated 20 Sep 1796. Moses' second marriage to Sophia Wood, Children: Elizabeth Luce, Hannah Halsey, Nancy Hays, James N. Hayes, Mary Stockdale (Stockton), Isaac Hays, Richard Hays, Winsted Hays, William Hayes.** moved to Monroe County, Ohio 1796 Will
Had 12 Children:
1. Elizabeth Luce Hays
2. Mary Stockdale Hays
3. Luce Hays
4. Winsted Hays
5. Richard Hays m. Rachel Risk ceremony preformed
By Charles Hays
6. Susanna m. John Hardiway ceremony preformed
By Charles Hays
7. Hannah Halest Hays
8. Nancy Hays m. Henry Cunningham Had many descendants
Ceremony preformed By Charles Hays
9. James N. Hays b. 1800 d 1867 became Black Hawk War
Veteran m Susanna Williams
Had 11 known children:
1) Samuel Hays 1836-1897m.Susan Billiter
Monroe CO. OH. Died in sever dept.
Had 10 Children
2) Amanda Isabelle Hays m .Joe F. Stine d. 1946 in Monroe County, OH
3) Noah Hays W.V. Aug 1861,, m.1)
m. Rebecca Hays had 3 children
4) Hannah Monroe Co OH
5) Ida Hays Monroe CO OH
6) John Jefferson Hays m. Anna Turner
7) Lucy Hays m. James Smith WV
8) William Thomas Hays m. Sarah
Melina (Mel) had 3 children MO.
Had many descendants in Ohio & PA
Lafayette Hays m. Melissa Newhouse
9) Mary Ann Hays m. John Stine of PA.
10) Cleonie Hays m. Samuel Hall of PA.
11) Isaac Hays 1837 m. Elizabeth
Had 4 children, lived in Monroe
1) Sarah Hays 184 0m. Cyrus Salisbury
2) Phebee Hays 1844 m. Elias kindle
3) Francis Hays 1845 m. Sarah Kelley
4) William Thomas Hays 1848 m. Mary Elizabeth Kelley 1867
(John1, David2, Moses3, James4)
William Thomas HAYES was born in January 1848 in Monroe County, Ohio. He served in the military in January 1865 in Monroe County, Ohio. From West Virginia Soldiers and Statesmen (Pleasants County): William T. Hayes is of Monroe County, Ohio, where he still lived when he entered the service of his country in January ?65 at the age of 17; he enlisted in Co. G, 184th OVI;?.information about unit and service??In August ?67 he was married in Washington County, OH to Mary Kelley, of that county, whose father Ebenezer Kelly died in 1861 and whose mother Clara (Woods) Kelly is yet living at age 77. Mr. and Mrs. Hayes had nine children: Clara E. b Jun ?69, Jane A. March ?71, Sarah B. b July ?72, Lillie M. b November ?76, Delitha F. b February ?79, Allen T. b May ?81, Cleveland C. b February ?83 and Phoebe A. b Feb. ?86. Mr. Hayes? parents, James & Susannah (Williams) Hayes have both passed away. The former served in the Black Hawk War with the Indians. He had numerous uncles and cousins in the Union service?.. (Published 1892]
Had 9 Children:
2) Clara E. HAYES was born in June 1869 in Ohio.
3) Jane A. HAYES was born in March 1871 in Ohio.
4) Sarah B. HAYES was born in July 1872.
5) Lillie M. HAYES was born in November 1876.
6) Delilah F. HAYES was born in February 1879 in Monroe County, Ohio.
7) Allen G. HAYES was born in May
1881 Monroe County Ohio.
8) Cleveland HAYES was born in 1883
9) Phoebe HAYES
10) Sarah Hays b. 1842 d. 1924 m Cyrus Salisbury OH 11) Samuel Hays b. 1836 OH
12) Isaac Hays 1842 m Mary Mitchel of Monroe CO. OH
Had 6 Children:
1) Mary M. Hays 1860
2) Sarah Elizabeth Hays 1862
3) Mary A. Hays 1867
4) William A. Hays 1868
5) James Hays
6) Nancy Hays m Phillips

2) John Hays 1769 Lieutenant in Continental War m. Mary Randall
(John1, Charles2, and David3, Moses4) Ohio
3) William Hays fought alongside brothers in Cont. War- died in an accident
4) Margaret Hay 1762 NC (John1, Charles2, David3, Moses4)
5) Elizabeth Hays 1764 NC (John1, Charles2,David3,Moses4)
6) Alexander Hays - fought alongside brothers in Cont. War
7) Thomas Hays 1765 (John1, Charles2,David3,Moses4)
8) David Hays m. Martha Fulton- fought alongside brothers in Cont. War
9) Phoebe Hays 1766 m John Brownlee -ceremony preformed by
Uncle Charles Hays (John1, Charles2, David3, Moses4))
10) Joseph Hays 1768 NC (John1, Charles2,David3,Moses4)
Died accident on the farm
11) Mary 1770 NC (John1, Charles2,David3,Moses4) died in youth

