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Henry Frederick Gottlieb LEPPIEN - Waiohine Toll-gate

Journal by ngairedith

HENRY FREDERICK GOTTLIEB LEPPIEN (1823-1879) was born in Mecklenburg, Germany. He married FREDERICKA HELM (1844-1914) 9 August 1865 at St Andrew's, Wellington

HENRY & FREDERICKA had 8 known children:
... 1
1866 - 1867 Clara Fredericka Henrietta Leppien
- born in Wellington
CLARA died aged 11 months & buried Plot 96L at Bolton street

... 2
1868 - 1941 Henry Leopold Leppien
- born in Wellington
- Henry married Leah Waimea JACKSON (?-1958) in Victoria, Australia
- they lived in Victoria, Australia 1903-1937
(in Echua, Yarra, Corio, Ballarat, Flinders & Kooyong)
HENRY died 6 May 1941 in Kirep Rd, Balwyn, Melbourne aged 74
LEAH died 10 June 1958
- their ashes are at Agonis, Bed 4, Rose 07 Springvale Botanical cemetery

... 3
1870 - 1920 Arthur Frederick Leppien
- born in Wellington
ARTHUR died 1 July 1920 aged 50 & buried Plot 96L at Bolton street

... 4
1871 - 1873 Walter Frederick Leppien
- born in Wellington
WALTER died aged 2 in Wellington

... 5
1873 - 1964 Ernest Otto Leppien
- born in Wellington
- Ernest married Emily Olive UDY (1882-1967) in 1904
- daughter of William UDY & Anne Maria TICEHURST of Greytown
- they had 4 known children
1904 - 1985 Herbert Henry Leppien
1906 - 1986 Olive Constance Leppien
1907 - 2000 Leslie William Leppien
1911 - 1991 Minnie Catherine Leppien
ERNEST died in Greytown in 1964 aged 91

... 6
1875 - Nina 'Minnie' Catherine Leppien
- born in Wellington
- Minnie married Herman Gustav 'Wilhelm' KUHTZ (aka William Henry) 1 Sep 1897
- 1st of 11 children of Johan Henrich Gustav Kuhtz (1848-1935) from Burg bei Magdeburg Germany + Sophie Wilhelmina Bertha Elizabeth Kuhtz (1854-1931) (their fathers were brothers). They arrived in Wellington 6 Aug 1874 on the Reichstag (Wilhelm was 6 months old). Johan & Sophie died in Hamilton, Waikato
- the known children of Wilhlem & Minnie (but possibly more):
1898 - 1986 William Walter Kuhtz
1907 - 1976 Norman Henry Kuhtz (changed his name to Coutts)
MINNIE & HERMAN are buried in Tirau cemetery

... 7
- born in Wellington
1877 - 1878 Fredericka Sophia Leppien
FREDERICKE died 24 March 1878 of whooping cough aged 9 months
- she is buried Plot 96L at Bolton street

... 8
1879 - 1960 Flora Emma Leppien
- born in Greytown
- Flora married Stephen Joseph BENNETT (1874-1941) in 1898 in Kaponga, Taranaki
- 2nd of 5 known children of Stephen BENNETT & Charlotte REED
- they had 5 known children:
1899 - 1981 Florence Hilda Bennett
1901 - 1980 Mavis Kate Bennett
1906 - Ivy Ethel Bennett
1908 - 1983 Stephen Hector Bennett
1909 - 2009 Gladys Lucy Bennett
FLORA & STEPHEN are buried Plot 3805, Block XXVI at Hawera

TIMELINE of the LEPPIEN family in New Zealand
Wellington Independent, 16 April 1861
... List of Persons Claiming to have their names placed on the Electoral Roll for the Electoral District of the City of Wellington for the year 1861-62
&: LEPPIEN, Henry - Quin street - Household - Part of Town acre No 163

Wellington Independent, 18 April 1865
... List of all person who have from the 1st day of January to the 31st day of March, in the year 1865, claimed to have their names inserted in the List of Voters for the Electoral District of Wairarapa
name - LEPPIEN, Henry
place of abode - Willis street Wellington - freehold
place where property situate - No 11 Carterton, Wairarapa
attested by - George Edwards

