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Held at SYDNEY Post Office 1847 - unclaimed letters

Journal by janilye

This is a List of unclaimed letters for the month of October, 1847:—
Dawson Mr. Thomas, Bathurst;
Davis William, ticket of leave Campbelltown ;
Daye Miss M. A. E., care of Darvall Esq., Elizabeth-street ;
Dogharty Michael, Mary and Susan, care of Ford Esq., Concord ;
Donaldson Miss Isabella, Morpeth;
Donnellan Miss Matilda, Saltram, Bathurst;
Doyle Barney, Goulburn Plains;
Drinkwater Thos., care of M'Intyre, Hunter's River;
Dunn Thomas, carrier, Parramatta Road
Edgess Win., seaman ;
Edwards Jas., Maitland ;
Edmonds Mr. Francis, Albury ;
Evans Mrs. Sarah, Sydney ;
Evans Mr. Thomas, Molonglo,
Farensworth A. W., Sydney
Farquhar James, Fairlie, Yass;
Fegan William, Haymarket ;
Felham Eliza, Sydney;
Flannery Wm., care of Mr. Hurley, Campbelltown ;
Fogarty Thos.- care of Mr. Alford ;
Fonry Owen, care of General Steward, Bathurst ;
Fowler Mr. H. Albury;
Fraser Miss M. Jane, care of Mr. Josephson, Enmore, Newtown;
Fraser Mr. farmer, Dapto;
Fricker Samuel, N. S. Wales;
Frost Simon, Penshurst.
Gale Mr. Edward, Kissing Point;
Gardner Mr. Peter, Morpeth;
Garland. R. L., Clarence River;
Carrigan James, Lake Bathurst;
Glaspol Joseph, Hunter's River ;
Goodwin Mr. Mount Pleasant ;
Goodwin Mr. Charles, Sydney ;
Grady Mr. Jno., Newcastle Gaol ;
Graham Mr. Wm., V. D Land ;
Granfield Wm., Hunter's River;
Greaves Mr. Wm., Parramatta;
Grice Richard Esq., Sydney;
Guest Chas, gun room steward, ship Calliope,
Guy Mrs. Robert, at Mrs. Neils, grocer.
Hall Mr. Edward, Bogolong, Yass ;
Handers Luke, William's River ;
Hansford John, Sydney ;
Harridge Mr D, George-street, Sydney :
Hart Henry, Parramatta;
Hartly Richard, Bathurst;
Haslam Henry, Sydney ;
Heely Patrick, Esq., New Military Barracks;
Henry William, Goulburn ;
Henretta Mr. P., Greek-street, Glebe;
Higgins Peter, Mr., Sydney;
Hill Sarah, Sydney;
Hill Samuel, Macquarie grove, Camden ;
Holcombe H. seaman, V. D. L. ;
Hood George, convicted at Norwich, 1829 ;
House Geo., barque Jane ;
Hony Mr., Wilmot-street ;
Hutchinson Wm , care postmaster, Berrima;
Huxtable Isaac, Parramatta Road.
Ingram John Mr, County Murray ;
Irwin Mary,A. Hunter's River.
Jackson Mrs. Eliza, Bathurst;
Jackson Miss, Sydney ;
Jackson Robert, blacksmith ;
Jamieson Miss Jane, Sydney ;
Jenkins Joseph, King-street;
Johnston Peter, barque Sultana,
Jones Ann, Sydney;
Jones Matilda, Sydney ;
Jordan John, Parramatta.
Kehoe James, Bathurst ;
Kelly David, Morpeth ;
Kelly Peter, Mr. Sutton Forest ;
Kemp John, Mr. Pyrmont ;
Kennedy Mrs, Goulburn ;
Kennedy Michael, Cornish : Settlement, Bathurst ;
Kennedy Mr, Goulburn ;
Keenan Jas., Bathurst;
King Mr, dancing master :
Kirkman Thomas, Bathurst;
Knight John, Yass.
Larkin James Mr, Goulburn ;
Larkin Mrs, Kent street ;
Law Daniel, Sydney;
Layton ,Wm, Union-street;
Levy W W, Esq, Newcastle;
Lees William, Albury ;
Loneghan Patrick, ship Castle Forbes,
Lilly Mr W G, carpenter, Sydney
Lockyer George, Yass ;
Lowe Wm, Clarence Town ;
Lowe Matthew, Mud Creek ;
Logan Mr, Morpeth ;
Loughlane Michael, Bathurst ;
Lomer John, care of Walter Ryan, blacksmith, Bathurst.
Machner Catherine, Castlereagh-street ;
Magee Lawrence Mr, Sydney ;
Maher William, Lane Cove;
Magher Catherine, N. S. W ;
Mansill Mr F, Newcastle;
Marley Mr Thomas, Clerk of the Court, Scone ;
Marlow George, Macdonald River ;
M'Arthur, Liverpool Road;
M'Carty Michael, care Mr Scott, Glebe Inn ;
M'Cauly Mr Charles, blacksmith, Newtown ;
M'Clin Mr, Sydney ;
M'Cue Mr Brian, Hinton ;
M'Donald William, per ship Providence ;
M'Donald A. K. Esq, Ovens River;
M'Donald Mrs William, Paddington ;
M'Elarney Jane, Sydney ;
M'Gonagill Pat, Hinton;
M'Guigan Miss, care of T. Cardwell, Camperdown ;
M'Kenzio Mrs, of Bundoona;
M'Lean Daniel Mr, Morpeth;
M'Lean Mrs M J, Richmond ;
M'Lean Archibald, Goulburn;
M'Lennan Mr D., Warialda,
M'Intyre River ;
M'Leod Donald Esq. Sydney ;