12) James S. Hays 1772 ? WILL Aug. CO. VA 1787 d. 1812 m. Mary Buster
(John1, Charles2, David3, Moses4) fought alongside brothers in Cont.
War- died in an accident
Had 11 Children:
1) David Hays 1790
2) John Hays 1791 m. Jean of Allegheny County, Penn.
Had 11 Children:
1. Gabriel Hays
2. John Hays d. 1812 m. Elizabeth
3. Ichnand Hays d. 1812
4. Jess Hays
5. Charity Hays
6. Grace Hays
7. Elizabeth Hays
8. Anne Hays
9. William Hays became a farmer after the war
3) Thomas Hays 1793Allegheny County, Penn.
4) William Hays 1795 died young
5) James Hays 1796 m. Elizabeth Had many Descendants
Had 5 Children:
1. Eliza Hays
2. James hays
3. Nancy Hays
4. Samuel Hays
5. David Hays m Manerva Jackson 1835
Had 12 Children:
1. Martha Frances Hays 1837
2. Elizabeth Leannah Hays 1871
3. Eliza Ann Hays
4. James Lambert Hays
5. Nancy James Hays
6. Mary Louise Hays
7. John Butler Hays
8. William Franklin Hays m. Callie Witherspoon
Had 5 children:
1. William Witherspoon Hays m Marie Louie Shafer Had 2 known children:
1. Harmon Hays
2. Marie Louise Hays m. Leon Guy
3. Louise M. Hays
4. Ernest Hays
5. Janis Dorsett Hays m. Stephens
9. Samuel Alexander Hays 1852
10. Andrew Jackson Hays 1855
11. Daniel Jackson Hays 1858
12. Robert Lee Hays 1863
6) Sara Ann Hays1798 (John1, Charles2, David3, Moses4,James)
7) Malinda Hays Hays 1799 (John1, Charles2, David3, Moses4,James)
8) Mary Hays Hays 1799(John1, Charles2, David3, Moses4,James)
9) Elizabeth Hays Hays 1801(John1, Charles2, David3, Moses4,James)
10) Isaac Hays Hays1803 (John1, Charles2, David3, Moses4,James)
11) Nathaniel Hays Hays 1804 (John1, Charles2, David3, Moses4,James)
7) Mary Hays 1754 VA m Charles Hays son Of Robert Hays (John1, Charles2)
8) Charles Hays 1752 d 1810 m. Mary Campbell (John1, Charles2)
9) Joseph Hays 17546 (John1, Charles2) fought in Indian Wars
10) Prudence Hays 1758 VA, (John1, David2)
11) Jacob Hays 1758 ? (John1, David2) after fighting in Indian wars was made General and fought
The War of 1812 and received pension- no known children (John1, David2)

12) Robert Hays b.1757 d. 1768 (John1, David2) m. Jane Montgomery Will Green Co TENN. my will and desire after the decease of my said wife Jane M. Hays, that all the personal estate that shall or may remain over after the decease of her they said Jane Hays which I have bequeathed to her as aforesaid shall be equally divided between my three sons and two daughters Charles Hays and John Hays and Thomas Hays and Margaret Rodgers wife of James Rodgers and Susannah Smith wife of Robert Smith
Had 5 Children:
1) Charles Hays
2) Thomas Hays
3) Margaret Hays m. James Rodgers
4) Susannah Hays m. Robert Smith
5) John Hays
4) John Hays b. 1720 m. est.1745 Martha Thompson deeded land by father John Augusta Co., VA Deed
June 12, 1746 from Benjamin Borden's estate, 318 acres on Hays creek (John1)
Had 13 children - Had 8 known surviving Children at time of Will:
1) Rebecca Hays 1745 (John1, John2)
2) Charles Hays b. 1746 -1) m Barbara m. 1765 2) Margaret ?Mari ?1770
December 18, 1746 ? in October, 1765, Charles was married to Barbara, and by June, 1770, he had married
Second wife, Margaret. Took part in 1st clash between settler and natives; he moved his family to
Greene TN, from Rockbridge. VA. He settled on Long Fork of Lick Creek TN. With Cousins
Major John Hays, Samuel and William Families Charles HAYS who d. c1820 (Smith Co. Will & Court
Records) on Smiths Fork, Smith Co., TN
Had 8 Children (John1, John2, Charles3):
1. Barbara Hays 1763 died in youth
2. David Hays 1765 m. Mary Collier sister of Susannah 1793
3. Hugh Hays 1766 m. Susannah Collier 1795
4. James T, Hays 1767 m. Malinda KNIGHT Wilson CO. TENN.
HAYS, Hays, James T. Jr. b. 29 May 1832 d. 16
Dec 1861 Had 1 known son:
1. Leander (Lee) HAYS m. Cynthia Francis KEATON
5. Robert Hays 1769 Wilson CO., TENN.
6. Andrew Hays 1770 ? 1773?
7. John Hays JR. b. 1771 m .Rebecca Maxwell of TENN. (John1, John2Charles3) known as: ?Hermitage John? Sold land in VA. - Died 1811 in Wilson CO., TENN.
Had 5 Children known and still living children at death:
1. Thomas T. Hays b. 1795
2. Sally Hays
3. Rachel Hays m. Isham Davis b. 1791
4. Ann Hays m. Julius Alford b. 1788
5. *Harmon A. Hays ? 1817 (Father of Jack Hays)
(John1, John2, Charles3, John4) m Elizabeth Cage
Ancestry Birth Record Files, have it proven, that John Hays and Rebecca Maxwell Hays, the former Mrs. Maxwell, were the parents of Harmon Hays: who fathered John Coffee Hays b. 28 Jan 1817 Little Cedar Lick, Wilson Co., TN., d. 21 Apr 1883 ? there is conflicting information about the parents of Jack Hays, but it is well documented by the Sims of VA.
Jack Hays, was the son of Rebecca Maxwell, wife of John Hays of TENN., land deeds proven to be in TENN.
Harmon Hays and Elizabeth Cage Hays:
Had 7 Children:
1) * John Hays ( Jack Hays Texas Ranger) 1817-1883
Jack Hays was born 28 January 1817 at Cedar Lick in Wilson County, Tennessee. By the age of fifteen he had moved to Mississippi and began to learn surveying. By mid-1836 Hays was in Texas where he joined a Ranger company under Erastus "Deaf" Smith. He took part in a skirmish with the Mexican Cavalry and assisted in the capture of Juan S?nchez. He was appointed deputy surveyor of the Bexar District. Hays combined his knowledge of Indian warfare with his rangering. John Coffee Hays helped to forge the legend of what a Texas Ranger was. Arriving in Texas in 1836 but just missing the famous battles of the Texas Revolution, nineteen-year-old Hays soon had Sam Houston urging him to join a new group of Rangers.
Jack Hays m. Susann Calvery 1847 Had 3 Daughters and 3 Sons
In 1840, Hays was appointed a captain of the Rangers. He proved himself to be a fearless fighter and a good leader of men. John Coffee Hays, known all his life as Jack, most of his adult life as Captain Jack, was born January 28th, 1817 in Little Cedar Lick, Tennessee. (Now is Nashville.) When he died on San Jacinto Day in 1883, he was one of the largest land-holders and wealthiest men in California. With his will, he gave much of his ranch to California. The Hays Ranch became the University of California at Berkeley. Yellow Fever took both of Jack?s parents in 1832. He and his siblings were parceled out among relatives. Jack and a younger brother and sister ended up with Uncle Robert Cage in Yazoo, Mississippi. And Jack was unhappy. He had to leave Nashville?s Davidson Academy, where he was the fastest runner and best horseman. Kindly old Uncle Robert wanted to make him a storekeeper. Note: "John C. Hays, known in Texas as Jack Hays, was born at Little Cedar Lick, Wilson County, Tennessee, on January 28, 1817. He was from the same section of the country as the McCullochs, Sam Houston, and Andrew Jackson, and was the same adaptable sort of person. Jack's father, Harmon Hays, fought with Jackson and named his son for General John Coffee, one of Jackson's trusted officers. Hays came to Texas in 1837 or in the early part of 1838--then about 21 years of age--and took up his residence at San Antonio. Some accounts say that he joined the Texas Rangers and fought Indians and Mexicans under Deaf Smith and Henry W. Karnes
2) Mary Ann 1818 m. J.C. Lewis (John1, John2,Charles3,John4,Harmon5)
3) Sarah Hays1829 m Calvin Lea Hammond son John Hays Hammond
(John1, John2, Charles3, John4, Harmon5)
4) Harry Hays 1821 m. Bettie Cage (John1, John2,Charles3,John4,Harmon5)
5) Robert Hays 1822 (John1, John2,Charles3,John4,Harmon5)
6) John Hays 1824 m. unknown (John1, John2,Charles3,John4,Harmon5)
Had 10 Children:
1) Robert Hays
2) Joseph Hays
3) David Hays
4) William Hays
5) James Hays
6) Henry Hays
7) Nancy Hays m. Morrow
8) Jane Hays m. Moss
9) Lettice Williams Hays
10) William Hays
7) Jane Hays (John1, John2,Charles3,John4,Harmon5)