Wellington Independent, 10 August 1865
... LEPPIEN - HELM - On the 9th inst., at St Andrews Church, by the Rev J. S. Muir, Henry Leppien to Frederica Helm, both of Wellington

Wellington Independent, 3 May 1866
... LEPPIEN - On Tuesday, 1st May, the wife of Henry Leppien, of a daughter

Evening Post, 9 April 1867
... TO BUILDERS - TENDERS are required for the erection of a Two-storey House for mr H. Leppien, Willis street. Plans and specification to be seen at my office. Tenders to close 23rd April, at noon. The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. C. J. TOXWARD, Architect, Lambton Quay, next door to J. Joseph's Store

Wellington Independent, 25 April 1867
... LEPPIEN - On April 24, at her father's residence, Willis street, Clara Fredericka, the only infant daughter of Mr Henry and Fredericka Leppien, aged 12 months. The Friends of Mr H. Leppien are respectfully invited to attend the funeral of his infant daughter, Clara Fredericka, which will leave his residence, Willis-street, to-morrow, Friday, the 26th instant, at 3 o'clock p.m. F. J. PAGON, Undertaker

Evening Post, 3 September 1867
... H. Leppien begs to inform the inhabitants of Wellington and the surrounding district, that he has opened his new Shop in Willis street. H. L. takes this opportunity of thanking the public for past favours and hopes, by keeping always a large stock of the best description of English and Colonial made Boots and Shoes, to merit a continuance of the same. Orders punctually attended to

Wellington Independent, 9 November 1867
... Mr John Ayers, Teacher of Languages and Music, has engaged the upper storey of Mr H. Leppien's house, Willis street, in which he has placed a pianoforte, where he will be happy to receive pupils. Terms can be ascertained on the premises

Evening Post, 20 January 1868
... A shop to let at a very moderate rent in Willis street. Apply to Mr H. Leppien

Evening Post, 13 April 1868
... R. Duke wishes to inform the public that he has commenced business next door to Mr H. Leppien, Willis street, as Greengrocer, Fruiterer, Confectioner and Poulterer. Families waited on daily. Dinners cooked for parties at their houses on reasonable terms

Evening Post, 2 August 1869
... The GREY DAWN GOLD MINING COMPANY (Registered). Henry Leppien of Wellington held 1 share

Evening Post, 14 April 1870 In the WELLINGTON COURT
... BREACH OF APPRENTICE ACT - John Furness, charged with absenting himself from his work by his master, Henry Leppien, was dismissed with a caution

Evening Post, 6 September 1870
... A public meeting was held yesterday at Mr Wallace's office to form a committee of management for conducting the horticultural shows of 1870-71. Present:- Messrs Bennett, Quarterman, Petherick, LEPPIEN, Cooper, Mantell, McNab, Budden, Stevens
Mr Cooper proposed, Mr Leppien seconded that a committee be formed of the following gentlemen- Messrs Pearce, Bannatyne, Mantell, Wilkinson, Bennett, Wallace, Budden, McNab, Stevens, Osborne, Montier, Huntly and C. Seager. Carried

Evening Post, 20 March 1872
... TO LET - The Co-operative Store in Willis-street. Apply to H. Leppien

Evening Post, 17 April 1873
... SALE OF FREEHOLD PROPERTY in Willis-street - George Thomas has received instructions from Mr H. Leppien, to sell by auction, on Wednesday, 30th April, at his rooms. Those two shops and dwelling-houses situated in Willis-street. Also the entire Household Furniture on the premises, consisting of - sofa, chairs, tables, iron bedsteads, looking glasses, chiffonier, chest drawers, carpets, one of which is quite new, washstands, dressing tables, toilet sets, kitchen utensils, fender and fire irons, a superior perambulator; also, a shoemaker's lasts and tools, all complete

Evening Post, 17 April 1873
... WANTED - a Girl about 12 years of age, to nurse a baby. Apply to Mrs Leppien, Willis-street