M'Nally James, Ovens River ;
M'Phillamy Denis, Armidale ;
M'Uhr Mr. John, Hinton;
M'Quarie Mrs Edward, Pyrmont ;
M'Seway John, Eagle.Farm ;
Melia Owen, Kent-street ;
Merritt Mr, Parramatta;
Marsden Mr J. W., Sydney ;
Miller Mrs Eliz, Morpeth ;
Mills Mrs F, Northumberland;
Milne Mr John, Sydney;
Mitchell Henry, Tourang;
Molle W. M., Esq, Mollerdille ;
Monaghan Timothy, Redfern ;
Montgomery George, Bussorah Merchant ;
Moogan Martin, Victoria Barracks ;
Mooney Mr James, Bathurst;
Morgan Mr James, Bathurst;
Morton Miss, Penrith ;
Morton Andrew, sawyer; Maitland ;
Moore Mr J. W, Scone ;
Moran, Mr William, Ovens Green ;
Moyce William, Parramatta;
Murphy, Mr John, N. S. W. ;
Martin Edward, Esquire, Yass;
Muschtune Mrs, Sydney.
Nelson Frederick, Gloucester-street ;
Nightingale Mr J., Cumberland-street.
O'Hara Mr H, Goulburn;
O'Hara Mr F. Muswellbrook ;
O'Hair, Mrs Sydney ;
Oldfield Mr, Surry Hills ;
Olive Charles, Mr Newtown ;
Owen Mr John, Hume River ;
Owen Mr G.B. Sydney.;
Oxford Mr George, Paddington.
Parkinson Mr James, Fort-street;
Patterson Mrs, care Mr. Sterling;
Pease Aaron, Lane Cove;
Peate Mr Jas., Sydney;
Pedberry Mr. Newtown ;
Peebles Mr, Sydney ;
Philip Mr. David, Shoalhaven ;
Pessy Mr Theodore, Sydney ;
Platt Mr F, at Walter Beames ;
Pout, Mr Joseph, Newtown;
Powell- Elizabeth, Parramatta;
Pritchard Mr. Osgard; Sydney;
Purcell Miss, Sydney :
Putten David Cassilis.
Quin, Michael, Sydney;
Quinell Jas., Botany Bay,
Rand Mr John, Dowling Forest;
Rand Mr R, Sydney or Yass;
Read Joseph, Monera ;
Reboul Mr, Redfern Estate ;
Redman William, Sydney;
Reid John, Esq, Sydney ;
Renny John, Yass;
Richardson James, Sydney;
Robinson Mr D, Pitt-street ;
Rogan Thomas Bathurst ;
Rogers W, Esq. Sydney ;
Rogers Mr Thomas, Sydney;
Ross G. R, Esq, Sydney ;
Rutherford Mr G; Ryan William, Ryde ;
Ryan Michael, Sydney ;
Ryan Patrick, Port Macquarie.
Sadler Mr John, Bathurst ;
Sanderson Edward, constable ;
Saunders Mrs, Prospect ;
Sawyer William, Murrumbidgee ;
Schofield John, Windsor road ;
Screvens Mr John, Morpeth;
Sempill Mr. Robert, Fitz Roy Terrace ;
Shepherd Mrs, care of Williams, publican, Glebe ;
Sheridan Patk., Bathurst;
Sharpley Mary Ann, Parramatta Road;
Shuttlewood Wm., Port Macquarie ;
Simmonds Mrs Mary, Sydney ;
Simons Mr Wm., Bathurst;
Skinner Mary, Clarence Town;
Slattery Jas, Bargo ;
Smith John, Parramatta Road ;
Smith Dennis, Merton;
Smithers James, York-street;
Sprout Joseph, Annandale;
Squires Barbary, Goulburn;
Stace George, Carpertee;
Stead Mr J, H, Fairfield;
Stephenson William, Esq, surgeon ;
Stringer Mr J, Goulburn ;
Stuckey Master Wm, Normal Institution ;
Sullivan Mr. John, Sydney.
Taylor Thomas, fellmonger ;
Taylor Maria, Cook's River ;
A R, Parramatta Road ;
Teboutt Mrs A, Sydney ;
Telliffe Henry, Goulburn;
Thompson George, 34, Elizabeth street ;
Thompson, Yass Plains;
Thomson Gabriel, Chippendale ;
Thompson Mrs, Black. Hill House ;
Thomson Mrs, innkeeper, near Sydney ;
Thomson Mr. Piper's Flat, Bathurst;
Thomas William, Kissing Point Road;
Thomas Wm, Pitt-street ;
Thorne George, opposite Waterloo-stores, George street:
Thornhill William, Mill Point;
Thury Pat, Parramatta;
Timmonds Patrick, Lake George ;
Toaly Mr, Sydney ;
Tomlinson Mrs S, Stockton ;
Tranter Mrs, opposite Petersham Racecourse;
Trundle Mrs E K, Port Jackson ;
Tupping Mr George, Buckenbower ;
Tyler Thomas, fisherman, Cook's River.
Wakely Mrs., Scone;
Wallis Mr John, Dungog;
Walsh Mr G. S., R. N.; Wardrop & Clerk, Murray ;
Warrand Mr, Murray River ;
Warren Thomas, Sussex-street;
Westropp Jane, Miller's Point ;
Wayman Thos, ticket of leave, Bathurst;
Watson Mrs H , Sydney ;
Watson Mr Joshua, 84th Regt. ;
Weight Master Jas., Campbelltown;
Worrall Mr W. merchant ;
West Major, Yass ; White John, Bathurst ;
Williams Richard, Parramatta Road ;
Williams Mr J. M., Engineer ;
Wilson Joan V. D. Land ;
Whittaker Mr Saml., N. S. Wales ,
Woods, Captain, late Star of China ;
Wytove Thomas, Fish River, Bathurst.