3) *William Hays 1751 (John1, John2) ? In 1780 William had yellow fever and his captain furloughed him, while their regiment was at Gilbert Town ? one of the major turning points of the war ? William missed the cruel proceedings that followed ? The Colonists arrived at what is now known as Red Chimneys, just west of Gilbert Town Oct 14th, 1780 ? they sentenced 12 of their prisoners to death ? many with trumped up charges and succeeded in hanging 9 before the proceedings were stopped. One of the Loyalist leaders was put to death for murder was Capt. James Chitwood ? an unfounded charge for war times. In 1781 ? That Fall William journeyed to KY and in the spring of 1781, he was drafted for the purpose of fortifying Ft. Clark at the falls of the Ohio and Conveying their magazine (ammunition), to Harrodsburg. That same year he also volunteered to guard Denton?s Station and helped defend Hite?s Station from the Indians. He stayed in KY until the Fall of 1785 and then returned to NC. The following year he married Frances Anne Chitwood daughter of Capt. James Chitwood. ? whom he had enlisted with - to defend the colonies along with his brothers, to their father?s frustration), one son being only 15 years of age. They had 8 children - After the British Colony Wars ? most of his family moved to Wilson County, TN on the family acres together for security reasons. 1) m. Frances Anne Chitwood 2) m. Elizabeth 3) m. Nancy Haynes They Lived on deeded land given to them by John Hays on The James River of Virginia before moving to KY.
Had 8 children, unknown to which wife:
1) John Hays ( 1787 ? 1821) m. Susannah Snow 1908
Had 3 children:
1) Daughter Hays ( 1810 - ) m. John Claspil
2) James B. Hayes ( 1817- ) m. Nancy Bridges
3) Martha A. Hays ( 1821- ) m. Andrew Long
2) Samuel Hays (1788 - ) m. Sarah Hays 1817
3) Jeremiah Hays (1790- ) m. Martha Doyle 1808
4) David Hays (1794-1824) Rachel Burgher 1815
5) James Chitwood Hays (1796 ? 1833) m. Mary Lorton 1812
m. Lydia Wright 1828
Had 6 children:
1) Frances Hays m. Thomas Gilmore
2) Mary Hays m. ----McCoy
3) William Harrison Hays (1818-)
4) Margret Hays ( died in childbirth) m. John S. Waddell
5) Jestright Hays ( !820-1820)
6) Susannah Hays ( 1823- ) m. John S. Waddell
6) William Hays Jr. ( -1824) m. Nancy Newport 1815
( Elizabeth Newport?s sister) Had 3 Children:
1. Reed Newport Hays ( - ) m. Matilda
Adair 1837
2. Pleasant Chitwood Hays (1820-1885) m.
Elizabeth Ann Hendricks
3. Daniel W. Hays (1822-1880) m. Elizabeth
Hays 1841