Evening Post, 19 February 1874
... The leases for twelve months from 1st March next of the various toll-bars on the Wairarapa Road, were sold by auction today by mr J. H. Wallace on behalf of the Provincial Government. There was a large attendance of purchasers, and the bidding was brisk.
* The first lot was the Kaiwarra Toll Gate. Last year this gate was let for ?2,250, but an idea seemed to exist that its receipts during the coming year would be considerably decreased owing the railway. It was started at ?2,000 and ran up to ?2,100, at which price it was knocked down to the present lessee, Mr C. Thompson
* The next lot was the Hutt Bridge Gate, which last year sold at ?1,350, but in respect of which the lessee, Mr D. Everest, petitioned the Council for compensation for the losses sustained through a reduction in the rate of tolls. This gate was started at ?1,000 and ran up to ?1,370, at which price the present lessee, Mr Everest, was declared the purchaser. Notwithstanding his alleged losses last year, he has sufficient faith in his pike to induce him to give an additional ?20 for it this year
* The Featherson Toll Gate was the next one put up. It had never before been sold, the Government having kept it themselves since its erection. Its first receipts for the year were stated to be ?565. Started at ?450, the bidding quickly ran up until Mr W. Welch became the purchaser at ?660.
* The WAIOHINE BRIDGE GATE, near Greytown, never before let, was stated to have realised ?692 15s 9d during the year. The bidding, commenced at ?500, and Mr H. LEPPIEN was declared the purchaser at ?700 (2013 equivalent of $86,550)
OF INTEREST see the Waiohine Bridge (youtube) & river as it is 139 years later

Evening Post, 27 March 1878
... Whooping cough is still prevalent in the Wairarapa. In some instances persons of advanced age have been attacked and grandfathers have suffered from the epidemic usually reserved for grandchildren. We are sorry to hear that Mr Leppien, of the Toll-gate, has lost a child by this troublesome complaint

Wairarapa Daily Times, 7 March 1879
... TARATAHI-CARTERTON HIGHWAY BOARD - The toll-gate was re-leased to Mr Leppien at ?800 per annum

Wairarapa Daily Times, 12 December 1879
HENRY FREDERICK GOTTLIEB Leppien died 9 December 1879 aged 56
... DIED - LEPPIEN - At the Waiohine Toll-gate on December 9th, Henry Frederick Gottlieb Leppien, aged 56 years
- The Friends of the late Mr H. Leppien (late of the Wairarapa) are respectfully invited to attend his Funeral which will leave the Railway Station Wellington, on the arrival of the 12.30 train (from the Wairarapa) on Thursday, the 11th inst.

Evening Post, 14 December 1883
... A series of important sales of freehold properties take place to-morrow, in the Arcade. Mr F. H. Wood, a popular auctioneer from Greytown, will at 3 o'clock mount the rostrum and sell by order of the trustees in the estate of the late Mr Leppien, a valuable business property, centrally situated in Willis-street

Wairarapa Daily Times, 9 March 1880
... CORRESPONDENCE to the TARATAHI-CARTERTON HIGHWAY BOARD - From the German Consol on behalf of Mrs Leppien as toll gate lessee, also Messrs Haigh and Wood offering to be sureties - The Clerk was instructed to acknowledge receipt and state the board would accept ?50 for the toll-gate until the railway was opened to Carterton

Wairarapa Daily Times, 15 July 1880
... We hear on good authority that Mrs Leppien, of the Waiohine toll gate, is anxious to be relieved of her trust, and has so signified her intention to Government. We are informed that in terms of agreement she would relinquish the tollgate on the opening of the railway to Carterton, and practically this is now the case, as loads of timber, oats, etc., have been sent from Carterton lately

Wairarapa Daily Times, 25 February 1881
... A letter was read from the Wairarapa West County Council requesting the Board to set aside a portion of the tolls from the Waiohine toll gate for the maintenance of the present and the building of another bridge. Instructions to the clerk to write to Mrs Leppien that her services would be dispensed with as toll-keeper at the Black Bridge after the 31st proximo, as the Board intended to abolish the toll

FREDERICKA Leppien remarried in Carterton to ROBERT ROBINSON (1856-1947) on 25 March 1881 and moved to Stratford, Taranaki.