I had written him a letter which I had, for want of better
Knowledge, sent to where I met him down the Lachlan, years ago,
He was shearing when I knew him, so I sent the letter to him,
Just `on spec', addressed as follows, `Clancy, of The Overflow'.

And an answer came directed in a writing unexpected,
(And I think the same was written with a thumb-nail dipped in tar)
'Twas his shearing mate who wrote it, and verbatim I will quote it:
"Clancy's gone to Queensland droving, and we don't know where he are."

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on 2019-08-31 11:05:26

janilye - 7th generation, Convict stock. Born in New South Wales now living in Victoria, carrying, with pride 'The Birthstain'.

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by Flissie on 2019-09-07 04:50:38

I wonder what happened to all of these letters?

by janilye on 2019-09-07 12:14:26

There's a letter there for one of my second great grandmothers, I would love to read it now. But, not to be.
inclaimed letters go to the 'Dead Letter Office' where the mail is opened and every effort is made to find a return address. If there is no return address the letters are destroyed; if there is money it is given to charity (some countries send it to Treasury) if it is a parcel the goods are auctioned for charity. However, a fair bit of that mail, over the years, has found it's way into the hands of philatelists.

by janilye on 2019-09-07 12:26:16
by Flissie on 2019-09-07 22:33:18

Thank you so much janilye.
I was trying to track one down that was unclaimed in Tasmania, with very little response.
I would imagine it works similarly in different states of Australia.

by janilye on 2019-09-08 03:26:08

Before Colonial control in 1809 letters and parcels were passed on privately; like messages. The Australia Post of today is pretty much the same as the General Post Office of yesterday.

by janilye on 2019-09-08 03:34:58

Australia Post is 'Australia' covers all Australian states and territories.

The first organisation of a postal service in Australia commenced in 1809 with the appointment in Sydney of the first Postmaster of New South Wales. He was an English ex-convict, Isaac Nichols, who took the post operating from his home in George Street, Sydney. His main job was to take charge of letters and parcels arriving by ship, to avoid the chaos of people rushing aboard ships as soon as they arrived at Sydney's wharves. Nichols would pick up the mail and post a list of recipients outside his house. He would advertise in the Sydney Gazette the names of all those who received mail. Recipients paid a fixed price of one shilling per letter to collect mail from Nichols' home, with parcels costing more depending on how heavy they were. VIP addressees were accorded personal delivery by Nichols.
Ref: Wikipedia

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