7) Shadrack Hays (1794-1843) m. Sarah Osborne 1816
(Nancy Newport?s sister) - m. Elizabeth Newport 1823
Had 12 children:
1) William J.M. Hays (1824)
2) Keziah Hays (1825 - ) m.
3) Andrew Simpson 1851
4) Thenial (1826-1826)
5) Ann N. Hays (1828 - ) m.
6) Norlinda J.P. Hays (1829- )
7) Lucretia LEE Hays (1830 - )
8) John W. Hays (1830 - )
9) Joseph Ervan Hays (1834
10) Solomon P. Hays (1836- )
11) Daniel Calvin Hays
m. Rachel E. Hays 1861
12) Elizabeth Frances Hays b.1842
8) Daniel Hays (1799-1862) m. Rebecca Ann Mannen 1829
Had 12 children:
1) William Hardy Hays
2) Elizabeth Frances Hays
3) Nancy Caroline Hays
4) Mariah Emalline T. Hays
5) John Henry Harrison Hays
6) Rebecca Daniel Hays
7) Asa N. Hays b. 1818 HAYS, Asa N., (wife) Martha A., Old War WF-#29710, served as Capt. of Co. C, 7th Reg. TN Mounted Inf.- complete family linage
And background on PDF files H/W
Decatureville TENN>outside of Memphis TENN.
8) Daniel James Hays -HAY, Daniel, wife
Priscilla DOBBINS m. 23 Jan 1808 Sumner
Co., TN - WC1549, he died 19 Jan 1853 in
Carmi, IL, served in Capt. Ewing?s Co. KY
Militia as a Lt. Lived in White Co., IL,
widow lived there 1855-71.
9) Elijah Hise Hays
10) Mary Allie Hays
11) Charlotte Mannen Hays
12) Franklin Pierce Hays

4) * Samuel Hays b. 1754 ( John1, John2) who married Elizabeth from Ireland, lived on the land deeded to them by his father 1769 lived on the James River in Virginia (started out with 100 acres of land on the James River in the Borden Tract),relocated to TENN. With the family after the British burned their property. In 1779, Samuel and Elizabeth sold their lands to William Thompson (after their homestead was burned by the British forces. Samuel remained here until 1798 when he and his family moved to Davidson CO., TN. To be near his brothers and families. TN Will recorded these family members. NOTE from Hermitage House records: Samuel Hays, who owned the land just south of his brother,Nathaniel, was in Davidson County by 1780, built the fortified Hays Stations on Stoner's Creek ca.1782-83, and was killed by the Creek Indians nearby in early 1793. His wife Elizabeth continued to reside at Hays Station until selling it in 1807 and then moved to neighboring Wilson County, TN. Her sons Campbell, Andrew, Hugh ? these are the sons of Hays Station- Davidson County TENN.
Samuel and Elizabeth Hays Had Children:
1. Campbell Hays ? helped his mother run the Hays Station
2. Andrew Hays - helped his mother run the Hays Station
3. Hugh Hays - helped his mother run the Hays Station

5)* Robert Hayes ( 1802-1840) m. Jane Collier Oct 3, 1799 Green CO. Tenn. Lick Creek
See Hays/Hayes/Sims: Robert?s Will: I give and devise unto my youngest son Thomas Hays his heirs and assigns all the lands whereon I now live situate lying and being in Green county on the long fork of Lick Creek and adjoining the land of Nathan Morelock, and Samuel Crawford, and Alexander English and Charles Hays, containing by estimation two hundred acres more or less to hold to him the said Thomas Hays his heirs and assigns forever, provided the said Thomas Hays shall pay unto Margaret Rodgers wife of James Rodgers & Susannah Smith wife of Robert Smith the sums of money herein after mentioned. Sixthly I give and devise unto my oldest son Charles Hays his heirs and assigns one hundred acres of land situate lying and being in Green Co. On the waters of the Long Fork of Lick Creek adjoining my other tract of land and the land of George Monteeth and Alexander English and William Coulson and Elijah Coleson, it being the same and whereon the said Charles Hays now lives...... Seventhly I give and bequeath unto my son John Hays and wife Lydia Simms hays a certain tract or parcel of land situate lying and being in Green Co. on the Long Fork of Lick Creek There is a lot of confusion between Robert and wife Jane Donelson Hays and Robert Hays and wife Jane Collier ? it is important to follow the land deeds and Wills to get the true linage correct. The Hermitage Samuel, William and Nathaniel are brothers to Col. Robert Hays and Samuel?s children: Campbell/Huge/Charles and Thomas are those mentioned in the hermitage documents.