Wairarapa Daily Times, 4 October 1881
... The Clerk (of the Featherston Highway Board) produced a deed of lease from the Board to Robert Robinson jun., re the Waiohine toll-gate. The lease was agreed to and it was resolved that Messrs Tully and Jackson be empowered to affix the seal of the Board thereto, which was accordingly done

Wairarapa Daily Times, Volume 4, Issue 1097, 12 June 1882
... THE WAIOHINE TOLL - Mr Robinson, lessee of the toll, applied for a remission of two months rent (L52) on the ground that his takings for that period (L18) had been reduced by non-completion of bridge to contract time, and by the toll being evaded at the old Maori ford - The Chairman thought it would have strengthened Mr Robinson's position if he had first paid his rent - Cr McGregor thought the request made a reasonable one, and suggested an amicable arrangement - Cr Braithwaite moved that rent to the amount of L25 be remitted. A great deal of toll money had been evaded at the upper ford. In one instance a thousand sheep had been crossed there. Cr Matthews seconded the proposal for a remission of L25. Cr Donald said they had been in a false position with the toll. They had endeavoured to protect Mr Robinson but had been unable to do so. He supported the motion. Cr McGregor moved as an amendment that the amount to be remitted be L20, which he thought would be an equitable arrangement. Cr Macquarrie inquired if the bridge was now open for light traffic, and was informed that it was available for both light and heavy vehicles. The Chairman, while supporting a concession in rent, pointed out that Mr Robinson was not only in arrear for the two months rent, but had not paid for the month due on his new lease. It would not do to ignore the conditions under which the toll was let, and if Mr Robinson could not comply with them the gate must go to the next tenderer. Cr Donald concurred in thei view and the motion for remitting L25 was carried conditionally on Mr Robinson paying up arrears of rent within seven days. Cr Braithwaite asked if the toll-house would be at once moved to the north end of the bridge, and the Chairman replied that it would. Mr Robinson, who was present, complained of traffic going over the Mungatarere bridge. The Chairman said he had endeavoured to see Mr J. Ingley re the erection of a fence which would stop this. He thought the discussion of the matter had better stand over till he had seen Mr Ingley

Wairarapa Daily Times, 9 May 1885
... The tender of R. Robinson, junior, for the lease of the Waiohine toll, at ?412 was accepted. Moved by Cr H. Braithwaite and seconded by Cr H. R. Bunny, that as the rents are received from the toll gate the same be paid over to the Road Boards. A letter was read from Cr C. Phillips, asking the Council to postpone the reletting of the toll gate for three or four months, and at the same time the present toll-gate keeper collect tolls on behalf of the Council and also to make a further request to the different local bodies to assist in abolishing the debt. Cr Braithwaite's motion was carried with a slight amendment. A long discussion then arose as to ways nd means and Cr H. Bunny expressed himself very strongly on the matter, and said that if there was not anything done at the next meeting of Parliament he should use his utmost endeavours to get the County system abolished as far as the West County is concerned

- ROBERT & FREDERICKA had 3 known daughters:
... 1
1882 - 1944 Clara May Frederika Robinson
-- Clara married Everard Thomas HARTNELL in 1903

... 2
1885 - 1957 Amy Ethel Susan Robinson
-- Amy married William DRAKE in 1908

... 3
1888 - 1977 Ena Emily Edith Robinson
-- Ena wasn't married

They moved to Stratford, Taranaki about 1889 (date yet to be verified)

FREDERICKA Robinson died 19 October 1914 aged 69
Hawera & Normanby Star, 20 October 1914
... ROBINSON - On October 19th, 1914, at Cardiff, Fredericka, dearly beloved wife of Robert Robinson; aged 69 years. Deeply regretted
... The funeral of the late Mrs Robinson will move from the County Cottage, Cardiff, on Thursday, October 22nd, 1914, at 1p.m., for the Kopuatama Cemetery. Friends please accept this intimation
ROBERT Robinson died 15 October 1947 aged 91
NOTE BDM has aged 88 but Robert was born 25 May 1856 to Robert (1832-1912) & Madeline (1837-1913) ROBINSON of West Taieri, Dunedin
- Robert & Fredericka are buried together Plot 10, Block 12 at Kopuatama Cemetery

NOTE for some unknown reason the following are buried as LEPPIN
plot 96L, Bolton Street Cemetery

last resting place of:
... Henry Frederick Gotlieb Leppin (Leppien)
* his daughter Clara Fredericka Henrietta Leppin in 1867
* his daughter Fredericka Sophia Leppin in 1878
* his son Arthur Frederick Leppin in 1920
photographed 1960s by City Sexton, Percival James Edward Shotter, (1912-1989), prior to its being dismantled to make way for the Wellington motorway

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