Robert Hayes (1802-1840) m. Jane Collier
Had 4 Children:
1. Charles Hays
2. Thomas Hays (Thomas and Charles grew up at Hays Station, and became wards of Andrew Jackson in the 1790s, and moved to Wilson County, TN before 1800./ some of their sons served under Jackson in the Creek Indian Wars of 1813-14 m.
Had 9 Children
1) Jeanette Hayes m . William Campbell (John1,John2,Samuel3)
2) Sarah Hays m. Alexander Montgomery (John1,John2,Samuel3)
3) * Campbell Hays (John1,John2,Samuel3) served in the Civil War
m. Ellen in Carroll CO. AR. HAYS, Campbell, (wife) Ellen (1st husband
GRUBB), WO-21920, Rej. SC-19605, M. 14 Dec 1863 Carroll Co., AR. He died
12 Aug 1877 in Randolph Co., AR. Served in Capt. John Donaldson's Co., TN
Militia. Widowed, lived in Randolph Co., AR 1878.
4) Elizabeth Hays m. Moses Findley
5) * Charles Leonidas Hays m. Mornig Enocks of Nashville TN.
(John1, John2, Samuel3) Was a militiaman ? he took part in the first
Clash between the settlers and natives in what would become
Rockbridge CO., VA. Died Athens LA. Made Constable 1745
Had 6 Children:
2. Samuel Jackson Hays 1800 m. Rachel Tate Hays ?
ceremony by Preformed by Charles Hays / (John1,John2,Robert3) Samuel Jackson Hays, Great-Grandson of John and Rebecca Hays, came to the White House at age 23 at the start of his uncle's administration to act as his secretary, and was, according to the "Papers of Andrew Jackson," was named after Andrew Jackson. See Andrew Jackson?s Letter and notation. M. Rachel Tate Hays Davidson Co.,TENN.
Had 6 Children:
1. Jasper Tate Hays
3. Eleanor Hays m Wade
4. Samuel Newton Hays
5. Hugh Leonidas Hays
6. Andrew Jackson Hays
(Namesake of President)
2) Mary Dora Hays 1801
3) James Hays 1803
4) Eleanor Mornig Hays 1804
5) Elizabeth Ann Hays 1804
6) John Hays (b. 1805-1881 ) m. Margaret Evans
Had 6 Children:
1. Nathan Hays 1832-1913 married twice
1. m. Catherine McMackin 1855
2. m. Lydia Baxter 1866
Had 8 children:
1) James Hays 1857
2) John Hays 1866-1931
3) Charles Hays 1867-1897
4) David Hays 1869
5) George Hays 1870 - 1918
6) Barnett M. Hays m. Cora Robinson
7) Catherine Hays 1872 -1922 m. J.R. Smith
8) Oscar Hays 1874 m. Sarah Hays
2) John Hayes 1837-1906 m. ME.J. Fraker
Had 9 children:
1) Will P. Hayes 1861
2) Mary Susannah Hayes 1865
3) Sarah Melissa Hayes 1867
4) Margaret Hayes 1869
5) Sam Hayes 1883
6) Julia Hayes ?
7) Robert Hayes
8) Jane Hayes 1840-1884 m. David Wheeler
9) Rhonda Hay3s 1843-1895
3) James Hayes 1846 ?1856 m. Anna Elizabeth 1846
Had 6 children:
1. Bella R. Hays m. A. Parker
2. John B. Hayes
3. Julia Hay M. A Farr lived in KS
4. Florence Hayes m. Blair Severns
5. George Hays
6. William M. Hays
4) Sarah Hayes 1840-1908 m. ---Whitaker
5) Robert Hayes 1843-1908 m. Martha J. Baxter
Had 5 children:
1. Samuel Hayes 1866-1930
2. Robert Hayes 1869-1945
3. John N. Hayes 1856-1912
4. Emily Hayes
5. Sara Hayes
6) Jacob Hayes 1845- 1913 m. Jemima Hart Mannen
Had 5 children:
1. James Hayes 1864 -1953
2. William Hayes 1871-1944
3. Margaret Hayes 1874-1946
4. Deborah Hayes 1880-1957
5. Kate Hayes 1881-1950

2. John Hays and wife Lydia Simms
John Hays b 1795 d. bef. 1836; m. Lydia Sims ?
The start of the Sims and Hays Family linage-
Lydia?s parents were William Sims and Mildred
Baxter of Culpepper Co., VA.
Had 7 Children:
1) William Hays (1817- 1889) m Martha Elizabeth Gibb VA
2) Amos Hays b 1819 d 1839 m. Wilson Co. TN
3) Thomas T. Hays b 1823 AL. d. 1899 m. Mary Elizabeth
Hutchinson of Benton CO., AR.
4) Emily Hays b 1825 m. 1845 James Hays ? possible
Cousin - They moved to Posey CO., IN. selling their VA.
5) John N. ?Jack? Hays b.1826 AL. d 1906 in Benton AR. M.
Frances E.
6) Rebecca W. Hays b. 1828 d. 1906 m. Samuel Gibson
Murry Of Rutherford Co. TN.
7) George Washington Hays b. 1829 Indianapolis, IN. d.
1895 In Washington CO. AR. M. 1853 Elizabeth
Maholah Puckett
Had 5 Children:
1) Margaret Hays m. James Rodgers of Lick Creek
2) Susannah Hays m Robert Smith
3) Thomas Hays willed land by Father
4) Barbara Hayes m. John Gillespie of England
5) David Hayes m. Isabella
Had 10 Children:
1) David Hays
2) William Hays m. Elizabeth HAYS (HAYES), William - Old War IF-#8659, served Capt. Slatton's Co., TN Militia as a pvt.
3) Johanna Hays ?m Buchanan
4) Eleanor Hays ?m. Paxton
5) Hannah Hays - m. Sawyer
6) Robert Hays
7) Mary Hays ?m. Lapsley
9) Andrew Hayes
10) Joseph Hayes (1827-1857) HAYS, Joseph - Old
War IF-#20384 served Capt. Register's Co. TN Militia as a 1st Lt.
2) Andrew Jackson Hays 1744 made Lieutenant in the Rev. War militia, son of
Samuel and Elizabeth ? Military life ? no Will recorder or family
4) Campbell Thomas Hays - son of Samuel and Elizabeth
5) * Huge Hays - son of Samuel and Elizabeth: Hugh Hays, who owned the land grant north of Nathaniel Hays, and who lived in Greene County when he sold it to Jackson and William Donelson (Rachel Jackson's brother) in 1795-96. He and Nathaniel applied for their adjoining land grants on the EXACT same day in 1785 and received them on the EXACT same day in 1786
Hugh HAYS 1845 will book #147

Hugh HAYS of Wilson m. Polly TATE named in his father-in-law's probate papers in Clark Co., AR 1836. Anderson TATE d.
c1835. Wilson Co TN WIlls Books 1-13 1802-http://genforum.familytreemaker.com/guill/messages/188.html PG 147 Hugh Hays will 14 Apr 1845 Heirs: Polly Hays wife, dau. Rachel M Seaborn to receive the land that Isaac N Seaborn lives on: Sons Samuel A and Richard L Hays: grandchildren Willed: Baratt Guill & John Danson Recorded 11 Aug 1845 p.179. (My notes - PROVEN: Hugh and Mary (Polly) HAYS children: Samuel A .and Richard L. Hays. Also a marriage recorded in Wilson Co., TN by MG R. S. Tate: Isaac R. Seaburn-Rachel M. Hayes 20 Nov 1833. Hugh HAYS was taxed in Wilson Co., TN from 1827-1829). WAR of 1812 record: Hugh HAYS, War of 1812 Invalid file #20380 by Polly (TATE) HAYS, widow WO 30979, WC19345. He was an ensign in Capt. Richard Tate's Co., TN Militia enlisted 28 Sep 1814, discharged 27 Apr 1815. Widow lived in 1850-1859 Wilson Co., TN, 1855 Davidson Co., TN, 1878 Mt. Juliet, Wilson Co., TN. He died 23 May 1845. HAYS, Hugh, (wife) Polly (TATE) m. 16 May 1816 Wilson Co., TN - WC-19345, Old War IF-#20380. He died 23 May 1845, served Capt.Richard Tate's Co. TN Militia as an Ensign. Widow lived Wilson Co., TN 1850-78.

6) * Nathaniel Hays b. 1756 (John1, John2) m. Elizabeth Gillespie 1792
Had Children:
1. Charles Hays Greene CO. TN.
2. Patsy Hays
3. Nathaniel Hays
4. Jane Hays Greene CO.,TN.
Information on Nathaniel Hays and his neighbor to the south Samuel Hays and his neighbor to the north Hugh Hays. Jackson ended up with the entire 640-acre preemption NC Land Grants of Nathaniel and Hugh Hays and a section of Samuel Hays' 640-ac preemption NC Land Grant
as well, where the Hermitage is now. His houses, including the famous Hermitage Mansion, the Hermitage Church, and Andrew Jackson Donelson's Tulip Grove Mansion, is all located on Nathaniel Hays' original land Grant. I've been able to determine through research and land deeds, that Hugh Hays was living in Greene County, TN when he sold his 640-acres land grant to William Donelson & Andrew Jackson in 1795-96. (They bought it for William's brother and Andrew' business partner Samuel Donelson--Rachel Jackson's Brother, to Move to so he could be closer to the family ?NOTE: The evidence proves that Andrew Jackson
Built the original log Hermitage "from scratch" in The summer of 1804, Nevertheless, it is proven by land deeds, that the Hays family owned the land that became the Hermitage is very important to my project and the story completion.

7) Henry Hays 1757 d. 1820 (John1, John2) no records of henry ? possible deceased
8) *Col. Robert Hays - BEF 1758 (John1, John2) Col. Robert Hays m. Jane Donelson
Col. Robert M. Hays A LT. in the North Carolina Infantry in the American Revolutionary War 1776, LT. Robert Hays in N. Carolina Infantry of Amer. Rev He was a brother-in-law to Andrew Jackson ?The plantation that Jackson named Hermitage was ideally located 2 miles from The Cumberland and Stone Rivers; the land was originally settled by John Hays (John1, John2) and then son Robert. Other brothers and nephews moved into the area and purchased land alongside Robert?s property. Robert was the grandfather to legendary Texas Ranger John Coffee Hays, Campbell Hays and Confederate General Harry Thompson Hays and both grew up in his home in TENN. Jackson and his wife Rachel, moved into an existing two-story log cabin - built to resist Indian attacks. After Jackson built the main house, they moved in. Later there was a fire and during the remodeling, Jackson turned it into the Mansion it is today. The log house was disassembled and rebuilt from a two story to a one-story building used as slave quarters; a part of it still stands behind The Hermitage.[4] Initially Jackson operated the cotton farm with nine African slaves, but this number gradually grew to 44 slaves by 1820 as the farm expanded to 1,000 acres. Campbell Hays who served in the Civil War m. Ellen in Carroll CO. AR. Colonel Robert Hays erected the Fort Haysboro in Wilson CO., VA. ?just a few miles from Memphis Tenn. (son of John and Rebecca) A LT. in the North Carolina Infantry in the American Revolutionary War,.
Col. Robert HAYS m. Jane DONELSON Grandson of Son of John Hays and Rebecca)21 Jan 1786, in TN: source-1 and one other undocumented site said that Col. Robert Hays & Jane Donelson were the grandparents of John Coffey Hays, known as Capt. Jack Hays, one of the first Texas Rangers. ( Jack Hays grew up in Robert and Jane?s home but he was not his Grandfather as it is proven to be the son of Rachel Maxwell Hays and John Hays.) Also, there was a Campbell HAYS who served in the War of 1812. His record shows he married Ellen Unknown 14 Dec 1863 in Carroll Co., AR. a letter written to Col. Robert Hays in 1819, signed by H. A. Hays - listing the three children he had at that time. The writer of the letter was without a doubt the father of Col. Jack Hays. Then, in the papers of the very lengthy lawsuit, Hays v. Drake, in the Sumner Co., TN loose papers the proof was found. On page 2271 is a letter written by Harmon A. Hays and the signature of that letter is without a doubt the same as the one on the 1819 letter. Thus, it is certain that Harmon A. Hays did write the letter naming his son John Coffee, namesake of General John Coffee and he is the same Harmon A. Hays of Wilson County, Tennessee, the family of Col. Robert Hays has been added to Page 2. Will Pittsylvania Co. VA d. 1819 There is a lot of confusion between Robert and Jane Donelson and Robert Hays and wife Jane Collier ? it is important to follow the land deeds and Wills to get the true linage correct. The Hermitage Samuel, William and Nathaniel are brothers to Col. Robert Hays and Samuels children: Campbell/Huge/Charles and Thomas.
.Jane Donelson m Robert Hays ? their Daughter Rachel Donelson Hays
1767 m Stockley had daughter Rachel Stockley who m. Andrew Jackson
(President) Aunt and Uncle of Jack Coffee Hays
of Little Cedar Lick Wilson County, Tennessee.
Robert HAYS, who was apparently a very active land broker in a large area encompassing Nashville as
well as "Hays Country" Other HAYS mentioned in the records for the Hermitage Area are Samuel, Hugh, Nathaniel, James and William Hays". Hugh HAYS, Samuel HAYS and Nathaniel HAYS each received grants of 640ac in Davidson County surveyed June 1785, registered 1788 & 1789 (Land Deed Genealogy of Davidson County TN 1783-1792 Vol. I). These grants were adjacent and located between the Cumberland River and Stones Creek. They were within 3 miles west of the present day Wilson/Davidson County, TN lines
1. *Rachel Donelson HAYS m. Stockley had eight children ? one was a daughter:
** Rachel Stockley - Married Andrew Jackson ? President of the US.
1) *Rachel Stockley -? Rachel married young Andrew before her divorce was finalized from Lewis Rabords ? married first time in 1791 and Bought Poplar Grove farm in Davidson County; sold in October 1792 ?
*Robert Hays ? married the young couple in his home and later willed the land to Rachel and Andrew.* they married the second time 1794. Adopted a son 1808 - namesake name given -Andrew Jackson, was born son of Severn and Elizabeth Rucker Donelson; adopted by The Jacksons ? after the Battle of New Orleans Rachel and Andrew took young Jackson with them to Washington 1815, they returned to Tenn. and a dear friend died, John Hutchings, who had a young five year old son, named Andrew Jackson Hutchings, and Rachel and Andrew were named as his Ward (their Charge) and he moved to Hermitage with them. In November 1828, Jackson was elected 7th President of the United States; Rachel died after he was elected President but before his inauguration. They had Rachel Jackson; a granddaughter born 1832 after Rachel Jackson?s death, and Andrew Jackson III, grandson was born 1834. Andrew Jackson never got over, wife, Rachel?s death ? died 1845 and buried beside Rachel on the property of Heritage House.
2) Stockley Donelson HAYS b. 1788 d. 1831 m. Lydia Butler
*** Stokely spent much of his time growing up on his uncle?s
Property Haysboro and the Hermitage plantation of his Aunt and
Uncle Andrew Jackson, prior property of Nathaniel Hays. *
HAYS, Stokley D. Col., register of the Land Office in Clinton, MS,
died at Jackson, TN on the 18th inst. National Banner (Mon. 12 Sep
3) Richard Jackson Hays ? named after father?s friend Andrew Jackson - who Nicknamed him Hickory Hays by: AJ
4) Sarah Jane Hays
5) Martha Thompson HAYS b. 1790 d. 1857
6) Narcissa HAYS b. c1795
7) Mary S. HAYS b. 1798 d. 1815
8) Samuel HAYS b. 1800 d. 1866 m Francis
Pinckey Middleton
8) Elizabeth HAYS3 (ROBERT2) b. 1805 d. 1841
10) Harmon Hays
8) Catherine Hays 1722 (John1)
9) Rebecca Hays 1725 m William Richardson of Smyth CO.,VA. (John1)
10) Janette Hays 1726 (John1) not mentioned in will ? possible twin - deceased (John1)
11) Joan Hays 1726 (John1) not mentioned in will ? possible twin -deceased (John1)
12) Janette Hays possible died at birth? ? no other records on census (John1)

13) James Hays b. 1738 ( John1) *** Our Direct Linage ***
James Hays 1738 (John and Rebecca Hays ) 1) m. Rebecca m Sara Knowles - Smith Hays 1817: James Hayes related to Col Robert Hays, Maj. William Hays, Lt. Samuel Hays, Lt. John Hays and Maj. Emphriam, officers of many battles in Virginia, Carolina?s and Tenn. He moved to Davidson TN after the Indian Upheavals in Rockbridge Co., VA. and married Rebecca 1817 of TN. ? had 10 children and moved to Warren CO. KY to protect his family ? due to the British fighting the colonies ( Rev. War). Rebecca died in child birth, he remarried Sara (Knowles) Smith-Hays and relocated to Montgomery CO. MO. Purchased 800 acres land ? this was also the arrival date of some of James?s family, in 1830,to live in M., the families, lived on James land in Montgomery CO. MO., for many years ? to avoid more battles. Despite their acceptance of slavery, Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, and Missouri did not join the Confederacy. James and wife Sarah, lived the rest of their lives and died in MO. Some of James Hays family moved back to TN and to the colonies, where many fought in the Civil War 1863 | 1864 | 865 *****
Printed from Wiki Tree Genealogy ? verified through Will and Testament records of
Rockbridge County Courthouse.
James and Sara Hays m. 1817 Had 4 known children:
1. James Hays Jr. deeded land in VA.by Grandfather ? John Hays
James? Jr. parents and family, had moved to MO. Prior to John Hays
Will and Testament to dividing of land Deeds to family in VA.
James HAYS 1832 will book 10 #32;fought in Civil War
2. Rebecca Hays
3. Martha Hays
4. John Hayes m.1) Mary Hendrick d. 1828 Had 4 children:
** 2 sets of twins died at birth and Mary Died during childbirth
m. 2) Isabelle of MO. Had son Thomas and 5 other children:
1) William Thomas Hayes ( Son of John and Isabelle) ? 1822 m. Nancy
Robertson of MO. moved to Wood Texas
Had 9 children:
1) Alsey O Hayes (1848 - )
2) John Cox Hayes (1849-1894 )m. Delena Hopper
3) Silas B. Hayes ( Aug. 11,1853-1833 )m. Susan Webb
4) Elizabeth Hayes ( 1855-1936)
5) Thomas L. Hayes ( 1858-1901) m. Mariah Reneau
6. 6) Susan Hays (1863 - )
7) Robert Charles Hays (December 13, 1863 - February 25,
1948) m. Luvena Norris
7. 8) Madison Cotton Hays (1864 - December 9, 1931) m. Mary Leach
9) William Robert Hayes (Dec. 25, 1859 ? 1938) Tippah Miss. m. Mollie O.
Harvey Jan. 11, 1882 Wood Texas
Had 9 Children:

1) Bettie Hayes (November 24, 1882 - August 17, 1885)
2) Robert Lee Hayes (December 10, 1885 - May 12, 1966) m. Jessie McElyea
3) Frankie Cleveland Hayes (April 19, 1888 - November 3, 1892)
4) John Thomas Hayes (November 22, 1892 - September 14,
D. 1986) m. Beulah Bradshaw
Had 7 Children:
1) Mamie Lee Hayes (1912 - December 12, 1934)
2) W T Hayes (December 23, 1913 - 1995) m. Violet Bishop
Had 2 Children:
1) Lynda Gail (Hayes) m. Stoffel--Burilson ( - )
Had 3 Children:
1) Jeffery Keith (Stoffel--Burilson) Burilson
2) Sharon deAnn (Stoffel--Burilson) Swyear
3) Timothy Paul Stoffel--Burilson ( - )
2) Ronald Alan Hayes ( - ) m. Mary Miles m. Stella Taylor
5) James Allan Hayes (December 23, 1960 - March 1, 1961)
6) Jimmy B Hayes (August 22, 1914 - February 16,
1990) m. Mildred Bass
7) Henry Nathan Hayes (January 18, 1918 - April 28, 1987)
[private great-granddaughter (1920's - 1970's)]
8) Melvin Franklin Hayes (November 29, 1923 - July 20,
2002) Rita Marie Barry 1947 Riverside, CA.
Had 1 Son:
1) Michael Timothy Hayes ( 2,.22,1949 - )
m. Angela Rohner ? Div. 1976
Had 2 children:
1) Shawn Michael Hayes ( Nov. 2, 1969 - )
m. Frankie Grizz 2013 settled in Long Island NY
2) Shannon Noelani Hayes ( July 1975
m. John H. Ewell of H.B. CA. 1998 -moved to Settle WA.
Had 4 Children:
1) Tucker John Ewell ( Sept.21, 1998.
2) Dixie Lee Ewell ( March 13, 2000-
3) Daisy Mae Ewell ( Nov.17 2001 - )
4)Harley Belle Ewell ( May 22 2002
Cont. Michael T. Hayes m. Carroll Vann Hayes . Had 2 Children:
1) Matthew Timothy Hayes (Sept.25, 1979-)
Non- Married Relationship with Bethany Dahlstrom:
1 Child: Elliott Dahlstrom ( Aug. 19, 2010- )
m. Sara Marie DeVore Aug. 7,2012
1) Ryan Matthew Hayes ( April 3,2013 -
2) Bradley Ray Hayes ( Jan.13,1986 - )
Relationship with Amber Murphy:
1Child: Logan Nathaniel Hayes (Jul.28-2011 ? July
Had Children:

Cont. Melvin Hayes second Marriage to Joan King Hayes
Had 2 Children:
1) Colin Franklin Hayes ( April 21, 1966-) m.
Had Children:
2) Megan K. Hayes ( - ) m. Brandon Smith
Had 2 Children:
1) Drew Hayes ( Dec. 22, 1989 - )
2) Sarah Kathryn Hayes ( Dec. 6,1991

9. Ova Nell (Hayes) Cashen (July 14, 1927 - December 14, 2001)

Information on James Hays:

Wilson Co., TN was formed from Sumner Co., TN in 1799. The 1794 Sumner Co., Tax Book lists James Hays
with 1 poll, 320ac taxed. "Record of the Tax, Paid for the paying of, the Militia employed in cutting the road and
escorting families from the town and of Clinch Mountain to the Cumberland Settlements 25 Aug 1789, Part II"
lists Thomas SIMMS (heirs) 640ac and James HAYS 640ac, Theopholus Hays 411ac, Thomas HAYS 274ac. A
James Hays on the 1787 Record of the Taxable Property in Sumner Co., TN with 315ac.

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